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My Pet Angel

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Castiel sat on the exam table the breeder had put him on for the time being, waiting for him to bring in the next interested party to come and view him. He had considered escaping, but his leash had been clipped to the side of the table, and Cas was more than happy to avoid getting another taste of the shock collar fastened around his neck. He was mature for an angel, although some people liked that. They liked to know the angels dispositions and everything they could, instead of adopting a fledgling and crossing their fingers. He saw the breeder lead someone in, hearing the usual spiel. "Here is Castiel, the angel we were just discussing. He's very mild mannered and calm, and will get along with children. He is well behaved and a carrier who is mature and of breeding age. He is shy at first, but quite affectionate once he gets used to someone. He's also /very/ responsive to the others we have paired him with, although he responds best to the alpha males." The breeder often talked him up, but that made sense since he was trying to get money off of someone adopting Castiel.

"How much?" Dean looked at the angel on the table. He looked like a strong angel, maybe this one wouldn't be as afraid of cuddling.

"Hmm... I was thinking around six or seven hundred? Castiel is one of my best," The breeder told him, looking back at Dean. He hoped to finally be able to sell Castiel for a high price, since no one seemed to be willing to pay what he was worth.

"Make it $575 and you have a deal." Dean knew that the breeder wouldn't take his offer but money wasn't a big deal to Dean. He had made it big in the mechanical world and had money to spend. He wanted this angel, so he was going to get this angel.

"Six hundred at the least. Castiel is exclusive and bred from two show worthy parents. He himself has show potential and is a Seraphim," he said. Cas looked at Dean thoughtfully, wondering what kind of person this one was. He could only hope that he wouldn't be awful, like some of the other people that had come through.

"$580." Bartering was part of the fun. Dean saw the angel looking at him and winked. Better make a good impression now, especially since the breeder said this one was shy.

Cas looked down at his hands bashfully when he caught Dean's eyes, staying quiet. He didn't know what he was supposed to act like when he was with this man, so he would have to wait and see if he would be one of the rare owners who let their pets act as they pleased. "Five hundred and ninety five," the breeder replied.

"Deal." said Dean handing over the cash. He was excited to get this angel home. His last angel wasn't into cuddling and with Dean's insomnia he needed someone next to him to get a proper night's sleep. It had been 2 months since he slept well.

The breeder took the money gladly and pocketed it, shaking Dean's hand briefly. "Pleasure doing' business with you, Mr. Winchester," he said. He walked over and untied Cas' leash from around the table, leading the angel over and handing the leash off to Dean along with a couple official certificates saying that the angel now belonged to Dean.

Dean looked at the angel. "Are you going to be good?" he asked the frightened looking angel.

"Of course, sir," he agreed quietly, looking down as his feet as he folded his dark wings against his back. All he really wanted was to go home with Dean now, but he stayed silent instead of telling him that.

Dean reached over and unclipped the collar from around Castiel's neck. "Stay close." Dean said as he opened the door to the breeders and then the car door.

Cas relaxed considerably when the shock collar was removed. He hoped that he wouldn't ever have to wear it, as he disliked the tight feeling around his neck. He got in the car and thanked Dean quietly, looking around the car with interest.

Dean drove around the block until he got to his house. It was the biggest one on the block. Dean prided himself on showing off. He unlocked the door and kicked off his shoes. "Come this way, Cas. Is it okay if I call you Cas?" Dean liked treating his angels how they wanted to be treated.

Cas nodded, truthfully pleased with the new nickname. It made him feel as if Dean was going to get to know him and get close to him. His eyes swept over the large house with a surprised expression, following Dean quietly as he briefly glanced down at his bare feet.

"So this is your room. The dresser isn't filled yet. We'll go shopping tomorrow." A queen sized bed was in one corner and a large dresser in another. Large windows looked out on a lake behind the bed and a desk and book shelf were against another wall. "The bookshelf can be filled too. I insist that all my angels get an education, so the laptop is for you too." Dean walked over to the windows. "Make yourself comfortable. What would you like for dinner?"

