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Chapter 1

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Tommy honestly hadn't thought he'd get into Mystique on his first try. Actually, he hadn't thought he'd be able to get in at all. His fake ID proclaimed him to be over 21, but it only had about a 60% success rate at getting him into clubs or buying alcohol, just because he didn't look 21. Mystique was popular, partly because it was the only club in New York that catered to aliens and mutants. In fact; if you weren't one or the other, you couldn't get in.

He'd stood in line for over an hour, and when he finally got to the door, the bouncer didn't even glance at his ID. The guy could have been Colossus' twin – huge and muscled and covered in some kind of bio-armor. He simply asked gruffly, “Mutation?”

Apparently the guy could tell Tommy wasn’t an alien. By smell, maybe? But that grossed him out, so he stopped thinking about it. He vibrated in place for a few seconds, fast enough to be little more than an imperceptible blur before settling down again. The bartender nodded, and let him go in.

The club had at least three floors – the main floor was a rave, with the style of music changing on a rotating schedule that was posted on the club's website. It wasn't always Earth music, but many aliens who lived here enjoyed the 'exotic' sound of Earth music, apparently, so Tommy actually knew a lot of it.

The second floor was really more of a raised balcony in the huge, main room. This had the bars and the strippers, with different kinds on each side of the club. The club also hosted different nights for gay, lesbian, transgender and 'other' themes. Both mutants and aliens really needed the other gender classification, and that night was apparently quite popular, according to the website. Tonight was an open night, so there was a little of everything.

Tommy had heard rumors of a fight club in the sub-level, with open entry fighting once a month. Tonight wasn't an open night, but he could go down and watch the club’s hosted fighters, and bet money if he wanted. There was always a ridiculous line for the fights, and most of the message boards had people complaining about never being able to get in.

He'd really come to the club to get laid, but since he'd actually gotten in, he felt like he should at least spend a little time enjoying himself. Besides, there were tons of people here who were just as uncomfortable with their bodies as he was. If he enjoyed himself for a few hours, everyone would be a good deal more drunk, including himself, and then his chance of actually picking someone up would increase greatly.

He avoided the dance floor, expertly weaving himself swiftly through bodies the way only a speedster could. He headed for the second floor to get a drink, possibly find someone half-way interesting to talk to, and people watch until the fight started.

Tommy didn't bother with the normal drink counter. With his super high metabolism, it took a ridiculous amount of alcohol to actually get him intoxicated. Fortunately, this bar had enough patrons with equally high metabolisms that they offered stronger drinks, for not much more than the normal ones. He ended up with a tumbler with ice and a bright green drink inside. Tommy shrugged and tasted it. It burned pleasantly in his mouth, with a strong sour flavor with the bite of liquor behind it. Tommy smiled as he took another drink. Yes, this place was awesome.

He sat there at the bar for a half-hour, drinking slowly and enjoying himself. There was a wide variety of people here, and Tommy found most of them attractive. He checked out tits, asses and packages alike, and gave more than a passing glance to skin covered in scales or feathers or webbing, or hair made from tentacles. Tommy had enough experience with body dysphoria not to be physically off-put by much.

“Like the view?” A voice to his left asked.

He turned to see a tall, muscled man sitting on his left, drinking something neon blue. Apparently aliens really liked their brightly colored drinks. He had to do a double take, because the man had white hair like himself, and his first thought was that it was his uncle Pietro. It wasn’t, thank god. The man looked young enough, though he was dressed like one of the club staff – he had a suit and tie on, with gold cufflinks with the club's insignia on them. Unlike some of the other staff, he had no name tag. Probably a bouncer then. The man smiled at him with glittering dark eyes and perfect teeth.

“The view is awesome.” He said honestly. “And it's nice to go somewhere I can actually get drunk.”

“You half-Kree?” The stranger asked conversationally.

“Kree? Nope. Mutant.” Tommy sped forward, took the bouncer's drink, and sped back to his seat. He grinned and downed the rest of the guy's drink.

“Ah.” The guy didn't seem impressed.

Tommy frowned. Was the guy anti-mutant, in a mutant club? Or was it the drink thing. There hadn't even been that much left.

“So...I'm Tommy.” He said, trying to be friendly. Making enemies with the staff on his first time here was not his goal. “Are you half Kree? You know, cuz you share my amazing hair color.”

The guy smiled again. “Full Kree actually. You'll find you get mistaken for a Kree a lot in here. The white hair is kind of our thing. Some Kree have blue skin, but a lot of us have pink skin too.”

He seemed to be pondering something, and then stuck his hand out. “I'm Noh-varr. I'm one of the bouncers.” There was a strange expression on his face, like he expected Tommy to recognize him.

