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Raph's secret

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Leo’s 16
Don’s 16 (three months younger than Leo)
Mikey’s 16 (four months younger than Leo)
Raph’s 15

Raphael affectionately nuzzled Leo’s beak, as they lay tangled together in Leo’s bed and said huskily, his warm breath ghosting over Leo’s neck, sending a thrill down Leo’s spine, “I’m ready. Are ya?”
“You sure, Raph?” Leo said, staring into Raphael’s green eyes.
“I am. We’ve been together for four months. Well, for three months last year and a month this year so far. I’m more than ready. I want ya ta claim me, Leo. Now. I wanna be yers.”
“What about the others? We agreed we’d only do things with them.”
“I want my first time ta be with ya and I wanna be with ya primarily. Be yer mate, but we’ll also have fun with the others. Do ya follow me? Fuck me. I can’t wait no longer.”

Raphael parted his legs and looked at Leo expectantly.

Leo smiled and planted several kisses along Raphael’s collarbone, his neck, everywhere he could reach.

Raphael tilted his head to one side, allowing greater access to his neck.

Leo swiped a long lick across it and nibbled it, biting gently, making Raphael moan in anticipation. Then he licked all the way down Raphael’s plastron, to his inner thigh, stroking, caressing the emerald skin and whispering sweet nothings.

Raphael closed his eyes and moved his legs further apart.

Leo opened the dresser and took out a bottle of lube. He squeezed some out onto his fingers and rubbed Raphael’s slit, prepping him.

It wasn’t long before Raphael’s semi-erect and leaking cock made its presence and he dropped down with a tremendous churr, making Leo chuckle.

“You like that, huh, Raphie?” Leo said.
“Fuck me and stop talkin’, Leo!”
“As you wish, my gorgeous lover.”

Leo stuck two fingers inside of Raphael’s hole, widening him and preparing him for his girth. His fingers slid deeper inside and hit Raphael's prostate, making him churr in ecstasy and causing his cock to engorge, veins pulsing, his cock begging for attention.

Leo tenderly kissed it, removed his fingers and said, “I’m going in. You sure you’re ready, Raphie?”
“Fuck me!”

Leo rubbed his own slit and soon dropped down with a loud churr. Then he lined his cock up at Raphael’s entrance and slowly thrust inside of him.

Raphael grunted at the sudden intrusion, hooked a leg around Leo’s waist and moved his hips in rhythm with Leo, as he started to thrust in and out. Raphael arched his back, as Leo pushed in harder and faster, aiming for Raphael’s sweet spot.

Leo’s so damn hard. Fuck. This is amazin’, Raphael thought. This is what love is.

Leo licked Raphael’s neck and bit it hard, leaving a large red mark.

“You’re mine, Raphie. Mine and I’m going to love you forever," Leo said.
“Fuck me faster,” Raphael ordered. “Fuck me hard! I want ya so badly.” He wrapped his other leg around Leo’s waist and said, “Damn it. Faster, Leo! Fuck!”

Leo sped up, faster and more passionate with each thrust. He soon hit Raphael’s prostate, making the hothead churr and close his eyes in bliss.

This is everythin’ I thought my first time would be, Raphael thought. Passionate, fierce. Fuck! I’m gonna…

Leo, I’m gonna cum,” Raphael yelled, letting out a deep rumble, as he went over the edge, his nails raking down Leo’s back. “Nghh!”

Leo came a minute later, shooting hot and ropey streams of cum into Raphael and filling him up with his seed.

Pulling out, Leo said breathlessly, “That was frigging awesome, Raphie.”
“It was,” Raphael said, panting.
“Did I hurt you?”
“A little, but I’ll get used ta it. I love ya inside a me, Leo. Ya feel so right bein’ in me.”
“And I thought you were an Alpha,” Leo teased and nipped at Raphael’s collarbone. “But you like being controlled.”
“Only by ya. I’d never let Don or Mikey top me. That feels so good, Leo. Ah, Leo,” Raphael said and groaned. "Love that. Ya know how ta turn me on and yer so fuckin’ sexy. I could bang ya all day. I love ya, ya know that? I love ya.”
“I love you too, Raphie,” Leo said, lying down and pulling Raphael close to him.

“Can’t you dudes keep it down?” Mikey yelled, opening the door and entering the bedroom, followed by Don. “Me and Don are trying to sleep.”
“Join us, Mikey and Don,” Raphael said, sitting up and looking at Mikey hungrily, taking in his sea green body, his toned muscles and blue eyes. “Me and Leo just finished, but we’re always up for another round. And guess what? I pounded Leo earlier today and he just did me now. We ain't virgins no more. Just like ya and Don.”
“You said your first time would be with me, Raphie,” Mikey said sulkily.
“Well, it wasn’t, Mikey. I wanted it ta be with Leo. Either deal with it or this group thing ain’t gonna happen. I wouldn’t be too upset if it didn’t, but I know ya would. Ya want me and ya want Leo.”
“You guys promised we’d only have sex as a foursome and we wouldn't pair off.”
“Ya guys broke that deal when ya fucked, so why couldn’t we?” Raphael snapped. “That’s it. I don’t wanna do the foursome thing no more. I only want Leo.”
“No. I’m sorry, Raphie. I’m wrong. You’re right, bro. Don and I have no reason being annoyed that you and Leo went ahead and had sex. I want the foursome. I want to be with all of my brothers.”
“Prove yer sorry,” Raphael said, looking at Leo for permission.

“Raph and I are mates, Mikey,” Leo said. “And in love, but we also want to be with you and Don, Mikey. We'll be fine with the foursome thing, as long as you two understand that, don’t try to come between us and there’s never any jealousy.”
“Don and I are mates, bro, so I get it. I don’t want Raph as my mate, Leo. I just want to fuck him. I was angry, because I wanted to fuck him first. That’s all. I’m truly sorry. Can we still have the foursome thing?”
“All right.”

“I feel the same way, Leo,” Don said. “I just want to bang you and Raph, but my heart belongs to Mikey.”
“How shall we start?”
“Raph get on the floor doggystyle and we’ll begin.”

“I only listen ta Leo,” Raphael said firmly. “And I ain’t bottomin’ for no one else. Only him.”
“That’s not fair, Raph,” Mikey growled. “You promised you would when you were no longer pure.”
“I don’t wanna. I ain’t a submissive, like Don and ya can’t make me be one. I’ll suck ya, but I ain’t gonna let ya fuck me.”
“Fine,” Mikey said, while inwardly thinking, I will have my shot and dominate him. “I’ll go doggystyle. You suck me, Leo. Don, you can enter from behind. Raphie, you can watch.”

“Got it,” Leo and Don said in unison.

They all stroked each other’s cocks and churred loudly, as they dropped down.

Then Leo placed his cock in Mikey’s mouth, while Don lined his cock up with Mikey’s entrance.

Mikey sucked Leo’s girth to the root and Don thrust inside of Mikey. The double penetration soon had Mikey climaxing and yelling Don’s name.

Leo and Don came soon after, shooting their essence into Mikey and panting heavily, as they pulled out.

Raphael had watched the unfolding scene with glazed eyes. Turned on, he’d stroked his slit until he'd dropped down with a tremendous churr. He continued stroking until his ten inch cock was fully engorged and yearning for more attention. Unable to take his eyes off of his brothers, Raphael rubbed his cock until waves of pleasure coursed through his body and he climaxed with a loud churr that echoed off the sewer walls. Hot jets of his essence painted his plastron and the floor.

Maybe it'd be nice havin' two guys make love ta me at the same time, Raphael thought. It looks pretty hot and fun. I’m gonna try it.

“Hey,” Raphael said. “I changed my mind. I’d like ta try bottomin’. Might be fun.”
“Thought you might,” Mikey said and grinned. “You’ll love it, Raph. Hey. What’s that smell? Is it you, Raphie?” Mikey asked, going to Raphael’s side and sniffing him. “You smell so amazing.”

“Raph’s in heat, Mikey,” Leo said. “He's releasing pheromones and he does. He smells incredible. I love his scent.”
“Same here. Wow. You’re driving me nuts, Raphie. Need you, dude.”
“Then come and get me,” Raphael purred and dropped to his fours.

Grinning, Mikey lined his cock up with Raphael’s entrance, while Don thrust his member into Raphael’s mouth.

“Suck me good, Raph,” Don ordered.

Raphael sucked Don hungrily and deep-throated him, while Mikey pounded into him.

The double penetration feels friggin’ awesome, Raphael thought. I always wanna do it.

“Nggh!” Raphael yelled, as he climaxed and went over the edge.

Mikey and Don came soon after, ejecting streams of cum into Raphael’s ass and mouth respectively.

Leo had watched with hooded eyes and thought that he’d also like to try it sometime.

“That was hot,” Raphael said breathlessly.
“We’re not done yet, Raph,” Don said, lifting Raphael up and carrying him to the bed. Don was six foot four and towered over his five foot brother.
"I’m going to make you feel so good, Raph, and I know you want me," Don said and kissed his brother on the lips.
“Want ya,” Raphael said, turned on. “I didn’t wanna bottom before, but it’s amazin’. I wanna have ya. All of ya buried deep inside a me.”
“You’ll get that, Raphie,” Don said, parting Raphael’s legs and lining his cock up with Raphael’s entrance. "Leo’s your mate, but we’ll all fuck you.”

“Be careful with him, Don,” Leo said. “I don’t want him hurt.”
‘He’ll be fine. Relax, Raphie.”

Don thrust into Raphael and pounded away, hitting his prostate and making him churr, as wave after wave of pleasure hit him.

I like it, Raphael thought. Fuck. I love it. I got Leo as my mate and Don and Mikey wanna make me happy too. I’m lucky. Oh, Fuck.

"I’m gonna cum!" Raphael shouted. “Fuck!”

Raphael climaxed and so did Don, the latter shooting his seed deep inside of Raphael.

Pulling out, a panting Don tenderly kissed Raphael on the mouth and said, “Thank you, Raphie.”
“Yer welcome. Who’s next?” Raphael asked, feeling bold and ready for another round. Mutant turtles recovered fast.

“Me,” Mikey said. He bent down and kissed Raphael deeply. The green eyed turtle returned the kiss and rubbed at Mikey’s slit until his cock made its presence.
"Want ya in me, Mikey,” Raphael husked.
“Wow. You’ve become quite the slut, bro.”
Raphael looked at Leo and said, “Leo, we’re mates, but I’ve discovered that I love bein’ dominated by all of ya and I wanna have ya all in me every day. Is that okay?”

“Yes,” Leo said. “I also want to sleep with Don and Mikey, even though I love you."

“Fuck me, Mikey,” Raphael shouted. “Now.”

Mikey slammed his rod into Raphael, thrusting in and out, making Raphael scream in ecstasy.

The brothers all took their turns with Raphael that evening.

They finished later that evening and collapsed into a large turtle pile on the bed, snuggled close.

Raphael rubbed his tummy and thought, I loved bein’ dominated by all of my bros, their massive cocks fillin' me up and shootin' their seed inside a me. I initially just wanted Leo and I didn’t wanna bottom for no one else, but I had ta do it after seein' how good it was for Mikey and if Leo’s infertile there’s a good chance the others won’t be. It’s matin’ season, which made me extra horny. I was fuckin’ for breedin’ purposes, as well as showin’ Leo my love, but it’s only physical attraction between me and my other bros. At least on my part. Not romantic love. They don’t know that yet. I’m ready ta have babies. I’ve wanted them ever since I started layin’ eggs two years ago. They were unfertilized and duds, but now, now that I got my brothers fuckin’ me, there are gonna be actual babies and my brothers are gonna be daddies. They’re gonna be so happy. I will be too, because I'm finally gonna be a mommy.

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Thirteen-year-old Raphael was sparring with Leo in the dojo one afternoon, when he felt tremendous cramps in his belly. Grimacing, he dropped his sai and fell to the floor, clutching his belly.

“Are you okay, Raph?” Leo asked, dropping to the floor beside his brother and looking at him in concern.
Raphael sucked in a deep breath and said, “Must be some badass food I ate. Cramps like I ain't never had before.”
“Want me to call Don? He’s in his lab with Mikey.”
“No, no. It’s gone, Leo. I’m okay. Really,” Raphael said and managed a weak smile.

Truthfully, the pain was intensifying, but he didn’t want Leo to know that, because he’d drag him off to Don’s lab so fast. Don would conduct endless experiments until he knew for sure what the problem was. Raphael hated needles and being the subject of the experiments.

“You’re absolutely sure you’re okay?” Leo asked.
"Yeah, Leo. Stop worryin’. I'll ask Don ta run some tests if it comes back, okay?"
“Promise me.”
“I promise. Ya won. Rematch later?”
“If you’re feeling okay. Maybe we should tell Don to be safe.”
“No! I’m sure it’s nothin’ and it’s gone. Please. Yer worse than a mother hen!”
Leo chuckled, helped Raphael to his feet and said, “It’s my job to worry about you. All of you.”
“Not at the cost of givin’ yerself an ulcer. I’m fine, but I think I’m gonna take a walk and get some fresh air.”
“Want me to come?”
“No, no. I’m fine,” Raphael said, picking up his sai and placing them in his belt.
“Okay,” Leo said, finally relaxing. “But take your T-phone and call me the minute you feel sick. Maybe the walk’s good for you. You’ve looked a little pudgy lately.”
“I ain’t fat. Look. All muscle. No fat!”
“All right. I take that back.”
“Bye, Leo!”


Raphael did his best to walk of out the lair normally and not scream, as the pain continued. He walked for a long time until he was a good distance from the lair. The cramps were now seconds apart and he couldn't hold back from screaming any longer. Doubled over, he sucked in a deep breath and tried to clutch the wall for support.

What the hell’s wrong with me, Raphael thought, sinking to his knees? These cramps are like nothin’ I’ve ever had before. Can’t be food poisonin’, can it?

“Ngh!” he groaned, as another contraction hit him.

No, no. It feels like somethin’ wants ta be expelled from me, but what, he wondered? Could it be eggs? But how could it be eggs? I ain't female.


Leatherhead happened to be walking past and hearing the turtle’s anguished cries, he stopped and said, “Raphael, is that you?”
“What’s wrong?”
“Cramps,” Raphael said and groaned. “Bad.”
“Let me take you to my place and we’ll see what’s wrong.”

The crocodile picked up Raphael before he could protest and carried him to his place.


Leatherhead arrived at his pad and placed Raphael on his bed.

“Have you eaten anything off lately, Raphael?” Leatherhead asked.
“When did the cramps start?”
“Bout twenty minutes ago. They’re ‘bout a few seconds apart now.”
“Ah,” Leatherhead said, understanding. “Have you been sexually active?”
“Seriously?” Raphael yelled. “I’m a mutant turtle. Who’d want me?”
“Just asking, Raphael,” Leatherhead said, inspecting him. “I believe you’re gravid and the cramps you’re experiencing are labor.”
“But I’m a boy. Argh! How's it possible?”
“I need you to spread your legs and push, okay? Trust me on this."
“I don’t believe ya. I’m a…Argh!”
“Push. I’m right here,” Leatherhead said, getting a towel and mopping Raphael’s forehead that was beaded with sweat. “Push.”

Raphael pushed, screaming obscenities, as he did so.

Leatherhead nodded and said, “Good, Raphael. Very good. You’re doing well. It’ll be over soon, my friend. Keep pushing.”
“It hurts,” Raphael choked out, tears streaming down his face, as another contraction hit him. “I want it ta stop.”
“It will soon. Keep pushing.”

Raphael pushed for a long time.

Leatherhead said, “One more push, Raphael. The egg’s almost out.”
“Argh!” Raphael said, pushing and out plopped a perfect white egg. Panting heavily, Raphael said, “An egg? Really?”
“I’m as amazed as you are,” Leatherhead said, picking up the egg.
“Argh!” Raphael said, feeling another contraction. He pushed hard and a second egg popped out.

Raphael's labor ended when the eighth and final egg made its presence. Leatherhead had placed them all in an incubator he’d managed to acquire to use if he ever found a mate.

Wiping a panting and tired Raphael's brow, Leatherhead said, “How are you feeling, Raphael?”
“Crap. I can’t believe those things came outta me. I’m a boy.”
“Are you sure you haven’t been sexually active?”
“I’m a virgin. Most action I’ve ever had has been with my right hand! Like I said, who wants a mutant turtle?”
“Other mutant turtles?”
Raphael flushed and said, “Look, the only mutant turtle I like is Leo, but I don’t think he likes me the same way and we ain’t been together. Don’t tell him I like him!”
“Is it possible that you were a female before you mutated?”
“What? Me a female? Ya gotta be jokin' and I got a cock! I don’t understand…”
“Then the eggs are unfertilized and essentially duds. We’ll bury them. Would you mind if I run a few tests? It's to determine what you are.”
“I’m a boy. This was a freak thing. That’s all, but sure. Do yer tests. I gotta get back by six, though.“

Leatherhead conducted some tests.

He got the results a while later.

"Raphael, you're a hermaphrodite and have male and female parts," Leatherhead said.
“Yes. A vagina and a fully functioning uterus, as well as a cock. You’re a medical miracle.”
“Ya mean I'm a freak. So, is there any cure for this shit?”
“No, my friend. It means you’ll lay eggs at least twice a year. More if you become sexually active. You know what this means? Your clan can continue and your brothers have the chance to have children. Wonderful news, but the other news is that your sperm probably don’t swim and you’re infertile.”
“Why me?” Raphael yelled, clenching his fists. “I’m a boy.”
“No, Raphael. You’re a girl, who just happens to have male parts as well. Now that you’re entering puberty it’s clear you’re a girl. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You can have children.”
“I’m a boy! Fuck. I’m a boy!”
“I’m only telling you what my tests say, Raphael, and you’re a girl.”
“I don’t wanna be a girl. I wanna be a boy,” Raphael sobbed. “Like my brothers. Why do I gotta be even more of a freak? My brothers can never know ‘bout this. Never. They’ll treat me different. I won’t be able ta train, spar, go out on patrol. Never. But I look male. How's that possible?”
“I don’t know, Raphael, but you're a girl and they need to know.”
“NO. I ain't never gonna tell them and ya ain't neither," Raphael yelled, sitting up. “I bet yer tests are wrong. Fuck.”
“It’s okay to be angry, but I assure you the tests are accurate. Did you not notice any changes in your physique or mood? I find it alarming that you didn’t.”
“Leo commented that I’d put on some weight, but I didn’t think much of it. I'd been eatin’ more, but I figured it was due ta trainin’. Always makes me hungry. Moods? I’ve been hormonal lately and wantin’ ta cry. I don’t cry. Now I know why. It’s because I was gravid,” Raphael said, spitting out the last word. “And ya say it’s gonna happen again.”
“Yes. For the rest of your life, but I’ll be here to help you, my friend.”
“Just peachy,” Raphael said sarcastically. “Lucky me.”

Raphael's T-phone rang. “Yeah?”
“You missed dinner, Raph. Where are you?”
“Leatherhead’s place. Sorry, Leo. I’ll be home in a bit.”
“Good. Are you okay?”
“Fine, Leo. See ya in a bit.”

Raphael disconnected the call and said, “I’m goin’ home, LH. Can ya bury the eggs for me?”
“You should do that, Raphael,” Leatherhead said.
“No. Ya do it. I wanna forget it happened and I’m gonna pray it don’t happen again.”
“You should stay and rest.”
“I gotta go home. Thanks for yer help. I’ll see ya soon.”

Raphael slowly made his way home.


Leo was waiting for Raphael when he returned home.

“Raph, I kept dinner for you,” Leo said.
“I ate at Leatherhead’s,” Raphael lied. “Thanks. I’m gonna go ta bed, Leo. I’m tired.”
“Raph, you'd tell me if there was something wrong with you, right?”
“Sure. Night, Leo, and I’m fine.”

Raphael headed to his bedroom, booted up his Laptop and looked up female turtles. He burst into tears, when he got to the part about red-eared sliders laying between two to thirty-two eggs per clutch and buried himself under the covers.

Why me, Raphael thought? I don’t want this. I don’t wanna be a girl. I don’t want no eggs.


Fourteen-year-old Raphael had laid a few clutches and was used to the shift in his moods and the stabbing pains his gravidness brought him. The most eggs he’d laid in one sitting had been twenty and the lowest two. He went for a walk, as soon as the cramps started, claiming he wanted fresh air. His brothers just thought that maybe he was sick of being cooped up. Raphael had laid the eggs, buried them and then gone home and acted like nothing had happened. The first few times he’d been filled with immense shame and disgust, but then he began to look forward to the feeling of fullness the eggs brought him and the knowledge that he could have kids filled him with elation. He'd always wanted kids if he had to be truthful to himself.

Maybe Leatherhead’s right, he thought. Being a girl’s a blessin'. I can have kids and I’ve realized I do want them, but with Leo. I love Leo. He’s amazin’ and so fuckin’ hot. I dream of havin’ his fat cock slidin’ into me, fillin’ me….”

“Raphael, you’re not paying attention,” Splinter admonished. “And you’re not doing your katas right. You haven’t all day, which is why I told you to do extra training with me.”
“Sorry, Sensei. I got distracted.”
“I can see that. Is something bothering you, my son?”
“I gotta tell ya somethin’, Sensei. Ya may kick me outta the clan, because of it.”
“Raphael, you are my son and nothing you do would make me do that. I love you,” the aged rat said, placing a hand on Raphael's shoulder.
“Sensei, Leatherhead ran tests on me and I’m a girl. I mean, I got male and female parts, but I’m essentially more a girl.”
“I see. How do you feel about that?”
“Took me a long time ta accept. I do now, but I don’t wanna be treated differently from my brothers. I still wanna train, spar and go out on patrol. That ain't all I wanna say. I love Leo, Sensei. I wanna be with him. I know we were raised as brothers, but we ain't biologically related. I wanna be able ta be with him if he likes me too."
“You are not, but I need to meditate on whether I can allow it.”
“And my secret?”
“That is not mine to tell, Raphael. You may tell your brothers when you are ready. You are dismissed.”
Raphael bowed and said,“Thank ya, Sensei.”


Raphael was summoned to the dojo four days later.

“I have thought long and hard about things, Raphael,” Splinter said. “I will keep your secret safe, but I cannot allow you to be with Leonardo. It goes against my beliefs. That is all.”
“But, Sensei…”
“You are dismissed.”
“I HATE YA!” Raphael bellowed, running out of the dojo and colliding with Leo, who was about to go inside.

“Raph?” Leo said, grabbing his arm.
“Let me go!”
“Stop. What’s wrong, Raphie?”
“Let me go!”
“Not until you tell me. Let’s go to my room. We’ll get privacy there. Come on.”
“Ya got…”
“We’ll sort it out, Raphie. Come with me.”

Leo wrapped his arm around Raphael's waist and they went to his bedroom.


Shutting the door, Leo said, “Raphie, tell me what’s wrong?”
“Yer gonna hate me,” Raphael said, shuffling his feet.
“I could never hate you. Tell me what’s wrong.”
“We ain't biologically related, right?”
Raphael flushed and said, “I told Sensei I wanna be with ya and he said no.”
“You what?” Leo said, shocked.
“I like ya, Leo. I always have and he said no. Now yer gonna hate me.”
“No,” Leo said softly. “I like you too, Raph. More than a brother. I always have, but I didn’t know if you felt the same way.”
“And now we can’t be together.”
“Yes, we will. We’ll be together, even if he says no. What do you say to that, Raph?”
“Hell yeah!"

Raphael smashed his mouth onto Leo’s and wrapped his arms around him.

Tongues danced and battled for dominance, as the kiss intensified.

They pulled apart a few minutes later, panting heavily.

Leo said breathlessly, "That was incredible, Raphie.”
“I agree. Encore?”

They kissed again.

Raphael left a while later to feed Spike and thought, I’m finally with Leo. I couldn’t be happier and he don’t know it yet, but we’re gonna have a family of our own someday. I can’t wait.

Chapter Text


Raphael woke up at 5 a.m., feeling extremely horny. Looking over, he saw that his brothers were still sleep. Irritated, he nudged Leo, who grunted and ignored him. Raphael turned his attention to his genius brother and nipped and licked him.

“Ugh,” Don said and groaned. “I took a bath yesterday. Go away!”
“Ain’t gonna,” Raphael husked, nuzzling his face against Don’s. “Want your cock, Donnie. Want it in me now. Please!”
“You’re so pathetic when you whine like that and you call yourself a guy!”
“I am a guy!” Raphael growled. “Got a cock ta prove it. I’m just horny! I ain’t gonna beg again!”
“All right.”

Raphael got onto his fours, his butt in the air and wagged his tail teasingly, making Don feel extremely tight in his shell.

He’s so damn hot, Don thought. And he wants me to fuck him. Me. The geeky brother. I’ll never tell Mikey, but this is a dream come true. Fucking the sexiest turtle in the lair.

Ya comin’ or are ya just gonna look at me, Brainiac?” Raphael demanded.
“Hold your horses. I’m coming!” Don said. “I was just admiring how pretty…uh, sexy you are. You’re the hottest out of us, you know that, Raph?”
“Yeah. I always told ya I was,” Raphael said and smirked.
“And the one with the biggest ego!” Don mumbled.
“Fuck me!”

Don rubbed his own slit until he dropped down with a loud churr, his cock semi-erect and slick with precum. He lined it up with Raphael’s ass and thrust inside of him, making him hiss.

“Am I hurting you, Raphie?”
“Don’t pause. Just do it, Don!”

Don thrust in and out; forming a steady rhythm that soon had both of them seeing stars.

Raphael grunted, as his spot was repeatedly stabbed. Don’s thick cock filled and widened him and his own anus walls clamped down on Don’s cock with each thrust.

Feels so fuckin’ good, Raphael thought.

Ah. “Faster,” Raphael yelled and a churr rolled up his throat. “Fuck me good, Donnie! I ain’t a fuckin’ porcelain doll and I love it rough.”

The other two turtles had woken up and were watching Raphael and Don with hooded eyes.

Mikey was stroking his cock, his eyes glazed over, hoping he’d fuck Raphael next.

It took all of Leo’s self-control not to drop down. He was so turned on. Finally, Leo succumbed, stroking himself, as he watched his mate being fucked and rutted.

Mikey and Leo soon came, spraying themselves and the floor with their essence.

Raphael and Don climaxed a few minutes later.

Don pulled out with a satisfied sigh and said, "Happy now, Raphie?”
“No,” Raphael said and shook his head. “Want more. Who’s next?”

“Can I go, Leo?” Mikey begged. “Please. I want a go.”
“You make it sound like Raph’s a toy to be ridden! A mere thing!”
“I didn’t mean it. I just want a turn. He’s so sexy, dude.
“After me.”
“But I’m always last!” Mikey whined.

Leo approached his mate and was about to thrust inside of him, when they heard a familiar male voice.

“Leonardo, what do you think you’re doing?” the male voice demanded.

A shiver ran down Leo's spine and fear creeped into his heart.

Dad’s back, Leo thought. Shit.

Leo slowly stood and saw Splinter, a stern expression on his face and his arms crossed.

Don and Mikey stood, eyes lowered to the ground.

Raphael stood, his head bowed, eyes shut, clenching his fists and breathing in and out.

Leo recognized it as something Raphael did to try and prevent a panic attack. He often had them.

“So, who’s going to tell me what’s been going on?” Splinter demanded. “Leonardo, why are you undressed and about to penetrate Raphael? Why are all of you undressed? I return from visiting a friend and find my sons like this. Please explain.”

Splinter sniffed the air and a strong smell of pheromones emanating from Raphael hit his nostrils. “Ah,” he said. “I should have known. It’s mating season, is it not?”
“Yes, Sensei,” Leo said, shuffling his feet. “We couldn’t help…”
“That’s no excuse for your behavior. Any of you. I want to talk to Raphael. I will talk to you later. You're confined to your rooms until then."

Leo looked at Raphael and mouthed, “I love you.”
“Love ya too,” Raphael mouthed back.

The three older boys went to their rooms and Splinter took Raphael into the dojo.


“Sit down, daughter,” Splinter demanded. Raphael sat on the mat, trying not to tremble. “It’s mating season. Whose?” Splinter asked.
“They ain't had theirs yet. It’s mine,” Raphael said. “Ya can’t blame the guys, Dad. I was feelin’ needy and I asked them ta be with me. All of them, but I love Leo most and he loves me.”
“Silence! No excuse. They’re not innocents. You’re brothers. Or some of you are and were raised as such. I cannot afford to have this happen again, daughter. And you went behind my back with Leonardo. This can't happen ever again for the sake of my clan's honor."
“What are ya sayin’, Dad?” Raphael asked nervously.
“This is going to happen every mating season and there’ll be babies. You’re not mature enough to have them, given how you throw yourself at all of your brothers. Your brothers. Does that not revolt you? One brother is bad enough, but all three? You're a slut," Splinter said, shaking his head in disgust. "A common and disgusting slut."
“We ain’t biologically related, Sensei.”
“You were raised as brothers!” Splinter snarled, backhanding Raphael across his face. “And this is bringing dishonor on the family. I want you gone. Now.”
“But where will I go, Sensei?” Raphael asked, rubbing his cheek and trying not to cry.
“That is your problem, Raphael. Not mine. I won’t have you tainting your brothers anymore. I’m no longer your sensei. You’re dead to me.”
“What if there are babies?”
“I have not told your brothers what you are and they do not need to know. They would feel horribly betrayed by you and would hate you if they did. You know that. Why destroy their lives? Get out, Raphael. You are dismissed.”

Raphael choked back tears, as he ran to his room.


Raphael grabbed his weapons in his room and packed a duffel bag. Then he left his room and headed to the lair's exit.


Raphael paused, turned downcast eyes around the lair and whispered, “I’ll always love ya, Leo, and I’ll find a way ta be with ya again.”

He hurried out of the lair and ran until he reached his secret place.


Raphael arrived at his secret place, threw himself onto the day bed and cried until he passed out from exhaustion.

Chapter Text

Thirty-nine-year-old Irma looked beside her in bed at 7 a.m. on August 8 and smiled. She couldn’t believe she’d finally nabbed a man, who was everything she ever wanted: tall, dark haired and eyed, muscular and handsome. It didn’t matter that he was a villain and hated by most people. He was hers and she couldn’t be happier.

“What are you staring at, Irma?” Oroku Saki, aka Shredder asked, looking at the brunette.
“You. I can’t believe we’re together. Did I tell you how much I love you?”
“Yes. We have to get dressed or we’ll be late for the doctor.”
“I’m nervous, Saki. What if we can’t have kids?”
Thirty-two–year-old Saki looked at his wife and said, “Then we’ll adopt. Don’t worry. We'll get a child, whatever happens.”
“But adoption takes years, Saki,” Irma said sadly.
“I know, but I have my ways and means. I’ll get us a child no matter what happens. Relax. Things are going to be fine.”
“I want to be a mom so badly,” Irma said and chewed her bottom lip. “I’ll be crushed if I can’t. It’s not fair if I can’t. All my friends have kids.”
Saki kissed her on the lips and said, “Stop stressing, Irma. Let’s see what the doc says, okay? Then we’ll take the next step.”
“Okay, honey. I’m just scared.”
“Me too,” Saki said and kissed her forehead “I’ll go and start breakfast.”

The couple drove to their doctor’s appointment after breakfast.


Irma and Saki arrived at their appointment and were shown into the doctor's room.


“Morning, Mr and Mrs Oroku,” the doctor said, shaking their hands.

“Morning, Doctor Sinclair,” the couple said in unison.
“Please have a seat,” Sinclair said.

The couple sat and Saki squeezed Irma’s hand.

“I have the results,” Sinclair said, lacing his fingers together. “I’m sorry to tell you, but it’s not good news. Mrs Oroku is barren, but please don’t despair. There are other ways of having children, like adoption or surrogacy.”

Irma’s face fell and she blinked back tears. Her husband noticed and squeezed her hand.

“Yes,” Saki said. “We're considering those possibilities. Thank you, Doctor."
“There is also IVF.”
“Yes. I want to take my wife home for now. This a shock,” Saki said, standing and helping Irma to her feet. She said nothing, trying to digest the news and she seemed to be in a trance. “Thank you. I’ll be in touch.”

Saki led his wife out of the building and helped her into the car.


"Irma," Saki said, placing a hand on hers. “We’ll get a baby. I promise, my love.”
“Just take me home, Saki, and don’t touch me. I want to be alone.”
“Whatever you want, my dear, but know I love you and I’m here.”

The couple drove home.


They arrived home a while later.

Irma went to her room, locking the door and throwing herself on the bed in a flood of tears.

Not fair, Irma thought. I know I’d be a good mom and I can’t have any! Everyone else has kids, even unfit parents! And what if Saki leaves me? He said he’d stay with me, but what if he changes his mind? I’m so unworthy. I can’t even give my husband a baby!

The phone rang three hours later.

“Hello?” Irma snapped.
“It’s Raphael. Look, I’m sorry for callin’, but I need help.”
“We have nothing to say to one another, Raphael. You led me on, telling me you liked me and then you hooked up with Leo.”
“I didn’t do that, Irma. Ya and me were only ever friends. Look, I need help. Please. Just for a few days or so. I called April, but she’s outta town. Please.”

The turtle didn’t know about Irma’s wedding. None of her friends and family did, because she and Saki had chosen to keep it a secret for the time being.

“No, Raphael," Irma said.
“Just for a few days, while I figure out what ta do. I got kicked out by Dad and I’m scared. I think I may become gravid.”
“What do you mean?”
“Can I tell ya in person?”

