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Flower Shop

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The little bell over the door chimed as they walked into Patrice’s Flower Shop, the vibrant greens and bright flowers a welcome contrast to the grey Vancouver day.

“I’m just saying, flowers? Isn’t that a little passé?” Jacob was saying.

Eddie laughed. “This from the guy who’s giving them a toaster?”

“Hey toast is awesome!” Jacob objected as they wandered through the aisles of cut flowers. “When you see how much they love my gift you’ll be wishing you’d thought of it.”

“Don’t count on it Marksy.” Eddie punched his roommate’s shoulder lightly as they wandered into the potted plant section.

Jacob scowled and shoved him in retaliation. Eddie stumbled slightly and bumped into the guy who’d been bent over working on a tray of chrysanthemums.

“I’m so sorry,” Eddie apologized. “I wasn’t watching…” his voice trailed off as the most striking eyes he’d ever seen glared at him.

“Can I help you?” the guy asked in a tone that suggested he’d rather ask why they were bothering him.

“Um.” Eddie drew a blank and looked to Jacob for help.

“You were looking for a plant,” Jacob prompted.

Tuukka, Eddie managed to tear his gaze away from those eyes long enough to read the name on his apron, rolled his eyes. “What kind?”

“What are those?” Eddie asked pointing to the tray. It wasn’t at all what he’d meant to say, what had passed through his mind, but unfortunately not out of his mouth, had been clever. He could feel his face turning red as even Jacob looked at him like he’d grown a second head.

“Chrysanthemums?” Tuukka said, scorn clear in his voice

“The yellow one please,” Eddie said weakly.

Tuukka picked the plant up, passed it to Eddie, and turned back to his work.

Eddie headed to the till to pay for his plant, glad to escape without further mortification.


“You really said that?” Luongo asked laughing as Jacob regaled them with what had happened at the flower shop.

“Don’t remind me,” Eddie said hiding his face behind his hands.

“Well at least you made an impression,” Kesler joked.

Eddie groaned and Luongo threw his arm over his shoulders. “Cheer up Eddie, I’m sure you’ll dazzle him with your wit next time.”

“Are you guys still picking on poor Eddie?” Luongo’s wife Gina asked as she and Burrows came out of kitchen with coffee for everyone.

“What else would they be doing?” Burrows dropped onto the couch next to Kesler and kissed his grinning boyfriend.

“Eddie knows we’re just kidding,” Luongo said. “Honestly I think it’s great Eddie. When are you going to ask him out?”

“I only just met him,” Eddie said blushing. “I don’t even know anything about him; let alone if he’d be interested in me.”

“Isn’t going on a date how you find that stuff out?” Burrows teased.

“It worked for us,” Kesler agreed.

Eddie took a deep breath. “Okay, you’re right. I’ll ask him.” He grinned and shook his head as everyone cheered. He shoved Luongo lightly. “Now enough about me. This is supposed to be about celebrating your new home.”