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Noble Deeds

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        All I could hear was the silent ticking of the clock in the living room. Elijah paced back and forth in front of me, conflicted, upset, and most obviously angry. I assumed he was angry at me for what I’ve done the months after he left, but the expression on his face seemed to show that he turned that anger to himself. Elijah finally stops his pacing and turns to look at me. I could see his mind was full of questions that some were already pouring out. 
        “When did you meet him?”
        “About 3 or 4 months after you left me behind.” I answer. 
        “And you…?” 
        “I was upset and angry, Elijah.” I tell him. “John found me in one of my hunts. Killed my vampire but I was running on anger so I was ready to move on to the next vampire infested town. He tried to hire me to kill some tomb vampires that managed to escape but I declined. I told him I wasn’t some kind of mercenary up for hire and I walked away from him but… he followed me.” 
        “I was just so angry.” I explain. “So angry! I didn’t mean to tell him everything but he was just there and he motivated me to go on. That bastard fueled my rage even more and I stayed with him for a while as he found me vampires to hunt. He promised to help me get revenge on you, that he would find the impossible, something that can kill you.”
        “Did you have any relationship with this man?” 
        “What? No!” I exclaim. “Why would you think that?” 
        “The promise of finding something like this with no favor in return…” 
        “I know very well what John was doing, Elijah. I’m not stupid.” I tell him. “John is the kind of man who does things for the bigger picture. Whatever the reason is that he wants you dead must be a part for his bigger plan. I just don’t know what that is.”
        “And this weapon he has, do you know what it is?”
        “No, he just told me that he found something that can kill you.” I answer causing Elijah to sigh. “Elijah… do you have any idea of what this weapon could be?” 
        “There’s one thing.” Elijah states his eyes wandering away from me. “But a simple man couldn’t just find that anywhere.” 
        “What do you think we should do?” I ask him. 
        “There’s nothing we can do,” Elijah states. “Not until we find out if John does have a weapon to end me.” 
        “Elijah, you have to believe me that I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.” 
        “I’m not blaming you, Griselda.” Elijah says sadly. He crouches in front of me, placing a loose strand behind my ear, and gently caressing my cheek. “My actions were bound to have drastic consequences. I’m the one to blame.” 
        I grab his hand, squeezing it lightly, before pulling it away from my cheek and simply holding it in my hand. 
        "He told me that you'll betray me again..." I whisper so quietly. "That you'll try to enchant me with your elegant words that build up my beauty and talents. That once I let you close again, let you see who I really am, that you'll take everything I have to offer and leave me alone again."
        "You must believe me when I say that I will never do that to you ever again." 
        "I really do want to believe you, Elijah, but I can't." I answer. "I just... I just need to know why you left me the first time." 
        Elijah pulls his hand away from me and stands up. He turns to the window, his face a blank mask. 
        "I know it couldn't have been me dragging us behind. I was doing really well in tracking Klaus' whereabouts and his future locations. I know it wasn't my skills as a hunter because I'm pretty good on holding my own." I list off. I pause trying to collect my thoughts before continuing. "I've thought of every reason possible but none of them make sense."
        Elijah closes his eyes, his hand turning into a tight fist. Once again his face held an expressionless mask and I couldn't figure out what he was feeling at the moment. 
        "Why did you leave, Elijah?” I ask him. “Why did you leave me behind?” 
        “I never should have done that.” he answers, his deep voice a faint whisper.
        "That doesn’t answer my question.” 
        “The biggest mistake I’ve made my whole life.” Elijah continues. “And I’ve lived a very long life.” 
        “Why did you leave me behind, Elijah?” I ask again tired of his deflective answers. Elijah finally looks at me, sadness evident in his eyes.
        "The answer will go against everything you told me not to do this second time together.”
        "You’ve broken every rule I set for both of us.” I state. “Just tell me, Elijah. I need to know.”
        Elijah sighs and I could see the struggle he was having whether to tell me or not. 
        “You owe it to me.” 
        "I..." Elijah begins to say before any sign of his struggle disappeared. "I must retire to bed. A lot of things have happened tonight. I need time to think, to process things."
