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Noble Deeds

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        I refused to leave my room. I just remained seated on the floor and tried to find a way of escaping the apartment without being cornered by Elijah. There were just so many conflicted emotions inside me and I just didn't want to deal with any of them. I tilt my head back and let it lean on the door behind me. I was so deep in thought that I barely registered the soft melody emitting from the study down the hall. I recognize it as the large piano that had been untouched this whole time we were here.
        Someone was playing on it, at first it was melodies that were the artist's own creation, and then there was a pause. I could hear him take a deep breath before continuing to play. After a few minutes of practicing, of becoming familiar with the sound, he takes a deep breath and plays a sudden deep note. The tone echoes around the room and he then begins to play a quick and beautiful melody once it slows down do I recognize the song that he was playing. He wasn't singing, but I could hear him say the words to the song. 

I hope I see you soon,
Because you're fond of me and I am fond of you.
These days I guess that's all it takes,
That and just a few mistakes.
And I have made mistakes,

        I press my ear to the door, hearing him pause and the melody stops. It only lasted a split second and he continued with the song. 

Yes I have made mistakes today,
Yes I have made mistakes today,
Yes I have made mistakes. 

        I slowly pull my nearby violin to me and place it under my chin. I knew the violin piece for this song. It was one I loved playing because the one song that was my favorite. Synchronized with his timing, I started to play and he falters slightly due to his surprise. 

So tonight I'll be your Brooklyn,
So cold and yet so far away.
Just tell me what you want for me to say,
And if it brings you home. 

        I put down my violin and just heard him say the lyrics as he continued to play by himself. I close my eyes following the melody he was playing and fall into a trance.

I guess it's safe to say,
We both could use this fire escape,
Cause I've been breathing ashes in,
And I've been waiting for something to carry you away.

Cause I have made mistakes today,
And I have made mistakes today,
And I have made mistakes.

        Before I knew it, I found myself walking down the hallway and find Elijah's back towards me. He continued to play, saying the lyrics out loud. I sat beside him, my back facing the piano, as I pulled the violin up once more to play my part again.

So tonight I'll be your Brooklyn,
So cold and yet so far away.
Just tell me what you want for me to say,
And if it brings you home

        He plays strongly this time as the violin melody became highlighted. I could see him doing his best to keep playing without glancing up at me. I could feel his eyes on me now and then, but I kept my eyes closed, just letting the violin to have my focus right now. 

So I hope you travel safe,
And I hope you're cool
I hope you find your way,
Because it's sad but it is safe to say,
We disagree on one too many things.

        The music then settles down and I stop playing. Elijah softly plays now and I just sit there silently and listen. I sing the last few lyrics, for the first time saying something in our time playing together. 

And I have made mistakes today,
Yes I have made mistakes today. 
And I have made mistakes...

