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the grace of your eyes

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“Turn around,” Nikki demands, pressing a hot kiss to Paige’s neck, her hand sliding down to Paige’s waist. “I want you facing me.”

Paige turns so she’s straddling Nikki’s lap instead of sitting in it, a leg either side of Nikki’s body. She’s still in her underwear, though Nikki did away with her own what feels like ages ago, and Paige just wants to get hers off too, wants to be skin to skin with Nikki.

Nikki’s hand reaches around to unhook the clasp of Paige’s bra, her eyes lighting up when she pushes the straps off of Paige’s shoulders and sets the bra beside them on the bed, just the same as Paige’s had when she’d done the same to Nikki earlier. There’s something else there, though: wonder, almost disbelief. Paige can’t help but smirk a little at the expression. She knows what it is that’s got Nikki like this – her piercings. It is their first time together, after all, so it’s Nikki’s first time seeing them.

“Hm,” Nikki says, reaching out to run a finger over the cool metal. “Here’s where I should be saying I’m surprised, but I’m really not.”

She tweaks the barbell with her finger and thumb, and Paige shivers under the touch.

“You like?” Paige asks, pushing her hair back over her shoulder so Nikki can get at her other nipple, too.

“Oh, I love. They suit you. A lot.” After a moment, she stops playing with the piercing. “Can I?” Nikki asks, hand still close by, just stroking over Paige’s skin.

Paige shrugs.

“That’s what they’re there for,” she says, and she can’t keep in the whine when Nikki smirks, pulling Paige in closer to her.