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Flash Fiction Fuckings

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“I can’t…I can’t believe that this is actually happening.” From Satsuki’s voice, it was hard to tell if her words were from a shameful desperation, or a joyful celebration. After all, it was difficult to concentrate with her sister’s mouth across her slit. The older girl’s body stretched out a little more, her long legs sweeping to both edges of the bed and almost shyly exposing more of herself. With a deep blush lining her features she gazed down at the mop of black and red hair nestled in between her thighs, the source of nearly every conflicting sensation going through her in that instant. “Y…You’re a madwoman.”

“Big words from someone that’s enjoying herself so much.” Ryuko replied, though her voice was muffled by the taste of Ryuko’s entrance. With a wicked gleam in her eyes she gazed up at her, and when she saw the almost timid tremor through her sister’s face Ryuko couldn’t help but draw forth more of it. It was with a wicked smile that she pulled her mouth from Satsuki’s slit, her lips still marked with her sister’s nectar. As she drew forward to the older girl her hand finally lowered, giving a slow, sweet pet to Satsuki’s folds just as she drew her mouth dangerously close. Though she had been servicing her for the past few minutes they hadn’t yet kissed, and now Satsuki was faced with the final taboo as her sister’s mouth inched closer and closer to her own.

When Ryuko spoke, her lips were close enough to Satsuki’s own that she could feel a drop of nectar strike her; a bit of delight cleaned from her folds. The intimacy sent shock waves through her, and a shameful blush to cross her features as she heard Ryuko’s words beckon in an irresistible tone.

“Kiss me.” She purred, before leaning forward and stealing from Satsuki the chance to say no.

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“Here we go, Korra, I’m startin’ to feel it!”  Asami’s eyes went wide, her pupils large and round as she gave her lover a huge grin.  It was a fun idea; take a few shots of cactus juice and, as Korra had put it, “bring balance to the bedroom.”  Already Asami was starting to rethink things; not so much the idea itself, but the order in how they were doing it.  Her pants and panties were off and laying on the floor but she was struggling with her shirt, her breasts exposed but her arms helplessly tangled up in the fabric as she failed to figure out how to get it up and over her head.  “Why did I buy a cursed shirt?!  Korra why did I buy a cursed shirt?!”

Korra, meanwhile, sat topless in a pair of thick leather pants.  Her back resting to the headboard, her eyes glazed and one hand holding the empty glass she had just taken her second drought from.  She looked over at the entity beside her, the slender girl panicking against a fabric monster, and with a grunt her eyes opened in starting revelation.

“I’ll save you, Asami and her boobs!”  The Avatar suddenly roared, throwing her glass to the floor before tackling Asami to the bed.  The still-trapped Sato girl was sent into a wild fit of gasping and laughing as she felt the Avatar’s hands move over her, squeezing her modest bust as she buried her face against the girl’s belly.  Licks and kisses and full-blown slurps left heated wet streaks against Asami’s tummy, and before long that eager mouth found its way to her slit.  Though Asami struggled still with the shirt and the effect of the hazy cactus juice, she couldn’t help but laugh in wild glee as Korra’s tongue starting working at her sex.

“I’M GONNA LEAVE YOU A NOTE FOR THE MORNIN!.”  Korra literally shouted into Asami’s slit, before sticking her tongue out and drawing in wet, messy lines across Asami’s folds.  Lines that, needless to say, would make for one hell of a difficult read.













Asami came long before Korra asked her to pick more up at the market tomorrow.

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She had seen the video, just like everyone else. And while a lot of the others liked to laugh about it and talk about what a slut Kate must be underneath that conservative exterior, Max’ own reaction had been a lot more intimate. It was part of the reason she had invited the girl for tea so regularly lately; the chance to spend more time with her and the chance to cultivate even more of those harbored feelings.

It was that afternoon that she had made her move. After a few long sips of tea and a couple smiles shared between friends, Max had finally taken the chance to taste the other girl. After a flurious moment of intense movement the girl pressed herself to her conservative friend; wrapping hands around her wrists to prevent her from pushing back until she had at least managed that first sweet taste. Their lips met and as Kate gave an argumentative gasp Max simply pushed forward, forcing her tongue against the other woman’s and drawing in her flavor. A kiss just like everyone in the video received, although Max lingered on it far longer than anyone else had.

She groaned into it, and eventually the weight of her momentum was enough to push Kate flat on her back. A thrilling noise erupted from Max’s throat as Kate’s hands finally broke free, but instead of pushing away they began to explore. Over the edge of a tight jeans stretched across Max’ young ass, along her waist and even drifting underneath the fabric of her shirt. The wetness that had been building against Max only grew in intensity, and as her lips teased back and forth over the conservative girl’s Max was finally able to force out a hungry whimper ushered straight to Kate’s mouth.

“See? You’re allowed to have fun.” She murmured, just as her hands began to lower, moving for the edge of Kate’s belt. As she started to pull it aside Kate’s hips visibly bucked, showing the arousal that was hiding within her far past the layer of conservative guilt that otherwise kept her restrained. Max just giggled, and as she licked her lips and started to descend, her voice slithered out to tease her repressed friend. “...we’ll teach you how to unwind yet.”

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Both of the lovers knelt shoulder-to-shoulder, their hands furiously working against their throbbing lengths. It was as silly a competition as a pair of slightly drunk girls could fathom; a contest to see whose seed would drive the furthest. As Korra gazed down at Asami’s length wrapped up in the Sato girl’s hand, she couldn’t help but give a hungry growl that accented her eventual words.

“You don’t have a chance, Asami.” Korra beamed, and elbowed her lover lightly in the waist. “The only reason you haven’t seen me cum across town is that usually I have your ass or your mouth to catch it.”

Asami, undaunted, kept stroking her length in rapid motions. She was quieter than Korra and didn’t offer the other woman a response, staying focused instead on winning the match. Arousal was deep within her and the sight of Korra beating her length in furious pumps was enough to make the girl throb with joy. And though she had to fight the urge to simply throw herself down on Korra’s length and catch her cum once more, there was simply too much on the line. If she won, Korra would have to suck her cock every morning for a month! And if she lost, well…

“Here comes! Here it comes, Asami!” Korra grinned wide, stroking faster and faster as her peak began. “Ohh, I can’t wait to see how tight Lin is!”

...if Korra won, she got to fuck Lin Bei Fong. It wasn’t exactly the most even bet, but now that Asami made it she had to see it through. Soon both girls jerked their lengths to a heavy completion, each one watching as their cum soared through the air and splashed in the distance. It was a few seconds before Asami’s eyes finally opened, blinking steadily as she lifted her head, her cheeks red and her body lined with a thin glaze of sweat.

“ that it?! Did I do it?” She finally asked, her eyes shining.

From across the room, the manager of the noodle house gave the pair a horrified glare. Two tables and three romantic dinners ruined, all because the Avatar and her rich girlfriend didn’t know how to handle their booze.

At that point it didn’t really matter which one of them won the contest; the real winner was the pretty young woman sitting at the very edge of the restaurant who had caught both blasts against her face. She’d be eating free at the noodle house for a month.

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“Madam Fuckface, it feels so very good!” Curie’s sweet voice carried through the halls of the Red Rocket Truck stop, along with the sloppy noises of a lovely Synth slit being punished by a thick, tattooed cock. The woman from Vault 111 had turned out to be little more than a morally balanced Raider; every bit as wild and violent as the lunatics in the Commonwealth, but decent enough at her very core to earn the affection of two of its sweetest members. There in the single bed she shared with them, the woman who had taken the name Fuckface enjoyed her prizes with great delight.

