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Torn thread

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Whenever I lay down on those wide fields, I close my eyes. What do normal people see when they close their eyes? Darkness? A dream? Or maybe, this blurry fragment of memory?Fragment of memory? It's so ambiguous that I can't make anything out of it. Isn't this obviously our house? It's rather large, with many towers, flags hanging everywhere, colored ribbons, white horses, knights, people clapping..

People clapping, cheering: "Long live, king of ----"

"Long live, king of ----!, long live, king of ----!, long live, king of ----!"  The king was riding on his white horse, everything looked colorful. People watching from the  balconies, throwing flowers, a small hand was raised upwards to catch one of the flowers, it nearly touched the fingertips of this small hands, falling over on the horse back. The owner of this small hand was sitting on the same royal horse as the king, obviously, he is the prince? This little prince picked up the red flower that fell over the horse, raising it up to the kings nose, giving him that warm smile, making everyone cheer not only for the king, but also his little prince. In an instant, that bright red flower turned to ashes, and everything around the prince turned from colorful to black and white, white? Everything turned black. In only a second, everything disappeared. Everything is dark.

"-jun? Eijun?"

Snapping his eyes open as he heard his own name, Eijun sent his body flying up to the air, sitting up on the grass to face the source of the call. He let out a sigh of relief and made up a pout at the girl; Wakana, his sister. 


"I was about to unleash the secret, you know?" Eijun stuck out his index finger, pointing at her face; making her giggle. "I'm not kidding!" He hissed as she clutched her stomach.

"You should quit being a stubborn and tell us about your dreams. The doctor is here." She stood up and undusted her dress, heading back to the cottage. Eijun groaned as he ruffled his own hair in annoyance, he shut his eyes one more time trying to finish this memo--dream? 

"Aotsuki Eijun! I said, come right here!" Eijun quickly stood up to his feet, running toward Wakana to head back with her, mumbling that there is no need to fetch a doctor for him as he is in his best, his sister just nudges him in the shoulder, asking him to quit as they take their steps in. Both giving some fake smiles and laughs to the doctor.

"His heart rate is normal, he also says he faces no difficulty in breathing or fainting anymore," The doctor states as he takes the cuff of Eijun's bare upper arm and stuffs his equipment in his case, letting Eijun massage his arm a little before pulling his sleeve down his arm. "His blood pressure is not bad too." The doctor turns to face his parents for a little talk. Wakana dragged her chair closer to Eijun, smiling at him "You pulled through!", Eijun smiled back, holding his arm up, patting on his forearm "I said I was OK!". They soon stopped talking as they heard the scratching noise due to the friction between the floor and the chairs of the doctor and both their parents, saying their goodbye to the doctor, till another time.

Soon, their parents came back, the dad took his seat, with a journal on his hands, and the mom to the kitchen, calling for Wakana to help her. Wakana nodded, waving at Eijun and walking to the kitchen to give a hand. The cottage was so small, yet so cosy. Wherever you go, you can hear the giggles of the girls in this cottage. The smell of some apple pie, or maybe, the smell of the flowers on that window, looking over the wide fields and that long sea. When it's dark, they turn on the oil lamp, sending its orange rays to fill the room with some light, maybe warmth. Those nights when non of them can sleep, so the wrap one another in some heavy, warm cloth, making up stories. It's relaxing to spend their lives forever like this, together. When did all of this start? For a reason, no matter how Eijun tries, he can't set a date, or time, or day. It's just like a miracle, he opened his eyes and found them, and they just became a family.

"Say, Eijun,"

Eijun quickly turns when he heard his dad calling out his name, blinking, "Yes?"

"Are you not 18 now?"

"Indeed, I am."

His dad flips the journal, letting Eijun take a look at that highlighted large title in the very top of the page, reading it out loud: "The gather of all the youth to the court of Eterralian, to be knighted." Eijun keeps blinking then glances up at his dad "So?", his dad gives him a hard pat on his back, making him cough.

"Is it not about time?"

It took Eijun very few minutes to read the atmosphere, analyzing what his dad was pointing for. He made an O shape with him lips in realization, he stretched his back straight up, "Yes, right. Um, so when should I g-"

"It's tomorrow at noon!"

"On the morrow??"

Wakana stuck herself into the conversation "Huh? Eijun is going to Eterralian?"

"He is!"


"That is really great!"

