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The Want for an Heir

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Of all the things Mycroft Holmes thought would come from trying to fulfil his duty to his family, this was most definitely not one of them. It had started with the realisation that Sherlock would likely never have children, between what his history of drugs had done to his body and the impossible way he danced around John but never did a single damn thing about it.

Now Mycroft was hidden away in a small room with a high fever listening to shouting and the pounding of walls because of it. The man swallowed thickly, ridding himself of his waistcoat, his jacket already removed, to try to cool down. Well, it wasn’t directly Sherlock’s low chance of having children than had gotten him into this, but it was a factor.

Mycroft had decided, after making the realisation, that it would be up to him to produce an heir. He was an Omega, so he could do it himself without the need of someone else actively playing the part. He was looking into artificial insemination and that’s what he’d been planning to do. It was simple really. Get off the contraceptive, go in to the clinic once his heat started and get pregnant via donor sperm. Except, of course, things had gone wrong.

His heat had started early and with force as of today with no time for him to prepare. There were a large number of Alphas in the building and he had instantly retreated to a hidden room for his own safety when he realised what was happening. Someone had gotten a whiff though and now they were looking for him, their reasonable minds lost to heat lust. It sounded like they were fighting out there. Wiping his forehead, Mycroft tried to relax and waited for something to happen.

DI Lestrade snapped on his own mask after having made sure that ever Alpha on the team had done the same. According to intel an Omega went into sudden heat, causing bloody chaos. To make matters worse, it was Parliament which meant that very important people were caught in that chaos, one of them reportedly dead. He tried not to speculate just who that could be, no he definitely was not going to go there. For all he knew, the brother to the constant pain in his side was out kidnapping poor blokes or in Persia or something like that. God he hoped so.

“The objective is for Team 1 to get the Omega the hell out of there while Team 2 secures the body. Use the gas first then force second, but do not hold back in getting the Omega out of the line of fire.” The mask muffled his voice, made it deep and distorted, but being an Alpha himself, he had to take the same necessary precautions. Once he got the affirmative from his team, Greg slid his finger into the pin of the gas grenade, (a handy little thing that was a mix of sensory blockers and hormone suppressants, the best way to subdue an Alpha in a rut,) then shouldered his way into the building.

His grenade was the first of many to be thrown, each level getting hit by the fogging gas as they marched their way through each level. They worked as a machine, a black swarm of men in uniform with shields and masks, making their way to a distressed Omega. The first levels were cleared out, leaving no mistake as to what room the disturbance came from. Greg halted the team at the door, beyond it they could hear screaming and pounding, then on the count of three they rushed in. The room became a smoke house with the suppressant grenades. It was a few frenzy moments of chaos, everyone tense and anxious to find the Omega, the frenzied Alpha’s all trying to escape.

Greg’s hand hovered above his gun as he made it through the room, eyes frantically searching until he found a lone Alpha banging on a wall. Bingo. Their Omega was safe at least, unless he was trapped with an Alpha behind the door, which was why Greg ran for the suited Alpha and was launching him into the security of his team. His heart was pounding, his lizard hind brain telling him to get to the precious Omega and protect. But he was still in his right mind when he knocked on the wall.

“Sir! This is DI Lestrade. Please open the panic room or give us a sign that you are alright! We have the place secure. You are safe!”

Mycroft listened to the pandemonium outside and found it harder and harder to keep himself under control. A mix of fear and lust was drowning his thought, his heart pounding. Everything was too hot. There was more shouting, things were getting harder to understand. The middle-aged Omega wiped his face with his sleeve and huddled in his chair. He closed his eyes and tried to breath, clutching the armrest with a white knuckled grip. If one of them found the switch, he’d be done for.

He doubted he’d be killed by such an encounter, but it could happen. Especially with the number of Alphas involved. If someone got it, he’d be raped at best. He didn’t want to think about what the worst case scenario would be. There could be quite a few things that could be done to an Omega in heat before they were killed. Mycroft swallowed, loosening his collar. The fear did well to tamp down his arousal for the time being, but if it got much worse, it might even drive him to leave his hiding spot to have an Alpha mate with him. The drive was so much stronger when the Omega was actually fertile. Which he was.

Panting, he shifted in his chair, his trousers damp with his lubricating fluids. Slowly, the sounds seemed to terry off, which confused him, his mind in a slog. He blinked a few times and finally the last of the pounding stopped. Then he heard the voice. Lestrade. Mycroft’s pupils dilated, his animal mind taking him so many different places just from the man’s voice alone. The politician struggled to think rationally. The fear was dying, but he managed to remember protocol. Mycroft stood, going to a place that the DI would hear him.

“DI Lestrade. You have no idea how relieved I am you’re here. But before I open anything, I’d like to request that only one of your team be present when I exit. Preferably you. I don’t trust having multiple people present when I’m in such a state.” He managed, running shaky fingers through his hair but managing to sound quite in control despite everything.