Tommy shook his hand. He didn't recognize the guy, though the name wiggled in the back of his head, like maybe he should know it. Huh. “Sorry, I don't recognize you. I've never been here before, did you used to bounce somewhere else?”

Noh-varr shook his head. He seemed much happier that Tommy didn't recognize him. How many white haired speedsters were there to confuse him with? Maybe he'd done something to piss of Tommy's uncle Pietro. Though Pietro was quite a bit older than him, they did look a lot alike. But Pietro was grumpier. And old. Well, the guy was an alien; maybe he had trouble telling humans apart.

“There's not much work for illegal aliens in this country.” He smiled, “Though if I dyed my hair and got a fake ID I suppose I might get a job somewhere. But I'd rather work somewhere that I don't have to be ashamed of what I am.”

“Yeah...tell me about it.” Tommy knew exactly how that was. Too bad being a super hero didn't come with a paycheck.

“So.” The bouncer smirked, “Who was the bouncer that let you in? Because there's no way you're 21.”

Tommy just handed him his ID wordlessly. It was good – he knew it was, because Billy had lost a bet and had to magic Tommy one. So really, it was a perfect ID, except for the fact that he didn't look 21.

Noh-varr looked it over for a minute and grinned before handing it back. “Yeah, whatever. I know that's fake. But it's really good. You know a mage or something?”

Tommy just downed his drink in response.

“Yeah, yeah. Don't tell the bouncer, he might kick you out. No one here really cares, you know. You're a mutant, so you're welcome. We take care of our own. But since you've got such a nice ID, you can come downstairs and watch the fight, if you want. I'm competing in about 45 minutes.”

“Don't I have to be on the list for that?”

Noh-varr smirked. “You will be.” Turning to the bartender, he said, “Hey, Rocky, give me a Spike, yeah?”

Rocky brought Noh-varr a shot glass filed with a black, iridescent liquid. “Raquel said you need to cut back on these.”

Noh-varr took it and downed it quickly. He grimaces and coughed before slamming it back down on the bar. “I'll cut back when she stops having me fight six days a week. You tell her that.”

“Hey, I gotta get ready. See you later Tommy.” Noh-varr flashed him another killer smile, and headed away from the bar, towards the sub-basement.

“Hey, Kid, you want another drink? Noh-varr picked up your tab.”

“He what?” Tommy just stared at the bartender. He'd planned on finding someone good looking, talk, flirt, maybe buy them a drink. He hadn't even thought about someone doing that to him. Was Noh-varr trying to pick him up?

“Uh...yeah. Surprise me.”

This time he got a bright red drink. The bartender gave it to him and said, “You should go down to the pit soon so you can get a good spot. Noh-varr's fights are always good. And he doesn't usually invite strangers to come watch him.”

“Really? I'd think he'd do that for all the girls.”

Rocky smirked. “If you were a girl, he wouldn't have bought your drink.”

So apparently Noh-varr was gay, at least when it came to humans. Good to know. That didn't immediately disqualify him though. Obviously the Kree thought he was hot, or he wouldn't have hit on him. He finished his drink and decided to go watch the fight. Even if it didn't lead to anything between he and Noh-varr, it was bound to be entertaining. And he could always pick up someone else if the Kree turned out not to be interested. There were lots of people to choose from, after all.

He headed towards the sub basement, where there was a long line of people waiting to try and get in. There was also a short VIP line where a woman in a slinky black dress and bright red lipstick was checking people in. Noh-varr said his name would be on the list so...He went over to the VIP line and casually pulled out his ID. “Tommy Shepherd. Noh-varr said he'd put me down.”

The woman at the podium smiled. “Yes, he'd mentioned you'd be coming. The house odds for Noh-varr tonight are 2:1. Would you like to place a bet?”

Upon his hesitant look, she smiled. “Noh-varr told me to give this to you, and then for me to suggest you bet it all on him. He seems very taken with you.”

She handed him a five hundred dollar bill. He didn't even know they made those. He stared at it for a few moments before handing it back with a nod. “Yeah. Um. All on Noh-varr.”

She smiled. “There's a place for you at the pit. It's got your name on it. Enjoy your evening.”

He thanked her, and headed downstairs. At this point, Tommy didn't know what to think. He didn't want to be treated like a girl, but Noh-varr's actions hadn't really come across that way. At least, no one else seemed to think it was odd. Of course, who knew what Noh-varr considered normal, being Kree. He'd at least gotten human seduction tactics down. As long as there weren't flowers or chocolates waiting for him.

There weren't, but someone did come and bring him a stiff drink. He had a spot to stand right at the edge of the pit, where he could see the fighters warming up. The alcohol was finally working, despite his high metabolism, and he was feeling more than pleasantly buzzed.

