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A Pirate's Death

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Captain Solo was not pleased with herself. She should have known better than to head toward the island that looked like certain death, but it was the hunger and thirst of her and three of her crew members that initially drove her to do it. It was the beautiful voice she heard that made her continue towards the dangerously rocky shore. Tobin had tried to stop the captain from sailing their boat straight into the rocks until she heard it too. Not long after, Julie and Ashlyn stopped their attempts to turn the boat around, falling victim to the voices as well.

In all reality, this was probably the ending that they all deserved. This was the only death that made sense for some of the most feared pirates in the world. Mermaids. Really, really beautiful mermaids with their damn siren song had caused Captain Solo and three of her crew members to crash their small dinghy on a rocky shore. Who would have thought of that? So as the captain laid there on the rocky shores covered in sand, blood, and salt, she prepared to be eaten by the once beautiful and freckle faced mermaid. She deserved this death, they all did.