Curie was dressed well for the occassion; long nylons pulled up to the middle of her thighs and a French maid outfit that Fuckface had bought from a trader at Bunker Hill. As she was fucked long and hard from behind the woman from Vault 111 had her mouth otherwise occupied; licking up against the tight, fresh pussy Piper offered her from above. The reporter had been stripped down to just her press cap and a blush, and while she held onto the woman’s waist maiden hairstyle her voice joined Curie’s in heavy glee.

“That...That’s it Blue, right there…!” It was a fitting name; not just for the woman’s former life in a Vault, but for the mesh of blue war paint that was smeared across the front of her forehead. Her darkened eyes looked up from Piper’s slit, and it was clear she was grinning as she teased her tongue about the reporter’s folds.

Fuckface was hardly a gentle lover; but she always got the job done. Once her thrustings into Curie brought her to a hungry conclusion she was swift in letting her mouth leave Piper, pulling away from the reporter as her hands snatched her and drug her down to the French maid’s entrance. There, held in the firm grip of a rough and brutal warrior of the Commonwealth, Piper’s face was pressed firmly against a Snyth pussy filled to the brim with warm white cream.

“Gah...guh...slmnp…” Piper coughed and tried to catch her breath, eagerly sucking down the nectar that had become one of her favorite treats. It would’ve been easier to do if Fuckface was gentle, but as Curie was still left shivering and gasping she simply rubbed Piper’s face in the mess like the time Dogmeat pissed in her garage. Before long she let the reporter up, and a heavy hand slapped against the reporter’s ass, complete with Fuckface’s dominant voice filling the truck stop around them.

“Your turn, Piper.” She grinned, licking her lips as she pulled her cock forward. Still glistening from her own cream and Curie’s nectar, wearing a large tattoo on the side of an impressive shaft. Specifically a vault symbol; with a bright 111 in the center. “Spread that ass for me.”

As Piper rolled over and obeyed her lover’s orders, Fuckface gazed from one beauty to the other with a wide smile on her face. Between the two of them she had enough pussy to last her to the end of the world, and didn’t see much reason to ever leave the Red Rocket truck stop.

There was something she was supposed to do, about a kid or some shit, but she hadn’t cared about that for a long damn time. He was probably dead anyway, eaten by mole rats or some shit.

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“This is great, Tess! I told you it’d be fine if we took them up on their offer!” Sitting at the edge of the life raft, Battlebitch beamed as she looked down at her lap. There was a pretty redhead sucking on her cock as she swam half-out of the water, and underneath the surface Battlebitch could see a long fishtail keeping the girl afloat. That was all good with Battlebitch; so long as her mouth was warm and above sea level, that was all she needed.

“I’m pretty sure that traditionally, taking mermaids up on their offers don’t end well.” Tess murmured, her cheeks red underneath her wrappings. “...but since we’re stranded anyway, fuck it.” At least it was good pussy eating. Her own respective mermaid was a lovely blonde, and as Tess leaned back and offered her slit to the girl a sweet sigh escaped her mouth. Eventually she found a place resting against Battlebitch, and as the warrior drew an arm around her friend’s shoulders the two relaxed in relative comfort. At their laps both mermaids continued to work, though the one sucking on Battlebitch’s cock turned it into a handjob as she gazed back up at the Felpin.

“Oh, normally we do horrible things to men that accept our offer!” She giggled sweetly, and gestured to her face. “Gillian here once bit a man’s arms off! Clean off! Like two big chunks!”

“Uh...huh.” Battlebitch blinked. She suddenly felt a little more worried about her cock considering the giggle that came from Gillian in between Tess’ folds, but not so worried that she didn’t stay hard. It was, after all, a hell of a handjob. “And just so we’re clear, got inclinations for that kind of shit with us, right?”

“Of course not, silly!” Gillian lifted her mouth up from Tess’ pussy, a line of nectar connecting her lips to the slit. “We only do that to boys! You’re our land sisters!”

“Well, that’s good news at least.” Tess murmured, though with a bit more uncertainty, gestured to her teammate. “And there’s no...conflicting issues regarding Battlebitch’s, uh…”

“Monstrous horsecock?”

“Yes, thank you, Battlebitch. That?”

“So what? It’s not how you identify! It doesn’t define you! It just tastes good!” Battlebitch’s own mermaid giggled, and slurped right back down on top of it, pumping her head rapidly up and down on that thick, meaty shaft. As the two fish bitches kept working Battlebitch and Tess exchanged glances, giving each other a simple shrug.

“Captain was right.” Battlebitch mused, threading her fingers into the redhead’s hair as she started to come. “These waters are pretty progressive.”
She had just assumed at the time it was some nautical term she didn’t understand.

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Dusk didn’t mind Trixie so much, when she was face-down in another woman’s slit, slurping up his cum. The little wizard was doing just that to a very delighted Sunset Shimmer, who was barely able to speak against the litany of gasps pouring out of her mouth. She had just been filled by Princess Celestia’s favorite pupil, and everyone was eager to watch as Trixie lapped up every drop that slipped from her yellow folds.

While they watched, Dusk had already moved on to the next conquest of the evening by letting his cock be eagerly shared between Starlight Glimmer and Moondancer. Of the two happy young women working along his length Moondancer was easily the least confident; blushing and stammering every time the wet, glistening shaft pushed her glasses eschew. Thankfully Starlight’s friendship lessons had been going well, and she was there to keep her new friend steady as their lips very nearly met with Dusk Shine’s throbbing purple length in the middle.

“That’s…ohhh that’s so great!” Sunset Shimmer finally found the strength to speak, trembling as an aftermath of an orgasm rocked through her. It forced more of Dusk’s cum out of her body, and Trixie greedily sucked it up and rolled it across her tongue before chuckling in her cocky tone.

“And powerful!” She corrected the other woman, and cackled as she returned to work. As she was left bent over on all fours while she worked, Dusk looked at the two pretty young things currently servicing him, and a hand moved down to hold both of their heads. His eyes traced back to Trixie’s perfect blue rear as it swung back and forth, completely unsuspecting of the intentions he was already harboring for it. When his member pulled away from the paradise of two slippery mouths lodged against it, he was well-slickened and ready for Trixie’s ass.

And he had to admit, after all the cocky little wizard had put him through, it was great hearing her squeal against Sunset Shimmer’s cum-filled folds.

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It was Tonraq’s own fault; at least that’s what Korra told herself. She had been begging for a little brother or sister for the longest time; someone to look up to their big tough Avatar sister, someone that she could take under her wing and teach them all about bending, being a hero, and living out in the Southern Water Tribe. And since dear old dad had been resistant to the idea…

“K...Korra...Korra…” Senna clenched her teeth, her fingers tightening around the sheets of the bed. “We...we shouldn’t be…” She didn’t have a more compelling argument than that. Her daughter felt so wonderful inside of her that she didn’t dare try to pull away, and despite the taboo she simply braced herself while the younger woman rammed again and again into her mother. Korra was wearing a cocky smirk the entire time as she hilted herself again and again, her member aching against the tight warm folds of Senna, and her moment drawing closer and closer.

“C’mon Mom, I know you want to have another baby, too.” She grinned, and allowed one hand to cross over Senna’s rear in a harsh slap. Enough to lightly reprimand her for pretending that she didn’t. “And since this is the only other cock in the house, this is the only way!” Her thrusting went quicker and quicker until Senna suddenly tightened up on her, squeezing her daughter’s shaft with a great tension that was sure to milk her length. As the two women drew closer into their release Korra’s member finally erupted as she hilted herself, squirting load after load of hot, white cream deep into Senna’s entrance. As she kept herself inside and kissed fondly at the back of her mother’s neck the Avatar whispered a little softer, her voice sounding tender and sweet, despite promising more depraved moments to come. “Of course, we’re gonna have to do it a lot more to make sure it sticks…”

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“Daria, I think that’s the first time I’ve seen you smile at school.” Jane gave a slow grin, giving her usual sleepy look to her friend. Daria just smirked in response, and tightened her hands against the firm pair of perfect breasts stretched out in front of her.