“Irma,” Saki called from outside the bedroom. “I’m sorry, but I have to go away for a while. I’ll call you.”
“Bye,” Irma said.

“Who was that, Irma?” Raphael asked.
“None of your business. I’ll meet you at this payphone,” Irma said and gave an address.

Irma disconnected the call.


Twenty minutes later, Irma and Raphael were sitting at her kitchen table drinking coffee. Well, for her. He had hot chocolate. She’d invited him home, now that Saki had left.

“Nice pad,” Raphael said and sipped his hot chocolate. “Did ya win the lotto?”
“What do you mean about gravid, Raphael?”
"It’s like this,” Raphael said and flushed. “I’ll tell ya, but ya gotta swear not ta tell no one else.”
“Pinky swear. What?”
“I’m a girl.”
“What?” Irma said, nearly dropping her cup in shock.
“Yeah. I got male and female parts, but I’m essentially a girl, Irma. I can have babies. I’ve laid a few clutches. All duds, but if I fall gravid…”
“Why don’t you call it pregnant?”
“Because turtles don’t give birth ta live babies. We lay eggs. Then they hatch, so it’s gravid. There’s a chance I may become gravid and the eggs will be fertile, because I been busy.”
“Oh. But there are no male mutant turtles, other than your brothers.”
“Yeah,” Raphael said and blushed. “I been with them all, but I love Leo most and he loves me. Sensei don't approve of it and banished me.”
“You poor soul, Raphael,” Irma said, thinking, he can stay here until he lays the egg. Then he'll be killed and I’ll raise the baby. “You can stay here for as long as you like.”
“Have you thought about what you’d do if you have a baby?”
“I don’t know. Got no family now and nowhere ta go.”
“Not true, Raphael. You can stay here for as long as you like and I'll help you figure things out if there's a baby."
“Really?” Raphael asked, his face lighting up. “I know we got our differences, so it’s really nice of ya ta help me.”
“No problem. Let me show you to the guest bedroom.”


Irma settled Raphael into his bedroom. Then she placed a call.

"Saki, I have a solution to our problem," Irma said.
“Remember I told you Raphael led me on?”
“Never mind. We’re going to have a baby, Saki.”
“Irma, I hope you didn’t do something foolish.”
“No. Can you come home earlier?”
“I’m still at the airport. I’ll be home in forty minutes and will postpone the trip.”

Forty minutes later, Saki arrived home and was met by Irma.

“Sh,” Irma said. “Don’t speak. Just follow me to our room.”

Saki followed her to their room.


Irma said, “We’re going to have a baby, Saki. It’ll be different, but I know we can love it and be good parents.”
“I don’t understand.”
“I was infatuated with Raphael, the turtle before I met you. He led me on, telling me he liked me. Then he hooked up with Leonardo.”
“They’re gay?” Saki said, his jaw dropping.
“Anyway, I’m still mad at Raphael and what better way of getting revenge than taking his baby away?”
“He’s a male and can’t have babies. And how could you be attracted to a reptile? That’s disgusting, Irma,” Saki said, shaking his head in disgust.
“He has both male and female parts, has been screwing his brothers and could have babies. We could finally have our kid, Saki.”
“Who'd be a turtle and I hate the turtles! They’re everywhere I go and now I’d have to raise one. You’re out of your mind, Irma.”
“Look, IVF isn’t a guarantee and adoption can take years, but we can have Raphael's baby the minute it's born. No paperwork. Nothing.”
“And what about Raphael? You think he’s just going to give you the baby?”
“That’s where you come in. You can dispose of him as soon as he lays the egg.”
“And his brothers won’t come looking for him? They always do.”
“No. He's been banished and no one knows where he is. I really want a baby, Saki, and this will work.”
Saki wrinkled his brow in thought and said, “Where's Raphael?”
“In one of the guest bedrooms.”
“Drug him if he eats. I'll then carry him down to the basement, where we'll make him comfortable with everything he needs. I'll exterminate him when he's laid the eggs."
“So you’re fine with the baby?”
“As long as you’re happy, I am, Irma.”
"Oh, thank you, Saki!” Irma said and kissed him deeply.
“We can just kill the turtle if he doesn't become gravid."
"I agree."

The couple kissed deeply and after a round of lovemaking, Irma snuggled up to her husband and thought, I’m so excited. So what if Raphael dies? He shouldn’t have led me on. I can’t wait. So many things to plan. A nursery, baby clothes and so much more. Life is finally looking up!

Chapter Text

Later that day, August 8, Leo was in his bedroom reflecting on what had happened.

It wasn’t wrong, Leo thought. We were only doing what nature intended. We love Raph and he loves us, so how can it be wrong? Why can’t Sensei understand that? I wonder what he said to Raph. I hope he…

There was a knock on the door.

"Leonardo, it’s supper time," Splinter said.
“I’ll be there now, Sensei.”

Leo opened his door and went into the kitchen.


Leo saw Mikey, Don and Splinter sitting at the table.

Don and Mikey were eating lasagne.

Hi, guys,” Leo said and noticing that Raphael’s chair was empty, added, “Where’s Raph?”
“Your brother left,” Splinter said, as he helped himself to a plate of sashimi. “He was revolted with himself for being so base. He told me that he dishonored our clan, so he had to leave.”

Mikey stopped eating and said, “But why didn’t he say goodbye, Sensei? And it wasn’t only his fault. It was all of ours.”
Splinter shrugged and said, “You know Raphael. He’s not good with feelings and goodbyes. I am sorry, my sons. I know how distressing this must be. I shall miss Raphael too.”

“What did you say to him, Sensei?” Leo asked, narrowing his eyes. It didn’t make sense to him that Raphael would leave, because he’d never had a problem with their union. “The same thing I’m telling you now. I know you are all young men, but it’s morally reprehensible to fornicate with your brothers. It’s sick,” Splinter hissed, his tail angrily twitching and his eyes blazing. “Raphael understood when I told him and he said he should leave. Eat up, Leonardo.”
“I’m not hungry and Sensei, it’s not wrong. We love…”
“Silence!” Splinter said, banging his hand down hard on the table and making his sons jump. “You will refrain from sexual intercourse if you want to be a part of this clan. Do I make myself clear? Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello?”

“Hai, Sensei,” his sons said in unison.

“Are we supposed to forget Raph?” Don asked setting down his fork. “How are we supposed to? And what if he comes back?”
“He will never come back,” Splinter said. “Raphael told me that he never will. It will be tough, but we will make it through this and I am sure Raphael is okay wherever he is. He is very resourceful.”

“I’m not feeling well,” Leo said. “I’ll get something later, Sensei. Bye, guys.”

Leo got up and went to his bedroom.


Leo sat on the bed, took out a photo of Raphael and himself from a drawer, kissed it and said, “Raphie, I bet Sensei banished you and you didn’t leave, because you wanted to.” Tears ran down Leo’s cheeks and he whispered, “I need you, Raphie. We all do. Contact us and tell us you’re okay. We’ll come and meet you and bring you home. Screw Sensei. Raphie…” Leo dialed Raphael’s number and getting voicemail, left a message. “Raphie, tell me where you are. I’ll come and meet you. Love you.”

Leo hung up, lay down, clutched the photo against his plastron and cried until he fell asleep from exhaustion.

A couple of hours passed and there was a knock on his door.

Mikey whispered, "Leo, you awake?”
“Mikey?” Leo said sleepily.
“It’s me, bro. Can I come in?”
“Sure,” Leo said, getting up and opening the door. “Come in.”

Mikey went inside armed with a plate of lasagne and said, “You okay? I brought you food, hoping you were awake.”
“I’m not hungry, Mikey."
“You have to eat. Raph would want you to. Please, bro.”
Leo sat down on the bed and accepted the plate of food. “Thanks, Mikey,” he said and forked a mouthful into his mouth. “This is delicious.”
Mikey sat on a chair and said, “Have you heard from Raph? Do you buy what Sensei said?”
Leo shook his head and said, “No and no. I left a voice message. I miss him. I miss my mate so much.”
“We’ll find him, Leo, but you need to eat and take care of yourself in the meantime. Have to look your best for when we find him,” Mikey said and patted Leo’s shoulder.
Leo took another bite and said, “How’s Don?”
“Distraught, but he’s doing all he can to find out where Raph may have gone. Eat.”
"I can't eat any more," Leo said, fighting back tears and placing his plate on the dresser. "Knowing he's out there all by himself and possibly hurt cuts me up. You'd feel the same way if it were Donnie. I feel like my guts are on fire. What if he's dead? The thought of that..."
“I'd be absolutely devastated,” Mikey said, getting up and locking the door.
“What are you doing, Mikey?” Leo asked in surprise. “Now’s…”
“Taking care of you,” Leo,” Mikey said, approaching him and pushing him down onto the bed. “Let me love you and look after you, like you always do for us.”

Mikey gently kissed Leo on the lips.

I love you, Leo," Mikey whispered. "Donnie’s my mate, but I love you too, you know that.”
“I love you too, Mikey, and I love Don and of course my Raph. It’s not wrong what we do.”
“No, it’s not. It’s natural, Leo. We have no other options. Only normal we’d turn to one another. Relax. Lie back and let me make you happy,” Mikey said, undressing Leo and tossing his gear onto the floor. Then he quickly undressed himself and kissed Leo on the lips.

Leo lay back and spread his legs, allowing Mikey to position himself between them.

Mikey then nipped and licked Leo’s neck and collarbone, drawing a moan from the leader, as he fisted the bedsheets.

“Like that?” Mikey asked. Leo’s response was another groan. Mikey chuckled, as he trailed his fingers down to Leo’s tail. He gently stroked it and placed it in his mouth, sucking hard. “Didn’t know you were into tail play,” Leo said, stifling a churr.
“I am and yours is so cute, Leo. Just like you. I love you.”
“Love you too, but what if Sensei hears us?”
“He won’t. I drugged his tea,” Mikey said, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.
“So you planned this?”
“I drugged Sensei, hoping you’d be awake. I’d have gone to bed if you weren't, but here we are.” Mikey trailed feather light kisses down Leo’s plastron and turned his attention to Leo’s slit, rubbing it. “You’re so sexy, Leo,” Mikey whispered, making Leo blush and duck his head. “No. Look at me, Leo. I want you to look at me, while I make you feel amazing, like you deserve.”

Leo lifted his head and Mikey kissed him on the lips.

Mikey rubbed Leo's slit again.

It wasn’t long before Leo’s forest green and precum slicked cock dropped down, the leader churring in satisfaction, as Mikey sucked it, bobbing his head up and down and deep-throating it.

Mikey sucked for all he was worth.

Leo soon came with a loud growl, his eyes closed, as he shot torrents of hot and sticky cum down his brother’s throat.

Mikey eagerly swallowed it all.

Pulling out with a plop, Mikey looked at his brother and pecked him on the lips.

“Feel better, Leo?” Mikey asked.
Leo opened his eyes and said breathlessly, “That was incredible. Thank you, Mikey. What do you want me to do for you?”
“Nothing, Leo. Knowing I made you happy is enough. I know I’m not as good in the sack as Raph, but…”
“Stop comparing yourself,” Leo said and kissed him on the mouth. “You’re all wonderful in your own ways, Mikey. I love you. I always will, but I do think I should do something for you.”
“Let me clean you up first,” Mikey said with a grin. He licked Leo’s cock clean, taking care not to miss a drop. Then he took Leo’s hands in his, kissed them and said, “You're so gorgeous. Raph thinks he’s the hottest guy in the lair, but you are, Leo, and there’s nothing any of us wouldn’t do for you.”
“You’re pretty handsome too,” Leo said, his cheeks flushed. “Let me love you.”

Leo flipped them, so that he was on top and positioned himself between Mikey’s legs. He stuck a finger into Mikey’s entrance, prepping him and when he thought Mikey was ready he plunged his huge dick inside of him.

Leo paused and said, “Does this hurt, Mikey?”
“I’m fine, Leo,” Mikey said, his cock dropping down in aching need. He shifted his hips and wrapped his legs around Leo's waist, so that he could go in deeper.

Emboldened, Leo thrust in harder and faster, stabbing at Mikey’s sweet spot over and over again, making the sea green turtle churr in ecstasy and dig his nails into Leo’s biceps.

“Fuck me, Leo,” Mikey grunted, as he rode the waves of euphoria. “Make me yours.”

Leo didn't need to be told twice and fucked him harder, as a deep rumble rolled up his throat. Growling possessively, he bit Mikey’s neck, leaving a large mark that he knew Don would see later, but the genius wouldn't mind. They all had an understanding that there was to be no jealousy and all mating would immediately stop if any occurred.

Mikey climaxed with a loud churr a few minutes later, his cock angled upwards, so it painted his plastron and the floor in his white and sticky essence.

Leo came with a low growl soon after and ejected his seed deep into Mikey.

Pulling out, Leo kissed his brother on the lips.

“Feel good, Mikey?” Leo asked, stroking Mikey’s face.
Basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking, Mikey nodded and said, “That was fantastic, Leo. How are you?”
Leo shrugged and said, “More relaxed, Mikey, but I’m worried sick about Raphie.”
“I know, bro, but I promise you we’ll find him and will bring him home to you.”
“I don’t know,” Leo said, blinking back tears. “I get a bad feeling…”
“Stop with that,” Mikey said and kissed Leo on the lips. “Raphie’s going to be okay and home with us where he belongs.”
“What about Sensei? He won’t allow us to be together.”
“Then we’ll have to find new sewers to live in.”
“You’d leave home?” Leo asked in shock.
“Leo, my home's wherever my bros are and if we can’t all be together here, then yes, I’d leave.”
The leader smiled and said, “Thank you again for loving me, Mikey. It’s just what I needed.”
“Me too, bro. Get some sleep. I’m sure Donnie will have some good news about Raph when you wake up."
“I hope so,” Leo said sleepily, lying down and closing his eyes. “Love you, Mikey.”
Mikey snuggled up to him, wrapped his arms around him and said, “I love you too, Leo. Raphie’s going to be with us soon. Don’t stop believing that.”

Mikey’s probably right, Leo thought. If anyone can find Raph Donnie can, so I must remain positive. I’ll try, but I miss him terribly and I wonder if he misses me too.

Chapter Text

Raphael was having supper with Irma in the dining room.

"Thanks again for lettin’ me stay here, Irma," Raphael said.
“That’s all right, Raphael. What’s it like being a hermaphrodite? Do you get your period like women?”
“No. I don’t get a period. I just lay eggs a few times a year, which is durin’ matin’ season. I'm fine resta the year."
“How come your brothers don’t know you’re a girl? Surely you emit pheromones.”
"I go off somewhere, when I get the urge ta lay eggs and say I need I space. It's worked so far and they just think I ate too much. Sometimes I do, ya know, overeat. They chalk it down ta that.” Raphael speared a piece of chicken with his fork and said, “Besides, I got bulk, a deep voice and a cock. I don’t look like a girl. I’m a boy as far as they're concerned and it’s always gonna be that way.”
“Secrets always have a way of coming out, Raphael. How do you think your brothers will feel when they know the truth? Do you think they’ll be accepting of you? I don’t suppose they will. You lied to them, didn’t you? I'd be pretty mad if I were them. You’d probably get the same reaction Splinter gave you, but you'll never be judged here. You’ll have a house and your babies can play in the garden. Think about that. We’ve had our differences, but I care about you and I really want the best for you,” Irma said, placing a hand on his arm. “You’re fifteen and you may be street smart, but you know nothing about raising kids. I have nieces and nephews and I can help you.”
“Ya really don’t think my family will be acceptin’ of me and my babies?” Raphael asked, blinking back unwanted tears. ”Leo loves me and said he always will. He’s my soulmate.”
“No. You lied to them, Raphael. Deceitful about your condition. They’d kick you out and deservedly so. You should be ashamed of yourself for lying.”
Raphael rubbed his hands across his face and said miserably, “I guess yer right. I just hoped that if some time went by and I went home I’d be welcomed with open arms, even when I told them everythin’.”
“Splinter probably has and they’re saying what an asshole you are. I’m sorry, but you have to face the facts. Your family don’t want you and they hate you.”
“I don’t feel so good,” Raphael said, feeling a strange sensation overcome him and pressing a hand to his forehead. “I feel sick. Did ya poison me?” he asked, narrowing his green eyes. “Why would I do that, Raphael? We’re friends,” Irma said crossly.
“I gotta lie down," Raphael said and tried to rise to his feet, only to collapse onto the ground with a dull thud, his eyes sliding closed.

“Yay. It worked,” Irma said, going to Raphael’s side. “Saki, the sleeping potion I put in his food worked!”
Saki exited his office, where he’d been working, looked at the passed out turtle and said, “Great job, Irma. Help me move him to the basement.”

Irma helped her husband carry Raphael to the basement.


Saki placed a collar around Raphael’s neck, stripped him of his gear and mask and strapped him onto a stretcher.

“Saki, I think Raphael should have an operation to turn him into a proper girl with a fully functioning vagina," Irma said. "It’ll be easier if he has a vagina when he lays the eggs. Plus, he'll be a lot weaker if he's a proper girl."
“That’s cruel, Irma. He was always extremely manly and proud of his muscles that he worked so hard to get.”
“I know,” Irma said and grinned. “He’s technically a girl anyway with a uterus and ovaries. All he needs is a penile operation and a vagina. Then he’s good to go. Please, pumpkin. It’ll make the delivery of our babies easier and Raphael easier to handle. He won’t be so aggressive.”
“All right. And I'll still kill Raphael if he doesn’t become gravid. There’s no time like the present to perform the operation.”
“Raphael will be so cute as a girl and he’ll need a new name. I like Amber or maybe Yasemin?”
“Whatever you like, honey. Let me call him.”


Fifteen minutes later, Saki’s elderly bespectacled surgeon friend, William Weasel (pronounced weazel), was peering down at Raphael, who was still out of it.

“What the hell is that, Saki?” Weasel asked.
“The mother of my baby, but it needs a vagina, like I explained on the phone. It’s a hermaphrodite, has a cock, balls, a uterus and ovaries, but it wants to be completely female.”
“It looks like an animal, Saki,” Weasel said, taking a closer look at Raphael. “A turtle. I only operate on humans. Why is it passed out? Why can’t it tell me what it wants?”
“Yes, but now you’re going to operate on it. I’ll pay you triple what you get for your annual salary. Sound good?”
“Saki, does it want this operation?”
“It’s a turtle, William! It doesn’t have rights and opinions. Damn it. Maybe I should ask one of my other friends instead.”
Realizing that he'd lose out on money, the money loving Weasel said, “Let’s not be hasty, Saki. I studied zoology, so I shouldn’t have much trouble with the operation. Do you want its balls removed too?”

Weasel injected Raphael with a general anesthetic and quickly got to work, while Irma and Saki sat on chairs nearby and watched.

Weasel started to cut up to the top of Raphael's right scute. Then he slowly cut downwards and then back to the left scute.

He said when he'd finished, "It’s going okay, Saki."

Weasel examined the huge square in the lower middle of Raphael's plastron and the blood that had gushed out over it and onto the floor. Then he got a scalpel, removed the square and pried the keratin from Raphael's body. Weasel then cut the thin white membrane that was found beneath Raphael's plastron and peered at the organs that were now exposed.

"What do you have, William?” Saki asked, coming over to look.
"Nothing yet.” Weasel dug into Raphael's lower area of his abdominal cavity and beamed when he found what he'd been searching for. “Here they are, Saki. The reproductive organs.”

“Wow. They’re huge,” Irma said, touching them. “I can’t believe he was so well endowed.”

“Impressive for a freak like him and they look healthy,” Saki said. “Amazing, considering the bad diet he probably has. Put them on the tray over there. We’ll keep them and his dick for study.”
“You can’t, Saki. I need the penile and scrotal tissue for the operation,” Weasel said, stitching Raphael up. “Now for the vaginoplasty. Will you be seated or do you want to watch?”

“Watch,” Saki and Irma said in unison.

“Fine, but I need quiet,” Weasel said. “It’s an extremely delicate procedure. I'm going to do the penile inverted skin flap for the vaginoplasty."

Weasel thrust his fingers inside of Raphael’s slit and forcibly extracted his limp purple dick.

“That’s hideous,” Saki said, wrinkling his nose in aversion.
“I can’t believe Raphael had a purple dick,” Irma said, pulling a disgusted face. “I always thought it’d be green.”
“Why did you care about his dick color?” Saki asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Back when I…Well, look at him, Saki. He’s green, so a green dick would have made more sense than a purple one.”
“Perhaps he retained his normal turtle genitalia when he mutated. Turtle dicks are purple and so are the balls. Raphael’s dick is purple to match his purple balls. Makes sense to me.”

“Sh!” Weasel said and frowned. “I need you to be quiet, so I can create a fully senate neovagina from an inverted pedicled island penile skin flap and vascularized urethral flap! I’ve done them on humans before, but never on an animals and truthfully, I’m nervous. Hush.”
“Sorry,” Saki said.
“I’m doing a complete penile disassembly, which ideally enables the use of all penile components (except the corpora cavernosa) in the construction of the new vulva, clitoris and vagina.”

Weasel started with a bilateral orchidectomy, dissecting Raphael’s cock into its anatomical components and removing the corpora cavernosa. Then he got to work on the glans, reducing it and fashioning it to create a conically shaped clitoris with fully preserved neurovascular bundle.

“How’s it going, William?” Irma asked, as Weasel paused to wipe sweat from his brow.
“Fine, Irma. I’ll be done in a few hours, but it’s coming along beautifully.”

“Excellent,” Saki said.

Weasel then got to work on the skin of Raphael’s cock, inverting it as a pedicled flap and preserving blood and nerve supplies to form a fully sensate vagina. Then he spatulated Raphael’s urethra to create the mucosal part of the neovagina that provides additional sensitivity and wetting. Next up was the fixation of Raphael’s vagina to the sacrospinous ligament to achieve deep placement of the neovagina in the perineal cavity and to prevent prolapse.

Weasel then worked on creating the clitoral head, labia minora and labia majora by fashioning the remaining penile and scrotal tissue. Knowing he was almost finished, he did the postoperative vaginal stenting and periodic dilatation, which was vital, because this would ensure that Raphael’s vagina was fully sensate and it would enable Raphael to have regular sex with erogenous sensation.

“I’m done,” Weasel announced, wiping more sweat from his face. “This procedure took me seven hours and I’m pooped. “But here you go. A fully functioning vagina. It'll be a few weeks before she can have sex.” He cleaned Raphael, wrapped bandages around Raphael’s middle and said, “Again, no sex and she needs a lot of rest. Call me if there is any infection."
“That’s fine,” Saki said. “What about post-op care?”
“Give her medicine every few hours for the pain, but she should be fine and walking around in a few days and she should have no issues delivering babies. And no baths or swimming or spas for a few weeks.”
“Fantastic news. What about estrogen?”
“Not needed, because she already was female, so to speak. All we did was get rid of the male parts. Now they’re gone, she’ll lose her muscles, her body will slim down and her voice will become more high pitched and feminine.”

Saki grinned, wrapped his arms around a smiling Irma and said happily, “Babies, here we come, Irma." He kissed his wife on the lips.
“I can’t wait. Thank you, William.”

“Sure," Weasel said.

“Here’s your money,” Saki said, writing out a check and handing it to Weasel, whose eyes almost popped out at of his head at seeing the amount.
“Ten million, Saki? It’s…”
“Yours. Take it. You earned it. Thank you for helping us. One of the babies will be named after you when she delivers them.”
Weasel beamed, pocketed the check and said, “Call me if there are complications. Later, my friends.”

Irma and Saki went upstairs and cracked open a bottle of champagne, feeling certain that Raphael would fall gravid and would give them the babies they so desperately wanted.


Green eyes flickered open around 4 a.m. and Raphael woke, intense pain coursing through his lower plastron. He screamed in sheer agony, but no one came.

What the hell happened, he thought, as another stab of pain hit him? My plastron hurts like hell and…Last thing I remember is feelin’ weird at dinner. I musta been drugged. Irma was the only one here, so she drugged me. But why?

Raphael tried to sit up, but found that he was strapped down.

What does Irma want with me, he thought? What could I possibly give her? I'm a mutant turtle, so I got nothin' ta give. Argh. It hurts so bad, he thought, tears streaming down his cheeks. Then he realized and fear crept into his heart. She kept talkin' 'bout my babies. She wants them if I have any. I'm here, so I can give her the babies. Well, she ain't gonna get them and I'm gonna get outta here. Oh, Leo, Leo, Leo, find me. Leo, find me, Raphael thought, shedding more tears, as the pain intensified.

"Leo," Raphael said. "Irma says ya hate me and even if ya do, please find me. I'll do everythin' I can ta make up for what I've done. Please, Leo. We need ya and I love ya so, so much! Leo!"

Chapter Text

Leo and Mikey went into Don's lab.

Leo said, "Any trace on Raph, Donnie?"
"Yes. I tracked his phone to one of the chambers here in the sewers, but that's where it ends. I was about to call you guys."
"Then we need to go there. Come on."


Sometime later they were in the chamber that Raphael had been in.

Leo sniffed the air, smelling Raphael's musk that had lingered and said, "He was definitely here and there's his phone." He picked it up off of the bed and said, "Why didn't he take it with him, guys? He knows he has to at all times."
"Because he didn't want us to find him," Don said. "Scroll through the texts and outgoing and incoming calls, Leo. It could tell us where he went."
Leo scrolled through the text messages, outgoing and incoming calls and said, "That's odd. He called Irma. I didn't think they were friendly after that stunt she pulled, saying that Raph led her on when he never did."

"They're not," Mikey said. "But he probably called her out of desperation, because April couldn't be reached. Call Irma and find out what Raph wanted."

Leo dialed Irma's phone number. "Hey, Irma. It's Leo. Yes. I know it's three a.m. Sorry to wake you, but have you seen Raph? We're worried about him. He left and hasn't been in contact and you were the last person he called."
"Oh. Yes. He asked if he could crash at my place, but I said it wasn't possible, because I had family from out of town visiting and that was it. Haven't heard from him since. I'm really sorry, Leo."
"I didn't think you guys were friends. It's strange he called you."
"I was surprised he did, but desperate people do odd things. We talked. I said I was sorry I couldn't put him up and I was also sorry for the way I'd reacted when I found out you and he were an item. Raphael forgave me and told me not to worry. He'd be all right. I still feel horrible, but you know how cramped my one bedroomed apartment is. I'm sure he's okay. Raphael can take care of himself."
"He's fifteen and should be with his family," Leo said, his voice rising, panicked at the thought of Raphael fending for himself. "It's dangerous out there and…."

Don placed a hand on Leo's shoulder, took the phone from him and said, "Irma, what else did Raph and you discuss?"
"He mentioned that he'd probably go to Canada, Donnie. British Columbia. He said it was a dream of his and he could maybe build a new life for himself there. Then he ended the call."
"Did he say why he left the lair?"
"No and I didn't ask."
"Okay. Thanks, Irma," Don said despondently. "Call us if you hear from him."
"Will do. I'm sorry, guys. Wish I could have been better help and I hope Raphael contacts you soon."

Don disconnected the call, turned to his brothers, tears in his eyes and said, "He's gone. Raph is gone. It's true. He's left us."
"Do you think Irma's telling the truth?" Mikey asked.
"Yes. Raph always wanted to visit Canada. He's gone, Mikey. Probably for good."
"But, Donnie, we can go to Canada and…"
"It's vast, Mikey, and we have no idea where he is. All we can do is wait and hope he contacts us."

Leo let out a loud anguished wail and dropped to his knees, tears streaming down his face. "Raph!" he screamed. "Come back to me. I need you. Raphie! Don't leave me!"

Don and Mikey shared a look. Then they dropped to their knees and hugged Leo.

"Sh, Leo," Donnie soothed and kissed his forehead. "It's going to be okay."
"It'll never be okay without him, Donnie! I want and need him so much. What if he's dead? How can he survive out there? He's just a kid. I know he's street smart, but that only gets you so far. He has no money. Raph!" More tears ran down Leo's cheeks and his body was wracked with sobs.

"We'll get through this, Leo," Mikey said and nuzzled into his neck. "With each other. I'm here for you and so is Don. Let us love you, Leo. Let us make you feel good and help you. We love you, Leo."

Leo allowed his brothers to help him to his feet and to lead him to the daybed.

"We're going to love you and show you how much you mean to us, Leo," Mikey said. "We know we can never replace Raph, but we'll do our best to ensure you know how much you're loved, needed and wanted."

"That's right, Leo," Don said and dropped feather light kisses on Leo's neck, lips, jawline and snout, making him moan. "I love you. We both love you and always will."

Mikey went behind Leo, wrapped his strong arms around Leo, nibbled his neck and tugged off his weapons and gear.

"Love you too, Donnie," Leo said, stifling a hiccup.

Don kissed Leo on his lips again and said, as he removed his own gear, "Lie on the bed, Leo."

Leo climbed onto the bed and spread his legs wide, looking at his brothers expectantly.

Mikey smiled, stripped off his own gear and said, "Donnie, you're first."

Donnie climbed onto the bed, bent down and peppered Leo's face with soft kisses, making him groan.

"I love you, Leo," Don said, tracing Leo's jawline with a calloused thumb. "You're so beautiful, you know that? Perfect in every way. Making love to you is an honor. Thank you for letting me."
Leo blushed and said, "You're beautiful too, Donnie. You and Mikey. I'm lucky to have you guys."

"We're the lucky ones, Leo," Mikey said, sitting on the edge of the bed. "We're blessed to have you and we'll never leave you."

Donnie trailed his hands down Leo's lower plastron and settled them on Leo's thick tail. He gave it a little tug, making Leo gasp. He was very sensitive in his tail. Not as sensitive as Raphael, who was the most sensitive, but sensitive he was. Donnie grinned and stroked Leo's tail. Then he placed it in his mouth and sucked it, while running his hands down Leo's muscular thighs.

Leo moaned at the sensations, loving it.

This is amazing, Leo thought, closing his eyes in contentment. Absolute heaven.

Donnie continued sucking Leo's tail for a few minutes.

I love his tail, Donnie thought. It's adorable. Just like him. He stopped and rubbed Leo's slit, until the forest green turtle dropped down with a mighty churr, his eyes still closed and fisting the bedsheets.

Donnie grinned, kissed Leo's shaft and stuck a finger into Leo's slit, gently moving it in and out, prepping him.

"Ah," Leo said and groaned, as he was finger fucked. "Love this."
"Me too," Mikey said, his shell feeling extremely tight, as he took in the scene.

Mikey closed his eyes and rubbed his slit, until he dropped down with a loud growl, his semi-erect and precum leaking sea green cock aching for attention.

Mikey stroked it and thought, Leo looks so gorgeous splayed out for us. Can't wait until it's my turn with him.

Don thrust inside of Leo when he was sure he was ready and said, "Going to make you feel great, Leo."
"Ah!" Leo said and moaned at the sudden penetration. "Want you in me, Donnie. Need you so badly."

Donnie slowly increased the tempo until he was moving with a steady rhythm. He thrust in and out, repeatedly stabbing Leo's prostate and causing the leader to see stars.

Pleasure coursed through Leo's body and he thought, Donnie's so gentle and sweet. I love him so much, but I miss the passion that's my Raph.

Mikey rubbed his dick faster and murmured Leo's names, as Donnie's thrusts sped up.

Donnie increased his thrusting even more and a deep rumble rolled up his throat, as he also experienced pleasure.

Leo's so frigging tight, Donnie thought. Love that about him and him lying beneath me. He looks so gorgeous. His cheeks are nicely flushed, he is relaxed and he's a work of art that I never tire seeing.

Mikey came a few minutes later, spraying his plastron, the bedsheets and his brothers, but they didn't care, because they were still lost in the throes of passion.

Donnie came with a loud churr, shooting his seed deep inside of Leo, who came with a low growl soon after, his essence painting his plastron white.

Panting, Donnie pulled out, looked at Leo, who was also breathing hard, his face flushed and said, "Thank you, Leo." He kissed Leo on his lips and added, "Me and Mikey want you to be with us all the time, Leo."

"Yes," Mikey said, tenderly gazing at Leo. "What do you say, Leo?
"I'm grateful to you for this and the occasional romp, but you guys are mates. I'd be imposing."

"No," Donnie said and bent down and softly kissed Leo on his lips. "You're not. We want this, Leo. We want you with us all the time. We won't take no for an answer. You're our mate and we want to shower you with affection all the time. It's what you need and deserve." He cupped Leo's cheek and lovingly looked at him.
"You're really sure?"

"Yes," Mikey said. "Positive."

"Okay then," Leo said and smiled. "Thank you."

"Scoot over, Donnie," Mikey said. "It's my turn."

Donnie moved to the edge of the bed.

Mikey positioned himself between Leo's legs. He stroked Leo's slit, until he dropped down with a churr and placed Leo's cock into his mouth, licking it and making Leo's toes curl at the pleasurable sensation.

I'm so lucky to have them, Leo thought, as Mikey sucked his dick, his head bobbing up and down, watching Leo, who locked eyes with him.

Love shone in their eyes.

Donnie watched them, his eyes glazed over with lust and desire.

Donnie rubbed his slit, dropped down with a loud growl and stroked his cock.

Mikey sucked even faster and it wasn't long before Leo came, shooting his seed down his brother's throat. Mikey drank it hungrily, loving the unique taste of his brother. It was salty, but Mikey thought it also tasted like mint from all the tea that Leo drank.