Greg’s stomach flipped when the Omega proved to be none other than Mycroft Holmes. Of all the people… and why the hell did Greg not know that Mycroft was an Omega. With how the man strut around, so sure of himself and radiating dominance, Greg had been sure that Mycroft was an Alpha, but no, he was starting to realise that there had been numerous hints over the years, Greg just hadn’t paid attention. Bloody hell.

“You got it, Sir,” Greg said then motioned for him men to leave. He would handle the situation himself, he couldn’t trust any of his team near a Holmes, especially not in distress. It had the potential of making a bad situation worse. “Higgins, get everyone down stairs. Tell forensics only Betas are allowed up to process the body. Have everyone wear suppressants,” he ordered his second in command before addressing the wall. “Sir, I’d like you to let me in the panic room first. I need to clear it before I can let you out and forensics need to come and clear the scene. I have a mask on, I won’t be a threat. After they clear the area and I clear you out, then I can let you leave the room. I will be your personal escort. It will take time, but you have my word that you will remain safe.”

Mycroft tried to control his breathing, listening to Greg’s words carefully. He was relieved that he was safe, but also rather miffed by the situation. He was so far into his heat now that he wouldn’t be able to go to the clinic without putting himself in danger and that meant he’d have to wait another three months before his next heat came. And he so despised waiting. The man fumbled to find the switch that opened his panic room door. He would barely be safe to be taken to his home. When a fertile Omega on no suppressants went into heat, things like this happened. He hated it. The man made a mental reminder to plan out near his heat so he could go to the clinic early and wait it out until it started. That would still be in three months’ time though. Grumbling, his body still tense, he found the switch.

“Stand back Detective, I’m opening the door.” He told the Alpha on the other side of the wall. The Omega pulled up on the switch and the hidden door swung open out of the wall. The man looked utterly embarrassed to even be in such a condition, much less someone seeing him in it. His clothes were sweat drenched and his skin was flushed, his whole body trembling slightly. Mycroft stayed where he was, backing up a little even as he remembered Greg had to clear out the room first. He kept his eyes on the floor. “I.. I do apologise for this Detective Inspector. It was never my intention to cause so much trouble.” In heat, he couldn’t help by want to try to explain himself, to apologise when he was in the Alpha’s presence.

Greg lifted his hand in a disarming gesture. “You’re fine, Holmes. Things just got a little sticky out there,” he said as he walked into the hidden nook. There wasn’t much to it, it should only take minutes to clear Mycroft safe. Which would be a damn good thing because even with the mask on, Greg’s body was still responding to an Omega in heat right in front of him. The fact that it was Mycroft, who Greg may or may not find attractive on a normal level, was not helping matters. So of course that was when the cosmos decided to prove how much it hated Gregory Lestrade.

His radio cackled at his side with Higgins yelling a warning seconds before the Alpha that had been crowding the wall burst back into the main office. The middle aged man was a right mess, blood dripping down his wrist from where he must have fought against restraints, but their wasn’t much an Alpha wouldn’t do to get to a wet and ready Omega. Acting on pure instinct, Greg pushed Mycroft behind him then slammed his hand on the switch to close the door of the panic room. The Alpha hit the door just as it closed, his inaudible yells just barely making it through the thick door. Mycroft was safe, but that meant that Greg was trapped in a small room with the man during his heat. “Son of a bitch!” The radio was in his hand in a second.

“The bloody hell was that?” he yelled over the radio, the mask doing nothing to make him sound less frightening.

“I’m sorry Sir, the Alpha got away from us. It won’t happen again.”

“The fuck it won’t happen again! We are not leaving this building until every Alpha is out of the vicinity. Do you hear me! Do not even come near that door until you have the area clear and an armed escort ready for Mr Holmes to get out of here and into an Omega safe clinic. Understood?” Greg barely stopped himself from throwing the two way radio against the wall then remembered that he needed to calm himself down. He scrubbed a hand through the hairs at the nape of his neck then turned to face Mycroft. “Are you alright?”

Mycroft’s heart was pounding when the other Alpha charged towards them. He knew the man, they had tea sometimes and discussed various politics in a civilized manner. It was amazing what biology could do to a person. He backed up, pressing himself to the far wall when Greg was suddenly in front of him, slamming down on the switch and shutting the door in just the nick of time. He tried to control his breathing, this time failing, his breaths coming out in shuddering pants.

Once the danger was removed and his panic settled down, things became very different. The first thing he noticed was Greg’s Alpha scent. He’d always enjoyed being around the man, he was attractive and had a sharp scent that Mycroft enjoyed. Now though, with his heat under way, that scent was perfectly tantalizing and filled the small room. Mycroft swallowed, continuing to pant slightly. From the sound of it, they would be here for a little while.

