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Created For Destruction

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Created For Destruction




She was manufactured in a lab as a way to further human evolution. SHIELD found her when she was only eight years old and quickly figured out just how different she was. She was trained by the best and she was formed into a weapon. Weapons though can fire back. Clint/OC




June 23, 1997


She sat in her room, staring at the door that lead out into the hallway that she walked down every day at exactly eight in the morning to get to the lab where she’d sit on a gurney for hours on end only to be sent right back to her room. She never spoke. She never made a sound. She couldn’t. The doctor that did all the tests on her said since the first day that she could remember that she would never be able to talk. Something had happened to her vocal cords in the process of her development that made it so that she was unable to say anything.


The room she was sitting in was all white. It had no color in it besides the gray sheets on her twin size bed. She spent most of her days in this room so even when the lights were out, she could find her way. Her bed was on the wall that the door leading into her room was. It was pushed up against the adjacent wall. There was a two way mirror on the wall opposite to where her bed was shoved against the wall but the little girl didn’t know that they were watching her twenty-four/seven.


There wasn’t anything really in her room except for a few old toys; some blocks with letters and numbers, a teddy bear and a doll who was missing most of her hair and had lost her dress at some point in the time she had spent in the young brunette’s room. The little girl often could be found sitting on the edge of her gray quilted bed with the teddy bear in hand. She was a curious creature; small for her age and mostly unresponsive (yes, she couldn’t talk but she also rarely ever made eye contact with anyone) along with her soul-piercing green eyes that seemed almost inhuman but then again, was she really even human.


She hadn’t been born in an ordinary way. She had been created in a lab in a test tube. She didn’t know this though. She thought she was an ordinary little girl, not a freak. She didn’t know what most of the stuff was around her because of the little the people in the lab talked to her. She thought what she could do was normal.


It was getting close to the time that they usually brought her food. She readied herself for that white door to open and for the same armed man to walk in. She hated his voice. It was loud and it echoed through the room. It scared her to be honest.


Her stomach growled loudly, causing her entire abdomen to shake and she hugged the teddy bear tighter to her body. Her stomach honestly hurt. They only fed her once a day and it was barely anything to fill her up which was one reason she was so small.


She remained seated at the edge of her bed when the door to her room slowly opened but she wasn't met with the scary voice of the armed man. The man who entered her room was holding a bow in his hand with an arrow notched and ready to be loosed. When he noticed that she was in the room, he lowered his bow and cautiously took a step towards her but he stopped moving altogether when the faded toy blocks began to float in mid air.


“You doing that?” The man asked her as he pointed towards the blocks that were bobbing around in the air and she didn’t make any sound to answer him. She only stared at him as she seemed to be assessing him.


The man was fairly tall, at least by her standards but then again she was barely taller than three feet. The top of his head was covered in light brown hair and he was wearing black tactical gear with a three finger glove on his right hand and an arm guard on his left. His pale blue eyes watched her curiously, probably wondering exactly who she was but she wouldn’t be able to tell him that for she didn’t even know.


“Hey, what’s your name?” He asked her. His voice became softer with each word and her eyes locked onto his before tilting her head to the side. She then shook her head at him and the blocks slowly fell to the ground when her head hung low so that he couldn’t see her eyes anymore. She heard him as he shuffled across the floor towards her and her eyes immediately flicked up at him. When she saw exactly how close he was, she pushed herself backwards on the bed, leaving her teddy bear to fall off the bed at his feet.


He scooped her teddy bear in his free hand and looked over at her where she sat against the wall with her knees pulled up to her chest. Her soul piercing green eyes stared at him with uncertainty pouring out of them. He held her teddy bear out to her, softening his facial expressions in an effort to warm her even slightly up to him. He didn’t want to have to force her to leave with him.


