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this love (will be your downfall)

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This entire idea comes when Tony can't think of anything to give Steve for his birthday. He’s always so hard to buy for because he doesn’t like the lavish gifts that Tony loves to give. Steve's mentioned it before when he sees a video online that Bucky sends him, he knows what he wants. At first Tony thinks he's joking because the thought of anyone trading porn with Steve Stark-Rogers is unfathomable. But it happened, so they’re here now, Steve’s eyes covered by a red, white and blue blindfold.

Tony leads Steve to the edge of the bed where Bucky is sitting naked and fully erect. The two switch places, circling around Steve until Tony is on the bed. He reaches out, taking both of Steve’s hands and pulling him closer.

“Tony,” Steve chuckles, clearly unsure of what the hell he’s supposed to be doing. But then a pair of arms comes around him, a strong and familiar grip, and Steve realizes that his hands are still being held by those of his husband.

“Happy Birthday, Cap,” Bucky says lowly, his lips against the shell of Steve’s ear.

Steve rips his hands from Tony’s, removing the blindfold and spinning around. He pulls Bucky into a tight hug and it takes a moment for it to register that Bucky isn't exactly clothed.

“Uh,” Steve begins, glancing down and then back at Tony who’s steadily removing his clothing. “Care to explain?”

Tony emits a husky chuckle and when he looks up at Steve there’s a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

“Your birthday present,” Tony answers, slipping his unbuttoned shirt off his shoulders. “You told me not to buy you anything, right? I know you mentioned a threesome before and I know how much you love getting stuffed so full I took it upon myself to fetch Barnes for a little romp in the bedroom.”

“Tony, can we—? We didn’t talk about this.”

“We talked about it,” Bucky interjects, gesturing to Tony.

“That’s the point,” Tony replies with a smirk, grabbing Steve by his tie. “The point of a birthday present is to surprise the birthday boy. Come here, you’re wearing way too many clothes.”

Steve allows himself to be pushed down on the bed and Tony moves to straddle him, unbutton his shirt with skilled fingers.

He glances across the room to Bucky. "Well don't just stand there looking pretty. Get over here, make yourself comfortable."

So Bucky does and soon enough Steve’s on his knees, his hard cock in his hand, twisting and pulling as Tony and Steve take turns thrusting into his open mouth. Bucky reaches down, grabbing Steve’s forearm and pulling him to be bed.

“C’mon, that’s enough.”

“Someone wants to get down and dirty,” Tony teases, following behind. He lets Bucky fuck Steve before himself because ‘guests first,’ and Tony takes his time straddling Steve with his dick in Steve’s throat, fucking his face relentlessly.

With drool coming from the corners of Steve’s mouth he finally pushes Tony away, having had enough of deep throating to last a few weeks at the least.

“You ready?” Bucky asks, lazily kissing along Steve’s jaw, “Ready take us both?”

“Yeah,” Steve replies, clearing his throat and wiping at his chin.

"You're sure about this?" he asks huskily, hands gripping Steve's hips once he’s in position, the blunt tip of his cock prodding against Steve's already-strained hole.

"I can do it," Steve replies firmly, "If I can take your whole hand I think I’ll be fine."

Tony stops to wonder if that’s Steve’s attempt at sass but his thoughts are cut off when Steve lets out a small whine as Bucky’s lips nip at his ear, teeth tugging at his earlobe. Tony smirks, his hands on Steve’s shoulders, sliding down to his taught belly, his fingers playfully tracing patterns across it.

“...the whole thing?” Bucky asks, delayed.

“Yeah, he's sort of a champ," Tony laughs, reaching for the bottle of lube and slathering his dick. "He wants this," Tony laughs as Bucky grabs hold of Steve's hardened cock. "Look at him."

"Hell yes I want it," Steve groans, shifting to get comfortable.

"Look at that," Bucky marvels, dipping his fingers into Steve's relaxed ass alongside his own throbbing member, “God, he just keeps taking it.”

"Beautiful, right?" Tony replies, slapping his husband's hip lightly. "You ready?”

“More than ready,” Steve replies, his voice breathy and nervous but not unsure. He wants this; he wants both of them so incredibly bad.

