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Make My Heart Beat Faster

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“Gyu?” Michi asked quietly, looking up from his spot on the couch.


“D-do you ever think about us, um...”

“Us what? Spit it out.” Michi had turned bright red and was covering his face with his hands.

“Do you ever think about us having s-sex?” He stuttered, making Gyu smirk. It was so adorable when Michi got embarrassed over little things like that, not that Michi would ever know.

“Sure, but why do you care?”

“Because I do too, and, um, I want to.” Gyu grinned and pulled Michi into his lap so that the smaller boy was straddling him.

“Do you now? Little Michi wants to lose his virginity to me?” Michi nodded, turning as red as humanly possible. Gyu's expression suddenly turned serious, cupping Michi's chin and lifting his face so that their eyes met.

“Do you really, though? Are you sure? 'Cause if you're doing this for me then you don't need to, I don't mind waiting for you to be ready.” Michi shook his head, trying to appear confident.

“I've thought about this for a while, Gyu, and I'm ready. I'm not just doing this for you, I want this too. So don't worry, I know you do, even though you pretend you don't care.” Michi smiled and kissed Gyu softly, wrapping his arms around his neck.

That reassurance was all Gyu needed to kiss back, slowly deepening the kiss in sharp contrast to the usual needy kisses they exchanged. He wanted to go slowly, not only for Michi's sake but because he wanted to savor it all, wanted to touch and kiss every inch of his small boyfriend like he had never gotten to before.

Smirking, he nipped at Michi's bottom lip, making him gasp and open his mouth. Gyu took the opportunity to slip his tongue into the teen's mouth, taking his time as he explored every inch of the familiar wet cavern. Michi moaned quietly into Gyu's mouth, scooting closer to press their chests together.

Finished with his exploring, Gyu tangled their tongues together, controlling the kiss and making Michi's legs turn to jelly. Michi was delighted with Gyu's slow pace, it gave him the chance to truly enjoy his ministrations.

But before long Michi was extremely turned on and desperate to touch Gyu in any way possible, one hand slipping underneath Gyu's shirt to investigate the sharp lines and angles of his stomach. Gyu grinned when he felt Michi's hand on him, it wasn't that often that Michi would be the first to start touching the other.

This spurred Gyu on to start sucking on Michi's tongue, swallowing the boys moans and whimpers as he laid him down on the couch gently. Michi's hands were pinned above his head as Gyu started to kiss down his jawline. “W-wait, Gyu...” Gyu paused and looked up, letting go of Michi's wrists.

“What is it?”

“Can we go upstairs? I don't really want to go all the way on your parents couch.” Gyu rolled his eyes but smiled, getting off of Michi and grabbing his hand to tug him up the staircase.

“Good idea, midget.”

“Hey! I'm not a midget!” Michi pouted, which made Gyu laugh.

“Sure, sure.” Gyu opened the door to his bedroom and motioned for Michi to get on the bed, which he immediately did. Gyu smirked and stripped off his shirt, tossing it aside and moving to straddle Michi. “You can touch me, you know. In fact, I want you to touch me.”

Michi nervously ran his hand down Gyu's front, pausing over his abs. The sight of Gyu shirtless wasn't new to him, but Michi still felt like he should take his time in observing his boyfriend, watching the way Gyu's chest moved and stretched as Michi touched him, feel the corded muscles under his skin. Michi had always been jealous of Gyu's physique, he had never been able to attain muscles like his and had always felt a little bad about it.

Shoving his envy aside, Michi focused on dragging his fingers across Gyu's collarbone, smiling to himself. Gyu rolled his eyes at Michi's sentiment and pulled him into another kiss, not wasting any time and immediately pulling the smaller teens tongue into his mouth to suck on like a candy.

Michi whimpered against Gyu's lips, hands falling away from Gyu's torso as he shut his eyes. Gyu slipped his own hands under the shirt Michi had on, which was actually one of Gyu's. He traced circles onto Michi's soft stomach, breaking the messy kiss to look at Michi for a moment.

Michi's lips were kiss swollen and bruised, his mouth hanging open slightly. Gyu was still in awe of how sexy Michi looked when he got all hot and bothered, which was usually Gyu's fault. But the way Michi's eyes would slowly glaze over with lust, the way his face would turn pink without him even noticing, it all made Gyu want to ravish him more.

