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The Life Of A Female Sailor Book 1

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A few days have gone by as Britney recovers from Simpson’s beating. Some of the midshipmen have come by to check on how she is faring with the exception of Simpson. After her beating, she hasn’t seen him and is wondering what his next move is. She thinking his probably laying low because I try to kick his ass and no man cannot stand the humiliation of being taking down by a girl stronger then them.


On her release from the sickbay, she goes over in her head trying to figure out a way to explain her appearance to Captain Keene and Lt. Eccleston. She wonders if she should just tell them the true about what Simpson did to her and make him paid for what he try to do. What is the worst thing he could do to her? She will not let men like Simpson bully her out of the Navy. She worked excessively hard to throw it all away because of him. She won’t let him win. She will show him she won’t go down without a fight.


She makes her way to the Midshipmen’s berth to go to her dunnage to get a clean uniform. The Midshipmen see her walking in thanking god she is okay as Horatio and Archie get up from the table to go check on their fellow Midshipman to see how she’s faring. Britney arrives at her sea chest opening it up, getting her items out as she hears footsteps behind her, thinking it’s probably Simpson, she turns around very slowly to see Archie and Horatio behind her.


Britney relaxes as she sees it’s Archie and Horatio who came up behind her and not Simpson as she smiles at them saying “Hey guys.” “How you feeling this morning Miss MacDonald?” They asked her as she says, “I’m a little sore, but I’m doing better.” “Thanks for asking.” They both nod at her. “Were glad your doing better, Britney.” We were worry you might leave us.”


“I’m not going anywhere, Archie.” “I won’t let Simpson win.” “I’m here to stay for a very long time.” “Simpson doesn’t scared me.” “ I won’t let him think he can just do what he pleases with me and get it away with it.” Both Archie and Horatio looked at each other nervously wonder what she’s about to do. She knows that Simpson is capable of beating you up, but she doesn’t know what Simpson did to him. Nobody knows how Simpson broke him in the worst possible way. Not even Horatio knows. Clayton knows what happen to him. Simpson isn’t one to push too hard. You pushed him too hard and you’ll paid the price big time.


“ If you excuse me gentlemen, I’ve got to get change.” “Of course Miss MacDonald. With her clothes in hand, she makes her way through her curtain to get change. “We save some food for you, Britney.” Archie informs her, watching her go behind her curtain. “Thank you Archie.” Britney calls back as Archie says “your welcome.”


As she makes her way behind her curtain, Horatio and Archie go back to the table to get her plate they kept warm for her when they heard she be release this morning for her duties. They’re all relieved she is up and walking about, but they fear what Simpson might do next to her if she tells the Captain or Lieutenant Eccleston what he did. Telling on Simpson just brings more hurt and pain. Archie wouldn’t want her to get broken, like Simpson made him and the others feel.


After Britney gets ready for the day, she comes out from behind her curtain and finds a place to eat at the table. She sits between Horatio and Archie as Archie puts her food and drink in front of her. Before she eats, she thanks some of the Midshipmen for coming to check on her during their hours of duty. She really appreciates them thinking of her like that. She then begins to eat her food in peace thinking god Simpson isn’t around. She knows that her day would go smoothly without him around to interfere in her duties.


After a few minutes go by, Simpson makes his reappearance in the Midshipmen’s berth surprise to see Miss MacDonald up and about. He figure she be down for a few days. He finds a empty space next to her and Archie and sits between them. Britney senses somebody next to her; she turns around to come face to face with Jack Simpson. “Good morning Miss MacDonald, I trust you’re well and ready for another day.”  Biting back a reply, she ignores him going back to her food. She can feel him glaze on her. She won’t give into his antics and won’t let him see he has won her as well.


“ I hope you’ve learn your lesson, Miss MacDonald.” She continues to ignore him. Simpson fed up she isn’t listen to him, he grabs her and turns her toward him where he’s face is up against hers. “I’m talking to you Miss MacDonald, I expect your full attention when I’m talking you, I won’t tolerate being ignore, is this in any well unclear.”  “Mr. Simpson kindly take your hands off of my sir, before I report you to the Captain.” “I see you haven’t learned your lesson yet, Miss MacDonald.” “ If you say one word to the Captain about what happen, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.” “I’m not afraid of you Mr. Simpson, I told you before, I don’t listen to you, sir.”  “You’re not my boss and you’ll never will be.” Simpson just glares at her thinking up new way to torment her and keep her from talking to the captain.