The Omega grazed his eyes over Greg’s form and felt his pulse spike. But he shook his head inwardly. He couldn’t have sex with Greg. He was supposed to be trying to get pregnant and getting the man to fuck him would… get him pregnant. Actually… Mycroft wet his lips. Gregory Lestrade would be the perfect sperm donor for his prospective heir. The man had all the right genes going for him that would complement Mycroft’s nicely. And, having sex with an Alpha would stave off his heat until he could get somewhere safe. The politician swallowed again, walking a little closer to the man. He could work with this.

“Yes.. yes of course. I’m.. I’m fine. Mostly. Admittedly, things are getting a little difficult. You… smell fantastic Detective.” Step One, use your heat to your advantage, make it seem like you’re on the edge, which you are. Admit that he’s affecting you.

The whole fiasco had Greg’s heart pounding in his breath and the mask started to become a stifling nuisance. He turned around in the room, assessing the walls while sweat trickled down the back of his neck and under his collar. It was too damn hot in the room and he wanted nothing more than to rip it off and breathe in fresh air but it was the only thing keeping him from full out attacking Mycroft and claiming that pert arse for his own, so the mask stayed on. How the situation could get worse, he would like to know. And then Mycroft was right there, in his face… and saying things he really shouldn’t. So yes, the situation could indeed get worse.

Subconsciously his hand went to the buckle the bound the mask while he tried to create some distance between him and Mycroft. “Okay. Um,” Greg licked his lips behind the mask, his mind rallying against the injustice of not being able to lick the Omega’s scent right off the air. He bet Mycroft was so wet with it. So needy for an Alpha’s thick, long… Greg squeezed the back of his neck hard and practically threw himself against the far wall. It still didn’t create enough space between them. “Just… we got to wait this out, Holmes. You go to the wall over there and I’ll stay right here, nice and cosy, yeah? It won’t take long for a crew to get things clear then you’ll be on your way to a clinic, or wherever you get through your heats.”

Mycroft’s brows furrowed as he made it look like he was trying to fight off the hormones. He looked nervous, the sweat and flushed skin only adding to it. He could do this easily and just rip Greg’s mask off, but that would be cause for suspicion afterward from Greg. No, he could do this with much more tact. The man wet his lips again and let the tremble he was experiencing take hold of his body. He looked up at Greg, worry in his eyes.

“Detective, my heat’s progressing rather quickly. I deal with my heats at home. There could be any range of variables that could.. get involved. I’m worried that I may attract unwanted attention anyway. And your scent is only making it worse, no offense to you. It’s just making things progress faster and I’m not exactly comfortable either…” Mycroft shifted, swallowing audibly and pacing a little. His fever was getting higher and he wanted to remove the rest of his clothes badly, noticeably tugging at them. He wiped his face with his sleeve before unbottoning the top buttons of his shirt. “Do forgive me Detective, the fabric is becoming increasingly irritating, but I’m trying.” Step Two, appear worried and uncomfortable. Invoke a sense of protectiveness in the Alpha.

Greg knew he was well and buggered when instead of staying pressed against the wall and reciting folk music his mum would sing in his head, he was in Mycroft’s personal space with a hand on his shoulder to sooth him. “Hey, it’s alright. You’re…” Greg’s throat constricted and a horrified sound escaped in a strangled keen. Even with the mask on he could now detect the unique pheromones of the Omega right there in his space, his nostrils flaring to try and breathe in more of it. He had been half hard already but now his cock was taking a definite interest in the proceedings. “…going to be alright.”

Greg felt the shift in his own mind, the protective cop giving way to the protective Alpha. What had he been thinking? There was Mycroft, in full blown heat and his body begging to be bred, he was probably aching with the need to relief, and Greg had been denying him? While he would argue with Sherlock that he did have a working brain, he kicked himself then for not thinking about Mycroft properly.

“I’ll take care of you,” he promised gruffly, his hand sliding over Mycroft’s chest to undo a few more buttons to help free him of the constricting fabric a bit. The hand at his neck was thumbing at the buckle, but he managed to still himself from removing the mask for now. “We’ll get you comfortable and then home. Or… the clinic.” Neither seemed like a good idea any more but he was still on duty and a good cop. He wasn’t going to let biology break him just yet. “I’ll keep you safe. I promise. Won’t let any Alphas you don’t want touching you.”

Mycroft’s breath hitched when Greg touched him, barely able to hold back a needy whimper. He tried to take longer breaths, but they were shuddering and his legs seemed wobbly. The man swiped him tongue across his lips again, taking a deep breath and inhaling Greg’s scent. He kept himself together though. He was being tactful. If he fell apart right now, it would be to obvious. The Omega bit his lip, making a soft noise as he tried to readjust himself in his trousers. He was hard and wet and his body was starting to ache from the fever, his skin becoming more flushed. He closed his eyes, feeling Greg’s rough hands over his buttons, giving him a little relief.

