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Missives To A Missing Brother

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Dear Fergus,

The new armor is amazing! The armorer had enough materials to make two sets of drakescale armor and one set of dragonbone plate armor. All of the suits are incredibly lightweight and flexible, and offer innate fire resistance unequalled in any other armor any of my group has ever seen. I took one of the drakescale sets for myself and gave the other to Leliana. The heavy armor went to Alistair, as it was too small for Sten and too large for Oghren. I hope that one day soon I will be able to show off this remarkable suit to you in person. Perhaps we will meet during the battle here at Redcliffe.

We had a very eventful trip here. Wynne, Zevran and I visited with the Dalish at the encampment we had helped with the werewolf problem. They were packing up to join the other clans in the battle against the Blight, but took time to make us feel most welcome. I asked if they knew anything of an elf named Aneirin. I was gratified to find that they did, in fact, know him. He is one of their healers. He spends most of his time in the forest as that is where he feels most at home. They told us the part of the forest he was most likely to be found in, and we went off in search of him. We found him without difficulty, and he and Wynne made peace with each other. It has taken a heavy weight off her heart, Wynne says, to know that her mistakes caused him no lasting harm and that he is alive, well, and happy in his life. We rejoined the column that night.

The next day saw us off on another side trip. The trail to Flemeth's hut branches off the road near the ruins of what used to be Lothering. Mindful of my promise to Morrigan to bring Flemeth's unnatural life to an end, I took Leliana, Alistair and Zevran with me. Two factors dictated my choice of companions for this task. First, Leliana and Zevran are by far the best archers in my group, and second, Alistair, Leliana and yours truly have the lovely new fire resistant armor. At any rate, we took a detour to Flemeth's cottage.

She was waiting for us and already knew our purpose in coming. We wasted little time establishing that I was not willing to leave her alive to take over Morrigan's body at her leisure, and the battle was on. Flemeth transformed into a dragon complete with all of a dragon's weapons, including fiery breath. We shot arrows into her from a distance as long as we could, and then braced her with cold steel. It was a long and difficult battle, but at last we defeated her. We took her true grimoire from her hut and gave it to Morrigan as proof of Flemeth's demise. Morrigan believes that her mother may still exist as a disembodied spirit who may yet try to usurp her daughter as a vessel, but is content that it will be many years before Flemeth can recover enough to make the attempt. What a frightening thought!

Again, we caught up with the column after dark, and stayed with it the rest of the way to Redcliffe. We arrived to find that Riordan got there just ahead of us. He has called for a strategy meeting as soon as we have washed off the road dust. I will write again later to say what comes next.

Your sister,