        Elijah didn't even give me a chance to say anything as he disappeared from the living room into his own room. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. I should have known he would run away when confronted. I should have known he would never be upfront with the truth. Why would I think that this one time he'll actually be honest with me?


        I put the coffee on and started to make a simple breakfast. I turned the tv on to have some background noise. I switched channels to the morning news and ignore it as the weather report comes in. I turn back to the stove and turned it off. I slide the scrambled eggs onto the plate and quickly pick up the hot toasted bread. Elijah somehow manages to sneak in and steal a cup of coffee without me noticing. It wasn't until he turned the volume up that I noticed his presence. 
        "Good morning," I whisper to him but Elijah doesn't respond. He was solely focused on the tv screen.
        "The authorities believe last night's assailant may also be related to the missing campers and park ranger who have yet to be found, as well as 25-year-old Jessica Koenig, reported missing this morning. The sheriff's department says investigations are pending and no further comment will be made. In related news Mayor Lockwood spoke earlier today...
        I get tired of his ignoring behaviour. I didn't know if it was because of what I confessed last night or that he was being distant because of the question I asked him. I quickly block his view of the tv forcing his eyes to land on me. 
        "So, is this how things are going to be now?" I ask him. "We avoid each other, act like the other one isn't there, because this is worse than the way we were before. Before we actually talked, more like yelled, but at least you actually looked me in the eyes!" 
        "God, I ask one simple question and you give me the cold shoulder!" 
        "And here I am begging for an explanation which is so unlike me, making myself sound weak, like I need your approval or something like that and I just hate that I somehow make myself the villain in this freaking story and..." 
        Elijah grabs my shoulders tightly, I look up into his dark brown eyes realizing the sudden proximity and that his attention was on me.
        "Are you going to say something or are you just going to be holding me quietly?" I ask breaking the silence and his hold on me. Elijah pulls his hands away and takes up his cup of coffee again. A silent sigh passing his lips before the news filled the silence in the room again.
        "Due to the recent tragedies that have plagued our town, we will be holding a memorial in Town Square today to honor all those we have lost. Join us and hope that as a community we can begin to heal.
        "I'm assuming we're supposed to be making an appearance to that." I say hoping to gauge a response from him. Elijah just nods causing me to just shake my head at him for his silent treatment. 
        "You know silent treatments are for teenagers and five year olds, not for thousand year old vampires like you." I mutter. "You're a grown man Elijah. Speak to me!" 
        "Mayor Lockwood would like you to play a piece at the memorial." Elijah states placing the cup into the sink. He starts to walk away but I quickly side step into his way. He visibly sighs but doesn't try to make his way around me. I look up at him sternly and avoid staring at his eyes as I decided what I was going to say. 
        "I know I screwed up by blabbing my mouth to some stranger and I'm sorry." I tell him honestly. "I've put you in danger and that's not what I wanted, well it was...before, but not anymore! I just... What are you so afraid to tell me?" 
        Elijah's face once again held that blank mask that he always wore. His emotions remaining hidden and so were his thoughts. Yet as I looked into his eyes I could see the struggle he was having with himself and I wondered what was making him be like this. 
        "I've already told you everything I've wanted to say, Griselda." Elijah states but I knew there was something he was hiding still. "And there's more I have to tell you but now it's not the time... and I don't think there will be after we're done." 
        Elijah doesn't allow me to ask for a further explanation as he makes his way around the island and walks out of the kitchen. I let him go not wanting to bother with a one sided conversation. I don't know what could have happened overnight to make Elijah like this, but for the second time this day, I was growing worried for him. 


       My hand carried my violin case and Elijah showed no attempt to make us look like a couple. I wasn't trying either. The only sign that showed that we were remotely together was that we walked beside each other and half the town knew of our "so-called" engagement. We walked through the crowded Town Square who were lighting candles and placing pictures of unknown strangers in small shrines. I saw the stage in the middle of the town square and stopped walking. Elijah noticing my pause, turns back to look at me. 
        "Are you ok?" he asks me, concerned for the first time that day. 
