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Missives To A Missing Brother

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Dear Fergus,

Denerim is every bit as big as I remember it from visiting here with Father when I was a child. Leliana adores the marketplace and the shops, and has dragged Morrigan into every one of them, determined to dress her up and make her look pretty. Morrigan is taking it with far better grace than I thought she would. I suspect she has set her sights on our Sten, and hopes to catch his attention with a bit of self-improvement! She might do better to bake him some cookies. Sten has confessed to a fondness for them.

We located Brother Genitivi's house. There was a fellow there that claimed to be Genitivi's research assistant, Weylon. He seemed very nervous, and tripped over his own words, contradicting himself so that I became suspicious of just what he might be hiding from us. When I confronted him with his inconsistencies, he attacked us. Among Genitivi's papers we found a journal entry that said he was going to an inn near Lake Calenhad. That means that the Spoiled Princess Inn is our next destination, but not until I get some better armor.

Alistair and I scouted out the local armorers, and have found some suitable pieces, but I need to raise a bit more coin before I enter negotiations. I did not know armor was so costly, but Alistair assures me that it is worth the extra expense to buy the better quality pieces we were looking at. I should be able to pick up some work at the Chantry board, and I might check with the city constable to see if there are any tasks I might perform.

We found the house where Alistair's sister lives, and went to meet her. She was nothing like what he had hoped for. At first she thought we were trying to pull a prank on her with Alistair's claim to be her brother. When she accepted that he was serious, she accused him of killing their mother (who died in childbed) and leaving her to survive alone. She screamed that she wanted nothing to do with the high and mighty royal bastard and his tart (that would be me, by the way). In near hysterics she demanded that he support his relatives financially or stay well out of their lives. Alistair was devastated. We left her house and returned to camp. Alistair was very quiet the whole way back.

A little while later, he came to me and thanked me for going there with him. He was in such pain that I didn't know whether to cry for him or go back and thrash that harridan for hurting him so. I settled for telling him the truth, that all of us in the group are his friends, and that I personally care about him. Oh, Fergus, I think I am falling in love with him. My timing couldn't be much worse. We are preparing for civil war and the Blight, the Grey Wardens have been declared traitors, and I still need to mete justice to that traitor Howe. How can I even think about a future beyond the next day or two with all that facing me? Even so, I feel safe when he is near, and his smile brightens my day. I see his face in my dreams (which I must say is a great improvement over the Archdemon!) and I do not like to think of what my life would be like without him. He has not given me cause to think that he feels more than friendship for me. Am I setting myself up for a heartbreak?

Well, I expect that's enough of my guts spilled out for one letter! I will write again as events progress.

Your sister,