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Tell me that you want to move me 'round like that


When Yoongi meets him for the first time, the boy is seventeen and still has a little bit of baby fat on his cheeks.

Jimin had been talking for weeks about this new kid on his dance class who wasn’t even out of high school yet but had so much energy and worked so hard that was actually really impresive, therefore, it was no surprise that they all were kinda excited to meet this new boy when Jimin invited them to their first performance of the year.

Yoongi himself wasn’t a big fan of those kind of presentations, but he never missed Jimin’s.

It was like a group tradition: see the performance, congratulate Jimin, then go to some fast food restaurant and eat their asses off to celebrate.

This time, however, is the first time Jimin does a duo instead of a solo, and Yoongi finds himself actually bewildered by the way both boys move together.

Jimin has always had a way of moving his body, confident and vigorous, and that only stands out even more when he dances. But Yoongi knows this. He has known it since he was twenty and Hoseok had forcefully included him in his crazy group of friends.

What Yoongi didn’t know, doesn’t know, is the way the other boy moves. He’s thinner and taller, but his movements are so smooth and controlled, every part of his body moving exactly like he wants it, like there’s no place for mistakes. Like that’s not even an option.

And it fits perfectly with Jimin’s strength, and the dance looks balanced and flawless.

Yoongi feels like he hasn’t moved, hasn’t even blinked , in ages.

When it finally ends, he’s a little dazed (not like he would ever said it out loud) and Namjoon has to push him forwards because the show is over and we need to get to Jimin before it gets too crowded, hyung.

So now he’s waiting for Jimin at the back exit, Taehyung is speaking excitedly with Hoseok by his side and Seokjin is giving him weird looks but Yoongi won’t asks.

He knows better.

Then Jimin comes out, still wearing his stage makeup and a little sweaty but with his normal clothes and his bright smile.

“Did you like it?” he asks, proud and excited, and Seokjin is the first to hug him while the others praise him.

“You were great, brat” Yoongi says, a small smile on his lips.

“Thaks hyung!” Jimin replies, and Yoongi knows he’s really hyper when he doesn’t say anything about the ‘brat’ part. “Come in! I want to introduce you guys to Jungkookie.”

And that’s how Yoongi meets Jungkook.

The boy has black hair, big eyes and bunny teeth, and Yoongi know he’s screwed the second he sees him smiling, bowing and thanking them for coming. Besides his pretty, squishy face, Jungkook has thin and defined arms, long legs and pretty thighs.

Yoongi mentally slaps himself for noticing those things and he really needs to get his shit together, Min Yoongi, this kid isn’t even out of high school yet, what the hell is wrong with you?

When Taehyung asks Jungkook’s age, Yoongi feels even more like a disgusting old perv.

“I’m seventeen” he says “I turn eighteen this year, though” and he smiles and blushes when Hoseok hugs him and calls him a little baby.

They invite Jungkook to dinner, and he doesn’t really talks much and his answers are short  when somebody addresses him directly, but he’s still charming and his laughs is so pretty Yoongi wants to use it in a song.

Later, when Yoongi can’t help but stare at the boy drinking his strawberry milkshake, Jungkook catches his eyes and smiles, lips still wrapped around the straw, and Yoongi knows he’s more than fucked.


I will watch your lips curve in a smooth combat


If there’s something Yoongi’s proud of himself, is the fact that he actually can think with his head instead of his dick.

He know how fucked up is to lust after a teenager, and he doesn’t tell anyone because, contrary to what Hoseok says to tease him, he’s a smart man. A smart, grown ass man.


And it works.

He lives his life without any incident, even though Jungkook is now part of his group of friends and Jimin brings him along to their parties anytime he can. Yoongi is one hundred percent capable to keep his mind (and dick) controlled when he’s around the youngest of them, and he has good intentions and real concern when he tells Jimin he doesn’t think is a good idea to bring Jungkook to a college party, even when the boy is about to turn eighteen.

He finds the best way to manage his weird feelings: he worries.

He worries for Jungkook when he sees him take another shot of vodka. He worries for Jungkook when a random dude dances way too close to him for it to be innocent. He worries for Jungkook when he goes to the bathroom and throws up. He worries for Jungkook when he wakes up with a headache and one helluva hangover.

Even when he’s not a very maternal person (that’s Seokjin’s strong point), he takes care of Jungkook, and before he can think about it, he’s earned the official title of Jungkook’s Babysitter.

The younger is not very pleased with the joke.

“I’m a big boy” he says, arms crossed and frowning.

He doesn’t look like a big boy at all, but Yoongi chooses not to tell him that.

Even when he doesn’t seem to enjoy the mockery of having Yoongi as a ‘babysitter’, Jungkook warms up to him. He texts him so he knows he’s safe and sound at home, he sticks close to him when they go to a party, and one time he even asks Yoongi if he can pick him up from school.

Yoongi’s life in college is not exactly easy, but Jungkook’s high school is not far from his campus and he actually has a car, so he text back a short ‘be there in 10’.


It’s not a secret Jungkook is really into pastel fashion. He spends long times with Taehyung talking about clothes and making experiments on his friends, being Yoongi a victim himself.

He would’ve never thought about dying his hair pastel pink, but a bet's a bet (and Jungkook looks really cute with pleading eyes).

Seeing him walk towards his car with his oversized light blue sweater and skinny pale pink jeans is still somehow shocking for Yoongi. Perhaps because he knows Jungkook has sweater paws and painted nails, or perhaps is the fact that a fucking pink hair clip with a little bunny is keeping his bangs out of his face. Maybe is the lollipop he’s always sucking on.

He opens the door and Jungkook throw his backpack in the backseat before sitting besides Yoongi.

“Hi, hyung” he smiles, popping the candy out of his mouth and putting on his seatbelt.

Today’s nail polish is baby blue.

“Those lighting sneakers make you look like a preschooler” he greets, turning his eyes to the road.

“Then I’m the cutest preschooler of them all”Jungkook shoots back without missing a beat. Yoongi can’t really argue with him, so he says “How’re you doing?” instead.

“I want this misery to end” he answers honestly, and Yoongi laughs.

“You’re about to graduate, just hold on a little longer” he encourages “Then you can go to college and keep suffering for a few more years”

“Wow hyung, that really makes me want to go to college” Jungkook says, laughing. Yoongi just clicks his tongue.

They drive in silence for a minute, Jungkook licking and sucking on his lollipop nonstop.

Yoongi once told him it wasn’t healthy to eat so many candies, but Jungkook just looked at him with a pout and a frown and said: “They keep my mouth busy. I like it”.

Yoongi never talked about it again.

“Do you think I would look good blond?” Jungkook asks.

“I like how you look with black hair” Yoongi answers, but you would look good even with fukcing green hair, he adds to himself.

“That’s not what I asked” Jungkook says, cutting, and the rudeness of the comment makes Yoongi turns his head to look at him with disbelieving eyes and a raised eyebrow. Jungkook looks at him and smiles, cheekily but somehow innocent, lips tinted bright red by the lollipop “...hyung” he adds, apologetic by some means.

