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Creatures in the Night

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Stiles’ life was normal and he loved it. Bacon Hills was nice, quiet little town in California – very nice place to live. Stiles’ friends were awesome and he loved them dearly – friends were his other family. And his real family was Stiles’ everything. They lived in nice house which was painted in white and it's windows were large and brought beautiful sunlight inside. Stiles liked the house – it was warm and welcoming. Stiles loved his parents who loved him back. And most of all – Stiles adored his sister.


All in all – Stiles’ life was normal, quiet, beautiful and full of love and life.


Except – nothing was normal nor quiet. Full of love and life – sure but that’s that.

Let me explain.


First of all, Bacon Hills was batshit crazy place to live. It was more rule than exception that shit hit the fan more often than not.

Second, there was the Pack. Yes, you heard it. The Pack – which consists of each and every one of his friend.

Mostly the pack was full of werewolves – Derek the sourface (or sourpuss or sourwolf and so on…) and Scott the Bro were the Alpha Pair. Not in romantic way but both were Alphas and they could work together – if they so pleased. Usually they just squabbled with each other and it was starting to get pretty old. But they still made it work.

Pack had also ten betas. Isaac the Scarfmaster, Erica the Catwoman and Boyd the Quiet were first betas who Derek turned.


Then there was Jackson the douche who were Derek’s first mistake which they thankfully righted and yeah. Let’s just say that first there was a lizard and after the shitty things happening and more or less real love confessions, there was a wolf.


We should not forget Derek’s actual family by blood. Cora the scary one and Peter the psycho one. Aaaaand yeah, Peter was better now – in away… long story short nice guy turned to psycho by hunter. After this and that shit happenings psycho wolf dies and then uses magic to come back life and being pretty normal but ending up in Eichen house in the end (that’s a long story). To just escaping again and turning to a nice guy who had weird psychopath-ish tendencies… Stiles actually liked the man.


And we shall not forget Liam the Babybeta who is Scott's first beta and Brett the newface (yes yes Stiles liked to give names to people) who belonged in the other pack (Satomi Ito's) before he asked to join theirs. And then there was the Twins; Ethan and Aidan who once were Alphas who could merge together but now they were just betas.

So yeah, the Pack was pretty much made of wolves but there were others too.

They had a Banshee, beautiful and smart Lydia fucking Martin who was now also dangerous and lethal with her new powers.

A Kitsune, Kira Yukimura –who was like girl version of Scott accept she actually was more dangerous than her puppy-like boyfriend.

Allison Argent, a Hunter, awesome human being and Scott’s ex but there were no hard feelings… just understanding and teen stupidity (and they admitted it).

Malia Tate, a werecoyote, who was really Peter’s daughter (mother is lunatic so let’s not go there…) but adopted as a baby. And she was weird, animalistic, cool and still so simple little thing.

There were also few humans. No really, they had actual humans in their Pack. Like Jordan Parrish who was something but nobody knew what he was (Sheriff’s deputy), Melissa McCall (the nurse and Scott’s mother) and Danny Mahelani (Jackson’s best friend and Ethan’s boyfriend).


So that’s about it. Their pack was big and there were so many different personalities there but they were happy, little dysfunctional family. And Stiles would go to Hell and back for them.


And the other family, the real one? Yeah, that’s kind a bust too. Yes, Stilinskis were a family but not so normal one. Although they kept their not so normalness secret  (but Stiles knew and they knew the truth about Stiles).

 Claudia Stilinski, formerly Henriksen was an awesome mother but a more awesome witch. She comes from a long line of witches and warlocks. Being a witch meant that she had elemental magic – she only could use elements around her – fire, earth, air, water and energy (others calls it life-force).


John Stilinski was no human either. And his name was fake. But anyway John was a Nephilim; part human part angel; a Shadowhunter. He was born in Idris, realm of Nephilims and he was trained to be Shadowhunter and he had been powerful one. But he had left that life behind after falling in love to a witch, Claudia. He still worked time to time to the Clave but only because that way the Clave gave him little bit leash and freedom to live how he wanted.

Stiles had always tought that the Clave was full of idiots and ducheback dicks. Why stand away of love? Even when it was between a shadowhunter and a downworlder… But John’s life was better that it should have been. In reality, a forbidden love like theirs usually get you exiled or ripped from your runes – but neither happened to John. Why? Simple – two reasons. One; because of who John actually was and two; because of Stiles’ sister.

Right, Stiles sister. Disa Stilinski. No, Disa was not her real name but she liked it and to others it was easier to say. Anyway. Stiles sister was awesome and he totally adored her. Disa was her mother’s daughter and full of magic but she was no witch – she wasn’t just element wielder. She was a warlock. A warlock was slightly different than a witch. Where a witch could wield elements – one or more, a warlock’s magic was just that – magic which basically meant that Disa’s magic came from her, from her will, from her spark.


Stiles also knew that if person was a warlock they usually had a familiar, animal companion which balanced their magic and also made the warlock more powerful. Witches didn’t need familiar so Claudia didn’t have one – nature itself kept Claudia’s magic balanced but Disa needed a companion and Stiles hoped that there would be one. In few months Disa would be eighteen and gain her full powers – oh how Stiles wanted to see that. She was already powerful, Stiles could feel it around the girl and he enjoyed feeling the light buzz on his skin.

But there was one other thing… Disa was also his father’s daughter. A shadowhunter. John had trained Disa since her fifth birthday and oh boy was she a sight.  Disa was perfect warrior and knew too many ways to fight – hand to hand, with weapons, with runes/marks or with her magic – she was perfect (well not without flaws but still).

Disa was most powerful creature Stiles has ever seen – and he had seen stuff and things. Stiles loved her sister more than anything. He adored her. And for her – he would do anything.


And Stiles… Yeah, he was so not normal either.

First of all – no one of her friends knew the real him.

Second of all – he liked Bacon Hills but it wasn’t his real home.

Third thing – John, Claudia and Disa, they weren’t his real family. More like adopted one – by Stiles himself.

And the fourth and last note – Stiles wasn’t human.