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I See Water On The Bridge

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"If you're waiting for me to warm to your pathetic little peacemaking overtures, you'll be waiting an eternity, Time Master."

Captain Rip Hunter visibly struggles to maintain his almost constant state of British stiff upper lip in the face of Leonard Snart's continued snideness.

The sheer nerve of this...this reprobate! Absolutely no gratitude or appreciation for Rip's recent genuine attempts at a truce between them.  Why must Mr Snart persist with such antagonism and self-deprecation?! Infuriating man!

Rip glares piercingly at Snart, who's still sporting his trademark look - The Irritatingly Attractive Smirk.  "Utterly insufferable," he mutters, grabbing the front of Snart's jacket and propelling him forward...straight into a frustrated, demanding kiss.  It’s deep, aggressive, and hugely satisfying.

(Snart realises he’s currently losing whatever battle it is they’ve been fighting, and he can’t bring himself to there’s a chilling thought...)

Time seems to stretch endlessly until Rip releases Snart, steps back, and re-adjusts the popped collar of his trench, now unruffled.  He says, completely unironically, "Well, if you'll excuse me, now that I've cooled off, I'll be on my way."

Snart blinks dazedly and props himself up against the nearest solid surface.

With a brief nod to Snart, Rip strides down the ship's corridor in a swirl of tanned overcoat.

He's almost out of sight when Leonard recovers enough to respond, but all he can manage is a low husky, "Aye Aye Captain...”