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Prince of Beasts

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A small ship was drifting towards the surface of a blue planet. Inside was a girl in a red and black striped dress with two pink pigtails and bright purple eyes with a black spade tipped devil tail. Who had two major problems.

"Out of fuel and their ships closing in." She said. "Well how do I get out of this?"


In a forest a teenage boy with spikey blonde hair and blue eyes in a pair of orange pants with an orange jacket with blue shoulders and sleeves. He was leaping through the forest with a large red and green scroll. He was snickering at how easy it was to grab what should have been one of the best guarded scrolls in the entire village. He landed in a field with a small shack and opened the scroll.

"Okay what's on this?" He said still laughing to himself. He looked at the first technique on the scroll. "Bunshins. um okay what else?"

He flipped through looking for techniques. He found next to nothing he could do but he stopped at one.

"Senjutsu training." He read aloud. It looked interesting but he wouldn't be able to in one night. He grinned having planned for one scenario. He pulled a scroll, some ink and a paint brush out of his inside pocket.

He quickly copied down the method and found something else of interest under clan techniques that he also copied before stashing everything something called "Ikimono Shukun no Jutsu". And just going back to the first technique which was the only he could hope to accomplish that night.


Back on the ship the girl had started to look through the ship for something that would help. Her escape from the ship had to be buried somewhere in this mess. She sighed.


Naruto huffed as he fell back smirking at successfully having completed the technique. Then he heard a sound behind him. He turned and smiled.

"Hey Iruka sensei!" Naruto said excitedly jumping up.

"Naruto what the hell do you think you're doing?" Demanded the scared chuunin.

"The make-up exam." Naruto said slightly confused.

"What make up exam?" Iruka asked.

"Mizuki said that if I stole the scroll and learned a technique from it I'd graduate." Naruto said with a mixture of worry and confusion.

Iruka looked worriedly. "Mizuki."

"Naruto good job you pass now give me the scroll." Said the voice of Mizuki as the white haired chuunin landed on a branch.

"Mizuki what are you doing?" Asked Iruka. "Naruto don't give him the scroll."

Mizuki looked over to him and a moment of worry crossed his face. "Naruto would you like to know a secret?"

"A Secret?" Naruto asked.

"The secret about why everyone hates you." Mizuki said.

"Mizuki don't!" Iruka shouted.

"Fourteen years ago the village was attacked by a Kyuubi no Youko." Mizuki stated. "It was too powerful to be defeated by any conventional means, so the Fourth Hokage gave his life to seal it in a newborn."

Naruto started to tremble and asked. "What?"

"That baby was you. You are the Kyuubi no Youko!" Mizuki shouted with a deranged smile. He then reached back and unslung a large shurikan on his back. He started to twirl the enormous shurikan overhead. "Now die monster!"

Naruto didn't even register as the enormous shurikan flying at him. Iruka jumped in front of the whirling blade and took the hit for Naruto. Naruto came back from his shock seeing Iruka taking the hit for him.

"Iruka sensei?" Naruto asked nervously.

Iruka said. "Naruto grab the scroll and run."

Naruto slowly returning to reason quickly got angry as he realized that one of the few people to care about him was just hurt, by a man that tried to kill him. He raised his hand and crossed his fingers in what would eventually become his signature.

"Naruto run!" Iruka ordered.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruto shouted and a cloud of smoke formed.

As it cleared it revealed hundreds of clones surrounding them. "You hurt Iruka sensei!" Naruto said glaring at the white haired chuunin.

"Wh-What are you going to do about it dead last?" Asked Mizuki nervously.

"I'm gonna kick your ass." Naruto replied as several clones descended on Mizuki.

Before the white haired chuunin could reach his other massive shurikan the clones had him swarmed beating him from every possible angle at once.

Iruka watched in stunned silence as hundreds of copies of his favorite student mercilessly pummeled his former coworker. After a good several minutes at least of beating down the white haired chuunin Naruto released his clones and asked. "You okay Iruka sensei."

Iruka gave small smile before waving Naruto over. "Close your eyes Naruto."

Naruto nodded and shut his eyes. He felt something move around his head before Iruka said. "Okay you can open them again."

Naruto opened them to find Iruka not wearing his hitai-ate. He reached up and felt his forehead ware there was something metal and cloth. He hugged Iruka and was quickly reminded that there was a shurikan in his back. He panicked. "What do we do? What do we do?"

"Naruto calm down." Iruka said. "Now send a clone ahead for a med nin."


