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The Beginning

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Stiles looked over his music piece and sight, it was his favorite, he had practice it a thousand times and knew it by memory already and can play it well, but he always thought he could do better.

  He was about to start playing when he hears a basketball being bounced outside in the hallway. He tries a second time to play, but the noise interrupts him, he sets down his cello and goes outside; there are a group of boys passing the ball to each other.

"Hey do you guys mind? I'm trying to practice" Stiles says.

"How do you know we're not trying to practice too" a boy that he recognized as Derek Hale, the popular boy of the school.

"Because basketball practice takes place in the gym" Stiles says.

"Basketball practice takes place anywhere you have a basketball" he says and busts out with a few dribbling moves and approaches him.

Stiles turns away in annoyance.

"Hey I'll make you a deal if you can take the ball away from me then maybe I'll stop" Derek says.

  Stiles looks at him, "fine."

  Derek dribbles the ball a couple of times on one hand then pushes it between his legs to his other hand as Stiles tries to grab it from him. This goes on for a couple of minutes, then Derek takes the ball and holds it out to Stiles, as he's about to grab it Derek tosses the ball to his other hand and spins it on one finger, showing off.

  Stiles shakes his head then walks off. He opens the door to the orchestra room and walks inside, he picks up his cello and puts it against his chest and sits down on the chair and starts to play.

  The door opens and closes but he ignores whoever is coming in.

"Hey look I'm sorry about that" he turns around and sees Derek standing there his hands in his pockets.

"Can you please leave" Stiles says.

"What's your name" Derek asks.

"I'm trying to practice" Stiles says.

"Okay I'll leave but after you give me your name" Derek says.

"I'll tell you my name if you can play one instrument in here" Stiles challenges him.

Derek looks over to the instruments and goes over to them, he comes back holding his hands behind his back the shows the triangle.

Stiles smriks, "I'm Stiles, now can you please leave?"


"I know how you are, now can you please leave?"

"It was nice meeting you Stiles" Derek says.

Stiles watches him as he leaves, he looks back to his music as the door closes and he starts to play.


  Derek frowned, usually he impressed girls and boys when he showed off having them fall at his feet, but Stiles was different he didn't fall for any of his crap, which is what he like about the boy.

  He smiled, hopefully tomorrow he agrees to a date with him, he walks up the steps to his house and walks inside.


"Hey Cora" Derek says hugging his little sister, "how was you first day of school?"

"It was awesome I made so many friends" she said.

"That's good" he says going into the kitchen to help with dinner, "hey mom."

"Don't 'hey mom' me give me a kiss" Talia said.

He walks over and kissed her on the cheek.

"Now help me set up the table, Cora go call your sister, uncle, and dad" Talia said.

"Okay" Cora says walking away.

"So anything happen today" Talia asks.

"I met this cute guy this morning" he says with a big smile.

"Tell me about him" she says.

"There's not much to tell, I met him when me and a couple of the guys where messing around in the hallway, he came over and told us to stop because he was practicing" he says.

"What was he practicing?"

''I don't know he wouldn't talk to me expect to tell me to leave him alone" Derek said.

"Let me guess knowing you, you didn't leave him alone until he told you his name" Talia said.

"You know me so well" Derek mocked.

''Don't mock me I'm your mother, but more importantly I'm your alpha'' she said.

''Sorry Alpha" he said.

She chuckled, "now tell me his name."

''Stiles" he said.

''Stiles? Now where have I heared that before?" she said.

''Hey Derek" a voice said from behind him.

''Hey uncle Peter" Derek said, hugging him.

''Peter have you heared of a boy named Stiles?"

''Stiles? Yes I've heared that name before, wait Tom!"


''Do you remember a kid named Stiles?"

''Yeah that's the Sheriff's kid'' Tom said walking into the kitchen with Cora beside him and Laura behind him.

''What" Derek said, eyes widening.

"Well looks like Derek has a crush on the Sheriff's son" Talia said.

  Derek groaned, face turning red.


  Stiles sight, it was already 6:30 he had been practicing for the past hour and a half, his back was stiff and his neck ached. He got up and put his cello away in its cast, he put his bow and music book in the back of it. He got his backpack and put it on his shoulders, he reached down and grabbed the handle and pulled it with him as he walked out of the room. He walked out of the school, seeing a couple of kids here or there, he got his phone out and called Scott but it went to voice mail.