“It’s the first time I’ve had something to smile about.” She responded in a near monotone, and then gazed at the cheerleader that was trapped in the supply closet. Brittany winced underneath the grip of two strong hands on her lovely tits, each one well-marked with spit and left a little red from all the hungry squeezing. The cheerleader was already rubbing her thighs back and forth in frustration, and as she looked at the two outsiders so content to tease her that whiny little voice of hers slipped into the room.

“Y...You two are so mean!” She whined in her typical irritating tone. “K-Kevie is never this rough with m-”

“Shhhhhh.” Jane pushed a finger to Brittany’s mouth, shaking her head. “Don’t forget we hate you. Your voice is like someone is slowly poisoning our ears. With ear poison.”

The blonde just whimpered, her cheeks going red from irritation while the two continued their work. Daria had lowered herself to go back to suckling against the cheerleader’s breasts, even giggling to herself as she brought her teeth down against a nipple until the whiny bitch under her teeth made a cry. Jane herself stood nearby, one hand lowering underneath Brittany’s skirt while the other moved up, wrapping her fingers around one of the girl’s ponytails and giving it a harsh, hungry pull.

“You need to learn to eat pussy.” She observed, her tone flat and her expression stoically steady. “It’ll be good practice for when you end up doing porn to pay your drug habit.” Daria openly laughed, her mouth leaving one of Brittany’s breasts as she gazed up at Jane.

She didn’t laugh much at school, either, but it was a special day. Stuck in the supply closet with a slutty blonde bitch to share, well, she was so happy she could sing about it...

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After all her adventures in the Digital World, Rika never would’ve thought that she’d be stripping her way through college. As it turned out spending her teens having crazy adventures outside of the real world didn’t actually equate to much real experience, and by the time she was eighteen the only reliable pay she could earn was by showing it all off in one of the sleazy parts of town. At the late evening show underneath the dancing lights with dollars thrown atop the stage she worked, and though the first few months had been filled with embarassment, she was...starting to get into it. A little too much.

Her nearly naked body twirled, rolling around against a metal pole before dipping herself down and letting a gang of men stuff dollars against the hem of her g-string. As a reward she gave them a fleeting glance of her pussy, and in order to draw a bit more from their pockets she spun around elegantly, moving herself to her knees and showcasing her back half. There, her hand slid underneath her body and pulled the fabric of her undergarment aside, revealing once more her shaven and perfect young slit. Fingers worked up against her as she teased herself for the amusement of the patrons, and the sound that rose through the club made it clear everyone was thrilled. Above her, a large TV screen showed a live feed from one of the club’s camera’s, currently showing the young woman’s slit as it was teased, pressed, and fondled.

Her cheeks went red, and as she continued to finger herself as dollars rained down her head started to spin in the familiar twitch of orgasmic delight. Mimi had told her in the past that it was easy getting addicted to it; the wanna-be cowgirl had walked the same path, and had predicted nearly everything up to that point. And maybe, if Rika worked really hard and made sure everyone liked seeing her play with herself in public, she could be a big internet porn star, too!

It only made sense. After all, she was a hero of the Digital World. Why not be its slut, as well?

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Zelda always looked so regal, no matter what. Whether she was addressing her kingdom or attending a fancy banquet, she was always the very image of beautiful, refined royalty. So poised, so cultured, and making sure to smile only with the most mysterious of looks to always keep her subjects guessing.

Expect on Guard Appreciation Day. Then she looked like a cum-soaked wreck, and there was nothing mysterious about her smile. One day a year the princess invited her full royal guard to her quarters, and for one day a year they all got to enjoy the woman they would lay down their lives for. It typically went on for a matter of hours considering there was almost two dozen members of her guard, and each one of them was thoroughly dedicated to celebrating the special day.

As Zelda rode against one particularly thick-cocked man, a woman with a large member in her own right was claiming the princess’ ass. Stripped down to nothing but her purple nylons Zelda was sent into a fit of moaning, bucking desperately back and forth as she was shared between two of her most loyal. Cum was glistening not just across her face but her shoulders and breasts as well; the result of a dismissive moment in which everyone with a cock decided to shower her with their cum. And nearby, the four cockless women on her guard were already whispering among themselves, deciding all the things they’d be making the princess do.

The noise of her lust filled the room again and again, and each time she was filled up with one of her guard’s still lengths another soon swept forward to replace it, stuffing inside of a tight, wet hole and fucking away with reckless abandon. Her beautiful and ornate hair was pulled tight and a new cock found its way into her mouth, stuffing deep enough that she started to cough against the throbbing length offered to her.

By morning the sheets would be marked with cum and Zelda would be filled with it, her guards sated for another year and content that their princess had shown them such appreciation. But when she woke up in the morning, sore and used and marked with the stench of two dozen horny guardsmen, she’d be ready to make a royal decree.

Guard Appreciation Day would need to take place once a month. Minimum.

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“Nnnng, you clod, that’s way too tight!” Peridot whined, clenching her teeth as Garnet slid all the way inside. It was indeed a tight fit, but every inch that Garnet slid inside made it all the more important that she keep pushing. The noises coming from the nerdy little gem were utterly intoxicating, and Garnet smiled wide as the light flickered across her shades.

“You wanted to learn all about fusion, didn’t you?” She asked with a heavy smirk, her mouth leaning in to tease her lips across Peridot’s own. She stole a swift kiss, even darting her tongue into the other woman’s mouth to get a taste. “Consider this practice for when you’re ready.”

Peridot couldn’t imagine fusion being any more intense. Her tiny legs stretched out and she tried desperately to hook them around Garnet’s waist, a futile attempt that left her gasping and whimpering as her tiny green slit struggled to claim that massive length. Garnet only chuckled again, her length throbbing against those tight little walls. As her hands moved to further pin Peridot to the floor she started to pick up her pace, sending the heavy noise of gem flesh slapping together throughout the entire room.

“Waaaaah! Too tight! Too tight!” Peridot wailed, battering her hands against the thrusting Garnet. When the gem leader pulled her thrusting to a halt she gave her an irate look, just as her tiny green pussy tightened around that large length. “I didn’t say stop, you clod!”

Garnet laughed as she resumed her pace. Peridot just liked to complain, even when she was having fun.

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“Oh my, there are just so many of them!” Starfire giggled wildly, and moved a hand out to tap a finger atop a fresh cock appearing before her. She had only slipped into the tiny room in the back of the dirty store out of curiousity, but ever since she had she had certainly been the center of all the attention! So far five separate friends had slipped their lengths through the holes surrounding her, and the Tamaranian had spent time making each one of them very, very happy! To the newest visitor Starfire licked her lips with a hungry smile, and leaned down to lock her mouth squarely against the thick, throbbing cock.

“Mmm! It tastes better than the Boksoops back home!” She giggled, her voice rising in a delightful tone before smearing her mouth right back across it. She had been practicing ever since she slipped into the box and was quite the quick learner; so quick that her newest friend wasn’t able to last very long. There was some grunting from beyond the wall before a sudden burst of warm white cream, all of it that Starfire gobbled up while laughing in glee to herself. To the sweet Tamaranian girl it was half a game and half a new lesson in human culture, but all she knew was that she enjoyed every part of it.