So that's what he did, licking a wet stripe up Michi's neck and nipping the spot behind his ear that Gyu knew made him crazy. “I can tell how much you're enjoying this, your breathing hard and your flushed bright red, little Michi. You can't hide from me, no matter what.” Gyu whispered huskily, making Michi shiver as he started kissing his neck.

Michi wasn't sure if Gyu knew or not, but his neck was extremely sensitive to the teasing kisses Gyu was torturing him with. He cried out as Gyu started sucking on a particularly sensitive spot on his neck, egging him on. He made sure to leave a dark purple mark on Michi's pale skin before moving on to repeat the process.

“A-ah! Gyu...” Michi whimpered, tilting his head to the side to give Gyu better access. Gyu smirked against Michi's neck before biting him softly, licking the mark he had made in apology. Before long Michi was a panting mess beneath Gyu, squirming and biting his lip to keep quiet. Gyu pulled away and studied his work, both sides of Michi's neck covered with bruises and red marks that would be difficult to hide the next day.

Gyu felt satisfied with the fact that everyone would know Michi was claimed now, that they couldn't have him. Michi would always complain after their makeout sessions about the bruises staining his skin, but secretly he liked them.

He loved it when Gyu claimed him as his own for everyone to see, loved the odd looks he got from strangers on the street when they saw them. He also liked how possessive Gyu got when those strangers looked at him, when he got hit on and flirted with. That was a side of Gyu that was rare to see, almost as rare as the one he was beginning to see now, the sweet and concerned one that took care of Michi.

“Take your shirt off,” Gyu demanded softly, tugging at the hem of Michi's stolen top. Michi nodded and did as Gyu said, dropping his shirt off the side of the bed. Gyu licked his lips and settled himself on his knees between Michi's legs, raking his eyes over his torso. While Michi was nowhere near as built as Gyu was, he still had muscle, which Gyu was now running his fingers over.

Michi shivered as Gyu touched him, trailing the tips of his fingers over Michi's toned chest and squishy stomach. Michi squirmed as Gyu touched him, insecure of his appearance. “Gyu...” He muttered, looking away as Gyu slowly stroked his stomach.

“I still don't get why you're so self-conscious when you have no reason to be, honestly.”

“It's just... I don't know why, I just am.” Michi mumbled, looking away.

“Exactly, you have zero reasons to be shy about your stomach. And anyway, it's cute. But since I know you're stubborn as fuck I'm going to prove to you that you don't have anything to be shy about, got it?” Without waiting for an answer, Gyu leaned down and started placing kisses up and down Michi's stomach and chest, innocent as could be, each one punctuated with a soft murmur of 'perfect'.

Michi giggled every time Gyu's lips made contact with his skin, a combination of both being ticklish and the sight of Gyu doing something so sweet in contrast with his rough personality. “Okay, okay, ha, I get it.” Michi laughed, tangling his hand in Gyu's dark hair and tugging softly.

“Do you want something more then? Tell me what you want me to do, Michi.” Gyu's voice dropped several octaves lower, sending a shiver down Michi's spine as he turned red once again. He whispered something under his breath, a request that Gyu didn't catch. “Speak up, I can't hear you when you're so quiet.”

“I said, um, I w-want you to touch me.” Michi hid his face behind his hands, embarrassed.

“Oh really?” Gyu teased, pulling Michi's hands away and kissing him passionately. Michi moaned into the sloppy kiss as Gyu began running his hands along the length of Michi's upper half, tracing the barely defined v-lines before resting on his hips. Breaking the kiss, Gyu glanced down at Michi's body and smirked, dragging a hand down his clothed thigh.

“So you really are enjoying this.” He smiled, fingers inching closer to the obvious bulge straining against Michi's sweatpants. Michi squeaked and flushed darker, attempting to close his legs but found he couldn't with Gyu seated in between them.

“N-not yet Gyu, p-please.” He whimpered, shaking slightly as Gyu pulled his hand away.

“Michi, are you sure you're ready for this? Because if you're not we can stop, I'm not going to force you into some shit that you don't want.”

“I'm fine Gyu, just... go slow, okay? I want this so much but I'm still nervous...” Gyu leaned up and kissed Michi softly, pushing his bangs away from his face.

“Just tell me if I should stop or something, alright? I don't want to hurt you or make you upset.” Michi gave him a reassuring smile and relaxed against the pillows, taking a deep breath and nodding.