        "Yeah..." I whisper unsure myself if I actually meant it. "It's just been a while since I've performed on stage with people actually looking at me." 
        "You'll be amazing, Griselda. Your talent is nothing to get shy about." 
        "I'm not shy..." I say not knowing how to put into words what I felt at this exact moment. "I just feel... nostalgic, I guess." 
        I saw the distant gazes of my brother and Jenna so I grabbed Elijah's hand and squeezed it. I placed a chaste kiss on his cheek which seemed to have caught him by surprise until Mayor Lockwood made her presence with us soon. 
        "Good Morning, Mr. Smith." she greets him nicely before turning to me with a smile. "You must be that lovely fiancee, Ms. Saltzman. It's nice to put a face to the name."
        "It's nice to meet you too, Mayor Lockwood." 
        "Oh, just call me Carol." 
        "Then you must call us by our first names as well." Elijah says turning on the charm instantly with his smile of his. "No more of that Mr. Smith nonsense." 
        "Very well," Carol agrees with a nod. Her gaze lands on me once again. "Thank you so much for coming to pay your respects and thank you again for agreeing to perform a piece. I've heard countless praises from your brother and others who've seen you perform."
        "You flatter me, Carol." I say pulling a smile on my face. "I wish I could do more in this time of loss. So many innocent people... I'm so sorry." 
        "I wish I could have prevented this too but this memorial is all we can do." Carol responds with a sympathetic nod towards us. "Thank you once again for your contribution to our community." 
        With that, Mayor Lockwood departs to talk to oncoming crowds of people. I look back at Elijah who's scanning the area. I sigh as I twirl the ring on my finger and feel nothing come out of the ordinary. 
        "You heard the news," I say as we start to walk again towards the rows of seats. "A camp full of missing people and then some." 
        "If it's a vampire, you can easily kill them." Elijah simply states. 
        "That's the thing, Elijah." I say stopping him from walking any further. "I told you this yesterday but it might have gotten lost with the argument that followed it. There's werewolves in town and you know werewolves..." 
        "They all travel in packs," Elijah sighs out.
        "Those things are more trickier to exterminate." 
        "I'll deal with them." 
        "No, you won't." I say sharply. "Don't you remember the last time we faced werewolves. I died, you died, we both died!" 
        Elijah rolls his eyes as he takes his seat. I huff annoyed and sat beside him, pulling my violin case to my lap. 
        "The full moon just passed us, Griselda. I can handle some mutts." 
        "Yeah, I know you can." I answer. "But last time... last time you got bit..." 
        "I remember exactly what happened. I don't need to be reminded." 
        "Then let me take care of them." I state. "Jonas and I will come up with something and like you said, the full moon passed us. They can't do too much damage." 
        Elijah didn't seem to like the sound of that either but all conversations seized as I caught sight of John in the crowd. I take a deep breath and look away before he could notice me. 
        "I should probably get on stage and you should probably charm your way through the high end society of this town." I say standing up and grabbing my violin. "And it's final, I'm taking care of the wolves." 
        I was ready to walk away but Elijah catches my wrist and pulls me back to him so I could face him. I land softly against his chest, my heart rate increasing alarmingly, as his hands found a place on my waist. His face was graced by a small smile that caused his eyes to wrinkle a bit. 
        "Good luck up there," he says before kissing my cheek.
        I pull away from his quick whisper and nod. The small scene was not unseen since Elijah and I had sat practically on the front row. I look around and see most of the town square staring at me. I take a deep breath and ignore the stares as I make my way around the stage. 
        Mayor Lockwood was making a small speech. She addressed the families in mourning, named the missing people, and went on to say that they were working their hardest to find them. It was obvious that she knew the truth of this circumstance and I wouldn't put it past Elijah that he knew this too. He was probably spending his day meetings figuring out what else the Mayor knew. 
        I tuned out most of the speech until I heard my name being called. I make my way to the stage and smiled as Mayor Lockwood passed me the microphone. Luckily there wasn't any blinding lights or unnerving silence. There was a slight chatter amongst the crowd and not all eyes were on me. I sighed mentally as I set the microphone on the stand. 