Don came, a loud rumble rolling up his throat, his essence coating the bedspread and himself.

Leo pulled out.

Mikey quickly Leo clean and planted a kiss on his lips.

"How does my Leo feel now?" Mikey asked.
"Better," Leo said and stifled a yawn."And so sleepy. Thank you, guys. I'd be lost without you."

"So would we without you," Don said, going to Leo's side. He passionately kissed Leo and said, "We love you so much, Leo."
"Cuddle with me."

"Gladly," Mikey said, as Leo moved to the middle of the bed.

Don climbed in on the left side of Leo and Mikey snuggled up to him on the right, both of them wrapping their arms around their big brother, cocooning him with their love.

It wasn't long before they all drifted off to sleep. They missed Raphael terribly. It wasn't the same without their temperamental brother.

But Don had thought, before he'd fallen asleep, Raph's gone and we have to adapt to this new normal. There's nothing else we can do. At least we have one another to help us through this. I know we'd all crack, especially Leo if we didn't. Raph was his universe.

Chapter Text

Early the next morning, August 9, Raphael's door opened and Saki stepped inside the room.

"Good morning," Saki said. "Isn't it a gorgeous day?"
Green eyes flickered open and glared at him. "Fuck ya," Raphael growled, trying to sound manly, but it came out as a feminine growl and he startled at that. "What's wrong with my damn voice, fucker?"
"Now, now. No need to be so rude, mutant. I'm providing you with board and my hospitality after all. You should be grateful, especially as your family cast you out."
"My family? How do ya know 'bout that?" Raphael asked, narrowing his eyes. "And what did ya do ta me?"
Saki patted Raphael's plastron and said, "Making you useful. You didn't have a very purposeful existence as Raphael, but you'll have a more fulfilling one with your transformation, so count yourself blessed with that opportunity. Others would leap at the chance."
"Hardly!" Raphael hissed, understanding. "Why would anyone wanna give a sick fuck like ya a baby?"
"I'd watch my mouth, Raphael," Saki snapped and backhanded him across the face, causing him to wince. "You seem to forget you're under my roof and I'm in charge."
"I'm quakin' in my boots," Raphael said sarcastically, refusing to be cowed.
"You're an insolent shit, Raphael, and so disrespectful. Good thing I only have to put up with you for eight months. Your life will cease to exist when you've laid the eggs. I'll drum respect into you in the meantime. I'll start with your new name, which is more befitting of a female. Raphael is effectively dead."
"So ya've gone and made me a girl with boobs and shit and yer gonna kill me? That ain't gonna happen, ya know, because my bros will find me. They always do and Donnie will change me back into a guy."
"Keep telling yourself that, Ramona. I suppose you need some hope to cling to, but it's pointless, because they're never going to find you or your dismembered body after your death."
"Ramona? That's lame! If yer gonna give me a girl name at least make it a cool one. It's too much like this lizard chick's I met and my name. It sucks."
"Ramona was my girlfriend in high school and she was beautiful and sweet."
"Aw. Yer namin' me after yer crush, because ya got the hots for me, metal face, huh?" Raphael said with a smirk. "That's kinda cute."
"Hardly, beast! I love the name and I loved her. She was my world," Saki said, looking distant.
"Why ain't ya with her? Did she give ya the chop after she found out what a prick ya were? I bet ya were the bad boy at school. Or maybe she dumped ya when she found out ya couldn't get it up! Is that it?"
"I was, but she loved me. We made plans to get married against our parents' wishes after the last day of high school, but she never showed."
"Maybe she ran off with a worthier guy!"
"I also thought that, but her best friend called and told me she'd wanted to buy something special for me as a wedding gift. She crossed the pedestrian crossing on the way to the store and was killed by a drunk driver. Mock me all you like, but that's why I chose Ramona for you. In memory of her. I could never love a thing like you. Suggesting it is insulting."
"Aw. That's so touchin'. Wanna pass me a handkerchief, so I can dab my tears?"
"You're such an asshole."
"Yeah. I can be, but only ta those, who deserve it. Let me go, canhead. Ya don't want me or my babies. Ya hate us turtles."
"Indeed, but my wife wants your baby and she'll get what she wants!"
"Yer wife? Ya tied the knot? Poor girl. Does she know what yer like?"
"Yes and she's fine with it. Ramona, I'm going to untie you and let you see yourself. Don't try to get away. It's useless, because I will overpower you and I won't be pleasant."
"It's Raphael! I ain't gonna accept that shitty name!"
Saki backhanded him across the face again, making him flinch and said, "You will. Listen or I won't be so nice."

The villain removed the bandages.

Raphael gasped at the sight that befell him. His tail was between his legs, but it was much shorter. His hips were more pronounced, his muscle mass had gone and he had boobs and a vagina. It was true.

I'm a girl, Raphael thought. A fuckin' proper girl now! No more cock and hermaphrodite. A proper girl! I wanna go home. I miss Leo. He touched his boobs and almost jumped at the sensation, as he rolled a nipple between his fingers. It felt kind of nice to his immense disgust.

"So, what do you think, Ramona?" Saki asked. "Do you like your new body?"
"Eat shit and die," Raphael said angrily. "Ya had no right ta do this ta me! I wanna be my old self. Don't want this!"

Saki placed his hand onto Raphael's vagina and gently ran his hand over it, rolling his clit between his fingers.

"Stop that," Raphael said furiously, his cheeks reddening at the pleasurable sensation and swatting his hand away. "Don't want that."
"I can tell by your face that you're experiencing sensation there," Saki said. "That's good. It means your vagina's healing nicely, Ramona, and you're capable of a sexual relationship."
"Is that yer way of propositionin' me?" Raphael quipped.
"You? Of course not. You repulse me, but it is healing nicely and it'll be easier for you to lay your eggs. How many do leatherbacks have?"
"I'm a red-eared slider and anywhere between two and thirty-two."
"That's a lot of kids. We only want two or three, so I hope you won't lay that many. I won't keep them."
"I'll lay as many as nature intended and I'll kill ya if ya touch my babies!"
"Wow. Your mommy instincts are already kicking in, Ramona. I'm impressed," Saki said sardonically. "Have you laid eggs before?"
"Duds," Raphael said, stroking his belly. "None of them were fertilized."
"But these will be, given that you've lain with your brothers."
"And your sensei knows and still kicked you out. That's cold. I wouldn't do that to my child. I'd be there for them no matter what. You were only doing what nature intended, Ramona, and it's highly likely you and your brothers are unrelated."
"I told Sensei that, but he wouldn't listen."
Saki changed the subject and said, "You must be hungry. What would Mommy like to eat? Pizza? Isn't that all you creatures eat?"
"No. My favorite food is cereal. Can ya bring painkillers too? I'm still sore."
"Then you should rest. Don't move too much. You don't want the stitches to tear, Ramona."
"Can I call Leo? Please? Just ta tell him I'm okay? I won't say where I am."
"I'm not stupid, Ramona, and no. You'd tell him where you are and they'd come running. My wife wouldn't get her child. You won't call anyone. This is your home until you die."
"Ya could fall in love with me," Raphael said, turning green eyes on him. "What if that happened? Would ya let me go?"
Saki snorted in revulsion and said, "Me in love with a turtle, albeit it an alluring turtle. You have to be joking. I'll bring your breakfast now. Hahah. Me fall in love with you. That's hilarious."

Closing the door behind him, Saki hooted with laughter.

Raphael got up, gazed at himself in the mirror and scowled at his image.

There's only one way outta this, Raphael thought. Ta get changed back and ta get back ta Leo. I don't like it, but I gotta do it. I'm gonna seduce chromehead and get him ta fall in love with me. I'm gonna find a way of escapin' and go home ta Leo and my bros, when tin grin trusts me and gives me more freedom, but will my brothers accept the new me and my deception? And if there are babies, will they accept them or will me and my babies be refused? Raphael patted his stomach and thought, hard ta believe there may actually be babies this time and not duds. I know exactly what I wanna name my first born if it's a boy. After the most amazin' guy anyone could want. I was so lucky ta have him. I hope I see him again. A tear ran down Raphael's cheek and he thought, I'm gonna start my game plan when metalmouth returns. I will get him ta love me!

Chapter Text

Shredder returned with a tray on which were a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee and said, "Here you go, Ramona.
“Thanks,” Raphael said, taking the tray. “I’ve had a change a heart. Maybe Ramona ain’t so bad. Ain't like I can be Raphael no more. I look and sound like a girl, so no one would believe I was born a boy. And like ya said, this is irreversible.”
“That’s right, but it’s an improvement and just look at your boobs. Perfection. You’ll be able to suckle your young. Is that the only reason why your opinion's changed?”
Raphael sipped his coffee and said, “Of course. Ya ain't interested in me, but if I’m gonna look like a chick I wanna know how ta act like one and ta fully embrace it. So, how do girls act?”
“You’ve hung around April a lot, so surely you’d know.”
“She’s tomboyish. I’m talkin’ ‘bout the super girly girls. I wanna know.”
“They wear makeup and pretty clothes, talk sweetly, don’t fight and aren’t aggressive.”
“What else?”
“They watch soaps and those boring rom coms my wife’s always trying to get me to watch. No sport. They like ballet, knitting and they talk for hours on the damn phone. My phone bill is always sky high. Women also gossip. My wife loves doing that and pokes her nose into everything.”
“Okay. What else?”
“Feminine products, like deodorant, perfume, scented soaps and long soaks in the baths. They shave their legs and they love going shopping, especially for handbags and shoes. My wife has a huge collection and I hate going shopping with her. Bores me intensely.”
“So, what’s yer perfect woman?”
“Why do you care, Ramona?”
Raphael shrugged and said, “Just makin’ conversation. I’ll tell ya what my perfect guy is.”
“I don’t really care, but what can it hurt? She’s sweet, affectionate, quiet, good in bed, hates shopping and likes doing some of the things I do. I’m a real man’s man and I love sport, beer, watching Ninjutsu tournaments, chess and running my business empire. I’d also love her to listen to me, instead of always talking about herself. People like that infuriate me.”

Raphael thought, sounds like trouble in paradise and that Shredder ain’t that happy with Irma.

“My perfect guy’s strong, carin’ and likes me for me," Raphael said.
“That’s nice, Ramona. I’m guessing you’re talking about your brothers. Shame you’ll never see them again.”
Raphael’s blood boiled at the comment, but he bit back a retort and said, “I was actually talkin' 'bout Leo. He’s my mate, although I also enjoy bein’ with Donnie and Mikey."
Saki wrinkled his nose in disgust and said, “Polyamory’s revolting and so is incest.”
“Ain’t like we had other options lookin’ the way we do and besides, ain’t no proof us brothers are related.”
“Still, I find it repulsive.”
“Interestin’. So ya don’t like sharin’?”
Saki hesitated and said, “My wife once asked me to have a threesome and I refused. I believe that marriage is sacred and that it's meant to be between two people. No one else. We fought and…Why am I having this conversation with you?”
“I don’t know. Maybe ya find it easy talkin’ ta me. I can be a good listener.”
“Enjoy your food,” Shredder said, changing the subject, displeased he’d revealed such information to his prisoner, who could use it against him and cause strife with Irma.
“Hey. Ya don’t gotta worry ‘bout me tellin’ Irma what ya tell me. What we talk ‘bout stays here, okay? Ya know where ta find me if ya ever need an ear.”
“Ramona,” Saki hissed. “You’re my prisoner and the mommy of my adoptive kids. That’s all you are. Not my confidant. Do you fucking understand?”
"Loud and clear. I was just bein’ nice.”
"I don’t want nice. I want your babies and then you to die!” Saki screamed. “That’s all I want. Stop trying to befriend me. It won’t work and it won’t make me change my plans for you. You'll be dead in eight months' time and I’ll throw your corpse to the animals or maybe in the Hudson. A suitable place for a repellent reptile like you. A freak of nature and certainly not my equal.”
Raphael blinked back tears and sniffing said, “Ya don’t gotta be so mean. I was just tryin’….I sense ya need a friend. That’s all.”
“BS. You’re trying to soften me up, hoping I’ll let you go.”
“I wasn’t. Honest. I felt alone before I hooked up with Leo, especially when I learned ‘bout my condition and I couldn’t tell no one. It was awful, so I know how ya must feel. I wanted ta kill myself.”
“You have no idea how I feel,” Saki seethed, his brown eyes flashing. “We've tried to have a baby without success for years and years. The doctor told Irma she’s barren and can’t have kids. It crushed her. Seeing her so devastated pierced my heart and there’s nothing I can do about it. Nothing. Our marriage has greatly suffered. We’ve fought and cried and I’ve tried to be there for her…I love her, but I sometimes think her desire for a baby is far more than her love for me. And this scheme of hers to have your babies? I wasn’t on board. I hate you accursed turtles, but I'm doing it, because I want her happy. That’s all I care about. Her happiness. I often spend nights away, so I don’t have to hear her sobbing about being childless. What kind of husband does that?”
“A stressed out one. It’s understandable ya’d feel that way. What ‘bout yer feelings?”
“But you, a freak, doesn’t even want babies and you’re going to have. How ironic is that? Not fucking fair. I could leave my wife. I’ve thought about it, but I love her and that’s why I stay. To work on things, hoping things will get better and that we’ll finally have a baby of our own.”
“I wasn’t crazy ‘bout havin’ babies when I first learned ‘bout my condition, but I do want them so much. I wanna hold them, kiss them and be a good daddy, uh, mommy. Ta have a family of my own and babies ta fuss over. Ya ain't thought ‘bout the bigger picture, Saki. I ain’t gonna call ya Shredder no more, seein’ how we’re bondin’. Well, kinda. What are ya gonna do with the babies? Ya can’t take them out in public or send them ta normal schools or go ta parent evenings. What are ya gonna do? And it sounds like yer marriage ain’t in turmoil just because of infertility. Ya got more problems and a baby ain’t gonna fix them.”
“I haven’t thought that far ahead.”
“Well, ya should. My babies are gonna hatch and then what? They’ll need food and protection from the outside world.”
“Stop calling them your babies. They’re mine.”
“Ya can keep tellin’ yerself that, but they’re gonna be in my belly, so they’re mine. And they’re gonna see they’re different from ya and ask questions. What are ya gonna say? That a stork brought them?”
“You’re pissing me off, Ramona,” Saki yelled.
“Why? Because I’m smarter than ya? And are ya really ready ta be a daddy? It’s a huge responsibility. Diapers, feedin’, temper tantrums, focusin' on them, instead of yerself, bedtime stories and stuff. Can ya love them for them or will ya hate them, because ya see me and my bros in them?”
“I don’t know. I only said I wanted babies to please Irma. I was against them when we met, but she persuaded me that I’d be a good dad.”
“Wow. Ya let yer wife henpeck ya, Saki. Ain't such a tough guy, are ya? Ya ain't the dangerous Shredder we love ta hate.”

Saki's face darkened in fury and he smacked Raphael's face, sending the tray and its contents flying.

"Don’t you ever talk to me that way again, reptile,” Saki roared. “I'm your superior and don’t you ever forget it.”
Raphael rubbed his cheek and said, “Ya know what? I wouldn’t treat ya that way if I was yer girl. I’d be good ta ya, love ya and I'd make ya happy. I think ya love yer wife deep down, but ya wanna be free and ya know what? Ya deny ya don’t like me, but I think ya secretly like me, the way ya ogle my body. Don’t ya, Saki? Maybe ya also secretly got crushes on my bros."
“You despicable creature. How dare you suggest that!” Saki bellowed.
“Just know I’m here for ya,” Raphael said and winked. “In more ways than one.”

Saki opened his mouth to say something and changing his mind turned, opened the door, slammed it and locked it behind him.

Hah. I’ve planted the seed, Raphael thought. I can tell he likes me. He stares at me and his marriage with Irma ain't great. He’ll come ta me for comfort sooner or later and I’ll use my charms on him and manipulate him into lettin’ me outta here. Leo, Leo. I miss ya so much. Please don’t give up on findin’ me.

Chapter Text

Raphael lay on the bed, eyes closed and hands clasped behind his head, as tears rained down his cheeks.

I miss Leo, Raphael thought. What would he say if he knew I may become gravid? Would he be happy? Would the others be happy, given the babies could also be theirs? Would they hate me for keepin' my condition a secret and banish me or would they welcome me with open arms? I know Leo adores me, but he might see it as a kinda betrayal and hate my guts. I suppose it is in a way. I was gonna tell them, but now I might never get that chance. Not if Shredder gets his way and murders me. I gotta make the guy love me. It's my only way of possible freedom and of seein' Leo and the others again. I'm gonna pay chrome dome compliments and stuff and be charmin' and drop my sarkiness the next time I see him. I'll just be a sweet and lovin' girl and he can see that I'm a better match than Irma is and he'll flock ta me, like a moth does ta a flame. Yeah. And also screw me. It's just sex and for the greater good, so Leo and the others won't be mad when I tell them. Surely?

The door opened.

Raphael opened his eyes, expecting to see Saki, but he saw Irma. He scowled.

Noticing his expression, Irma said snidely, "Femininity suits you. I love your tits and Saki says your vagina's healing nicely."
"I bet they're perkier than yers," Raphael said evenly. "Given I'm twenty-four-years younger than ya. Yers must be saggin' now. Maybe ya need a lift, huh? And also botox. Guys love perky boobs. Not those that are stretched and old. Did I mention yer face? Look at me. I'm firm in all the right places. I also got curves, but ya? Ya look like a blown up beach ball Whoa. Ya really gotta diet and lay offa the desserts."
"I'd forgotten how rude you were!" Irma snapped. "And I'm not fat or old."
Raphael snorted derisively and said, "Yer pushin' forty, lovey, so yeah, yer old. Well, compared ta me. I can tell ya now that guys don't like old and gray. They like young and hot girls, who keep in shape. When was the last time ya even went for a walk down the block? Last millennium?"
"I might be older, but I'm not old and my husband thinks I'm beautiful. He tells me so. You may be young, but you're a freak and while I can do something about my weight, you can't change the fact that you're a beast and a freak that should never have been born."
"The old freak insult," Raphael said and yawned. "Ya can't even come up with an original one, which is proof that yer brain ain't as sharp as mine neither. That also happens with age. The brain slows down, as well as everythin' else! Yer goin' downhill and ya can't stop it."
"You're an awful, disgusting, insolent creature!" Irma yelled. "How dare you!"
"Gettin' under yer skin, am I? Good, because yer a bitch for imprisonin' me and wantin' my babies and as for yer husband, he only tells ya things ya wanna hear. He don't love ya and would be outta here in a nanosecond if he didn't feel such guilt for bein' a bad husband and unable ta give ya a baby. He only stays outta guilt. He wants a real girl, who can give him a family and make him happy. Ya don't. Think 'bout that. Ya are so focused on yerself, ya never think 'bout him. Did ya even ask if he really wanted a family and how he was copin'? No."
"That's not true!" Irma shrieked. "Yer lyin', you revolting…."
"Is it? Why don't ya talk ta him, huh? And I can tell ya now that yer husband's got his heart set on someone else. And ya can't really love him neither, because yer just focused on yerself. Yer marriage is a sham. Maybe it always was."
"Who are ya tryin' ta convince? Me or yerself? Sounds like the latter, because I get the feelin' he don't, which ain't exactly a surprise. Yer a bitch. I used ta wonder why ya were perpetually single, but then I realized why. Yer a bitch and yer clingy and selfish. That drives men away. It's drivin' Saki…"
"How dare you speak of my marriage and my husband! You know nothing about relationships."
"Yer wrong, Irma. I'm in one and I'm happy and loved. There's respect and trust and he ain't with me outta guilt. He'd do anythin' ta make me happy and I'd do the same thing. It's the same with my other brothers. I know that ya gotta compromise and that it ain't all 'bout one's needs. Everyone's gotta be satisfied or it ain't gonna work. The principle of give and take. Yer just a taker and Saki's had enough. His cock's gonna look for a more pleasin' and less selfish hole than yers sooner or later. Maybe he's already doin' that. I hope he has, because anyone deserves better than yer wrinkly pussy! Ya gotta change."

Irma's face darkened, she stepped close, grabbed a vase and threw it at him, her eyes flashing. The vase just missed him, crashing into the wall near him.

Raphael laughed and said, "I was just warnin' ya. No need ta get so pissed, hon. Friendly advice. No man wants a bitch. Hey. Maybe ya should dye yer hair down there. I can see gray in yer head hair, so I'm guessin' the carpet matches."
"He loves me and would never cheat!" Irma screamed, clenching her fists.
"Yeah. Keep tellin' yerself that. Ya done, 'cause I'm kinda tired? I gotta keep my strength for the babies. The ones I can have and ya can't!"

Irma's eyes filled with tears. She flung open the door and nearly collided with a startled Saki, who grabbed her arm, but she angrily wrenched it off of her and said, "Who are you fucking?"
Saki blinked in confusion and said, "Huh?"
"Who are you fucking behind my back? Is it that blonde bimbo at your office?"
"Irma, you're crazy!"
"Why won't you admit it, you bastard?" Irma roared. "Instead of evading the question. Tell me. Are you fucking Candy?"
"Get a grip, woman!" Saki snapped. "Have you taken your meds today? What the hell is wrong with you?"
"Me? That's right. You always twist it, so I'm at fault, you motherfucker cheating bastard. I'm going to April's for a few days!"

Irma stalked off and ran upstairs to the bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

Raphael had heard the whole conversation and he chuckled inwardly. He'd caused a vicious fight and Irma was leaving, believing Saki had been unfaithful. Now he could put his seduction plans into operation and make Saki see what a real woman was. And Saki would forget about his wife and allow himself to be loved.

Saki groaned in frustration and wondered if the turtle had made his wife question his fidelity. He went into Raphael's room, a stern expression on his face.


"What the hell did you say to my wife, Ramona?" Saki demanded.
"What? Me?" Raphael said innocently. "Nothin'. We just had a chat. She insulted me and I did the same. Nothin' major. Why, what's wrong, handsome? Yer lookin' vexed. Don't frown. Ya will cause wrinkles ta stay permanently and yer too young for that."
"Your vulgar flattery makes me want to hurl," Saki snapped. "Did you tell her that I was cheating on her?"
"What? 'Course not. I was just honest and told her she had ta change a few things 'bout herself. Well, everythin' and ya like beautiful women, who're fit and young. That's all and she went off on a tangent. Ain't my fault she looks like Ursula from the Little Mermaid, ya know? She let herself go and she should know that she should look decent and nice for her man. Ya always look so handsome and make yerself smart and presentable for her. Ya look after yerself and ya work out. I can see it." Raphael stared openly at his chiselled muscles and said, "Yer a hunk."
"You shouldn't have done that, beast! Quit with the insincerity. You don't mean it."
"How do ya know? I think yer very sexy, Saki. The most handsome human man I've ever seen."
Saki ignored the compliments and said, "She thinks I've cheated and she's old and gray. That's it when she gets a bee in her bonnet. She'll probably file for divorce."
"That's bad? Why? Ya will be free and ya can fuck Candy."
"I didn't fuck any Candy and how would you know her name?"
"I mighta heard yer convo, but ya'd be free and ya could find someone, who could make ya happy, Saki," Raphael said huskily, standing up. He stepped close to Saki, placed a hand on his chest and said, "I'm available. What's a girl gonna do trapped down here for eight months? We could have fun, have sex and I can make ya forget all yer pain and heartache. Ya know ya wanna. "
"You really have some nerve, Ramona."
"Yeah. Ya don't really care 'bout yer marriage, otherwise ya wouldn't let her leave. Just think ya can have a whole few days ta yerself, be with a real girl and ya can have me if ya want if Irma files for divorce. We can live together with the babies."
"Hahaha. You make me laugh," Saki said and removed Raphael's hand. "You love your brothers and not me and why would I want you, when I've spent ages trying to eliminate you freaks? Why would I want to fuck and love you?"
"Because I can offer ya things ya dream of, but never get and as for my brothers, they were just sex. I secretly want ya, Saki. I always have, but I didn't think ya would want me. I can be sweet and tender. I can be all ya want and more. We got chemistry too."
"Got that right. I have a business meeting. Do you have enough material down here to keep you busy? Want a TV?"
"No. I want ya. My vagina wants yer thick rod shoved deep into it and ta pound into me, drivin' me crazy, yer jizz fillin' me with your manly seed. That's what I want. Yer makin' me wet thinkin' 'bout it," Raphael said, taking Saki's hand and placing it on his left boob. "Feel that. That's a firm tit. Ready. Just like I'm achin' for ya. Give in. Ya wanna. I'll make ya happy."

Saki's eyes grew wide and despite himself he felt warmth in his groin, his erection stiff in his pants, his cock straining to become free.

Raphael smelled his arousal, noticed the bulge and said, "I can help ya with that, Saki. When was the last time ya had sex?"

Raphael dropped to his knees, yanked down Saki's trousers and his boxers and sucked his cock, inching it in gradually, until he was deep-throating it. He watched Saki close his eyes and moan in ecstasy.

The villain pressed Raphael's head down hard, so that his cock went in deeper.

Progress, Raphael thought, satisfied his plan was working. He's gonna be madly in love with me before long, I'll gain a bit more freedom 'round the place and I'll escape and find Leo and the others. I hope they can accept the new me and the babies. I got no fuckin' idea what I'm gonna do if they can't.

Chapter Text


It was 2 p.m. on the day of Raphael's fifteenth birthday. The hothead had been a loose cannon all day. Griping and finding fault with everything and everyone, despite Mikey's attempts to cheer him up and reminding him that he had a lot to be grateful for: his brothers, Splinter, being alive and that as well as it being his birthday, it was July 4, a day of celebration and much happiness. Raphael had called Mikey an idiot and thrown the bowl of chocolate muffin mix at him, which had narrowly missed him and had landed on the floor, spilling its contents and making him cry. He'd been making them for the party later that evening and now it was ruined, because he didn't have enough for another batch.

The family had also used their limited funds and given Raphael presents: a new sketchpad from Leo, a crime book from Mikey, a jigsaw from Donatello and a handcrafted mug, bearing his name on it from Splinter. Raphael had thanked them, but his family could see that he wasn't happy. Not really, because his smile didn't reach his eyes and his tone was insincere. Mikey had joked that maybe Raphael didn't want to be a middle-aged ninja turtle and that was why he was cranky, but Leo strongly suspected it was because of something else. He just couldn't pinpoint what.

Raphael had also been acting weird the last few weeks, flaring up whenever Don or Mikey were near Leo. As if he had the hots for Leo and was jealous, which was absurd, because all he and Leo did was fight. They couldn't be in the same room for more than two minutes before an argument broke out, so how could Raphael still possibly want him after their breakup?

No way. I have to admit that I do still have feelings for Raph, Leo thought. But there's no way I can tell him that, especially as I know he doesn't want me. No. Has to be another reason why he's so mad.

Mikey crying was the last straw.

Hearing the ruckus, Leo entered the kitchen, arms folded and said, "What happened?"
"He started," Raphael exploded, green eyes stony, arms crossed. "He won't stop goin' on 'bout what a fuckin' amazin' world it is and how grateful I should be that I'm alive. Newsflash. It ain't fuckin' wonderful. People hate us and us we're never gonna find love. All we're ever gonna have is our right hand, unless we turn ta one another."

So that's what this is about Leo thought. He's upset about never having love and is revolted that we'd have to turn to one another. I've thought about it, but it doesn't gross me out. No. I'd happily date Raph again if he wasn't such a livewire! I've always liked him. I know he can be tender when he wants to be and he'd a good mate if he'd just….

"Is that why you've been so crazy all day?" Mikey asked. "You're ashamed that you'd have to consider us?"
"I ain't ashamed," Raphael said, his cheeks reddening. "I love ya all. It's just the love won't happen, because Leo's got this honor code. He wouldn't allow it ta happen, so we're stuck with our right hands. It makes me sad, because I'm lonely, okay? The years pass by and I still don't got no one ta hug and kiss."
"And I thought you were macho," Mikey teased. "You're just as soft as us."
"Fine. I am. I admit it, but it still don't change the fact we're all gonna die virgins. That's depressin'. I appreciate the presents, the party and stuff, but it don't really make me feel better. It ain't what I was hopin' for," Raphael said, looking intently at Leo.

"So, supposing I said it was okay for you to date one of us, who would you pick?" Leo asked, trying not to flinch at the gaze, as his heart pounded.

Raphael strode towards Leo, cupped his face and tenderly kissed him on the lips and Mikey's jaw dropped in amazement.

Leo's eyes flew wide in surprise and then he eagerly returned the kiss, tugging down Raphael's bandana to deepen it, his heart racing and wrapping his arms around Raphael.

Donnie entered the kitchen and his eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw them.

"What the heck!" Donnie said. "You and Leo, Raph? Since when? Mikey, did you know?"

Leo broke the kiss, his arms still around Raphael and said, "It was also news to me. Raph just told me. Is that why you acted so strangely when Donnie and Mikey were around, Raph?"
"Uh huh. Look, I love Mikey and Donnie, but I love ya more than a brother. I have for years and I hate anyone else bein' 'round ya and touchin' ya. I want ya back. I'm happy, now that I see ya still like me back. I ain't gonna be alone no more!"
"I've always liked you, but I didn't think you liked me after our breakup. We fight all the time." "I just do that ta get yer attention. So, what do ya say ta us datin' again?"
"I'm all for it but, Raph, what about Donnie and Mikey?"

"Hey! We're right here!" Donnie exclaimed."You guys dated. I'm stunned."

"They got one another," Raphael said and rolled his eyes at what he thought was a stupid question.

"I don't think that's fair," Mikey chimed in. "Raph got to say who he fancied and just lumped me and Donnie together. What if Donnie doesn't want me and vice versa? What if we actually like one of you guys?"
"And do ya?" Raphael asked.

"Yeah," Donnie piped up. "I like Leo most, but I also love you all in different ways."

"I like Donnie most, but I love you all too," Mikey said. "Leo?"
"I love Raph most and would be happy with just him. What about you, Raph?"

"Leo, but I did have strong feelings for both Mikey and Donnie at one time," Raphael said. "I guess I wouldn't be adverse ta havin' a romp with them now and then, but I wouldn't be so keen on sharin' Leo."
"That's rude!" Mikey said. "Sharing is caring, bro, if we're gonna do this thing. That's my vote. I'd be happy screwing any of you, especially Donnie. I think he's gorgeous and super smart."

Donnie flushed and said, "I'm physically attracted to Leo, but I'd like to get to know you all better. What other options do we have after all?"

Leo hadn't considered polyamory and his relationship with Raphael was minutes old, but he had a feeling they had to do this. It'd cement their family, unify them and no jealousy would occur. Besides, turtles in the wild did and there was no stigma, was there? Everyone would be loved and no one would be left behind, however he had a few conditions. One was that he'd only have a bonding ceremony with Raphael and that Raphael was his main mate. The second condition was that if anyone was aggrieved they should speak up. The third was that he'd immediately end the agreement if jealousy occurred. The forth condition condition was that they had to be honest, communicate, there'd be no deception and they'd have to be discreet. Splinter would be repulsed if he found out and it could lead to banishment.

"Everyone agree?" Leo asked.
Raphael hesitated. He didn't really want to share Leo, but it wasn't fair if he fucked Donnie and Mikey and Leo was forbidden to, so he said, "Okay, but yer my main mate, Leo, and if I wanna end any of yer time with them I will."

"I'm in," Mikey squealed. "I get to tap Raph's ass!"
"No. Ya don't! That's another thing. I'm only gonna bottom for Leo!"

"I'm on board," Donnie said. "What now?"
"Now we make it official," Leo said. "And seal the deal."

Donnie cautiously approached Leo, his heart hammering, as Raphael jealously watched, green eyes flashing.

"Uh, can I?" Donnie asked nervously. "That means you have to step away, Raph."

Raphael reluctantly moved away, his eyes still riveted on Leo and Donnie.

The genius leaned in and captured Leo's lips with his own in a gentle and sweet kiss that caused butterflies in Don's stomach. He'd always liked Leo and now he was kissing him. It felt so surreal!

Leo returned the kiss.

Donnie thought that life couldn't be better than that moment. Well, maybe when he and Leo were alone in the bedroom. Hopefully, Raphael would be busy with Mikey then, wouldn't mind Leo being intimate with him and wouldn't be a voyeur!

The kissing heated up.

Donnie broke the kiss a few minutes later.

Raphael immediately moved back to Leo's side, wrapping his arms around Leo and shooting Donnie a death stare. It was one thing for Donnie to kiss his mate, but that Leo appeared to like it, well that made his blood boil. Maybe he couldn't do the polyamory thing after all!

"That was really nice, Leo," Donnie said and smiled.
"It sure was," Leo said breathlessly. "Thank you, Donnie. You're an exceptional kisser."
Donnie blushed and said, "It was my pleasure."

"Was it better than mine?" Raphael jealously demanded.

Mikey grabbed Raphael before Leo could comment, thrust his tongue inside of his mouth and kissed him brutally and hard on the lips.

Raphael's eyes flew wide in surprise, but he eagerly returned the kiss, which soon grew heated, as tongues battled for dominance, saliva was swapped and the brothers churred, their hands groping one another, Mikey's settling on Raphael's tail.

A stab of jealousy hit Leo, but he told himself to ignore it. Raphael was trying to be mature and not to be jealous and he had to do the same thing.

Mikey tugged Raphael's tail and a deep rumble rose up his throat, making the hothead blush. He hadn't thought he was capable of making such a noise.

"Perhaps we should move this to a bedroom," Donnie suggested, petrified Splinter would see them.
"Great idea," Raphael said.

