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Traveling Through Time

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Faith slept really well last night. She knows what the day holds for. She isn't sure how she is going to stop the captain from whipping Mr. Wellard and putting Mr. Hornblower on continuous watch from stopping an order giving to take in a reef order by 2nd Lieutenant Bush. The sails were ripping apart and that was why Mr. Wellard and Mr. Hornblower stop the order.

The captain is a hard-nose and it doesn't do good to get on his bad side. She knows what she must do, must be done with tact and not make the captain think she is undermining his command. She is in for a long day. She starts by getting out of her hammock and getting some breakfast from the mess hall and going onto the deck to check to make sure she hasn't missed any action onboard.

Faith gets up out of her hammock and checks her appearance in the mirror and walks out of Archie's cabin to the mess hall to have a descent breakfast. On her way to the mess hall, she observes the seamen working about and some offer her a good morning, miss and go back to their duties.

She arrives in the mess hall and the cook fixes her a plate and offers her a drink and has Faith sits down at the table and she begins to eat her breakfast and drinks her drink. After finishing her breakfast and thanking the cook she set out to the deck on the ship.

It's bright and sunny day just like the day she arrived and she loves days like this and she can scarcely believes she was actually sent back here and got her wish to live an adventurous life.

This is different then what she is used to, but she lives for an adventurous lifestyle. Back in Sunnydale she be fighting vampires or killing people for the mayor who took her under his wing. She never had a family who cared about her. She just didn't belong in Sunnydale.

All she wanted was to be a normal girl who has a normal life. This adventurous life might be what she needs. Faith is making her way onto deck observing the crew and the lieutenants doing what they loved. It must be amazing doing something you loved and not regret it.

All lieutenants on deck greet Miss Lehane a good morning as she comes beside them and check the sails when Mr. Bush suggest taking a reef in and Mr. Hornblower reply the captain loves a stiff breeze and has request Mr. Kennedy to inform the captain he wishing to take a reef in and captain comes back out with Mr. Kennedy behind him and accept Mr. Bush request to take reef in and commands all of seamen while Mr. Wellard supervised while the seamen work and Faith goes too supervised as well making sure the sail don't tare.

As she watches the sails and the seamen pulling on the ropes, to her greatest fear the sails starts to tear and she orders the men to stop pulling and the captain isn't too happy about her canceling his order. She explains to the captain that the sails sheets are ripping apart.

She climbs up to the sails to inspect the damage done to the sails sheet and climbs back down to inform the captain that the sail sheets need to be prepared and try again to reef the sails. The captain has one of the seamen repair the damage while Faith climbs back up to the sails to supervise the seamen fixing the damage sail and then she orders the men to pull on the ropes to take a reef into the sails.

Everybody breaths of sigh of relived as the sails are working properly and Faith has just saved Mr. Wellard from a whipping and Mr. Hornblower continuous watch. She is pride of her self for saving the day for once instead of causing problems. The captain has taking liking to her and Faith plans to use that to her advantage to get on the captain's good graces.

After the sails had been repair, the captain returns back to his cabin while Faith stands on deck with the lieutenants to finish supervised the ship's crew and also making sure the sails are working better. As she sees that things on deck are in working order, she decides to go around the ship to check to make sure everyone is doing their duties. After checking everything out, she decides to visit the sickbay to meet Dr. Clive.

She arrives at the sickbay and knocks on the door. She hears "enter" from inside and slowly opens the door to see a man sitting at desk writing in a journal of some kind. Dr. Clive looks up to see Faith enter the sickbay.

"Can I help you miss"?

"No sir, I'm just looking around, trying familiarizing myself with the ship." Replies Faith

"Very well, miss." Replies Doctor Clive

Dr. Clive goes back to his writing while Faith looks around the sickbay. After checking the sickbay out, she exited the sickbay and continues on looking things over.

Faith finally makes her way back to Archie's cabin to see what will happen on this ship. She was able to prevent Midshipman Wellard beating, but she also remembers he was beated more than once. She still has a lot of work ahead of her before she can get back home. She arrives back at Archie's cabin and opens the door and enters the room and closes it behind her.

She gets settle back down on her hammock and checks off the two first incidents she was able to prevent. She leans back against her hammock and closes her eyes to rest for the second beating Midshipman Wellard will take. Will Faith be up to the task at hand? She was able to prevent one beating, but what about the other one.