        "Hello, umm my name is Griselda Saltzman. Sister of history teacher, Alaric Saltzman." I say introducing myself. "I know I'm not a citizen of this town and that my fiancee and I are just passing through but I wanted to play a piece in loving memory for those you've lost." 
        I open the tattered case and pull out the beautifully intact violin out. 
        "I was unsure of what piece to play but this one composed by a contemporary artist spoke to me and I hope it speaks to you too." 
        With no further words to say, I tuck the violin under my chin and the bow settles on top of the strings. I take a deep breath before allowing my hands and mind be carried away. 


        Elijah and I got caught up by couples and other such groups congratulating us in our upcoming wedding. Most of them complimented my playing, asking if I could perform in certain events or teach their kids how to play. I politely declined being reminded of an old the old life I used to have and not having the strength to go back to it yet.       
        It was easy to get bored with the same repeating conversations that were going on loop with these people. Elijah was able to tolerate them, as for me, I couldn't. My patience ran too thin. My eyes trail off to the remaining people on the square and I catch sight of Jonas talking to a young girl. It was obvious that she was upset with him but Jonas was taking the hate pretty coolly. I grow concerned still and lean over to Elijah. 
        "I need to check in on Jonas," I tell him in which he nods. I say a quick goodbye to the people we were talking to before making my way towards Jonas and who I assumed was the young witch in town. I didn't see anyway of stepping into the conversation carefully. So I threw caution at the wind and just stepped in.
        "Hi Bonnie," I state interrupting whatever rant the young witch was on. "It's obvious to see that you're upset and it just takes one glance at your direction to notice."
        The witch seems to become more upset with my statement but hides her anger away. Seeing this, I decide to continue. 
        "I know this must be confusing to you." I tell her. "Me being Alaric's sister engaged to Elijah and Jonas and Luka's involvement with us."
        "There's nothing confusing about this." Bonnie states. "I trusted Luka, and he betrayed me." 
        "It wasn't our intention," Jonas explains to the young witch. "We're just looking out for you." 
        "Spare me the witch loyalty crap." Bonnie exclaims. 
        "You might not want to believe this, but Elijah is a man of his word." I respond. "And you can trust that I'll keep my end of the deal with Elena to keep you and your friends protected."
        "You're right, I don't believe it." Bonnie states. "I thought that you being Alaric's sister would make you reliable, but I was wrong." 
        "And why is that Bonnie?" I ask her. "Because I'm marrying a so called monster? Shall I remind you that you're friend is dating one? That you yourself are friends with one?" 
        Bonnie was silent and I continued with my lesson.
        "We do anything for the people we love. I sacrifice my blood, sweat, and tears to protect those I care for. Elijah would do the same and so would Jonas and Luka. Trust us, don't trust us... the choice is really yours but it won't interfere anything at our end. We'll keep our end of the deal either way."
        I grab onto Jonas' arm and we both start to walk away from the teenage witch. His eyes strayed away to our surroundings and I knew his mind were full of heavy thoughts. Jonas was good at hiding his emotions, a close second with Elijah, but I could always read him like a book. 
        "She reminded you of Gretta, didn't she?" I ask him. 
        "How did you know?" 
        "A young teenage witch with defiance in her blood. Sounds like Gretta." 
        "She's just so young," Jonas continues. "And she's doing all of this alone. I just can't help but think of Gretta being in Klaus' clutches, alone..."
        "I'm sure she's fine," I comfort him. "Gretta's a strong girl. I'm sure she's holding her own." 
        We walk silently for a bit, allowing Jonas to collect himself again, before I let out the details of a plan. 
        "I'm sorry to spring this up on you at a moment like this but we have a situation." I tell him. 
        "What's going on?" he asks me concerned. 
        "Nothing major, really... just that I encountered a werewolf yesterday. She doesn't know I'm here and I don't really know why she's here. One lone wolf isn't a problem, but a pack of them is."
        "You think she isn't alone." 
        "I'm sure she isn't alone." I state. "With the vampire count in this city, she surely called for backup." 
        Jonas sighs tiredly. 