The brothers headed to Leo's bedroom, which was the cleanest.


Mikey and Raphael resumed their kissing in Leo's bedroom.

An aroused Donnie grabbed hold of Leo and kissed him, his hands petting Leo, running his hands down his plastron and marveling at his lithe and firm body.

Raphael looked up and saw Leo kissing Donnie. Jealously overwhelming him, he broke the kiss and said, "Later, Mikey." He walked up to Leo and Donnie and said, "My turn."
Donnie broke the kiss and said, "No, Raph. I'm not done, besides you seem to be enjoying Mikey. Stop it. You agreed not to be jealous and to share."
"I know, but I wanna kiss Leo. Ya can swap spit with Mikey. I want Leo."
"I SAID NO!" Donnie almost screamed, startling Raphael, who'd never seen him so furious. He was usually calm and even-tempered.

"Donnie," Leo said quickly, sensing Raphael was about to erupt. "Let him, okay? We can kiss later. It's his special day and he...Let's not cause any more tension. No need. We all love one another."
"So you're giving into his temper tantrum, like always, huh?"
"No. It's not like that," Leo said, placing a hand on Raphael's arm to quiet him and feeling him trembling with rage. "Raph will get used to sharing, but it's strange for him as an Alpha, okay? Let him be with me for now. He'll grow used to it and won't act so possessive. Won't you, Raph?"

"No," Raphael growled.
"But you were fine about kissing Mikey," Donnie snapped, his hazel eyes flashing. "And didn't care that he was stroking you! Yet you fly into a rage over me and Leo! Hypocritical, Raph!"

"Donnie…." Leo said.

"Yeah. I love kissin' Mikey, Donnie, but it's weird seein' ya kiss Leo," Raphael said. "I don't like it. I ain't so sure this is a good idea. This sharin' thing."
"Because you're not giving it a chance," Donnie said, placing a hand on Raphael's plastron. "I'm not giving up Leo or a chance to be with him, so you have to accept things or go find a hooker at the fucking docks! Back off now, Raphael. Suck Mikey's face. I'm not done here and Leo wants to kiss me. He likes me. You'll have your turn later! Leo could pull the plug on you guys too if you keep moaning. Then what? You'd be all alone. Is that what you want?"

"Leo," Raphael said furiously. "Ya gonna let him talk ta me that way? Would ya end us?"
"We agreed on no jealousy."
"But endin' us?"
"No! I don't like you kissing Mikey either, but this polyamory thing will strengthen our family, Raph. Give it a chance. You're still my main mate and who I'll have a bonding ceremony with when Sensei dies. Give it a chance. I'm trying."
"I'm sleepin' in yer bed tonight and the first one ya will have sex with is me!"
"I'll try then. I know we've been in disharmony lately and this sharin' could strengthen our bonds and unify us."
"It will, Raph," Leo said and kissed his cheek. "You'll see."

Raphael returned to Mikey, allowing him to touch and pet him, but his thoughts were on Leo and Donnie and if Leo preferred Donnie to him. even as he churred.


They had a party that evening with a birthday cake, candles and snacks. April and Casey came over.

Raphael was enjoying himself. His dream had come true. He had Leo, but he still found it hard whenever Mikey or Donnie were near him. He was an Alpha. Damn it! And he had to share. That wasn't in his nature. How was he going to get used to it?

"You look pensive, Raph," Casey said.
"I'm fine."
"You sure? You look like a thundercloud."
"Ya wouldn't understand."
"Try me."
"It's like this. I'm in love."
"Wow. You. Who's the lucky girl?"
"Ain't no girl. It's a guy," Raphael said, lowering his voice.
"You're gay?" Casey said in shock.
"Hush! Don't want Dad ta hear. Yeah."
"Does the guy like you back?"
"Then what's the deal?"
"Well, it's Leo."
Casey blinked and said, "Leo? What? You're kidding me! You guys fight all the time!"
"It's kind of our foreplay…"
Casey wrinkled his nose in disgust and said, "I don't want to know!"
"Look, I like him and he likes me, but our brothers also like us. We thought we'd share, so that no one feels alone and left out."
Casey's eyes widened in surprise, his nose wrinkled in revulsion and he said, "Did I hear you right?"
"Yeah. Got a problem with it?" Raphael said defensively.
"It's gross, Raph. Dating Leo's one thing, but all of your brothers? Yuck. Not to mention you're brothers."
"We ain't related."
"Okay, so you're not, but sharing is still wrong."
"Accordin' ta the humans. Leo thinks it'll strengthen our family bonds."
"Yeah. I can see plowing your brothers' asses do that," Casey said sarcastically. "It's disgusting and I'm shocked at you. How could you agree to that? Look, I can find you a whore at the docks, who'll give you a night of pleasure now and then. How's that?"
"What is it with everyone wantin' ta find me a whore at the docks?" Raphael raged. "Do they think I'm kinda desperate or somethin'? I ain't!"
"Yes. It sounds like Leo wants to sow his oats and that you'll do anything to keep him! You're pathetic, dude. You need to stand up to Leo and tell him that he has to choose…"
"No. Yer wrong. I wanted ta do that, because I thought it'd be fun, but seein' Leo kissin' Donnie hurt."
"Then pull the damn plug, Raph, and tell Donnie…I can't believe I'm saying this. To back off and that Leo's yours alone. Make Leo see you're more than enough for him."
"I don't know how."
"You do. Tune into your sweeter side and think what would impress you."
"Ya mean poetry?"
"My hell. You like poetry?"
Raphael reddened and said, "I didn't say I did, but I could write that. Leo likes it."
"Wonderful. I'm going home. I need to lie down. The mental image of you and your brothers has killed my appetite for anything for the next few days."
"But I still got what ya don't got," Raphael said smugly. "Love."
"What you have is Leo laying down the law, Raph. You need to set him straight and tell him who the real Alpha is. Capiche? Love isn't sharing and is monogamous. Bye."

Raphael thought, Leo seemed so into Donnie when he told me ta share. I'm gonna talk ta him after the party and ask him who he really likes. Me or Donnie. I'm gonna cry if he picks Donnie, because as nice as Mikey is I couldn't see him bein' my eternal mate. We're too dissimilar.

Chapter Text

Raphael didn't have a chance to approach Leo after the party, because Leo had slipped out of the lair, when, he, Raphael, had gone to the bathroom. The emerald skinned turtle had asked if anyone knew where he'd gone, but everyone was clueless. He helped his remaining brothers clean up. Then he went to his bedroom, undressed and lay on his bed.


Jealousy consumed Raphael, as he wondered if Leo was secretly meeting someone. Karai perhaps. The vixen had expressed interest in Leo, but would he really go behind his back?

His bedroom door opened.

Raphael was stunned when Mikey stepped inside the room.

"Hey, Raph," Mikey said and closed the door.
"Don't ya knock?" Raphael demanded.
"Not tonight, birthday boy. I couldn't help noticing that you looked down this evening. Why?"
"It's nothin'."
"I know how to make you feel better," Mikey said huskily. "Stand up."
"I don't wanna. Go away, Mikey."
"No. I won't let you feel down on your birthday, dude. Stand up now or I'll tell Sensei you snuck into a bar last week. I followed you when you left the lair."

Raphael reluctantly stood and realizing that he was still naked, blushed at his vulnerability. He'd been naked before with Leo when they'd kissed and touched in bed, but not with Mikey.

The prankster raked his eyes over Raphael's muscular body, taking in his toned thighs and legs, his broad shoulders, his hips and piercing green eyes and smiled.

"Stop gawkin' at me, like I'm a piece a meat, Mikey," Raphael said furiously.
"I think you're beautiful, Raphie," Mikey said, stepping closer and cupping Raphael's cheek. The emerald skinned turtle blushed. "You're exquisite. There's no need to be shy. We're not strangers and we love one another. I want you to relax and to let me make you feel good, like you deserve, okay? It's not cheating on Leo, because we all agreed to share."
"I'm not ready for sex," Raphael blurted out and flushed. "And I only wanna bottom for Leo when I am."
"That's fine. There are other ways I can make you feel better," Mikey said, dropping his hand, cupping Raphael's behind, giving it a loving squeeze and making him startle. "You have a lovely butt, Raph. So toned and firm from all your working out and I love your chiselled body. You're like a Greek god. Relax. We're going to have a blast. I love you, Raphie. Do you love me?"
"Very much, but Leo…"
"Look," Mikey said, running his hands down Raphael's plastron and making him shiver. "I know Leo's your main mate, but enough talk about him, Raphie. It's killing the mood and I want this to be all about you and me, okay? I don't want to hear anything about Leo or his likes and dislikes. I just want to make you feel good."

Mikey grabbed Raphael close, wrapped his arms around him and kissed him hard on the lips.

Raphael eagerly returned the kiss, tugging Mikey's mask tails down to deepen the kiss, which intensified, as tongues battled.

Mikey nibbled Raphael's lower lip, tasting it and causing him to moan. He was an exceptional kisser.

A churr escaped Raphael's lips, as hands roamed, groping, touching.

Their plastrons ground against each other's, creating a delicious friction, as they explored, shifting from brothers to lovers.

Mikey churred back, as Raphael undressed him, removing his gear, obi and finally his mask, leaving him just as exposed as Raphael.

Raphael hummed appreciatively into the kiss, his hands groping Mikey's rump and giving it a tender squeeze.

Mikey placed his hands between Raphael's legs and stroked his slit.

Warmth pooled in Raphael's groin and his shell began to feel embarrassingly tight. He had to resist it. Kissing and touching were one thing, but sex? He'd been clear that….

Mikey broke the kiss, as if reading his mind and said, "I can smell your arousal, Raphie. Drop down."
"I said I wasn't ready ta have sex, Mikey."
"We aren't going to. I won't penetrate you with my cock, okay? I promise. I'd never lie to you or force you to do something you don't want to do. Drop down and let me see you."
"It's hideous. Leo says it ain't, but…."
"Drop down now. I know this is new, but you have to trust me. This is new for me too."

Raphael blushed and dropped down with a low growl, his purple ten inch cock slick with precum and semi-erect.

"Hideous?" Mikey said. "On the contrary. You're beautiful, thick and huge. Whoa. I'm impressed." He bent down and kissed it, making Raphael flush. "Such a big boy. I can't wait until it's buried deep inside of me."

Raphael flushed again. He hated that he was blushing like a schoolgirl, but he couldn't help it. Mikey's praises and the new territory made him shy, stripping him of his bravado.

"Since we're playin' show and tell, yer turn, Mikey," Raphael said.
"Happy to oblige," Mikey said, rubbing his own slit and dropping down, revealing a sea green cock to match his body color. "You like it, Raphie?"
"It's cute, like ya," Raphael stammered.

What the fuck, Raphael thought? I called his cock cute. I'm weird, but it kinda is and Mikey really is. I ain't noticed that before.

"You think I'm cute?" Mikey asked.
"Yeah. It's also the freckles that suit ya, ya know. And yer eyes are beautiful. Yer so cute and I sound like a gushin' girl."
"I love it when you show this side, Raphie. Ditch the tough guy when we're together. You don't need to be macho around me all the time. Save that for the missions, okay?"
"Okay. If that's what ya want."
"Want to touch it?"
"Can I?"
"Of course," Mikey said and placed Raphael's hand on his cock. "Feel it. It's yours to love and worship, Raphie. Just like I'll worship yours."
Mikey's cock twitched under Raphael's touch. Raphael gasped in awe and said, "Yer junk ain't as big as mine, but it's a good size."
"Seven inches and it'll be more than happy to fuck you nice and slow when you're ready. We will get to that point. I know we will." He kissed Raphael on the lips and added, "You're so sexy and gorgeous and I'll treat you right, Raphie. I know you hate being called that, but I'm going to in the bedroom. Leo probably does too."
"Yeah," Raphael said, removing his hand. "I don't mind Leo sayin' it, though."
"Then I'll call you sugar plum or something equally sweet. You're sweet and spicy. My perfect combination."

Mikey stepped closer, grinding his plastron against Raphael's and rubbing his cock against the emerald's skinned turtle's, causing them to churr in rapture.

It wasn't long before they came, their sticky and salty essences coating their thighs and legs, as they panted.

"That's called frotting, sugar plum," Mikey said breathlessly.
"That was incredible, Mikey. Wow. Just magic," Raphael said. "Felt so right havin' ya pressed up against me, as we pleasure one another. I love Leo, but that…Yer full a surprises and I'm blown away."
"I knew you'd be," Mikey said smugly. "I told you I'd cheer you up.
"Oh, yeah. I feel so much better. Thank ya," Raphael said placing his cock back into its protective pouch.
"I'm glad, but I'm not done," Mikey said, shoving Raphael backwards onto the bed.

The emerald skinned turtle squawked in surprise.

Mikey placed a few pillows under Raphael's butt, so that his entrance would be easily accessible.

"What are ya gonna do?" Raphael asked anxiously, as Mikey parted his legs.

Mikey didn't answer, crawled between Raphael's legs and licked his puckered hole, making him shiver.

"M…Mikey….Not there," Raphael stammered, blushing profusely.

The prankster ignored him and continued licking and sucking. Then he inserted a finger into Raphael, causing him to hiss at the unexpected penetration.

"Mikey," Raphael said. "I...."
"Angel cakes, stop fretting. I'm not going to hurt you. Relax. It'll be more pleasurable if you do."
"This feels weird, Mikey."
"I know, but you trust me, right?"
"Yeah, but…"
"Then just relax," Mikey said and fucked Raphael with his finger, thrusting in and out, causing the emerald skinned turtle to churr, as Mikey's nail dragged against his prostate. "Holy shit!" Raphael said, bucking and rocking on Mikey's finger.

Mikey inserted another finger.

Raphael continued rocking, his eyes rolled back in his head, as he fisted the sheets. It was like nothing he'd experienced before and it was amazing. Mikey had definitely opened his eyes to new experiences and possibilities. He'd been a fool thinking that Mikey could never satisfy him. He did and maybe they could also have a romantic relationship. Mikey was tender, sweet, soooooo cute and he really did seem to love him, Raphael.

Mikey suddenly removed his fingers.

Raphael whined at the loss of warmth.

"Like that, huh, cherry blossom?" Mikey asked with a smirk.
"Hell yeah!" Raphael said.

Mikey dipped his tongue into Raphael's hole.

The temperamental turtle squirmed. Then he relaxed and enjoyed the new sensation. It was heaven, Mikey's tongue sending ripples of pleasure throughout his body and making his toes curl, as he came.

Mikey stopped a few minutes later, pecked Raphael on the lips and said, "How do you feel?"
"Loved," Raphael said breathlessly, his cheeks flushed, as he came down from his orgasmic high.
"You are," Mikey said, removing the pillows from underneath Raphael's butt. "I know I said I love Donnie most. I do, but I have deep feelings for you too."
"I never ever considered ya as a lover, Mikey, but I realize how dumb I've been after tonight. Yer electrifyin', ya make my heart race, every orifice throb and I also want ya ta be my lover. I'll even do Donnie. Maybe he ain't bad in the sack."
"Donnie's kind and gentle, Raph, and he'll worship you as much as we do. You'll see. We'll be a happy and unified family. Like I said, sharing is caring."
"Yer right," Raphael said and kissed him. "I was a fool thinkin' otherwise. This could totally work out. I'm a lucky boy."
"You make me feel butterflies too and I promise I'll always love and cherish you."
"Yeah. Me too," Raphael said and nuzzled his beak against Mikey's. "Ya can call me those endearments. I won't mind, as long as it ain't in battle!"
"Of course not. You have to maintain your macho rep," Mikey teased and kissed Raphael deeply.

There was a knock on the door.

Raphael broke the kiss and muttered, "Who the hell could that be?"
"Your next surprise," Mikey said. "Come in."

The door opened.

Donnie entered the room, making Raphael's jaw drop in amazement.

"Him?" Raphael stammered.
"Yes," Mikey said. He kissed Raphael's beak and said, "You guys need to make up. Have fun doing so. Makeup kisses are the best. See you later, snookums. Please be nice to Donnie. He really does love you too and just wants us all to get along. I do too, so kiss and touch, lick, whatever. Just make up and realize love's better than war. Bye."

Mikey left the room.

Raphael frowned and said, "What do ya want, Donnie?"

Donnie stepped closer, grabbed Raphael's arm, yanked him to his feet, thrust his tongue inside of a stunned Raphael's mouth and French kissed him, while firmly wrapping his arms around Raphael's waist.

Chapter Text

Raphael recovered from his shock and said, “What the heck, Donnie! I thought ya were pissed at me.”
“I am, because you don’t want to share. We’re brothers and we share everything. We always have.”
“Yeah, but mates is a different story.”
“Why does it have to be? We can share if you quit being such a bonehead about it. Leo will still be yours, you know.”
“But not solely mine.”
“Right, but you can still get attention from me when Leo's occupied. I’m more than capable of satisfying your urges if you’d try. Leo’s this close to completely ending things,” Donnie lied. “For you and him too. He needs to know we’re all happy, otherwise it’ll go back to just fraternal affection. You don’t want that, do you, Raphie?” Donnie said seductively, pressing his plastron against Raphael’s and sending a delicious tingle down the emerald skinned turtle’s spine.
“No. So, what do I gotta do?”
“Forget your dumb Alpha pride and allow Leo to be loved and shared, like we will all be. Give in to your instincts and mate with all of us. You’re a sexy beast, Raph, and you shouldn’t be confined to one mate. You should rut and mate with us all. It’s what nature intended. Turtles aren’t monogamous. I know you’ll argue that we aren’t fully turtles and have human DNA too, but we’re more in touch with our turtle side, especially when mating season occurs. Have you noticed that's when our primal instincts surface? Now we’ve all been super good boys and haven’t mated, but it’s time. We're ready to take the next step this mating season and to fuck and to screw to our hearts’ content without any shame. So all you have to do is tell your ego to fuck off and give the foursome thing a chance. You won’t be sorry. You’ll get tender and affectionate lovemaking with Mikey and me and you’ll get passion with Leo. I can also be a bit rough if you like. I’ve uh, read a lot about rough sex and the kinks you might enjoy.”
“Donnie, ya read ‘bout BDSM?” Raphael said in amazement.
“Yes. I can rig up a kind of dungeon or toy ring in our weapons room. Only us brothers go in there and I can order just about any sex toy online. Sex toys that’ll blow your mind. I can buy costumes for roleplaying. You're a lucky boy with three wiling partners. All your fantasies will come true.”
“Leo's my fantasy come true, although I did have fun with Mikey. We just fooled 'round, but it was kinda nice and…”
“I can give you intense pleasure, Raph,” Don said and placed a hand on Raphael’s plastron. “Give me a chance. I have to fetch something I know will blow your mind.”

Don kissed Raphael’s lips and left the stunned turtle shaking his head in bewilderment and wondering what the genius was cooking up.

Donnie returned with a large yellow box a few minutes later.

“What’s in that?” Raphael asked.
“A few things that’ll guarantee you’ll enjoy our playtime,” Don said mysteriously. “Sit on the bed and close your eyes. I promise I won’t hurt you and it’ll be fun. You do trust me, right?”
“Yeah, but…”
“Sit, Raph,” Don said and placed the box onto the bed.

Raphael sat on the bed, shut his eyes and tried to relax.

Seconds later, Raphael felt his wrists and ankles bound with what he guessed were shackles and he was lifted and placed plastron down onto Donnie’s lap. Raphael’s eyes flew wide and he struggled futilely, Don keeping a firm grip on him.

“Stop it, Raphael,” Don said sternly and spanked Raphael's butt hard hard.
Raphael squawked in surprise, shocked at the unmanly sound escaping his lips. He stammered, “Donnie, ya never said nothin' ‘bout tyin' me up!”
“BDSM is about that, Raphael.”
“I figured tyin’ ya up. Not me!”
“Wrong. You may be the Alpha in battle, but it’s a different story in the bedroom. I’m your Master and you’re my little puppy or whatever I wish to call you. Do you understand?” Donnie said and pinched Raphael’s tail with his other hand.
Raphael mewled and said, “Donnie, let me go!”
“No. You really don't want that. I can tell you’re turned on by the pheromones you’re releasing and your cock's aching for my attention.”

It was true. Raphael’s cock had dropped down, as if it had a mind of its own. It was pressed against Donnie's leg, precum dripping from it. Raphael couldn’t deny it. He was indeed oddly turned on.

Why do I like the spankin', Raphael thought?

His thoughts were interrupted when he felt another thwack to his butt, but not with Donnie’s hand. It was harder and felt like the object had bristles. A hairbrush maybe?

Raphael whined, as Donnie continued smacking him with the brush.

“You’ve been a very bad boy, haven’t you, Raphie?” Donnie said. “Very naughty. Tell your Master the truth. It was you, who ate the last piece of cake and not Mikey, right?" "Yeah," Raphael said and moaned.
“I thought so and you planted that fake spider in my bed, right?”
“Yeah, what?”
“Master!” Donnie snapped, smacking Raphael hard.
“Master,” Raphael said and groaned, tears filling his eyes, as his butt throbbed and his cock stiffened.
Donnie grinned and said, “Your cock loves this and so do you, Raphie. I can feel it hardening even more. “You need this, Raphie. You need to be tamed and subdued. You’re far too arrogant for your own good. Admit it!”
“No!” Raphael said defiantly. “This is abuse and I want ya ta stop!”
“Always so stubborn,” Donnie said furiously and spanked Raphael hard six times on each butt cheek.

The emerald skinned turtle howled in agony, as his cock stiffened more and unable to stop himself he churred, confirming his enjoyment even more. His cheeks flamed in abject mortification and he couldn’t prevent a deep rumble rising in his chest when Donnie hit him again.

Donnie chuckled and said, “It’s not abuse if you love it, Raphie. Lie still and let Master have his way. I have to drum all the naughtiness out of you. I only want a docile and willing boy!”
“I don’t think you want me to!” Donnie said and proceeded to hit Raphael for the next twenty minutes, while the emerald skinned turtle screamed, moaned and came, spraying his essence against his own plastron and against Donnie’s leg, making him smile. His hotheaded brother was getting a well-deserved and overdue spanking. He doubted he’d ever have much trouble with Raphael again.
"Donnie!" Raphael said and groaned. “It’s kinda nice. Why? Don’t stop. Please. Love it. More!”
“Because you’re a kinky bastard, Raphie. I knew you would be. Lie still. I’m not done!”

Raphael came three times. His cheeks were stained with tears when Donnie had finished and his butt was covered with welts. He wouldn’t be able to sit down for days, he knew, but it'd felt so good, his dick had loved it and he’d climaxed. He was drained and shattered from the events, but my hell, he’d do it again. He loved being Donnie’s pet.

Donnie patted Raphael’s head, still keeping hold of him and said, “You’ll have puppy training. That was the first step and you passed, Raphie. Now I want you to get on all fours and bark like a doggie, okay? Now or I’ll spank you again. Now!”

Donnie unshackled Raphael, who climbed down onto the ground, got on all fours and barked like a dog, his cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

The genius smiled and said, “Good boy, Raphie. Release your tail and wag it for your Master.” Raphael obeyed and Donnie beamed. “Such an obedient boy. I have something else for you. Close your eyes."

Raphael felt himself being lifted and placed into something and heard a zipper being done up. Whatever it was felt good against his skin, was skin tight and rubbed against his dropped down dick that felt snug and encased and which poked through whatever prison it was in.

Raphael guessed he was in a kind of suit. He looked down and saw there were paws where his hands usually were, so he was in a puppy suit?

“Look in the mirror, Raphie,” Donnie said. “Look at your new and improved self.”

Raphael did and blinked in astonishment, when he saw that he was in a black latex puppy suit with upright ears on his head. It covered his entire body, apart from a gap for his butt and he even had a puppy snout.

“I’m a puppy?” Raphael mumbled. “Yer so kinky, D…Master.”

Donnie didn’t answer. He reached inside the box, took out a pair of scissors and cut a hole, so that Raphael’s frustrated dick was released. It dropped down into Donnie’s waiting hands. The genius gave it a playful tug, making Raphael gasp. Then Donnie turned his attention back to the box.

“Close your eyes, Raphie,” Donnie ordered. Raphael obeyed, but he couldn’t help opening them wide, when he felt something shoved deep into his ass.
“What the….?” Raphael began.
“Shut up,” Donnie said, grabbing his phone out of his obi. “It’s your puppy tail. You’ll wear it whenever we fuck and whenever I say so.” Donnie snapped photos and said, “I’m going to save them to my computer and keep them as my screensaver!”
“Ya fucker!” Raphael growled, immensely humiliated. “Ya tell anyone ‘bout this and I’m gonna…”
“Going to what, Raphie? Say that you hated it? You didn’t. You churred, whined, begged for more and you came three times. All proof that you've thoroughly loved our playtime. You love being dominated, Raphie, and told what to do. Your Alpha thing's a façade. You’re a sub deep down and you know it!”
“Yer wrong…”
“I’m not,” Donnie said, reaching between Raphael’s legs and stroking his cute little tail. Raphael wanted to growl, but he found himself purring to Don’s delight and satisfaction. “See. You love this. My touch and my bossing you around. You want to be my bitch. You know you aren’t fooling me, Raphie, so quit the games and be honest with yourself. You’re a sub and not an Alpha! Say it! Tell your Master and owner that you love being an obedient little boy and that you’re done pretending you’re an Alpha.”

Donnie’s hands wandered to Raphael’s cock and yanked it, turning him on and he moaned in pleasure.

The emerald skinned turtle didn’t know why, but he’d loved it all. Donnie’s commanding tone, the suit, being spanked, told what to do, the humiliation and he couldn’t wait to have more fun with the genius.

Raphael churred again and said, “I love it all. And I can’t wait ta play more games with ya. I wanna be yer bitch. I want ya ta fuck me when we get ta that point and I’m willin’ ta share Leo if this means I get ya as well. Yer so much fun, ya’ve awakened the kinky side in me and I’m blown away by ya, Donnie.”
Don unzipped the suit, helped Raphael out of it, removed his puppy tail and said, “There'll be times we’ll also be together normally. Like I said, I can be gentle if you want as well. So you’re on board with the foursome thing?”
“Hell yeah!” Raphael said and smashed his lips against Don’s in a spine-tingling kiss, his hands roaming down Donnie’s body and moving to his slit. He frantically stroked it and Donnie soon dropped down with a soft growl, as he moved his own hands down Raphael’s body to his slit. He rubbed Raphael’s slit and the hothead dropped down with a loud rumble and pressed his cock against Donnie’s, creating a terrific friction that soon had them churring off the charts.

A few minutes later, just as a knock sounded on the door, they came, spraying each other with their jizz, as they still kissed.

Raphael pulled away from Donnie and said breathlessly, “Who is it?”
“It’s Leo, Raph. Can you come to my room? I need to talk to you.”
“Yeah. I’ll be there in a few minutes. I, uh, just need a quick shower. I was workin’ out,” Raphael lied.

Raphael turned to Donnie and said, “Thanks, Don. Ya know yer kinda handsome in yer own way. I never really noticed before.”
Don blushed and said, “Thanks, Raph. So I’ll see you tomorrow night?”
“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Raphael said and tenderly kissed Donnie on his lips.

Raphael strode to the shower down the hall, wondering what Leo wanted to discuss.

Chapter Text

Raphael took a long shower, washing off his and Donnie's jizz. Then he headed to Leo's room, only to discover the leader wasn’t there.

Raphael frowned and thought, what the hell is Fearless up ta?

“Raphael,” Leo said from behind him.
The emerald skinned turtle nearly jumped out of his shell and scowled. “What the shell, Leo? Did ya gotta sneak up on me?”
Anger suddenly flashed on Leo’s usually impassive face, as he sniffed the air. “You smell different.”

Leo shoved Raphael inside the room, locked the door and glowered at him.

"You cheated, didn’t you?" Leo said accusatorily, "You smell of Donnie and Mikey! How could you, Raph?”
“How can it be cheatin’ when we all agreed ta be be shared and ta share?” Raphael said and rolled his eyes. “Ya didn’t exactly have a problem with it when ya sucked face with Donnie. What changed?”
“Actually, I should be asking you that. You seemed opposed to it. What changed YOUR mind?”
“I had fun with the others and it opened my eyes. I was a moron for bein’ so rigid. Bein' in a foursome will strengthen our family bonds and just think when yer bored of me ya can have Mikey or Donnie, while I’m also entertained. There are no downsides. It’s what ya also want. I saw it in yer eyes. I ain't enough, so I’ll…”
“I’d never be bored of you, Raph. You’re more than…”
“BS. Ya kissed Donnie and ya liked it. Ya probably had a desire ta screw him all these years. Maybe it’s him ya really want and I was just a distraction until he came along.”
"That’s not true, Raph. I’d never do that to you. I love Donnie, but my love for him isn’t as deep as it is for you,” Leo said, approaching Raphael and placing his hand on his shoulders.
“And Mikey?”
“Same. I know you showered and tried to get their spunk off of you, but I can still smell it,” Leo hissed, as jealousy bubbled in his belly. Raphael burst out laughing.“What’s so damn funny, Raphael?”
"Ya! I was fuckin’ pissed when ya were kissin’ Donnie and now I’ve had fun with Mikey and Donnie, ya wanna pull the jealousy stunt. Get fucked, Leo, ya hypocritical bastard! It’s the new normal. Ya gotta live with it, like I had ta accept it, but it’s…”

Rage overwhelmed Leo. He shoved his brother onto the bed, climbed onto him and nipped at his collarbone, claiming him and marking him.

Raphael was stunned. He knew that Leo could be aggressive in battle, but he’d never seen him act this way. It was kind of unsettling, as well as a turn on?

What the fuck, Raphael thought, as his shell began to feel extremely tight? Leo’s tryin' ta overpower me and I want it? Why? Why do I wanna be an obedient sub when I’m the fuckin’ Alpha? But it feels good and so does his body pressed against mine. I want him. I wanna feel him inside a me. I want his babies someday.

“You’re mine, Raphael,” Leo growled between biting and sucking, leaving angry welts on Raphael’s neck and everywhere he could.
"Get off, Leo!” Raphael said, trying to ignore his increasingly tight shell and to maintain some kind of pride.
“I can smell your arousal, so I know you want this as much as I do. Why don’t you just relax?” Leo said and nipped Raphael’s neck again, causing him to mewl and his cock to drop down, semi-erect and oozing precum. It pressed up against Leo’s legs and he grinned. “You just proved my point. I know you want this.”
“This is molestation,” Raphael protested. “Look, Leo, I ain’t ready ta go the whole way and what the hell’s come over ya? Yer actin’ like a possessive lover, which ain't what the agreement was ‘bout!”

Leo ignored him, reached between his own legs, stroked his cock, dropped down and smeared his jizz onto Raphael’s face. He knew he was acting animalistic, but his brother had to know that he was his and his alone. Screw the arrangement.

“That’s gross, Leo!” Raphael said in disgust and wrinkled his beak. “Yer actin’ like an animal markin’ its territory!”
“I am and I don’t care, Raphael. You’re mine,” Leo said, wiping his semen all over Raphael’s face and his body. “You smell of me now and the others will get the hint. You’re mine. They’d better back off, because as much as I love them I’ll hurt them if they take you away from me. You belong to me, so get that through your skull! Do you understand? You’d better not fuck them either. I’m a jealous guy and I’ll be furious.”
“Seein’ ya riled up is kinda cute, Fearless,” Raphael teased, his eyes twinkling.
“Don’t fucking mock me, Raphael!” Leo snapped. “Do I make myself clear?”
“I get the hint, Leo, but it didn’t have ta come ta this. Ya knew I was upset yesterday and ya didn’t care.”
“I tried….I thought I could share you, but I was wrong and if I can’t share you I can’t be with anyone else. I don’t know how I’ll feel in the future, but all I want right now is you. You’re more than enough for me, Raphie. I could never love anyone as much as I love you, but tell me if you can accept only being with me."
“Look, Leo, I loved bein’ with Mikey and Don. It was fun, but I don’t want it if it means losin’ ya. Yer enough for me. I love ya so much and I always will.”

Leo brushed his lips against Raphael’s in a passionate kiss that caused butterflies in his chest. Then he released his brother, who threw his arms around Leo’s neck, pulling him down to deepen the kiss. They kissed deeply until the need for air was great.

“I love you so much, Raphie,” Leo whispered, tracing Raphael’s jaw with his finger. “I’m sorry for being such a brute.”
“I kinda liked it actually. I’ve learned a lot ‘bout myself tonight. I like tender caresses, but I also like it rough and bein’ told what ta do. Ya know, bein’ an obedient sub.”
"What's a sub?"
Raphael explained and said, “Would ya be open ta tryin’ BDSM, Leo? I’ll let ya spank me and do whatever ya want.”
“I don’t know. Some of the things you mentioned sound painful.”
“That’s half the fun.”
“Sex isn’t about inflicting pain.”
“Let’s make a deal. I’ll do meditation with ya and whatever ya want if ya try it. Come on, Leo. Please,” Raphael said, turning puppy dog eyes on him.

Leo’s resolve crumbed, as he stared at Raphael's green eyes. He’d never been able to resist Raphael.

“Okay, but we'll stop if it becomes too harrowing," Leo said.
“Deal,” Raphael said and kissed him. “Yer gonna love it, Leo!”
“I need to do something. Donnie, Mikey, come in here.”

Donnie and Mikey entered Leo’s bedroom and stared at Leo and Raphael in bed together.