Simpson turns to Archie and states, “Mr. Kennedy, it’s your job to wake Miss MacDonald every hour day and night until I tell you otherwise.” Archie nods at Simpson request. “You think that if I lose sleep, I will keep my mouth shut.” “Of course if you know what’s good for you?” “One word and you’re a dead woman.” “Be sure to ask Mr. Kennedy what happens when you disobey my orders what will happen to you.” Britney notices Archie has gone gravely pale and has tense up at that remark and she wonders what else Simpson did to these men. I can understand be beating to death, but what else could he be capable of?


After everyone has their finish breakfast, Lieutenant Eccleston walks in and says” Miss MacDonald, the Captain and I would like a word with you.” “Of course sir.” “Gentlemen, I believe you have duties to attend too.” All the Midshipmen get up from the table and go up on deck to begin their duties for the day. Britney gets up from the table and follows Eccleston into the Captain’s cabin. As Britney is walking to the Captain’s Cabin, she sees Simpson piercing glaze set upon her face warning her to keep her mouth shut, but she ignores him and continues on her way.


They arrived at the Captain’s cabin, Eccleston opens the door for her and they enter. “Miss MacDonald, please have a seat.” Britney sits down in the chair offer her as the captain takes a seat as well. “I requested your present, because we heard you’ve gotten beaten up and want to know who did this to you.” Britney takes a deep breathe and states “Mr. Simpson is the one who beat me up sir.” “I did nothing to bring it on to myself, sir.” “Mr. Simpson?” asks Captain Keene.


“ Yes sir.”  “We’ll see Mr. Simpson get punish.” “I suggest you go about your duties for the day and Mr. Simpson will be put into the rigging for a day.”  “You’re dismissed Miss MacDonald.” She nods and excites the Captain’s cabin to go up on deck to begin her duties for the day. As soon as she sets foot on deck, she catches Simpson’s glaze upon her and decides to ignore him for the reminder of the day and focus on her career. Mr Eccleston arrived back onto the deck and approaches Simpson. “ Mr. Simpson.” Simpson turns to stand at attention when he sees Eccleston asks, “What may I help you with, sir.” “ Miss MacDonald has inform me that you beat her up a couple of days ago, so you’ll be put up in rigging for the day.”


Simpson is outrage at Miss MacDonald for telling the Captain the truth, Simpson decides that as soon he is free from the rigging, she will pay the price for opening her mouth. Simpson follows Eccleston as he calls a seaman to put Mr. Simpson into the rigging. Britney smiling to herself as she watches the seaman bring Mr. Simpson into the rigging, proud of herself for standing up for her friends and putting Simpson in his place. Little does she know that she just put her life in more danger. She should’ve kept her mouth shut as everyone else had.


Archie, Clayton and Horatio are shocked that Britney told the Captain the truth about what Simpson did. They are now more concern about their female companion as she will get what they have tried to keep from happening to her. Jack Simpson will break her like he broken them all. After Simpson is put into the rigging, the seaman climbs back down to the deck and continue with his duties. While Simpson is in the rigging, he watches Miss MacDonald go about her duties and can’t wait to finally put her into her place. When he gets through with her, she will never open her mouth again.


Simpson smiles to himself as the image of her expression when he gets through with her comes into his mind. Archie, Clayton and Horatio looked up into the rigging to see the smiles on Jack Simpson’s as he looks at Miss MacDonald working. They all shudder at that look on his face and go back to their duties. Britney senses eyes upon her back; she looks over her shoulder to see Horatio, Clayton and Archie looking at her with a expression of worry written on their face. She knows that probably think that she should have kept her mouth shut like they did, but she wouldn’t be silent. She won’t have him ruining her career because he can’t stand having a girl who won’t follow his order.


She is trying to protect her friends from this monster. She hopes one day they will see she’s trying to save them from him. She wants her shipmates to laugh, smile and have a good time working on a ship together. If she has to stand up to Simpson to do this, then she will. She doesn’t care if she loses sleep or whatever new ways he comes up with to torment her. She won’t let that stop her at all. She will win over Simpson or die trying.