He called Isaac next but it also went to voice mail.

"God damn it" he said hanging up the phone and shoved it back into his pocket.

He grabbed his cello and put it on his shoulders over his backpack and started walking.

"Hey Stiles" a car pulled up beside him.

Stiles looked inside the car to see Derek Hale.

"What do you want Derek" Stiles asked.

"Need a ride" Derek asked.

"No thank you I'll walk" Stiles said.

"It's gonna rain, and I know you don't want to get your instrument wet" Derek said as it started to thunder.

"Crap" Stiles said, "okay I'll take your offer."

Derek got out of the car and opened the trunk, Stiles took the cello off his back and put it inside the trunk.

"Get in I'll fix it" Derek said.

"Okay" Stiles turned and went to the front and got in, as soon as he closed the door it started to pour.

  Stiles felt the car jump then the driver door opened and Derek jumped in soaking wet. Stiles brusted out laughing.

"What" Derek asked starting the car.

"I knew I made people wet for me but you took it to the next level" Stiles giggles.

"Oh so your a smartass" Derek said, pulling out of the side of the rode.

"Yup" Stiles said.

"Good to know" Derek said, "how come you don't drive?"

"I do, but I still have to wait two more months to get my license" Stiles said.

"Yeah I hate the waiting" Derek said.

"I can't wait until I have my license no more having to call Scott for a ride" Stiles said.

  Derek hummed, looking at the road.

"Can I ask you a question" Derek asked.

"Sure" Stiles said looking at him.

"How come you don't like me" Derek asked.

"What do you mean" Stiles asked confused.

"When we met this morning, you didn't seem to like me" Derek said.

"Maybe I don't like guys who seem to think that the whole world revolves around them" Stiles said.

"I don't think the whole world revolves around me" Derek said.

  Stiles gave him his most famous 'bitch please' look.

"I don't, okay I only challenged you to impress you" Derek said.

"To impress me? Why where you trying to impress me" Stiles asked.

"Because I liked how you didn't take any of my crap, I like how you made me work to get to know your name, I like a challenge" Derek said.

"And others don't challenge you" Stiles asked but he knew the answer.

"Well if you haven't noticed others like to throw themselves at me" Derek said.

"Yeah I've noticed" Stiles said.

"But you didn't" Derek looked at him.

"Why would I, your not my type" Stiles said.

"Haven't you parents ever told you that it's not nice to lie" Derek said.

"Nice isn't in my vocabulary" Stiles said.

"Clearly" Derek said looking over at Stiles with smirk.

  Stiles rolled his eyes, looking back out the window.


"Whats up" Stiles said looking at Derek.

"I wanted to ask you if you would like to go on a date with me" Derek said.

  Stiles looked at him one of his eyebrows going up, "why?"

"Not the response I was looking for" Derek said.

"You didn't answer my question, why?"

"Like I told you before, I like you" Derek said.

"What if I tell you I'm not interested" Stiles asked.

"Then I'll ask you again tomorrow."

"And if I say no tomorrow?"

"Then the next day, I won't stop until you say yes."

"If I say yes, will you leave me alone?"

"Yup" Derek said popping the 'p'.

  Stiles looked at him for a minute then sight, "Fine, I'll go out with you."

"Cool I'll pick you up on Friday at 8" Derek said.

  Stiles nodded, "okay, you better bring flowers."

"What kind of date would I be if I didn't" Derek asked.

"White lilys, so you can get on my moms good side, she's the one you need to worry about" Stiles said.

"So it's your mom that I need to worry about?"

"Yup, I'm a mommy's boy, since I'm a carrier" Stiles said.

"Are all carriers mommy's boys" Derek wonders.

"Yeah most likely" Stiles said.

  Derek hummed deep in thought, after a couple of minutes he stopped outside of Stiles house; it was drizzling now.

"Ill help you get your instrument out" Derek got out and opened the trunck, he got the cello out and held it out to Stiles.

"Thank you Derek" he said putting it on his shoulders holding his backpack in his hands.

"Your welcome, see you tomorrow" Derek said getting back in his car.

  Stiles turned away and walked inside, when the door closed he heard the car pull away. He sight, why did he have to fall for Derek freaking Hale of all people?


  The next morning Stiles was in the orchestra room practicing when he heard the door open, he looked up and saw Derek there.