“How old are you?” He asked her as she quickly grabbed ahold of her teddy bear’s arm and snatched the stuffed animal from his grip. Her gaze quickly turned into a very frustrated one and she pointed to her throat while shaking her head. She was trying to signal to him that she couldn’t speak but she didn’t exactly know how to do that. He obviously wasn’t getting the message when he just stared at her with utter confusion written all over his face. She then opened her mouth and tried her hardest to make any sort of sound, leaving her red in the face at the exertion that she was putting forth.


Realization spread across his face as he watched her elaborate interpretive dance and he finally understood why she hadn’t answered any of his previous questions. She was mute whether or not she had been born that way or it had been done to her. From what he could see there was a small scar on the side of her throat that very well could have been from a surgery to quiet her.


“You can’t speak,” He uttered as she nodded her head at him and hugged her arms around the teddy bear. “My name is Clint. I’m not gonna hurt you. I just want to help you.” She watched as he set his bow down on the floor by her bed and slipped the arrow that he had had notched on his bowstring back into his quiver. He smiled softly at her as he sat down on the edge of her bed and played around with his three finger glove. She then held her hand out and looked at him expectantly, staring down at his glove.


Clint smirked at her action and undid the button at the bottom of his glove before pulling it off his fingers and dropping it into her hands. She looked down at the object with curiosity in her gaze that had Clint grinning as she slipped the glove onto her hand. She then pointed with the gloved hand at his bow that laid discarded on the floor and raised an eyebrow at him when he shook his head at her.


“I want you to come with me. I can get you away from this place.” He told her as she regarded him while wiggling her fingers that were covered by his glove and pretending to be pulling back the bowstring of the bow. They both jumped at the sound of a gun going off and Clint wasted no time picking up his bow, aiming it at the doorway in case someone tried to come in. He could hear the young girl shuffling across the bed and when he glanced back, she was standing just behind his leg, looking up at him with her ungodly green eyes. She had her teddy wrapped up in one arm and her other arm was reaching out to grasp his cargo pants. Her tiny fingers hooked around a loop of fabric that was located just above the side pocket that was on his thigh and she looked up at him like she was trusting him to get her out of there.


“Stay behind me, kid. I’ll get you out of here.” He said to her as he moved out of the room with her clinging to his leg and his bow up and ready to shoot anyone that was in his way. That’s when a shrill alarm sounded out around them and the little girl quickly let go of Clint’s pants leg to cover her ears from the loud sound. His eyes quickly searched for the source of the sound but he couldn’t find anything. Her eyes were squeezed shut so tight that the skin around her eyes was white and if she could make a sound, he was pretty sure that she would be screaming.


She quickly flicked her right wrist and the alarm stopped as a large piece of metal broke through the ceiling just to the left of Clint. Though the alarm had stopped blaring in the hallway that they were in, it still echoed through the rest of the compound. Her hand returned to the loop on his pants and she moved along with him down the corridor.


She wiggled her gloved fingers around when they reached a door that needed a certain clearance to get through and the door slammed open, probably alerting everyone where they were but Clint could work with that. He was moving through the door that she had just pried open when a loud shot rang out and the bullet just missed his shoulder. He pulled his own body out of the range of fire as well as the little girl’s as she cowered against his leg. “Stay here, kid. I’ll take care of the bastards.” Clint told her as he sat her down on the ground and wrapped her arms around her teddy, placing her hands over her head to block out the loud pops of the guns that the armed men were shooting at them.


The low thunk of Clint’s arrows echoed through her mind as he loosed arrow after arrow while more men tried to take him down. She clutched her hands into her hair and gripped it so tightly she pulled a few strands out. Then she heard someone talking to her.


“Come with me, girl. You need to get back into your room.” She looked up to see a man standing in front of her with a gun in hand and a hand outstretched to her. His voice was low and menacing like he would hurt her if she didn’t do what he said. It’s in that moment that she realized that she didn’t want to be there anymore.


Clint was quick to turn around and he tried to shoot the armed man with an arrow but the man got a shot off before he could, hitting Clint in the shoulder. “You think that SHIELD could take her from us, Hawkeye?” The man gritted through his teeth as he stood over Clint who was lying on the floor, clutching the gunshot wound. “You died for a stupid little girl.” The man aimed his pistol at Clint’s forehead but he never got the shot off.


