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Just Roll With It

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The rolling of the wheels against the pavement was like a lullaby to his ears; his skateboard ran across the school like it owned the place. He had to admit he was a hell of a skater, this was his first time running freely through the institution and he was already rocking it. All the buildings and houses were too much to him, standing tall and imposing; all the students walking around them, chatting along and preparing for the classes to come. Every direction he went was full with other freshmen, who looked just as confused as him.

Sure, when the students were accepted the school organised a little tour. They were shown around, they could see the science, literature and scaring buildings, the college's restaurants and hotspots like The Growl, and obviously the Greek Street where the sororities and fraternities homed. However, Elliot wasn't much interested in that. That thing about grouping and sharing time and space with some bunch of dudes you just met for the rest of college, it was not for him. And, even if he had liked to, it wouldn't be possible for him to join in any frat anyway.

Because, you see, he had something he'd wanted to hide since he was young; he was born a female. Yep, he was a transgender male. It was something he couldn't control, it practically ruled his life. Even as a kit.

When he was seven, his mother realised he wasn't "normal". He hated dresses he hated everything that was given to him; the dolls, the pink bows. It just wasn't him. He had told his mom; Mom I don't want to be a girl anymore. And even when it seemed hard to comprehend, his mother saw the real suffering and desperation in him. How much he struggled with all he needed to do to fit in the regulated standard of his sex given at birth. She hadn't wanted that for him, so she helped him.

And though many people said it was a matter of not having a father, Elliot knew otherwise. It didn't matter how much people said that when you don't have one of your parents you end up wrong, he never believed any of them. Their arguments were always based on religion or "science" but as far as he knew, the mind was something still waiting to be discovered. So deep and full of mysteries, he really liked that thought.

However, he really had no time left to stop and pity himself. He had learned to live as it was, he was gonna get through college; maybe even get a girlfriend...or a boyfriend! He wasn't picky~


The walk to the scaring school, MU's "jewel", was shorter than he expected. But well, living on campus made it way easier. His room was quite small, but he needn't much space anyway. He didn't have a roommate, and it was for the best. He wouldn't be sure that he would be as open minded as him, and he did need his time and privacy while binding his chest, and getting ready. I mean, he didn't 'pass' for nothing.

At least forty other monsters entered along him. Most of them ignored him, but some turned to look at him, his chipped horn, his cap, his lanky body covered by an old sweatshirt and let's not forget his skateboard under his arm alongside his books. He looked careless, and well...unscary. Many people had told him before, but he did nothing to prove them wrong. Elliot never believed, he had to prove nothing to no one. He knew he had what he needed to become a scarer, and that's all he cared about.


Finally, the professor saluted them; he introduced himself as "Professor Derek Knight" who was "not scared easily". Elliot already liked him, he seemed calm and collected. That is until Dean Hardscrabble, one of the best scarers there were, came into the classroom in a great entrance. Scaring the professor himself.

The last thing she said before leaving was "if you fail that exam", one they would be taking by the end of the semester, "you will be out of the scaring programme".


He couldn't believe it! Out?! Just like that? Man, was this gonna be hard for all. But, oh well, guess that's what he had to do. Start studying and practicing more and more. A little on the afternoons, a little more on weekends. He would make it! He needed to keep his hopes up, he would prove himself that he could do it! He had scared other monsters before, he could do this with some practice, blood and sweat.

Either way, professor Knight had to continue with the first class, so he asked if anyone knew what a great roar took. And immediately, as if by inertia, a boney green hand raised.

Nerd: Located.

-There's five steps for a great roar..- he started tentatively. -The roar's resonance, the-

-ROOOOOOAARRRRR- a beast-like roar erupted from the door, it made everyone stop and stare. And Elliot wouldn't admit but he was somewhat startled by it.

-Sorry for being late, I just heard 'roar' and went for it~- The huge guy in the polka dots said smugly.

Douche: Located.

-What's your name?- the professor asked.

-Sullivan, Jimmy Sullivan.- he said making emphasis on his surname.

Omg, he also had the Important Family Syndrome.

-Sullivan? As in Billy Sullivan?

-Yeah, he's my Dad~

"Omg, no..." Was all Elliot could think, "he's daddy's boy..."

-I expect a lot of you-

-You won't be disappointed~

Elliot hated the guy already, such a jerk. He even made him start to hate Professor Knight a little. What a douche.

The class ended after a little introduction to Scaring 101, Mr. Knight's class, and a small 'list' of things to achieve during the course.

The rest of his classes were interesting too. He would be learning the science behind the scare, some history and even get more physical exercise that would be useful for scaring. All in all, his new life was starting up better than expected. His classmates hadn't pronoun-ed him wrongly neither had they believed he was girly or too thin for a guy. And that made him even happier.

He decided to skate his way back to his dormitory, leave his stuff and maybe relax for a while. But as he was about to pull his clothes off and let his so hated attributes 'out' the same shaggy blue and pink he had just started to hate, crossed his window. He was most likely climbing the building. The fucking building!! What the fuck was wrong with that guy?!

When the fluffy tail disappeared from his view, Eli carefully got his head out the window and looked up. He was carrying a fucken pig. A PIG. This dude had serious problems.

-Just what is he doing?- He wondered, until a scream and some ridiculous pig swines stepped over his plan of peace.

-Okay. I'm out.- He exclaimed raising his arms in surrender and fixing his cap.