“I don’t doubt your ability, Gregory.” He murmured, his breath heated. “I’m just worried. My heat is only going to attract attention if it remains untended to, especially under these circumstances. I need relief. It’s becoming very difficult with you here with me. Your scent is utterly amazing and if the state of your trousers is anything to go by, I’m affecting you despite that mask of yours. Perhaps it would be safer if you helped me now. Just as help. Sex would lower my pheromone levels and draw less attention to me when we leave. It would be for the best.” He refrained from touching Greg, but couldn’t seem to help gazing over him, oddly enough, picking out the features that he hoped would be passed on to a child.

“It wouldn’t need to end up as a bond and I’m on birth control.” He lied smoothly. About the latter of course. “Just as a service. I so very much need it. I don’t think I can manage being in here for much longer like this. Please.” Step Three, put out the option. Ask for it. Let the Alpha know you want it, but don’t push the boundaries yourself. He needs to be the one to make the first move.

It was the promise of birth control that did it. Greg growled in the back of his throat and snaked his hand under the open portion of Mycroft’s shirt to touch bare skin. He was hot to the touch, burning up from the fever. It’s been a while since Greg mated with an Omega, but he still remembered the basics. He knew what the fever meant and how if it went unchecked it could start to shut down the body. Heats weren’t all sex and fun, an Omega could suffer real damage if they weren’t tended to and Greg would never forgive himself if he let that happen to Holmes.

“It’s just sex,” he said with a nod, not heeding the fact that he harbored more than a passing attraction for Holmes or that it was hardly ever just sex with him, but he, when was his life ever constant. He ran his hand down Mycroft’s chest until he reached fabric then slipped his hand down the seat of Mycroft’s trousers to palm at his bum. The fabric scratched uncomfortably against his skin until he reached warm, damp fabric, pulling a growling moan from him. Mycroft was so wet. So needy for it. Without a second thought he was ripping away the mask. He needed to scent Mycroft. He needed to bury himself in the man’s pheromones. He felt like he might burst if he didn’t.

“Oh dear God,” he moaned at the first hit of Mycroft’s cloying pheromones once the mask was off, his silver hair left in wild tufts. Every little concern he had was gone and nothing else mattered except for the unbound Omega that desperately needed Greg’s cock up his arse.

Mycroft let out a pitiful noise when Greg finally started touching him, getting small amounts of relief from the Alpha’s ministration, but not nearly enough. And then, suddenly Greg’s hand was in his trousers, on his arse. He was already so wet and he was sure Greg could feel that, the hungry growl confirming it. Then he pulled off the mask and Mycroft could watch the change, the man’s pupils blown wide, his expression changing. Once Mycroft was sure Greg was thoroughly affected by his own intoxicating scent, he reached out and pulled Greg to him, needing contact. He pressed himself against the Alpha, his own mind slowly forgetting his reasons behind it and just wanting Greg to fuck him stupid. He scented Greg’s neck where the scent was strongest.

“Can we hurry?” He murmured, trying to keep the need out of his voice. “I need this so badly. Please Gregory.” He pleaded. His skin was hot and his thighs were wet and sticky in his trousers and all he wanted was to be taken, filled and bred. His animal brain needed it and it needed it now. Mycroft nipped at Greg’s ear. He didn’t care about the DI’s clothing. Lestrade could undo his zip, pull down his pants and fuck him fully clothed for all the Omega cared. His own clothing was getting utterly annoying though. He tugged the rest of his shirt off, the last few buttons dropping to the floor as they were popped off. His slid the offending garment off and pressed himself roughly against Greg’s covered erection.

Greg’s eyes fluttered closed when a strong hit of Mycroft’s scent wafted up once the shirt was removed. Next he knew he had Mycroft pressed against the wall, his hands pinned to the side with his nose pressed right in the crook of Mycroft’s neck where his scent was so sweet, so rich. He growled at the back of his throat like a beast then grazed his teeth over Mycroft’s thrumming pulse, but not hard enough to break the skin and incite a bond. Just enough to make Mycroft aware of exactly who and what he was alone with.

“And if I don’t want to hurry?” He asked darkly before licking a stripe up Mycroft’s neck. He tasted just as good as he smelled; the burst of sweat and something sweet on his tongue making his cock pulse with need. “What if I want to take my time with you?” He nibbled up Mycroft’s neck to his chin, this time biting a little harder than necessary. “Strip you down and turn you around. Bury my face in your juices. Yeah.” He bit hard at Mycroft’s collar bone then let go to get his hands on Mycroft’s belt. “Maybe I’ll just throw you on the ground and take you. Maybe I’ll draw it out until you’re screaming for it.” He smashed their lips together in a bruising kiss while his hands tore away belt then ripped open Mycroft’s flies, desperate to get his prize.