        "I'll go look over some grimoires, see if I can find anything to locate them or repel them away." 
        "Ok sounds good," I answer getting slightly distracted at the sight of Alaric and Jenna entering the Grill. "I'll catch up with you later and talk more about this then. I've got to talk to someone right now." 
        I leave Jonas and quickly cross the street. I enter the warm restaurant and shrug off my coat immediately. I scan the room for Alaric and catch sight of him at a table. I walk up to it and immediately Jenna catches sight of me. 
        "Griselda, hey!" she exclaims putting down her menu. "Would you like to join us?"
        "I don't think she would," Alaric intercepts quickly. "I'm sure she has stuff to do."
        "I'll love to join y'all," I state ignoring the looks my brother was giving me. "I feel like I haven't seen any of you since I got here." 
        "Elijah must be having you run from place to place, I'm sure." Jenna responds. "He's made quite an impact with the community and so have you. Your performance was beautiful." 
        "Thank you," I answer. "I think this is the first on-stage performance Alaric has ever seen me in. You won't believe how many recitals I had that Alaric missed." 
        "Really?" Jenna exclaims to Alaric. He just sighs in return.
        "I feel like I'm wrongfully being depicted as the bad guy here." 
        "Join the club," I whisper to him. 
        The conversation seized as my eyes stray over to an entering figure. Even Jenna's happy humor turned sour as we caught sight of John. He quickly locates us and makes his way towards our table. 
        "Hey." John greets. "Do you think I can join you?" 
        "Do you have to?" Jenna asks coldly, surprising me how the happy Jenna could quickly turn to a cruel one. 
        "I guess I don't have to, but I might as well." John states. "We're all friends, right?" 
        "No, we're not." Jenna answers. "Now leave John, we were having a nice lunch with..."
        "Griselda Saltzman." John interrupts his eyes landing on me. "Yes, we've met before." 
        "Sadly." I comment not missing the surprised look that Alaric gave me.
        "Wait, you two know each other?" Jenna asks still trying to process the news. I sigh annoyed that John would pull something like this. 
        "We had a short business partnership a year ago." I answer. "We split up because our ultimate goals were no longer the same. Isn't that right, John?" 
        "Somewhat," John answers. 
        I roll my eyes at him and peer over the menu again. 
        "Look who's here." John states causing everyone's attention to turn to the door. Elena was walking in but she wasn't alone. Damon Salvatore was right there by her side. 
        "John, buddy, how have you been?" Damon asks as he reaches our table. 
        "I've been all right, Damon." John answers calmly. "It's good to see you."
        John, with Damon's appearance, repels himself away from him and our table. Jenna's good humor was gone and it was obvious that Alaric wasn't too happy with me at the moment. Damon and Elena followed after John and Jenna saw a friend of hers at the bar and decided to join her. This left me alone with my brother who seemed to be bursting at the seams with questions. 
        "You know John Gilbert?" 
        "Obviously." I answer. 
        "How?!" he exclaims in a loud whisper.
        "I'm a hunter, Ric. Our paths crossed." 
        "Really, Griselda?" Alaric asks. 
        "Believe me, I'm not happy to see him either especially..." I stop myself from going on. Alaric looks at me questioningly and I just sigh. "He's just untrustworthy." 
        I get up from my seat and start to make my way out of the Grill. I grabbed my coat from the coat rack and was about to leave when the vampire flashed in front of me. I rolled my eyes as he blocked the exit from me. 
        "What do you want?" I ask annoyed. 
        "You're Alaric's sister, you're engaged to Elijah, and you're hunter." Damon lists off. "I don't trust you." 
        "Yeah, no one trusts anyone around here." I state. "But I know John Gilbert, and if you're going to trust him over me, then you've made a mistake." 
        I open the door but Damon closes it. I keep my annoyance in check as I look up at the vampire. 
        "Rumor has it that you know a lot," Damon states. "And won't say anything to your older brother Ric."
        "I can't trust him while he's around nosy vampires like you." I answer. "But since Originals can compel vampires, and my fiancee so adores me, I could make him compel you to get out of my way. If you don't believe me, just remember why Katherine is stuck in the tomb." 