The pit was set about thirty feet into the ground and was about thirty five to forty feet in diameter. There were telekenitics along the edge who's job was probably to keep anything from hurting the spectators. He looked down into the pit to see Noh-varr stretching. The Kree had changed into a pair of loose gray sweatpants with a green stripe running down the side, and nothing else. His hands and feet were wrapped for support – he wasn't wearing shoes.

His opponent was a Skrull, who was also warming up. Or showing off, whichever term you preferred. The Skrull wasn't a super Skrull, he was only displaying the ability to use two of the four Skrull powers, but he had both the rock-skin and the fire manipulation, possibly the two most deadly for combat purposes, at least in an enclosed space like the Pit.

It was almost time for the match to start,and the space was quickly filling with people, all trying to get a good look. There were risers to sit on as well, but Tommy was glad of his place at the railing – he wanted to feel the metal under his hands, smell the pit, hear the sounds of the combatants. It wasn't a good as fighting himself, but it was damn awesome.

The horn sounded and the two combatants circled each other. The Skrull grew until he was at the size Teddy usually Hulked out to. Noh-varr went into a defensive crouch as the Skrull's arms ignited themselves. He dodged the two streams of flame the Skrull threw with an acrobatic leap to the side, landing only to dodge a vicious, rock covered punch. This time Noh-varr lept straight up into the air and landed on the side of the Pit, where his feet stuck to the side.

The Skrull snarled, and sprouted wings, then launched itself into the air. Noh-varr was running alongside the Pit now, not as fast as Tommy, but faster than the Skrull could fly. He spun around and around, making the Skrull snarl in frustrations. The Skrull focused all his fire on one section of the wall, covering it floor to ceiling in flames. Noh-varr launched himself off the wall and straight towards the Skrull's head. On the defensive now, the Skrull's body turned to stone. Noh-varr latched onto him like a cat, all ten fingers digging into the stone.

The Skrull brought up his flaming hands, and just like that, Noh-varr vaulted off his head into a somersault and landed gracefully on his feet. He snapped his fingers, and the Skrull exploded. Rock shattered, showering pieces of rubble against the telekinetic shield. The Skrull fell from the sky with a thud. When the smoke cleared, Tommy could see the Skrull on the ground, wings gone, looking dazed and close to unconsciousness. Noh-varr had his foot on the Skrull's neck – if this had been a real fight, Noh-varr would have already crushed the Skrull's throat. That made a memory itch at the back of Tommy's mind, but he ignored it.

The fight was over, Noh-varr had won.

Tommy let out a yell at his victory, his voice drowning in the uproar of the club. Apparently the Skrull was another club favorite, and there had been a lot of money riding on tonight's outcome. Tommy couldn't give a shit about he money – Noh-varr, that incredibly powerful, sexy alien that had just mopped the floor with an incredibly experienced Skrull Warrior, liked him. He wanted to fuck the Kree's brains out. His body concerns were pushed to the back of his head; he wanted to see Noh-varr, congratulate him, and see if he could get the Kree to take him home. He didn't even know when Noh-varr's shift ended. Fuck, he didn't even know where to find the Kree. It was a veritable mob in here, there was no way Noh-varr would come out here.

“'Scuse me, Tommy?” A mutant with brilliant purple hair and fairy wings tapped him on the shoulder. “Noh-varr wants to meet you in the fighter's lounge, if you'd like.”

Hell yes he'd like. But he just nodded, and followed the girl out of the crowd and over to a room with a guard in front and blinds darkening the windows.

“Let him in Karl. Noh-varr wants to see him.”

The hulking red-sinned man opened the door, and Tommy slipped inside. It was more like a locker room than a lounge, with benches and shower stalls, and sleek lockers against one wall. There was also a wide range of exercise equipment and stretching mats.

Noh-varr had clearly just gotten out of the shower. He had a towel around his neck, and nothing else. Tommy very carefully did not stare at his package, even though it was obvious from the smug grin that Noh-varr expected him to.

“I just asked the boss and she said I can take off if I want.” He said conversationally as he opened a locker and pulled on some clothes – a black ribbed shirt and jeans. “You want to go somewhere?”

Tommy swallowed. He couldn't decide if Noh-varr looked better in clothes or out of them. Those jeans hugged him in all the right places. “Where did you want to go?”

“Well...I'm going out on a limb here and saying you probably don't want to take me back to your place.”

Tommy flushed. Wouldn't Mrs. Kaplan love that.

“And my apartment is shit, so I thought we'd got to a hotel. There's a good one near here. Raquel owns it – it's basically an extension of the club. We wouldn't have to pay.”