“Okay, you can keep going now.” Gyu pressed a sweet kiss to Michi's forehead before straddling him.

“Perfect, so perfect,” He muttered, making Michi smile as Gyu's hands found his hips, thumbs massaging the bones that jutted out just slightly. With a devious look in his eyes, Gyu started pressing kisses to Michi's collarbone, not breaking eye contact as he licked and bit at the sensitive skin of his chest.

“A-ah...” Michi mewled, gasping when one of Gyu's hands started to play with his nipple, rolling it between his fingers as it hardened. It was a foreign sensation to Michi, he had experimented on his own before but never had it felt like this. With a soft cry, Michi's back arched and he ground his clothed length against Gyu's own, pulling noises from them both. With a knowing smirk, Gyu started licking at Michi's other nipple, circling it before teasing the nub with the tip of his tongue.

Michi flushed and watched as Gyu toyed with him, his chest turning pink from the attention. “More, p-please Gyu, touch me more.” Michi panted, sinking his hands into Gyu's surprisingly soft hair and tugging.

“Aw, but teasing you is so fun, I love watching you squirm and try to keep quiet. But if you really want more then come get it.” Gyu's amethyst eyes lit up as Michi sat up higher and his hands moved to rest on Gyu's thighs, twitching with the urge to touch both himself and Gyu.

“There you go.” Gyu purred, hands covering Michi's and moved them to the large bulge that was obvious in the front of his pants. “Go ahead Michi, make me feel good and I'll do the same for you,” He whispered lowly, connecting their lips in a loose kiss that encouraged Michi further. With shaking hands he squeezed Gyu's length softly, hoping he was doing it correctly.

He was rewarded with a quiet groan pulled from the back of Gyu's throat as they kissed sloppily, Gyu's hand snaking around to pleasure Michi as well. “Mmh, G-Gyu, that feels g-good.” Michi whimpered, hips bucking of their own accord in search of more friction.

“Your so fucking innocent Michi, seeing you like this is so hot,” Gyu muttered, his mind foggy as he focused on Michi's hand on him, nervously rubbing and stroking the clothed bulge. After a few minutes of careless rutting, Michi felt himself getting close and suddenly stopped, pulling his hand away and grabbing Gyu's own.

“I'm t-too close...” He explained, face darkening with a delicious blush as he squirmed under Gyu's gaze.

“Cant have that then, but I think you're wearing far too much clothing, little Michi.” Gyu slipped a finger into the waist of Michi's pants, tugging them slightly. “Wouldn't you agree?” Michi nodded and Gyu took the opportunity to slip Michi's pants off and toss them to the side.

“You too, I'm not going to be the only one like this,” Michi demanded, closing his legs tightly and pulling them up to his chest.

“I suppose that's fair.” Gyu smirked and stood up, sliding off both his pants and boxers without a moment's hesitation. Michi's eyes widened as he looked over Gyu's fully naked body, his cock twitching in his boxers as he eyed Gyu's hard length.

“Like what your seeing?” Gyu teased, crawling back over to Michi and resting his hands on the smaller teens knees. Michi's red face was the only answer Gyu needed as he studied Michi closely. Michi's cock was tenting his boxers, as much as Michi was trying to hide it, a wet patch indicating exactly how aroused he was. “Don't hide, I want to see all of you.”

Gyu pulled Michi's legs away and apart, settling on his stomach in between them. “What are you-”

“Shh, just focus on how I make you feel.” Gyu's own cock was achingly hard and every part of him wanted to reach down to touch himself, but he did his best to keep his attention on Michi, wrapping his hand around the boy's clothed length and pumping him tortuously slow. Michi mewled and whimpered under Gyu's touch, biting his lip to stay quiet. “Does this feel good Michi? You're getting so wet over here, but I can't hear your voice. If you stop biting your lip and let me take your boxers off then I'll make you feel even better.”

With a shudder, Michi nodded and let his moans float through the room as Gyu rubbed his thumb over the tip of Michi's cock, creating an even larger wet patch on his boxers. With a sly grin, Gyu withdrew his hand and quickly pulled down Michi's underwear before the younger male had a chance to change his mind. Michi shivered as the cold air hit his dripping length, sighing with a blush on his face.