Tony throws a leg over both of Bucky’s, settling down and thrusting in with one smooth motion.

Steve’s mouth falls open, the back of his head resting on Bucky’s shoulder, “Oh god.”

“You okay?” Bucky and Tony ask in unison.

“Okay?” Steve grunts, clenching down on both of them involuntarily, “S-so good. Oh man, wow. This… this is definitely intense.”

“How’s it feel?”

“Full,” Steve says with a breathy chuckle.

“Should I move?” Bucky asks, glancing past Steve’s shoulder at Tony.

“I’ll move first,” Tony answers and when he does he pulls out, sliding back in with ease. “There we go,” he breathes steadily, “Such a good boy.”

“Oh yeah. God, Tony, just like that.”

Steve feels lips on his neck as Bucky sucks temporary bruises, his eyes closed blissfully. He can’t imagine anything better than this, Steve’s heavy body on top of him, Tony Stark’s dick pressed to close to his, all surrounded by the searing heat of Steve’s gorgeous ass. He begins to move once Steve finally relaxes but soon grows frustrated, unable to completely lose himself in this position.

“Can we switch?” Bucky asks breathlessly, looking up to see Steve and Tony are totally entranced, their fingers interlaced on Steve’s belly.

“Yeah, sure,” Tony shrugs, pulling out completely. He falls to the side, settling down on his back and beckoning his husband, “Come here, baby, sit on my dick.”

Steve obeys with a breathy laugh, straddling Tony and leaning down to kiss him languidly, his hips rolling back and forth in a slow, steady grind. Bucky settles down behind Steve, hands on Steve’s hips, making a line of kisses from the nape of his neck to his ear where he whispers, “You ready?”

Steve turns his head with a smile, catching Bucky’s mouth with his own in a chaste kiss, “Go ‘head. I’m ready.”

When Bucky slides in Steve braces himself above Tony so they can both move easily. The feeling of his ass being stretched so wide, so open, and the fact that Bucky and Steve are still fitting inside so easily is enough to make Steve come alone. But the hold that Bucky has on his hips, the way Tony’s fingers wrap around Steve’s forearms, the feeling of two cocks sliding inside of him is unparalleled by anything he’s ever experienced.

Tony looks up at Bucky with a smirk, “Talk dirty to him, he eats that up.”

Bucky nods, fucking down into Steve relentlessly, “You love this, Steve?” he asks, panting, “You were such an innocent little boy. Not anymore. God, look at you take this; you love it.”

“Dirtier,” Tony suggests, speeding up his thrusts to increase the intensity. “Like this: fuck, baby, your ass is gaping wide, fucking you so deep. You have such a pretty ass, you hear it slurping?” Tony purrs. “Swallowing two cocks like it’s nothing. So loose, you’re so greedy, such a slut for this. Oh my god, baby. Fuck, you like this, you love it, love to take it, love two cocks inside of you.”

Bucky laughs, his hands roaming over Steve’s muscular back, “What’s there left to say after that?”

Tony shrugs best he can, “Anything that comes to mind. He’ll come if you do it long enough.”

Steve grunts, “I will.”

“You wanna come?” Bucky asks, pausing with his cock mid-thrust and littering Steve’s shoulders with kisses, “Gonna make you come so hard.”

“Yeah,” Steve replies breathlessly lying down completely so that his chest is flushed against Tony’s. “I’m ready.”

Bucky presses one hand to Steve’s back for support, cock pounding into him relentlessly, “You crazy bitch, look at you, you’re so good. God, Steve, who knew you fucked so good? You want all of this; you have such a pretty cunt, so open and ready for us both. Gonna come inside you, make a sticky mess, you’ll be so wrecked.”

“Oh yeah,” Steve grunts. “Good, more. Gimme more.”

Steve thrusts back with strained whimpers to meet Bucky’s rhythm, his cock poking into Tony’s belly and that’s enough to send him over. He comes, semen dribbling down the head of his cock and sliding between Tony’s stomach and his own. He’s moaning so loud that Bucky can’t even think about anything but this; the tight heat of Steve’s ass and the entire situation. He’s here, right now, fucking Steve, fucking him so good while his husband is here, his husband is inside of Steve, too, and they all 3 love it so much.