"You lose something" Stiles asked.

"Nah, just admiring the view" Derek said.

"Admire from afar" Stiles said turning back to his music.

"I like the view from here" Derek said arms crossed over his chest.

  Stiles rolled his eyes then went back to practicing ignoring Derek. He played forgetting that Derek was there, until he felt hands around his waist.

"What are you doing" he asked still playing.

"Trying to see if I can distract you" he said.

"Its not working" Stiles said, still playing.

"Bit I can" Derek said.

"Try" Stiles challenged.

  Derek hummed then brushed his lips over the back of Stiles neck, he moved to the bottom of his ear and gently bit it. Stiles shivered, he tilted his head to the other side giving Derek more access to his neck; he moaned when Derek kissed a certain spot.

"I hate you" Stiles said resting his head on Derek's shoulder.

  Derek chuckled, "sure you do" he moved and sat on the chair that was near by still keeping his hands on Stiles waist.

"What are you doing here, you always go to the gym to practice" Stiles said looking at Derek.

"I wanted to see you" Derek said.

  Stiles hummed, looking deep in thought.


"Just wondering" Stiles said.


"Why you like me" Stiles said.

"I told you yesterday, it's because you don't take my crap, and your a challenge I like challenges" Derek said, leaning over so they where looking deep into each others eyes.

Stiles nodded. Derek leaned forward a little and stopped waiting for Stiles to move back, hut he didn't; Stiles moved forward pressing their lips together. Derek smiled wrapping his arm Stiles waist; Stiles put his bow on his lap and wrapped his arm around Derek's neck, pulling him closer. Derek licked Stiles lip and slipped his hand inside Stiles shirt making him gasp, he pushed his tongue inside. Stiles moaned, he shyly flicks his tongue against Derek's.

  After a couple of seconds of kissing, Stiles pulled back and looked at Derek who moved to kissing his neck.

"Derek I need to practice" he said.

"Then practice" Derek said not moving away.

Stiles sight, "don't leave marks, my mom will kill me then I won't be able to go out with you."

  That stopped Derek, "okay" he moved to resting his chin on Stiles shoulder. Stiles looked back at his music and started playing again, forgetting that Derek was there.

"Your good" Derek said after Stiles finished playing.

"I don't think so" Stiles said.

"Why not? Your good" Derek said.

"You think so?"


"Thanks" Stiles blushed.


"Come on" Derek said pulling Stiles with him to his car.

"I'm coming" Stiles said running after him.

  They got in the car and Derek drove away.

"Where are we going" Stiles asked.

"Somewhere we can be alone" Derek said.

"Okay" Stiles said.

  After a couple of minutes they were outside of Beacon Hills.

"Where are we going?"

"There's an abandoned distillery just a couple of minutes outside of Beacon Hills, when do your parents expect you home?"

"7, they know I stay for practice" Stiles said.

"Its barely 3:30, why do you practice so late" Derek asked.

"Because Manhattan school of music is holding auditions, in six months and since I was a kid I've wanted to go there" Stiles said, "my parents have talked with my orchestra teacher, and she agreed to let me stay late, she gave me a spare key to lock up when I leave, and when I come in the morning."

"So you want to become a profession player" Derek asked stopping the car, and got out.

"Yes" Stiles said following Derek.
Derek hummed.

"What" Stiles asked as Derek pushed the door opened and they where inside.

"I can see you wearing a black suit and acting all professional like" Derek said wrapping his arms around Stiles waist, pulling him close.

"Perv" Stiles said wrapping his arms around Derek's neck.

  Derek chuckled, he leaned down and kissed Stiles his hands going to his hips.

Stiles let himself enjoy the kisses, Derek gently pushed Stiles by his hips to a wall, he pressed his body against Stiles. Stiles gasped feeling Derek's hardening member against his lower stomach.


"Sorry" Derek said moving his lower body away slightly.

"Its fine" Stiles said, looking at him.

"Come on there's a mattress over here" Derek said.

"Why is there a mattress here" Stiles asked.

"Sometimes I spend the night here" Derek said.

"Why" Stiles asked, as Derek lead him to the back corner, a mattress on the floor.

"Sometimes I need time to myself" Derek said, laying down.

  Stiles hummed, laying down his head on Derek's chest. They laid there just enjoying each others company.