Back up in the rigging, Simpson continues to watch her. Simpson will continue torment her by having her lose sleep and if that doesn’t work, he will break her in the worst possible way. As the day goes by without incident, it’s time for dinner as they make their way into the Midshipmen’s Berth. All the midshipmen get their selves clean up as they make their way to the kitchen to get their food. Meanwhile back on deck, Simpson is still hanging up in the rigging as it starts to rain, soaking him. He is so mad right now, that Britney MacDonald will pay for this.


Simpson will make sure she gets a chance to hang up in the rigging and see how it feels to be soaking in rainwater.

Back In the Midshipmen’s berth, all of the midshipmen are sitting at the table eating their food and drinking their drink while worrying about their companion. She shouldn’t have push Simpson too far and now she will pay a very big price. Archie turns toward Britney and says “ Why did you tell the Captain the truth about what Simpson did?” “Because Archie I’m tired of being bully by Simpson.” “The only thing you did was make him madder.” “You should have lie.” “Your life will be in danger once Simpson gets down from the rigging.” “I know what I’m doing Archie, I won’t be scared into lying about what him did to me.”



 “ I know you guys are trying to protect me and I appreciate it , but I need to stop him.” “I’m doing this for you guys, so Simpson will leave us alone.” “He won’t every leave us alone, Britney.” Archie states. “He’ll always be here, there and everywhere.” “There is no escaping Jack Simpson.”  He tells her pointy “Simpson is not one to trifler with or play games with.”  “Just let it go, please.” Archie begs her with pleading eyes.


“Fine.” Britney sighs and says, “I’ll let it go.” Everybody in the berth sighs with relief at getting through to her. “You’re doing the right thing, Britney.”  She nods as Archie pats her hands as they go back to their dinner. Meanwhile back onto deck, Simpson has fallen asleep with a cold smile on his face as he dreams of tormenting Miss MacDonald.   


After everyone has finished their dinner in peace without the interfere of Simpson, but they know that won’t last once he is down from the rigging. They might as well enjoy the quiet time before Simpson is back with them. They hope and pray that Britney will let it go. They know she said she would, but the look in her eyes says different. Before going to bed they play a couple of cards games while Britney watches them wondering if there is truth is what Archie said. Is there anyway to get rid of Jack Simpson for good and out of her hair. Will she find a way to put Jack Simpson out of her mind and go on with her life without having to worry when he will come after her or her friends again?


After a few hours of playing cards, the midshipmen in the berth call it quits and hands to their hammocks to get ready for bed as Britney finally follows them as well. She goes back behind her curtain as Archie moves him hammock closer to her so he can wake up her every half hour day and night as told by Simpson. He doesn’t like following Simpson’s order and admires Britney’s courage to try and stop him from hurting them. He still couldn’t believe how she defended him this morning at the table after Simpson’s remark. She is truly a brave girl. She is trying her best to fit into this world and fight Simpson for all she’s worth.


He wishes he had her courage and be able to stand up to Simpson, but he doesn’t. Archie seeing everyone settled in for the night, climbs into his hammock hoping and praying for a peaceful night sleep without Simpson interfering into his dreams. After all the midshipmen are in their hammocks, the lights go off as everyone goes to sleep waiting to see what tomorrow brings. Britney seeing Archie near her remembers the order Simpson gave him to wake her up every hour day and night until he told him otherwise. She hates Archie being order around by Simpson. She doesn’t know where this wanting to protect him came from, but she will do everything into her power to help him, herself and all the other midshipmen in the berth.


Britney closes her eyes trying to get some rest before tomorrow gets there. She doubts she will get much sleep since Archie will have to wake her up. As she closes her eyes, she dreams of the first beating that Simpson gave her repeatedly in her mind as well what Archie say to her this evening. Will we ever be rid of this Simpson character for good, she thought as she dream? As the first bells rings, Britney feels Archie shaking her shoulder waking her up as she tries to fall back to sleep. Archie continues to wake up her as the bells go off. She will find someway to get rid of him, if it is the last thing she does in her life.