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The Return

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When he disappeared they never imagined he would be gone this long. They stopped looking around corners for a sight of him after a few months. After a year they no longer dashed after clues to his where abouts. Now, three years to the day they never thought they would see him again. Not like this at the very least.
In the three years since his disappearance, Eve and Steven had grown. The sweeper business had calmed down, and both Steven and Eve agreed she should have some form of a formal education. They settled down in a city near the sea. Eve skipped grades faster than Steven could see with his other eye. She appreciated the chance though, and she did find going to school helpful, if not a bit slow at times. Growing up as she had, she knew a little about everything, but traveling made learning hard. She would start one subject only to leave a city and never pick up where she left off. Her new school gave her the chance to fill in the gaps, and now her knowledge was helpful in mundane tasks as well as capturing targets. She knew enough of physics, and mechanics and her ability had been so fine tuned in the past years that in a second’s time she had a full workmen’s tool set spread apart where her hair would be. This ability saved them quite a bit of cash, as they no longer had to go to a repairman when their car ran into problems.

Eve had finished the last of her classes a few weeks ago, and now was pursuing more technical skills, cooking. Her mother of sorts had been a terrible cook, but Eve was determined not to follow in her footsteps. she wanted to thank Steven for giving her a home, and she had read that the best way was through his stomach. So, Steven had taken to watching the news and planning out new trips to find high money targets in the living room while Eve went to work in the kitchen. Annette had retired and moved in with them, something of a grandmother to this family setting, but was often bored with the quiet and roamed around the city. She came back in time for dinner though, because though it took a few trial runs, Eve had finally found her culinary spark and her cooking put Steven’s to shame. Rinslet came visiting every now again always with gifts for Eve, clothing although Eve always asked for books. She was there now in the basement asking Annette for advice on her next break in. Steven chewed happily on a piece of gum. Eve had made him promise to quit smoking a few months back. He listened to the quiet sprinkle of rain outside and was content in this perfect peace. It was on this, a normal day for them all, that an old friend decided it was high time to visit again.