"What's up, Leo?" Donnie asked. “I was working on my invention. What’s so important?”

“Dude, you woke me up,” Mikey complained, rubbing his sleepy eyes.

Leo sat up, stroked his dick, moaned and smeared more jizz onto Raphael’s face.

The emerald skinned turtle blushed, but he didn’t stop his mate, knowing it was something Leo wanted to do and that Leo would be irate if he protested.

“See that?” Leo said in a menacing tone.
“What?” Donnie said, acting innocent.
“Don’t play stupid. You know exactly what I’m doing, Donatello. Listen up,” Leo growled. “I’m only going to say it once. The agreement’s over. Raphael’s mine and if you touch him in any way my katana will be up your asses before you know it. I’ve claimed him and marked him. He smells of me and that’s all he’ll ever smell of. I was a fool believing I could share him. I can’t and I won’t. Now go to bed.”
“Leo, you promised,” Donnie whined. He didn’t usually oppose his brother, but he’d loved his time with both Leo and Raphael and he didn’t want it to end. “Leo…”
Leo leapt out of bed, shoved Donnie up against the wall, his teeth mere inches from Donnie’s carotid artery and snarled, "I’m warning you. He’s mine. Back off or I'll kill you, Donnie. Brother or no brother. This is your final warning.”

Raphael watched, but chose to do nothing. Leo was usually placid, but he could be deadly if pushed. Something dreadful would happen if Donnie didn't back down and it'd be his fault. Not Leo's. Leo was only doing what was natural, which was being territorial of his mate.

Raphael would have done the same thing. He'd wanted to the previous evening, but Mikey had talked him down.

Don’s eyes widened in panic and he stammered, “Y-yes, Leo! I’ll leave Raphael alone. I promise. He’s all yours.”
Not releasing Don, Leo turned his eyes onto Mikey and said coldly, “Michelangelo?”

Mikey’s jaw had dropped. He’d never seen Leo act so crazy before.

“I’m talking to you, Michelangelo!” Leo snapped.
“Yes, Leo. I’ll leave Raph alone. I swear!”

Satisfied, Leo released Don and said icily, “Get the hell out of our bedroom. Training's at seven tomorrow.”

Don and Mikey fled the room.

Leo crawled into bed and said, “They had to know their place.”
“I love when yer so bossy,” Raphael said. “Ya really told them, Fearless.”
“I should have done that earlier,” Leo said, lacing his fingers between Raphael’s. “And you don’t. You often complain I’m petty and stuck-up.”
“Ya can be, Leo, but everyone can be. Yer also sweet, passionate, lovin’, carin’ and loyal and the best thing of all is that yer mine.”
“I always will be,” Leo said and nuzzled his beak against Raphael’s. “And I vow to protect and love you all my life.”
“Ditto. Hey, Leo, do ya think ya’d want kids?”
“It’s a moot point, because we’re males, Raphie.”
“Yeah. I know, but what if we found a baby or somethin’? What would ya think?”
“Stressful nights and no sex,” Leo quipped.
“Be serious, Leo.”
“Shoot. I don’t know. It might be nice, but one thing I do know for sure is…”
"I'm going to ensure you're satisfied when we finally make love. Why are you talking about babies? Do you want them?”
“Well, I’m sorry to break your heart, Raph, but no babies are going to drop out of the sky and we’re males, so forget the idea. I’m not sure I’d be a good dad, even if we had them. I’m not sure I want them anyway. I’m only a teenager, so…All I know is that I love you and I'll always want you.”
"Yeah,” Raphael said, not ready to tell him he could have babies. He’d wait until the right moment presented itself, like maybe when he was gravid. Then Leo would be ecstatic, right?”

They kissed deeply again.

Leo broke the kiss and said, “Get dressed.”
"I planned something special, but it's not here. Hurry.”

Raphael peppered Leo with questions, as they dressed, but he didn’t answer them.

Dressed a while later, they left the lair and then made their way through the sewer tunnels.

What's Fearless up ta, Raphael wondered?

Chapter Text

Raphael was flabbergasted when Leo paused outside a building.

"Follow me, Raph," Leo said, as he unlocked the door.
“We can’t go in there, Leo. Are ya nuts? Humans live in there and…”
“It’s Fourth of July vacation. All the restaurants and businesses in this building are closed until the sixth. I have it on good authority from April.”
"She knows this how?"
“Just trust me and come with me.”

Raphael sighed and followed his brother inside.

Leo locked the door, ushered his brother into an elevator and pushed the button for the fortieth floor.

“What’s goin’ on?” Raphael demanded.
“And ruin the surprise?” Leo said, a twinkle in his eyes. “I think not.”
“Yer incorrigible. What if someone–a human-finds us?”
“A human will see us, but it’s only April, so relax. Do you really think I’d bring you here if our lives were in any danger?”
“No, but…”
“It’s your birthday, Raphie, and you need to relax.”
“My birthday’s over, Fearless. It’s after midnight.”
“Birthday week then,” Leo said with a smile and laced his fingers with Raphael’s. “I have something special planned and I want you to enjoy yourself.”
“How can I when I don’t know what it is?” Raphael said and pouted, his lower lip sticking out.
Leo grinned and said, “You’re so cute when you pout. Have patience. You’ll know soon enough, my takara.”
“Yer incorrigible, Leo," Raphael said and scowled.
“Aw, Raphie. Don’t be like that. You’ll know soon and the wait will be worth it. At least I hope so. I didn’t have lots of time, but April was gracious, even though I woke her and helped me get everything ready.”
“Give me a clue what I gotta look forward ta?”
“Lights?” Raphael said and blinked in confusion. “Ya brought me up here ta look at some damn lights? What lights we talkin’ ‘bout? Christmas?”
“The city. It has the most spectacular view of it up here. You’ve gone and spoiled your surprise. Bad Raphie,” Leo scolded.
“Oh. Sorry. I…”

Leo ducked his head, so Raphael couldn’t see the amusement in his eyes and the smirk he wore. Leo was lying. He had more than lights planned.

“Yer teasin’ me, ain’t ya?” Raphael asked, seeing Leo’s lowered head.
“No,” Leo said solemnly, raising his head. “That’s it. We’re nearly there.”

The elevator suddenly stopped, opened and the brothers exited it.

Raphael had a bewildered expression on his face. He was sick of the mysteriousness and wanted answers, but he was fed up of begging for information, knowing Leo was getting a kick out of it. He’d wait, even if it killed him.

Leo led them to a French restaurant called Gerard’s and said, “Here we are, Raphie.”
“There ain't no way in hell we can eat here, Leo!” Raphael said in shock. “Have ya lost yer mind? This place is on the news all the time. Celebs go here and the price is…We couldn’t even afford a bottle of water!”

“Messieurs,” April said, appearing. She was dressed in a waitress outfit, her hair in a bun and was smiling. “Please come inside. Your table awaits. I’ve taken the liberty of placing you on the veranda.” Raphael’s jaw dropped. “You can leave your coats in the closet there. I can easily find you a table inside if it's too cold outside. Please close your mouth, Mr. Hamato. It’s not polite to stare.”

Raphael nudged Leo and hissed, “What’s goin’ on, Leo?”
“I think we should do as she says, Raph,” Leo said, removing his coat and then helping Raphael off with his. He hung them in the closet and said, “Come on.”

Raphael followed Leo and April outside and saw a table had been set up with a crisp white tablecloth, lit candles, black napkins, cutlery, crockery and an ice bucket. Raphael guessed it contained Champagne. They couldn’t afford a bottle of water, so how in the hell had Leo bought Champagne?

April offered them Champagne, filled their flutes and said, “I hope you like the view. The menu’s on the table. I'll be back in a bit to take your orders.”

“Wait!” Raphael said. “I wanna know what’s goin’ on. How the heck did ya and Leo get this place, April?”
“Giselle. I do not understand….” April began.
“Cut the BS, April!”
“All right,” April said and sighed. “It’s your birthday. Leo wanted to surprise you and take you somewhere classy for a proper date. He asked if I knew of any places and I mentioned Gerard’s. It’s owned by my aunt and uncle, who closed it for the holidays and asked me to keep an eye on it. They also said I could eat here and enjoy some of the produce. Leo woke me up and I raced here and got things ready. Please don’t worry about the cost. Just enjoy yourselves.”
“But the prices are outrageous!” Raphael protested. “If this Champagne’s the real deal, it….”
“It is real and comes from France.”
“It must be at least five hundred bucks. We can’t accept….”
April waved a hand dismissively and said, “The liquor is my gift to you, so please order what you want. I have adequate savings and don’t have to worry about money, okay? I’ll be offended if you don’t. Leo’s paying for the food. Now we’ve got that covered, enjoy the view. I’ll be back shortly.”

"You upset, baby?" Leo said. "I just wanted to do something to make your birthday memorable, Raphie."
“Bein’ with ya is memorable. Ya didn’t have ta do this. It’s so much trouble.”
“Nothing is too much trouble for you,” Leo said, slipping an arm around his waist. “Stop being an ungrateful grouch and enjoy yourself. Please.”
“I do appreciate it. I’m just... It’s so expensive, ya know. Probably blown yer savings.”
"Not really. We have enough, so please try and have fun,” Leo said and touched his lips to Raphael’s.

They kissed deeply and gazed at the view.

Raphael was blown away. He could see the harbor and the twinkling lights of New York City. It was lovely sharing the experience with Leo. He was grateful and he’d show Leo how much, but it was expensive and he couldn’t forget that.

Leo said, as if reading his mind, "We might never get the chance to do this again. I mean, eat somewhere fancy, so relax and have fun. It’s your night. The view’s great, huh?”
“Uh huh, but ain't as terrific as ya,” Raphael husked and Leo blushed. “I'm grateful, but…”
“No buts, Raphie. How’s the Champagne?”
"Ain't tried."
“Can’t have that. A toast to you, my love,” Leo said and clinked his glass against Raphael’s. “Happy birthday, my sweetheart. I hope you have many, more more.”
“Thank ya and ta ya, Leo. I love ya so much. Thank ya, baby,” Raphael said and sipped his drink. It was delicious and crisp with fruity tones.
“My pleasure. Let’s study the menu.”

They sat down and perused the men.

April arrived with a basket of bread rolls and took their orders.

Leo buttered a roll and said, “So, like it now, Raph?”
“Yeah,” Raphael said and bit into a roll. “It’s great. It was sweet of ya, Leo, and just wait. I’m gonna spoil ya too.”
“You already do by being with me,” Leo said and reached for his hand. “I’m so unbelievably happy. You’re the reason for my getting up every day and you give me a purpose. Every day I love you. I’d be nothing without you.”
“Me either,” Raphael said and kissed Leo’s hand.

April arrived with the orders and they tucked in.

“How’s the calamari, Leo?” Raphael asked, as he ate his mussels in white wine and garlic.
“Tender. Want to try?”
“Sure. Wanna try mine?”

Leo nodded and they fed each other.

April returned, filled their glasses and said, "Would you like some wine when you’re finished, Messieurs?”

“Your best chenin and Champagne to take home, please,” Leo said.
“Very well. I highly recommend the Ken Forrester FMC Chenin Blanc twenty-fifteen. It’s a South African wine and superb. South African wines are among the best in the world.”

“Sampled many, given yer a teen like us?” Raphael said and snorted.
April smiled and said, “Of course and without anyone knowing, but that’s our secret. I’ll be back with your wine. I trust your food is satisfactory.”

“Divine,” Leo said.

“It’s incredible,” Raphael enthused. “Thank ya.”

“I’m happy,” April said.

The brothers continued eating and drinking.

April returned, opened a bottle of wine, filled their wine glasses and left.

“Drink slowly, Raph,” Leo said, eying his brother take a large gulp of his wine. “It’s not soda.”
“I know that, Leo. It’s just so good. I feel kinda adult and sophisticated. Who’d a thought we’d ever eat at a place like this? Just imagine if we were humans. We could do this more often.”
“Our budgets wouldn’t allow for it and besides, I never want to leave home or Splinter. Do you?”
“No. It was just a thought.”

They finished their food.

April returned with their menus.

“What do you want for your main, Raph?” Leo asked.
“I’m glad the menu’s in French and English, otherwise I wouldn’t understand a thing. The chateaubriand sounds good and comes with fries, veggies and onion rings. It’s for two. We can have it with a Béarnaise sauce or whatever ya want.”
“That sounds fine,” Leo said and closed his menu. “You‘re not cold, are you?”
“I’m fine. Ya?”
“I’m okay.”

April returned and they placed their order.

“More wine?” April asked, looking at their half empty glasses. They nodded and she topped them up.

They made small talk.

April brought their food.

They chowed down.

“This is the best steak I’ve ever had," Raphael said. "The knife glides into it like butter. We need ta get these steak knives, Leo. How’s yers?”
“Fabulous, my love.”
“This is the best belated birthday ever,” Raphael declared. “Thank ya, baby.”
“I have one more surprise left. I’m not telling you, so don’t pout!”
“Tease! I’m havin’ a blast. I ain't sure I can manage dessert though.”
“Pity. It’s the best part of the meal,” Leo said and winked.
“Says ya, who don't like sweets.”
“Oh no? I love you and you’re my sweet. I can’t get enough of you!” Leo said huskily and pressed his foot against Raphael’s leg, sending a tingle down his spine.
Raphael flushed and said, “Yer so naughty, Fearless.”
“You have no idea how much!”
“Show me,” Raphael said in a seductive tone. “I wanna see just how bad ya can…”

“How is it?” April asked, appearing.

“Excellent,” Leo said and wiped his mouth with his napkin. “But I’m full. Can I get it to go, please?”

“Yeah. Me too,” Raphael said. “It’s so yummy, but I’m stuffed.”

“I hope you’ll have dessert though. You have to!” April said. “I’ll clear your plates.”

They thanked her, she took their plates and she left.

“I couldn’t eat another bite,” Leo said.
“No? How ‘bout some sausage?” Raphael said and winked.
Leo grinned and said, “I could make an exception.

April returned with two martini glasses of chocolate mousse and said, “Here’s pudding. Enjoy. I’ll bring your take home in a bit."

Raphael dug into the rich dark chocolate and beamed. It was heaven. Rich, but not sickly with more than a hint of …rum? April had been very liberal with the booze and he felt sleepy.

“Man, this stuff is the best I’ve ever had. How’s yers, Leo?” Raphael asked.
“Sublime. You okay?”
“Little tired, but I’m good. This has been the best day of my life. Okay. Ain't true. The best day of my life was when we got together, but this is close ta it. Thank ya, my angel.”
“You’re welcome, my takara."

There was silence, while they finished their desserts.

Then April arrived with the check.

Leo paid her.

Raphael’s eyes flew wide in amazement when he saw Leo fork over five hundred bucks. He tried to protest and both Leo and April sent him death stares, so he went silent.

April smiled and said, “Like I said, the liquor’s on me. Your food’s boxed up and your Champers is in this bag. I’ll bring it over tomorrow.“

“Thank ya so much,” Raphael said. “Everythin’ has been exceptional. Yer the best.”

“Thank you,” Leo said.

“Only a pleasure,” April said. “Follow me. Your next surprise is two floors down. Do you want your Champagne with you?”
“Yes,” Leo said and took the bag containing it.

He and Raphael stood, thanked April again, hugged her, went inside, grabbed their coats and headed to the elevator.


The elevator stopped two floors down. The brothers exited it and walked to a door.

Leo unlocked it with the same key he’d used earlier and said, “This place also belongs to April’s family, Raph. Come inside.”

Raphael did and Leo locked the door.

The temperamental turtle gazed around and seeing a spa said, “Is this a spa, Leo?”
“Yes. There are quite a few here and people come here for beauty treatments. You can have facials, pedicures and manicures, as well as hot stone treatments and so much more, but that’s not for us,” Leo said, pressing a switch.

The spa came to life and the water softly rippled. It would bubble when it was hot, which was what Leo wanted.

“Wow. A spa too?” Raphael said in awe, his eyes shining with happiness. “I ain't never been in one, Leo."
“I know. Neither have I. More Champagne, my love? I forgot to bring glasses, so we’ll have to drink out of the bottle.”
“That’s fine. Did ya bring a corkscrew?”
“No. Shit!”
“It don't matter. We can drink at home. Let’s get in!” Raphael said, placing their coats on a chair. Then he tugged at Leo’s arm and said, “Hurry up.”

Leo laughed at his brother’s enthusiasm.

They quickly removed their gear and climbed into the jacuzzi. The water was starting to bubble, the jet sprays deliciously lapping at their bodies.

Raphael grinned. The evening had been sensational. He was a lucky boy indeed to have a mate like Leo and he’d never take him for granted.

“Happy?” Leo asked.
“Couldn’t be happier,” Raphael said and beamed, his green eyes shining. “Yer the greatest, Leo. Thank ya for everythin’.”
“I know I was a bit of a brute earlier, babe, but I wanted to show you I can be tender, romantic and sweet. I love you incredibly, Raphie. You’re my universe and the best part about me,” Leo choked out, his eyes shimmering with tears.
Raphael moved closer, cupped Leo’s face with his hand, stroked his cheek and said, “I know that, angel. Don’t cry. I love ya just as much. Yer indescribable, Leo. My love for ya is immeasurable and I wanna grow old with ya. Thank ya for bein’ my mate, for showerin’ me with yer love and for givin’ meanin’ ta my life.”

He kissed Leo soundly, wrapping his arms around Leo’s neck and pulling him closer.

They kissed deeply, until the need for air was great.

Raphael broke the kiss and said, “I wanna do somethin’ for ya, my love. Close yer eyes and don’t open them until I say so, okay?”
“You don’t have to…”
“I want to! Do as I say, Leo.”

Leo sighed and closed his eyes.

Raphael knew he could stay underwater for forty minutes. They’d often competed to see who could stay under the longest. Mikey could only stay under for ten minutes, Donnie for fifteen and Leo for twenty. Raphael was proud of his record and he’d use it to his and Leo’s advantages.

Raphael took a deep breath, went under and licked at Leo’s slit, until he dropped down into Raphael’s waiting mouth. The volatile turtle alternated between licking and biting, tasting his brother for the first time. Leo tasted like mint tea. Strange, but it wasn’t unpleasant.

He could feel his brother starting to buck. Knowing he was pleasuring Leo made Raphael want to drop down himself, but he ignored his tight shell and growing arousal and focused on his brother. His needs could wait.

Raphael took his brother in further, deep-throating him, praying he was doing a good job. This was his first time blowing someone and he prayed he wasn’t a disappointment.

It wasn’t long before Leo came, sending hot jets of ropey cum down Raphael’s throat.

The firebrand eagerly swallowed it down, as if it were the best thing he’d ever had.

Raphael rose to the surface and seeing his brother flushed and his lips slightly parted, he said, “I was okay?”
“More than okay,” Leo said breathlessly. “That was mindblowing. Epic. Gnarly.”
“Gnarly? Ya’ve been spendin’ too much time with Mikey!” Raphael teased. “So I was okay?”
“It was magical. You leave me breathless, baby. Thank you. What about you?”
“My pleasure. Ya’ve already done so much. I wanted ta do somethin’ for ya. My needs can wait.” Raphael moved closer, traced Leo’s jawline with his hands and said, “I love ya. Everythin’ ‘bout ya and I’m honored ta be yers. “
"So am I."

Raphael passionately kissed him.

Their tongues danced, as hands roamed.

I won the jackpot, Raphael thought. Leo’s everythin’ I could ever want and so much more. I’m in heaven every day of my life. I don’t care if Splinter don’t approve ‘bout us. I’ll never give Leo up and I will have his babies someday. I can’t wait ta be a mommy and ta hold my babies. I just hope Donnie and Mikey back off, else Leo’s gonna…I don’t wanna think ‘bout what he’ll do.

Raphael purred and lost himself in their kissing, only focusing on his lover. Only he mattered. Now and forever.

Chapter Text

Donnie mulled over Leo’s possessiveness and thought, Leo wanted us all to be a one true foursome and now he wants to only be exclusive with Raph. I have an idea how to change that and to open his eyes to new possibilities. He’ll still be only bonded to Raph and will be Raph’s main mate, but all of us will be shared and will share. I have an idea. It’s dirty, but I reckon Leo’s a kinky bastard and he’ll like it. So will Raph.

Donnie went to Mikey’s room and knocked on the door.

“Mikey,” Donnie said. “You awake?”
“What is it, dude?” Mikey asked sleepily.
“I have a desire to get Leo and Raph back on board. Open the door.”
Mikey opened the door and said, “What, Donnie?”
“It’s like this…” Donnie said and revealed his plan.
“You really think it’ll work?”
“Yep. Leo’s kinky and so is Raph. Remember what you have to do.”


Leo and Raphael arrived home at 3 a.m. and went to Leo’s bedroom, stunned to find Mikey and Donnie dressed in black leather and wielding whips.

“What the fuck is this?” Leo demanded.
“You’ve been a very naughty boy,” Donnie said and cracked his whip. “Very naughty. I’m disappointed in you, Leo."

“What the shell are ya doin’, Donnie?” Raphael asked.
“Taking back what’s ours,” Mikey said. “Kneel, Leo. Bow to your master and submit. We'll tell Dad that you're a couple if you two don’t do what we want and revert to our agreement. Can you imagine how incensed he will be? Bow and submit. Raph likes submission. Donnie told me. He has photographic proof.”

“Go to hell,” Leo hissed, his sapphire eyes blazing. “That’s blackmail.”

“Hmm. Mikey, go and wake up Dad,” Don said.

“Wait!” Raphael said in a panicked tone. “What do we gotta do?”

“Raph, are you really going to let them blackmail us?” Leo said.
“Leo, ya don’t understand. It's all over if they tell Dad and we won’t be able ta be together until he dies. We gotta do what they want.”

“Raphie understands,” Donnie said. “Raphie, lock the door. Then you’ll kneel and call us Master.”

Raphael locked the door and knelt, fearing they’d follow through with their threat if he didn’t.

“Your turn, Leo,” Mikey said. “Now.”

Leo knelt and glared at his brothers.

“Good boys,” Donnie said. “I have gifts for you. Mikey, undress them and then do the honors. I want them totally naked.”

Mikey stripped a fuming Leo and a nervous Raphael of their clothes and gear and watched, as they fell to the ground, leaving them naked and rather vulnerable.

Donnie and Mikey raked their eyes approvingly over their brothers, making them squirm at the scrutiny.

“Very nice,” Mikey said and trailed a hand down Raphael’s plastron, making him shiver at the touch.

“So beautiful,” Donnie said in awe. “Our pets. That’s right. We’re the Alphas now and that isn’t going to change. This isn’t a one-off thing either, my pets. You belong to us and we belong to you forever.”

Leo rolled his eyes and said, “Donnie, you guys have lost your mind. Do you realize that you’re forcing yourselves on your brothers? That’s noncon and you should be ashamed of yourselves.”
“Leo, pumpkin, you’re totally wrong. We won’t force ourselves on you. You’ll be so turned on you’ll want to please us. Do you understand? I bet Raphie is already excited at the idea. He loves humiliation and doing as he’s told. Don’t you, buttercup? And BDSM isn’t about non-consensual. It’s an agreement between a slave and a Master that can be terminated at any time, but there’s a twist with us. It won’t be terminated, because we'll tell Dad you’re fucking Raph if you try. Also, you’ll grow to love this and will crave it. I suspect you’re as kinky as Raphie. Are you, Leo? Do you crave humiliation?”

“Me and Leo thought we’d try it,” Raphael said.
“Oh. There we go,” Donnie said. “Perfect. It’ll be family bonding. You always said we need to strengthen our bonds, Leo. Mikey, the gifts.”

Mikey grinned and placed a pink collar around Raphael’s neck and then a black one around Leo's neck. Both had bells on them, which would alert their Masters of their presence, wherever they went.

Leo scowled and said, “This isn’t funny. I’m not a pet and neither is Raph.”
“Oh, but you are, love,” Donnie said and tickled Raphael’s chin, making him flush and his shell feel embarrassingly tight.

Donnie and Mike look kinda hot in their outfits, Raphael thought. I love how dominant they are. I bet Leo does too, but he’s pretendin’ he ain’t.

“Such a cute boy,” Mikey praised and fondled Leo’s tail, making him squawk in astonishment.
“That’s not very manly, is it, Leo?” Donnie said and chuckled. “Hmm. Someone’s aroused. I can smell their pheromones. Raphie, it’s you, isn’t it, sugar?”

Raphael blushed and ducked his head, his shell extremely tight and uncomfortable, his bulge visible.

Leo frowned, but he also felt a little turned on by how dominant his usually mild brothers were.

“Drop down, Raphie,” Don urged. “Drop down for your Masters. You want this. Drop down, Leo. Come on. You both want to. I know you do.”

Raphael’s cock dropped down, already slick with precum, the veins twitching and pulsing. He blushed and studied the ground, sort of ashamed he’d so willingly submitted to their demands. It was true. He loved humiliation and he was enjoying it. He wondered what else his brothers had planned.

“I said drop down, Leo!” Mikey yelled and suddenly brought the whip down hard on Leo’s butt, making him flinch. “Now, Leo. Drop down.”
“Fuck you!” Leo growled, trying to assert himself. “Both of you. Raph, stop it. You aren’t a pet or a slave. Grow some balls and stand up to them.”

“Hmm. Mikey, how many rings do you think it’ll take before Dad wakes up?” Donnie asked, glancing at the phone in his other hand.

“Leo, no,” Raphael said. “Play along, okay? I don’t wanna lose ya. Leo, please. Please.”
“Raphie wants to play,” Donnie said and beamed. “You want to be my pet, don’t you, Raphie? You loved our session earlier and you want this so badly. So does Leo, but he’s being a stubborn ass. Raphie, do you want this?”
“Yeah,” Raphael said, his cock twitching in excitement at the sound of Donnie’s voice. “I do. I loved earlier. I want this. Yer so sexy in that outfit. Ya and Mikey and I’ll do this and whatever ya want. I need that and I want it. Leo does too and we’ll do as ya say. He’s just pretendin’ he don’t.”

“Such a good boy,” Mikey cooed and rubbed Raphael’s dick. “Just the way you should be. You’re not a Alpha, are you, Raphie? You’re a pet.”
“Yer pet,” Raphael said and nuzzled his beak against Mikey’s hand. “Yers and Donnie’s.”
“Atta boy, Raphie. You know your place. Leo, I’m waiting and you don’t want to piss me off. Drop the fuck down now.”

Leo stoically stood his ground, shook his head and said, “No. Raph may be a drip, but I’m not and I’m out of here…..”

Mikey cracked his whip and landed a stinging blow on Leo’s buttocks, making him mewl and nearly jump out of his shell.

Mikey laughed and continued his onslaught, as Leo tried to maintain his composure, but he was cracking. The whipping felt phenomenal.

That feels great, Leo thought in shock, his shell tight with his growing arousal. I like it. I like being hit. Feels so good. I never thought I’d like humiliation and pain, but I do. Wow.

Leo’s cock suddenly dropped down, the tip oozing precum.

Donnie hooted with laughter, placed his phone in his belt and said, “I knew it. You’re a kinky bastard, Leo. Such a good boy and what a lovely size. Not as big as Raphie’s. I bet he’s ten inches, but yours looks like nine and a half. That’ll do. I knew you’d come around.”
Leo blushed and said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I liked being hit. It felt so good.”

“Suck my dick and do a good job, Raphie,” Mikey ordered. “Leo, you suck Donnie’s.”

Leo and Raphael crawled to their Masters and slowly took their cocks inside of their mouths, their dicks growing erect at the humiliation. How good it felt being dominated and bossed around. Some A-team they were. Now they were just their brothers' puppets and they loved it.

Leo and Raphael alternated between sucking and licking Donnie and Mikey’s cocks, savoring the tastes of their brothers and praying they were doing good jobs.

Mikey tastes delicious, Raphael thought. Warm and salty. I love it. I love this so much. I could suck his dick forever. Maybe we should share one another again. Oh. I love it. Mmmm.

Donnie tastes kind of sweet. Just like him, Leo thought. I love his taste. Maybe this isn’t so bad after all. Mmm. I wonder what Mikey tastes like.

Donnie and Mikey soon climaxed, shooting their loads down their brothers’ obliging throats and churring their names.

They pulled out with a plop.

Raphael and Leo quickly cleaned them, taking care to swallow each drop.

“You did wonderfully,” Donnie praised and condescendingly patted Leo and Raphael’s rumps. “Good cocksuckers. You were born to serve. You should know that this is your job from now on. You’ll report to us every night for a session, so we can keep up our training and remind you who’s really in charge. You’re the B-team. We’re the A-team. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Master,” Raphael said, his tail thumping on the ground in appreciation of Donnie’s bossiness.

“Yes, Master,” Leo said.
“You guys can still sleep together and will be primary and bonded,” Mikey said. “But your first times will be with us as a foursome. Not alone. We’ll have the BDSM sessions, like Donnie said, every night, but there’ll also be moments when it’s romantic and sensual. We’ll go on dates with one another and will have normal sex, okay?”
“Okay,” Leo agreed. “The contract’s back on.”

“Absolutely,” Donnie said and stroked Raphael’s tail, making him flush.

Raphael was the most sensitive in his tail and it never failed to arouse him.

“One other thing,” Donnie said. “You’ll wear the collars at night, as soon as Sensei goes to bed and we’ll alternate sleeping partners. Like a week at a time. You guys can still fuck one another if we don’t require you during that week. I think it’ll be fun and we’ll grow closer. I’m sorry we had to resort to blackmail, but it was the only way of getting you to open your eyes to new possibilities, but I will say I will tell Dad if you back out. It’s spiteful, but I will, because it’s either us all together or nothing.”
“Kinda forgiven,” Raphael said immediately. “It was hot, Donnie. All of it and I got no regrets. I bet Leo don’t neither.”

“It was dirty,” Leo said. “But I liked what we did. It was arousing. I can’t wait for more and to taste Mikey.”
“Time to switch then,” Mikey said and chuckled. “Get in position, pets.”

Leo and Raphael obeyed and switched places, greedily sucking their brothers’ dicks, their own cocks twitching at their thorough enjoyment of pleasuring their Masters, their own needs ignored. All that mattered was their Masters’ needs.

Donnie and Mikey came a while later and emptied their essences down their brothers' throats, their eyes closed in ecstasy, triumph and euphoria. They’d subdued their Alpha brothers and had gotten what they wanted.

Leo and Raphael cleaned their brothers and then sat back on their haunches.

“That was magnificent,” Mikey said breathlessly. “I loved it. Raphie needs more practice though. He’s a little sloppy, but Leo, you were dynamite. I’m so impressed.”
“Are ya callin’ me bad at it?” Raphael asked.
“Yep, but you’ll get more practice.”
“Leo liked it when I blew him,” Raphael said defensively.
“He was being polite, dude. You sucked. Pun intended.”

“Leo, is that true?” Raphael demanded.
“No, my love. You were amazing. Mikey just has a different perception.”

“Anyway,” Donnie said. “It’s bedtime. Tomorrow’s our day off, so we can sleep in. Leo, you’ll meditate at five, as usual, but we’ll get up with Raph at ten.”
“Great. We haven’t shared a bed since were kids. Mikey, you get in first, then Raph, then me and then you, Leo. Then we can snuggle and get used to sharing a bed again.”

Donnie and Mikey undressed.

The brothers all climbed into bed and snuggled up against one another.

It feels strange, Raphael thought. Bein’ sandwiched against Mikey and Donnie and smellin’ their scents, but I like it. I like it all, but I will lose my virginity with Leo. I still love him most and he’s still my main and bonded mate. Man, I reckon we’ll screw soon and it won’t be long before I’m a mommy. I wonder if my mates will be happy ‘bout it.

Mikey pulled Raphael close, touched his lips to Raphael’s and said, “I love you, babe.”
“Love ya too, Mikey.”

Donnie leant over, planted a huge smacker on Raphael’s lips and said, “I love you, Raph. I love you, Mikey.”
“Love ya too, Donnie.”

Donnie tenderly kissed Leo on the lips.

Leo said, “I love you, Raphie. Love you, Mikey and Donnie.”
“Baby, I love ya so much.”

“Love you too, Leo,” Mikey and Donnie said in unison.

“I want to change something,” Donnie said. “The sharing of partners for a week won’t happen. We’ll share a bed most nights. All four of us. It’s the new normal. Now of course we'll be paired off some nights. Raph and Leo are primary and bonded mates and so are me and Mikey. We’ll mostly be paired with our chosen mates, but we’ll all have sex with one another and we will have to be discreet. Splinter would freak out if he knew. Leo’s mine tomorrow night and Mikey’s having Raph. Not sex yet. I think none of us are ready to go all the way yet, but we will in time."
“So how many nights a week do I get Leo?” Raphael asked.
“It’ll vary and depend on our urges and desires. I’ll either pick Mikey or Leo if I want tenderness and I'll choose you if I want passion. We’ll work it out."

"What about the BDSM sessions?" Leo asked. "Is that still on, Don?"
"Yes. Some nights to keep you trained and knowing your place. I'm still boss and so is Mikey. Get some rest," Donnie said and pulled Leo close, tucking Leo’s head under his chin. "But our first times will be as a foursome."
“We will,” Leo said and stifled a yawn.

Mikey pulled Raphael even closer, so that he was pressed against him and whispered, “You’re mine tomorrow night and you’ll do what I want, Raph. Anything I want and boy, do I have something fun planned for you. It's extremely humiliating."
Raphael’s tail thumped on the bed in excitement, his green eyes lit up and he said huskily, “I can’t wait, Mikey. I’ll do whatever ya want.”