        Elijah softly ends the song and a brief silence fills the room. Our breaths were the only thing I could hear and I could feel the thousand questions he wanted to ask me. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to feel and I wasn't sure how I managed to get myself in this position. I was safe in my room and he had drawn me by his playing, he drew me with his music. 
        "I always forget you play the piano," I find myself whispering. I close my eyes as he turns to look at me. "You play beautifully."
        "I had a great teacher," he answers. 
        "I know," I tell him, remembering that old conversation of his famous composer teachers. "I know." 
        We return to an uncomfortable silence and I open my eyes to glance at him. His face was away from me and he just looked down at the keys of the piano. 
        "You played my favorite song," I state. "You remembered it." 
        "Like I told you before," he says looking up at me, our eyes meeting for the first time since this encounter. "I remember everything you ever told me." 
        I sigh as I hear this, involuntarily shivering at his words. 
        "It's a sad song to like." he comments. 
        "It's a sad life, I've lived." I confess as I twirled the engagement ring on my finger. I take a deep breath, conflicted whether to tell him or not. It would relieve me of the burdens I carried but then it would also reveal the lies I've been telling him. "Elijah, I have to tell you something..." 
        Elijah looks at me with concern. 
        "I can already see how much pain you're going to have if you tell me." Elijah tells me. "You don't have to..." 
        "No, I do." I cut him off. "There are things you don't know about me. Things that no one knows, not even Jonas, and I've told him about everything. Elijah, I haven't been completely honest with you." 
        I pause trying to formulate the words that were just stuck in my throat. I twirled the ring on my finger once more before just prying it off. 
        "With this ring," I state. "This ring is one of the many lies I've told you."  
        Elijah narrowed his eyes at the engagement ring with concern before glancing up at me. 
        "I've lied to you about where I got it from, who I received it from, and why it does what it does; protecting me." I take another deep breath in attempts to calm my rising nerves. "Elijah, you aren't... I mean you can't be my soulmate. Because I... I already had mine." 
        "Griselda..." Elijah whispers. I could feel the tears rising in my eyes as I looked at his confused expression. 
        "His name was Noah," I tell him. "We met in a point of my life where I didn't know about the supernatural. I was just...human. My life was about music and the orchestra and the tours we did. When we got a break from the tour, I would settle down in my grandparent's ranch and I would teach private violin lessons in the neighboring town. I wasn't looking for love... it kind of just happened out of nowhere." 
        I couldn't help but smile at the memory. My mind was rushing to remember everything about him, everything we had together, everything that I loved about him. 
        "I met Noah after a small concert in Boston. I was hoping to catch sight of my brother but once again he had managed to miss this recital...and the recital before that... and the recital before that." I couldn't help but chuckle. "I gave up after a while as the crowd thinned and then there he was, Noah." 
        "He was a bundle of nerves as he walked up to me." I say with a smile. "He stumbled on his words and I stumbled on mine. We were both the most catastrophic people in the world but we managed to make it work. For the first time through that whole conversation he managed not to stutter and asked me if I wanted to take a walk with him. I will always remember that conversation since it was the best one we’ve ever had."  
        “If you don’t mind getting lost for hours on end, I can totally take you on a tour around town.”  I say repeating the exact words Noah told me. "I laughed at that and agreed. We both weren't from Boston and knew nothing of how to navigate through it. We did get lost but we soon found our way to a diner where we spoke for hours at end until dawn arrived upon us. I fell in love with him then and I think he did too." 
        I knew I had railed away from the main focus of this conversation and wiped the tears that had managed to roll down my face. I take another deep breath and continued.
        "Summer was always my favorite season. The sun was always shining, a light breeze would pass by every once in awhile, and then there was my favorite reason of them all; him." I tell a patient Elijah. "So here we were, Texas to be precise, in my grandparent’s ranch. We were packing our bags to go back home after a very short vacation."
        "My favorite part of summer was him because he would pack up the truck, sleeves rolled up, smiling at me as if I was a dream. He would kiss me and I became completely lost in the entirety of him. He would slam the truck closed and helped me out of the back. I jumped and he would catch me in his arms and spin me around." 
        "We were both so in love and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. I didn’t believe in magic before but he made me believe. He made me believe in so many things." I whisper. "If you asked me a few years before that if I believed in soul mates, I would have said no. But in that moment there, he… he was my soulmate and I was his. He was it. He had to be." 
        I swallow the sob that wanted to escape from my throat. I didn't dare look at Elijah as I bit my lip, trying to hold in the mournful dam that had broken inside me. 
        "That was my last happy memory of Noah." I cry out. "Besides the playful banter and the one night stop in the hotel. That was the last time we were so high on love and believed that we would live forever. That was the one memory I will always hold dear because only a few minutes before he had asked me to marry him."
        I looked down at the ring. I didn't really know where it came from or how it was made but I knew it came from him and only him. 
        "So you need to understand, Elijah… understand that I already had my soulmate." I whisper. "I already had my one chance of love but that chance was ripped away when Klaus killed him a few months later." 
        "Griselda..." Elijah says right after he told me this. 