The pink haired alien had finally found something that she thought might help. She couldn't remember the exactly what it was but she did remember its name "Pyon Pyon Warp kun."

She put it on her wrist and activated it before vanishing in a cloud of smoke and her dress fell where she was standing.


Naruto was relaxing in a warm bath after running around just happy to get a chance to relax after what happened. He sighed and sunk deeper feeling like he had forgotten something important. Then the water started to bubble.

"What the?" He asked as the water started to rise. He saw a silhouette launched his hands out in an attempt at self-defense. He grabbed something almost perfectly flat and heard a squeak. As the water started to fall he saw what made the noise. An indignant looking naked girl whose chest his hands were planted on.

"You beast!" She shouted and punched him square in the face as hard as she could.

Naruto was knocked out cold. She felt a little bad that she had knocked him unconscious in a tub of water. She dragged him out left him on the floor where he at least wouldn't drown and slipped out to find something to wear.


She found that he was in a one room apartment but at the moment was more worried about being naked then why someone her age appeared to be living on his own. She searched through his closet to find four identical ugly orange jumpsuits. Sweat dropping as she grabbed one she tried to figure out where things went so wrong.

The pigtailed girl was crouched in a hanger next to another girl with a green and black stripped dress and much shorter hair than her own and a pair of tiny pigtails.

The red clad one asked. "Momo are you sure this'll work."

"Yes now I'll take the one on the right and head one way, you take the one on the right and go another they'll never catch us both." The now identified Momo replied. "It'll get us at least a month off."

"Okay." The other girl replied.

Except it didn't work out as planned. As it turned out those ships, well hers at least, where in that hanger for a reason. She sighed and sat down to figure out what to do next.


Naruto woke up a little later wondering why he was lying on his bathroom floor naked with a headache and grabbed a towel before getting up. He tried to recall why he went down in the first place and stepped out to find a girl sitting on his bed in one of his orange jumpsuits.

"Um high." Naruto said.

She was about to say hello when she remembered that he had just seen her naked and groped her chest. So she instead clutched the top of the jacket and glared.

Naruto was still coming to grips with the weirdness and was probably still in shock from the Kyuubi reveal earlier.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto." He said. "What's your name?"

"Nana Asta Deviluke." She replied.

Naruto started to slide over to the closet. "Um could you turn around for a second?"

"Why?" Nana asked nervously.

"Because I want to get dressed. This towel is cold." Naruto said.

She realized he was only wearing that single piece of wet cloth, blushed, and turned around.

Naruto quickly changed nervous about being naked around a girl.

"Okay I'm good." He said. She turned back to him. "Now what are you doing in my home?"

"I don't know I got here with this." She said holding up her wrist.

Naruto moved in close and looked at the small bracelet. It was a small silvery bracelet that vaguely resembled a rabbit head or bug with long antennas.

"It's called Pyon Pyon warp kun, my sister invented it." Nana.

Naruto blinked. "How did that thing put you in my bath?

"I don't know I used it because my ship ran out of fuel in the atmosphere and couldn't escape this planets gravity." She replied.

And Naruto blanked. "Huh?"

"What part didn't you understand?" She asked.

"Everything after "Because"." Naruto said scratching the back of his head.

She gave him a flat look. "You don't know what a ship is?"

"A big wooden thing that goes through water." Naruto said.

"Do you know what a space ship is?" Nana asked nervously.

"Nope. The old man might though." Naruto said.

"Old man?" Nana asked.

"Yeah old man Hokage he runs he village." Naruto said.

"Great let's go see him." Nana said things looking up.

"Well he wouldn't be in the office now we'd have to wait till tomorrow." He said.

Nana looked down and sighed. She then looked up.

Naruto looked worried.

"What?" She asked.

"Well I only have one bed." Naruto said worriedly.

"What? How do you only have one bed?" She asked.

"Well I live here alone." Naruto said looking down sadly.

She looked at the sad blond for as he hung his head. Feeling bad about apparently dragging up some bad memories. a quick sigh and she said. "I guess we don't have a choice. We'll have to share for the night."

Naruto looked nervous.

"Well we don't have much choice." She said looking away nervously.

As they seemed to get used to the idea blur burst through Naruto's window sending shards of glass everywhere. Naruto looked as two large men got up from their crouches.

"What? How did they find me?" Nana shouted.

