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here be parker

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They all looked up as Parker, now in dragon form, flew up off the ground and directed fire toward the army of their monstrous attackers.

Nate wrinkled his forehead and seemed to be in shock. "What... just happened?"

Hardison grinned. "I didn't think it was possible for her to get any hotter but yeah.. that's hot, baby."

Sophie rolled her eyes. "I can't believe none of you noticed that she's a dragon. The signs were everywhere! It's like you've learned nothing about reading people from me."

Eliot just folded his arms and frowned as he watched Parker's onslaught on the monster army. "She may be a dragon, but her aerial tactics suck. I'm gonna have to work with her on that. Hey, Parker! DAMMIT Parker, stop leaving your left flank open!!!"

Nate just looked at the rest of his team and sighed.