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Tongue in Cheek

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The thing is, Namjoon didn't really understand why he'd want some guy’s dick - let alone their tongue - up his ass really. He understood the reasons behind why he should be open to it, why it's good to understand what it feels like and therefore also greater explore sexual pleasure for himself and his partner, it's just that most all of the people he's hooked up with or fucked are the ones that want his fingers in their ass or to sit on his dick. So after a few weeks of dating and some great sex, when Jimin moaned “I want to fuck you” into his mouth as they made out on Jimin's bed with Namjoon's hand already down the back of Jimin's pants and gripping his firm ass, Namjoon faltered a bit.

“You mean,” Jimin paused, watching him with interest as Namjoon explained why he’d full stopped in the middle of a hand job. Rather than being put out, Jimin had been fascinated, curling up with Namjoon as Namjoon tried to dictate his lack of sexual experience from one perspective. “You've never-“ He almost sounds breathless, propped on his side on the bed still half dressed.

“I guess I’m just more of a top?” Namjoon tired. Then Jimin snorted, loudly before bursting into laughter. “What?”

“No one is just a top or a bottom,” Jimin explains, the amusement still dancing in his eyes. “Just because I like getting fucked doesn’t mean I don’t want to fuck someone sometimes. Both are enjoyable in their own reasons. Besides,” he says with a sort of glimmer in his eyes. “How do you know you'd never enjoy it if you never try?”

Namjoon frowned trying to think this through. “I mean, I can see why it’d be good, and know-“

“It is good,” Jimin tells him simply, and smiles alluringly when Namjoon looks up at him. “Really good.”

“But having someone’s tongue-“

“You eat me out,” Jimin reminds, as if pointing out that Namjoon has a certain fascination with his face buried in Jimin’s ass solves all the blocks in Namjoon’s head. “So-“

“But that’s different,” Namjoon tries.

“You mean you think I wouldn’t want to return the favor?” Jimin asks him, looking a bit confused. “Or-“

“But it’s always clean,” Namjoon says, and Jimin lets out a soft sounding “ah” like he finally understands. Namjoon isn’t sure even he does, but Jimin’s face softens like he knows exactly what’s going on inside Namjoon’s head.

“Okay, I get it,” Jimin says, and reaches out to Namjoon, smoothing his hand over Namjoon’s forehead, pushing his hair back in a soothing motion. It helps, and his fingers in Namjoon’s hair help to keep him calm and relaxed as Jimin walks Namjoon through the whole thing. The prep for it, the details, the tactics, the semantics of what being a ‘bottom’ is as they lie side by side in bed, sex forgotten amid the talk and questions.

It’s a little weird to realize that all he knows about sex really isn’t all there is about sex. It’s also a bit daunting for Namjoon to think about how all the people he would hook up with or have sex with went for his cock and knew what they wanted and had prepared for it, that Namjoon’s fingers weren’t the first fingers to slide into them that night. It’s knowing all of this that makes it better.

It also makes him extremely curious, and when Namjoon gets curious, there’s not much else for him to distract himself with that will break that temptation for new knowledge.

There's something romantic about Jimin helping him get ready for this whole thing. There’s something sweet about Jimin asking him very casually “do you need to poop?” when he shows up a few days later after their first talk (where they hadn't fucked, Namjoon had just let jimin bring them both off with his hands before cuddling).

There's something exciting and making Namjoon's skin over sensitive when Jimin produces condoms, lube, and looks totally calm. He kisses Namjoon, easing him down and relaxing him as they slowly strip each other, everything settling in as they follow the rhythm Namjoon is used to, with Jimin pushing and Namjoon pulling until they're both panting slightly, kisses wet and hot and hands restless against their skin.

It's not until they're on the bed, Jimin kissing down him until he's at his stomach and slowly pulling at his hips to turn him over Namjoon remembers enough through the weight of his hard cock what this is all about.