Gyu licked his lips and eyed Michi's cock hungrily, taking it in his hands as he observed Michi's reactions. The smaller teen was surprisingly well endowed, Gyu noted, his cock a delicious size and flushed dark red with need. Gyu smirked as he got onto his stomach, pumping Michi slowly as their eyes met.

“M-more...” Michi whimpered, arching into Gyu's touch as he waited for the raven haired teen to make a move. With a grin, Gyu started licking up the length of Michi's cock, cleaning up the copious amounts of precum that had dripped from his slit.

“Fuck!” Michi cried out, slapping a hand over his mouth in an effort not to scream as Gyu placed teasing kisses up the underside of his cock, tongue tracing the vein. Michi's other hand wound itself into Gyu's soft hair, holding a chunk tightly but not pulling it. Gyu smiled against Michi's soft skin as he started licking the dark pink tip of Michi's cock, tongue barely teasing the slit.

Michi gasped past his hand, eyes fluttering shut when he felt Gyu's hot mouth envelop the tip of his cock, tongue playing with the slit and slurping up precum as he sucked softly “S-shit...” He whimpered, spurring Gyu on to start sucking harder, slowly taking more of Michi's cock into his mouth.

Unconsciously, Michi started sucking on two of his fingers, much in the way Gyu was. He followed the rhythm Gyu created over his cock, sucking and licking in time with his boyfriends movements. Gyu looked up, still bobbing his head, and watched with wide eyes as Michi sucked off his fucking fingers.

Michi didn't even notice when Gyu pulled off with a wet pop, so lost in his own pleasure clouded world, his cock twitching as he coated his fingers with spit, drool dripping down his chin. Gyu nearly came right there and then, saving the image of Michi in his mind for later use. But he fought off the urge to release and watched a moment longer, Michi's cheeks tinted pink as he continued playing with his fingers in the hottest way Gyu thought possible.

“M-Michi, if you're so keen on sucking on something, why not ditch your fingers for me?” With a jolt, Michi's baby blue eyes shot open and he slipped his fingers out of his mouth, looking away in shame. “Don't be all shy now, I just watched the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen, no need to be embarrassed. Now, how about it?”

“What do you mean? Y-you want me to...” Gyu smiled, an idea coming to mind.

“Yeah, you suck me off just like you did with your fingers, and I'll do the same for you.” Michi squeaked, realizing what Gyu intended for them to do.

“At the same time?” He asked quietly, unsure if he could really do that with Gyu. What if Gyu realized exactly how bad Michi was in bed, what if he left him, naked and alone, once he learned how terrible Michi was when it came to giving pleasure.

“If you're okay with it, then yes. Switch spots with me and get on your knees if you want to do this.” Michi nodded and moved out of the way so Gyu could recline against the pillows, nervously settling on his hands and knees facing Gyu. “As much as I love your face, you need to turn around for this. And scoot a little closer, I can barely reach you.”

“But then I'll be...”

“That's the point, I want your sexy little ass in my face.” Gyu leaned closer and kissed Michi slowly, melting away his worries. “Look, don't worry about doing it for me if you're nervous, you don't have to.” Michi shook his head, a surge of confidence running through his veins.

“No, I'm going to. I want to make you feel good too. It's been about me the whole time, it's your turn.” Gyu smiled and kissed Michi's forehead, cupping his face in his hands.

“Then turn around and show me that perky ass of yours.” Michi took a deep breath and turned around on his knees shakily, lowering his face close to Gyu's leaking cock.

“There you go, you're doing fine,” Gyu reassured him, pulling Michi's soft ass closer to his face. He ran his fingers over the firm mounds gently, trying not to startle Michi, when something caught his eye.

“Oh my fucking god, that's adorable.” He cried, rubbing his thumb over a certain spot on Michi's ass.

“W-what?” Michi craned his neck to try and get a better look at Gyu, which ultimately failed.

“You have a birthmark on your ass shaped like a little bunny. Fuck, this is too fucking cute.” Michi flushed red and faced forward again, unconsciously wiggling his ass in Gyu's face, which only tempted the taller male further.

“Your embarrassing me,” Michi muttered, flinching when he felt Gyu kiss the birthmark.

“Not my fault your ass is this perfect.” Gyu grinned, squeezing his ass with a laugh. Michi sighed in defeat and turned his attention to Gyu's cock, which was dripping precum by this point. Taking a shaky breath, Michi started pumping it in his hand, trying to ignore the feeling of being so exposed right in front of Gyu.