        "I didn't lie to you about why I want to kill Klaus." I tell him. "That reason is entirely true. He took away everything I had. He did destroy my home, my humanity, my life... he burned it down, in fact. He burned it down with me inside it." 
        "What did he do?" Elijah asks me. "What did Niklaus do?" 
        "He was in search for strong witches that could break that curse of his," I tell Elijah numbly. All of the happy memories were gone as I spoke about this part of my life. "Apparently Noah was a very strong witch." 
        "You didn't know." Elijah whispers. 
        "No, I didn't." I answer. "But I should have known. I... he asked me about magic and soulmates. He asked me if I believed in them and I should have known he was asking for himself. I didn't realize this until it was too late." 
        "What happened?" Elijah asks me quietly. 
        "We were staying in a house in the outskirts of Dallas." I tell him. "That's where we both were situated to work. I taught violin lessons as Noah did research work for a professor at SMU. I always worked late due to the kids coming out of school late and Noah was always home before I was. That day though, I had finished early and I made my way home to see him. I should have known something was wrong." 
        I closed my eyes hating this memory the most. 
        "Noah never had guests over the house and Noah never argued, but there they were, a stranger in our house picking a fight with him. Noah refused to do what he said and the stranger became angry, hearing the tone shift intensely so quick in the argument, I made my way into the kitchen to stop it. That was a mistake, a very big one." 
        "You don't have to tell me." 
        "I have to, though." I tell Elijah. "How else are you supposed to understand why I'm not right for you? Why I'm so damaged beyond repair, Elijah? You deserve someone so much better than me. You deserve someone who's intact instead of the wreck that I am." 
        Elijah was ready to argue with what I said but I didn't give him the chance. 
        "As you suspect, Klaus killed us both." I state. "But not in the quick way you think... he played a game and a cruel one." 
        I shudder as I remember what happened next. 
        "As I stepped into the kitchen, Noah became scared and Klaus took notice of that." I tell him. "Klaus just appeared in front of me and I suddenly became aware that whatever he was, he was dangerous. Klaus seemed to take pleasure in my fear and I just stood there, frozen in fear as his eyes turned dark and fangs appeared." 
        I shiver as I remember the pain of being bitten by him. 
        "He drank from me, took his time, let me bleed out from my neck and then my wrist and then my shoulder. I was dizzy, weak, and couldn't do much as Klaus dropped my body on the ground. Noah fought, he tried so hard to fight, but Klaus was stronger and he had other witches on his side. All I remember seeing in my dazed state was seeing witches come from every corner of the kitchen and send Noah in a wave of pain." 
        "Blood poured from his eyes, mouth, and ears. Too much blood... and I saw helplessly as his eyes lost life in them. He had bled to death and I was getting there. Klaus just grinned at the scene and his eyes landed on mine." I cleared my dry throat before continuing. "He looked deeply into my eyes and all I could see was darkness, pure evil." 
        "Look at what you've done, Klaus said to me." I grit out. "It's clear he loved you. He wouldn't have died if it weren't for you but... tsk tsk, you just had to come in here. Yes, he loved you more than his life and now he's dead because of you, and now you're going to die alongside with him. I'll allow you that sliver of peace, not having to live with what you've done."
        "I couldn't answer. I was too tired to respond and I just wanted to sleep. I just wanted all of that to go away." I confess. "Klaus turned on the gas of the stove and after a while he threw a lighter beside me before disappearing. After a few seconds, our house blew up and I died. I had the pleasure to die, only for it to be momentary." 
        "What... how did you...?" Elijah tries to ask me but I didn't have the answer to that.
        "The ring saved me but I didn't know that until a witch told me it did." I tell him. "All I knew was that I was alive, life burned out of me, and he was gone... everything we had turned to ash." 
        The silence once again filled the room, Elijah unsure of what to say, and I not having anything more to confess. Everything I had held in was out in the open. Someone knew my story now. He knew it.
        "I really am sorry, Elijah." I tell him. "But we can't..." 
        "We can," Elijah argues. "We can... but you're afraid."
        "Afraid? How dare you...?!" 
        "You're afraid of falling for me... of being vulnerable again." Elijah cuts me off. "You're afraid that if you let me in, you will once again have somebody to burn whatever heart that is left inside you." 
        "I'm not afraid." I state sternly. "I just don't want to replace him. If I do... all of this... all I've done to avenge him... would have been for nothing." 
        "It doesn't have to be," Elijah tells me. "We can make this work and I would never want to replace him." 
        "Why are you so incessant in having me, Elijah?" I ask him angrily. "I'm broken. I'm barely human. I'm a mess! Elijah, you deserve a thousand times better."
        "You don't see yourself the way I see you," Elijah whispers with eyes so full of care. "I see you as strong, beautiful, and indestructible. You're perfect." 
        Before I knew it, he was leaning in and I found myself meeting my lips with his. I felt myself breaking, shattering into pieces, and then being put back together. A warmth like nothing before spread around me and I felt alive. He tasted sweet like dark chocolate and I couldn't have enough. I forgot everything I was arguing for as his tongue caressed mine. I lost myself in him and only him. 
        When we finally pulled away, our breaths heavy due to the lack of air, I open my eyes to find myself completely on him. His arms were pulling me close to him as I sat on his lap. His eyes searched mine in curiosity as to what I was thinking but I didn't think, I acted and once more, I pressed my lips to his, wanting more. I wanted him to fix me, to put up with me, to make me feel alive again.
        Even though he made me feel this, I couldn't wrap my mind around him being the love of my life. It just didn't make sense to me but as we continued to kiss, continued to feel more intensely, I found myself being able to be convinced at the idea.