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Life Aboard The HMS Justinian

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Caroline Farrell and Anne Summers stand on the dock, waiting patiently for the jollyboat that will take them to their new home away from home. They have always longed for the sea, standing in the rigging feeling the wind in their hair. They had also dreamt of serving in His Majesty’s navy fighting for their country and King they loved.


As the boat approaches the dock, they ready themselves for departure. They pick up their dunnage and board the jollyboat. As soon as they get settle into the jollyboat, the two women begin to row toward the Justinian. This is there first time being at sea and they are so excited to experience navy life.


“Can you hardly believe were going to sea, Caroline”?  Asks Anne.


“Yep, I can, Anne”. Says Caroline


“This is like a dream come true, Caroline”. Says Anne


“Yep, it is, Anne.”


They continue to talk about what adventures await them on board.


Meanwhile at the entry port of the ship, stands Midshipman Archie Kennedy waiting for the two new arrivals coming aboard. As soon as he sees the boat approaching, he yells “shore boat, ahoy” and one of the women rowing the boat yell back “aye, aye”. Caroline and Anne look up at the Justinian in awe and can scarcely believe they’re here.


As the boat arrives at the entry port of the Justinian, Caroline and Anne grabs their dunnage and looked up at the Midshipman waiting to greet them. Archie looks down at the new midshipmen coming aboard and tells them to “Jump”. You’ll be all right”.  So Caroline and Anne climb aboard with dunnage in hand. Archie puts his hand over the railing to aide Miss Summers and Miss Farrell aboard the ship.


As they land on deck with dunnage in hand, they look around the ship in awe and can’t help but smile at the beauty of it. They both turn back to Mr. Kennedy who smiles at them and says “welcome to purgatory” and they smile back at him. Mr. Kennedy then proceeds to take them to the Lieutenant of the watch to announce their arrival.


“Mr. Eccleston, sir” calls Mr. Kennedy.


Lieutenant Eccleston turns around to greet the new arrivals came aboard.


“Come aboard, sir” Caroline and Anne response.


“Your names “ask Lieutenant Eccleston.


“Caroline Farrell, Midshipman.”


“Anne Summers, Midshipman.”


 Lieutenant Eccleston nods a greeting to them.


“Pleased to make your acquaintance, ladies,” replies Lieutenant Eccleston.


“I’m Lieutenant Eccleston, Lieutenant of the watch”. He informs them smiling.


They put their dunnage down on deck and they each shake hand with Lieutenant Eccleston.


“We’re pleased to meet your sir”. They inform him smiling back.


 “I see you ladies brought aboard your dunnage with you”.


“Yes sir, indeed we have”.


“I’ll see that it gets sent below where you ladies should go”.


“Captain Keene will require your presence, momentarily, ladies”.


“Aye, aye, sir”. They both response at the same time and salute Lieutenant Eccleston before allowing Mr. Kennedy to escort them to the Midshipman’s berth to shred their coat and locate their hammock before readying themselves to meet the captain.


A seaman brings in their dunnage and assists them by storing it. Then when Anne and Caroline are settled in, then Mr. Kennedy escorts them to the captain’s cabin.