He doesn’t look sorry at all, though.

When Yoongi doesn’t say anything, Jungkook puts the candy back in his mouth “Let's get some ice cream, yeah?”, he says, words distorted by the lollipop.


Make your way in through my tears and I'll relax


Jungkook graduates and turns eighteen a couple of months later.

Even though he’s still, in theory, underage, Hoseok, Jimin and Taehyung agree that he’s big enough to have a real birthday party.

“At our style” Jimin ads, and Yoongi is actually a little bit scared.

They make the party at Taehyung’s house, because his parents are rich as hell and out for the weekend, so the big ass house is all for them, pool and jacuzzi included.

Jungkook invites a bunch of his friends, and they’re not that many, but by midnight the word has spread and the house is full with the friends of a friend of a friend.

Taehyung’s not worried, so Yoongi decides to enjoy himself.

He’s doing a pretty decent job, until it’s four a.m and he hasn’t seen Jungkook in at least an hour.

The party is still going, topless girls and shirtless guys dancing around the pool, and a few people way too drunk to play beer pong are still trying on the living room. He also sees a few couples making out, including Jimin and Taehyung.

Yoongi just scoff. That’s some good blackmail material.

He looks for Jungkook at the second floor, scared to find him in a room with a random person.

He doesn’t.


Jungkook is sitting on the bathroom floor, back against the wall and head between his knees.

“Jungkookie?” he asks affectionately, as soft as he can “You okay?” he puts his hand on Jungkook’s black hair, and the boy lift his head.

It’s the first time Yoongi sees him crying.

The boy looks at him with red rimmed eyes, and breaks in a sob. The tears keep running down his pretty face, leaving wet marks all over his cheeks. He’s not so plump-cheeked anymore, but he looks younger with a red nose and watery eyes.

“Hey, what happened?” Yoongi asks, locking the door behind him and sitting in front of the younger.

“I-I just...” Jungkook starts, voice trembling and broken by hiccups “d-don’t know what I’m going do now!” he cries out. Yoongi wants to asks what he’s talking about, but Jungkook keeps going “I graduated and d-don’t even know what the h-hell I’m gonna do now...I-I don’t know about college, I don’t know about working” he sniff and tries to clean his eyes with the back of his hand, even though he’s still crying “All of you have your lifes in order and I’m such a failure! I don’t even...don’t even know what I would like to do with my life...” he stops for a second to breath “And now I turned eighteen and everybody will say I’m an adult a-a-and have big expectations and I...I just don’t want to get old!” Yoongi assumes Jungkook’s done because he goes back to sobbing, but he still waits a few seconds, just in case.

“Jungkookie, look at me” he says, lifting the boy’s face by the chin. He can see the pretty eyeliner he’d done before the party all smudged around his eyes “It’s okay. I don’t think anybody graduates actually knowing what they wanna do. I sure as hell didn’t” he admits “You have time to think and try, to figure out what you’re going to do with your future. You can even take a year off to think and learn what you wanna do. That worked out for me” he uses his thumb to catch a tear running down Jungkook’s cheek. “Don’t stress over something you can fix. It doesn’t matter if your classmates are already doing a fucking Ph.D, you take your own time. People shouldn’t be expecting you to be all grown up just like that, so don’t worry so much, ok?” he asks, smiling, and Jungkook looks at him and nods “And what do you mean, you don’t want to get old? You’re only eighteen, for God’s sake! I’m about to turn twenty five and you don’t see me sulking about it, do you? Do you think I’m old???” he asks, jokingly, and Jungkook actually laughs.

He shakes his head “Hyung’s fine” he says, smiling.

“You bet your ass he is” he proclaims, nodding proudly “So don’t let such trifles make you upset” he says, and kisses Jungkook’s forehead softly.

It’s only then that the reality of the situation really sinks in. Yoongi’s too close to Jungkook, he can feel the warm and wetness of the younger’s cheeks in both of his hands and the faintly taste of sweat on his lips.

He looks at Jungkook, and the boy’s already looking at him, eyes wide. He doesn’t seem scared or confused, so Yoongi thinks fuck it and kisses him on his right cheekbone, softly. When Jungkook doesn’t react, he kisses him once more, this time on his left cheek, and one more time closer to his jawline. He peppers soft kisses all over Jungkook’s face, going from the tip of his nose to his closed eyelids, the younger trembling softly under his hands.

He feels more than hears the stuttered breath Jungkook takes before Yoongi kisses him on the lips.

At first, is just a peck that lasts a little too long, but then Yoongi’s moving his lips, slowly coaxing Jungkook to do the same, and by the time the older has to take a deep breath through his nose so his lungs don’t collapse they’re actually kissing.

Surprisingly enough, Jungkook tastes like fake strawberry, and Yoongi doesn’t know if he’s wearing lipgloss or had been eating some candy. Either way, it’s kind of addictive, so he lets his tongue run along Jungkook’s lower lip and the younger actually whimpers . Two hands grasp Yoongi by the shirt, and he can feel Jungkook trembling when he moves one of his hands to the back of his neck and slides his tongue inside the other’s mouth.

Something like a mewl leaves Jungkook’s mouth as he kisses back with something that feels like craving, and Yoongi’s so turned on right now that it would had been embarrassing in any other situation, but at the moment he can only grab Jungkook by the hips and turn them around so he’s the one against the wall and the younger can straddle him.

Jungkook wastes no time and grinds down Yoongi’s lap, moaning against his lips, and if the older wasn’t hard before, he definitely is now.

Even though his control levels are dangerously close to zero, Yoongi remembers the fact that he is supposed to be the responsible adult, and he’s not being very responsible right now.

So he ignores his dick for a second and pulls away from the kiss.

“Jungkook, wait” he says, and his voice sounds huskier than he expected.

“What happened, hyung?” Jungkook asks, panting.

“How much did you drink?”

“Just two or three beers,” he answers, quick and sure “I swear.”

“I believe you but… I don’t think this is a good idea, Jungkookie” Yoongi says, even though the only thing he really wants is to make Jungkook moan. “You’re pretty upset right now. Besides, I’m way older than you, I shouldn’t...”

“Please, hyung” Jungkook interrupts him, voice throaty  and needy “I don’t care, I really want to… Please, I promise I’ll behave. I’ll be a good boy, hyung. I’ll be obedient. I promise. I promise.” he pleads, hands grasping Yoongi’s t-shirt even harder.

The older stares at him.

He makes such a pretty view with the rests of dark blue eyeliner smeared around his eyes, marks of dry tears on his cheeks and lips swollen and red. Seeing him like this, vulnerable and needy, makes Yoongi realize something: he really wants to ruin this kid. He wants to touch him and mark him and make him scream and beg; break his voice with pleasure.

He wants to make him pay for all those times of being too close without being allowed to touch him.

Jungkook is looking at him with questioning eyes, and Yoongi answers him shoving his tongue down his throat and grinding his hips up. The younger whimpers in surprise and starts grinding down, catching the rhythm he had before.

