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An Old Friend

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Crush, crush, crush. Not love, not love, not love.

Bunnicula chanted that mentally several times. He wouldn't let himself fall in love with Chester. It was one thing to have a crush, he thought. Easy enough to get over and it wouldn't affect him too badly in the years after everyone had gone and he remained.

Love would absolutely tear him apart. He shuddered at the thought. The thought of living indefinitely sounded nice in theory, but overall it was absolute hell. It was fine before because he had Dracula, and Dracula couldn't die anymore than Bunnicula could. He didn't have to worry about it then. But mortals like Chester and Harold and Mina, every breath they took could very well be their last.

It made him sick.

Crush, crush, crush. Not love, not love, not love.

He looked at the sleeping forms on the bed with him. Mina, her hair down and her arms sprawled around as she snored peacefully. Harold, snuggled up at Mina's side, providing a comforting warmth for both of them. Chester, curled up and purring softly just next to him, his eyes twitching behind his eyelids as he dreamed.

Bunnicula sighed. He needed a snack.


He sank his fangs into the carrot and drained it, savoring every drop of the juice he got from it. He felt invigorated and more alert as he finished, already thinking clearer.

Of course he wasn't in love with Chester. He had just taken his little crush a bit too far, had thought about him too much and simply thought he was in love. No, all he needed to do was step back and look at the big picture - Why would he ever fall in love with Chester?

"Bunnicula? What are you doing?"

Bunnicula jumped and spun around, and realized that Chester was standing just outside the kitchen, rubbing his eyes in an attempt to fully wake himself up. Bunnicula stopped himself from thinking that it was cute and pointed at the drained carrot in his hands. Chester sighed.

"Well, now I'm awake too. C'mon, let's watch TV."

Bunnicula followed him reluctantly. He knew Chester could easily go back to sleep at this hour, especially because of how he was yawning. But he also knew that Chester knew that he didn't like to be alone.

Crush, crush, crush. Not love, not love, not love.

Chester turned on the television as Bunnicula climbed onto the couch next to him. He immediately passed the remote to Bunnicula, who hesitated before taking it. He flipped through the channels, seeing old reruns and news shows on but not much else. He turned, ready to give Chester the remote back, only to see that he had passed out.

The feline's head was leaned uncomfortably back, and Bunnicula sighed. He gently moved Chester so that he was asleep with his head against the armrest. After a moment of thought he went upstairs to find a spare blanket and a pillow.

As he started to cover up Chester with the blanket, his head already resting on the pillow, one of Chester's paws suddenly grabbed one of Bunnicula's arms. He jumped slightly, and looked with wide eyes up at the feline's face to find that he was still fast asleep.

"Mm... Bun..."

Bunnicula blinked when he heard soft whispers, and came closer to try and hear better. All that came though were soft snores and sleepy purrs. Bunnicula stared at Chester for barely a second before he headed into the study. He found inspiration suddenly striking him, and he repeated his mantra as he collected his crayons and paper.

Crush, crush, crush. Not love, not love, not love.