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“Nagisa~, which would you prefer, Thailand or Morocco?”

With an innocent grin came this innocent question but both parties involved knew full well the hidden intentions and meaning. It was not the first time this question had popped up in their conversations and it seems that it would not be the last either.

“K-Karma! How about neither?”

Flustered and exasperated, Nagisa’s face became 3 shades lighter than usual causing his usual tint of red to seem darker than usual. In his distressed state, he tried to get Karma to dismiss the very idea. Without any idea why the latter was so obsessed with him changing his sex, the only thing Nagisa could do most of the time was to pull the plug on each cross-dress exploits and hope that Karma will move on to tease another target.

“Ehh~, so you do not want to have a vacation there? Not even in the future?”

Karma expressed his surprise as he started to whine. Again with an absolutely harmless follow up for any outsiders who have no clear idea of their relationship and the camouflaged aim. Stiff but stern, Nagisa shook his head with all his fragile might only to have Karma snicker before dropping the case.

The tension of what was to be a peaceful walk home had caused Nagisa to feel exhausted beyond his means as his chuckle in response was extremely hollow. Feeling the change, Karma swiftly grasped Nagisa’s hands – intertwining their fingers without care.

“K-Karma, we are still outside!”  

Feeling embarrassed, Nagisa started to searching frantically around them to see if they had been spotted. Despite it, he did not try to fight Karma’s grip instead he tightened his grip.

“Ah! Nagisa, drop my place later. I have something I want to show you.”

Once more, a pure question had made its way into their silent conversation. Apprehensive, Nagisa observed Karma. He had his signature smirk but it felt softer than usual. However those mischievous glints were still ever present in his eyes, in fact they seem to be worse than ever. Seeing that the situation is at hands odd and conjuring ways to politely turn Karma down was tough, without much of a reason and gut, Nagisa agreed before they headed off separately.


As agreed, Nagisa rested his head on the edge of Karma’s bed before tunneling through for a more comfortable position on Karma’s sheets. The scent of Karma engulfed him and he felt his previous tension dissolve. The need to stay alert for any unwanted teases from Karma fell through as the latter was stalking around the house, searching for something; tantalizing.

There were still 3 months before their assassination deadline and their mid-terms had finally passed without much of a hitch. Still it was enough to have him exhausted mentally and lying on his boyfriend’s bed was not helping.

‘Maybe a nap should do the trick, considering how Karma was not coming back anytime soon.’

As soon as he mused and weighed his options of napping, he drifted off whilst snuggling further into the warm sheets.


Feeling a breeze, Nagisa awoke to find Karma and his signature smug, staring at him. It sent shivers down as he tried to make out what was happening at the moment. He felt sore in his hand especially and took no notice of their odd position above his head.

It was only when he tried to adjust himself up, did he realise what had happened.

The sheets had slide off him, revealing his milky and delectable skin which still had a couple of faded discolorations from a few weeks before. His hands were tied to the bedpost, loose enough for him to be adjusted to any position Karma preferred and tight enough to keep him in place. As he tried to gather the gravity of the situation, he noticed how his legs felt free and there was no friction of any material constrictions.

“K-Karma! Why am I naked?”

Startled he was yet despite it, he was quivering in anticipation on what is to come next.

“Well, I got some new toys to try out on you.”

Karma shot Nagisa a glance and hidden in the sea of apricot were waves of lust and desire. It was a miracle how Karma managed to restrain himself until now. Shifting his graze embarrassment and awe, Nagisa finally took notice that Karma was half naked, flaunting his taunt and ripped body, not forgetting the tent in those loose sweats.

Feeling courageous and gutsy, Nagisa decided to elicit Karma considering that there is no easier way out of the situation.

Folding his arms in an edged and awkward manner as if to hid his flustered face, closing his eyes in a half-lidded manner and peering through with the same bashful, submissive allure, twisting his torso in a slight to make the sheets fall lower whilst trying to close his legs and cover his growing erection…

 In a hushed tone with their eyes locked onto one another…

“K-karma-kun, p-please be easy on me.”