"Hey! Both of you!!"

There were loud noise of happiness when they were suddenly interrupted by some sniffs, Eijun looked at his mom -his only hope-, when he saw her smiling! Those were indeed tears of joy, "So, my son is going to be a knight.."


Eijun let out a deep sigh as he rested his back to the wall, looking at the ceiling as everyone cheer happily, maybe going to a kingdom will be the key to open the door of the dream, He thought.


Kingdom of Eterralian: It was known for its goods, all the merchants from the neighboring kingdoms gather up in it, from the east, the west, maybe the north and south too. The borders of this kingdom extended to the highest mountains in the area, underneath this mountain landed the flower fields till the sea to the northeast. This kingdom had too many wonders that you cannot count on your fingers. Markets full of different goods: many sorts of freshwater and sea fish, wheat, corn, meat, birds, cheese, cereal crops. Spices, cinnamon, pepper, salt, and the many different types of sugar. Weapons, blacksmiths, magician and fortune tellers for those who have interest. Bars, taverns, etc. The palace itself was a wonder, with it's long towers, nearly touching the skies, their where at the very least, seven towers, each having four windows to each direction. The golden flags that shine in the sunlight, the kingdom symbol hanging up on the palace gate, with the river of Albinia running through the whole kingdom, splitting the kingdom into two, like a border. The river extends through the gate to the palace, the palace that stood right in the middle of the kingdom, half of it on the left bank of the river, the other to the right, that palace where the royal family settles, or not quite. One of those wonders was the Sneaky prince. 

Most of the princes are usually pampered, being surrounded by guards, servants, or even maids. Preparing them food, clean clothes to wear, combing their hair, helping them wear their clothes, maybe feeding them. Most princes have too much pride, look at villagers, merchants, or any other person not of royalty with the corner of their eyes, giving them either no care, or too much care, it didn't matter much, because if that was called a way to live, to be hidden under the huge gates, locked behind the long towers, not letting anyone see you or hear from you, such life is just

"Useless, is it not?"

"What I was saying, that you should consider your position mo- Hey, are you listening??"

Miyuki Kazuya, the prince of Ererralian or, err- the sneaky prince shakes the words of his general off as he puts on a long woolen tunic, wrapping a leather belt around his waist, slipping his feet in his leather boots, heading straight toward the gates, with his general speeding up his steps to reach for him.

"Kazuya! For the gods sake!"

The prince kept walking to the gates, not minding his general. He just gave him smirks and giggles in response, till both of them stepped out of the palace. Kazuya opened his arms taking a deep breath, arcing his back backward. He let out a sigh and looked at his general. 

"Youichi, it really is useless to stay at this boring place for a whole day! That makes 24 hours a day, you hear? 24 hours a day, sitting on the desk, sighing some forms." Kazuya sticks out his tongue in disgust. 

"Did you really finish all your work?"

"I did!"

"The crops trade with Harennon?"


"The knights training schedule?"


"Err- the fina-"

"I just finished it a minute ago!"


At this name, the prince stared at Youichi for a brief moment before looking away, grinding his teeth. Youichi let out a sigh "You haven't taken any step on finding any trace of him, did you not?", the prince gave no response, instead he clenched his hands into balled fists. Youichi grabbed a piece of paper from his bag, reading it out "So, the only thing we know about him is just a scar?, and merely how he looks like?"

Kazuya quickly snatched the piece of paper off his general's hand and took a look at it, he snorted "How long are we going to believe in this description? He looks like some character from a fairly tale!"

"Well, look, I know the wings thing is exaggerating, but at least the scar thing sounds logical."

"It has already been twelve years. Twelve years of searching and no evidence of him? He must be dead."

"Dead or not, this cannot erase the fact that Elendasa was a traitor. Everyone knows it."

Kazuya kept staring down at the piece of paper. He groaned and shoved it in Youichi's face "Alright, got it! The scar thing sounds logical!"

"Umph--you basta--" Youichi grabbed the paper of his face, but unfortunately, the sneaky prince took this time to skip his work and run away of Youichi's sight.


The morrow has finally arrived. The sun was still taking its time to shine from the east. Eijun was busy packing his things up: clothes, books to read, his sword that was given to him by his dad. He has no interest in becoming a knight, protecting a prince? A spoiled, pampered prince? Dying to protect a prince? Ew, the whole idea sounded nonsense to him, he had the only interest to go to see how the kingdom really looked like, even though he can see the palace towers hanging behind the long walls.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Come in." 

