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Straight as a Circle

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Law and Order AU I tried to make everyone ten years younger than they are in canon. If I didn’t know their actual ages, I made it up.

Don Cragen born 1957
John Munch born 1961
Olivia Benson born 1978
Elliot Stabler born 1978
Kathy Stabler born 1980
Abbie Carmichael born 1982
Alex Cabot born 1984
Serena Southerlyn born 1984

Olivia and Elliot have been partners since 2009. Fin replaced Monique Jeffries in 2012, but she wasn’t forced out. She accepted a transfer to Major Case. Alex is a prosecutor in Boston. She hasn’t met any of the 1-6 detectives before this story. Abbie Carmichael is SVU’s current ADA.

Las Vegas July 2015

Saturday Morning

A wedding dress had been abandoned on the ground, along with a cheap veil and some flowers. No one noticed them.

When Olivia Benson woke up, she had no idea where she was. Her brain was hazy with hangover and her body was sore. What the hell did I do last night?

When she tried to move her legs, she felt a familiar soreness. Olivia realized she was tired from sex, really good sex. I must have fucked a stranger last night.

She looked around and wasn’t in her hotel room. This room was much fancier. The light was starting to come in through the drapes. Olivia could make out a Jacuzzi on the far side of the room, which was huge. I must be in some kind of suite. Did I fuck a rich guy?

Olivia usually shied away from those types, not that they weren’t interested. She just didn’t want anyone who felt entitled to her.

A soft moan came from Olivia’s bedmate. Olivia turned and saw a small of a back escaping from under the sheet. Whoever this guy was, he sure was skinny.

Olivia accidentally slid her hand along the man’s back.

“That feels good.”

This dude sounds like a lady.


Suddenly, a blonde head poked out from under the sheet. “Good morning Olivia.”

Olivia’s face twisted in confusion, “Alex?” The detective had met her the night before. She had come to Vegas with Serena and Abbie. The blonde crashed Elliot’s wedding as Abbie’s “second date.”

“That’s my name,” she said with a dreamy smile. “Are you hungry? I can have the hotel send up breakfast.”

It was obvious that they had sex. Alex’s hair had that perfect mess to it, and her eyes had a warm smile.

“What did we do last night?”

Alex could hear the trepidation in Olivia’s voice. “I remember we met at the wedding, had drinks at the bar after the happy couple went to bed, went shopping along the strip, and then came up here for a good night.”

Bits and flashes from Olivia’s memory came back. She remembered watching Alex’s red lips as she sumptuously ate her slice of wedding cake.

Then, Olivia and Munch went to get drinks together.

Last Night

Olivia had enjoyed herself much more than she thought she had. The brunette had an unrequited crush on Elliot. She had just watched him marry his pregnant fiancée and to put the icing on the cake, she was his best man.

All of the sadness she expected to feel was muted. Her heart was a little heavy but she had a lot of fun too. Abbie and Serena were a riot and the friend they brought was pretty cool as well.

Olivia and Munch were throwing down beers at the bar when the waitress came by with a Sazerac. “From the hottie at the end of the bar,” she said as she handed it to Olivia.

Oh, I might get lucky tonight. Olivia took a sip and found the drink delightful, smoky and not too fruity.

“Let’s check this guy out.”

They went down to the end of the bar and there was Alex.

She’s beautiful, but I’m straight.

Munch gave Olivia a gentle nudge. “Who knows? Maybe the other team is more fun.”

She rolled her eyes at him before she went to thank Alex for the drink. Once Olivia got over her awkwardness, they started talking. The talking turned to dancing, the dancing turned to grinding, which turned to making out and roaming hands, which somehow turned to sex. That’s the part Olivia was having trouble remembering; how did they end up in bed together?


Alex looked Olivia up and down admiringly. She was gorgeous: strong, broad shoulders that led to shapely arms, large, round chest, tight abs, round, feminine hips, and strong legs that had a patch of brown curls in between. Alex could just eat her for breakfast.

“Did you want to have an encore?”

Olivia didn’t know what to say. “I don’t know what happened last night, but I’m straight Alex.”