Raphael rested his head in the crook of Mikey’s neck and inhaled his scent, which smelled like a peach.

Peach? How odd, Raphael thought. Maybe he used peach shower gel. I kinda like it though. It’s sweet, like him. I can’t wait ta see what he’s got planned for us.

Chapter Text

The brothers slept solidly all night and had the best sleep they’d had in ages. No nightmares. Just a peaceful sleep, soft smiles upon their faces. The only drawback had been Raphael’s snoring, but the hothead had stopped after aggressive prodding in the ribs by Donnie.

Leo woke at five, gently got up and studied his sleeping mates.

They look like angels, Leo thought, especially Raph. His face glows and he looks so young and vulnerable. I love them all and I always will, but Raph’s my soulmate and my deepest love. That’ll never change.

Leo meditated with Splinter and then returned to the bedroom for a couple more hours sleep. Something he never did, but it was his day off and he wanted to snuggle with his brothers, his mates. How odd it was having three mates, but he knew he’d soon adjust. He’d have Mikey and Donnie when he wanted gentleness and Raphael was there when he wanted passion, although Raphael was also gentle and sweet with him, a side he rarely showed to others. Leo almost felt jealous that the others would now see that side, but he rationalized that he and Raphael were primary mates and would be bonded someday. The others would never mean as much to Raphael, so jealousy was ridiculous.

Leo climbed into bed with his brothers and soon fell asleep, his arms wrapped around Don and inhaling the genius’ scent, which smelled like musk tinged with coffee. How bizarre, but it made sense. Donnie certainly drank enough of it.

Mikey woke up just after nine, saw that Raphael was awake, tenderly kissed him and said, “Morning, baby. Did you sleep okay?”
“Mornin’. Yeah. I did. Did ya?”
“Yes. I’m so looking forward to later.”
“Me too. Are ya gonna give me a hint what ya got planned?”
“Nope, but it’s going to drive you wild. So wild your little tail will thump like crazy. I love it when it does that. It’s so cute. Just like you, muffin.”
Raphael blushed profusely and whispered, “Yer adorable, Mikey. So cute and I love yer freckles and yer scent.”
“Mmm. I’m going to fuck you good someday, Raphie,” Mikey said huskily. “You’ll be my little uke. Would you like that? Would you like my rod plugging your hole?”
“Yeah. I want that, Mike, and I wanna be better at suckin’ yer dick. I hate knowin’ I suck at it.”
“You’ll get better with practice and you’ll certainly get a lot of that. We’re going to have so much fun. I love you. I know you’ll always love Leo most, but I want you to know that I’ll never hurt you and I’ll be there for you and will love you until my dying breath.”
“So will I,” Raphael said and nuzzled his beak against Mikey’s. “I love ya and I’ll always cherish ya and the others. Hey. What would ya think if one of us could have babies? Would ya be happy?”
“I don’t know, dude. Why are you asking? Can you lay eggs?”
“No,” Raphael lied. “Just wondered. Would ya want that? It’d be a huge responsibility.”
“Being a dad would be a dream come true, but it’s not going to happen and I’ve accepted that. It’s just us four and that’s all our life will ever be. You’ve thought about it. Can Leo lay eggs?”
“No. I thought a kid would be cool. Ta continue the clan, ya know and ta teach it all we know.”
“Yeah. You’d be a great dad. You act tough, but you’re really a softy and a sweetheart. You’d be just as amazing with the kid as the rest of us. It’s a shame that’ll never happen, but it’s a reality. Donnie could maybe implant a uterus into one of us, but it’s not a guarantee it’d work. At least we have one another.”

“What are you two talking about?” Don asked, rolling over and peering at Mikey and Raphael.
“Nothing important,” Mikey said. “Morning, Don. We should get up. It’s our day off, but Dad will be suspicious if we’re all in the same room. I’ll go now and start breakfast. Come out one at a time."

Mikey kissed Raphael on the lips, smiled at Donnie, got up, greeted Leo, dressed and left the room.

Donnie moved closer to Raphael and said, “Morning, love. How are you, Raph?”
“Great, thanks. How are ya? Sorry ‘bout the snorin’.”
“Yeah. You really need to work on that. How did Leo sleep with it?”

“I find it comforting,” Leo said. “It doesn’t bother me.”
“See?” Raphael said. “Leo likes me for who I am and don’t wanna change me. I can’t help it. I’ve always snored. I also hog the blankets, but that’s just me. Ya gotta accept it if ya want this foursome thing ta work.”

“Fine. I’ll take sleeping pills if I have to. See you at breakfast,” Don said and stood up.

Don dressed and exited the room.

Raphael immediately moved closer to Leo, wrapped his arms around him, inhaled his familiar musky scent tinged with sandalwood and said, “Mornin’, my sweet angel. I missed ya, Leo.”
“Hey,” Leo said and kissed his beak. “I was right here.”
“On the other side of the bed. It ain’t the same.”
“No, it’s not. I’m used to your snoring in my ear slits.”
“Hey, Leo. How would ya feel if we had a kid?”
“I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it. Why are you asking? Can you lay eggs?”
“No. I just wondered. Sometimes I think it’d be cool ta have a kid.”
“It wouldn’t be practical with the life we have, Raphie, but I can’t deny it wouldn’t be fun. The baby would look like you of course and have your gorgeous eyes. You’re a beauty and I hope it’d take after you.”
“Even personality-wise?”
“Uh huh, because we both know there’s more to you than your rage. You’re the sweetest and most incredible guy I know. I’m biased maybe, but it’s true. I love you so much and I couldn’t have asked for a better mate.”
“Yer a sap,” Raphael teased, his heart swelling with love and affection for his mate.
“Yes and you love it. Raph, a kid would be great, but it’s not going to happen. I’m content with you and our mates. It’s what life intended for us. I’m going to breakfast. See you in a few.”

Leo kissed Raphael on the lips, stood up, dressed and went to the kitchen.

Yer wrong, Raphael thought. I’m gonna have babies someday. Little ones that I hope will look like ya.

Raphael got up a few minutes later, dressed and headed to the kitchen.


Mikey had prepared scrambled eggs and they were all tucking in, when Splinter appeared.

“Morning, my sons,” Splinter said. “I trust you all slept well. I’m off to visit the Ancient One. I’ll return on August eighth. Leonardo will lead the training and is in charge. Listen to him. Raphael, there’ll be consequences if I learn you’ve been disobedient in any way. You’ll remain at the lair, other than on patrol, so no fighting and nights out with Casey. Also, no drinking. Do you understand?”
“Yeah, Dad. Don’t worry. I’ll behave," Raphael said.
“See that you do. Donatello, ensure you do get rest and Michelangelo, stay the sweet son you are. Leonardo, I have a feeling Raphael will act up, so stay vigilant.”

“Got it, Dad,” Leo said.
“Right. I love you all. See you in a few weeks’ time," Splinter said.

“Bye, Dad. Have fun,” Mikey said.

“See ya, Dad,” Raphael said.

“Bye, Papa,” Donnie said.

“I’ll miss you, Dad,” Leo said. “Have fun.”

Splinter smiled and left the room.

“Yay! He’s gone,” Mikey said. “That means we can start the fun earlier. Oh. This is going to be a blast. I can’t wait. My dick is hard thinking about it.”
“I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to Mikey talking suggestively,” Leo said and chuckled. “It sounds so strange from him.”

“I think it’s hot,” Raphael said and grinned. “I bet he's got somethin’ awesome planned.”

Donnie gleefully rubbed his hands and said, “He does and so do I. You guys are going to love it. Me and Mikey. You guys finished?” His brothers nodded. “I’ll wash the dishes. Mikey, take them to my room. The stuff’s there, but don’t do anything until I’m there, okay?”
“Got it, bro. Come on, guys,” Mikey said and led Leo and Raphael to Donnie’s bedroom.


“Sit on the bed and wait,” Mikey ordered, as he rummaged in the closet and then emerged with a box. “Donnie will be here shortly.”

A baffled Leo and Raphael obeyed, wondering what was in store for them.

Donnie arrived a while later and said, “Let’s get the party started. Close your eyes and keep them shut until we say you can open them.”

Leo and Raphael obeyed, wondering what Donnie was up to.

Don and Mikey took out two paintbrushes and pink paint from the box, planning on recreating their fantasy. Their Alpha brothers would hate it, but they didn’t have a choice and besides, the paint would come off after a while, so no harm would be done, other than their pride.

Raphael tensed, when he felt something touch his shell. It sent tingles down his spine and he had a weird feeling that it was a brush. A paint brush perhaps? Were his brothers painting his shell?

“What are ya doin’?” Raphael asked.
“Beautifying you. Sit still,” Donnie said firmly. “It’ll soon be over. Don’t worry. It’ll come off. Try my patience and you’ll be punished, Raphie. Leo, stop squirming. You’ll ruin everything.”

“I don’t want my shell painted, Donnie,” Leo said irately. “Have you idea how long it took for the paint to come off when Mikey pranked me?”
“We’ll get it off, Leo. Stop it or I’m going to have to be nasty.”

Leo and Raphael gritted their teeth and prayed it’d be over soon.

Donnie and Mikey then painted Leo and Raphael’s tails pink and painted yellow hearts on their ass cheeks, plastrons, shells, tails and on their faces. The ones on their faces would resemble freckles.

“This better damn come off,” Leo muttered.
“Shut up, Leo,” Donnie warned.

Donnie and Mikey dressed their brothers in pink corsets and tightly cinched them, making their brothers gasp. Padded bras were next.

Then the new Omegas were dressed in G-strings that failed to cover their ass cheeks.

This feels so weird, Leo thought. So damn weird. Mikey and Donnie are crazy.

Pink pantyhose were then slid up Leo and Raphael's legs up to their thighs, as well as pink garters that ran up to their left knees and which were then attached to the back of the G-strings.

Both Leo and Raphael gasped at the sensation of the pantyhose against their skin. It was a weird, but strangely arousing feeling to their immense disgust. They shouldn’t like it, but they did.

Raphael’s tail thumped in appreciation, loving the degradation, making Mikey and Donnie chuckle.

“You love it, huh, Raphie?” Donnie said. “I knew you would. Man, you and Leo are starting to look beautiful. What do you think, Mikey?”
“I agree, dude. I love it and we have other ideas for dressing up as well, which I’m sure they’ll love.”

“I’ll love whatever ya do,” Raphael said.
“You’re such a wimp,” Leo hissed. “Look at you. Some Alpha you are, Raphie.”
“I don’t see ya complainin’, Leo. Ya like this humiliation just as much as I do.”

Leo said nothing, knowing his mate was right. He did. The fabric felt wonderful and his shell was growing tight. Damn it.

The Omegas were dressed in short pink dresses, which were skin tight and which made them feel like they couldn’t breathe. The dresses barely covered their panties, which would be exposed when they bent over.

Pink gloves that were slid up to their elbows were next and their feet were forced into six inch pink stilettos, making Leo and Raphael howl in pain.

“Fuck it. That hurts,” Raphael whined, opening his eyes .

“Ouch!” Leo hissed.

“Shut up and close your eyes,” Donnie growled. “We’re not finished. Now or I’ll spank you, like the naughty children you are.”

Leo and Raphael closed their eyes, knowing Donnie would follow through with his threat.

Pink sashes were tightly wrapped around Leo and Raphael’s waists and so were half aprons with white frills. Yellow bows were attached to the backs of them and to their gloves.

Donnie placed a long red wig and white headband onto Raphael’s head, while Mikey placed a long blonde wig and a white headband with frills onto Leo’s head.

Pink long-lasting lipstick was then applied to Leo and Raphael’s plump lips, as well as purple eye shadow above their eyes.

“Open your eyes and look in the mirror,” Donnie said and grinned at his handiwork. His brothers were now fetish maids, one of his and Mikey’s fantasies.

Leo and Raphael gawked at their new selves in the mirror, their jaws dropped.

“You look gorgeous,” Mikey said and beamed.

“Why?” Raphael asked. “Why would ya wanna make us look like fetish maids? Are ya fucked up or somethin’?”
“Watch your language,” Donnie growled and smacked Raphael’s face, making him wince. “Remember you are ours and we tell you what to do. Me and Mikey are bi and fetish maids are one of our fantasies, so we wanted to dress you up. Don’t pretend you don’t like it. Your tail thumped and you were turned on. You still are and don’t piss me off or this’ll be your permanent look.”

“You’re so pretty,” Mikey cooed seductively and kissed Raphael’s luscious lips, causing butterflies in the hothead’s chest and making his rage fade away.

Raphael eagerly returned the kiss and wrapped his arms around Mikey’s neck.

“Hah! Raphie loves it,” Donnie said. “I bet you do too, Leo. You love humiliation.”
“You got me. This is kind of hot and I love the feel of the fabric against my skin, but…”
“But nothing. It suits you, Leo. You guys need feminine names. Leo, you’re Jessica and Raph’s April when we play dress up. April’s my crush, so makes sense, right? Now I want a blowjob and so does Mikey. Get on your knees, you whores. April, do a good job for me.”

Raphael left Mikey, got onto his knees and rubbed at Donnie’s slit.

The genius dropped down and Raphael slowly took him inside of his mouth.

Leo got onto his knees and sucked Mikey’s dick, his arousal growing at the humiliation.

The guys are right, Leo thought. Me and Raph love humiliation and dressing up. I wonder what else the guys have got in store. Mmmm. Mikey tastes so yummy.

It wasn’t long before Donnie and Mikey came, shooting their essences down their brothers’ throats.

Donnie and Mikey pulled out and regarded their pets.

“Time to clean the lair and do a damn good job,” Donnie said and grinned. “I know it’ll be hard walking in heels, but you’ll adjust.”

“How long do we gotta wear this outfit?” Raphael asked, standing up.
“A week,” Donnie said and smiled. “A week. You’ll shower of course and will be dressed in it every morning. April you’re cooking the meals all week.”
“Yes, Master,” Raphael said and gasped, when Donnie smacked his butt.

“Get along, Jessica,” Mikey said and looked at Leo, who rose to his feet.

The tamed brothers walked unsteadily to the lounge and began cleaning the lair, their shells painfully tight.


A week passed. Leo and Raphael did all the chores in their maid outfits and pleasured their mates whenever they were summoned and they all slept together at night.

Leo and Raphael loved their Masters, willingly did as they were told and were a little disappointed when their Masters declared the week was over and that they’d remove the outfits and paint, because they’d grown to love it, but their Masters told them they had other things in store and they couldn’t wait.

They really were a foursome now, sharing their beds and one another and without any jealousy, although Raphael occasionally flared up, when Mikey or Donnie came too close to Leo, but Donnie quickly thrashed his brother and reminded him he had to share or the whole thing would be over. Raphael would hastily apologize and stand aside.


The family had dinner together the evening of July 13. Then it was time for family bonding, an event they all eagerly looked forward to. They still hadn’t gone all the way, but they knew they would when everyone was ready.

The brothers headed to Leo’s room, which was the cleanest and where they slept every night and stripped, their weapons and gear falling onto the ground.

Raphael wanted Leo, but it wasn’t his night to have fun with him. He was paired with Donnie. He didn’t mind, because Donnie was gentle and tender, but he wasn’t Leo, whom Raphael still loved most and always would.

Donnie tenderly kissed Raphael and wrapped his arms around him and Mikey kissed Leo.

The old jealously bubbled in Raphael, when he saw Leo with Mikey and he emitted a growl.

Donnie immediately broke the kiss and slapped Raphael’s face, making him wince and said, “Stop it, Raph. You know the score. It’s sharing or nothing. Stop it. You’re acting like a possessive lover and you have no right. Leo’s mine and Mikey's just as much as he’s yours.”
“Yeah, yeah, I know, but….”
“No buts,” Donnie growled and pushed Raphael onto the bed. “I’m fed up of your acting out. You need to know who’s boss.”
“I ain’t ready ta go the whole way,” Raphael whined, as Donnie roughly kneed his legs apart.
“You’ll do what I say,” Donnie snapped, his harsh tone making Leo turn his gaze on him. “Raph’s fine. I won’t penetrate him, but I will let him know who’s boss. Kiss Mikey, Leo. Now!”

Mikey grabbed Leo’s face and forcibly kissed him, thrusting his tongue inside of Leo’s mouth and then nibbling on his lower lip.

Lost in the kissing, Leo didn’t question Donnie.

Donnie immediately lowered his head and lapped at Raphael’s slit until he dropped down into Donnie's mouth.

Donnie alternated between sucking and licking, keeping his eyes focused on Raphael, who closed his eyes and fisted the bedsheets when Donnie hit the bundle of nerves that brought so much pleasure.

The genius was extremely good at giving head. Not as good as Leo in Raphael’s opinion, but he was brilliant and Raphael couldn’t get enough of it.

Raphael churred loudly, opened his eyes and saw Mikey blowing Leo on the other side of the bed.

Leo’s face was one of rapture, his sapphire eyes shining, as Mikey sucked him to the root.

Damn. Leo’s so beautiful, Raphael thought. I love him so much and I can’t wait until we’re together.

Raphael soon came.

Donnie eagerly swallowed every drop.

Raphael pulled out and he and Donnie snuggled, while Mikey and Leo cuddled, causing jealously to ignite in Raphael again.

Donnie noticed Raphael’s scowl and said, “You’re being possessive again, Raph. Stop it.”
“I can’t help it. I’m still gettin’ used ta sharin’ him, okay? It’s gonna take time.”
“Fine. You’re silly, though, because Leo will always love you most.”
“What if he don’t and loves ya guys more?”
“That won’t happen. See, while me and Mikey have fun with him and we love him, you and Leo have something we don’t with him. That’s a strong connection and a far deeper one. You guys are like the same sides of the coin and are soulmates. Just like Mikey and I are. Do you understand?”
“You and Leo can even communicate on the astral plane and finish each other’s sentences. You’re attuned with one another. Just like me and Mikey are. That won’t change.”
“I hope not."
“Get some sleep,” Donnie said and kissed Raphael’s lips. “I love you, Raph. I love you so much. I know I’m strict with the Master stuff sometimes, but I do love you.”
“The Master stuff is fun. I got no complaints ‘bout it. I just wish I could be with Leo more. I miss him when I ain’t ‘round him. I love ya and Mikey so much and I love the fun we have, but it ain’t the same.”
“I’m taking you on a date tomorrow. Mikey’s taking Leo out. It’ll be fun. I can be romantic, you know."
“Sure. I love ya. Good night, Don.”
“Love you too.”

Raphael closed his eyes and thought, I miss Leo. The foursome’s great, but Leo’s the only one I truly want and need.


Weeks passed and Raphael got used to sharing his mate. He no longer bitched or threw a fit when Leo was monopolized and he found himself enjoying Donnie and Mikey’s company.

Donnie was romantic and charming and Mikey was incredibly goofy and sweet.

Raphael loved sessions with Donnie and Mikey, found that he had more in common with them than he’d thought and that he was deeply in love with them, but still not as much as he was with Leo.


The evening of August 5, Raphael was in bed with Leo, because Mikey and Donnie had decided to have a evening to themselves.

Raphael wrapped his arms around Leo, inhaled his scent and thought, I’m where I belong. With Leo, my soulmate.

“How are you, baby?” Leo asked and nuzzled his beak against Raphael’s. “We haven’t had much time to talk lately, Raphie.”
“I’m good. How are ya?”
“Better, now I’m with you. Mmm. You smell so enticing and intoxicating. I missed you.”
“Missed ya too.”
“We’re all getting along much better. The agreement’s certainly helped.”
“Yeah. I see Donnie and Mikey in a new light and I know ya do.”
“I love them incredibly.”
“More than me?” Raphael asked, a stab of jealously hitting him.
“No. You’re my heart, my soul, my everything. They’re….I love them, but not as much. That won’t change, my takara. I was thinking that you and I could get away sometime. Just us.”
“But we can’t. We do everythin’ together, Leo, includin’ showerin’ That’s what Donnie ordered and he’s boss now. Not ya.”
“Then we’ll run away, but we will get alone time. I miss it and another thing. I want my first time to be with you and alone with you. No voyeurs.”
“Good luck with that. Donnie watches us like hawks and controls everythin’. Some Alphas we are, but we do like the controllin’ and humiliation.”
“We’ll get that alone time. I’m bookin’ you the evening of August seventh. We'll do it if you're ready.”
“I’ll be ready for ya. Ya can count on it. I love ya, baby, and just so ya know, while I love the others, yer the one I love most. Yer my heart, Leo, and no one could compete with ya.”
“Same here, Raphie. Get some sleep. It’s been a long day.”

Raphael rested his head in the crook of Leo’s neck and thought, I’m in heaven. Just bein’ with my Leo. A baby would be the icin’ on the cake for us. Please let that happen. We’d be amazin’ parents.

The lovers soon fell asleep, dreaming of the night they’d finally consummate their love.

Chapter Text


Later that day, August 9, Donnie left his mates in the lounge, where they’d been watching TV with Splinter and headed to Raphael’s room, wondering if the emerald skinned turtle had indeed written about any impending departures in his journals. The hothead had been encouraged by Splinter to keep journals, so he could jot down his feelings and try to deal with them that way.

Donnie didn’t like violating Raphael’s privacy, but surely that transgression could be overlooked if it led to his whereabouts, especially if he was in deep trouble and needed rescuing.


Donnie entered Raphael’s room and searched through his dresser and cupboard for the journals. He found six and sat on Raphael’s bed to read to read them. He flicked through them and decided he’d start from January that year.

January 6

“Irma’s fuckin’ insane," Raphael wrote in his block letters. "It don’t matter what I tell her, she won’t fuck off. I’m tired of it and sometimes I wanna wring her neck. I love Leo. I told her that, but it’s like talkin’ ta a wall. She said she loves me and wants my babies. I told her she was mental. Why the shell would I want that batshit crazy woman, when I got the most sensational bein’ alive and I’m gay, but she’s relentless. I wish she’d meet someone else and would stop hangin’ ‘round us so much. I went into the kitchen ta make a smack. She followed me and tried ta kiss me. I yelled at her ta fuck off and repeated that I love Leo. She got mad and then accused me of leadin’ her on. Can ya believe the bitch? I never did! She said I’d be sorry for doin’ that. Hahaha. I ain’t afraid of her and can defend myself, but she’s got some nerve. Okay. She don’t gotta know I ain’t with Leo right now, but I do love him and I always will. As for babies, my sperm probably don’t swim, given I’m intersex, but that ain’t her business and even if they could swim and I wasn’t gay, I wouldn’t want that loony bitch. I can see now why all her men run. I don’t blame them.”

Irma, Don thought. I know she liked Raph and accused him of leading her on, but would she really do something to him and is she really behind his absence? And Raph’s intersex. I didn’t know. That means we’ve all fucked him and there’ll be babies. Our babies, whom we’ll never see if we don’t find Raph. I think Irma lied. Oh, Raph, why didn’t you tell us? Were you scared we’d be revolted and would ditch you, because I wouldn’t. Not ever and neither would Mikey and Leo. We love you so much and we’d want the babies. Oh, Raph, where are you? Did Dad know about your condition? How long did you know? Am I mad at you for hiding the truth from us? No. You had your reasons. I have to tell the others and we have to question Irma again and force her to give us answers.

Donnie placed the journals back in the dresser and cupboard and returned to the lounge.


Splinter wasn’t around.

“I have news that could help us find Raph,” Donnie said.
“What?” Leo asked eagerly.
“Let’s go to the lab. More privacy there.”

The brothers went to the lab.


“I read Raph’s journals to try and figure out his whereabouts,” Donnie said. “He had beef with Irma. We all know that she was obsessed with him, but we didn’t know that she was desperate to have his babies and you know what desperate women do. They hatch plans.”
“Are you saying that Irma kidnapped Raph to force him to mate with her?” Leo asked.
“Yep. I think she did that. No one else has a vendetta with Raph, other than our enemies, but I don’t think they have Raph. Anyway, the kicker is that Raph’s sperm probably don’t swim, so he couldn’t give her babies, even if he wanted to. Not that way anyway. He’s intersex, which means he has both female and male parts.”

“He’s a girl?” Mikey said. “How?”

“I don’t understand,” Leo said. “How’s that possible and why wouldn’t he tell us, Don?”
“It’s highly likely Raph was a female before he mutated, so he has a uterus and ovaries, as well as his dick. I suspect he didn’t tell us, because he was frightened of our reactions and also repulsed. That’s so Raph, our Alpha brother. How would you feel if you knew you could lay eggs and you considered yourself a boy? No, Mikey. He’s a boy, but he’s intersex and can lay eggs. Irma would take the babies for herself if she found out and she’d probably get rid of Raph, so we’d never know, which means we have to find him ASAP. That’s right. Raph will probably lay our eggs. Something we never thought was possible, but I think it's fantastic. I’m not mad at him. I just wish he’d told us it was feasible.”
“I’m not mad either, but that’s a lot to take in. Babies. I…No wonder Raph asked how I’d feel about it. He knew and he wanted to gauge how I felt. Maybe he was waiting for the right moment to tell me. Not that any moment would lessen the shock. Do I want them? Absolutely. Do I feel disgusted? No. They were conceived in love and I’ll be the best dad I can be.”

“I’m going to be a daddy?” Mikey said excitedly, his blue eyes shining in elation. “Really?”
“It’s highly likely, Mikey,” Donnie said. “We’ll all be Daddies. I don’t think Dad will be on board though. Do you think he knew about Raph’s condition and that was the true reason for his banishment? Dad’s old school and he wouldn’t accept this. He’d blame Raph and would want him gone, explaining that he was a disgrace to himself, the family and clan.”
“Babies! I can’t wait!” Mikey said happily. “Raph asked me if I’d want them and I said yeah. Of course I do. I want them and I want Raph."

“I’ll talk to Dad,” Leo said. “Then we’ll track Irma’s phone and pay her a visit.”
“Can I name the babies?” Mikey asked. “I know. Giselle, Camelia…..”


Leo knocked on Splinter’s door and said, “Dad, a word, please.”
Splinter opened the door and said, “What is it, Leonardo?”
“Did you know Raph’s secret? You know the one I mean, so don’t even try to lie. Did you cast him out, because of it?”
“I did and you’d be wise to forget about your sister. She’s a danger and a disgrace to the clan. Look at the way she carried on with you lot, like a wanton slut. I’m not sorry and you will not search for her. That is an order, Leonardo. You will be cast out of the clan if you do.”
Leo’s eyes flashed and he hissed, “I always loved and respected you, but I don’t anymore. What kind of a dad and person are you banishing your kid when he needed you? I love Raph and so do Donnie and Mikey. What we have is pure and I won't leave. This is my home, old man. You should leave if you don’t like it, because I will find Raph and I will bring him home, along with any kids. We will be a happy family and all our kids will know is love."

Leo trembled inwardly, as he uttered the words. Never had he stood up to his dad in such a manner. He’d always been respectful and courteous and now he was banishing the old rat. He expected the rat to slap him or to yell at him.

“If that’s what you want,” Splinter said. “Then I will leave, but you will be sorry, Leonardo. You and your brothers are not equipped to deal with offspring and that slut, Raphael. She is one and beds anything she can find. Mark my words, she will be the downfall of you all and what you’re doing is abhorrent and unnatural. Fornicating, like a bunch of animalistic creatures. Have you no shame? You’re brothers and she is your sister!”

Leo slapped the old man’s cheek, incensed at the way he spoke about Raphael, his treasure. Raphael wasn’t a slut by any means and what they were doing wasn’t wrong. Maybe in human terms, but they weren’t quite human and they didn’t have to share their values. Besides, their love for one another wasn’t sordid. It was pure and everyone knew they were loved and respected, so why was it so wrong? It certainly didn’t feel that way. No. Splinter was the only sordid thing.

“The only unnatural being here is you,” Leo growled. “You have five minutes to leave, Splinter. Five.“
“I am gravely disappointed in you, Leonardo. You have failed me.”

Leo watched, as the old rat quickly packed a knapsack and then left his room and the lair without a word to anyone else and without a glance at his once prized pupil.


Leo returned to the lab and said, “Splinter’s gone. He kicked Raph out, because of his condition and because he knew he’d fall gravid with our young. He called Raph a slut and a disgrace to our clan and threatened to banish me if I searched for Raph. I told him to leave and he did. He thinks we’re all disgraceful and what we’re doing is repugnant, but the only awful thing is him. Our love isn’t base. How can it be when we all love one another so much and there’s respect?”
“Some people will never understand, Leo,” Donnie said. “They don’t have to. We’re okay with it and that’s all that matters. He’s really gone, huh? Are you okay?”
“Yeah. It was surreal yelling at him, because I always craved his approval, but I couldn’t condone his treatment of Raph and casting him out, especially when he needed Splinter, you know. It’s not Raph’s fault he’s intersex and we shouldn’t feel ashamed of our actions. We’re the only ones of our kind and who else would accept us looking the way we do? It was natural we’d turn to one another.”

“Exactly,” Mikey said. “I’ll miss Dad, but Leo’s right. I don’t regret things and I’ll never give any of you up. I don’t care what people think. Even Casey and April.”
“Me too,” Donnie said. “Now Irma. I tracked her phone to April’s apartment. We’ll go there now.”

“And we won’t leave without answers,” Leo said resolutely. “Even if we have to resort to violent measures.”

The brothers piled into the Battle Shell and drove to April’s apartment.


April had just finished washing her hair and was blow-drying it in her room, when she heard movement. Looking up, she saw the brothers in her room and realized they’d entered via her window, which she often left open for them.

“Hey, guys,” April said cheerfully. “What’s up?”
“Hi,” the brothers said in unison.

“Where is she?” Leo asked.
“Who, Leo?” April said.
“Watching TV. Why? And why are there only three of you?”
“Raph’s missing and your bitch of a friend knows where. She took him,” Leo hissed.
“That’s crazy. Irma wouldn’t….”

“Irma’s obsessed with Raph and wants his babies,” Don chimed in. “She fed us BS he went to Canada, but we suspect he didn’t and we want the truth. Stay in your room. It might get violent, April. Mikey, stay with April. I’m sorry, my friend, but you have to stay here. It’s for your own good.”

Leo and Donnie left the room and Mikey prevented April from leaving the room by planting himself in front of the door.


Leo and Donnie entered the lounge.

Irma blanched when she saw the murderous expressions on their faces and them wielding their weapons.

Shit, Irma thought. Do they know what I’ve done?

Irma dropped the popcorn on the floor and tried to spring to her feet, but Leo shoved her back down, his katana at her throat.

“I want answers, bitch,” Leo growled, his sapphire eyes blazing. “Where the fuck is my brother?”
“I told you where, Leo, so what’s with the attitude?”
“You fed us a load of shit! Where the fuck is our brother? I want answers now.”
“I don’t know where….”
Leo pressed the blade against her throat, immediately causing blood to trickle down her throat and snarled, “Enough with the games, Irma.”

“Man, you’ve pissed Leo off,” Donnie said, his own eyes flashing. “And me too, so tell us what we want to know and you may live. Now!”

“I…” Irma began, her eyes filling with tears and wetting her pants in fear. “I just wanted a baby, Leo.”
“NOW! Where is he? I don’t want your sob story.”
“I got married a few months ago. A secret wedding, because we wanted it that way. Anyway, we wanted a baby, but we learned I was barren. I’ve always wanted kids. It's soul-destroying knowing you can’t have any. I was still mad at Raphael and when he contacted me and told me he was intersex and may become gravid, I jumped at the chance. I could be a mom, even if it was to turtle babies. The plan was to eliminate Raphael when he laid the eggs. Then me and Saki would be happy with our babies. He’s at a residential house. It's two hundred and twenty-six. River Drive Avenue.”
“Saki?” Leo queried. “The only Saki I know is Oroku Saki.”
“Yes. That’s my husband. Anyway, that was the plan. Saki and I had a fight, because he’s been cheating. I left him with Raphael…..”
“YOU SICK AND TWISTED BITCH!” Leo roared. “You left my mate with that fucking monster. My mate and my probable babies. Have you any idea what you’ve done?”
“I’m sorry, Leo. I just wanted a baby. Please forgive me and have mercy,” Irma wept.
“No. I won’t forgive you and show you mercy. You planned on killing Raph, so why should I? Hmm. Give me one good reason, bitch. You have five seconds.”
“Leo, I’m eternally sorry. I just wanted a family, so that….”
“You were prepared to rip mine apart. No. You did that when you took Raph. We’d have been robbed of our mate and our babies. You didn’t care and must pay the ultimate price.”

Leo slit her throat before she could speak and watched, as she fell forward, the blood gushing from her wound and onto the floor, staining it crimson.

“I didn’t want to do that,” Leo said, grabbing a napkin off of the table and then wiping the blood off of his katana. “But she planned on murdering Raph, Don. How could I excuse that? I feel sorry for April, but…"
“I know, Leo. I know. You felt you had no choice. I agree with you. I feel sad, because she was our friend, but you don’t betray friends.”

Leo nodded and they went to break the news to April and Mikey.


Leo explained what had happened to a horrified and distraught April.

“I’m sorry,” Leo said. “But she wanted to murder Raph, April. How could I let that slide? Raph's my sweetheart, my universe, my soulmate."
“She was my best friend, Leo. Please get out. I need time alone.”

“You aren’t going to sell us down the drain are you?” Mikey asked worriedly.
“No,” April said. “I’ll say I returned home and found her that way. I love you guys and what she did was unforgiveable, but she was my friend and I will miss her. Please leave. I really want to be alone. Go and find Raph.”