“Turn over,” Jimin says, kissing his hip and looking up at him, hand stroking against Namjoon's thigh reassuringly. “It'll be more comfortable.” He smiles, hand smoothing at Namjoon's hip. “I've got you.”

It feels a bit strange to be on his hands and knees, ass facing Jimin and a pillow under where his hips might be just in case ,but it’s okay with Jimin's hands smoothing over his back warm and calming, kisses being drawn down his spine as Jimin shifts behind him. Namjoon breathes in at the click of the cap of lube clicking, and breathes out as Jimin kisses at the small of his back and trailing down.

“I'm going to start now,” Jimin tells him. “But just tell me if you want me to stop or if it hurts or is uncomfortable, and we’ll stop.”

Namjoon doesn't realize he's waiting until the pause extends. He quickly mumbles, “yeah, okay, yeah, go ahead,” biting his lip a moment later as he feels Jimin shift, feels the warm pad of his finger slip over his skin, slick with lube and travel over the sensitive skin down-

Namjoon lets out a soft sound, fingers clutching at the sheets as Jimin pushes his finger in, slowly to let Namjoon adjust.

“You okay?”

“Fine,” Namjoon says, focusing on breathing through his nose. It's not painful, just strange, different, but not bad. It helps when Jimin's other hand closes around him, his mouth kissing over the sensitive skin of Namjoon's ass as he slowly strokes Namjoon's cock, pulling his attention away from the gently trusting finger to the build of still strange, but it's not bad, almost enjoyable pressure. It’s a bit enjoyable and Namjoon doesn't hesitate to nod and breathe out “okay, yes, go ahead,” when Jimin tells him he's adding a second finger.

The stretch is wider, more intense, and much less comfortable at first, catching Namjoon’s breath and tensing his spine, fingers and toes curling at the intrusion even as Jimin shushes him, kissing along his back and twisting his hand on the upstroke along his cock, thumb pushing under the head and battling the wide intrusion of jimin's fingers. But it's as Namjoon begins to relax into that new stretch that Jimin shifts, his fingers curl, and they brush against something- his prostate (Namjoon's brain automatically reminds him) - and sends a small hum of pleasure through him and he moans. “Again.”

Jimin does, not immediately, but shifts slowly to reach into him and press his fingers into Namjoon again. The touch spurns another wave of building pleasure through him, pulling a moan that doesn't fade as Jimin's fingers spread, scissoring inside him to stretch.

It's different from his cock, from having a hand or mouth around him, where the pleasure is focused there and pulls the rest of him through his groin. This is different, where it feels like this - the sensations - are pushing out, growing from inside him and washing up and out through him, like a sonic pulse that hums and dips and waves through him and fuck this is what it's about. Suddenly, he gets why people like having his fingers, or his dick or tongue, up their butts. If anything, as Jimin works, he realizes Jimin is... might probably be better than him at this. For one, Namjoon has been moaning, slowly pushing back for more as Jimin fucks him with his fingers, and hadn't realized it, but fuck it's good and he just wants more, want-

“Fuck, Namjoon, you’re taking my fingers so damn well,” Jimin gasps, mouth open and panting at Namjoon's shoulder as his fingers thrust into him at a slow pace. He let go of Namjoon's cock at some point (when the fuck?) and is holding onto his hip to steady him (also, when the fuck? who cares, Namjoon doesn't, not as long as Jimin doesn't stop). “Fuck, I’m- I want to try something. Can I?”

“W-what?” Namjoon pants, not even bothering to turn to him, half ready to just face plant into the bed so he can focus all his energy on keep his ass up for Jimin to keep doing what he's doing and just- oh fuck, yes, that feels so good.

“I want to-“ Jimin's fingers scissor, then drag over Namjoon's prostate so good. Both of them moan, Namjoon's mouth open and eyes closed, head hanging because fuck. “I want to eat you out.”

It takes a long time for Jimin's words to slip into Namjoon's buzzing head, to push past the part of his brain that's an incoherent mess of need and pleasured desire before it clicks. “Are you- are you sure?” Namjoon asks, because it's his butt.