“Hmm...I wonder if my kooptilly will fit on one of them!” The girl wondered aloud, still licking her lips as her new friend pulled his cock back. After all, she had three separate holes she could use. Taking them in her mouth had been such a delight that it seemed like a waste to not try it in all of them. When the next visitor came the girl suddenly took flight, lifting up into the air as she spun around, her hands reaching behind her to slap against her rosy rear and spread herself apart. With a blush and a gasp she eased herself back against the fresh new prick, and by the time she felt the tip start to slowly spread her folds her cheeks darkened and her joy tripled. “It does! It does fit in my kooptilly!”

The person on the other side of the wall had no idea what the glory hole girl was talking about, but he was glad that she seemed happy.

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She wasn’t sure what she was going to tell Yellow Diamond. It had been the first time in her entire career as a warrior of the homeworld that she had ignored her orders, that she had decided to lower herself to playing with the common trash of a planet that was scheduled for destruction. And the worst thing was she could only scarcely understand just how she had fallen so far, her head hazy and spinning and her senses reeling.

Such a big warrior didn’t seem so large when she was bent over on her hands and knees, stripped bare and ready for the next human to step up and enjoy her. She was stripped down to nothing but the dark orange color of her skin, and her rear lifted to present her well-filled entrance to whoever it was that stepped up. So far the humans at the bar had been taking turns with the massive woman, each one determined to slip their cocks inside of her and fuck until they filled her with cream. Even as she knelt there, bracing herself and waiting for more, she could feel it drip from her raw slit and hear it land against the hard concrete of the floor.

“Well, what are you waiting for?!” Jasper finally roared, her rough voice filling the bar as she cast a harsh glare to the men surrounding her. “I demand more!” She didn’t know why it was so captivating to her, but she knew the impulse to be fucked and filled again and again was great. Unfortunately, as one of the exhausted men spoke up to explain, it wasn’t quite so simple as what Jasper’s wishes made it out to be.

“Uh...we...we appreciate you lettin’ us do this but…” He groaned, sweat lining his brow. “...we’re exhausted.”

“Yeah, and I gotta get back to my wife…”

“ work in the morning…”

The exhausted excuses only enraged the gem, and as she stood up from the ground to tower over the wimps her nostrils flared in furious anger. She wouldn’t elminate vermin that had taught her such a delightful new experience, but her eyes went cold as she pointed to the group, her lip curling and her voice filling the air between them.

“GO!” She shouted, pointing towards the door. “Bring me more! You don’t want to see what I can do when I’m angry!”

As men stumbled from the bar in a desperate search for others to creampie the visiting alien, Jasper simply grinned lewdly with cream dripping between her thighs. The homeworld would have to learn...there were indeed things worth preserving here.

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Asami’s tongue trailed from the edge of Korra’s belly button up to just underneath her breast, taking with it a long line of cum that had recently been left resting against the Avatar’s flesh. The cock that had offered it was already slipping back into the other side of the wall through the hole, sure to be replaced by a new one. At their favorite location for such fun there was never a lack of hard lengths ready to be offered to the two lovers, and already Korra was licking her licks in anticipation of the next. While Asami finished slurping up the cum from her wife’s pregnant stomach she arched a curious brow, allowing the cream to rest against her tongue before coyly swallowing it up.

“Mmm. a little different.” The Sato girl mused at the flavor of white, before she took notice of something quite delightful against her lover’s body. “Ah! Why Korra, just look at this!” Her hands reached out to grab at the two stiffened nipples of the Avatar’s full breasts, giving them each a squeeze until a bead of noticeable milk appeared from the tip. Apparently the Avatar had been leaking for a few moments now, and within the dark confines of their glory hole room neither woman had noticed amidst the white. At least, not until Asami had tasted something different mixed in with the cum she so readily drank from her wife’s body.

“Ohhh! A-Asami, that’s...ohmmmph…” The Avatar wasn’t given much of a chance to respond, what with her mouth soon moving to wrap around a new cock that was offered up to her. Her tongue curled and swept back and forth underneath a newly twitching tip, and as she slurped and suckled on the thick member now offered her she could hear Asami give a delighted giggle. Already a new cock was appearing from a second hole and Asami was sweeping forward, pressing her ample pregnant stomach against Korra’s as she moved to take responsibility. She used her lips to handle the offered cock for now; both her hands far too eager to keep teasing Korra’s leaking nipples.

The two women shuddered in delight as they remained there, sucking and slurping contently while their Asami kept milking her wife. The drips of milk that slid in between their stomachs drew into a sticky glaze across their bodies; a glaze they would no doubt clean from each other in between lengths offered through the holes. That little venue where the two women visited to suck cock anonymously had proven to be a very eventuful one for the pair; first the spot where they each got pregnant and second for the place where Korra first began to cream. As Korra’s mouth was filled with a rush of heavy white cum that rolled about her tongue and slowly slithered down her throat, the Avatar couldn’t help but wonder...just what other wonderful times would she and her wife have there in that tiny room surrounded by holes and cum?

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“Alright, slut! Get your...get your wet pussy ready, ‘cause...uh…’cause it’s going inside!” Korra pointed squarely at Asami’s nose, giving her an accusing glance that was only barely able to stay together. She had to admit...this all felt a bit silly, but experimentation was the spice of any relationship. They had been enjoying slow, long lovemaking sessions for almost two years straight now, and it was time to see if they could flex their muscles with more...unique types of sex. Asami was already gagged with a bright red ball and the Sato girl was strapped in a chair with leather wrapped about her ankles and wrists; keeping her sex exposed with the word “Fuckslut” written just above her lap with lipstick. She looked good, that was for sure...but Korra couldn’t help but snicker at the sight.

It all just seemed so silly! Did people really do this?

“Mmphhg pnnnhfm!” Asami murmured around her gag, and when she swept her head up and down to confirm Korra’s question, she sent little bits of spit across her face and breasts. She squeaked a little as some of the spit struck her face, and Korra just giggled as she moved a hand in to sweep her fingers across the girl’s nose, clearing it.

“So messy.” Korra cooed, before returning to her stern, stoic voice once more. “Uh, I messy whore! We’ll see how big of a, uh...puddle you make when I give you...this!”

And from there, she finally took her chance. A swift shove sent a vibrating toy deep inside of Asami’s slit; right down to the hilt and forcing the girl to go into excited spasms. Asami’s eyes opened wide and she made a loud noise around the ballgag, twitching and trembling and rocking into the toy. It was powered by none other than Future Industries technology, and though Asami assumed the device would be better suited for industrial purposes, she had to admit it worked pretty well as something to ride. Admittedly, she had already field tested the cock-shaped device during long nights at the office when she and Korra only had the telephone to keep them close.

“Yes, it’s a perfect fit in your hungry...uh...snatch!” Korra pointed up to the sky, like she was a supervillain that had just accomplished some grand scheme. “Moan for me, bitch! Show the Avatar what a horny cont you are!”

Asami blinked. Even with the toy inside of her, she tilted her head and gave Korra an inquisitve, curious look. It was enough to stop the Avatar’s momentdum dead in its tracks, and she gazed at Asami with an equally confused look.

“...what, what did I say?” She asked, before quickly recalling the words that had left her mouth. “...horny con-OH! I MEAN HORNY CUNT! WHAT A HORNY CUNT YOU ARE!”


The evening continued with the two struggling with new roles, but not at all with each other’s intimate parts. Years of well-trained touches and licks were all they really needed to enjoy their evening, even if it was amidst a fit of giggling, laughing, and uncomfortably floundering with their newly kinky settings. And hey, by the very end of the evening it had given Korra a chance to Waterbend Asami’s squirt.