When Jungkook’s moans make it too hard for them to kiss, Yoongi decides to mark the skin of the younger’s neck.

He starts kissing softly down the right side, making his way back up with the tip of his tongue and finishing the trail biting just where Jungkook’s neck and jawline meet.

Jungkook moans loudly.

“You like that, Jungkookie?” Yoongi asks, teasingly “You want me to mark you up?” he bites down again, and Jungkook’s voice trembles when he speaks.

“D-don’t… My, my mom or somebody c-could see” he pants.

“I don’t care” Yoongi says, and keeps mouthing every inch of skin Jungkook’s lilac sweater allows him to. He finds out Jungkook moans the  loudest when he bites down his throat, so he spends some time having fun on that specific area, while his hands are one on Jungkook’s hips, guiding him so he doesn’t lose the rhythm, and the other lightly scratches the younger’s back.

“Hyung...Yoongi hyung...” Jungkook pants “I wanna come. Please let me come”

“Then come. I never said you couldn’t” Yoongi says, and he’s actually impressed by how much self control and restrain he’s showing.

“But...But I can’t!” Jungkook whines “I can’t like this, hyung...Please touch me, please, please...”

“I am touching you, Jungkookie, see?” he says, thrusting his hips up once, hard, and Jungkook chokes a sob “I know you can come like this, you’ve been such a good boy. I wanna see you ruining those cute little shorts.”

The hand that’s under the younger’s shirt drops to one of his thighs, rubbing soothing circles on the inside. Jungkook lets a pathetic whimper out and hides his face in the crook of the older’s neck.

“I can’t, I can’t...” he cries out, and Yoongi can feel the tears of frustration wetting his t-shirt.

“C’mon. You said you were going to be obedient for hyung, didn’t you?” Yoongi asks “You’re doing a great job, pretty baby” he praises him, thrusting his hips up at the same pace that Jungkook’s.

The younger sobs and whimpers, and Yoongi can feel him tensing up and moaning against his neck when he comes a moment later.

Jungkook trembles and Yoongi helps him to recover stroking his back and hair softly.

“How’re you feeling?” he asks, and Jungkook answers him with a kiss.

When they pull apart, Jungkook looks at him with half closed eyes and bitten red lips pulled up in a small smile.

“I wanna help you now, hyung” he says, voice soft but eager, and Yoongi would’ve said hell yes if Jungkook’s eyes weren’t closing, the boy obviously fighting to keep them open.

“Not right now, Jungkookie” he says, pulling some strands of Jungkook’s hair behind his ear. “Let's sleep”

Jungkook looks like he wants to argue, but doesn’t really fight when Yoongi stands and offers him a hand to do the same.


Taehyung’s bedroom is warm and cozy, and has a king sized bed against a wall with big windows.

Jungkook takes off his shorts and wrinkles his nose at the sticky mess.

“I’m gonna borrow something from Tae” he says, “I’ll be right back.”

Yoongi thinks he would rather sleep with Jungkook dressed on his own clothes and smelling like himself, even if they’re kinda dirty, but he doesn’t say anything because the thought is actually pretty gross and damn, Yoongi, control yourself.

Also, he’s not really sure if he’s supposed to sleep with Jungkook, or if he’s even allowed to do so. So he stands awkwardly still in the middle of the room until the younger comes back, wearing sweatpants and a large white shirt.

He stares at Yoongi with a confused frown. “What are you doing, hyung?” he asks, and takes Yoongi’s hand on his “Time to sleep.”

He walks towards the bed, half-dragging Yoongi along, and the sleepy smile Jungkook gives him makes him aware of the problem he still has between his legs.

Not right now , he thinks.

Jungkook flops down the bed, getting under the covers as soon as he hits the mattress. Then he looks up at Yoongi with only the top of his head outside the blanket, and Yoongi’s mind blacks out for a few seconds, during which he does nothing but stare at the younger.

He snaps out of it when Jungkook laughs, and awkwardly removes his shoes before getting in bed.

“I don’t like being the big spoon” Jungkook complains, and Yoongi obliges and turns around so Jungkook’s head can rest against his chest. His body is a little small, but the younger curls against him with a conten sight, and Yoongi couldn’t care less about the fact that a eighteen years old is taller than him.

Spooning Jungkook isn’t how Yoongi had expected to end the night, but he can’t really complain.


Climb up in my rattling spine and I'll contract


Things do not, in fact, get easier for Yoongi.

After Jungkook’s party, he wakes up feeling ashamed, and leaves before the younger wakes up.

Then, he proceeds to lock himself up in his apartment for the rest of the weekend, and spends half of the time panicking because he actually kinda had sex with Jungkook, holly shit , and the other half jacking off to the memory of pretty lips and even prettier voice.

When monday arrives, he has already embraced what happened and doesn’t feel as anxious or worried anymore, even though he’s not sure if he’s more or less disgusted with the realization that he doesn’t actually care, and is not sorry.

Not even a little bit.

Of course, he feels like things could’ve gone better than him and Jungkook dry-humping in somebody else’s bathroom in the middle of a party, but Jungkook sounded so good and then they cuddled and it was totally worth it.

Truth be told, his brain is kind of a mess right now, and he doesn’t even know what he wants, but he can’t taste Jungkook on his tongue anymore, and he really, really misses it.

Yoongi feels ready to face Jungkook when he’s walking towards Taehyung’s room for their weekly Friday Movie Night, but he’s not ready to find him sitting on the small living room, hugging Jimin like he’s glued to him, the rest of the group looking at him with grave and preoccupied expressions.

“What’s going on?” Yoongi asks, and six pair of eyes turn to look at him, standing at the end of the short hallway.

Seokjin, the closest one to Yoongi, walks towards him and whispers “We don’t know yet, he’s been like this since we arrived.”

He can feel the worry on Seokjin’s voice, and turns around to stare at Jimin running his fingers through Jungkook’s hair, exchanging a concerned look with Taehyung.

Just when it looks like Jimin’s going to say something, Jungkook speaks up.

“I’m sorry, hyungs” he says, roughly drying his eyes with the sleeve of his bubblegum pink sweater even though he hasn’t been crying “I didn’t want to worry you like this”

“It’s fine, Jungkookie” Jimin says.

“Yeah, just know that you can talk to us when you’re ready” Namjoon adds.

“We’re here for you” Seokjin assures, and the others nod.

“Thanks” Jungkook gives a little smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes “It’s just… My dad came back, and we don’t really get along” he says.

Yoongi wants to asks; came back from where ? How bad do you get along? Why does that make you so upset?

“I know that doesn’t sound like something too serious, but… I don’t really wanna be at my house right now” he admits.

“Well, that sucks” Hoseok says, smartly “But you can spend most of your time with us!”

“Yeah!” Taehyung joins him “We can do fun things and eat and stuff!”

“And we can even help you study for next year’s entrance test!” Jimin offers.

“You all suck at math” Yoongi deadpans.