        "Katherine's compellable just because all of the vervain had left her system." Damon replies. "Stefan and I, on the other hand, are chock full." 
        I look up at him interested with the new information. 
        "You guys are drinking vervain?" I ask him. 
        "It's an acquired taste." Damon answers. "Which means your fiancee can't compel me and you seem to be out of your cute little hunter bows and arrows so if you know something about Klaus, or any way to kill and Original, I suggest you better start talking, or I will kill you in your sleep." 
        "Kill me and you lose your best friend," I state. "Kill me and an Original will break the deal he has with Elena and come after you, your brother, and all of your cute little friends." 
        Damon's aggressive stance turns frigid and I smile at him. 
        "You see it now, don't you?" I ask him. "I'm an essential piece in a lot of peoples life. It's my presence that makes Elijah not tear down this city. He loves me and he'll do anything for me and vice versa. Let's not forget what my brother would do to you. He would probably come out of retirement and hunt your ass. So you better play nice with me, Damon Salvatore. You've got more to lose than I do." 
        Damon's scowl was etched on his face, his body tense with my response. I reach for the door and open it. This time Damon didn't push it close so I smiled tauntingly up at him before making my exit. 


        I enter the apartment expecting to be the only one there when instead I find Lucas looking through our kitchen while Elijah and Jonas were talking in the living room. I throw my keys on the coffee table and take off my coat, catching the attention of both men in the room. I take my seat and noticed their concerned stares. 
        "What's going on?" I ask them. 
        "The werewolves you said where in town," Jonas answers. "I know a way to find them." 
        "Ok, that's good." I answer. "Let me go get my weapons and we'll go hunting." 
        I start to stand up but Elijah's hand lands on my shoulder and he pushes me back down into the seat. I look up at him confused to the act. 
        "Ok... what's really going on?" 
        "I don't want you to go." Elijah simply answers. 
        "Look, we don't even know how many they are and I don't want to risk the chances of you getting hurt. I need you to be well..." 
        "Stop!" I interrupt him. "My health can easily be healed by my ring." 
        "Yes but with the snap of your neck!" Elijah exclaims. 
        "Well if you go, we risk you getting bit." I answer. "Full moon or not." 
        "I can take care of myself." Elijah states.
        "I know you can," I respond. "But the last time we faced wolves you were out of commission for quite some time." 
        "You don't need to remind me." 
        "Like you had a fever and a cold sweat..." I continue. 
        "Griselda, say no more." 
        "You were talking about ex-girlfriends and trying to kill me too."
        "I've heard enough." 
        I turn towards Jonas and Luka who were watching both of us very closely. I knew Elijah didn't want me to go further with the details so I continued anyways. 
        "I don't know if it was in the midst of the fever or hallucination or attempts of murder but I swear you tried to kiss me." 
        "I did not." Elijah exclaims. 
        "How would you know?" I ask him. "You were sick in the head." 
        "I uh... I mean..." 
        "Look, this was settled a long time ago. You agreed to take care of the social part of this town while I take care of protecting it. Jonas and I will handle the pack of wolves and you charm this whole town off with your writer facade ok?" 
        Elijah's lips were on a thin line, showing his dislike of the final plan. Jonas knew better than step in and just remained quiet. Luka was more focused on eating the sandwich he made to agree or disagree on anything. In fact, he seemed amused by the scene in front of him. I turn back to Elijah who still seemed indecisive. Finally, all the stress from his shoulders disappears and he gives a short nod. 
        "You're right," Elijah sighs out. "But you be careful, ok?" 
        "When am I not?" I ask him back. 
        Elijah just stares at me still worriedly before clearing the emotion out of his face and turning to Jonas. 
        "You be careful too." Elijah states his eyes moving from Jonas to Luka. "All of you."
        Without another word, Elijah buttons his suit coat and walks out of the apartment. I could only watch him go. Something was troubling him and I would have asked him but recently he hasn't been keen to answer any of my questions. I sigh and turn back to Jonas who had a faint smile on his face.         
        "What?" I snap at him. 