The next thing Clint saw was an arrow sticking through the side of his head and the man fell backwards, dead. He looked to his left to see that his bow was floating in mid-air like those toy blocks had been and then he turned his head to the right and the little girl was standing there with her hands in positions like she had just fired off the bow. He grunted as a wave of pain rushed through him and he smiled softly at the girl, giving her a thumbs up while she lowered her hands which lowered his bow to the ground. He sat himself up against the white wall and glanced over at his wound before quickly looking away, breathing quicker and quicker as he stared at the far wall.


“You know, this is my first actual mission with SHIELD. My first solo mission and I managed to get shot.” He remarked as the girl looked at him curiously and walked over to where his bow was, picking it up in her little hands and holding it out to him like she was trying to tell him to stop being a pussy and get them out of there. He pulled himself onto his feet, momentarily leaning down to grab the pistol next to the man who the girl had shot and then he grabbed his bow from her hand, attaching it to the high powered magnet that was located just next to his quiver on his back.


He held his injured arm close to his body as he pointed the pistol at the doorway he had been shooting arrows into not five minutes before and he looked down at the little girl who was still holding her teddy in her hand. He pressed a finger to the comm link in his ear and called in for evac while moving through the compound with the little girl quickly trailing behind him.


Every so often they'd run across an armed agent but they weren't in their way for long. Clint never got a shot off. The little girl who had looked so innocent and sweet when he first laid eyes on her would flick her wrist and the men would go flying into the walls or ceiling, rendering them unconscious. She seemed to be acting almost out of instinct and not out of malice or anger. She was just doing what felt right.


He had been heading down a corridor, completely bypassing another but a little hand on his own stopped him. He looked down at the girl and saw that she was pointing down the corridor he had passed up. “That the way out?” He asked her as she nodded her head and grabbed ahold of his pants leg again, pulling him down the corridor. At the end of the corridor were two large metal doors that looked ancient and suddenly they were thrown open.


The girl jumped behind him as SHIELD agents poured in and moved through the compound at record speed. As the agents split between the left and right side of the corridor, one agent walked towards Clint and the little girl. He was wearing a black suit with a white undershirt and he had sunglasses covering his eyes. His hair was light brown and it rested atop his head combed off slightly further to the right. He had a soft nature about him which made the little girl step out from behind Clint.


“And who do we have here?” The agent asked Clint as he shrugged his one shoulder and winced in pain. The little girl looked between the two of them as they talked about her like she wasn't there. Clint quickly explained to Agent Coulson that she couldn't talk and he didn't know much else about her other than her freaky powers.


Fed up with the way they were talking about her, she stepped towards Clint and punched his kneecap as hard as she could. “Shit!” Clint exclaimed as Coulson laughed at the little girl's actions and bent down in front of her so that he was at her level.


“Well she certainly hits harder than a Remington rifle.” Clint commented as her face lit up at the mention of Remington. Coulson noticed this and chuckled.


“Well looks like we found her a name. Huh, Remington?” Coulson said as Clint smiled down at her and she looked between the two men with a big grin on her own face. Coulson took a step towards Clint and placed a hand on his uninjured shoulder.


“Why don't you take little Remy here and get yourself patched up?” Coulson suggested as he took the pistol from Clint's hand and pushed the man towards the open metal doors.


Clint then reached his hand out for Remington to take hold of and smiled broadly when her little fingers wrapped around his much larger ones. They both walked towards the doorway and found that a helicopter was waiting for them. Remington stopped just short of the doorway and this caused Clint to look back at her. “You're okay now, Rem. I've got you.” He said as he scooped her upon in his one good arm and carried her towards the helicopter where they both sat in the back while Clint got patched up and Remington got the once over by the assistant doctor.

They were in the air for almost an hour when Clint looked over to where Remington had been sitting on the bench beside him and he saw that she had managed to drift off into a deep sleep. This little girl was a mystery. A mystery that he very much wanted to solve.