Usually he would have scoffed at Greg taking control, but not right now. Right now he was an Omega with the need to submit and be taken. The DI’s words when straight to his cock and he felt a warm gush of even more fluid in his trousers that came with his climbing arousal. He leaned his head back, letting Greg taste him fully as he panted. The teeth against his skin made him jolt, but Greg only teased. Bonding didn’t seem to be a threat. If Mycroft started to suspect it might, the first thing he would do would be to jam his shirt between Greg’s teeth. He just hoped it wouldn't come to that. His shivered with need, nodding.

“Do…do what you want. But God, I just need something. Pin me down, make be scream, fuck me into the floor until we both have carpet burns, I don’t care. Just do something.” He whimpered. Mycroft Holmes was not a patient man who was used to getting what he wanted and now was no different. He just hoped he could entice Greg to taking his side of things. “Please, just fill me.” He begged, saying things only his heat could make him say. He hungrily pushed into the rough kiss, hips pressing into Greg’s hands as he undressed him. Right now, it was just need, need, need and Mycroft was fully submitting to it.

Greg broke the kiss as soon as he had Mycroft’s trousers open. Roughly grabbing at the man’s hips, he spun Mycroft around and pushed him up against the wall face first. “‘S alright, you’ll get what you need,” he promised then started trailing biting kisses down Mycroft’s freckled back. He pushed down Mycroft’s trousers as he went lower, then finally fell to his knees. He had to grab hold of his own cloth covered cock to release some of the pressure when Mycroft’s scent hit him with full force. “Oh Christ you smell so good.” He rubbed his face against the soaking wet pants in a bid to cover himself with Mycroft’s scent. He wanted to roll in it, bathe himself in it. Make the world know who belonged to him. It was a heady sensation of power, to have the British Government up against the wall and begging Greg to knot and breed him. Mycroft may be claimed to be the most dangerous man you’ll ever meet if anyone listened to Sherlock, but right then Greg had him at his mercy.

When neither of them could wait much longer, Greg yanked down the pants and went straight to burying his face between Mycroft’s cheeks, his hands kneading into the firm flesh of Mycroft’s bum to pull the cheeks apart so Greg could get his mouth right at Mycroft’s hole. he made the most obscene sounds as he licked and sucked at the heated flesh and not giving a God damn about it.

Mycroft let himself be manoeuvred, bracing himself against the wall with his hands, just wanting to grind his arse back into Greg’s crotch, which he tried to do. His trousers pooled around his ankles as the DI pulled them down and the man moaned as he felt Greg’s face against his buttocks, getting the feeling he knew where this was going and liking that direction. He whined a little as Greg took his time.

“Gregory please. I need you.” He begged, pushing back a little more. Suddenly his pants were gone, the air cool around the wet, exposed parts of his body. Mycroft gasped at the sensation as his smaller, but swollen cock prodded the air as it was released. But the chill was quickly forgotten when suddenly Greg’s face was in his arse, his hands spreading his cheeks. Mycroft moaned, making utterly obscene noises as Greg lapped at his wet, needy hole. The Omega pressed back into the stimulation, whimpering and whining like the needy bitch in heat he was. He bit his lip and moaned deeply into his own mouth. Greg’s tongue felt amazing but he was being consumed by the need for something more. Something bigger and blunter to take him and fill him. He needed a knot. But Greg would do what he pleased with him and all Mycroft could do was moan and whimper with needy pleasure.

Greg could eat Mycroft out for hours if it wasn’t for the fact that his cock was ready to burst through his flies. Even so, he took a few greedy moments of just licking him open before folding his tongue into a point and plunging it as deep inside of Mycroft’s body as it would go. His grip tightened on Mycroft’s buttocks as he was enveloped in velvety heat, his face pressed so hard against Mycroft’s bare skin that he couldn’t breathe, but that was alright with him.

But he only indulged for a minute or so until he own need was burning in his veins. He pulled away with a sharp gasp, the sudden space between them unbearable. Greg shot to his feet then plastered his front against Mycroft’s back, his mouth at Mycroft’s neck. “Gonna fuck you so good, love. Gonna fill that belly up.” In between his words he trailed kisses across Mycroft’s shoulder while grinding his burgeoning erection against his bare arse. One hand rubbed circles into Mycroft’s hip, the other splayed possessively over Mycroft’s soft, flat belly. He wasn’t capable of rational thought, only capable of thinking about fucking the Omega beneath him, of bonding and breeding. He couldn’t even imagine the kids, just knew that he wanted to fill Mycroft up with them. “Tell me how bad you want that. Come on, Myc,” he ground his hips in a slow circle, letting Mycroft feel exactly what he was about to get. “Beg for my seed.”