She had always wondered if that would work. And now, with the memory of making it all go straight into Asami’s mouth like a kinky fountain, she knew!

Chapter Text

“I hope you’re enjoying the show, dear, because it’s about as close as you’ll get to either of us.” Isabela mused thoughtfully, arching a brow from her spot in her recliner. “At least...without a dagger in between my hand and your gut.”

From across the room, the poor bastard that had dared break into Hawke’s manor just gave a whimper. His attempt at robbery had been drastically short lived, having hopped right into the den of the hero only to find himself interrupting a bit of private time between her and her pirate lover. A flurried half minute of beatings and bindings later, the dizzied would-be robber was left tied up on the floor, gagged and forced to watch as the two women resumed their work. After all, they could properly deal with their interloper later. There was...more important work to be done.

Isabela was naked save for her thigh high boots; boots which were braced at either arm rest of the large and comfortable chair, her thighs spread to give Hawke enough access to her slit. The warrior’s black mop of hair was gripped at the back by one of Isabela’s hands, and though the hero’s mouth was very busy moving up and down her lover’s slit, Isabela’s was still coy enough to continue teasing their interloper. She glanced over at him with a soft chuckle, and rolled her hips against Hawke’s head as she spoke in that teasing, tantalizing tone.

“Poor boy. I’m sure you’re wondering just what’s going to happen to you, hmm?” She asked, shuddering a bit as Hawke’s tongue circled across her clit. A flush of delight rose over Isabela’s cheeks, and after a brief glance down at the naked hero on the floor, turned her attention back to their guest. “I suppose that’ll mostly depend on what sort of mood Hawke leaves me in. If she does a good job...well...perhaps you’ll leave here with nothing more than a memory of what you saw and a bit of tension in your trousers. If she doesn’t…?”

She didn’t need to say much more, he knew well the penalty that would befall him if Isabela wasn’t in a good mood by the end. The young man whimpered as he fidgeted against his bindings, but not from a need to escape so much as a discomfort that was rising. The naked hero of Kirkwall, sucking on the pussy of the most beautiful pirate queen anyone knew? It definitely made for an uncomfortable seat with his pants still on. He continued to watch and whimper as Hawke kept eating Isabela out, slurping and suckling and making noises of contentment, and his gaze constantly flickered back to the pirate’s face to judge her pleasure. He found himself desperately hoping that Hawke knew how to please a woman like no one else this side of Tevinter did...and if not?

Well...maybe Isabela would at least give him a chance to handle his own needs before he met the end of her dagger. Maybe.

Chapter Text

“Hawke, isn’t that just about the tightest pussy you’ve ever enjoyed? Except for maybe mine, of course.” Isabela chuckled softly, sitting at the edge of the bed near the hero of Kirkwall’s head. She had one arm lowered to scoop underneath the hero’s neck while the other combed through Hawke’s hair...not to mention made sure that the stronger woman didn’t make a grab for her blindfold. Very important, that little piece of cloth. How else would Bethany get to live out the dream she had been harboring since she was a wee pup?

“She’s...fuck, she’s tight.” Hawke grunted, thrusting up from her spot on the bed. Whoever it was she was plunged inside was milking her cock for all it was worth, wrapping it in a tight, wet embrace that sent shockwaves through the hero’s body. Her hands had swept forward to hold onto the girl’s hips, and even though she was ignorant of who she was fucking, she was determined to give the girl everything she had. “How is it so tight? Is it Merrill?!”

“No, dear, it’s definitely not Merrill.” Isabela beamed, looking up at Bethany with a grin. The sibling of Hawke was only blushing as she exchanged glances with the pirate, and she continued to bounce up and down in a more heated wave against her sister’s lap. Every press of Hawke’s cock went deep into her slit, the teasing embrace of the other woman’s cock nearly delving into her most fertile depths. Isabela’s words came with a small instruction for Bethany to follow, and as the pirate spoke the girl leaned forward to accomodate. “Lean forward, dear. Let Hawke fondle those wonderful tits of yours.”

As soon as she did so Hawke’s hands were moving up, lewdly grabbing at Bethany’s breasts as she continued to fuck into her. The sound of wet flesh slapping on flesh filled the room amidst the hero’s groans, and the only reason Bethany’s whimpers didn’t join the music was the girl’s fear that her sister would find out. Hawke was fucking harder and harder as the seconds passed, and soon Bethany knew that the moment would be upon her, that she’d soon have tricked her sister into something truly depraved...with the help of the pirate, of course.

“Going to cum soon, eh?” Isabela asked thoughtfully, and gave a tiny chuckle. She moved a hand down to caress Hawke’s cheek anew, stroking from side to side before leaning in to give the warrior a soft kiss on the lips. Once her mouth lingered there she offered the warrior a sudden whisper, her voice hushed and hurried, and laced with every trace of wicked delight. “...better make it quick, Hawke. Before Bethany loses her nerve.”

“Isabela, WHAT?!” Both Bethany and Hawke shouted in turn; one for the secret’s reveal and the other for the deceit in the first place. Isabela just gave a delighted laugh as she pulled the blindfold off of Hawke’s face, revealing to the warrior that it was indeed her own beloved sister riding her, gripping her cock, desperately in the throes of a sudden and unavoidable climax. Hawke wasn’t sure in the heat of the moment if she would’ve pulled out or not, but ultimately? It was far too late, and the choice had been stolen from her.

Underneath Isabela’s delighted gaze the hero of Kirkwall’s hips pushed up one last hungry time, and her cock began to spasm as it filled her sister’s tender, wet pussy.

Chapter Text

“Anna, you need to stop your whimpering, or I just might put the gag back.” Elsa spoke in a loving yet teasing voice, her smile thin and joyful as she gazed down at her sister’s face. Underneath her Elsa bucked almost uncontrollably underneath her touch, even though her fingers had only passed faintly across her exposed, naked belly. The younger sister of the pair wore a vibrant blush, and she tugged gently at the silk bindings that held her arms behind her back.

“S-Sorry, Anna, it’s…” If the goosebumps that lined nearly every inch of her flesh wasn’t an indication enough, the quivering in her voice made it clear just how potently her sister’s touch effected her. Her nipples stood stiff along her pert and modest bust and her toes curled as she laid there, her entire body in a state of tense arousal. Evenings with Elsa usually brought about that sort of tension through her young frame, but that night her sister was being particularly wicked. “C...Can we do more now, please? It’s’s been hours…”

It had been five minutes, but Elsa wasn’t about to call her on it. Instead the blonde simply drew a thin smile across her features anew, and she leaned down to bring a kiss to her sister’s mouth. Intentionally cold lips pressed against Anna’s warm part as they drew together, and soon their tongues slinked forward to share the incestous affection that overtook them so very often. The familiar flavor of each other filled their senses and each woman wore a faint blush, Elsa’s hand warming up slightly as she moved to press it flat against Anna’s tummy. In a smooth stroke she let her hand wrap around her sister’s waist and behind her back, and a gentle tug brought the younger woman tighter against her.

And for that brief moment, Anna shivered not from the chilly touch of teasing fingers but from the emotion overtaking her. Held close by her sister, still bound with silk behind her back, Anna was compeltely helpless and happy under her affections. Her legs parted from pure instinct, and for the faintest of seconds the goosebumps lining her forearms, her shoulders, and the inside of her thighs started to vanish.

...until Elsa brought her free hand forward, and with frost clinging to her fingertips brushed a smooth, delicate line straight along the outside of her sister’s slit.