“Well yeah” Jimin admits “But Namjoon hyung’s room is not that far”

“That’s true, Jungkookie” Namjoon says “You can spend time here instead of your house”

“And we will think about something to make you feel better” Seokjin assures him, smiling motherly at the younger.

Jungkook agrees and smiles, and Yoongi wonders if he’s the only one that notices the lingering sadness behind it.


Yoongi starts to wonder how bad things are now in Jungkook’s house when the younger almost begs him to take him with him to his classes, despite the fact that Yoongi’s class starts at 8 o’clock on Thursdays.

He picks him up one block away from Jungkook’s house, and the first thing Yoongi notices is how black and white the younger looks. There’s no cute sweaters, no shiny nail polish, no pastel jeans; just grey sweats and a black hoody.

“Are you okay?” he asks when Jungkook gets in and almost slams the door shut.

“Yeah” he answers, not even looking at Yoongi.

Jungkook barely speaks the rest of the day, and that would’ve been fine by Yoongi (he appreciates silence) if it didn’t feel like the boy wasn’t more than an empty shell of himself. There weren’t any witty comebacks, any not-so-accidental innuendos, no pleading looks or pretty smiles, and no lollipop between his lips.

When Yoongi drops him by his house that night, Jungkook only sights and gets out without saying goodbye.


The same story repeats for another week, and Yoongi doesn’t understand why Jungkook keeps calling him if they don’t really talk or do anything special or fun.

He gets his answer without even asking the same day he decides he’s had enough.

As usual, he picks Jungkook up before his eleven o’clock classes, and this time the monochromatic form that the boy has become looks even smaller, even farther from Yoongi.

“Hey, brat” Yoongi says, because he really can’t seem to give up in trying to make Jungkook open up “Did you eat?”

Jungkook makes a noncommittal sound and shakes his head. Yoongi’s about to drop it, when something catches his eye.

He looks at Jungkook’s half-hidden face with furrowed eyebrows and pulls over so he can turn fully around and take the younger’s face by the chin.

“What the hell” he whispers, body heating up with anger when he turns Jungkook’s face and sees his right cheek red and little swollen. It looks so recent that Yoongi almost feels the slap himself.

Jungkook shakes his head out of Yoongi’s grip and casts his eyes down.

“My dad doesn’t like it when I paint my nails” he murmurs, fists hidden inside his sweater's sleeves, and Yoongi catches a glimpse of mint green.

“That makes no sense, what the hell” he says again “You can stay with me” he blurts out.

Jungkook looks up at him, eyes wide and surprised.


“You can stay. With me” Yoongi repeats “At my place”

‘His place’ is actually a small apartment, but it has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen, so it works.

“Just get out of that house” he adds, and he wishes his voice didn’t sound as pleading as it did, but Jungkook’s eyes light up anyways and he hugs Yoongi really tight.


Yoongi doesn’t really knows how to take care of somebody else. Sometimes, he doesn’t even know how to take care of himself , but that doesn’t mean he won’t try to do his best.

Jungkook moves with him the next day, carrying only a bag with a few things.

“It’s hard to sneak out with too much luggage” he says, and when he smiles, Yoongi feels like he’s seeing Jungkook for the first time in two weeks, even though he’s still wearing just black and white.

Yoongi shows him the apartment in five minutes, finishing the trip at Jungkook’s room.

“It’s pretty small, but I guess it works. Mine’s the same size” Yoongi tells him. The room is pretty basic: a single bed, white walls, a window with navy blue curtains, and a wooden bookshelf. It looks more like a cheap hotel room, but at least is clean and not actually awful.

“Thanks, hyung” Jungkook says, dropping his bag on the bed “I owe you a big one”

Yoongi snorts “Don’t be dumb, brat. I don’t do things out of pity” he says “You don’t owe me.”

Then he leaves Jungkook to unpack, shower and change.

Yoongi has all his recording, mixing, and editing devices arranged in a corner of his room, and that’s his working space. He’s trying to work on the arrangements of this new song that’s supposed to be a project for his composition class, but he can’t stop thinking about Jungkook and the reduced space they’ll be sharing for some time.

He really needs to talk with the younger, because they haven’t even acknowledged what happened at the party, and the elephant in the room is getting more and more annoying every second.

Yoongi usually speaks what’s on his mind and doesn’t care what people thinks, but the truth is that he really doesn’t like confrontations. He hates feeling awkward in his own house even more, though, so the only logical solution is to speak with Jungkook.

When he finally comes out of his hideout, the apartment feels strangely silent.

Jungkook’s not in the kitchen, nor the small living room, so Yoongi assumes he must be in his room.

He finds the younger curled on his bed, already sleeping on top of his bag. Yoongi clicks his tongue.

“This kid...” he murmurs, getting the bag from under Jungkook with all the care he’s capable of, and draping a warm blanket on top of him.

I guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow, he thinks.


Jungkook slides under Yoongi’s blankets at 3:00 am.

The older notices him only ‘cause he’s been in bed for about fifteen minutes, otherwise, he would’ve never felt the weight of somebody else sinking into his bed.

“Jungkook?” he asks, softly, but the younger only makes a small sound, not actually trying to say anything, and curls against Yoongi’s back, one arm draped over the older.

Yoongi guesses Jungkook must’ve been sleepwalking or barely conscious, and there’s no point in trying to wake him up and drag him out. Besides, he’s not actually complaining.

Jungkook is warm against his back, one hand firmly grasping Yoongi’s t-shirt, and the other tucked under his own head, and he’s breathing peacefully, hot puffs of air tickling Yoongi’s nape.

The older sighs. He’s expecting a sleepless night, with all the warmth and body contact that makes his heart flutter and his loins twist, but closes his eyes anyways.

Somewhere between the slow rhythm of Jungkook’s breath and the soft light of the early morning, Yoongi falls asleep.


Tell me I'm the only one and I'll move back


The rest of their group doesn’t seem very surprised when they tell them about Jungkook moving, and Jimin even teases them a little about how they can have ‘private parties’, but Yoongi can see the gratefulness in his eyes and hear the relief on Seokjin’s voice.

Yoongi doesn’t get a chance to talk with Jungkook until two weeks had passed and the younger’s already well adjusted to his (temporary) new home.

They pass by each other every day, but neither of them seems to have time to stop and talk. Yoongi knows Jungkook goes to his house to pick up more clothes when they accidentally run into each other, the younger coming back and the older going out to take a well deserved coffee break, but even then they only say a few words.

The reason Yoongi hasn’t had the chance to talk to him is the fact that both have been incredibly busy; Jungkook studying hard for the upcoming entrance exams, and Yoongi himself drowning in homework and projects for every single one of his classes.

He doesn’t even know what sleeping feels like anymore.


Thanks to divine and superior Forces, Yoongi has a free weekend.

He already handed most of his projects and the end of the semester is getting closer, so he can relax for at least a couple of days.

Jungkook’s at the apartment as well, and when he comes out of his room at late afternoon (probably to find some food), he seems surprised to see Yoongi there.