As promised, Bucky comes, but he can’t find the boldness to do so inside of Steve. Instead he pulls out, pumping his cock and splattering thick ropes across the small of Steve’s back. Steve whines at the loss, still breathless from his orgasm.

“I’m the last one standing?” Tony laughs, thrusting up into Steve lazily and receiving a nod in return.

“Yeah,” Steve smiles, hands on Tony’s shoulders. He kisses him, thorough and passionate and languid, pulling away only to whisper, “Love you.”

Tony returns the smile and Steve admires the crow’s feet at the corners of his eyes, reaching up to touch them fondly. They both shift when Bucky collapses onto the mattress, still trying to catch his breath.

“God, you’re so loose now,” Tony laughs. He reaches around, slipping 2 fingers in next to his dick. There still isn’t enough friction so Tony adds 2 more fingers, slipping them in past the rim of Steve’s strained ass.

“Fuck,” he hisses. “Oh shit, that’s good. Ride me, baby, make me come."

Steve makes no effort to move, his face still pressed into the crook of his husband’s neck.

“That’s an order, Captain.”

That one draws a laugh out of Steve who sits up and slips Tony’s fingers out of his ass, amending, “Okay, okay.”

He reaches forward, grabbing the headboard with one hand for better leverage as he rises onto his knees and begins bouncing easily. He grinds down when Tony is least expecting it, earning a low growl as Tony grabs his hips. Steve reaches for something, anything, and finds Tony’s knee with his free hand, rocking back and forth desperately and Tony’s thrusting into him again, his entire body stiffening as he comes inside of his husband.

Tony shouldn’t be surprised when Steve continues rocking hard, riding out another orgasm, this one less powerful than the first, but it’s still amazing. It’s as if they’re the only two in the room now and Tony’s gazing up at Steve and Steve’s head is dropped back, fingers digging into Tony’s knee until he finally comes down. When he does he slides off to the side but Tony catches him the by hips.

“Lemme see,” Tony murmurs quietly, grabbing at Steve’s ass. “Hands and knees. Bucky, come look at this.”

Bucky does as he’s told, crawling over to where Steve and Tony are on the opposite side of the bed. "Damn."

“Look at that,” Tony moans. “Goddamn, look at that. It’s so pretty."

Tony leans down, slipping his tongue easily inside of Steve’s loose hole, swirling it once and pressing a kiss over it. He pulls back, falling onto his side with a sigh and pulling Steve along with him.

“Definitely want to try that again,” Steve says after a while, breaking the silence.

“Yeah,” Bucky sighs in agreement, settling down on the opposite side of Steve and he promises himself that he isn’t jealous when Steve curls up to sleep with his head on Tony’s chest.

Steve is asleep within minutes chest rising and falling as the sticky mess of sweat and come dries on his thighs.

“Nice to see him again,” Bucky says after a while, clearing his throat, “Wish we could do it more. See him, I mean, not—not fuck him. Well, I mean—shit.”

“Yeah,” Tony shrugs, “Busy saving the world and all that, you know?”

“Doesn’t much care about his other friends, I guess.”

"He still cares," Tony admits knowingly, glancing across the top of Steve's head, "He talks about you all the time."

"What good is talking?" Bucky retorts dismally, "At the end of the day you're still the one who gets to take him home and call him your husband. Tony, the way he looks at you- I've never seen him look at anyone else that way before."

Tony argues, "That’s not exactly fair. Steve hasn't exactly had his share of love interests."

Bucky nods and he feels so foolish for even going through with this. He wouldn’t have had Tony not said that Steve mentioned that a threesome was definitely something he wanted. He sits up, sliding off the bed.

Tony hesitates until Bucky is halfway dressed to say, “You—you don’t have to go.”

“Nah, I better."

“Stay and crash with us.”

“Okay,” Bucky finally says when he realizes that Tony isn’t going to give up.

He slips his t-shirt off, tossing it onto the floor and climbing back into bed. Tony reaches with his arm that isn’t wrapped around his husband, grabbing an extra pillow and tossing it to Bucky. Bucky settles down on Tony’s other side and he’s almost asleep when he feels Tony’s fingers tangle in his hair, lulling him to sleep.