“GOLLYGOSH! HECK! BUGGERS!” Anna broke the kiss as she violently spasmed within her sister’s arm, legs kicking and hips bucking from the enticing yet overwhelmingly chilly tease. Elsa just held Anna even closer, and whispered hungrily against her sweet, sweet sister’s ear.

“That’s it.” She purred, and bit down idly on the edge of her ear. “Time for the gag.”

Chapter Text

“That’s the fifth time tonight they’ve been pounding on our wall.” Ruby blinked, lifting her head up and gazing at the partition they shared with JNRP. “Do you think we should keep it do-mmpmh!” Her voice was muffled as Weiss pulled a hand into the girl’s black hair, and yanked her forcefully back between her legs. Ruby didn’t protest after the fact but her mouth still remained in motion, licking and slurping and drawing in a long taste of the white haired girl’s slit.

“I don’t particularly care about their issues. Do you hear me?! Deal with it on your own time!” Her voice roared towards the distant wall, oblivious of the fact that within the confines of JNPR’s room, it was their own time. Weiss just groaned in delight as Ruby teased along her hood a little more eagerly, and she lifted up one leg to provide better access. She was laying on her side at the moment; the black hair of Ruby nestled between her thighs and the blonde mop of Yang at the other end. Yang and Ruby held each other close while they worked, teasing and fingering each other as Ruby slurped Weiss’ pussy and Yang worked her tongue in slow circles around Weiss’ ass.

“You’re only going to make them more angry.” Blake spoke up from the sidelines, and glanced again towards the wall. More pounding came, as well as the sound of team JNPR arguing amongst themselves. Usually it went that way; they tried to get RWBY to stop their evening fun only briefly before dissolving into their own inner conflict. As Blake sat nearby she let her gaze drift back to the others, tilting her head and giving a thoughtful noise. “...are you done yet, Weiss? I want my turn.”

“You’ll sit there all night if I tell you to!” Weiss pointed at the dark haired girl, and started to roll her hips in between the licking sisters. Though her eyes danced up and down over Blake’s nearly naked form appreciatively, it’d take more than a raven haired beauty only wearing stockings to get her to give up her spot in between the two sluttiest mouths at the school. “Maybe I’ll make you lick their faces clean before they do anything to you!” Blake just gave a slow, patient blink, before shrugging her shoulders.

“...right. So it’ll be like that, then.” And with that, the woman’s hand flashed out, grabbing Weiss right by her ponytail. She yanked back hard and sent the young woman sliding back on the bed, out of reach of Yang and Ruby and up towards the head of the bed. In a fluid motion Blake swung one leg forward and straddled Weiss’ face in a dominant fashion, immediately smiling as Weiss didn’t hesitate to get to work. She talked a big talk, but the rich girl never delayed when their was a wet cunt that needed her attention. With their distraction pulled away Yang and Ruby just went in for a deep and fond kiss together, sharing the flavor of their shared temporary mistress while they waited for Blake to get around using them.

Things in their quarters were only really quiet when Weiss’ face was buried between someone’s legs, and the moments in which Blake took control were the only times team JNPR got any damned sleep at all.

Chapter Text

“Gee, it sure was nice of Doc Langstrom to help me out with this.” Harley beamed, holding up the empty test tube that she had recently gulped down. A bit of the goo still clung to her bottom lip, and she licked it clean before tossing the tube aside. “Tastes awful, but it’s all for Red! And now we get to the fun part!”

Harley was alone in the greenhouse that evening, the perfect opportunity to start working on Poison Ivy’s gift. The young woman had stripped down to nothing but her boots and a pair of kneepads; the latter she imagined being a necessity for what she was about to do. Braced on her hands and knees she looked over her shoulder to the friendly beast behind her, already looming forward and sniffing at the spread thighs offered up to him. Harley giggled wildly as she spread herself a little bit further, letting her friendly voice pipe up within the empty greenhouse.

“C’mon, big fella! Do a good job and there’s a nice big treat in it for ya!” As if what he was being offered wasn’t already enough of a treat. As the large German Shepard bucked himself forward and dropped his paws against Harley’s shoulders the young woman almost buckled underneath the weight, but her fit and athletic frame managed to stay up. More importantly, she kept one hand free enough to slink her group down underneath her, moving to clutch the throbbing red member that was trying to stuff itself inside of her slit. With a bit of gentle guidance the pup found his way against her hole, and with one animalistic push managed to force himself deep inside.

“Oh, wow!” Harley giggled, seeing stars as the dog forced himself inside of her. Goosebumps lined her arms as she braced herself, her kneepads digging in against the concrete floor as the dog already began to fuck. A dominant growl escaped past its teeth and its thrusting was never once gentle; immediately bucking into the human woman with a furious desire that sent his collar jingling and Harley gasping and squeaking. “You must not get to have much fun! Big strappin’ boy like you oughtta always have a nice place to put that thing!”

The dog continued to fuck into Harley, each strike heavy and hard and leaving her gasping. As she spread her knees as far as she could and let pleasure wash over her, she once more let her eyes drift to the empty test tube laying in the corner. If what Dr. Langstrom said was true, it’d make sure she could carry anything the pup gave her to term. And just in time for the holidays! Harley howled in glee as the dog continued to ram her, and when she first felt the knot starting to form she knew she was one step closer to her goal.

“Hehehe! Pammy’s gonna love this!” She giggled, shuddering in pleasure as the beast fucked harder and harder into her. “Won’t she be surprised at her lil’ puppy!”

She didn’t really think about the fact that her soon-to-be pregnant belly would ruin the surprise long before the holidays.

Chapter Text

Yang’s hands pressed tight against the glass, bracing herself as her cheeks flushed a bright red. Just a few inches away, separated by the window of Goodwitch’s office, the rest of the members of team RWBY watched as she was fucked. Blake, Weiss, even her sister gazed on with blushing red cheeks, and behind them team JNPR wasn’t far. Other teams and even new students all watched her display of lewdity, her breasts swinging back and forth and her body stripped down completely naked. Well...Did horse tail butt plugs count as clothing? Either way, she felt pretty exposed.

“This is what you get for being so disruptive!” Goodwitch spoke up, her hands tight around Yang’s waist as she drilled into her again. Unlike Yang Goodwitch was completely clothed; looking as refined and calculating as ever. She had even equipped her strap-on overtop her skirt, ensuring that none of the students were able to steal any glances of their teacher’s flesh. One hand moved to adjust her glasses before finally reaching out, taking a tight fistful of Yang’s hair and lifting her head up to stare at the rest of her team. “Tell Miss Belladonna what you said during class again!”

“M-Miss Goodwi-”

“Do it!” Goodwitch practically roared, and shoved that thick, long strap-on deep into Yang’s body. The woman gasped and bucked forward so hard that her face and breasts impacted against the window, and she was only barely able to push herself away from it to look at her friend Blake. A bright brush flooded her cheeks once more, and she gave a full-body shudder as Goodwitch slowly stirred her insides.

“B...Bu-Blake…” She began, shuddering with sweat lining her brow and her cheeks bright and red. “Do...Do you want to know what...what...Ruby’s pussy tastes like?”

“Answer her, Miss Belladonna!” Goodwitch growled, pointing to the other girl past her window. She gave the other woman a few more heavy fucks, making Yang squeal and whimper each time. “Answer her just like you did in class, or you’re taking her spot!”

“Uh...sure?” Blake swallowed, her eyes wide and her body trembling. Yang just flushed an even brighter red, and continued with the same pick-up line she had used no more than an hour earlier.

“Then...Then gimme a kiss.” Her voice was overtaken by a series of gasps as Goodwitch picked up her momentum, fucking her steadily and hard for all the other students to see. Her cheeks flushed a bright red and she started to moan while she was claimed, and beyond the window the other members of team RWBY blushed. None quite so much as Ruby herself; however, now confronted with what her sister had said during class for the first time. So incensed, and so distracted by the sight of her sister’s swinging breasts, she suddenly called out with an indignant tone.