“Hyung!” he exclaims, a smile already forming on his lips “I thought you were locked in your room”

Yoongi looks up from his laptop and shakes his head. Jungkook’s chewing on a lollipop stick, and Yoongi thinks that can’t be good for his teeth, but he just nods and says “I have a free weekend”

“That's great! I haven’t even see you around for like a week” Jungkook recalls.

“Yeah, sorry ‘bout that” Yoongi sighs “How’s the study going?”

Jungkook groans,“I think my brain died” he whines “In fact, I’m gonna take a break right now” he states, and then smiles sweetly at Yoongi, eyes turning into pretty cresent “Wanna paint my nails?”

Yoongi looks at him with a confused frown, “I have no idea how to do that” he admits.

“That’s fine, I’ll teach you!” and he disappears into his room again. When he comes back, is with what Yoongi supposes is a pink and white striped makeup bag.

When Jungkook sits on the floor, Yoongi above him on the couch, is when the older takes time to look at Jungkook’s clothing: oversize white sweater, light gray short shorts (Yoongi thinks they could have ‘PRINCESS’ writed on the back and he wouldn’t be surprised), and cute socks with fake band-aids at the back.

He looks pretty and bright, hair a little disheveled and eyes a little drowsy.

Jungkook doesn’t seem to notice Yoongi’s stare. He opens his little bag and searches through the variety of nail polish, settling on a lilac and a light orange one.

“Ok, so what you have to do is take the little brush,” he starts, opening the lilac polish “clean it a little against the top of the bottle,” he continues, doing it as he speaks “and then you paint the nail, careful to not make a big mess or anything.” he finishes, smiling up at Yoongi and showing him his now slightly-lilac thumbnail. “See?”

“I guess I can try, but don’t get mad if I fuck it up”

Jungkook laughs “That’s fine, hyung, you can’t do anything that I won’t be able to fix”

“If you say so...” Yoongi grabs both polish bottles, and Jungkook tells him to start with the lilac one, and then paint the other hand with the light orange. Then he puts his extended right hand on Yoongi’s thigh and all this doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore.

Yoongi’s pretty sure his surprise didn’t show on his face, but he avoids eye contact anyways, starting to paint Jungkook’s nails instead.

It’s not as hard as he thought it would (he definitely messes up a little, though, and Jungkook will certainly have to fix it later), but Jungkook’s right hand is pressed against his thigh, skin against skin, and fuck, he’s not even wearing pants right now (he prefers boxers ‘cause he tends to get too hot while sleeping).

Yoongi paints Jungkook’s nails, and even though neither of them speaks, he can feel the younger staring at him, big eyes fixed on Yoong’s concentrated face.

When he’s done with the lilac, he takes the orange and starts painting the other hand. He does it a little better now, managing to actually paint only the nails.

“You learn fast, hyung” Jungkook comments, smiling at him.

“I do” Yoongi admits, modesty aside.

“I always have to do things over and over so they turn out great” Jungkook admits, pouting a little.

Yoongi’s done painting Jungkook’s nails, so he says “Well, I did my best” and sighs. Then he looks down to the younger, who doesn’t moves his hands from Yoongi’s tights even though he’s done, and adds “And it sounds like you don’t half-ass things”.

Jungkook locks eyes with the older for a moment, lips turned in a small smirk.

“I don’t” he says, voice serious but somehow teasing “I have to be the best at everything”

Yoongi rises an eyebrow “That sounds hard”

“I can do hard”

Honestly, Yoongi thinks that sounded like a cheesy phrase from a bad porno, but Jungkook’s voice can make everything sound dirty , and the boy’s on his knees, hands warm against the older’s tights, eyes big and playful, and mouth smiling like he hadn’t just said something like that.

Yoongi feels like a pitiful, pitiful man right now, letting a teenager come in and turn his world upside down with soft colors and fake strawberry flavor.

He needs to fix this mess before it gets worst.

They need to talk, and he tells Jungkook so.

The younger tilts his head to the right, brows furrowing with confusion. “About what?” he asks.

“About what happened at the party” Yoongi answers, eyes calm and serious.

“Oh...” Jungkook blushes, casting his eyes down, and Yoongi has to suppress a smile. No more teasing.

“Do you regret it?” he asks, because that’s the first thing he has to know. Is the question that’s been eating him alive.

Jungkook’s eyes shoot up, wide with surprise “I don’t!” he answers, voice a little louder than necessary. Then, his eyebrows twitch and he bites his lips “Do you, hyung?”

Yoongi has to think his answer a little bit. Not because he regrets it (of course he doesn’t), but because he know his answer will be determinant to the course of their relationship, and he doesn’t want to fuck it up by a poor choice of words.

He lift his right hand and strokes Jungkook’s hair slowly, feeling the younger shudder under the caress.

“No, I don’t” he says “But you do know it’s a little bit more complicated than that, don’t you, Kookie?” he asks.

“Why? You didn’t force me” Jungkook says “Is it because you’re older? I’m not a child”


Yoongi sighs and moves his free hand so he can stroke Jungkook’s cheek.

“I know that, but I’m your hyung. I’m supposed to be taking care of you, not lusting after you” he admits, and Jungkook blushes.

“But you do take care of me!” he exclaims “You’re always good to me, that’s why I like you” he confesses, nuzzling his cheek against Yoongi’s touch. “I wanna be with hyung” he adds, hands squeezing Yoong’s thighs lightly.

Yoongi groans. This kid is going to ruin him, he swears to God. He slides down the sofa so they’re both kneeling on the floor.

“I’m trying to be the responsible one, Jungkook” he says “But you’re making it really hard” he grabs Jungkook’s face with both hands “Are you sure about what you’re saying? Do you know the implications?” he’s probably being too insistent, but he really doesn’t wanna fuck up their relationship or their group of friends. He has to make sure Jungkook knows what he’s bargaining for, and he can’t really be blamed for not trusting the eager declaration of a eighteen years old right away.

“I do, hyung. I’m not dumb” Jungkook says “I...I feel safe when I’m with you” he adds, blushing slightly “I know I’m childish, and that’s probably why you don’t trust me but...I can act like the big boy I am” he assures Yoongi, smiling brightly, bunny-teeth included.

Yoongi feels like dying of an overdose of fondness and lust, and he honestly has never felt this way before.

He usually can’t take aegyo or any act of exaggerated adorability in general. Jungkook, however, makes him want to call him something stupid like ‘honey’ or ‘sweetheart’.

“You don’t need to act any other way” he says, both hands stroking Jungkook’s cheeks “You’re just fine”.

“Does that mean you will kiss me now?” Jungkook asks, smiling cheekily, and who’s Yoongi to say no to that.

Their second kiss feels more real than the first one. There’s no music in the background, not even a drop of alcohol on their systems, and it doesn’t take them by surprise. Yoongi presses his lips against Jungkook with no hesitation and the younger kisses him back right away, pretty hands still on the other’s thighs.

The soft sounds Jungkook makes while kissing are Yoongi’s new favorite melody. He feels delighted and kinda proud when the younger’s breath stutters and a broken gasp escapes, and the heat starts to befog his mind when Jungkook bites Yoogi’s lower lip softly and moans, oh my god.

