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The 5th Wave Begins

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Stiles POV

Everything changed after the waves. What was once normal is foreign. Perhaps I should start with what it was like for me before The Arrival of The Others. I was just a normal human being attending high school with my best friend Scott McCall, who was killed during the 3rd wave. Our worries were whose house we were hanging out at the upcoming weekend, grades, and Lacrosse; I was a bench warmer unlike Scott who was the team captain. I was average at best. I had normal grades, athletic ability, and talent; I was nothing special in any way at all except in one aspect that saved my life. My genes. That will make sense later. I was sitting in Scott's room playing video games when we first heard. We were told by some friends in school to turn on the news, so we did. That's when we first saw the ship. It was gigantic, and it appeared as if it were waiting for something.

---10 days later---

"Mr. Stilinksi!" is what woke me up from my wonderful nap. I look up to see Mr. Harris staring me down. "Yes sir?" "I asked what is the chemical formula of Acetic Acid, but you were too busy wasting space", god I hate Harris.

"Ummmmmm", as I was about to bullshit my way through the question the power went out, "what the hell?" "Mr. McCall no swearing!" "yes sir" Scott replied as he rolled his eyes.

"Look!" "Oh My God!" I hear from the people looking out the window. When I go to see what they are looking at, I see the final seconds of a 747's free fall before it crashes. There are a series of gasps heard all around as people try to figure out what's happening. Then someone shouts "My phones not working!" This causes everyone to check their phones only to make the same discovery. I soon found out everything was about to change.


That wave, and others, lead me to where I am today, hiding out in the woods in a tent. Going to gas station for fresh water at the end of every week, or at least, what feels like the end of the week. Trying to figure out how I am going to save my brother from the Fourth Wave. So far the waves I have lived through have been: Wave 1-lights out, Wave 2-surfs up, Wave 3-Pestilence (this is the wave that took my best friend and mother away from me), and Wave 4-Silencers. The Others have found a way to make themselves appear just like us; they used this to gain our trust so that they could kill us more efficiently. This is how they were able to take my brother from me and kill my father along with everyone else in my camp.


"Stiles do you think you can run and find Liam?" "Sure pops", i replied quickly as i went to look for my baby brother. I know he is 14 and I am 16, but he still is my baby brother to me. I helped calm him after mom died because I did not want him going through panic attacks like I did after she passes; I never had one around him though. A wave of sorrow hits me every time I think about our mother. I am lost in thought and do not even see Liam sneak up behind me, "BOOOO" "What the FUCK! Liam you little shit" I say when I turn around to see him laughing, "don't do that again", I say, but I can't even hold back my smile that appears on my face. While we are sitting there laughing we hear commotion coming from the gate. "what's happening" Liam asks. I am about to answer when we both hear vehicles approaching; we start running to the gate. When we arrive the gate has been opened and we see school buses and army Humvee. The military SURVIVED the waves and still have power?! As I am thinking my dad comes up to me "Stiles, do you still have my old Beretta?" "Yea why?" "Keep it on you I have a bad feeling about all this", he says as he gestured to the soldiers.

While I am trying to figure out what my dad means a old soldier starts to speak "Hello, My name is Colonel Argent. You are all safe now. I am here to collect all children 15 and younger to head back with me to Beacon Hills for their safety." He announces. The commotion is immediate, "What about the rest of us!" someone shouts. "The rest of you I will speak too in an assembly, please gather everyone in your camp and meet me back here in approximately 10 minutes!"

As Colonel Argent is talking all the kids 15 and younger are being escorted onto the buses. I realize Liam is going to be leaving; this causes me to start to have a panic attack until I feel someone start to hug me; I look to see Liam holding onto me as if I were a life preserver. "I don't want to go Stiles. I want to stay with you and dad." He pleads. "I know you do buddy, but these soldiers can keep you safe better than me or dad can." I say in an attempt to calm him. "Plus me and dad will be joining you, just not now", I say. He appears to accept that and we head toward the bus. He gets on, but the soldier stops me, so I have to tell him I am just seeing my brother off. We hug and say good-bye as he hops on the bus. Almost immediately after the buses start up and get ready to leave. "Bye Liam!" I scream as I wave at him. He returns the wave, but I can see the sorrow in his eyes. I hope we can join him soon i think. I head back and see everyone gathered around a podium that Argent and some soldiers are standing on. "Is this everyone?" Gerard asks my father. My father looks around and sees that someone is missing "no we are missing someone, Danny" "any idea where he is" "I know", I say as i walk up beside my father, " he sometimes hangs out in the woods so that he can have some peace and quiet; I can go get him." "Ok very well, Private Whittmore accompany him and remember the First Priority" "Yes Sir!" "ok follow me", I say as I take off into the woods. The private follows close behind.

I soon see Danny as we approach a little stream he hangs out around. "Hi Danny!" "Hey Stiles!" "is this him?" the private asks when we come to a stop. "Yup" i say, and, before I can react, the private pulls out his sidearm and shoots Danny in the head. I do not know how I reacted so quickly, but as soon as the private turns to face me to shoot me I already have the Beretta out and the safety off. I pull the trigger. Once I check to make sure he is dead I high tail it back to the camp. I arrive just in time to see my father on the ground wounded. I go to call out, but he sees me and slightly shakes his head. I soon realize why when Argent walks to where my dad is laying and puts a bullet in his head. I have to bite down to keep from screaming. The soldiers do not see me so I decide to hide. They soon realize that their Private has not returned yet. I see Argent appear to order two soldiers to go search for him. I wait patiently until they return and hear the conversation this time, they are closer. "Sir Private Whittmore is dead, as well as a kid who we assume is the one he went to look for" "How did Whittmore die?" "He had a bullet wound in the head sir" "Ok, the Eye will take care of the other one. I wonder what they are talking about until they set something down that starts blinking. I soon realize that is probably an explosive, but I have to wait until they are out of sight until I move in case that change their minds on how I die. Once they are gone I sprint to the creek. I get there, and as I dive into the stream bed for cover I hear the explosion.

---End Flashback---