The two suited thugs moved in and Nana looked worriedly. Naruto seeing this reacted quickly. He jumped up and kneed the closest one in the side of his head. He grabbed her hand and jumped out the shattered window. Pulling her close he kicked off the wall of his building. He landed on a roof and moved her into a bridal carry and took off again.

"Why did you do that?" Asked Nana.

"Because you were in trouble." Naruto said.

She blushed at that. He had probably only delayed her from getting grounded but hey he didn't know that. The two wound up near a fenced off forest where Naruto set her in a tree. He jumped down and took a spot in the middle of a grassy field next to it.

She heard a growl and turned to her left. A massive tiger not ten inches from her face.

Outside of the forest Naruto was staring down the two thugs in suits. He crossed his fingers in his new favorite seal.

"What have you done with the princess?" One asked.

Naruto noted that to ask about later but at the moment he was more worried about these guys.

"Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" He shouted.

A cloud of smoke blanketed the field. The duo of thugs coughed as it cleared revealing no less than two hundred of the orange clad blond smirking confidently. The two stepped back in surprise. The clones all reached back as one and realized they left their tools back at home. Charging bare handed at the enemy they were relying numbers. The duo recovered quickly from the shock and attacked back. They soon learned that the numbers were all the blond had going for him. They easily dodged the wild sloppily thrown punches and kicks. Crushing clones left and right with ease.

Naruto growled slightly at realizing he had the disadvantage despite out numbering them a hundred to one.

One of the clones wised up and tried to attack from behind which one resulted in Naruto learning one thing. These guys had one more limb than him as a long devil tail smacked away the attacking clone. The last remaining clone he had.

"I'll ask one more time. Where is the princess?" Said the thug.

"Like I'll tell you." Naruto said.

"Very well." The thug said approaching menacingly.

A roar was heard and the trio all turned in time to see what could only be call a pack of tigers, each about the size of horse, attacked from the side. They surrounded Naruto forming a protective wall. A particularly large one landed next to Naruto who was surprised to find Nana riding the beast.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

He nodded dumbly.

"Princess please just come back." The thug begged.

"I'll go home when I'm ready." She said. "I want a break from studying so I'll stay right here."

Naruto blinked that was what this was about. It seemed a little extreme to him, he usually just pulled a prank. He never sent a pack wild tigers to chase Iruka sensei off, but hey maybe they were just that boring.

The two definitely looked nervous at being surrounded by the huge cats.

"Now go away and tell chi chi ue that I'll come back later." She said.

They nodded looking scared.

Naruto felt more than a little useless at having the girl he tried to protect having to save him. He was supposed to be a ninja. It was supposed to be his job to protect the princess not the other way around. Even if she did have an army of big cats.

"Wait how did you get all these tigers." He asked.

"I can understand and talk to animals." Nana replied.

Naruto stopped for a second to let that sink in. "That is so cool!"

She blushed a little and looked to the side in embarrassment. "Th-Thank you."

As Naruto continued to gush about how awesome he thought that power was he remembered what had been tugging at his mind since the Mizuki incident. He made a clone leaving Nana completely stunned.

"Go to the field and grab the scroll form its hiding place." Naruto whispered to the clone.

"Ossu." It replied saluting and ran off.

"What was that?" Nana asked a little stunned.

"That was Kage Bunshin." Naruto said proudly. "It makes solid clones."

Her eyes widened. He made a copy of himself out of nothing and talking to animals impressed him.

He started to walk back to his apartment. She sent the tigers back into the forest and followed after him. The two quietly walked back through the streets quietly absorbed in their thoughts.

Nana occasionally stealing glances at him while thinking on how he jumped into help her despite having just met her. She punched him and knocked him out and brought trouble down on him. Her mind flashed back to seeing him in the bath which caused her go bright red. She then looked back at him and seeing him focused, deep in thought, under the low light of night definitely added to it.

Naruto was focused on how useless he felt when he got saved twice in the same night. He was completely helpless twice in the same night. He looked back at the girl following him and then up at the sky wondering what he was doing with his life. He decided right then and there from that moment on he was going to become strong enough to be able to protect everyone else. That he would never need someone else to save him if he could help it.

They reached the building and climbed the stairs and walked into Naruto's apartment. And saw the shattered windows. Naruto sighed; they had to break in right next to the bed didn't they. He started to clean up the shattered glass while remembering if he and anything to put over the gaping hole. Nana feeling a little guilty that she was the reason for it helped him out. After throwing the glass in the trash taking off the sheets and flipping the mattress just in case the tow curled up facing away from each other each planning something different for the next day.