Yoongi pulls away and Jungkook chases after him, letting a whine of protest out.

“Hey, there’s no need to hurry, Kookie” Yoongi whispers “We have time”

Jungkook’s lips turn into a huffy pout, but he sighs and moves away (just so he’s not almost straddling Yoongi).

“Can we watch a movie in your room?” Jungkook asks, looking up at Yoongi with pleading eyes.

It’s a risky move, knowing how handsy Jungkook might get, but Yoongi’s a grown up, and he can handle a hormonal teenager.

“Sure, but take your things back to your room first”

Jungkook obeys him without a second thought, standing up and picking his things up with careful hands.


They end up watching an action film with little plot and too many explosions in Yoongi’s laptop, and the older enjoys Jungkook’s exaggerated reactions more than he enjoys the movie. When it ends, the younger is gaping at the screen with wide eyes and half-opened mouth.

“Did you see that, hyung?” he asks, excitedly “Did you see how he trick them all??? That was so cool! Don’t you think it was super cool?”

Yoongi doesn’t really have an opinion about the movie, in part because wasn’t really paying attention, and he thinks Taehyung would be more suitable for this kinds of conversations, but Jungkook is looking at him expectantly, so he smiles a little and nods.

“It was” he says, and then adds “Aren’t you hungry?”

Just like it was waiting for Yoongi’s words, Jungkook’s stomach grunts. The younger brings both hands to cover it, blushing.

“Maybe a little...” he says, and when Yoongi suggest they order pizza, Jungkook’s eyes light up and he jumps off the bed gleefully, running to pick up the phone.

Yoongi has a ‘ never eat in my bed ( seriously, never )’ rule, so they order a half pepperoni, half veggie pizza and go back to the sofa to eat. Yoongi grabs his first slice and sits comfortably, turning the TV on.

He doesn’t have much time to relax, though, ‘cause Jungkook grabs a slice of pizza and plops down on Yoongi’s lap like is not a big deal, shifting a little so he can watch the TV, legs pulled up and his back fitting in the space between Yoongi’s chest and left arm. The older lets a little ‘humph’, but even though Jungkook’s taller than him, he’s actually really light, and this doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

The problem is, now Yoongi can’t reach the food without having to move the boy on top of him.

“Jongkook, I need another slice” he says so the younger would stand up. Instead,  Jungkook stretches his arm and picks a slice of pizza, and Yoongi rolls his eyes when he looks at him with a cheeky smile.

“Open up, hyung” Jungkook says, lifting the pizza to Yoongi’s mouth.

“I’m not a child” Yoongi deadpans “In fact, I’m your hyung. Don’t play like this.”

Jungkook looks like he could care less. He shrugs his shoulders “Then I’ll eat it”

Before he can move his hand away, Yoongi grabs him by the wrist, murmuring a ‘fucking brat’ before biting the pizza.

Jungkook just laughs, and the end up sharing the slice (and the rest of the pizza) like that.

“My mom called me yesterday” Jungkook says, once they’re done with food. Yoongi had to get up to throw away the empty box, so now the younger is lying on the couch, head pillowed on Yoongi’s thigh. “She wanted to know how was everything going”

“Was she mad?” Yoongi asks, hands running mindlessly through Jungkook’s soft hair.

“I don’t think so… I mean, I did call her when I get here and explained everything to her, so it’s not like she doesn’t know where I’ve been” Jungkook recalls. “She’s just worried because entrance exams are pretty soon, and she doesn’t know what I want to do with my life. You know, usual parent’s stuff...”

Yoongi hums, eyes still fixed on the TV. “Nobody knows what they wanna do when they’re eighteen” he says, mind going back to that first night; Jungkook having a life crisis in a bathroom, looking small and scared of the future.

“Yeah...” Jungkook agrees “But I wanna do something that makes me happy, like you and the other hyungs” he says, smiling softly “You all sound so pleased when you talk about those stuff. Seokjin hyung is even working on getting his PhD, and that’s pretty amazing”

“It does suck less when you don’t hate your major” Yoongi admits, and Jungkook hits him on the leg playfully, tongue clicking against the roof of his mouth.

“Hyung’s so cynic sometimes” he complains. The older just huffs a laugh.

Jungkook looks at the window. It’s already pretty late, and the only source of light in the small apartament is the TV. “What are you going to do tomorrow?” he asks, looking back at Yoongi’s barely illuminated face.

“Probably sleep for twenty hours straight, seeing that I won’t be able to rest again ‘till fucking Christmas break ” he says, mouth twisting in displeasure. “What about you?”

“I’m going out with Jimin and Tae” Jungkook says, smiling “They promised to take me to this new ice cream store that’s super cute”

“That sounds fun”

“Yeah” Jungkook nods “Also, I wanna find a job” he adds.

Yoongi looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Finding a job is not that easy, Kookie” he tells him.

“I know, but I don’t want my parents paying for all my stuff when I’m not even living there” Jungkook says “Besides, after the entrance exams I’m going to move into the dorms, so I could save some money while I still have time to work”

The truth is, Yoongi hasn’t stopped to think even for a second how was Jungkook able to support himself. He’s always assumed the younger wasn’t exactly poor, with all his pretty clothes and fancy school, and after two weeks of living with him, Yoongi finds out that Jungkook actually seems to lead a very inexpensive life, not going out that much and skipping any kind of luxury. However, he stills buys all his bathroom stuff, the foods he prefers but Yoongi doesn’t eat, and even some little things like a new nail polish (occasionally) or all those lollipops he’s always eating. Yoongi only pays for food when they order take out.

It makes him glad, actually, to know that Jungkook’s parents (or at least his mom) still loves him and looks after him.

It also makes him feel kinda guilty, the fact that he just assumed Jungkook was fine without even asking if he was, if he needed something.

“You don’t seem to be a very high maintenance kid” Yoongi comments.

“My mom got my card’s last month bill yesterday and she asked me why was I spending so little money” Jungkook says “She’s worried I’m starving or living without calefaction or something, but I told her I was fine, that I just didn’t want to be such a burden” he continues, catching Yoongi’s hand that’s been caressing his hair and playing with the fingers. “ ‘Yoongi hyung is taking care of me’ , I told her. And now she thinks I’m living at the expenses of a college student that has enough worries already, so that’s when it occurred to me I should get a job” he looks up at Yoongi, dark warm eyes staring back at him “She agrees with me, even though she says I’m not a burden...That I’m still her little baby” he finishes, intertwining his fingers with Yoongi’s and smiling at him, pretty and small.

“Your mom sounds pretty cool… I’m glad she worries about you”

“You two would get along pretty well” Jungkook says.

“Well” Yoongi says, voice soft and smooth “you do are my little baby.”

Jungkook stills for a second, his eyes widening and his soft hand squeezing Yoongi’s. Then, he looks down and bites his lips, a smile fighting its way up.

“Yeah” he whispers “I am.”


If you see your daydreams in me they'll not lack


Turns out, Jungkook is able to find a job just like that.