“You said you wouldn’t tell anyone, Sis!” She snapped, before her eyes opened up. Until that point, everyone could’ve easily just taken Yang’s words as a joke, or a silly, flirty comment. Now it was all but confirmed, right before the other members of RWBY, the members of JNPR, and Miss Goodwitch herself. The older woman adjusted her glasses, and spoke in clear, concise voice that carried through the nearby window.

“...get in here, Ruby.” She practically growled in her stern, forceful fashion. “I think you have a punishment coming, as well.”

Chapter Text

“Damnit, Shepard! Come back this instant!” Liara found it a little hard to run in heels; not to mention the wild bouncing of her enormous breasts within the confines of her string bikini. She certainly drew more than her fair share of glances as she dashed through the crowds, weaving in and out in hot pursuit of her lover. “This won’t help to stop the Reapers!”

“When your only same sex romance option isn’t woke AF!” Shepard just called back, wearing nearly an identical outfit. She stopped at a nearby space with an open wall, and quickly brought up her omnti-tool. A few quick button presses and she quickly overlaid an image on the wall; a giant green face with an accompanying speech buble. By the time Liara caught up with that spot Shepard was already gone, and Liara was left staring with a vacant expression as she stared at the graffiti her lover had painted.

“I wish I was at my swamp taking a fat ogre shi-Shepard?! What does this have to do with anything?!” Liara gave an exasperated scream, cutting herself off from reading the piece of “art,” and quickly moved to continue her pursuit. As she dashed through the halls of the Citadel she looked from side to side, seeing all the changes that the first human Spectre had been causing. The noise that filled the halls was no longer the passive sound of Citadel musak but a fast paced melody, specifically telling people to “escape from the city.” Whatever the hell that meant.

The whole time, the two women continued to make a scene, in no small part because they both looked like they dropped out of a brothel on Omega. Flopping, large tits and only barely covered asses dashed from one end of the Citadel to the other, and thanks to Shepard’s madness a trail of memes led the way. Outside the Turian Councelor’s chambers the word “Reapers” was written with the accompanying quotation marks, and at least five separate stores had graffiti boasting that they were Shepard’s favorite shop on the Citadel. The most grevious offense came in the very center of the Citadel; however, where Shepard stopped before one of the massive statues that paid tribute to past heroes. She called up her omni-tool and barked into it, urgently bringing forth her dankest meme yet.

“Tali! Do the thing!” No sooner did she say it did a shuttlecraft sweep through the air, taking the head off of the Krogan statue and dragging a new head into place. As the shuttle passed it disconnected the new head so it would sit properly; an eerie, round face with an unsettling smile, red eyes, and an enormous joint hanging out of its mouth. Liara blinked as she finally caught up, staring at Shepard’s masterpiece with a stunned look on her face.

“W...What...What the fuck is that, Shepard?!” She asked, pointing to the giant, eerie round face. “Is that a smokestack coming out of it?!”

“Thomas the Dank Engine can’t stop, won’t stop!” Shepard just responded, and reached out to honk Liara’s big blue tits. “liara pls”

Liara just slipped a palm over her face, and gave an exasperated sigh. If her goal was to make the Citadel so stupid the Reapers would feel sympathy for it, might actually work. They did, after all, only target races that had reached a certain level of advancement, and within the span of one evening Shepard had slid a dozen races back hundreds of years. Like some sort of Meme Effect.

Chapter Text

“Ma’am? Can I stop now?” Jubilee looked up from in between Emma’s thighs, cheeks already wet. Emma just clicked her tongue to the roof of her mouth as she pushed the girl’s face right back down again, and hooked a boot behind her to keep her locked into place.

“Shush, dear, keep at it. Headmistress Frost is thinking.” And with that, Emma let her eyes close as her student continued to service her. It was a morning ritual she took to every Monday; having the otherwise mostly useless Jubilee suckle at her entrance while she probed the weekends of her horny and eager students. Nobody fucked quite like a co-ed school of mutants, and the weekends were always particularly intense. While Jubilee continued to slurp and suckle Emma’s thoughts stretched out, weaving through the more pedestrian thoughts with only a casual interest. Kitty sucked two cocks at the same time? Nothing new there. Pixie spent her weekend either being peed on or peeing on others? Yeah, she’d be into that lately. Finally Emma centered her powers on the all-too easy to violate X-23, creeping into her mind with surprising ease. There she settled in to enjoy the show, all while Jubilee continued to service her.

“There we are. Lovely.” Emma mused, both in reference to Jubilee’s service and the thoughts she was enjoying. It was like taking part in a live action movie, watching in real time as Laura and Christian crashed together in what was a truly violent display of lovemaking. She could nearly smell the sweat clinging to the room and the stench of sex as the two battered against each other, Laura’s claws sinking into her lover’s flesh but his powers preserving him. It seemed that he must have copied Laura’s own mutant powers that evening, otherwise he wouldn’t of survived. The two threw each other around the room, grappled and fought in a desperate bid for dominance, and it was generally hard to tell who exactly was winning. Whoever was on top wasn’t necessarily the victor, and the person with claws sunk into their shoulders wasn’t always the loser.

Emma’s cheeks flushed as she recalled memories that weren’t her own, and her fist tightened against Jubilee’s hair as she pulled the girl in closer. Her hips were rocking back and forth into that attention, and she nibbled her lower lip as she continued to watch the mentally recorded story. There was heavy cumming and desperate fucking throughout the night, stretching into a fourth and fifth and sixth clash between them, and they left nothing unclaimed. Laura fucked her wet entrance against Christian’s face only moments before he stirred her ass deep with his length, and the sheets soon wore a painted blend of white cream and her own thin squirt. It was intense and ferocious, and even just watching it left Emma a little winded.

“Whew...perhaps a little too hardcore.” Emma mused, her eyes still closed as she flipped her mental channel. It was an enjoying thing to watch, but doing it too much left her physically exhausted. Finally her mind drifted down below her legs, and she idly read the surface thoughts of the young woman eating her out. Her eyes snapped open wide, and a furious glare drew on her brow. “You did WHAT with my Cuckoos?!”

“...oh shit.” Jubilee murmured, her mouth still pressed against Emma’s entrance. “I knew I shoulda been thinking about the mall.”

Chapter Text

Shepard had given birth just a few weeks ago, but already she was pregnant again. It was all thanks to Dr. Chakwas’ brilliant medical expertise; ensuring that Shepard could be quickly bred again and again as much to the soldier’s liking. The problem with being the slutty broodmare of her crew; however, was figuring out just who the babies belonged to. Her first child hadn’t come out as a Quarian or Asari, and that had helped to narrow the field.

“That’s right, Shepard. Your mouth is for sucking.” Jack grinned wide, her fingers tight within the other woman’s red hair. She was driving her own tattooed length into the former commander’s mouth, letting the spit and slime of a sloppy blowjob shudder down her shaft. When she felt like Shepard was getting a bit lazy she made sure to throat the other woman, holding her face firmly down into her lap until she felt her start to gag and cough and sputter. She was in the midst of just such a practice as she boasted through her office; the same room that Shepard once called her own before she was relegated to being the ship’s broodmare. “Chakwas ought to be done with the test soon. Not that it matters, I’m definitely the one that bred you. Surprised that little biotic powerhouse didn’t rip its way out, heh.”