The blonde was not discouraged. “I know a lot of straight women,” she told Olivia. “None of them have ever put her head between my legs and gone to town on me.”

Olivia turned beet red. It was hard to deny that. “I’ve never been with a woman before … and I was drunk.”

Alex continued her argument. “I’ve been drunk around men over 100 times. I never slept with one, not even once. Alcohol doesn’t give you new attractions Liv. It lets out inhibitions that were already there. This may have been your first time with a woman, but it won’t be your last.”

Alex had a lot of inhibitions; nudity was never one of them. She pushed the sheet off her body and got out of bed. “I’m going to the Jacuzzi for a soak. You’re free to join me.”

Olivia watched her perfect ass as she walked away. Her lower body started to tighten. She was turned on … and she knew it.

I can’t do this. I’m straight. The detective went to get dressed and she noticed that the buttons from her shirt were all popped off. She needed to borrow a shirt. Olivia went to ask Alex for one when she saw the blonde in a bathtub, covered in suds.

“You should come in. The water is warm.”

Olivia went to remove her clothes … only to realize she was already naked. The brunette started to blush.

“Don’t be embarrassed. We saw everything last night.”

Olivia stepped into the tub and sank down. “This is nice.” Her muscles could use it.

“Turn around and I’ll wash your back.”

The brunette didn’t think twice. She turned around and groaned happily as Alex began to rub her back.

“That feels good.” She arched under the blonde’s touch, murmuring happily as she worked on the sore muscles.

When soft lips hit the tender part of Olivia’s neck, the detective moaned.

Teeth tugged on her ear and gentle hands began to wash her front, starting with her abs and moving up to her chest.

She squirmed as Alex pinched and pulled on her nipples. “Touch me!”

The blonde worked over the sensitive orbs, causing Olivia to buck her hips in the tub, splashing water everywhere.

“Go sit on the edge,” Alex commanded.

Olivia obeyed without questioned. That sultry voice could tell her anything.

Alex kissed her neck once more and started to move her lips down the detective’s front, over her chest, and down her stomach to the patch of curls.

The blonde got on all fours and started to have her breakfast.

Soft lips and a talented tongue gently worked their way into Olivia’s delicate folds.

Strong hands slid through blonde hair. Olivia pulled her closer, desperate for more.


The Stablers hosted breakfast for all of the wedding guests. Kathy and Elliot briefly thanked their guests for coming before going to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

Elliot was surprised to see Olivia wasn’t there. “What happened to Liv?” he asked Fin.

Fin had no idea. “Maybe she’s still asleep. She and Munch got stupid drunk last night,” or so he heard. He had been with Melinda.


The senior detective had been talking to Abbie and Serena. “What?”

“What happened to Olivia?”

She found someone who is actually available? “She’s probably still sleeping.”

Elliot tried to call her, but the brunette didn’t answer her phone. All he could do was leave a message. He had to go.

Once he left, John, Abbie, and Serena all looked at each other.

“What is that about?” Serena questioned.

“Elliot’s used to having her at his beck and call. He needs to let go.” Munch hoped that a night with Alex was just what the doctor ordered. They seemed to have so much fun together last night. He hadn’t seen Olivia smile like that in … he didn’t know when.

A man approached the trio while they were eating. “I forgot to give your friends the copy of their marriage license.”

He handed Munch the certificate.

John’s eyes got big. “Wait a minute! I thought that marriage was just a joke.” Olivia and Alex just met each other.

He shook his head. “It’s no joke. They asked me to marry them.”

“But you’re just a random guy from the hallway.”

The man revealed the collar under his jacket. “I’m a priest from St. Paul’s Church,” an Episcopalian priest of course as it was a same sex wedding.

Abbie’s jaw dropped. “What the fuck?”

Serena kicked her.

“Forgive me Father.”

“We thought that you were just humoring them,” Serena explained. “They were wasted last night. We all were.”

He shrugged. “I don’t know what to tell you. Their marriage is valid.”

“Oh Lord save us all,” Munch muttered.

“They may have been drunk, but I know a happy couple when I see one. I wish them well.”

The man left.

Abbie started cracking up. “I can’t believe Alex Cabot married a girl within five hours of meeting her. She’s gonna freak!”

