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Snowflake En-Tango'd

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Part 1: Entangled


Angela, Sera, and Leah, with her dog, were having breakfast at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park New York. It was a bit of a rainy Tuesday morning and business was light (no problem getting nice table for four under the patio, with the fourth chair empty. Half of the tables were empty due to the weather).


Angela was having the Eggs Benedict with salmon instead of bacon. Sera was having Quiche. Leah was having Banana French toast. All three were having coffee. Leah's dog was under her chair gnawing on a bottle (he'd eaten two pigeons on the walk over and had found a tasty glass bottle. Growing Hel hounds need their minerals).


He growled a soft "Entrails" statement in contentment while snorting some flames to burn off the paper label.


"Don't look now, but we have an admirer of sorts. She feels like a person of... power" whispered Sera.


Behind Leah, few tables away, a solitary blond dressed in a very tight and revealing pair of short shorts, a black top with a boob window, black gloves, and long black boots was staring intently at them. Her table had a tea pot, a basket of breads (croissant, muffin, and a biscuits) and some fruit.


Leah did not turn around, but she did whisper a question.




"Not currently" replied Angela after taking a bite of her croissant. "But the day is young".


"Good, I hate having breakfast interfered with". Sighed Leah.


"I don't think she's so much staring at us as staring at you and your dog". Mused Sera.


"He does get attention, mostly the negative kind. I thought New York would be more... blasé about such things. Folks act like they've never seen a Hel hound before". Sniffed Leah.


"She's coming over" Sera mentioned as she took a sip of her coffee.


All three women slightly tensed, just in case.


A very attractive blond came even with their table.


"I'm sorry to intrude, but I really like your dog".


Literally the first time Leah had been told that by anybody (Angela and Sera found the mutt to be rather annoying). Fido would eat anything, his urine could take the paint off a fire hydrant, he liked to curse, and he breathed fire.


Leah raised her head and turned to her right. She looked the blond in the eye and froze. So did the blond.


The blond... her eyes were blue. Not light blue, a darker blue that was piercing. Blue eyes to get lost in. Leah was mesmerized.


So was the blond. Leah had hazel eyes, with a hint of green. Soft and deep and...


A long pause happened as they looked at each other (meanwhile Angela and Sera exchanged questioning glances).


The blond stepped back a pace, then nibbled her lower lip in indecision. Then went for it.


"Do you like dancing"?


"Yes...." Leah slowly replied.


"Do you like to dance the Tango"?


"Yes...." Leah again replied. Actually she had no idea what the Tango was but no was so not a word she wanted to say right now.


"Would you... like to dance the Tango with me tonight at 7:30 at Argentinean's"? A high end Tango dance club.


"...yes..." Leah again replied.


"I'll... I'll be wearing red". The blond turned and fled, and five steps later she was gone as well (teleported away).


"What the heck was that?" asked Sera.


"I... I felt as if... I knew her... from... I'm not sure... but..." Leah replied while shaking her head.


"Well, you were right about the power" commented Angela while moping up some hollandaise sauce with the last of her croissant.


"What the Hel is Tango?" Leah Demanded.


"A dance. It has many variations" Sera replied as she briefly lectured.


"Mostly consisting of rapid and intense leg movements while the two dancers press their hips and chests to each other while also making dramatic flourishes and gestures. Very passionate dance that originated in the country of Argentina. Also considered very... erotic when taken to the extreme".


"Could you two please take Fido for the day. I... I need to go learn this dance before tonight". And with that Leah ran off leaving a rather surprised Angela and a grinning Sera.


"They don't even know each other's names" Angela chuckled.


A boat drifted by on the lake with one person in it (yes the restaurant is on the lake in Central Park). Mike Scott's I Know she's in the building could just barely be heard from the person's cell phone (it was their ring tone for their significant other).


I know she's in the building

I can feel it in my guts

Somewhere within these four walls

is the woman that I love

The sweetest wild adventure

hangs within my grasp

She's eternal, she's alive

and I've found her at last