        "Nothing..." Jonas says leaning back on the couch. 
        "That nothing certainly means something." I state sitting across from him. 
        Jonas just rolls his eyes while Luka just chuckles in the kitchen. I stare at both of them suspiciously and was determined to get an answer.
        "What's going on?" I ask them. "You two are acting like two gossiping schoolgirls with a secret." 
        "It's just..." Luka begins but Jonas interrupts him.
        "Come on, she has to know." Luka exclaims with a grin on his face. 
        "What do I have to know?" I ask him. 
        "Nothing." Jonas answers again.
        "Seriously," Luka states exasperated. "I just..." Jonas gives Luka a very stern look and Luka just gives up. "uhh nevermind." 
        "Now I really need to know." I state staring at both Martin witches closely. "What's going on?" 
        Jonas just sighs. 
        "Look, if you don't realize it yourself, then I have no right to tell you." Jonas answers. "I'm just an outsider looking in. You have to be the one who has to realize it sooner or later." 
        I looked at him unhappy with the answer given.
        "You know, you speak in riddles." I state. "I freaking hate it." 
        Luka just laughs at that and Jonas brushes off the comment. 
        "We should focus on those wolves." Jonas states. "I found a way to locate them. It's really up to you to find a way to immobilize them." 
        "That part is easy." I answer standing up from my seat and making my way towards the closet in the hallway. I push away the extra linens and pull out one of the many bag of weapons I had. This one contained my heavy duty and highly expensive weaponry. I brought the bag back to the living room seeing the curiosity of both witches. 
        "What's in the bag?" Luka asks. 
        "Lot's of things," I answer as I search for the one specific object. My hand meets the circular gadget and I quickly pull it out. "But this one is the one that really matters."
        "What does it do?" Luka asks again staring at the device. 
        "Why don't you tell me?" I ask him as I throw it to him. He quickly catches it and he inspects the gadget carefully.
        "It's not some sort of small bomb is it?" Jonas asks concerned. 
        "Of course not," I answer. I look back at Luka. "Just press that button in the middle." 
        Luka does so carefully. The circular device lights up and remains that way. Luka looked at me confused. 
        "I don't get it." 
        I stand up and grab the device from him. 
        "It's a sonic device." I explain to him. "It emits a high frequency sound waves that causes headaches, irritation, nausea, etc." 
        "All it's doing is light up though." Luka says still confused. 
        "It has three frequency levels since vampires and werewolves have enhanced hearing." I tell him showing the array of buttons beside the device. "I've managed to narrow it down to humans, vampires, and werewolves. Right now we're at werewolf mode which means we're not impacted by it but they will be."


         Jonas and I walked through the dark woods. The only light we had was the flashlight in my hand, other than that we were in complete darkness. Jonas eyes were closed as he concentrated on the spelled herbal pouch in his hand. He was my human gps as we tried to locate the whereabouts of the pack in the eternal forest that Mystic Falls was surrounded in.
        As we got closer to the location, I felt an immense heat rush through my ring with an equally freezing sensation as well. I couldn't bear it with every step we took so I pulled the ring off. 
        "Something's wrong," I say as I transferred the ring from hand to hand. "My ring's overheating, over freezing... it's burning me either way. Wherever we're heading, both vampires and werewolves are there."
        Jonas didn't like the sound of that but having an obligation we made our way through the many shadowing trees. I transferred the ring to my necklace and after a few more minutes of walking we made it to a small clearing. 
        There was a trailer and a few tents set up. Yet that wasn't the sight that caused me concern. It was the 20 or so werewolves almost killing the Salvatore brothers. Jonas immediately placed a protection spell to those on Elena's list while I turned on the sonic device and threw it in the middle of the clearing. Every werewolf alive fell to the ground with agonizing pain. They held on to their heads and twitched on the forest floor. 
        "What's happening?" the blonde vampire I was told was Caroline asks. 
        "What the hell is going on?" said the lone Lockwood wolf. 
        Jonas just raises his hands higher on the protection spell. I walk over to my sonic device and see as every werewolf slowly passed out due to high frequency soundwaves. Damon and Stefan Salvatore get up from the ground and look at Jonas and I in confusion.