Mycroft keened as Greg rimmed him, resting his forehead against the wall as he panted and moaned. His body trembled as Greg’s tongue pillaged his sensitive, wet pucker. He felt like he was going to explode. He needed so much more than this, but this felt so utterly amazing he didn’t want it to stop. He whimpered when it finally did end, but was instantly accommodated when the DI rubbed against him, giving him a feel of his Alpha cock though his trousers. Mycroft’s breath shuddered. Greg was huge. He ground his backside into the man’s crotch, trying to get some sort of relief.

“God, yes. Gregory please. Take me, knot me, fill me with your seed and breed me. Breed me hard and make me round. Fill me up. Please, I need you to fuck me so badly. I need your cock up my arse, pounding into me. Please.” He moaned, pleading every step of the way, wanting the hard cock pressing against him deep inside him to breed him, to fill him and make him heavy with child. He had never needed to be bred so much in his life. “For God’s sake, take me!” He was panting hard and everything strained. He needed Greg in him and he needed him now.

The whorish words falling from such a posh mouth damn near broke Greg. With a strained moan, he pushed himself away to get his fucking clothes off right that bloody minute. His didn’t bother with his shirt and vest, just kicked off his shoes and tore down trousers and pants in one go the flinging them across the room. He gave Mycroft barely enough room to free his legs before Greg was pressed up against the, the course fabric of his vest scratching against Mycroft’s skin.

He rocked onto the tips of his toes to push his cock through the hot slick that leaked from Mycroft’s body, groaning when the head of his cock brushed against Mycroft’s hole. But something didn’t fit right in his head. He didn’t want to take Mycroft like a bitch. He wanted to watch the man fall apart beneath him. “Turn around,” he growled, pushing and prodding at Mycroft even though he wasn’t making it easy for the Omega, plastered against him as he was. “Want to see your face when I plug you with my knot and breed you.”

Mycroft moan wantonly as he felt Greg’s bare cock against his arse. The man pushed back hungrily, blinking in confusion when Greg told him to turn around. He groaned when he heard the reason though and struggled, turning around and pressed himself flush against Greg. How were they going to do this? Mycroft wasn’t sure he had the patience to be taken down to the floor. No, if Greg wanted to see his face, he could fuck him against the wall. The Omega pulled them back, his back pressed against the wall to brace himself. He then pushed his hips forward, panting. The politician pulled Greg roughly to him, kissing him and rutting against the man’s cock.

“For God’s sake, Gregory, fuck me!” He moaned, raking his fingered over the DI’s back. “Fill me to the brim and fuck me like the Omega I am.” He was getting desperate and when he got desperate, he got demanding. The man nipped at Greg’s neck to encourage him as he continued to rut. “I need something up my arse now and if it isn’t your cock in the next twenty seconds, I’m fucking myself on a chair leg.” He hissed. He really didn’t want to resort to a chair leg. A chair couldn’t get him pregnant. A chair was quite obviously Not Greg.

Greg would have laughed if he didn’t find Mycroft’s bossiness so bloody hot. He surged up to bite at Mycroft’s neck, wrong side to initiate a bond but enough to sate something in the back of his mind. Then he was pushing Mycroft up along the wall, urging him to wrap those long legs of his around Greg’s waist. The slide of Mycroft’s small cock against his belly made him shudder as the sliver of precum left on his skin cooled in the air between their heated bodies.

“God yes. Everything you want. Whatever you want. Just…” Greg tipped Mycroft up a bit more, pulled at his hips and then he was right there, pushing right at Mycroft’s hole. With a slam of his hips he was finally in, wrapped tight in Mycroft’s slick, clenching heat. A high, broken keen filled the air but Greg was too far gone to notice that it came from him. All that mattered was that he was balls deep in his Omega and that he could feel the pressure at the base of his cock. He was so ready to knot it wasn’t even funny.

Mycroft gasped as Greg bit at his throat, leaning heavily against the wall for support as he wrapped his legs around the DI’s waist and crossed his ankles at the small of Greg’s back. He then wrapped his arms around Greg’s shoulders to steady himself. His cock was pressed between them as they shifted, making him moan. But not as much as when Greg slid into him. Now that made him groan loudly, his head tilted back as he was impaled by Greg’s hard cock, his muscles tightening around the intrusion. He twisted a little, grinding down with Greg’s movements until the Alpha was buried inside him completely. Perfection. Mycroft loved the full, tight feeling as he clenched around Greg’s prick.

“G-Gregory, move. Please.” He whined, trying to press himself up and down with little avail. He wasn’t at the best of angles to do it himself. “I need you, now fuck me.” He squeezed his muscles tightly again to try to get him moving as sweat coated his skin.