They end up calling it a night when Jungkook is about to fall asleep on the couch. Yoongi knows there’s no way to wake him up once he’s gone, and Yoongi really doesn’t feel like trying to carry somebody taller than him.

Yoongi’s going through his phone, not actually feeling sleepy, when Jungkook walks in. He’d changed his clothes and Yoongi’s pretty sure his hair is wet.

“Did you take a shower?” he asks.

“I wanna sleep with you” Jungkook says, instead.

Yoongi stares at him, all silk skin covered by soft fabric in light blue tones. He’s hugging a bunny plush, rocking back and forth on his heels.

“C’mre” he says, patting the empty space by his side. Jungkook walks towards the bed, getting under Yoongi’s grey comforter and lying as close to the older as he can, burying his face in the soft warm of Yoongi’s side.

“Good night, hyung” he says, voice muffled by the older’s pajama t-shirt.

Yoongi trembles. “Good night, Kookie” he says  back.
Jungkook moves his head back just enough for him to look at Yoongi.

“What happened to ‘baby’?” he asks, eyebrows furrowed in a bratty way. Yoongi laughs.

“Good night, pretty baby” he corrects himself, and Jungkook seems pleased, sighing happily and closing his eyes.


Yoongi gets the best sleep of his life, one hand under Jungkook’s sweater, and his face pressed softly against the younger’s nape. When he wakes up, is way past noon and Jungkook’s gone.

He spends the rest of the day lying in bed, getting up only to grab something to eat and take a shower, strategically ignoring anything that has to do with college and real life.

He never wants this day to end.

Jungkook gets back at six, while Yoongi’s looking the Game Of Thrones rerun. “Hey hyung, I’m back!”, he announces cheerfully, followed by Jimin and Taehyung.

Yoongi would’ve appreciated a heads up, because he almost calls Jungkook ‘baby’ in front of those two and that seems like a terrible idea.

“Why do you call everyone ‘hyung’ but me, you brat!?” Jimin complains, sitting next to Yoongi on the couch.

“Because you’re small” Jungkook answers like is obvious, sitting on the arm of the sofa next to Yoongi.

Jimin looks at Yoongi with furrowed eyebrows and opens his mouth to say something about his height, probably, but the older looks at him with his best bitch face and says “I fucking dare you to say it, Park Jimin.”

Jimin grumbles and pouts, but doesn’t say anything.

Taehyung, who’s sitting on the floor between Jimin’s legs, laughs.

“We had so much fun today, hyung!” Jungkook tells Yoongi, excitedly. “We went to the ice cream shop I told you about and they have the biggest cups in the world!”

“And there’s like, a hundred of flavors!” Taehyung adds.

“They took almost an hour to decide” Jimin deadpans.

“And guess who I ran into?” Jungkook continues, ignoring Jimin’s comment “Halla! I told you about her, remember?” Yoongi kinda remembers the name, so he nods. “So we were catching up and stuff, and turns out her father owns the ice cream shop! Isn’t that amazing?”

“She even gave us free drinks” Jimin says, smiling.

“Yeah, she’s super cute! And actually laughed at my jokes, not like you boring people.” Taehyung says, sticking out his tongue. The other three just roll their eyes.

“Then she asked me about me moving out, because our parents are super close and my mom told hers I wasn’t living with them anymore, and she was worried about me. She looked like my second mom, asking how was I able to survive on my own...”

“Except for the part when she asked him if he had got himself a sugar daddy” Taehyung interrupts, and Jimin laughs so hard he has to grab his stomach “God, that girl says the best inappropriate things” he says.

“Sorry, Kookie, I’m way too broke for that” Yoongi says, face totally serious for about five seconds.Then Jungkook gives him a scandalized look and Yoongi can’t hold his laughter anymore.

“Yeah, yeah, make fun of me” the younger says, arms crossed on his chest.

“Sorry” Yoongi says, catching his breath “And then what?”

Jungkook isn’t really that hard to convince. “Then I told her I was staying with somebody, and that I was actually looking for a job, and she said I could work at the shop with her!” he finishes, giving his brighter bunny smile.

“That’s pretty cool, Jungkookie” Yoongi says, smiling at him.

“And scarily convenient” Jimin adds.

“That means we can hang at the shop and bother our little Kookie” Taehyung says. “Halla has the best stories about baby Kook”

“I’m gonna die” Jungkook announces. “Time to leave, you spawn of Satan”

Jimin and Taehyung go, the shorter complaining about Jungkook no respecting his elders, and the taller laughing at him.

As soon as the door closes behind them, the apartment falls into silence.

Junkook looks at Yoongi for a minute, both standing at the receiver.

“I’m glad you could find a job like that” Yoongi says.

By this point, he should be used to Jungkook making comments out of place, but it still catches him unprepared when the younger says “I bet I still taste like peaches and cream”, lips turning up in a playful smile.

Yoongi has always loved peaches and cream.


They end up back in the room, Yoongi lying down on the bed and Jungkook on top of him, hands eager to touch.

Turns out, Jungkook not only loves to use his mouth, but he’s incredibly skilled , kissing and licking and biting Yoongi’s lips, neck and collarbones like he’s been choking and all that soft skin is fresh air.

Yoongi grabs him by the hair to make him look up.

“Baby...” he pants “I want you to suck me off, can you do that?” he asks, and Jungkook’s eyes darken even more “Can you please hyung with that pretty mouth of yours?”

“Yes, yes...” the younger whispers “I can… I want to”

Yoongi can feel the warmth of arousal mixing up with the rush of power, tickling its way down to his lower body. He takes off his shirt, and Jungkook starts to kiss his way down Yoongi’s chest right away, nipping at the skin with trembling lips and a warm tongue.

The first touch of Jungkook’s warm mouth on his dick, even though his boxers are on the way, makes him groan, both hands tangling on dark strands of hair to press him closer. Jungkook moans weakly and mouths up Yoongi’s length, grey fabric dampening with saliva.

“Don’t be a tease” the older says, voice low and husky, and gives Jungkook’s hair one sharp pull. The moan that leaves the younger's mouth is downright pornographic, and Yoongi whispers a little ‘oh god’ because, honestly, this kid is going to be the end of him. He pulls his own underwear down, and that seems to shake Jungkook out of his daze. He helps Yoongi to pull the fabric all the way down, and gets back to work immediately. Jungkook wraps one hand at the base of Yoongi’s cock, the other caressing his hipbone, and gives a first experimental kitten lick. Yoongi sighs, hands back in Jungkook’s hair to keep it out of his eyes, and his whole body shudders when the younger flattens his tongue and gives a long, broad lick from base to top, his lips closing delicately at the tip. Big dark eyes look up at Yoongi when Jungkook starts to sink down, taking inch by inch of the older’s cock with a maddenly slow pace. Yoongi wants him to move faster, to make it dirtier, wetter , but Jungkook manages to make everything soft and pretty, even sucking dick. He looks so good, eyes watering and pink lips stretching around hot, thick flesh, and he just keeps sinking lower and lower and oh god.