“Yes,” Jimin says, and Namjoon is a little surprised to feel his breath already fanning hot against him. “Yes, I really fucking want to do this.”

He hadn't realized Jimin had moved. It's hard to imagine what Jimin's tongue would feel like, but Namjoon had a hard time imagining what Jimin's fingers would feel like and he definitely doesn't regret that decision so- “okay.”

Namjoon lets out a soft moan when Jimin's fingers pull out of him, not really ready for it to stop, but then something hot, wet and soft drags over him and fuck, fuck Fuck Fuck.

Namjoon doesn't know what sound he makes but he's shaking a little, wanting it again and, fuck, Jimin's breath against him is hot and wet and – “Oh god, oh fuck,” Namjoon chokes out as he feels Jimin's hands on his ass, pulling at the skin and muscle as his tongue drags over him again, just a slow careful drag, then pauses, teasing just- “oh fuu--” -before he pushes it inside of him and spreads him open. It's nothing like Namjoon could have imagined, but everything he is so glad he's no longer missing.

Jimin barely lets him move, hands holding him steady as he pushes his tongue in and out of Namjoon slowly, flicking along his insides and making Namjoon burn and gasp and whine and moan and shake. Words he's not sure are words pour out of him as Jimin fucks him with his tongue and licks in and out of him with the kind of slow demonic bliss that Namjoon isn't sure he can take but doesn't want to stop but fuck fuck fuck. Every slide of Jimin's tongue sends another wave of pleasure and makes his cock ache as it hangs pulsing and heavy and hot and begging to be touched.

“Good?” Jimin asks him, voice rough with sex as he pulls off with a lewd smack, his fingers dragging at the stretched and pulsing skin of Namjoon's rim.

“Yes, fuck yes, god, Jimin-“ Namjoon ends in a gasp as Jimin slips his fingers back inside of him, more lube, spit slick, perfect, not enough, too much, lacking, and-

“I told you that you didn't know what you were missing,” Jimin chuckles, and Namjoon would argue with him, or at least try to defend himself if he weren't a mess and his words would string together. If he weren't already pushing back for more of Jimin's fingers, his tongue and-

“I wonder if you could come like this,” Jimin pants, and Namjoon moans as he slowly eases in a third finger. It stretches, wide, and almost painful, stinging slightly as Jimin kisses the soft skin. Namjoon shudders. “If you could just come from my fingers like this-” yes, Namjoon probably could “-if you could get off from my tongue inside you-“ fuck “-or if you'd come without ever having to be touched? Or would you rather I fuck you?” Jimin asks. His fingers curl down to press into Namjoon's prostate, sending a strong wave of pleasure through him, making him gasp and moan, arms shaking and threatening to collapse as he holds himself up. He wants, he wants, he wants so much.

“Namjoon,” Jimin moans against his ear, fingers fucking him faster, harder, so good, but- “What do you want?”

Not enough, not there, not hands around his cock not deep enough not-

“Fuck,” Namjoon moans, and Jimin catches him as he crumples, his free arm curling around his chest to hold him up, to keep him going. “Jimin-“

“Yeah,” Jimin pants, fingers deep and Namjoon feeling everything but it's not- “Yeah, I’m here, I'm-“

“Oh god, oh fuck,” Namjoon whimpers just as Jimin's fingers pause, slow and –“Jimin, fuck, fuck me. I- god, just fuck me.”

The loss of Jimin's fingers leaves him whimpering, the loss of Jimin over him has him panting, moaning, but being laid down, arms and chest against the bed and ass in the air lets Namjoon turn his head, watching Jimin roll on a condom over his flushed straining cock, watch him slide into place behind him. Namjoon's arms can't give out under him, already collapsed as the head of Jimin's cock presses against him. “Okay? I’m going to press in now, and-“

“Please, just – yes, Jimin, I-“ Namjoon ends in a long moan as Jimin pushes in, slow and steady, inching in as his cock stretches Namjoon even further, wider, fuller until Namjoon feels like it's in the back of his throat, hot and thick and too much too much not enough just-

“You okay?” Jimin asks, voice as wrecked as Namjoon feels. “You alright, Namjoon? Just breathe, okay.”

