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The Life Of A Female Sailor Book 1

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Hornblower Fanfic

Midshipman Britney MacDonald by carolinefinnyfan

Disclaimer:  I don’t own Hornblower. I only own Britney MacDonald. This is my first attempt at a Hornblower Fanfic. Please read and review and let me know if I should continue. Thanks to my beta reader Cassi for proofreading my story.


Britney MacDonald stands on the dock, waiting patiently for the jollyboat that will take her to her new life aboard the HMS Justinian. She has always dreamt of standing in the rigging feeling the wind in her hair just as she has always dreamt of being a sailor serving in His Majesty's Navy fighting for her country and King that she loves.

Ever since she was a little girl, she vowed she would become a sailor if it were the last thing she did with her life. On occasion, she would go to the library in search of books about sailing ships. Once she had even taken a class on sailing to learn of the different types of ships and what other information she could find pertaining to how they operated. She wanted to prove to the captain and her shipmates that she is a hardworking woman lieu of some damsel in distress who can't pull her own weight. She wants to prove she can do the work required of her without question, and become a proficient sailor in His Majesty's Navy. She will prove she could work hard on such tasks as properly loading as well as firing a cannon, making repairs to damaged sails and whatever other duties that would be expected of a sailor.

Back to the present, Britney picks up her dunnage and boards the jollyboat that will take her to the Justinian. As soon as she gets settle into the boat, the two women begin to row toward the ship. She is nervous but excited about meeting the captain and her soon to be shipmates. She can scarce believe her dream of becoming the first female sailor in history is finally coming true. She had worked all her life to save up for this and is determined not to messed it up or be sent home in disgrace. She will prove to everyone she can handle the hard labor and she firmly believes she will have her chance to shine in the eyes of her captain and her shipmates.

At the entry port of the ship, stands Midshipman Archie Kennedy waiting for the new arrival coming aboard. As soon as he sees the boat approaching he shouts "shore boat, ahoy" and one of the women rowing the boat shouts back "aye, aye". Britney looks up at her new home away from home. They approached the ship, Britney looks up at the Midshipman waiting to welcome her aboard, and he tells her "Jump". You'll be all right". She grabs her dunnage and climbs aboard the ship. Midshipman Kennedy grabs her hand over the railing and helps her aboard. She lands on the deck with her dunnage in hand, looks around the ship in awe, and can't help but smile in satisfaction at the beauty and the size of it.

She turns back to Midshipman Kennedy who smiles at her and says" welcome to purgatory" and she smiles back at him. He then proceeds to take her to the lieutenant of the watch to introduce herself.

"Mister Chadd, sir," says Mr. Kennedy. Lieutenant Chadd turns around to greet the new midshipman come aboard.

"Come aboard, sir," says Britney. "Your name," asks Lieutenant Chadd. "Britney MacDonald, Midshipman," replies Britney.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Miss MacDonald," replies Lieutenant Chadd. "I'm Lieutenant Chadd, Lieutenant of the watch." He informs her smiling.

She puts her dunnage down on the deck and shakes hands with Lieutenant Chadd.

"I’m pleased to make yours, sir." She informs him smiling.

"I see you brought your dunnage aboard with you"

"Yes sir, indeed I have."

"I'll see that it gets sent below to the midshipman's berth".

"Captain Keene will require your presence, momentarily".

"Aye, aye, sir." She responds and salutes Lieutenant Chadd before allowing Mr. Kennedy to escort her to the midshipman's berth to shred her coat and locate her hammock before she readies herself to meet the captain.

A seaman brings her dunnage into the Midshipman's berth and he assists her by storing it, then when she is settled in, Mr. Kennedy then escorts her to the captain's cabin.