When Jungkook stops, lips barely brushing the hand holding the base of Yoongi’s dick, the older lets out all the air he hadn’t realized he was holding.

God, Kookie…” he groans, hips twitching up involuntarily and making Jungkook finally bottom out. Yoongi’s cock hits the back of Jungkook’s throats and he moans, but the little part of his brain that still works reminds him of the fact that he has to be careful.

He shuts himself up when Jungkook doesn’t pull out. Instead, he moans, the sound muffled by Yoongi’s dick, and the vibrations feel so damn good, and then he fucking swallows and what the hell has this kid been doing all these years?

Fuck, you’re so good, baby” Yoongi groans “So damn pretty”

Jungkook’s eyes are no longer locked with Yoongi’s; he has them tightly closed, tears pricking at the corners. When he can’t hold his breath anymore, Jungkook pulls all the way out, only his lips touching the tip of Yoongi’s cock, and takes a deep breath before sinking back again, and this is what Yoongi meant.

Jungkook sucks Yoongi’s dick eagerly, sometimes taking a little time to actually savor it, and others moving his head fast and just right , using his hand so there’s no untouched skin, and swirling his tongue against that sensitive spot under the head in a way that make Yoongi moan, low and throaty.

When Jungkook makes and specially good mouth-hand synchronized move, Yoongi pulls at the younger’s hair with unpremeditated force. Jungkook stops short, pulling out so he can gasp, breathy sobs leaving his mouth one after another.

“Hyung” he moans “harder, please. Do it harder” he begs, looking up at Yoongi with pleading eyes, and the older’s hands tighten unconsciously.

“Yeah, whatever you want, pretty baby” he nods, his breath shaky.

Jungkook really gets the worst of him in the best possible way.

The younger goes back to suck Yoongi’s dick with a newly discovered passion, making an extra effort to please the older. Yoongi, on the other hand, tugs sharply at the black soft strands of hair, enjoying the way Jungkook moans and cries around a mouthful of cock.

Jungkook needs some relief. Yoongi notices it in the way his hips grind down, searching for some friction, but the younger’s so concentrated on Yoongi’s dick that he seems to neglect himself.

“Kookie, take off your clothes” he demands, and the almost strict tone of Yoongi’s voice makes him stop and obey, sitting up so he can take off his denim playsuit. He doesn’t even bother with his shirt, feeling relieved now that he can touch his own cock while sucking Yoongi’s.

And that’s exactly what he does: he jerks himself off while his mouth works Yoongi’s dick, making a mess of saliva and precum.

Now that Jungkook gets a little alleviation, he sucks harder, deeper, faster, and the older feels at the edge of his orgasm.

“You’re doing so good, baby” he groans “I wanna come all over your pretty little face, yeah?” the younger moans approvingly, and Yoongi chuckles, voice rough “C’mon, let me see you covered in cum” he whispers, pulling at Jungkook’s hair so he pulls out. Jungkook whines, tongue poking out to lick the tip of Yoongi’s cock while his hand strokes him at the same fast pace he’s stroking his own dick.

Jungkook lift his eyes once more, looking up at the older with a gaze hazy with lust, and Yoongi’s orgasm hits him hard.

The older groans, hands tightening on Jungkook’s hair, struggling to to keep his eyes open. It’s all worthy, though, when he gets to see the hot mess he’s done of Jungkook: half of his face covered in cum, closed eyelids with sticky eyelashes and the tip of his pretty nose smeared with white. A few drops land on the hairs Yoongi wasn’t holding back, and he also has cum on his lips, white drops running down his mouth and chin, but the younger is way too busy jacking himself off to even care.

After Yoongi’s orgasm, Jungkook falls down next to Yoongi’s legs, right cheek against the bed.

Face down, ass up.

His eyes are tight shut, mouth never actually closing between the moans and sobs that he lets out, and he murmurs Yoongi’s name like a mantra while his hand moves faster, not bothering to even take off his boxers.

“Hyung” he sobs “hyung, please...”

Yoongi doesn’t know exactly what Jungkook is asking for, but he has a pretty good idea of what he needs , so he whips a little bit of the cum on Jungkook’s face with two fingers, and puts them inside the younger’s mouth. He feels the soft and warm wet of Jungkook’s tongue against his fingers, knuckles barely brushing against his bunny teeth, and the younger moans before closing his lips and licking the two fingers like they’re candy.

“You’re such a cocksult, Jungkookie” Yoongi murmurs, eyes fixed in the almost hypnotic way Jungkook sucks at his fingers. “You love having your mouth full, don’t you? Always sucking on those lollipops like they’re cocks” Jungkook whines, saliva rolling down and mixing up with the cum down his chin “Would you like it if I buy you a paci? I bet you’d love that. Spoiled little brat” he moves his fingers deeper, stroking the younger’s velvety tongue with his fingertips “Or maybe you should just suck on my fingers, like you’re doing now...I’ll make you choke a little, I’m sure you’ll like that” he takes the moan that slips past Jungkook’s lips as a yes, the younger trembling violently and forgetting about Yoongi’s fingers for a moment when he comes, lips parted in a silent scream.

He lets all his weight down, trying to calm his breath, and the older slips his fingers out of Jungkook’s mouth and grabs his own t-shirt to clean the younger’s face carefully. Then, he helps him to accommodate on the bed, Yoongi lying face up and Jungkook half draped over him, face down.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence and soft touches, Jungkook asks “Did you mean it?”, voice hoarse and sleepy.

“Did I mean what?” Yoongi asks, fingers stroking Jungkook’s back.

“You know...everything”

Yoongie does know, but he wants the younger to say it.

“You’ll have to be more specific”

Jungkook groans, embarrassed, and hides his face in Yoongi’s chest.

“Will you really buy me a paci?” he asks, voice barely audible.

The older hadn’t even thinked about it until the moment he’d said it, but now it seems like an easy way to manage Jungkook’s oral fixation.

“If you stop eating so much candy, I’ll think about it” Yoongi says, and Jungkook protests a little, but then he murmurs a small ‘fine’.

“And what about the other part? Would you choke me?”

“Would you like that?” Yoongi asks, and Jungkook nods.


“Then I’ll do it” the older grabs Jungkook by the chin to make him look up, his other hand caressing his neck “with my hands, and with my cock. I’ll fuck your mouth deep and slow” he whispers, the hand in Jungkook’s neck pressing against his windpipe, and the younger gasps.

Yoongi smirks, one eyebrow raised in some kind of amusement. “But that’ll have to wait, now is time to sleep” he says, hands moving away from Jungkook’s neck.

The younger whines “Hyung’s so mean!”, he cries, lips pursed in a pretty pout.

“Hyung’s got an 8am class tomorrow” Yoongi corrects him “Now, go get changed before you fall asleep”

Jungkook stands up and walks away, saying something about Yoongi being the worst hyung ever under his breath.

However, he comes back five minutes later with his pajama on, and just like last night, he wiggles close to Yoongi’s warmth and falls asleep.