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Control || Ben Parish

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And all the kids cried out,
"Please stop, you're scaring me"
I can't help this awful energy
Goddamn right, you should be scared of me
Who is in control?

I'm well acquainted
With villains that live in my bed
They beg me to write them
So they'll never die when I'm dead

Control ; Halsey
This River Is Wild ; The Killers
Dollhouse ; Melanie Martinez
The Scientist ; Coldplay
Gasoline ; Halsey
The State Of Dreaming ; Marina and the Diamonds
Viva La Vida ; Coldplay
Summertime Sadness ; Lana Del Rey
Tag, You're It ; Melanie Martinez
Disenchanted ; My Chemical Romance
A Certain Romance ; Arctic Monkeys
End Of The World ; Juliet Simms
Smile Like You Mean It ; The Killers
Robbers ; The 1975
Mardy Bum ; Arctic Monkeys
Battle Born ; The Killers

She was a shadow. A perfectly trained ready to assassinate shadow. She followed orders, never acted out, stayed silent and cleaned up after herself. She was everything they'd wanted and more. The perfect solider, emotionless and cold. She had precision and control and never put a toe out of line, did the drills her superiors gave to her, led the young ones in target practice, and considered herself the best, above every other recruit. That's why they made her go with the worst squad. Squad 53. A hopeless band of misfits, lead by someone months younger than her, followed by someone who hated everyone, a mute, someone who couldn't keep their mouths shut and two seven year olds, along with a couple of other who couldn't shoot for the life of themselves. Shadow, was going to have a hell of a time fixing this Squad.

Shadow was on another night mission. they had fitted her with the regulation uniform, but better camouflaged for the night and the urban setting she was currently in. Along with her Sniper-Rifle, she had been given night vision goggles, and a communications line so she could easily talk to her superiors, who had to monitor her adrenaline levels as she killed, because if they want haywire, their perfect, cold, calculated killer began to go crazy, she would irrationally put herself in danger, which is why they banned her from having a team. They were much too worried about their numbers to let her get everyone killed, which had happened once before they realised their mistakes, and let Shadow eat, train and fight solo. She became a ghost story whispered about in the dorm rooms at night, what she would do, or so everyone said, is look after the Squad's when they were on their missions. She would position herself in a snipers nest, and take out threats that couldn't be seen from the ground. It was simple enough, when the team that she was looking after were at least half competent. It got frustrating if they kept making rookie mistakes, like not checking around corners before they moved, or shooting without taking off their safety. Why didn't Reznik and Vaughn train them better, surely their missions could wait a little longer if it meant getting them more acquainted with their guns and their surroundings, so that she didn't have to do all the work. It was not only frustrating her to no end, but leaving her with scars and bruises from jumping off high places to get to a better vantage point, or getting into hand to hand battles with other snipers out to get the team. Playing Guardian Angel often got her hurt. That's why Reznik decided that she needed to be on an actual team, despite everyone knowing that she doesn't play well with others. After returning from a particularly hard mission, she was debriefed, and sent to the med bay. There, she was washed and dried, the bleeding gash across her stomach was sterilised, given stitches and bandaged, as well as those on her arms and legs. Nothing could be done about the black and blue bruises that littered her body, even those on her neck from being strangled by the second sniper. She had snapped his neck, and ran back to her nest to protect the innocent little team. Once she was rested and partially healed, she was to be taken to meet her new team. Honestly, she would've preferred another hand to hand fight.