“I really am sorry,” Leo said. “I didn’t want to, but no one hurts my family and gets away with it."

The brothers left and climbed into the van.


Leo told the others where Raphael was supposedly at and they headed to the address.

I feel terrible about killing Irma, Leo thought. But she would have killed Raph and she would have had no remorse, so why did she deserve mercy? Poor Raph. I hope that fucking Shredder hasn’t touched him. Hold on my darling, Raphie. I’m coming and I’m going to bring you and our possible babies home, where you belong.

Chapter Text

Meanwhile, Raphael had just blown Shredder for the second time that day, the villain groaning in ecstasy.

Shredder shot his load down Raphael’s throat and pulled out with a plop, panting heavily.

Raphael licked him clean and sat back, waiting for any more orders and feedback on her skills.

“Phenomenal,” Shredder said and cupped Raphael’s left boob in his fingers. “You’re talented and give the best head I’ve ever had, Ramona. Irma wasn’t keen on it.”
“Knew ya’d approve,” Raphael said and smirked. “Does that mean yer gonna keep me ‘round when I’ve laid the eggs, because I’ll be just as dynamite in bed and I got so many ideas we can try.”
“We’ll see. I’m going to get some grub, Ramona, and attend to some of my affairs. I’ll see you later, my little whore.”
“I can’t wait, Saki. Nothin’ pleases me more than satisfyin’ ya. I was born ta do it.”
“You sure are,” Shredder said and stroked Raphael’s cheek. “Bye for now, my slut.”

Shredder left the room, feeling the happiest he’d been in a long time.

It’s amazing what a blowjob can do, Shredder thought, as he headed to the kitchen to make a snack. Maybe I’ll keep Ramona for a while.


Don, Mikey and Leo arrived at Shredder’s place, picked the front door's lock and went inside.


The intruder alarm immediately went off and the three Turtles found themselves surrounded by Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady and several Foot.

“You blasted Turtles!" Shredder roared. “How did you find me?”
“Does it matter?” Leo snapped, wielding his katana menacingly. “Give us our brother!”
“Brother? Alas, Raphael is no more,” Shredder said and smirked.

The Turtles’ eyes widened in horror and shock flashed on their faces, which was quickly replaced by rage. The villain had murdered their cherished mate and he had to pay.

Picturing his deceased mate, Leo gave the signal and they charged.

“Booyakasha!” Mikey said, picking up a coffee table and throwing it at the Foot, who fell to the ground in a heap. “Yay me. I love tenpin bowling. Score one for the Mikester.”
“I won’t be so easy,” Bebop said. “I’m going to toitalize you, shellback.”
“I don’t think so,” Mikey said, swinging his nunchucks at him and then picking up a vase and throwing it at him.

The vase hit Bebop on the temple and stunned, he fell to the ground, his eyes sliding shut.

“I’m going to rip the shell off your back,” Rocksteady hissed at Don and lunged at him.
“Good luck,” Don said, leaping out of his way and making him snarl in fury.
“Damn you. I will kill you!” Rocksteady yelled and ran at him.

Don deftly avoided Rocksteady and he slammed into the wall, his horns embedded in it to his ire.

Leo was left with Shredder, who flashed his gauntlets at him.

“I’m going to eradicate you,” Shredder shouted. “You wretched reptile! I’ve had enough of you!”
“Wrong. You’re going down,” Leo yelled, his sapphire eyes flashing. “Payback for Raphael.”
“Who’s a good little cocksucker,” Shredder said sneeringly, as he swung a punch at the leader.

Leo’s eyes blazed at the taunt, he leapt high in the air, kicked out at Shredder and knocked him to the ground, but the villain immediately sprang to his feet.

“You’re not going to win, Leonardo,” Shredder said. “You’re no match for me.”

Rocksteady freed himself from the wall and charged at Don, who stepped aside and the goon crashed into the other wall, his horns embedded again.

“Hahaha. I win,” Don said. “It’s child’s play with you. Why do you even bother? You’re not much of a challenge, are you?"
“Nope,” Mikey agreed and rushed to help Leo.

Leo got into his fighting stance and thought, taunts always distract the Shredder and he becomes sloppy. He’s like Raph in some ways.

“Hey. I know why you wear a mask,” Leo said. “Because you’re so ugly, even your mom despises you and thinks you're hideous."
Shredder’s eyes flashed and he said, “Insults, huh? Not going to work.”

Rocksteady freed himself, joined his boss and said, “I’m going to kill you Turtles!”

“Let’s shed a little light on the situation,” Leo said, leaping high into the ground, kicking out at the chandelier and watching it land on the villains’ heads, sending them crashing to the ground, their eyes sliding shut.

“See if you can find Raph’s body, Leo,” Don said. “Me and Mikey will stay here and keep guard. Hurry. We don’t have much time before they wake up.”

Leo nodded glumly and went in search of his mate, dreading what he’d find.


Leo decided to check the basement first and went down to it.

Leo saw the basement door and kicked it open, knowing he didn’t have much time to find Raphael.

His eyes widened in amazement, when he saw the naked female turtle and he thought, shit. Where's Raph? Who’s that?

Raphael startled when she heard the door open. She looked up, her green eyes and face lighting up when she saw Leo.

Raphael ran at Leo and threw her arms around him, tears spilling down her emerald cheeks.

“Leo,” Raphael sobbed. “Leo, ya found me. Oh, Leo. I missed ya so much.”

“Guys!” Mikey yelled from upstairs. “You have to hurry.”

“How do you know me?” Leo asked, pulling away. “Look, you can explain later. We have to go now.”

Leo grabbed the female turtle’s hand, led her upstairs and joined Don and Mikey.


“Mikey!” Raphael said in elation. “Donnie.”

“Huh? Who’s the girl, Leo?” Mikey asked. "And how does she know us?"
“I don’t know, but we have to go.”

Mikey threw a smoke bomb.

They ran outside, climbed into the van and sped home.


Don drove and Leo and Mikey sat in the back with Raphael, who had a blanket wrapped around her to cover up.

“Who the heck are you, girly?” Leo demanded. “Do you know where my brother, Raphael is? You have his eyes, but you can’t be him and how do you know who we are?"
“It’s me, Raph,” Raphael said. “Shredder turned me into a chick.”

“He what?” Mikey said in amazement. “You’re a girl now, Raph? No way.”
“Yeah. I am. He inverted my dick ta become a vagina. It’s a long explanation, but I’m a full girl now and I got boobs, which ya noticed. It’s permanent. They said it’d be easier ta bear the young and I can suckle them. Shredder called me Ramona after his deceased girlfriend, but I hate it and….Ya hate the changes, right? Ya guys ain’t said nothin’. Ya don’t like the new me. I can’t blame ya. I ain’t adjusted ta me yet and I don’t know if I will. Damn. I missed ya all so much. Ya don’t want me now, do ya?”

“Of course I do, Raph,” Leo said and grabbed Raphael’s hand. “I love you for who you are. That’ll never change. I went insane with worry about you. I can’t believe you’re okay and that you’re here with us. That’s all that matters. You’re back with us and we’re never going to let you go. You’re our mate and we love you so much. I’m so sorry you went through that, my love, and I swear no one will ever hurt you again.”

“Yeah, dudette,” Mikey said and smiled. “I think me and Donnie love the changes more than Leo, but we’d never ditch you, so banish that thought, okay? You’re ours and nothing will change that.”

Raphael nuzzled her beak against Leo’s and said, “Dudette. I still can’t believe it and I can’t believe how acceptin’ ya are of the new me. I thought ya’d be revolted.”
“Of course not,” Leo said and kissed Raphael’s cheek. “We adore you and are so grateful to have you back with us, Raph. You don’t have to have a girl’s name if you don’t want, okay?”
“I think I should, but only ta Raphaella, so ain’t a major change.”
“All right, my love. We’re nearly home. Then you’re going to bed, where we can take good care of you. Damn. I missed you so, so much.”
“I missed ya guys incredibly too,” Raphael said, her green eyes filling with tears. “Man, I thought I’d never see ya guys again. How'd ya find me?”
“Irma. We’re home. We’ll talk when we’re settled in.”


They arrived home at the lair.

Leo carried Raphaella into their room.


Leo placed Raphaella in his bed and the others went to make snacks for them all.

Raphaella gripped Leo’s hand and said, “Is Splinter here? He don’t want me at home and will blow a fuse, Leo. I can’t be here. He’s gonna be pissed.”
“He’s gone. I kicked him out when I learned the truth about your banishment.”
Raphaella paled. "Ya know? Are ya furious? Oh, Leo…”

Mikey and Donnie arrived with a tray of sandwiches and placed it on Raphael’s lap.

“Eat,” Donnie said. “Then we’ll talk.”

They ate the sandwiches.

Raphaella’s stomach churned, as she wondered if her brothers knew her secret and what they thought about it.

Are they pissed, Raphaella thought? Maybe not if they exiled Splinter.

The food was soon finished and Leo placed the tray on the desk.

“Donnie found your diaries, Raph,” Leo said. “He read about Irma’s obsession with you and told us. We suspected she was behind everything and paid her a visit at April’s apartment. I interrogated her and she said where you were located. I killed her, because she revealed her plan was to murder you. She showed you no mercy, so she got none. I didn’t want to, but I had no choice. No one messes with my family, especially my mates.”
Raphaella blanched, hung her head and said in a broken voice, “So ya know the secret. I was gonna tell ya, Leo. I was waitin’ for the right moment, but I couldn’t find one and anyway, nothin’ I said woulda lessened the shock. Are ya guys mad? I understand if ya are and don’t want me no more.”

“We all know,” Mikey said, displaying a poker face.
“Yeah,” Don said. “It’s a huge secret and stunned us all.”

“I’ll say, Raph,” Leo said. He tilted Raphaella’s face up to his, gently kissed away the tears that ran down Raphaella’s cheeks and said, “No, you idiot. None of us wants to dump you. We love you so much and we’re over the moon that you may become gravid with our babies. We didn’t think it possible that we’d be daddies and we can’t wait. We understand why you were so nervous to tell us and we forgive you, Raph. Like I said, all that matters is that you’re here with us and that we’re all together.”
“Really?” Raphaella said, her heart leaping for joy. “Ya really still want me and any babies?”

“Duh,” Mikey said and kissed Raphaella’s lips. “Of course we do. I was surprised, but oh so happy. I hope we have at least four. I know you’ll be an amazing parent and we’ll be the best dads. The babies will be so spoiled and… Donnie, when will we know if Raph’s gravid?”
“I’ll do a pregnancy test tomorrow,” Donnie said and smiled. He kissed Raphaella’s cheek and said, “I’ve always wanted to be a dad. I'll be a great one if it happens. We all will be and you’ll always be loved and cared for, Raph.”

Raphaella beamed and said, “Man, I’m such a lucky guy-girl-ta have ya as my mates.”
“We’re the lucky ones,” Mikey said. “Unbelievably lucky. We’re going to show you just how much you’ve been missed, when you're ready, Raph.”
“No offence, Mike, but I want my V-card ta be punched by Leo, okay? Then ya all can fuck me as much as ya want. And Donnie and Mikey, my new name is Raphaella. Raph or Raphie for short.”

“All right,” Don said.

Raphaella yawned and said, "So tired."
“Bedtime," Leo said.

Raphaella scooted to the other side of the bed and said, “Leo, come and lie next ta me, then Mikey and then Donnie.”

They all climbed into bed.

Leo wrapped his arms around Raphaella, smothered her face with kisses and said, “I love you so much, Raphie. I’m so glad you’re home.”
"Home. It feels so surreal bein' here. I keep thinkin' I'm in that basement."

“Me too,” Mikey said, rolling over and peering at Raphaella. “We all are. Life wasn’t the same without you, hon, and we weren’t complete. Now we are and we’re never letting you out of our sight.”

“Love you, Raph,” Don said. “We’ll have a celebration dinner in your honor tomorrow. Love you, Mikey and Leo.”

“Love you, Don!” Leo and Mikey said in unison.

“Love you, Mikey,” Leo said.
“Love you too, Leo. I want to tap your ass tomorrow, okay?”
Leo laughed and said, “Maybe.”

“Love ya all too,” Raphaella said, happy tears shining in her eyes. She kissed Leo’s lips and added, “Hey. I want ya ta know somethin’, Leo.”
“What, babe?”
“Yer the most precious thing I got and I’m grateful ya don’t hate me for my deception. Thank ya, babe. Ya should know I blew Shredder. I only did it ta gain his trust, so he'd free me. I didn't like it."
"It doesn't matter. Forget it. You did what you had to and it's the past, okay? Rest, my sweetheart. You're safe and no one will ever hurt you again. Splinter's also gone for good, so just focus on us and our love."
"I missed yer scent. Ya smell so intoxicatin'."
“Yours is more feminine now, like honeysuckle, but I like it. I missed you next to me. That’s where you belong. With me and our brothers.”
“Yeah. I’m home. Aishiteru, angel. Hey. Do I gotta wear makeup and dresses?”
“It’s your choice. Aishiteru.”

Raphaella smiled and thought, as she closed her eyes, I’m home with my mates, especially my adored Leo. I’m so happy they forgave me. I couldn’t have asked for better mates and I’m gonna love them all until my dyin’ breath. I’m gonna find out if I’m gravid tomorrow. I hope I am.

Raphaella soon fell asleep, knowing that she was safe and loved by her mates and that she always would be no matter what curveballs life threw at them.

Chapter Text

Four weeks later: September 4

The adjustment to a female had been easier for Raphaella than she’d thought it would be. Sure, she missed the dick and muscles she’d been immensely proud of, but the benefits of her transition far outweighed the cons. Laying eggs would be significantly easier, thanks to her wider hips. She could suckle the young and both Mikey and Don couldn’t get enough of her boobs, so their dream of being with a woman had been fulfilled. Raphaella loved exploring her new body, the new sensations and she had to admit her boobs were beautiful. Firm, round and perfect. Even Leo had said he loved her transformation, even though it’d been a shock at first, but he’d take Raphael in any shape or form. All that mattered was that Raphael was okay and besides, she was still the same Raphael personality-wise and whom Leo had fallen in love with.

Raphaella was as feisty, as she’d always been and as for makeup and dresses? April had been terrific and had brought her an assortment of clothes and makeup, which she was experimenting with. She had to admit she looked gorgeous in her dresses. She drew the line at a bikini, though, even though Mikey begged her, because she was shy.

Casey was weirded out by Raphaella’s transition and hardly visited the lair now, citing that he was busy, but Raphaella knew that he just felt awkward. She’d tried telling Casey that she was still the same person, but Casey still didn’t visit much and he said the barest minimum when he did.

April had been a different story and had treated the volatile turtle like her BFF, thinking now that she was a chick she could talk makeup, fashion, rom coms and gossip with her, but damn it, April was so wrong. Raphaella might wear dresses and makeup, but she hated talking about it and chick flicks. She still loved sports and tinkering with her bike and she always would. She told April that, but April still talked chick stuff to her to her ire.

The hothead wasn’t as strong as she’d previously been, but she was still skilled in ninjutsu and with her sai, nimble and lighting fast, so she could go on missions, however they wouldn’t be as frequent if there were babies, because Leo had said someone had to stay at home with them. Raphaella thought that was a tad misogynistic of Leo, because she wasn’t a damn housewife, but she hadn’t argued about it. Speaking about housewife duties, she suspected that now that she was a girl, she was supposed to cook, clean and take care of all the chores. Not in this lifetime. She'd do her share of the duties, but she wasn’t going to become a Nigella Lawson overnight and constantly bake and cook. Damn it. Her mates had another thing coming if they expected it. And they were so wrong if they expected her to be the sole carer of any babies, because she wanted them to do their fair share, which included changing diapers.

Raphaella’s mates had constantly fawned over her and while she sometimes grumbled about it, she loved the attention. It was heaven being cocooned in so much love. They hadn’t had vaginal sex with Raphaella, because she was still healing, but they’d all indulged in oral sex with her multiple times and she loved the new sensations. They all slept together most nights and it was no longer weird being cuddled by Mikey or Donnie, whom she was now crazy about. They were gentle and sweet, but she still didn’t love them as much as Leo and she knew she never would. Leo was her soulmate, her heart, the center of her galaxy.

No one had heard from Splinter, which suited them fine.

Raphaella woke up that morning, September 4, snuggled in Mikey’s arms and suddenly a twinge of nausea hit her.

She extricated herself, jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet.

Hearing her retching, her concerned mates got up and entered the bathroom.

“Raphie, are you okay?” Leo asked, his voice laced with concern.
“I feel sick, Leo. Bilious. Maybe it’s somethin’ I ate,” Raphaella said, as her stomach lurched. She threw up again and said, "Maybe it was the prawns last night."

“Maybe it’s the baby,” Mikey said excitedly, his eyes shining with happiness at the thought.

“The only way of knowing is by examining you, Raph,” Donnie said. “Let’s get you to the lab, hon. Do you think you can walk?”
“I ain’t no invalid, Donnie. Let’s go,” Raphaella said and vomited again. “Damn it. I feel like my guts are on fire,” she said weakly and sank to the floor. “How long does nausea last if it is the baby?”
“A couple of months. Leo, pick her up. Mikey, bring that bucket.”

Leo scooped his protesting mate into his arms and they headed to the lab.


Leo placed Raphaella onto a stretcher.

Donnie hooked the emerald skinned turtle up to an ultrasound machine, which would tell them what they wanted to know.

The ultrasound machine clearly showed Raphaella’s uterus, ovaries and what appeared to be a little mass in her tail.

“What the heck is that?” Mikey asked, pointing at the screen.
“That….” Donnie said happily, his eyes lighting up. “Is what appears to be a bulge, an egg.”

“Which means,” Leo said excitedly and kissed Raphaella’s lips. “Raph’s gravid. Oh, my sweet angel. Do you see that? That’s our egg. We’re going to be parents. I can’t believe it.”
Raphaella gazed at the image on the screen, smiled, patted her flat plastron and said, “Ours. So it’s true. I’m gonna have a baby. Wow. Who’d a thought we’d ever be parents? It’s a dream come true. How many am I gonna have?”

“We won’t know until your second trimester, Raph,” Donnie said.
“How long will her pregnancy last, Donnie?” Mikey asked.
“Well, we have human DNA, as well as Turtle, so it’s probably close to nine months, which gives us plenty of time to read up on parenting, to stock up on baby supplies, to baby- proof the lair and to get the nursery ready. The hatching period is about two months, so baby won’t be here before March next year. Raph looks to be three weeks along. She’ll need to be monitored on a regular basis and she’ll have to make changes to her lifestyle. No more alcohol, no more fighting with Casey. Light exercise, like walking, is all she can do from now on. She can’t eat shellfish or sushi. I’ll work out a new diet for her, so she and the baby will have maximum nutrients.”
“Is Raph going to become fat, like the other mommies?” Mikey asked.
Donnie grinned, as Raphaella scowled at Mikey and said, “Pregnancy’s different for everyone. Some people grow fat and quickly lose the baby weight. Others don’t, so who’s to say what’ll happen? She’ll become softer and rounder, but time will tell, whether it's permanent.”

“Fuck no!” Raphaella growled. “I ain’t gonna become a lardball. I’ll have the babies. Then I’m gonna lose the weight, go back ta trainin’ and ta doin’ what I do. Don’t think I’m gonna do everythin’ for the babies. Yer gonna help and that includes the diapers.”
Leo’s eyes widened in horror and he said, “Uh. Isn’t that a mom’s thing?”
Raphaella glared at the leader and said angrily, “No! Couples share the duties, Leo. Damn it. Ya helped make the baby, ya will also care for it! And ya will get up in the middle of the night as well and attend ta him or her.”

“Hah. It’s going to be fun seeing Leo battle with the diapers,” Mikey said and snickered. “Especially if the baby has a poo diaper. Hahaha.”
“We’ll see how ya are when that happens, Mike,” Raphaella retorted. “I bet ya will run a mile. Leo will be fine after some practicin’. So, what other changes can I expect?”

“Cravings and an urge to run to the bathroom every five minutes,” Don said. “You’ll feel like the egg's pressing on your bladder, you’ll be hungry all the time, because you’re eating for two and you may have odd cravings. You’ll also go through hormonal changes….”

Raphaella suddenly felt queasy and seeing the nauseated expression on her face, Mikey offered her the bucket and she retched into it.

“You okay, Raph?” Donnie asked.
“Yeah. I just spewed my guts, but I’m real damn peachy, egghead,” Raphaella said sarcastically and sat up, her face ashen.

“You’re going to be fine,” Leo said and kissed Raphaella’s cheek. “We’ll be here with you, will cater to your every whim and that baby’s going to be so spoiled. I love you and I’m so proud of you, my sweetheart.”
“Love ya too, baby. So, what other changes, Donnie?”

“Oh,” Donnie said and smiled mischievously. “Your moods will shift a lot, ranging from angry to sad to horny and there’s a possibility you may suffer from post-partum depression. It affects some women, but don’t worry. There is treatment for it and your ankles will swell.”
“So I’m gonna be horny, look like a beach ball and eat like there ain’t no tomorrow,” Raphaella said. “Just peachy and I’m gonna be a dick sometimes. Can ya guys handle it?”

“Dudette, we’ve handled you for years,” Mikey said and kissed Raphaella’s lips. “I think we can handle your pregnancy and besides, you’re giving us the most amazing gift. A new life to cherish and love. Thank you, my darling Raph. I always wanted to be a dad and now it’s happening. I can’t wait to hold the baby and to teach them all I know.”

Raphaella was tempted to say that Mikey didn’t know much, but she didn’t want to upset the prankster. Not now during this special moment.

“I can’t believe it either, Mike,” Raphaella said and beamed, her green eyes shining. “I was disgusted when I first learned I was intersex and when I laid duds, but when we all got together I was so excited ‘bout the idea of havin’ a family. Littles one ta spoil and ta fuss over. I’m so unbelievably happy, I feel like I could burst and I know the babies will be adored and ya will all be amazin’ dads. I’m so honored ta have ya as mates and that ya love me so damn much.”
“Got that straight,” Donnie said and kissed Raphaella’s cheek. “You’re the most treasured thing we have, Raph. The baby will be a lasting legacy of our immense love and respect for you. We’re overjoyed. I never dreamed this was possible. Thank you, hon.”

“Yes. Thank you, takara,” Leo said, his sapphire eyes shining in elation. He planted a tender kiss on Raphaella’s mouth and said, “Thank you, Raph. I’m going to do my best to be all the baby deserves and needs. I know I’ll struggle with diapers at first, but I’ll keep trying until I get it right. You know there’s no quit in my vocabulary. Just like there’s none in yours. I have no doubt you’ll be an incredible mommy.”
“I’m gonna cry,” Raphaella said, her heart swelling in love and affection for her family. Tears ran down her cheeks and she choked out, “I’m so grateful ta ya all for lovin’ me, acceptin’ me and for welcomin’ our little angel.”

“We could never turn a baby away, hon,” Mikey said. “Especially if it’s our own. Others may never accept what we have, but who cares? We know it’s love and that baby’s a product of our deep love for one another. That’s all that matters, but I do have to ask this. Suppose one of us isn’t the biological daddy of the babies? Does that matter?”
“No,” Leo piped up and kissed Mikey’s lips to reassure him. “Mikey, we’re all Raph’s mates and even though she and I have a deeper connection and love, it doesn’t mean the baby or babies are more mine. They’re ours equally. All of us and we’re all daddies, so stop worrying. We’re one happy family.”

“Yeah,” Donnie said and kissed Leo’s hand. “That won’t change no matter what life throws at us. Nothing will destroy our bonds. I love you all so much.”
“Love ya too, Donnie,” Raphaella said and kissed Donnie’s cheek. “Our baby’s the cherry on our amazin’ relationship. We’re so blessed.”

“We are,” Leo said. “Love you, Donnie.”

“Love you, Donnie,” Mikey said. “Hey. Can you print that image, Donnie? I want to make a baby book.”
“Of course. I’ll do that now, Mikey, while you make breakfast if Raph can stomach it.”

“Maybe some dry toast and tea. I hate tea,” Raphaella said. “But I heard ginger tea is good for pregnancies, so some of that please.”
“Of course, my love,” Leo said. “I’ll make it. Think you can walk.”

Donnie printed copies of the sonogram, handed it to his mates, unhooked Raphaella from the ultrasound machine and said, “Raph, I expect you to rest as much as you can and no more patrolling, okay? You can’t in your condition.”
“Yeah. I know. Fine. I won’t argue. I just want the baby ta be happy and healthy. I’m gonna listen ta yer orders, but I will patrol when the baby’s hatched and fight bad guys. Maybe not all the time, but sometimes. I’m still a ninja and I can kick ass.”

Leo nodded and said, “All right. Now let’s get some breakfast.”

“I’m gonna make pancakes and…” Mikey said.

The thought of food made Raphaella hurl into the bucket. Then she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

"I think I wanna rest," Raphaella said. "I’ll eat and drink the tea later. Leo, sit with me, please.”
“Of course. I’ll carry you to bed. Don’t fight me,” Leo said, giving his and Raphaella’s printed sonograms to Mikey and then picking up Raphaella and leaving the lab.


Donnie and Mikey went to Leo’s bedroom, where Raphaella was placed in bed and covered with a blanket. Then they went to the kitchen to make breakfast and to call April and tell her the fantastic news.

Leo pulled up a chair, sat down by the bed, gripped Raphaella’s hand and said, “You rest for a while, my love. My sweet Raphie. Then you must eat.”
“I will, takara,” Raphaella said and nuzzled Leo’s hand. “Thank ya, my angel. Thank ya for our baby. I’m gonna be the best mommy I can be.”
“I know you will, hon. What gender would you like?”
“I don’t care, as long as they’re healthy, but I think Mikey would like a little girl. He’s probably gonna name her Esmeralda or Aurora or somethin’ from the Disney movies. Donnie won’t care. He’s just over the moon he’s gonna be a dad. What ‘bout ya?”
“I don’t mind what we have. I’m just thrilled to bits, Raphie. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d ever be a dad. Thank you. What about you?”
“I kinda like Yasemine for a girl and Miles for a boy. I also like Leo, of course, after the most terrific and sensational guy in the galaxy."
"Those are great names, my love. Rest and know I'll be here when you wake. I love you," Leo said and kissed Raphaella's lips.
“Love ya, my takara,” Raphaella said and closed her eyes.

I can’t wait, Raphaella thought. Ta hold my babies and ta tell them how much I love them. They’re gonna have the most amazin’ life and will lack for nothin’. Thank ya, Great Bein’. Thank ya for the baby and for the most wonderful mates I could have, especially my treasured Leo. I’m so grateful for everythin’.

Chapter Text

Shredder’s last four weeks:

Shredder had been furious when the Turtles had escaped and he had been about to send his men after them, when his phone had rung.

“Hello,” Shredder said.
“Is this Oroku Saki? I’m Detective Chang.”
“I’m sorry to inform you, but your wife’s dead, Sir. We’d like you to come down to the station….”
“Irma dead? What the hell? How? When?” Shredder asked, various emotions overwhelming him: disbelief, shock, rage, grief, sorrow and curiously a sense of relief.
“Please come down to the station. We’d like to talk to you there.”
“You mean you think I’m a suspect, don’t you? That’s how it goes. The husband’s always suspect number one, especially if the marriage was a tumultuous one.”
“Was yours?”
“At times, but I would never murder Irma. This has to be a mistake. She’s alive and this is a hoax.”
“I’m afraid not. Her friend found her. Sir, I know this is a difficult time, but we need to talk to you.”
“I’ll be there,” Shredder said curtly and hung up.

Turning to his henchmen,” Shredder said. “I’m going out. Irma was killed and the police want to question me. As if I’d murder her. Who would? She was a nag, sure, but she was also sweet and kind and…I don’t know what to feel.”
“I think you lucked out, Boss,” Bebop said. “You’ve felt trapped in the marriage for some time. I think whoever did it did you a huge favor.”
“That’s a heartless thing to say!”

“But true,” Rocksteady said. “You’ve been unhappy for some time. All that pressure about a baby you didn’t even really want, Boss. I think we should celebrate and besides, none of us liked her. She was rude, bossy and annoying. I’m glad she died.”
“My money’s on the Turtles,” David, a dark haired and eyed thug said. “They had motive, but I don’t think they should be punished for it. Irma was a horrid person and deserved everything she got.”

“I don’t recall asking for your opinions,” Shredder snapped, his eyes flashing. “She was my wife, I loved her and I will avenge her death, even if I feel slightly relieved she’s gone. It’s no secret that we argued a lot and that our relationship was troubled, but she loved me, I loved her and we had some great times. I won’t miss the nagging, though, if I have to be honest, but I miss the special times we had. Anyway, what would you dicks know about a relationship? Start looking for those blasted Turtles, especially Raphael, whom I named Ramona. I will take what they treasure most if they killed my Irma: Ramona, but I won’t murder her. I’ll keep her as my wife and I'll eliminate the Turtles when they come looking for her.”

“Uh, Boss, why would you want a Turtle as your wife?” David asked.
“That’s my business, David,” Shredder said irately. “I don’t pay you to ask questions. Get going.”

Yes, Shredder thought, as his men left. Irma’s dead, so I can take a new wife. I’ll take Ramona. It’ll hurt the Turtles, until I murder them and besides, I kind of liked Ramona and I could love her. Yes. I like that idea very much.

Shredder climbed into his car and drove to the station.


Shredder arrived at the station, went to the front desk and told the man behind it he was there to meet Detective Chang.

The man behind the desk fetched Detective Tim Chang, who was dark haired, dark eyed, five ten, slim and whose eyes appeared to bore into the depths of one’s soul.

Shredder didn’t like the man from the start and had a feeling he was in for a grilling.

Detective Chang shook hands with Shredder and said, “I’m so sorry about your wife, Mr. Oroku.”
“Thank you. It was a huge shock.”
“Would you like to see your wife? She’s in the morgue.”
“I would.”
“Very well. Please come this way.”

Detective Chang led Shredder down a long passage, stopped outside a door, opened it and they went inside to the morgue.


The ME, Jane Grove, was there, along with April, whose face was streaked with tears, her mascara smeared and her hair in a messy bun, her T-shirt and her shorts wrinkled.

April also looked exhausted and her eyes widened in astonishment when she saw Shredder.

Shredder regarded her coolly, his eyes narrowed, the only sign of surprise at seeing her.

“Mrs Grove, this is the victim’s husband, Mr. Oroku,” Detective Chang said.

“I am so sorry, Mr. Oroku,” Grove said.

“Thank you,” Shredder said stiffly. “Miss O’Neil.”
“I had no idea you knew Irma,” April said. “I’m sorry for your loss. She was a wonderful person and I will miss her.”
“Thank you. Did you find her?”
“I was. I was out for a walk, came home and found her dead,” April said, rattling off the story she’d told the cops. “I was so stunned,” April wept. “Who’d hurt Irma? She was the kindest person and I can’t believe she’s gone.”
“indeed,” Shredder said, disbelieving her story. It sounded fishy. He suspected she knew more than she was willing to let on, but he’d let that slide for the moment and would grill her later. “I’d like to see my wife.”
“I’ll go,” April said and smiled weakly. “I’m sorry again. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do. My details are on Irma’s phone.”
“I’ll be in touch. Bye.”

Mrs Grove pulled back a white sheet covering a body on a stretcher nearby, exposing Irma.

Shredder fought the urge to vomit, as he studied Irma's lifeless body, her beautiful eyes now vacant, her mouth open in a silent scream and her neck encrusted with dried blood, but what horrified him most was the clean severing of her head from her body, a swift and clean decapitation that’d clearly been done by someone with excellent swordsmanship skills. Maybe a katana?

Yes. The only way, Shredder mused. That the Turtles could have found Ramona-he refused to call her Raphael now-was if they’d interrogated Irma. Leonardo had probably seen red when he found out what Irma had plotted and he’d slashed her throat. Well, he’d pay for that and he’d never see his precious Ramona again. None of the fucking Turtles would.

“I’ve seen enough,” Shredder said, refusing to cry in front of strangers. “That is my wife. Do you know what caused her death?”
“We haven’t conducted an autopsy yet,” Grove said. She and Chang weren't bewildered by Shredder’s lack of emotion, because people grieved in different ways. “We’ll notify you when we have. Is there anyone you’d like us to call to help you with funeral arrangements?”
“No. I have it under control. Is that all?”

“I’d still like to question you,” Detective Chang said. “In my office.”
“Fine,” Shredder said. “Irma, I’m sorry. I loved you and I’ll miss you. Be free, my love, and rest in peace.”

Shredder left the room with Detective Chang and went to the cop's office.


“So,” Detective Chang said. “Do you know who’d want to harm your wife, Mr. Oroku?”
“No. Irma was a sweet lady,” Shredder said. “And such a giving person. I’m in shock. You never think you’ll lose your spouse, especially at such a young age.”
“What about past boyfriends? Anyone she had a grudge with?”
“I don’t think so. Irma had a bad track record with dates and could get very clingy with her men, which turned them off. They ran, but she wasn’t an awful person.”
“What about family?”
“Her parents died in a plane crash when she was eighteen and her older sister was murdered when Irma was twenty-six. I was her only family. We had problems, but I'd never harm her.”
“Why did you have problems?”
“Fertility issues. Irma was barren and wanted a baby. We were going to adopt. I wasn’t so keen, but I agreed to make her happy. I can’t believe she’s gone. It feels like a part of me is missing.”
“I couldn’t help noticing the deep slash on her throat. Maybe from a sword of some kind. Would you have any idea?”
“None. Come on. Who goes about murdering people with a sword? It sounds like something out of a bad slasher movie.”
“Truth is stranger than fiction and you’re a ninja, so you have the skills,” Detective Chang said, looking intently at Shredder.
“I do, but I wouldn’t kill my wife,” Shredder said, looking evenly at him.
“Did you have financial trouble?”
“No and there was no infidelity, in case you’re wondering. Is that all?”
“For now. We’ll be in touch, Mr. Oroku,” Detective Chang said, as they both stood. “I truly am sorry for your loss.”
“Thank you,” Shredder said and left the room.


