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In Thought.....

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Tobin in thought…..

The warmth of her back against my front was all I really needed.  Our relationship had continued to grow stronger and our bond was unbreakable.  Of all the paths I could have taken in my life, I knew this was the right one.  Sure we would get into tiffs now and again, but in fact we never fought each other.  The respect we shared allowed us to manage our differences.  A special trait we both embraced.  I don’t think either one of us liked conflict; instead we chose to listen and appreciated one another’s differences.  Now, we did not agree on everything.  We had some pretty heated discussions at times.  But once the discussion settled we chose to agree to disagree.  That’s how we rolled.

Planning our wedding day was no exception.  Alex had a vision and so did I.   Simple has always been my motto for life.  Alex was sophisticated and she felt some things in life had to be done a certain way.  I was lucky; Alex didn’t mind the bill paying and bank reconciliations.  I had no interest in these things and preferred cleaning in between surfing and being a foodie.  We were always there to help each other and somehow it just worked.  We had many late night discussions about how some things would get done, but in the end we always figured it out. I’ve never been one to follow rules.  Rules restrict one’s freedom.  However, sometimes rules can’t be avoided and I grew to understand that fact..  Alex was always there to help steer me through the rules.  She’s an angel in my mind. 

Alex shifted pushing my mind off its track.  “Morning baby,” Alex said as she turned to face me.  “Morning beautiful,” I smiled.  She leaned in and kissed my lips pulling me closer to her.  I loved how her body felt next to mine.  My hand caressed her back and found its resting place on her upper thigh. I traced my thumb along the hem on her pros and she nestled further into my body.

“How did you sleep?” She just lifts her head and smiles at me.  I winked back and she raises her eyebrow.  She kissed my lips and whispered, “great”. 

“When do you want to head out?” “Not quite yet.  I have something to give you.  She smirked and before I knew it our clothes were off and Alex was heading south.  Here touch was intoxicating and it did not take long for me to fall over the edge.   Alex kissed her way up my body to my lips and she laid her body on top of mine.  Satisfied, I pulled her in and we both fell back asleep for a while longer. 

All of a sudden Alex body jerked.  She woke up in a panic.  “Oh my God Tobin, wake up!  We are supposed to meet mom and Jerri at the florist.” We both jumped up as if someone had thrown cold water on us.  We jumped out of bed and into the shower. My heart was racing.   Alex stepped out first and threw a towel around her wet body and grabbed her phone while I dried off.  She texted her mom and told her we were running late and would meet them in an hour.  “Jerri and my mom are going to kill us.”  I slowly slid my hands around Alex waist making sure to keep the towel in place. “Hey, take a deep breath.  It will be ok. They will understand.” Alex looked at Tobin’s calm face. “How do you not panic?” “It’s ok Lex.”

They got dressed and headed out with wet hair and sandals.  Not Alex’s preferred look; but for me right in line with my style.  Everything went as planned at the florist and the women decided to have lunch.  I was starving seeing we kind of missed out on breakfast. 

I was happy with the flowers we picked out.  Alex liked my idea of being married on the beach with our toes in the sand and I told her she could design the flowered trellis that would frame us in front of all our friends and family.

After lunch Jerri decided to hang out with us.  We went back to the condo and grabbed our beach stuff.  Of course I had my surfboard in hand and Alex and Jerri took in the sun while I road some of the waves.

“Tobin is so good for you Al.” Alex just smiled at her sister.  “Does she ever get upset or mad? She is so chill.” “We have figured each other out.  We try to spend our energy on what matters and stay away from stressing about the small stuff. We are different in many ways but the same where it matters most,” Alex explained. Tobin’s Reiki is helping me to be more balanced and less reactive.  She helps me let go of what is not important.  We all get so hung up on the little things and they can really impact your life if you let them.” “Wow, I never thought anyone could calm you down.  Kudos to Tobin.  That is her vibe and influence.”  “I love when she gives me Reiki.  Daily frustrations melt away.” Jerri smiled as she looked into her sisters facial expression and could see how happy she was.

Tobin decided to take a break.  She grabbed her towel and laid it beside Alex’s chair.  “Hey how were the waves.”  “Not bad, caught a few good rides, met a couple new people.”  Jerri smiled.  Tobin stretched out on her stomach for a while and started to doze off. 

Alex and Jerri decided to go down to the water and they let Tobin rest.  When they got back, Alex knelt down and kissed her sleeping fiancé.  No movement from the girl.  Alex looked at Jerri and shrugged her shoulders.  “She can sleep anywhere,” Alex mouthed to Jerri.  Alex opened the cooler they brought and grabbed a few snacks.  The crackle of opening up food packages woke Tobin.  Alex and Jerri laughed.  “My kiss didn’t wake you but the food does.  Well, that tells me what order I am on the pecking list.”  Tobin slowly got up and she walked over to the cooler and then knelt down beside Alex.  She leaned in and kissed Alex.  “You’re definitely first on the list babe.”  She smiled and grabbed a pack of chips along with her sandwich. It was a perfect day.


Alex in thoguht....