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Broken Blades

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Fi awoke.

At once she was conscious and yet so unaware. "Where am I?" she thought. "Why have I woken up...?"

Fi, she heard a voice call out. Fi opened her pupil-less eyes to find herself inside of the Goddess Sword, right where she had fallen asleep. 

Mistress Hylia? Fi thought.

The hero has awoken. It is time for his destiny to begin, came the goddess's voice in her mind. 


How long had she slept? Created long ago, Fi had been put to rest in the Goddess Sword after the death of the hero Link and the goddess Hylia, told she would only awaken when their reincarnated forms had need of her.

And now...

Go to him, Fi, said Hylia. You know who he is. He is the one called Link, who you have seen in your dreams as you slept.

Oh... him. He was the hero of legend? 


Then he is the Savior of the land destined to become Hyrule. And I calculate a 96% chance he rests in his home in Skyloft... where I am now... and where I have seen him in dreams. Yes. I will go to him. 

I have blessed you with all the knowledge you will need to aid the hero on his quest. You must only use this knowledge to aid him. 

Fi closed her eyes again, then with a large pull, threw herself up, out of the sword, and merged her shapeless spirit into her true form. Unlike... well, him, she had never seen a need for a human form. 

Mistress Hylia, I am but a spirit, as you have created me, Fi told the goddess. How could I use the knowledge for any other purpose? 

But the message from the goddess had ended, and Fi knew she would not meet her again until the reincarnation of Hylia had fully awoken. Silently, Fi floated out of the dark chamber and out to find the Hero.