        "Elijah made a promise to Elena." I state. "We're here to see it's upheld. You need to get out of here. Now."
        All three vampires leave without saying a word. I pick up my sonic device and shut it off. Jonas stops the protection spell on Tyler and waits for me to finish up here. I look up at the only standing werewolf knowing he was also the only son that Mayor Lockwood had. Knowing that detail made it harder for me to do this next part.
        "When your friends awaken, give them a message: They need to get the hell out of this town." I state. "If not, this will be you too." 
        I turn the sonic device and Tyler clutches his head and falls to the floor with agony. I shut the device quickly and see him pant and twitch slightly. 
        "You've been warned." 
        I nod at Jonas, who looked at me disapprovingly. I kept my stoic expression and started to make my way out of the woods. Jonas reluctantly followed after me. 


Third POV, Salvatore Boarding House

        Stefan took the initiative to take the shaken Caroline back home. Damon wanted no part of that and made his way to the Boarding House. The dark haired Salvatore hated to admit that he had gotten his ass handed to him. He also hated to admit that Elena's deal to Elijah and Ric's annoying little sister Griselda had actually come in handy. Since he hated to admit both of these things, he didn't admit them at all. Damon was just glad to be alive and at home. That is, until the doorbell rang and Damon opened the door to reveal the pestering presence of John Gilbert.
        "What do you want?" Damon asks annoyed. 
        "We didn't finish our conversation." John answers referring to a conversation both of them had at the Grill. It was more of a failed death threat from Damon to a secretive John. Damon was curious as to why John was at his doorstep after this but he was interested nonetheless. 
        "I'll bite." Damon states stepping aside so John could come in. 
        "I've been thinking." John says as he makes his way to their living room. "Personal feelings aside Damon, I think you and Stefan will do all you can to protect Elena." 
        "I agree with that statement." 
        "So I come bearing gifts." John states as he opens a folded cloth, revealing a silver dagger and a jar full of ash.
        "What is that?" Damon asks unimpressed. John just smiled. 
        "This is how you kill an Original." he answers. "In this vial is ash from a white oak tree that dates back to the genesis of the Originals. The dagger must be dipped into the ash, and then plugged into their heart." 
        Damon picks up the dagger from the cloth and inspects it. 
        "How do you know all this, John?" Damon asks him still not believing a word he said. 
        "Isobel. She's very good at finding out things." John responds. "But, of course, you know that." 
        "Where is Isobel?" Damon asks. 
        "Let's just say if she accomplishes what she's attempting, Klaus will never set foot in Mystic Falls. Where Elena's concerned, you and I are on the same side."
        John turns to leave but Damon still had more questions to ask. 
        "What are we supposed to do about Griselda?" 
        John stops walking. A small grin formed on his lips at the mention of the huntress. He knew that she would fall for Elijah again. It was obvious from her reaction last night. John shrugged his shoulders as he faced Damon again. 
        "Kidnap her, kill her, run her out of town." John lists off. "It's really your choice. I do advise you to kill her though. Once she finds out that you killed her so-called lover, she won't stop at anything to kill you." 
        "What do you mean by so-called lover?" Damon asks him. "They're engaged." 
        "Not when I knew her a few months ago." John states. "A few months ago she wanted Elijah dead."
        Damon didn't know whether to trust John's words or not. It was very hard to tell if he was telling the truth or not but John seemed pretty sure about this. Damon didn't show his conflicted feelings show as he just scowled at John. 
        "But hey! What do I know about love?" John asks trying to ease the tension. "The vampire huntress falling for the big bad vampire. Is that even possible?" 
        "I don't know." Damon answers. "Ask Buffy the Vampire Slayer." 
        John just chuckles at the reference but doesn't let the seed of doubt in Damon's mind wash out. 
        "You might not believe my reasons for being here. You might not believe what I told you about the dagger, but you do have to believe me in this. Griselda has never and will never love Elijah. He's everything that she hates." 
        John leaves after those words and Damon was left alone in the living room with John's words echoing in his mind.