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Missives To A Missing Brother

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Dear Fergus,

I am having a great deal of trouble sleeping. Every time I fall asleep I have nightmares about darkspawn, dragons, and the night our home was attacked. Alistair says the ones with the darkspawn and the dragons are something all Grey Wardens are subject to - that in my dreams I am sensing the Archdemon behind the Blight. The other nightmares are uniquely my own. Why did Howe betray us? Our families have been friends since Maric took the throne. What could have caused Rendon Howe to turn on us the way he did?

I find I am travelling in rather august company. It turns out that Alistair is not fatherless after all. As we approached Redcliffe, he rather defensively told me that he is the illegitimate son of no less a personage than King Maric himself! He decided to make me privy to this bit of news because he figured Arl Eamon would let out the secret anyway, given that Cailan is dead and there is no clear heir to the throne. The odd thing about it is that Alistair didn't want me to know because he thought I would treat him differently, either revering or reviling him for it. In answer I told him my lineage and assured him that his parentage changes nothing. It HAS crossed my mind to excuse him from his turns as cook, but that has far more to do with a distinct lack of skill than any accident of birth!

Arl Eamon is indeed incapacitated - he has been poisoned and is in a coma. Or at least he was the last time anyone heard anything from Redcliffe castle. The castle is cut off from the town, and the town is under attack by some manner of undead. No one knows how this came to be, but for the last three nights increasing numbers of these creatures sally forth from the castle, and the townsfolk are terrified that tonight's attack will overrun their defenses. My companions and I will stay to bolster the defenses. There is only a scant handful of knights and the local militia (what's left of it anyway) to stave off what everyone fears will be the strongest attack yet. Perhaps we can make a difference. Maker help us all.

Your sister,


The battle is over and we have won the day, or should I say the night. Bann Teagan, Arl Eamon's brother, has requested our help to infiltrate the castle and end the attacks once and for all. Did I actually envy you going away to face the enemy in glorious combat? What an ignorant, innocent fool I was. I am sick at heart from all the death and destruction, and soon I will go to deal out more of the same. Maker forgive me.