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Champion of the Force

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"It is said some lives are linked across time. Connected by an ancient calling that echoes through the ages. Destiny."

-Prince of Persia.

The Force sang with grief as it filtered around the fallen bodies of the New Jedi Order Luke had created. Like so many years ago, these young beings had been struck down by someone that they trusted with their very lives. But if the Dark Side was anything, it was convincing. For generations it had tempted young Jedi to give up the light, and seek the power that was the Dark Side. And now it had claimed it latest victim.

The Force cried for her Light and her Warrior who would soon learn what their child had done. Her Light would dim just like her Hope did. And her Warrior, her Warrior that was so in tune with her when fighting but did not acknowledge it. Would do what he always did. He would run and leave her Light, and the Force did not know if he would come back.

A new surge of grief focused the Force's attention onto her Hope, who just discovered the slaughter his nephew had wrought. Her Hope collapsed on his knees in the middle of the carnage and keened his loss. The Force could feel his grief acutely, even though he had never been taught to release his emotions into the Force like the Jedi of Old.

The Force coiled along the fallen Jedi, and the last Jedi Master. She began to pulse in anger and determination. No more would She watch her children slaughter each other for power. No more would young men carry the burden of the souls they could not save. She would change that, she needed to change it.

Along the way her plan had gone awry. The bond between her Child and his Shield had not grown to its full potential. Darkness had attached on their bond the moment it was built. The death of one had written the final chapter, and the consequences of this death were still being felt almost a century later.

Her Champion. The Force could see it now, the death of her Champion had sealed the final chapter and allowed for this much darker future to be told. Her Shield and her Child had been lost. The bond that they were destined to share was forever tainted by the death of her Champion, creating a rift where only love should have been. Instead resentment, mistrust, and fear had been allowed to flourish. The Force did not blame any of her children from diverging from the path she had seen, she blamed the dark side of her. There could not be darkness without light, and no light without darkness. There would always be the dark side, it was the only way to restore balance. But the Sith who sought to bend the dark side to their will, did not care about the balance, only snuffing out the light until not even embers remained. Even her Wise One had been blinded when the Darkness fell, and his decisions were influenced by his fears and not her Will.

The Force wished her children to see that there must be both dark and light. That they should do what they must to keep the balance, as the balance is what holds all life. There was no good without evil, but evil must not be allowed to flourish. There is passion, yet peace; serenity, yet emotion; chaos, yet order. They are a wielder of the flame; a champion of balance. The guardians of life. This was the Code her children were meant to follow.

The Jedi Code was made by mortals, who wished control over its followers. Many Jedi forgot this and ignored the Will of the Force, except for her Champion. Her Champion who sought to follow her Will for most of his life. Though even he sometimes ignored the Will of Force.

But of all her children, she knew that it was her Champion that could make things right. Her Champion that would right many wrongs that had happened and make sure that these dark events were stopped. She would guide him as she had his entire life. But there were some things that had to stay the same, certain events that not even the Force could stop from happening. Many events such as the Clone Wars and Anakin's choice had to happen. But the circumstances surrounding both could be changed.

It would be up to her Champion to guide her Child and his Shield through the dark paths that would stretch out. There were thousands of paths her Champion could follow. He could still fail and the future could be even worse than it already was. But like how the Jedi put their trust in the Force. The Force would have to put her trust into her Champion that he would make the right decisions and make the future brighter for it.


The spirit of Qui-Gon Jinn swept past the bodies, feeling the grief that permutated the air. He had only felt the Force feel this desolate only once before, and that was when the first Jedi purge had occurred. Qui-Gon had felt the pain of thousands of Jedi as they returned to the Force. A single thought had rang through the Force loud and clear that day, the Chosen One had betrayed them.

Qui-Gon Jinn had called out to Anakin, tried to get him to listen as he marched into the Jedi Temple. But the young man had turned fully to the dark side and Qui-Gon had watched helplessly as thousands of Jedi were struck down, neither the young nor old had been spared.

The scream of agony that the Force had issued when Anakin had taken the lives of the younglings was like nothing Qui-Gon had heard. The very fabric of the Force had trembled in its grief, threatening to split apart.

Qui-Gon stopped as a sign of life made its way through the desolation. Luke Skywalker, the Force's Hope looked around in horror at the destruction. It seemed as all his strength vanished from his limbs as he collapsed among the fallen bodies. Great sobs tore through his throat for his fallen students.

Another lone Jedi, another Jedi who felt that they had failed one who they cared deeply for.

"Ben, what do I do know" whispered Luke looking up at the stars, asking the same question Obi-Wan did long ago when Qui-Gon Jinn had been struck down. What do you do when your whole world came crashing down?

Qui-Gon knew that Luke had tried to stop his nephew from turning to the dark side. Just as Obi-Wan had tried to stop Anakin, the closest thing he had to a brother/son. But Luke was only one Master, one Master between the whole fledgling Order. There had been so many who needed him that it had been to late when he realized Ben was being seduced to the dark side like his Grandfather before him.

Qui-Gon wished to comfort the young man. But he no longer had the ability to project himself any longer. Force ghosts were not meant to last forever, nothing was. He was still able to maintain his conscious but he could no longer contact the living.

But he would stay until Obi-Wan and Anakin got here. He would stay with the last Jedi Master until then, offering him silent support until then. Qui-Gon was so focused on Luke that he failed to feel the Force pulsing around him, growing thicker and thicker.

It wasn't until Luke looked up and met Qui-Gon's eyes that Qui-Gon realized something was happening. The Force began to pulse faster, making the form of the long dead deceased Jedi Master glow bright in the night sky.

A crack louder than thunder echoed in the desert landscape, the area filled with intense light that made Luke close his eyes against such a bright light. When he opened them, the night was still. There was no sign of the Force ghost that had been standing next to him. A Jedi Master whom he only knew from the holopic he found in Ben's hut on Tatooine.

He stretched out with the Force, trying to sense just what happened. The answers just made him even more confused. The Force felt tired, yet hopeful. Like the dawn coming after a storm. The Force filled him with a sense of everything would be alright and unrealized promises.

"What-ever you did I hope it worked" whispered Luke into the night air. His own hopes seemed to echo back to him as the Force hoped that it did work. Slowly the world began to fade, time began to unravel. The Force watched it all in reverse. The slaughter of the new Jedi Temple, Ben turning, the rise of the First Order, the second Death Star exploding, Vader's death, Sidious's death, Cloud City, Dagobah , Hoth, the First Death Star, Obi-Wan's death, the destruction of Alderaan , Tusken Raiders, R2D2 and C3PO, the ships capture. All these paths were unraveled. But it did not stop there.

Further and further time unraveled, flashing past key points in time. Mustafar, Order 66, Anakin's choice, Count Dooku's murder, the Clone Wars, the marriage, the clones, the massacre, Shmi's death, the assassin, and Anakin's Padawan years. Until time reached the point of no return, the time line that had shifted the entire course of the future. The Trade Federation's blockade of the planet of Naboo.

It would be here that the Force was certain if the future would be changed, or else make her watch as the same mistakes happened twice and the end results much darker than they had been previous. Cradling the soul of her Champion, the Force descended on a ship that carried a Jedi Master and his Padawan who had been sent by the Council to resolve the problem. Praying that her Champion would find the right path she sent the soul to his old body of flesh and bone, but with all the memories of these past seventy years still intact.