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You and I

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Content. Joy. Love. Peace. 

Words can't describe how the blonde is feeling right now. Here, she lays next to the woman she has grown to love. A woman that she has admired more than a role model, more than a friend. A woman who she has kept her feelings from for so long. Everything she has been holding in has been released. 

And now, here she is. Laying with Lexa. Not The Commander of the 13 Clans. Just Lexa. 

The two just sit in silence, taking in the moment that they finally get to have together. Remembering every detail, knowing they will be separated once again. 

Clarke runs her fingers up and down Lexa's arm, tracing her tribal tattoo. She breaks the silence, "If Octavia and I are going to get behind the blockade by dawn-"

Lexa shushed her, interrupting the blonde's sentence. Clarke didn't seem to mind, not wanting to leave. She moved her hand from the brunette's arm, tracing the tattoo on her back. 

"This is beautiful," she says, admiring the elegant patterns sketched on the commander's back.

"I got it on my ascension day," Lexa lazily replies, a hint of comfort and ease in her voice. She explains to Clarke the meaning of it, what every circle means.

"What happened to number eight?" The blonde asks, after only seeing seven circles instead of nine. 

The brunette frowns, and turns to face her lover, "Can we talk about something else?"

"We don't have to talk at all," Clarke responds, and Lexa knows exactly what her intentions are in saying that. 

The two kiss again, Lexa moves on top of Clarke, and the actions from a few minutes ago are repeated, again, and again, and again. 




There is a loud banging at the door. The two sit up quickly, alarm and worry washing over their faces. They have fallen asleep, and too much time has passed. It is nearly dawn, and there is not enough time for Octavia and Clarke to return to Arkadia in time. 

"Heda, Klark souda gon we nau!" Commander, Clarke must leave now! Titus yells from the hall. 

Lexa quickly gets out of bed and puts on her clothes to go answer the door. "Titus, it appears that we have an issue. Clarke will never be able to make it back to Arkadia by dawn, therefore she is forced to stay here as my guest."

Titus' eyes shift from the Commander's, and he looks over her shoulder. There he sees the blonde that is putting his Heda in danger, sitting up with the blanket covering her bare body, staring at the two intensely. He returns his gaze to meet Lexa's once again. "You're putting her in danger just by keeping her here. If she does not get behind the blockade then -"

"Nothing will happen to her! Not over my dead body!" Lexa interrupts her teacher, anger taking over her voice.

"That is what I am worried about, Heda." Titus frowns, knowing how her making an exception to the sky girl will show their people weakness. She almost got herself killed already for not going to war with Skaikru, and now she is allowing one to live outside of the blockade with no repercussions. 

Lexa stood in silence for a moment. Titus was right. The likelihood of her being killed was extremely high if she kept Clarke in Polis. Even though death was not the end, Clarke would never be able to see her in this form again. She would never be entirely the same woman that the blonde fell in love with if her spirit was found in a new form. She must figure out a way for Clarke to stay without putting themselves in danger.

"Let me worry about myself. Now leave and make sure the blockade is enforced." Lexa dismissed the Flamekeeper, knowing that her and Clarke were at least safe for tonight.

"Lexa... I can't stay what about your people? They would never understand," Clarke tried to tell the brunette as she returned to the bed. 

"Do not worry about my people, Clarke. They do not know that you are still here. We will face this in the morning. For now, let us get cleaned up."

The blonde simply nodded, not arguing with the commander. Lexa took her hand and helped her rise from beneath the sheets and onto her feet. She guided her to another room in the back.

It was a bathroom. Clarke let out a small sigh of relief. She hasn't had a shower in God knows how long. She knew Lexa had to have one, she was always so clean and her hair was so soft. 

Lexa picked up a pail that rested near the tub and poured the liquid into the marble tub. She did this a few more times with the other pails, filling the tub. Steam rose from the water, filling the air. A hot bath. This was exactly what Clarke needed. 

The brunette moved over to the blonde and kissed her slowly before speaking. "Bathe with me?"

Clarke raised her hand to cup Lexa's cheek, the brunette resting her head into the touch. "I would love to."

Lexa got into the water first, Clarke following her suit and sitting in between the taller girl's legs. The water felt incredible. Lexa's bare body pressed against her's felt even better. 

Lexa moved her hands up Clarke's body to her hair. She delicately undid the blonde braids, one by one. After all the braids were undone, she reached over to the side of the tub and grabbed a bottle of shampoo. She poured some into her hands and ran them through the blonde hair in front of her. Clarke sighed with relief, her hair was finally getting washed. 

The two bathed in silence, neither wanting to ruin the moment. After almost an hour, they rose out of the tub and dried off. It was nearly time to retire for the day, so Lexa went to retrieve their nightgowns. After they got dressed the made their way out of the bathroom and into the bedroom and got into the bed under the sheets.

Clarke turned onto her side and shifted towards Lexa, taking her into her arms. The brunette hummed at the touch. For once in her life, she has felt safe. Safe in the comfort of her lover's arms. 

Clarke kissed the back of Lexa's neck before speaking, "Thank you."

"For what?" Lexa asked.

"Just, thank you."

And with that said, the two drifted off into slumber. They did not think about all of the issues they would have to face in the morning. Clarke didn't think about her people and how they are handling the blockade. Lexa did not think about how her people will react to the sky girl's stay. The two only thought about each other, and how happy and in love they were in this moment.