Castiel looked at him with a stunned expression. The size of this room and the quality of the things in it, it was nicer than he had ever stepped foot in in his /life/. Dean was really allowing all of him to have this, even though he was just a pet? And angels, plural? "I am alright with anything, although I quite like burgers," he admitted, clasping his hands in front of himself. "Angels...? You have more than one?"

"No. Not at one time. You are my third angel. The others didn't quite like my style of living." Dean hoped he didn't this angel. He quite like Cas and hoped that Cas liked him too. "I will go start making dinner. Come down when you are ready. Oh... there is one pair of underwear, sweatpants, and a shirt in the top drawer if you would like something else to wear for now." Dean headed down stairs and started on the burgers. He was glad Cas had chosen burgers. It was one of the meals that he could actually make well.

Castiel watched him leave quietly, peeking inside the top drawer of the dresser. He found a band tee shirt along with a pair of boxer briefs and sweatpants, obviously clothing meant for relaxing and staying home. Truth be told, he never would have expected Dean to live such an extravagant lifestyle, what with the worn clothes Dean wore. He swiftly dressed, managing to fit his wings in the slits cut out in the back. He looked out the window, admiring the view for a little while before quietly padding downstairs to find Dean.

Dean turned around when he heard the footsteps on the stairs. "Good, I just finished the burgers." He set the larger burger in front of Cas. "So, can you read? Did that breeders do any form of schooling whatsoever?"

"I am aware of how to read, but I am much better at reading Enochian and Latin than I am English," he answered, looking at the burger before picking it up. "He hardly taught me much that would be considered schooling."

"We can enroll you into school next school season. Either online or classroom is fine with me. When we go shopping tomorrow, we can buy books in Latin and Enochian as well." Dean finished off his burger. "I am off to shower. There is a bathroom connected to you room with what should be all the needed toiletries. If you need anything else, come knock on my door. It is the one at the end of the hall. Just leave your dish in the sink and I'll clean up later."

Cas nodded slowly, committing everything he said to memory as he knew he would want it for later use. He ate his burger happily, letting out a quiet moan around one of the mouthfuls. He couldn't help it, he had just never tasted anything that good before. The burgers he had tried were subpar when compared to Dean's. He put the plate in the sink after he had polished off his burger, heading upstairs to go to his room and learn how everything worked.

Dean turned on his shower and undressed. He was glad he chose Cas. The angel was well built and muscular. His blue eyes, deep voice, and hair that looked like he had just had sex made Dean want to both jump his bones and cuddle him into eternity. He hoped that Cas was a cuddler. The last two angels that Dean had care for weren't and didn't like it when Dean touched them. Dean stepped into the shower letting the warm water flow over his body washing away the grit of a hard day at the garage.

Cas went into the bathroom and managed to turn on the shower after a couple of tries, undressing slowly before stepping under the cool spray. He was unused to this, the privacy he received here. He had never been really alone or left to his own devices in fear that he would escape. He read the instructions on the different bottles carefully, doing exactly as they said. He decided that he preferred this much to the assisted baths he had been given before, where products had been scrubbed into his hair and skin before being sprayed off with the shower head. He washed off all the grime from the breeder's, taking it as a chance to start over. He got ready for bed afterwards, flopping down into his large and extremely comfortable bed.

Dean knocked on Cas' door. Waiting for Cas to say it was okay for him to come in.

Cas cracked an eye open when he heard a knock on his door, not moving from the spot where he had cocooned himself in his wings, along with the blankets and pillows. "You may enter."

"Just coming to check if you need anything. Sorry if I woke you up." Dean saw that the angel had gotten all tucked in to his blankets. "Wake up whenever. If I am not here when you get up, I will be at the diner getting us breakfast. Sleep tight."

Cas nodded in acknowledgement, looking at the new bedclothes Dean had put on. "Alright. Sleep well, Dean," he told him quietly, offering the man a small half smile.

Dean padded back to his room and got into his bed. He hoped that Cas would become more comfortable soon. He was tired of not sleeping well.