Gyu moaned softly and pressed more kisses across Michi's soft ass, working his way down slowly. Michi smiled when he heard Gyu moan, cock twitching in Michi's small hand as he started pumping faster, swiping his thumb over the slit and smearing precum across the head.

“Keep going Michi, your, f-fuck, your doing great.” Gyu groaned in the back of his throat and started licking Michi's cock, distracting Michi from what he meant to be doing. Michi whined and panted loudly as Gyu took his cock in his mouth, sucking gently at first but beginning to bob his head.

Heat coiled in Michi's stomach as Gyu worked and, knowing Gyu wanted to feel good too, he started licking gingerly at his lover's flushed length. Gyu moaned loudly around Michi's cock as Michi sucked the tip of Gyu's own past his lips, it took all of his strength not to buck up into Michi's soft, wet mouth.

They continued this for a while, Gyu eagerly sucking Michi's cock as Michi nervously did the same. Michi was pleased to hear Gyu's moans and feel his cock twitch in his mouth, it made him feel like he was actually doing something right. Suddenly, he felt Gyu's mouth disappear from his length, making him pull off of Gyu's own with a wet noise and turn around.

“W-why did you- ah!” Michi nearly screamed as he felt Gyu's tongue on his ass, slowly licking a trail towards Michi's entrance. Michi wanted to ask him what he was doing but his voice died in his throat when he felt Gyu's tongue against his hole, licking it in interest.

“G-Gyu, shit, that's d-dirty Gyu, don't...” Michi protested weakly, going down onto his elbows as pleasure invaded his senses. Gyu smirked against his skin as Michi's soft moans and cries echoed through the room, pushing his tongue past the ring of muscle and into Michi's ass. Michi fought to keep his head off the bed, tears of pleasure clouding his vision as Gyu fucked him with his tongue, the wet muscle stretching his hole and making his walls spasm.

“Gyu, it f-feels so good, I'm getting close...” He managed to force out, his tone full of need as his cock twitched, precum dripping onto Gyu's chest. With a grin, Gyu pulled away, nipping the soft skin of Michi's ass and causing him to cry out.

“Don't cum yet, I want you to cum while I'm inside you,” Gyu growled lowly, soothing the bite mark with a gentle lick before sealing his lips around Michi's hole and sucking, hard.

“Gyu!” Michi screamed, his body shuddering as he fought off the urge to cum, doing his best to do what Gyu wanted. His forehead rested on the sheets as he panted, sighing in both relief and annoyance when Gyu pulled his mouth away again.

“I w-won't last if you do that again, it's too much.” He muttered, slowly relaxing as Gyu rubbed small circles over his birthmark, the raven haired teen oddly fixated on it.

“I want to be inside you soon.” Gyu smiled, helping Michi swap their positions before the smaller boys knees gave out. Michi turned red but nodded, leaning back against the pillows and trying to get his heartbeat under control.

“I want that too.”

“Is it okay if I prep you then? It's going to hurt like a bitch if I don't and I don't want that for you.”

“Y-yeah, do you have...” Michi trailed off, hoping that Gyu knew what he meant.

“Of course I do. Do you seriously think I haven't been waiting for this day since we got together? Hell, I dreamed about this for weeks before we even started dating.” Michi's eyes went wide, he had no idea Gyu truly wanted this so much. He would be lying if he said he hadn't had a few wet dreams himself, in explicit and embarrassing detail.

“Really?” Gyu nodded and dug through his nightstand, emerging with a small bottle of lube.

“I, um, I bought this for the occasion. It's supposed to be self-warming and shit, thought it might make you a little more comfortable.” Michi had to resist the urge to coo at how cute Gyu's actions were. He was good at keeping up the tough guy act, but Michi could always see past it, especially in moments like these.

“Thank you, Gyu. That was really sweet of you.”

“Shut up, midget. It's not like I went through a lot of trouble, it was on sale anyway.” That was a huge lie, Gyu had special ordered the bottle online the second he and Michi had gotten together. As much as he hated to admit it, he really cared about Michi and wanted their first time together to be as special as possible, so if that meant dropping nearly thirty bucks for a bottle of lube, then he would do it.

With a smile, Gyu set the bottle down on the bed and grabbed a spare pillow, wedging it under Michi's hips so his ass was raised. After a curious glance from Michi, Gyu sighed, snapping open the cap on the bottle as he talked. “It helps to be in this position, makes it easier for you. Best case would probably have you on your hands and knees again but I want to see your face, so this works.”