“As you wish,” Greg choked against the freckled skin of Mycroft’s shoulder. He pressed a sloppy kiss over where he bit then pulled away, his fingers tightening on Mycroft’s hips. His eyes were fever bright as he stared at Mycroft’s face while he pulled his hips back then slammed home. He refused to look away as he did it again, then again, swiftly building to a punishing rhythm that rocked Mycroft against the wall with each thrust.

If he thought he was over heating before, he was on fire now. Each slide deep inside Mycroft’s body, each time the Omega’s hole ground against the growing knot Greg felt as if fire erupted under his skin. They were covered in a sheen of sweat, the air thick with their combined pheromones and the slick sound of bodies in the heat of things. It was perfect, almost too perfect. He wanted to bite and bond, then knot and fill. Make Mycroft truly his and get him fat with Greg’s children.

But instead he kept his eyes locked on Mycroft’s even if it meant grinding his teeth together. His jaw ached with the need to bite down on the supple flesh of Mycroft’s neck, it would make knotting so much easier, but something in the back of his mind reminded him that it was only sex. He would brood about it later. Right then it was all about driving the knot inside Mycroft’s willing body and come.

Mycroft was taken apart as Greg thrust into him roughly, giving him exactly what he desired. His hands clenched against Greg’s skin as he was fucked hungrily by the Alpha. Mycroft couldn’t even find words. Greg’s knot was slowly swelling with each thrust and pleasure was bounding through him, Greg prodding his prostate every few strokes. He was babbling, all animal, encompassed in a wild, needy, primal fuck. Their grunts and moans and the rapid smacking of flesh on flesh filled the air. Their scents mingled it heated passion. Mycroft curled into Greg, trying to get every ounce of contact he could. He clenched tightly around Greg as a small orgasm rippled through him. There was likely something bigger that lay ahead.

The man whimpered, focusing on every inch of Greg’s long Alpha cock inside him. His Omega side was screaming in pleasure, needy and hungry to be filled with Greg’s seed. Eager to conceive. Mycroft had little doubt they wouldn’t. Omegas in heat often would be pregnant by the first round of sex if they weren’t on contraceptives. He fell into that category.

Mycroft pressed down as best he could, meeting the Alpha’s thrusts. His head was tilted back and his eyes were mostly closed as he panted and moaned as Greg ravished him, plunging into him. Mycroft could tell they wouldn’t last long. The first round of a heat never did. He remembered, a bit sadly, that this would be the only round and then he would be taken home. The risk of him being attacked again significantly lower. He moaned again, long and loud as Greg rammed into his prostate, and made him see stars.

Greg grunted when Mycroft clenched around him on a low groan and he finally gave himself in. He pushed Mycroft into the wall and held him there long enough to get his hands wrapped around Mycroft’s shoulders, bringing their chests fully together. Even through the thick vest he could still feel the heat rolling off of Mycroft’s skin, even though he thoroughly regretted not getting naked. But he didn’t let himself dwell too much on that and instead redoubled his efforts in ramming his knot through and locking them.

“God you feel so good. Wanna take you home and fuck you through your heat. You won’t be able to move without my help, I’d fuck you so good.” With his face pressed against Mycroft’s neck, the words tumbled out breathlessly to distract him from the urge to bite. He was starting to ache too, a burn spreading down his thighs from the exertion, but he was right there. Right fucking there. “You’ll never even look at another Alpha again, I’d keep you so satisfied. We’d…” He never got a chance to finish for the next sound was a strangled yell as his knot finally popped through the tight resistance and his orgasm ripped through him like a freak storm. He barely had the mind to pull him mouth away from Mycroft’s neck, instead burying his yell against the man’s sweaty chest and riding out the sharp, blinding pleasure/ pain of coming inside an Omega.

Mycroft gripped Greg’s vest for dear life as the thrusts got shorter and faster, Greg not pushing in fully as his knot swelled and Mycroft’s tight hole resisted. He was so close. The Omega buried his face into Greg’s shoulder, panting deeply as he got thoroughly shagged by the cop. He listened to Greg’s words, almost wishing they could happen, and letting them bring him closer and closer.

And then suddenly, he was being split apart, his head thrown back and hitting the wall, but he barely noticed. Greg’s knot spread him apart, locking them together and Mycroft came hard, ruining Greg’s vest and making a mess of his own stomach. His muscles clenched tightly around the Alpha’s cock, milking him as much as possible. Which was a lot. Greg just came and came and came inside him. Mycroft had almost forgotten Alphas did that. And Greg would continue to come until his knot deflated. Mycroft’s vision blurred for a moment, but he began to feel his skin cool, the man’s knot calming his heat some. He panted, regaining his breath as he rested his throbbing head on Greg’s shoulder. He mind grasped for words but found nothing for the time being. Greg should probably sit down somewhere. They’d be knotted together for a while.