"Eiju--" gasp "KYA!"

"What is i--?" 

As soon as Wakana opened the door, Eijun could feel a load of freshly washed laundry being thrown at his face, chest, and even his back.

"Wear a shirt, you idiot! This is disgusting!"

"What's so disgusting??" Eijun gave her a confused look as he knelt over to grab a shirt from the ground, giving Wakana his back, he started putting it on, slipping his hands into the sleeves, one by one.

Wakana was trying to cover her eyes with her thin fingers, but she still left a gap between her index and middle finger, not being able to resist the urge to look, Eijun pulled down the shirt to cover his back to his waist and turned to look at Wakana, catching her staring at him, making her face burn in red.

"Disgusting, you say?" Eijun gave her a smirk, then turned back to pack his things.

"D-don't get the wrong idea! I was just checking if it was okay!"


"That strange burn scar on your back!" 

"Ah, that~"

"It will be a trouble if it hurts before you leave!" Wakana dragged her hands off her face, lacing her fingers together behind her back, closing her eyes, trying to look as serious as possible. Eijun only let a haha in response as he picked on his belongings, mumbling to himself "This should do.", he walked over to Wakana and stood in front of her. It was so silent that it made Wakana get confused, not knowing whether he is still standing there or left.


She called out, but no answer was returned. She immediately knew that he left, she sent her eyes open to check. But he was still there, standing in front of her, giving her a last warm smile. He giggled at her actions, flicking her forehead "Idiot.", he passed through her, then down the stairs to greet his parents, leaving Wakana covering her forehead with both of her hands, puffing her cheeks.

"Mom, dad, Wakana! I'm going off!"

"Eijun, wait!" 

Eijun was running till his mom called for him, he gradually decelerated his steps till he stopped and looked back at her, she was waving her hand to him, signing for him to come back, so he did. His mom handed out a letter, taking his hand in hers, and firmly placing this letter in his hand.

"Eijun, whenever you feel lost, or at mess, or even confused because of anything. Anything. Please remember to read it." His mom kept looking at him with a worried look, making Eijun go confused, she was happy some hours ago. Eijun just laughed and gave her an assuring smile "Yes, I will! Now, I'm off!" Eijun shoved the piece of paper in his package and went off to get his horse from their barn, adjusting the sword on his waist belt, and taking off towards the kingdom of Eterralian.




"Did you hear? They have set a huge prize for those who find the prince of Credrinnon!" Said one of the drunk men.

"Credrinnon? What's that? I never heard of it." replied the other.

"What~? Never! Kingdom Credrinnon! They were allies to Elendasa!"

"Oh! Credrinnon!, I remember now! The kingdom that was taken down by Elendasa!"

"Yes, that! The rumors says that the current royal family removed Credrinnon's and took over, fusing the two kingdoms in one, naming it Eterralian. Those kingdoms where even separated by the river of Albinia."

"Is that even true??"

"Those are rumors so I'm not sure."

"Hmm, sounds fun, gentlemen!" A third one interrupted the talk, setting himself in a chair, opposite to both of them. He didn't seem quite drunk, "Let me join in, I heard about this huge prize too! If I am not wrong, it is worth two thousand gold coin."

"Two?!" Both of the drunks replied, rather astonished. 

The third pointed out both his thumb and index, giving them a smirk "Thousand~."

"Then, they are no rumors! This must be true."

"Well, well, gentlemen. What do you know about the prince of Credrinnon?"

One of the drunks take a sip of his drink "I heard he was a good swordsman."

"Right! I remember that they once announced that the sword of the royal family of Credrinnon was nowhere to be found!"

"What does that even look like?"

"A Credrinnon?"

The latter snorted "For real."

"I heard that at the day of invasion, the whole kingdom of Credrinnon was set on fire."

The third one started to pay attention "Fire?"

"Yeah, It was said that the prince was in that scene."

"Haha! Doesn't that mean he is just dead?"

"Shhh! Wait--what if the sneaky prince was there??"

The latter gasped "I forgot, hey, boy! Don't you dare utter a wo--he is gone!"


Eijun sneezed as he takes his steps to the nearby inn for the night, as a result of the lack of energy for both of them and his horse. Maybe rest won't harm.