Michi watched in morbid fascination as Gyu drizzled lube over his fingers, coating them well before scooting in between Michi's legs. “Ready?”

“Yeah, just... go slow, alright? I've never had anything...”

“Never had anything inside you? Don't worry, its weird as fuck at first but it gets better. I need you to relax, though, and tell me if I'm hurting you.” Michi nodded and Gyu brought his hand to Michi's entrance, one slick finger rubbing against his hole.

“Damn, this shit really does work,” Gyu muttered, feeling the warmth of his fingers as he coated Michi's hole carefully.

“It's really warm...” Michi agreed, trying his best not to tense up as Gyu's finger prodded him, pushing against the ring of muscles at his entrance. He whimpered as Gyu's finger slowly slid into him, not really painful, just unusual. “I-it feels weird, but you can move.”

Gyu nodded and carefully moved his finger inside Michi, thrusting in and out gently as he waited for his lover to get used to the feeling of being filled. After a few moments sparks of pleasure began coursing through Michi's body as Gyu worked to loosen him, Michi moaned quietly and shut his eyes, concentrating on the feeling of Gyu inside him, even if it was only a finger.

“Do a-another.” He moaned, wincing as Gyu slid in another finger, this one stinging a bit.

“Sorry, just tell me when I can move.” Michi nodded and tried to slow his breathing, knowing that getting worked up now wouldn't help him later.

“Move,” He whispered, the pain of being stretched faded but still present. He didn't mind it, though, if anything it turned him on slightly, pain and pleasure mixing into a hazy cocktail of moans as Gyu curled and scissored his fingers, searching for a certain spot that he knew would make Michi see stars. Gyu knew he had found the bundle of nerves when Michi cried out, back arching as he moaned Gyu's name.

“P-please, do that again,” He begged, cock twitching as Gyu abused his prostate with two fingers, rubbing it slowly as he felt Michi's warm insides clench around him as if trying to keep him there.

“I'm adding another, it's probably going to hurt, I'm sorry.” Michi nodded quickly and whimpered as he felt a third finger stretching him. This one hurt, a lot.

“O-ow, it really hurts.” Tears pricked at Michi's eyes as he fought to remain still, breathing heavily. Hoping to distract Michi from the unavoidable pain, Gyu stroked his cock slowly. It was enough for the pleasure to begin to ebb away the pain, although not enough to send Michi over the edge.

Slowly, the pain dwindled down to a gentle burn and Michi caught Gyu's eyes, so dilated that only a thin sliver of amethyst was still visible. “I'm okay now, b-but can you talk while you do this? The silence is weird...” Michi flushed at his request, shutting his eyes and steadying his breathing.

“Your so fucking hot Michi, it's so hard not to just fuck you into the mattress right now,” Gyu spoke quietly as he moved all three fingers inside Michi, watching his pink hole stretch and twitch around the digits.

“Nngh...” Michi moaned softly, hands scrabbling against the sheets as Gyu finger fucked him, feeling heat pool in his stomach.

“Your absolutely perfect, I never thought someone could be as fucking perfect as you are. I love you so fucking much, Michi.” Something tugged at Michi's heart and a few tears spilled down his cheeks, grabbing Gyu's hair and pulling him into a kiss.

“I l-love you too,” He whispered against the others lips, back arching as Gyu's fingers brushed his prostate again. “I need you... I need you inside me.”

Gyu pressed their lips together again as he carefully slid out his fingers, Michi whining at the loss. He grabbed the lube and poured a generous amount into his hand, slicking his cock in a few slow pumps. He positioned himself between Michi's legs, cock aching to be inside the smaller teen. “Ready?”

“Yeah, I am.” With a reassuring smile, Gyu lined his cock up with Michi's entrance, slowly pushing the tip inside. Michi squirmed and whimpered under him, his insides burning as Gyu slid in inch by inch.

“I know it hurts, I'm sorry,” Gyu whispered, his softer side coming even more into the light as he waited a moment, only halfway inside Michi but letting his lover adjust.

“A-are you all the way in?” Michi asked, feeling so full that he thought he might break.


“O-only half...!” Michi squeaked, unsure he could take any more.