“Where are they?” Serena questioned.


“OH LIV! LIV!” Alex was back on the bed, Olivia on top of her, thrusting deep with her fingers.

After they had their fun in the Jacuzzi, the detective carried the prosecutor to bed and they continued with their lovemaking.

Olivia couldn’t get over the sexy sounds coming from Alex’s mouth. Her throat got low as she begged for more. Her body writhed with every touch Olivia gave and she kept her legs spread wide, allowing Olivia perfect access to her swollen sex.


Olivia sucked on the blonde’s neck, leaving a new mark to match the ones that were on Alex’s chest from the night before.

Her fingers pumped in and out, her palm grazing the blonde’s clit with every stroke.

“I’m gonna …”

Alex came undone, shrieking Olivia’s name was she came hard. Olivia never knew it could be so rewarding to make her lover come. She kept going, getting every aftershock until Alex fell off her fingers.

The brunette grinned before she licked her fingers like they were covered in pudding.

“I don’t know how it is that you taste so good.”

Alex blushed before kissing Olivia. “Let’s get food. I’m famished now.”

Alex gave Olivia a tank top and shorts to wear. They showed off the brunette’s strong arms and shapely legs perfectly.

“Damn you’re hot,” Alex grinned as they got ready to go to breakfast. They were just about to leave when someone started knocking on the door.

Olivia went to answer and it was Munch. “What’s going on?”

“How much of last night do you and Alex remember?”

She raised a brow. Why does he want to know? “What’s that in your hand?”

“You and Alex should sit down,” he told them.

By now, Alex was standing behind Olivia. “What is it?”

“You’re a lawyer,” Munch said to her. He handed her the form.

Marriage license from the State of Nevada, “What is this?”

“This is your marriage license. You and Olivia got married last night.”

Olivia had just discovered that she liked girls. She’s already married to one. “What?”

Munch started to describe what he remembered.

“You and Alex were dancing. Serena wanted to go shopping and some of the stores were open 24/7, so we invited you two to come along.

You did and then we got to this shop that sold wedding dresses.

Last Night

“Oh look,” Serena pointed. “That dress is so pretty.”

“Didn’t Abbie say you two would get married when gay marriage was allowed in every state? That time has come.”

“Yeah, where’s my ring?”

“Don’t rush me woman,” Abbie retorted.

“If you like it then you should have put a ring on it!” Alex started singing.

“I want to try on a dress!”

Serena went to try on dresses and she dragged Alex with her. “You try one on too.”

“But I’m not even dating anyone.”

“Who cares? It’s just for fun.”

Serena liked this white sleeveless dress with a hummingbird on the hip. Alex ended up trying on a strapless dress that had a lot of body to it, only a woman as thin as she could wear it without looking bulky.

“Let’s buy them!”

“Why?” Alex questioned.

“To wear around. It’s fun.”

They got the dresses and walked around the strip in them.

After getting the dresses, Abbie pointed out a lingerie shop. Serena saw wedding night lingerie and wanted to try it on.

“I’ll help,” Abbie offered.

“You can’t see it until our wedding night!”

“Can I help?” Munch offered to Abbie’s chagrin.

“Alex can help me!”

Serena picked out a white lacy set, and Alex got a matching one in blue.

“Can I see it?” Olivia asked her “date” for the evening.

“Once we get married.”

“I’ll marry you right now,” the drunken detective offered.

“Don’t upstage me,” Abbie yelled at her.

When they passed the rings, Munch suggested that he buy one. “Maybe I’ll find my fifth wife in Vegas.”

“I don’t know anyone as bad at marriage as you John,” Olivia told him.

“Like you can talk. You run from relationships as soon as it might become a little bit serious.”

“I do not!”

“You run faster than Usain Bolt!”

Olivia denied it. “Alex and I would be much better at marriage than you and any of your wives.”

“You two just met.”

“So. Alex, marry me!”

She said okay and then went and asked who they thought was a random dude.


“As it turns out, that random dude in the hallway was a real priest. You two are married.”

Alex couldn’t believe it. She married a stranger in Vegas while heavily intoxicated. “What the hell are we going to do?”