Greg yelled until his throat was raw, then he just whimpered as one orgasm after another was forced out of him. The adrenaline that sang in his veins moments ago quickly drained out of him, leaving him weak and shaking but Mycroft’s body still milked him of his seed, greedily taking every last drop. Eventually he could barely keep them upright, having Mycroft practically squashed against the wall. In a few more minutes he was going to collapse.

“Gonna…” Greg whimpered and twitched like he had been electrocuted when another orgasm rocked through him. He ground his face against Mycroft’s shoulder and panted through it. “Gonna lower us down. Keep your legs wrapped around me.” At Mycroft’s affirmative he slowly slid them down until he was seated on the floor, half on top of discarded clothes with Mycroft still locked in his lap. He kept his arms wrapped around Mycroft while slumping against the wall. It was cool against his feverish forehead and provided a small comforted when another, blissfully weaker, climax rolled through him. Shouldn’t be much longer.

Mycroft helped as best he could to lower them, settling himself in Greg’s lap. His breathing started to slow down as did his heart rate. The Omega sighed and winced, the burn of Greg’s cock still inside him starting to overtaking the pleasure. The Alpha continued to spurt inside him and Mycroft clamped down often, trying to get every last drop. It was best to get as much as he could, seeing as he was trying for a baby. He leaned back a little, his stomach sticky and pulled a face as he looked down at the mess.

“You’re going to want to take your vest off.” He murmured hoarsely, feeling weary. His head was throbbing from where he’d hit it against the wall. The man hesitantly reached back and felt the beginnings of a goose egg forming. Lovely. Swallowing, he grit his teeth. He was still warm and filled with cum, which was going to have to stay there for a while if he wanted to conceive. “Well… that was fairly mind blowing actually…” He admitted quietly, glancing up at the Alpha. “Thank you.” He sighed, rolling his shoulders. He was still achy, even more so after being well shagged against a wall.

Greg groaned despairingly as his mental facilities started to return. Oh he was so bloody screwed. “Yeah. Ah fuck.” He knocked the side of his head against the wall before looking at Mycroft’s but he couldn’t meet the man’s eyes. Suddenly wincing at another weak orgasm that left him sore and his stomach cramping didn’t help in that matter. “Fuck, Mycroft. I’m so sorry. I should have been above that.” Even though Mycroft had asked Greg for this, guilt still crashed through him like a black wave ready to pull him down. He should have taken the higher ground. There were Alphas for Omegas in spontaneous heats for fuck’s sake. He should have thought with his brain and not his bloody cock.

“It’s alright, Gregory. I’m as much to blame as you are. I asked for this after all.” He replied quietly. “I apologise as well though. I shouldn’t have provoked you like I did. I just wasn’t thinking properly.” Mycroft paused, sighing. “But… perhaps we should keep our distance for a while… You almost bonded with me on numerous occasions. I do respect your restraint though. It looked as though it was terribly difficult.” The Omega tried to relax a little. All had gone as planned… so why did he feel down about it? It was almost enough to make him tell Greg about his lie and apologise. But no, he couldn’t do that. He really had little interest in a bond as well. Greg’s seed was probably sowing itself in his womb right that very moment. He couldn’t say anything though. Greg was just a sperm donor, nothing more. “We should just try to forget about this.” He said quietly, not meeting Greg’s eyes like Greg couldn’t meet his.

Greg nodded through a tremor then finally, thank God, he felt his knot deflate. “Yeah, probably for the best,” he conceded while internally kicking himself. He was damn glad he had some restraint because forcing a bond with Mycroft Holmes would probably have resulted in him turning up in the Thames. He groaned when he finally slipped free of Mycroft’s body, then winced when he felt a copious amount of slick slide over his skin. They were going to need showers and new cloths and… Oh God. He heard his radio cackle and he wanted to end himself.

“Sir, is the show over?” Higgins came over the radio along with snickering. Yep, that was the end of his dignity. The only saving grace he had left was that at least he couldn’t get Mycroft pregnant. That and it had been the best shag of his life. Best not dwell on that bit. “Oh yeah… I’m all for forgetting this. Let me know how that works for ya, yeah?”

Mycroft pushed away from him, clenching his muscles tightly to hold in Greg’s seed while he stood on wobbly legs. He cleaned himself up with a tissue box and just smiled a little at the Alpha as he stiffly put his clothes on. He swallowed thickly. “Thank you, Detective. I think my heat has subsided enough that I can take care of myself.  I can get another escort if needed. I hope things go well for you.” He told the cop quietly before dressing adequately and opening the panic room door once Greg was decent, leaving the other man behind.

Once home, Mycroft, inserted a plug, changed into some more comfortable clothes and propped his feet up on several pillows. Tamping down the odd guilt he felt, Mycroft remembered it was for a good cause. He was carrying on the Holmes name. But.. that just didn’t seem good enough. Under no circumstance could Greg find out his reasons. Sighing, the man shut his eyes and dozed off, eventually falling asleep. It had been a long day.