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Bright Skies Unscripted

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Flashes of color.

Green light that burned. Burned brighter as Red flared against it. His Red? He was Red?

They didn't like each other. Red and Green were different. But ... they were different from others, too. Even others like them. They could work together. Together they could protect.

Together they would be safe.

But someone wasn't safe.

A child. Tiny, barely anything - almost unnoticeable. They only saw it because they were Special. Green said it was just a spirit with a link to the physical realm. Nothing important yet.

But that wasn't true. The spirit was still a child. Still had to be protected.

They could protect the child together, Red argued.

But Green didn't want to. The repercussions were too uncertain. Too many variables -

Red was insistent. A *life*! No matter how small, how young, a life. They had to protect it.

They had sworn.

Information flickered between them, and Green was staring at him. Green thought Red wanted to protect the child because Red had failed.

Red felt guilty. Red hated itself. But a life was still a life. Red had promised ... promised someone. Pink? That Red would protect lives.

Green was uncertain, but slowly agreed.

Red and Green reached out to each other, combining in a way that *hurt*. They weren't supposed to join; they weren't the same! They were too different!

But for the child ...

Together, they reached out and wrapped protectively around the child. Their energies seeped into the child. They would keep it safe. Somehow.

But Silver demanded they come back.


He was well aware that Dana would have his head if she caught him walking around, but something was bothering him. He didn't know why, but his head still throbbed, and he kept thinking about Cam of all people. He and Cam weren't even really friends; they knew one another, and they could work together if necessary, but they had nothing in common.

No, that wasn't true.

He stopped, frowning, and looked around. He had the strangest sensation a moment ago ... Huh.

He had no idea why he knew exactly where Cam was. He didn't know what made him need to see him. He just ... did.

And Cam was sitting up in bed, waiting for him.

They reguarded one another silently for several minutes. At last Cam gestured to the chair beside the bed. "I finally made Hunter take a shower. He was starting to smell," he deadpanned, his voice just as soft and raspy as Wes' own.

And suddenly it all made sense.

"This is weird." Wes murmured, sinking into the chair slowly.

Cam snorted, and they both winced in pain. "No kidding," he managed finally. "No offense, but you're not exactly the first person I'd expect to ... bond with."

Wes frowned. Bond wasn't quite the right word; they both knew it instinctively. "Link?" he offered instead.

They considered for a minute, then nodded in unison. They were linked. Something about the accident had brought them together. They could instinctively sense one another now. Somehow they knew that Cam had Wes' head injury - a concussion, but not exactly - and burned wrist, while Wes' throat problems came from Cam.

From their morphers.

"Why my head?" Wes wondered aloud.

"Your dreams," Cam answered, studying him as the answer came suddenly. "You have dreams about the future."

"Because of my morpher," he realized.

"Maybe," Cam allowed. "Maybe not."

Wes frowned. "What about your - " He gestured to Cam's neck.

Cam sighed. "My samurai element."

Spirit. Cam's amulet was a link to the spiritual world.

"But why us?" he persisted.

Cam shrugged. "We're both different."

They were. Cam was a Samurai among Ninjas who had a connection to spirits and life energy. Wes was the only person from his own time period to use not only a morpher that was from the future, but one that had been used by another person who shared his DNA. While they had their own teammates, something about their abilities seperated them from the rest.

"Do you think it'll go away?" Wes asked finally.

Another shrug. "No idea."

He gave him a weary, amused look. "Aren't you supposed to be one of the ones that has all the answers?"

Cam narrowed his eyes at him. "Thanks to your headache, I don't care about anything but when the hell Hunter is getting back right now."

There was an uncomfortable silence.

"You really love him," Wes murmured at last. "I'm happy for you."

"I ... I'm sorry. About you and Eric," Cam said awkwardly. "And ... the boys."

Wes nodded silently in acceptance.

"What are you doing out of bed?"

They both looked at Hunter, who frowned. "Don't do that," he told them seriously. "It's creepy."

Cam sighed. "How much did you hear?"

"Enough," Hunter answered simply, sitting down on the side of the bed opposite Wes. He reached up to gently run a hand along Cam's cheek, gazing at him with unguarded affection and concern. "You're both the reason you got hurt."

Wes cleared his throat uncomfortably. "I should, uh - "


He glanced at Hunter warily. "Yeah?"

Hunter looked at him for a long moment. "You should get back to bed," he said finally.

Cam rolled his eyes. "That's Hunter-Speak for I'm glad you're all right," he informed Wes.

Wes smiled faintly. "Thanks. I'm glad you guys are all right, too."

They weren't, he mused to himself as he left them alone together. But they would be.