Now Tommy felt indignant. “I'm not going to let you pay for everything.”

Noh-varr smirked. “You can pay for room service then.”

“Yeah. Alright.” Shit, that was fast. They were going to a hotel, just like that. He'd wanted to have the transgender conversation first. But he was an alien so...maybe Noh-varr wouldn't mind.

Noh-varr got their coats on the way out, and slipped an envelope into one of Tommy's pockets. “Your winnings.” He explained, and Tommy noticed that he tucked a much larger envelope into this own pockets. So apparently Noh-varr was loaded. He was good about it though – didn't make Tommy feel guilty or inferior, which was nice.

The hotel was only a few blocks away, and Noh-varr walked in with confidence. He winked at Tommy and went to the front desk. The clerk seemed flustered to see him, and handed him a room key within seconds, babbling something Tommy didn't quite catch.

Noh-varr grinned, and took him to the elevator, where he typed in some kind of code on a panel underneath the floor selection. They got off on the top floor, where there were only two suites. Noh-varr led Tommy over to one, and opened it with his key card. Tommy was starting to suspect he was more than just a bouncer. He didn't have time to look around their suite, because as soon as the door was clothed, Noh-varr practically lept on Tommy. He slid his hands up Tommy's shirt and started kissing him. Tommy melted onto those lips and talented alien tongue, like he needed Noh-varr's mouth to survive.

“Wait, wait.” Tommy gasped, pulling himself away. “We need to – I wanted to tell you before – uh. I'm trans.”

Noh-varr looked at him for a moment, but didn’t pull away. “I'm sorry. I don't really know what that means.”

Alien. Right. You'd think he'd have run into this by now. “ means I wasn't born biologically male.”

“Oh.” Noh-varr said. Then, “I'm sorry. Again. I don't know how that works for humans. Can you still fuck me or...?”

Tommy thought he was seriously gong to lose his shit. Noh-varr was taking this really well. Disturbingly well. He was more than a little afraid of what the Kree thought constituted normal sex now. Were they gonna have to do some weird, kinky alien thing?

“Um...yeah. Yeah, I brought my strap-on and condoms and lube and everything.”

“Perfect.” Noh-varr slid his hands back up Tommy's shirt. He leaned in and pressed a kiss to Tommy's neck, like nothing had ever happened.

“Wait! Fuck!” Tommy grabbed Noh-varr's shoulders and pushed him away.


“Shouldn't you be freaking about about this?” He demanded.

“Why? Oh. You humans are still awkward about gender. I keep forgetting that. Tommy, if you feel male, then you are, in my opinion. That's how it is with my people. Of course, we have a lot more advanced methods for adjusting biological gender than your people, but the concept is the same.” He explained this gently, as if he was afraid he was going to spook Tommy.

“Besides,” Noh-varr said huskily, leaning in again. “You smell male. You taste male.” He captured Tommy's lips in another hungry kiss. “So what's the problem?”

There really wasn't one.


Tommy lay on the bed, after, tangled up in sheets and Noh-varr's legs. “That was...fuck. That was good.”

Noh-varr grunted in agreement and pulled Tommy into his arms. Tommy pressed up against his sweaty chest, but he didn't mind. They'd just had the best sex Tommy'd ever had, so he couldn't complain. Noh-varr was still mumbling at him in Kree – that was a thing he did after orgasming, apparently.

“You're going to have to teach me Kree if we're going to keep doing this.” He said. “I don't understand what you're saying.”

Noh-varr rumbled happily, and ran his fingers through Tommy's hair. Half-way through his sentence, he switch back to English, “ - going to stay with me?”


“I'm going to sleep. I've got to work early tomorrow. Well. Today.” Noh-varr chuckled. It was nearly six in the morning. “Do you want to stay with me?”

“I-” He did. He really did. But it was Saturday, and that meant everyone was home. While there wasn’t a huge chance that anyone would check to see if he was in bed, he didn't want to risk it.

“I have to go.” He said. “I'm gonna take a quick shower, then I gotta go.”

“Mmhm...” The Kree said sleepily.

Tommy got up and stretched lazily. Sex was never better than when he got to use his powers during it. Not many people wanted to, even when they were other mutants, and even fewer could handle it when he did. Noh-varr was amazing. They were definitely going to do this again.

“I put my number in your phone.” The Kree said, from where his head was buried in the pillows. “Call me sometime.”


Tommy had finally located all his clothes and headed to the bathroom to shower. There was a large jacuzzi in the bathroom, and he was tempted to use it. Next time. For sure.

He set his clothes down and turned on the shower. The hot water came on and filled the room with steam. Just as he was about to get in, a hand touched his elbow. He turned to see Noh-varr standing there, grinning.

“Room for one more?”