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Things You Said After It Was Over


He thought he could deal with just being her teammate. He thought he was over it. The mini vacation he took was suppose to clear his mind, get his head back in the game. He was fine.

That was until she came into the locker room and asked about his time off. He shouldn't had told her the whole truth. Should have stuck to drinks on the beach. Fun in the sun. Shouldn't have mentioned going to the base, his father, because as soon as it was out of his mouth he couldn't stop himself. She always knew how to get him to open up. So he told her. Told her everything. How the General had plans for him to return to the army. How he stuck up for himself and the SRU. He was already doing good here, helping people, protecting the city, making a difference.

He saw the look relief that crossed over her face when he mentioned he had no intention of leaving the SRU, and in a way it pissed him off. Which is why the next statement was already out of his mouth before he could stop himself.

"Dealing with my dad, that was the easy part." He told her, he shouldn't of. He knew what the next question was going to be.

"What was the hard part?" She asked. The look on her face, told him she didn't really want to know the truth. But he was angry with her now. Here she was acting like everything was normal between them. That they were only teammates. Acting as if they never dated. That she never got shot. That he never spent all his time off helping her recover. That she didn't just choose the team and this job over him. Next thing you know she'd be blaming him for the break up. Is he going to have to remind her who broke up with who? He was allowed to be a little pissed.

Closing his locker, he looked her right in the eye and replied, "When my mom asked when she gets to meet you."

He didn't want to stick around to see the look on her face, so he brushed past her, making his way out of the locker room. Sam regretted it the moment he walked away. Knew he should have kept his mouth shut. But he couldn't. He didn't want to have to act like nothing happened between them. Didn't want to go back to just being teammates. Didn't want to go out and meet other women. Its exactly what he is going to do. Maybe it'll help him get over her. He doesn't think he'll ever get over her. He's been hers since the first day he saw her. Since he made a complete fool of himself. It was her or no one. He knows this and he hates her right now for it. So he'll try and move on. Date other girls. Try to make her jealous. Maybe than she'll be able to realize that he is right.

But for now he'll just have to be patient, and not want to punch any of the other men she tries to date in the mean time.