“Relax now, I'm going to move again now. Just try to relax.” Gyu placed a hand over Michi's stomach, rubbing in what he hoped was a soothing motion, and pulled out until only the head of his cock remained inside the tight heat of Michi's ass.

He pushed back in just as slow, this time without stopping until he was fully seated inside Michi's burning insides. “Okay, I'm in now, just breath.” He slid his hand up to play with Michi's sensitive nipples, working to distract him from the pain. Michi moaned under his touch as Gyu did everything in his power not to move, not to abandon all sense and fuck Michi until he was screaming.

“G-Gyu, move, please,” Michi begged, clutching the sheets beneath him with white knuckles. Gyu rocked his hips gently, testing Michi's reaction. The raven haired boy cried out loudly, wiggling his ass and looking at Gyu with wide eyes.

“More...” He whispered, and something inside Gyu snapped. Still being cautious of Michi's pain, he pulled almost all the way out before thrusting back in quickly, groaning his small lovers name. He set a rhythm of long, slow thrusts, eyes locked with Michi's as they moved together, the younger of the two moaning and sobbing in pleasure as he lost all sense of thought, the only thing registering in his sex fogged mind was how fucking good Gyu felt, and how much he wanted more.

“Faster, Gyu, go f-faster. Make me fucking scream, make me cry, fuck me until I c-can't move!” Michi yelled, his demands dying in his throat as Gyu did just as he'd been asked, quickening his pace and fucking into Michi with reckless abandon, cursing and moaning loudly as he felt Michi's velvet heat tighten around him.

“Your so fucking tight, you feel so good around my cock. And the way you keep clenching around me, shit, I'm really fucking close.”

“M-me too...” Michi moaned, vision blurring as tears of pleasure slid down his face, back arching when Gyu found his prostate and rammed against it relentlessly, body aching with the need for release.

Feeling his orgasm quickly approaching, Gyu leaned down and kissed Michi sloppily, all tongue and teeth as Michi canted his hips, desperate to cum. Gyu found Michi's hand and held it tightly, moaning into the kiss. One sharp thrust directly to his special bundle of nerves was all it took for the white-hot coil in Michi's abdomen to snap, screaming Gyu's name as ropes of sticky cum coated both their stomachs.

Gyu came immediately after, Michi's walls spasming around his cock as the teen rode out his orgasm. Gyu saw white as he filled Michi to the brim with cum, shaking and moaning as he emptied himself into his lover. Slowly, they both came down from their highs, Michi panting beneath Gyu as he fought to stay up, mind slowly becoming clear. Silently, Gyu slid out of Michi, who whimpered as he felt Gyu's cum drip out of him.

“I'll be right back, don't move.” Gyu pressed a kiss to Michi forehead and disappeared into the bathroom, returning a moment later with a damp cloth. He cleaned Michi first, sponging away the remains of their actions before doing the same to himself. Setting the cloth aside, Gyu slid into bed and pulled Michi close, leaning his head on the smaller boys chest.

“How was that?” He asked quietly, wrapping his arms around Michi's thin waist.

“A-amazing, I don't know how else to describe it. It was perfect Gyu, the entire experience was perfect. Thank you...” Gyu pressed a kiss to Michi's collarbone in response, trailing his fingers over the bruises that had formed on Michi's neck.

“Do you want to ever do it again?”


“Good, I'm happy you enjoyed it. By the way, what the hell was that towards the end?” Michi flushed and squirmed, remembering what he had said.

“I'm not sure really, it just... happened.”

“Well I wouldn't mind if it happened again, it was fucking hot.” Michi turned red all the way down to his shoulders and shut his eyes, thoroughly exhausted. Gyu hummed and relaxed against Michi, listening to the soft beat of his heart.

“What are you doing?” Michi asked, confused.

“Just be quiet, I like hearing the sound of your heart, it helps me sleep.” Michi sighed and carded his fingers through Gyu's hair, smiling.

“Goodnight, Gyu, I love you.”

“Love you too, bunny.” Michi smacked Gyu's arm and huffed, hiding a tiny smile.

“Don't call me that!”

“Too bad, I like it. But no one will ever know why.” Gyu laughed tiredly, kissing Michi's cheek.

“Whatever...” Michi cuddled up to Gyu and soon fell asleep, his breathing growing slow and quiet. Gyu shut his eyes and matched his own breaths to Michi's, falling asleep to the steady sound of his beautiful boyfriends heart.