“Yeah," Namjoon pants, feeling his whole ass pulse around Jimin as he tries to calm his breathing enough to actually breathe. “Yeah, I'm okay, I'm fine, I'm good.” He lets out a soft moan as Jimin shifts, pulling out to rock back in and it's a lot, it's too much, it's uncomfortable, but Namjoon wants more, knows that soon, soon it will be better, even better and –

“Oh,” Namjoon manages as Jimin thrusts into him slowly, almost gentle, holding back as Namjoon adjusts to him. The slide feels better, feels good, feels great, Jimin's hands on him, helping him rock back just slightly, just enough to get the rhythm, to set a pace, to make the unfamiliar stretch feel good, feel great. The weight and heat of Jimin fucking into him is good, so good, better, even better than fingers, enough that Namjoon pushes back, wants more wants-

“Oh fuck yeah,” he half growls, half moans, as Jimin's angle shifts and presses right over his prostate and yes, fuck yes, the blur of pleasure that shoots through him is so good. Jimin is still fucking and fucking and hitting into him right where it makes it count, where Namjoon's whole body washes with bliss, with shuddering pleasure, where it throbs. “Oh fuck, more,” he pants, trying to rock back and struggling.

“Okay,” Jimin pants, and does, hips snapping, harder, faster, driving into him. “Okay, yes, god, Namjoon-“ The force of his hips pushes Namjoon down, shunting into the bed, knees slipping father apart and sinking down, making the angle deeper, changing it as Jimin follows, fucking into him and driving Namjoon insane. “God, you feel so good, you're so-“

Namjoon just moans, the thrusts against his prostate wrecking him, the building pressure in his groin getting higher and higher, until it fills up the back of his head, fogging him over into bliss. He wants to come, but wants to keep this going, lost in it, wanting to tumble over the edge, but but-

“Fuck, you're so- Namjoon, you feel so fucking good, oh god,” Jimin moans, hips speeding and Namjoon barely hears him over the roar, the rush and his own cracked cry as Jimin's hand wraps around his swaying cock. “Namjoon, I'm so close, I’m so close, are you-?”

“Yes,” Namjoon almost cries. Jimin's hand on him almost hurts he's so hard. The blind of Jimin's cock inside him, fucking him, the pulse of pleasure at every drag of him inside of him, over his prostate, the stroke of his hand over his cock, thumb under the head, pressing against the slit as Jimin's moans in his ears, breaths hot against his skin, body hot against him and -

“Fuck,” Namjon almost sobs out. “Fuck, I'm coming, I'm gonna- fuck, fu- fuck, Jimin, Jimin, Jimin, I'm –“ The first crash is like a wave as it blasts into him, knocking all the air out of him, his cock pulsing as he comes, and flings him back into the fog that waits at the back of his mind, into bliss. Then the second wave crashes, harder, rolling and pushing him harder, higher, for the next wave to crash over him, holding him still, rigid, pulsing, gasping, moaning, feeling everything as wave after wave of pleasure drags him under until nothing but the lapping edges of blissed out calm and soft ache are left. That's how Namjoon comes to, limp limbed, pulled onto his side, empty of Jimin but with Jimin wrapped around him, sticky and disgusting but fucking perfect.

For a long while, Namjoon just lies with Jimin and feels the soft aftershocks trickle along him before he has the strength to reach up for Jimin's hand at his stomach and intertwine their fingers.

“Wow,” he says, voice destroyed.

Jimin lets out a hoarse chuckle, fanning against the nape of Namjoon's neck as he cuddles closer. “Yeah,” he says, before planting a soft kiss. “I know.”