Shredder was informed of Irma’s autopsy findings the next day, the report indicating that she'd been killed by something sharp, a sword perhaps and that the person who’d committed the atrocious act was clearly highly skilled. Her death had been instantaneous and her stomach contents at the time of her death had been popcorn and alcohol.

Definitely a katana, Shredder had thought. Leonardo's doing. I will find those Turtles and I won’t rest until I do.

Shredder planned Irma’s memorial service, but he deliberately didn’t infirm April about it, because he knew she knew who’d killed his wife and was hiding the secret. He learned that Irma had a seventy-year-old spinster aunt called Valerie, who lived in Texas. She’d blubbered like a baby when she’d learned of her niece’s death and said she’d attend the memorial service on August 20.


August 20: the day of Irma’s memorial service.

The service was short and sweet, with only Shredder, Valerie and ten of Shredder’s men attending. The henchmen were forced to be there and watched the proceedings with stony faces.

Shredder wore a gray double-breasted suit, gray tie and matching Italian shoes.

Irma was in a closed casket. White roses were placed on the lid of it, because she’d loved them. Her face had been made up with red lipstick, purple eye shadow and mascara by a makeup artist and she wore her wedding dress.

Valerie gave a tearful and heartfelt eulogy.

Then it was Shredder’s turn.

“We are gathered here to celebrate Irma’s life," Shredder said."She was a remarkable person, who loved with every fiber of her being, who was generous….”

Bebop snorted contemptuously and Shredder glowered at him. He ducked his head and studied the floor.

“As I was saying,” Shredder said. “Irma was exceptional and brought light and love to everyone she met. I will miss her incredibly and will always treasure our short time together. I will also search for the person, who so callously robbed her of her life and I will make them pay. Irma, my love, I hope you’re at peace and that you know you’ll always be in my heart.”

He hadn’t shed a tear, but he did feel a stirring in his chest when he thought about the woman he’d spent some of his life with his and he did miss her in some ways. The good times. Not the nagging, the yelling and ranting in the past few months.

The service over, Irma’s favorite song ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams played on the portable CD player.

Shredder was moved by the song and wiped away a tear. Irma had played it a lot and it’d been their first song at their small wedding reception attended only by them and Shredder’s goons. Shredder had danced with her and had been ecstatic.

They then departed for the crematorium and Irma was placed in a hearse for the short journey there.


They arrived at the crematorium chamber.

Valerie broke down, as her beloved niece was placed into a combustible box and then placed in the metal sliding door to the crematorium.

Shredder’s men ushered her outside.

“I love you, Irma,” Shredder said. “I'll always remember what we had before you became crazy. I’m sorry this happened to you and I will avenge your death. I promise. I will take another wife. Ramona. I deserve some happiness and I feel she can give it. Rest in peace.”

Shredder left the chamber and they all went home to his place. Even Valerie, who was still sobbing.


September 4:

Shredder had spent the last couple of weeks dealing with business matters, fighting enemies and plotting how to snare his Ramona. He’d also been dealing with the bank and lawyers and had learned that Irma had left him 500 000 Dollars. He planned on investing it. He also inherited her car, various trinkets and bills. Bills he refused to pay. Surely if a spouse died, the surviving one shouldn’t have to pay their debts? Well, fuck it. Eight hundred Dollars debt. How the hell had she accumulated that? Yes. He knew how. Phone bills and shopping. The woman had never been good with money.

The house was rather quiet without his pestering wife. He sort of missed the nagging and he was lonely, a loneliness that made him feel like he’d die, so he’d paid for two hookers a week earlier. He'd had a threesome with them, but it’d only left him cold and revolted with himself that he could stoop so low.

Ramona’s face often flashed before him, but he didn’t feel disgusted that he wanted the Turtle. He’d loved being with her and he wanted her again. She was the ying to his yang and she was the only one who could help him through his dark patch.

Yes. He would own her and the Turtle would love him back in time. The last thing Leonardo and the others would see before they lost their lives was Ramona making tender love to him and they'd hear her yell his name.

Shredder smiled at the thought. Then he told his men to bring April to him. He wanted to know the location of the Turtles' lair.

The men left and went in search of April.

Ramona, my love, Shredder thought. It won’t be long until we’re reunited. I promise I’ll love you all my life and will be all you need and deserve.

Chapter Text

Raphaella’s lovers had gone all out that evening, September 4, and cooked a fantastic three course dinner to celebrate her pregnancy. None of them had shut up about the impending babies all day, their excitement seeming to grow with each nanosecond. That warmed Raphaella’s soul. She was giving them a gift none of them had ever thought they’d experience: fatherhood and she was so damn proud and happy. She knew they would be amazing daddies and she couldn’t wait to hold her babies.

Dinner finished, the family had snuggled on the couch and watched a movie, Raphaella’s head resting contentedly on Leo’s plastron.

Then Mikey and Donnie had said they were going to play video games in their room and had left the lounge.

Raphaella suspected that was a lie and they wanted time alone to copulate.

“Want to watch another movie, Raph?” Leo asked.
“Sure, but no more cheesy rom coms. How ‘bout somethin’ with an actual plot? Choose one. I’ll be back in a bit. Just wanna go ta the bathroom,” Raphael said and stood up.
“Fine. How ‘bout the Panic room? I heard it’s terrific.”
“Awesome, my love,” Raphaella said, bending down and then kissing his beak. “See ya in a bit.”

Raphaella left the room and instead of going to the bathroom went to her bedroom. Screw the movie. She had something more fun in mind and she knew her lover would love it.


Raphaella took out incense candles from her bedroom cupboard and dotted the candles around the room, marveling at their soft and romantic glow.

Do I need music, she wondered? Hell yeah. I know. Here I am by Bryan Adam. It’s a bit corny maybe, but I think it’s perfect.

Raphaella set up the music player, popped a Bryan Adams CD in and pressed play.

Now what, she wondered?

Oh, right. Her clothing. The pink dress she wore wouldn’t cut it. She needed something sexier, like the lingerie she’d refused from Mikey and stuffed into the back of the cupboard, because she’d been too shy. If she wanted to lose her virginity she had to forget her shyness and prudeness and get on with it.

She pulled out an extremely racy red lace bra and matching panties and slipped them on, wincing, as she noticed they barely covered her assets and that they were see-through.

So slutty, Raphaella thought and sighed. Damn Mikey for choosin' it, but there’s no goin’ back. I wanna lose it tonight, so I’m gonna forget my ego.

Raphaella was about to get the matching negligee, when she felt a tingling sensation on her scalp.

What the fuck, she thought in dismay and turned to her full length mirror Leo had set up?

Her green eyes widened in shock, as she saw dark hair covering her head.

I have hair now, she thought, as she ran her fingers through it. Hair on my scalp and which goes down ta my shoulders. Dark brown hair. I kinda like it. Brings out my green eyes. Whoa. I sound vain, but I really am an allurin’ Turtle now. I got a great body, awesome boobs and long dark hair. I’m gorgeous, she thought, as she turned sideways and studied herself. Mmm. I know Leo will be blown away too. I’d better finish dressin’. I’m growin’ impatient. I need Leo in me and I won’t take no for an answer.

Raphaella donned her red negligee, applied red lipstick, sat down on the bed and said, “Honey, can ya come here? I need some help.”
“What?” Leo called from the lounge. “I thought you were in the bathroom, Raph.”
“Leo, please, babe. I need ya ta change the light bulb, okay? It just went out.”

The leader jumped up and went to his bedroom.

Hearing Leo’s light footsteps, Raphaella stood up and waited.

She pounced on him as soon as he entered the room, passionately kissing him and rubbing her plastron up against his, causing a delicious friction that made heat flood his groin and his shell feel embarrassingly tight.

“Raph, what the heck!” Leo said, as she continued grinding against him. “You know what Donnie said. We need…..”
“I want ya,” Raphaella purred, trailing a hand down his plastron, settling it on his tail and then giving it a playful tug, which made him squawk in surprise. “I don’t wanna wait no more. I want and I want ya now! Ya want me too. I can smell yer arousal, Leo. Stop bein’ a drip and give me what we both want. Now! I’m so fuckin’ tired of waitin’.”
“You have hair,” Leo said in amazement.
“Yeah. Like it?”
“Love it. You're extra striking with your dark hair, which complements your green eyes, Raph. You’re gorgeous, but we should still wait.”
“I ain’t waitin’ no more!” Raphaella snarled. “I'll go ta Donnie or Mikey if ya don’t wanna take my virginity tonight.”
“No. I want to be the first to have you and give you that pleasure, Raph. I’m just scared of hurting you. That’s all. You’re a virgin now and I am too. We’ve only had gay sex. I know it hurts when the female has sex for the first time and the thought of hurting you terrifies me.”
“It’ll only sting for a bit, Leo. Please. I want this,” Raphaella said softly, her green eyes gazing intently into Leo’s.

Leo had never been able to refuse her.

“Okay,” Leo said and nodded. “Do you want Donnie and Mikey present to advise us?”
“Fuck no. It ain’t rocket science, Leo. Ya just plow my vagina, instead of my ass. I don’t want them here. Just us. Now get on it. I’m dyin’ of need here. I want yer fat cock slidin’ into me and fillin’ me up with yer seed. I need it. Give me that and stop worryin’. It’s gonna go fine.”
Leo winced at the crass words and said, “As eloquent as ever.”
“Forget my language and take me already, Leo,” Raphaella hissed. “I’m tired of beggin’ ya.”
“Okay,” Leo said uncertainly. “But tell me if you want me to stop."
“Leo!” Raphaella snapped and stamped her foot. “Just get on with it.”

Leo smiled nervously, placed his hands on her plastron and gently slid off her negligee, watching as it fell to the floor, so she was only clad in her bra and panties.

“Beautiful,” Leo said, studying her in awe. “Beautiful. This style suits you and accentuates your figure. I love it. Mikey chose well.”
Raphaella blushed and said, “It’s slutty! I wouldn’t have picked it, but I wanted ta give ya somethin’ special and….”
“It’s perfect. Just like you,” Leo said huskily, as he unhooked her bra, revealing her gorgeous boobs. “You’re amazing, Raphie. Look at you,” he said, as he rolled a nipple between his fingers. “A work of art.”

Raphaella moaned at his touch, her vagina tingling from desire. How she wanted him and she needed him now. Her Leo, her treasured, adorable and sexy mate. He was perfection personified and everything she’d ever wanted.

Leo smirked, as he pressed featherlight kisses on her neck and she moaned again.

Raphaella wrapped her arms around his neck, her body against his, smelling his arousal, his musk scent permeating the area and driving her mad. She could never get enough of his scent.

Leo licked and nipped her neck, leaving love bites he knew would last for days, but he didn’t care. He knew Raphaella wouldn’t either. They were bites of love, of promises, his commitment to her and him showing the world she was his. Besides, Raphaella loved a bit of pain.

He placed his hands on her ass, making her jump a bit.

“You want to stop, baby?” Leo asked.
Raphaella shook her head and said, “No." She jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. “I want ya, Leo. I’m ready. Continue.”

Raphaella could feel his cock through the thin fabric of her panties and she realized she was wet. Damn. It didn’t take much to get her off, did it? But then it hadn’t when she’d been a male either. Just the sight of her Leo had caused a raging hard—on, even before they’d been a couple.

She moaned, as Leo trailed kisses down her neck, her arms and up her stomach.

“Mmm, Leo. That’s so good,” Raphaella said and groaned, her vagina even wetter. “Don’t stop.”

Leo bent down and flicked his tongue on her left boob, the sensation making Raphaella arch her back and cry out, as pleasure coursed through her.

“Like that, baby?” Leo asked.

Leo grinned and sucked her boob, listening to her moans increase in volume. How beautiful she was and those noises she made were so sexy. What a turn on knowing that he was causing them.

He could smell her arousal and was aware she wanted him now, but she had to wait. He didn’t want to rush. He wanted to make it slow and special, as every first time should be. It was hard, because his own arousal was evident, but his needs could wait. It was all about Raphaella. Not him. So he ignored his cock and focused on his goddess.

Leo gently nipped her nipples, watching the tiny pink buds swell, as Raphaella’s arousal grew.

“Leo,” she said and moaned. “Leo, I’m wet. I need ya in me now. Fuck me!”
“Soon, my love,” Leo said and sucked the other boob, watching her body writhing in pleasure, her face flushed, her eyes glazed over, her mouth open in a sexy O.

He turned his attention to her collarbone and nipped it.

Raphaella tilted her head to one side, allowing him better access and groaned. Damn. That was good, but she was tired of the foreplay now and wanted his fat cock.

“Leo, I can’t wait any longer!”

Leo chuckled at her impatience, but he didn’t hurry. He continued taking his time, gently kissing her neck, her chin and her lips. Then he stopped and looked at her.

His arousal hadn’t gone away. She could feel his huge boner through the sheer fabric. He was just as turned on as her, but she knew he was ignoring his needs, because he wanted to take care of her first. Typical Leo. Always thinking of others first and himself last. Well, she was going to ensure they both had fun.

Raphaella humped his dick, tired of waiting and eager for it to be inside her, where it belonged. Stuffing her and filling her up with his manly essence. Damn. She needed it so badly. It’d been weeks since she’d last had sex and she was keen to see what it would be like with her as a girl.

But Leo was onto her. He pushed her legs off him and they fell to the floor.

“Seriously?” Raphaella yelled angrily, her green eyes flashing. “I’ve had enough foreplay. I want ya now!”
“You’re so cute when you’re mad, baby,” Leo said teasingly.
“I mean it, Leo! I’m wet and ready for ya and….”
“Stop ranting,” Leo said and pulled her panties down. “Slow and easy wins the race, Raphie. You know that. You only have a first time once and I’m trying to make it special. Let me. You’re always so impatient. That’s fine sometimes, but not in the bedroom. Please, my love.”

Raphaella scowled, but she knew he was right. Sex wasn’t a race. They had all the time in the world and Leo was just trying to make it special. She should be thankful. She was, but she was just tired of waiting. It was so frustrating and her damn vagina seemed even wetter.

She stepped out of her panties.

He bent down on the floor and kissed her legs and all the way up to her hips, her stomach, her collarbone, her boobs, her neck, her chin and finally her lips, making her shiver and groan in delight at the sensation, her vagina tingling with desire and want.

He stood up and placed his hands on her ass again.

Raphaella jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist, his hard dick rubbing up against her sopping and needy vagina.

“I’m ready, Leo.”
“I know, babe. I know,” Leo said and laughed. “Fuck. You’re so sexy, Raphie. I love the gorgeous noises you make and I’m honored to be your mate.”
“Enough talkin’,” Raphaella said irritably. “Make love ta me, my handsome lover. Claim me. I need ya so badly.”

Leo walked towards the bed, gently lay her on it and climbed onto her, his breath tickling Raphaella’s neck.

She looked up at him, love, trust and impatience shining in her eyes and parted her legs.

“I’ll be gentle,” Leo said. “But tell me if you want me to stop, Raphie.”
“I want ya ta fuck me, Leo. Come on, loverboy. Claim me and love me. I need ya so much. Ya know ya want it as much, although ya pretend ya don’t.”

Leo nodded nervously. He lowered his head down to her vagina and lapped at her, tasting her sweet nectar, as she moaned and threw back her head in ecstasy. Her nectar tasted like honey. Damn. She was delicious. He would never get enough of her.

“Leo,” Raphaella moaned and raked her nails over his bicep. “Leo, fuck. Mmmm. That’s so good. Oh, Leo.”
Leo pressed his cock against the opening of her vagina and said, “I’m coming in, okay? It’ll sting, but you know….”
“Leo, I love and trust ya. Just please do it.”

He grabbed her hips and wrapped them around his waist, so that he could go in deeper.

Raphaella emitted a whimper to her surprise and thought, why am I nervous all of a sudden?

“It’ll be okay,” Leo said. “I promise, my sweet love.”
Raphaella nodded and said, “I trust ya, angel.”

Leo thrust in and out, harder each time and hitting something.

Raphaella shrieked in pain, realizing what was happening. Her hymen was breaking and the agony was immense. She’d known it would be sore, but she hadn’t expected it to be that sore. It was worse than when she’d had anal sex for the first time. Far, far worse in her opinion. This was hell. Would the pain ever stop?

“My love, are you all right?” Leo asked, his blue eyes looking at her in concern.
“Do I sound okay, babe?” Raphaella said sarcastically. “It feels like someone stuck a red hot poker in me.”
“I’ll stop, okay?”
“No,” Raphaella said bravely. “Just get it over with, Leo. A few more thrusts and my hymen should be broken. Then the pain will subside after a while.”
“Are you sure?”
“Leo! Stop askin' and continue!"

He resumed thrusting, hating that his beloved was sore and that it was his fault.

Raphaella tried not to scream, as the pain intensified and blood dribbled down her legs and onto the bed.

“The worst part’s over, my love,” Leo said gently and pulled out. “Now all you’ll ever know is pleasure, but I can stop for tonight.”
“No. I need pleasure ta take away the pain. Keep goin’. I won’t let the pain be for nothin’, even if I’m still sore. Ya know I never back down from anythin’.”

Leo nodded, entered her, thrust in and out and lowered his head to her right boob, sucking it and swirling the nipple in his mouth.

Raphaella groaned, as he thrust in and out. She still hurt, but this time it was also starting to feel good, as his dick filled her with his warmth, her vagina walls clamping down on his girth and stretching to accommodate it.

It was worth it. She wasn’t a virgin anymore. She was his in body, heart and soul. His lover in every sense of the world.

They rocked as one for a long time, pleasure coursing through their bodies, hearts racing, Leo churring, Raphaella groaning, their cries increasing in volume and reverberating throughout the lair, but neither cared.

All that mattered was the moment, their love and one another.

Raphaella came first, her head thrown back in ecstasy, as she raked her sharp nails down Leo’s arm. She drew blood, but he didn’t mind, because he also liked pain.

“Fuck!” she bellowed to the sky. “Fuck. Oh, Leo!”

Her warm juices coated Leo’s cock, as he continued thrusting, his own climax imminent.

“Raph! Fuck!” Leo roared, as he climaxed soon after, his warm essence filling her up, his cock firmly planted in her vagina. A perfect fit.

He and Raphaella complemented one another in every way. Mind, body, soul and in the bedroom.

Leo pulled out and flopped down beside his panting and spent mate, who opened her arms, a serene expression on her face, as she basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Leo melted into her arms. It was then that he saw the blood on the bedspread.

“I hurt you,” Leo said sadly. “I’m sorry, Raphie.”
“It was worth it. No pain, no gain, as ya always said, babe,” Raphaella said and smiled. “I’m yers in every sense of the word now.”
“Indeed,” Leo said and raised his head to plant a sweet kiss on her mouth.
“The pain’s gone now and ya know what that means? Next time it’ll only be mindblowin’ pleasure, baby.”
“I hope so. I hate knowing I caused you pain.”
“I know, baby, but forget ‘bout it. It’s over,” Raphaella said sleepily and closed her eyes. “I love ya, Leo. So very much. Yer everythin’ I ever wanted. Thank ya for lovin’ me.”
“I love you too, Raphie,” Leo said and shut his eyes.

The lovers were soon fast asleep, unaware that Mikey and Don had seen the ongoings. Hidden cameras had been planted in Raphaella and Leo’s bedroom and they didn’t know.


“Damn, Leo!” Mikey shouted, clenching a fist in anger, his eyes blazing. “We were supposed to be there for Raph’s first time and to also participate, Donnie!”
“Calm down, Mikey. That's not important. What is important are the eggs and if they and Raph are okay. Leo is huge and he could have hurt Raph big time. I want to examine Raph now. I need to know she and the eggs are okay. Come on."
"They aren't going to like being woken up."
"I don't care. I need to know for my own peace of mind."

Donnie left the room, followed by Mikey and headed to Leo and Raphaella's bedroom.

Chapter Text

A concerned Donnie told Mikey to wait outside, because snapping at Leo would only upset Raphaella, cause stress and possibly a miscarriage. Donnie’s gentle and diplomatic manner would ensure he was able to talk to his lovers without causing any tension.

Donnie entered the room, softly patted Raphaella’s arm and said, “Raph, we have to talk.”
“What ‘bout, Donnie?” Raphaella asked, opening her eyes and hearing Leo stir.
“The babies. What you and Leo did was stupid, because you could have hurt them.”

“Don’t be dumb, Donnie,” Leo said. “I wasn’t rough with Raph. The babies are fine.”

“I hurt the babies?” Raphaella said in alarm, her heart disintegrating at the thought. “The babies are gone? I killed them?”

“Calm down, Raph,” Donnie said. “You probably didn’t, but I want to do an ultrasound to be sure. Leo, stay here.”
“They’re my babies too,” Leo hissed, his blue eyes flashing. “I should be there. You can’t prevent me.”

“I’m a terrible mommy,” Raphaella wept. “I had fun and I killed my babies. I’ll never forgive myself.”
“It’s just a precaution,” Donnie said. “I’m sure they’re okay, Raphie. No. You’re not coming, Leo. You don’t handle stress well, you know I’m best at dealing with those situations and will be better help for Raphaella. I will keep you posted, but you will remain here. Do not fight me on this. I won’t back down.”

“Fine,” Leo said heatedly. “Raphie, my love, I love you. I’m sorry Donnie is trying to keep us apart.”
“I’m not doing that, Leo,” Donnie said coolly. “Grow up. She’s already tense and doesn’t need more stress. Stop acting like a petulant kid. You can see her as soon as I’m done in the infirmary.”

Donnie picked up a still sobbing Raphaella and left the room.

“Go easy on Leo,” Donnie warned. “He doesn’t need lambasting, Mike. I know you’re pissed off about them having sex without us present and you’re anxious the babies may have been hurt, but now is not the time to fight, okay? I mean it, Mike. Look at Raphaella. She’s already out of her mind with worry that she may have killed the babies. Fighting with Leo will only upset her more.”
“Fine,” Mikey said reluctantly. “Raph, don’t cry. The babies will be fine, babe. I promise. I love you. Try to be strong, hon.”

“I won’t forgive myself if they ain’t,” Raphaella said miserably.

Donnie headed to the infirmary and then went inside.


Donnie placed a sniveling Raphaella onto a stretcher, hooked her up to an ultrasound machine and turned it on.

“I’m scared the babies are dead,” Raphaella said despondently. “I didn’t mean ta kill them. Me and Leo were just in the mood, Donnie. That’s all and we couldn’t stop ourselves. Ya know how carried away we can get.”
Donnie smiled when he saw the familiar bulge in Raphaella’s tail on the screen and said, “Relax. The baby or babies are still very much there. Everything is fine, my love. Don’t cry. Sh.”
“Really?” Raphaella said, happy tears shining in her eyes. “I didn’t kill them? “
“No, baby,” Donnie said and bent down and kissed her cheek. “They’re fine. Look on the screen. I say they, but I have no idea how many there are, but yes no harm done. You were lucky, so you have to refrain from rough sex until you’ve laid the eggs. I don’t care how much Leo wants kinky sex or if you do. The baby comes first at all times, which reminds me. I will have your new eating plan and exercise regime ready tomorrow. No alcohol, shellfish, stimulants or junk food. Just good and nutritious food for Mommy and baby. You’re eating for two. Remember that. Baby doesn’t want protein shakes and cereal bars. She or he or they want nutritious food.”
“No pizza?” Raphaella said in dismay, as she gazed at the screen and saw the bulge in her tail. Her babies were indeed okay.
“Occasionally and sometimes sweets and desserts, but mostly no. I want you and the baby healthy. Exercise is walking and the exercise bike. No weights, heavy lifting, training and no sparring.”
“Man, I’m gonna be bored shitless,” Raphaella said and sighed.
“Would you rather not have a baby?”
“Of course not. I want the baby and I’ll do what I have ta. I just know I’m gonna be bored. Ya know I spend endless hours exercizin’ and now my routine is gone. I ain’t smart like ya and I can lock myself in the lab and work on projects ta pass the time or like Mike, who spends countless hours with his comics or Leo with his meditatin’. I relied on exercise for my fun.”
“I understand, but you’re gifted at art, drawing and crafts. Maybe do those.”
“Ya really think I’m gifted?”
“Yep. Your work is fabulous. You should totally think about selling them. I’d create an untraceable server and website and you could sell them online. People would love them.”
“That’s a wonderful idea. Thanks, Don. Hey, can I drink hot chocolate?”
“Within reason, but tea and water are much better options. Less caffeine in tea. It’s late and we should go to bed, but you have nothing to worry about, my love. Your pregnancy will go swimmingly if you follow my advice and regime. I don’t mean to be a hardass by banning certain things, but I want you and baby to be healthy and that’s the only way.”
“I understand. I won’t complain much,” Raphaella said and grinned. “I’m so excited. I can’t wait ta hold the babies. Our babies. I never dreamed I'd be a mommy. It’s amazin’ knowin’ I’m carryin’ a little bein’ or beings. Little ones ta carry on our legacy and ta fight crime when we can’t. Littles one ta cherish and ta nurture. Ours.”
“It is indeed a blessing,” Donnie said and beamed. “Thank you, baby. A dream was to be a dad, but I never thought that would happen. It hurt like hell, so I buried myself in my experiments and projects to stop thinking. Now it’s happening and I’m on cloud nine. Thank you for this fantastic gift and for being my mate. I love you and I will always do my best to be a loving and supportive mate and dad.”
“I know. I love ya too. Ya are a great mate and I’m grateful yer mine. I got no doubt ya will be a terrific daddy. Thank ya for all ya do. I know it ain’t easy bein’ the meditator, doc and so much more, especially when we give ya shit.”
“No, but I wouldn’t trade any of you guys for all the coffee in the world. You’re my family and I will always love you whatever happens. Now we should rest. I think you should sleep with me tonight. Leo is probably still pissy and you really don’t need more drama. Honestly, he acts like a kid sometimes.”
“He is still one, Donnie. We all are and were forced ta grow up fast,” Raphaella said defensively. “Don’t forget now that Splinter’s gone, he’s also sort of our dad, as well as clan leader and mate. It’s a lot ta deal with at any age, but especially at sixteen. Cut him a break when he’s mad and try ta see his point of view. I never did and that’s why we fought so much. Besides, he’s usually only irate when he’s worried ‘bout one of us. That’s one of his ways of carin’.”
“I understand, but he’d have been useless here and would have just made you tenser.”
“Perhaps, but I still want him there when I lay the eggs. All of ya. Yep. Even Mikey, who’ll go nuts filmin’ it and callin’ me Mommy until I wanna punch him in the face. Anyway, Leo don’t mean ta be a shit. He just worries ‘bout us and wanted ta be there ta care for me. That’s all.”
“Yeah, but he gets super clingy and fussy, causing everyone more stress. I didn’t want that for you, because you detest it.”
“I understand. I do hate it, but that’s who Leo is. I would rather him be there and piss me off than have him vent alone and be pissed when it’s over, okay? I appreciate what ya did, but in future let him be there with me and also Mikey. We’re a family and we do everythin’ together. I don’t want them ta miss out on a thing.”
“All right, my love. Let’s get you to bed,” Donnie said and unhooked the ultrasound machine. “Why don’t we crash here if you want? My room’s a bit of a mess at the moment. Me and Mikey haven’t had time to wash the sheets.”
“Ew. TMI,” Raphaella said and shook her head in disgust.

Donnie chuckled and pushed two stretchers together.

They climbed into bed and snuggled, as close to one another as they could get.

“I love you, darling,” Donnie said and kissed Raphaella's lips. “I love you so much and I always will.”
“Love ya too, hon,” Raphaella said and closed her eyes.

They soon fell asleep, dreaming about the babies and looking forward to a fabulous life as parents.


April was watching late night TV with Casey in the lounge, when a chill ran down her spine and she had a strange vision. A vision of the Shredder finding the Turtles in their lair, slaughtering them and then kidnapping Raphaella to be his wife.

The redhead often had visions, which came true, so this was extremely unsettling and she knew she had to act immediately.

April informed Casey. Then she dialed a number and said, “Leo? Sorry to wake you, but you have to leave for the farm house now.”
“What? Why?” Leo said sleepily. “What’s going on?”
“I had a vision of Shredder finding the lair, murdering you and kidnapping Raphaella. Leave now. The key for the farm house is under the third board on the deck. Please go. Casey and I will try to make Shredder believe you’re still here in New York. There are supplies at the farm house. We’ll be there as soon as we can with more food, but go now.”
“All right. What if he attacks you guys?”
“Leo, just go. Your family needs you, especially Raphaella and the unborn babies. We’ll see you soon,” she said and disconnected the call.

Leo packed a bag and then headed to Mikey’s room.


Leo entered Mikey’s room and said to his brother, who was playing video games, “We have to go now, Mike. Pack a bag quickly. Just the essentials.”
“I’ll explain in the van. Just do as I ask.”
“Can I take my video games and my comics?”
“Okay. No need to be cranky, dude,” Mikey said and quickly packed a bag containing clothes, a few comics, his Nintendo DS and toiletries.

Leo left the room and went to Donnie’s room, hoping to find Donnie and Raphaella there, but not finding them he headed to the infirmary.


Leo opened the door and said, “Guys, we have to leave. Wake up!”
Donnie, who was a light sleeper woke and said, “Why, Leo?”
“I’ll explain in the van. Pack a bag with the necessities. Raph, wake up!”

“Huh?” Raphaella said groggily. “What’s goin’ on, Leo?”
“I’ll pack your bag. We’re going to the farm house.”
“What? Why?”
“Just get up and do as I tell you.”
“This sucks. I just fell asleep.”
“You can sleep in the van, sweetheart, but we have to go now.”

Raphaella reluctantly stood up, left the infirmary and blearily watched her mates packing items into bags and suitcases.

What the heck is goin’ on here, she wondered? Leo is frantic. Has somethin’ bad happened ta Casey and ta April? Has the Shredder harmed them?


Fifteen minutes later, the Hamato family was in the Turtle Van and on the open road.

Mikey sat on the front passenger seat.

Donnie was behind the wheel.

Leo and Raphaella were in the back and talking quietly.

“What’s goin’ on, Leo?” Raphaella asked.
“April had a vision about the Shredder. He came to the lair, killed me, Mikey and Donnie and kidnapped you, so we’re going to the farm house. He doesn’t know the location, so we’re safe. They’re going to try and find a way to make it seem like we’re still in New York.”
“How long are we gonna stay at the farm house?”
“I don’t know, but it’s the best place for us and the babies. There are still babies, right? Donnie didn’t report to me,” Leo said bitterly. “I thought about walking into the infirmary and demanding to see you, but I had a feeling Donnie would fight me and kick me out, so me and Mikey just talked a bit and then I went to bed.”
“There are babies, Leo, but we gotta be careful when we make love. It could cause a miscarriage if we ain’t.”
“We will be,” Leo said and linked his fingers with Raphaella’s, his other hand stroking her flat plastron. “I still can’t believe you’re carrying our babies. It feels like it’s a dream and I’m going to wake up and….”
“It ain’t a dream, Daddy. Ya really are gonna be a daddy and I know ya will be fabulous.”
Leo smiled and said, “And you will be an awesome Mommy.”
“I guess so. I ain’t a guy no more, so Mommy makes sense. Sometimes I miss my dick and my muscles, but I wouldn’t want them back if it meant I can’t have babies. Havin’ babies is a privilege and a huge blessin’ and I’m so grateful I can give ya and the others them, Leo.”
“Raph, I am so honored to be yours and to have a family with you. Thank you. I promise I will always be there for you and the babies and will love you, even when I cross over. And I’m sorry if I’m difficult sometimes.”
“I love ya too, hon. Aishiteru. I love ya for who ya are and wouldn’t wanna change ya, so don’t apologize. Besides, I’m an asshole a lot and ya still love me and don’t try ta change me.”
“Aishiteru. Why don’t you stretch out and put your head on my lap?”
“Ya don’t mind?”
Raphaella did what Leo suggested, closed her eyes and said, “Leo, do ya think we’ll ever see Splinter again?”
“No. Do you want to see him?”
“No. Just wonderin’. I loathe him for what he did. We don’t need or want no one other than one another and our pals. I hope Casey and April can convince chrome dome we’re still in New York.”
“They will, so don’t worry. Just relax and know we’re safe and sound and that no one will ever hurt us and the babies. Rest.”

Raphaella soon fell asleep, her plastron gently rising and falling with each breath.

I have never seen anyone quite like you, Leo thought, as he gazed at his beautiful mate. You’re everything I ever wanted and more. I love you with all my heart and soul and I’m so grateful and honored to be sharing my life with you.

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I am so sorry for not updating in a while. My dog's passing has been incredibly difficult and I haven't been the same. I miss and love her so much and it is still hard. Tomorrow will be a month and I still ache for her. I always will. Cassie was the sweetest, most gorgeous and best dog ever.

I am going to get back to updating this week though and get things back on track. Thanks to all for your patience and immense support, kudos and feedback.