Jack made a good case for it. As the strongest biotic on the ship and a crass dominant force on the Normandy, she had been the first to fuck Shepard for nearly an entire week. Fucking her again and again, filling her up, focused on seeding her with child. When the door finally opened and Dr. Chakwas came in Jack was fully expecting to hear that she was the owner of the new brat, and even Shepard with her cock-filled face looked up expectantly at the older woman. Jack beamed, leaning back naked in her office chair with her prick still hanging half from Shepard’s mouth.

“Well?” Jack pressed, grinning. “Figure it out, Doc?”

“Well...yes.” Chakwas murmured, and fidgeted with her datapad. She looked nervous for the moment, tapping away at it with a growing blush on her face. “It, turns out that the other parent of the newborn is...uh...uh…”

“Spit it out.” Jack snorted, her eyes flaring with biotic energy. When a wet noise sounded from her lap, she gave a harsh glare to the former commander. “Not you, whore.”

“It would seem that the other…” Chakwas fidgeted a little more. “Her...uhm...attending...physician.”

Jack just gave Dr. Chakwas a narrow, angry glare. Her fingers crackled with biotic energy once more, and with Shepard still throating her cock she launched her hand forward to stretch out to the good doctor. Chakwas gasped; the datapad flying from her fingers as an unseen force drug her swiftly across the room. Soon she was on her knees, right alongside the mother of her child, and Jack’s cock was swiftly in between their faces.

“Well, joke’s on you, Doc.” Jack sneered, lip curling in irritation. “Now it’s gonna grow up knowing both its parents are my bitchcunt fuckslaves.”

Chakwas, a nervous lump in her throat, nodded and turned to share their new commander’s length with Shepard.

Chapter Text

Satsuki smirked with dominant glee as she slammed Ryuko down to the floor. The sudden wince in the other girl’s eyes as her naked body hit the dirt was enough to send an aroused shockwave through Satsuki; a tremble of excitement that made her own wet slit shiver with glee. When she lowered her free hand to take a tight fistful of Ryuko’s hair her joy only intensified, and she drew fiercely against it until she heard Ryuko give a sudden cry of discomfort.

“That’s what you get, you worthless whore!” She hissed through her teeth at Ryuko, leaning down and pressing their bodies closer together. Both of them had been stripped in the preceding fight; a battle that had been so intense and ferocious that it left each woman wearing little more than tatters. Satsuki’s own slender body was sweat-licked and bare as she pressed her breasts down hard against the other woman’s, doing her best to stay balanced and in control. “You’d look better with a leash around your throat and my pussy on your face! In fact...let’s make that happen!”

When Satsuki tried to do just that, it became quickly clear that it was a critical error in judgement. No sooner did her naked body try shifting forward to mount Ryuko’s face did the other woman jerk forward in a moment of ferocity, her muscles tightening as she locked her fingers around Satsuki’s hips. There was a sudden battlecry that erupted from Ryuko’s mouth as she strained herself with a sudden twist, launching the other woman hard to the ground and rolling herself over. Their naked frames became a tangled mess for a few seconds as they clawed and scratched at each other, kicked and flailed, and ultimately found a position with Ryuko firmly on top again. This time Satuski didn’t have much to say, since Ryuko had managed to straddled her face. She was riding hard from the very first thrust, forcing the other woman to draw in the taste of her pussy, a particularly wet affair considering how excited the previous fight had gotten her. From her vantage point Ryuko merely beamed wide, and held herself down in such a fashion that she could see the hood of her cunt completely envelope Satsuki’s nose.

“Breathe it in nice and deep, Slutsuki.” She whispered, and bucked her hips forward to ensure she was grinding a long, wet line on the other woman’s face. “You’re going to be there all fucking night.”

At least, until Satsuki managed to turn the tables yet again.

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“No fair, Rainbow Dash, you’re cheating!” Lightning Dust scowled, and stood a little closer. “Stop pushing your hand back into your lap, you’re just trying to add a few more centimeters!”

“Nuh-uh!” Dash scowled. “That’s just how I hold it!” The two women were standing there in the Wonderbolts locker room, facing each other with a hand on the other’s shoulder to keep their balance. In between them their cocks rested facing each other, and the two women were in a delicate contest to gauge just who had more length to them. It was a difficult matter without a tape measure handy, but when the call of competition came Rainbow Dash was never one to hesitate. She’d stand there and size her cock up against the entire damned team if she had to!

“You’re pretty big.” Lightning Dust murmured, her voice thoughtful as she let her length squeeze alongside Dash’s. “But not even you can deny I have you beat. My tip’s just a little bit bigger. Can’t you feel it pushing against your belly?”

“That’s only because I had that extra apple at lunch!” Dash growled, clenching her teeth as she continued to protest. “And stop getting all that goo on me! It’s making it hard to concentrate!”

“I can’t help it, Dash! It just keeps coming out! And yours won’t stop twitching!” The two girls continued to snap back and forth at each other, their members pressed in close as they experienced sensations of deep arousal mixed in with their competitive spirit. From Dash’s twitching to the steady line of precum that Lightning Dust was spreading over the other woman’s belly, there was plenty of proof there that the contest had a far deeper point of resonance than either one of them would want to admit. As their hands continued to cradle their cocks they kept rubbing back and forth, and all the while the two deceived themselves into thinking it was merely about a competition of length.

“Just...Just hold it still for a damned second!” Dash whined, biting down on her bottom lip and blushing deeply. “If you don’t stop wiggling back and forth you’re going to make m-”

Gasp. Splurt. A sudden burst of cream struck against Lightning Dust’s sea green body, soaking against the fur right alongside the inside of her thigh. Dash’s cocktip squeezed against the base of Dust’s prick and unloaded burst after burst of white, enough that it rolled down her sack and dripped from the underside of her balls. Dash, despite what she had just done and despite the mess she had made, was quick to cast the blame elsewhere.

“Well that’s just great, Dust!” She scowled, her member already softening. “Now we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to try again!”

Just like they had the day before. And the day before that. In fact, it was never really so much a contest about who was bigger but who would shoot off first...and who would be left sitting there in the locker room, furiously masturbating with the other’s cum on her cock. And over the past month, the two were more or less tied.

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With Nate gone and Shaun missing, there was only so much she could take before finally snapping. Before certain urges needed fulfilled, and certain desires needed to be quenched. Thankfully the Commonwealth was a place where desperation and desire went hand in hand, and it was in a tiny room in Diamond City that Nora got something she intensely desired.

She didn’t know who it was on the other side of the wall, but she didn’t care. The stiff cock that had appeared there for her to service was now lodged deep inside of her pussy, shoved straight through the glory hole and lodged into her cunt. She was positioned awkwardly but with utmost dedication as she braced one knee up against the far wall, shoving her ass back against the hole to ensure her pussy was raw for the taking. The tricky positioning made it so that she couldn’t do much of the motion, but given the circumstances she was grateful for that. After all she had been through, she deserved the chance to simply bend over in a box and have her cunt claimed through a hole by an anonymous cock. As the man on the outside of the room thrust again and again into her, she could soon tell that his moment was arriving. When he shoved in deep with one last push his member twitched and started to squirt inside of her, the first creampie she had received since the day Shaun was conceived. Hell, the first creampie she had enjoyed in two hundred years.

She moaned against the wall of the glory hole room, shuddering as her thighs twitched and her own heated climax rushed through her. It was great to feel that warmth rushing within her once more, flooding her pussy with every squirt and rushing into her with a delightful white. In that moment she put everything else aside; the search for her son, the loss of her husband, the dangers that this new world laid out for her...everything but the joy of being filled up with cum once again. A good creampie was better than a Nuka Cola in terms of reminding her of the old days. A taste of a Fancy Lad snack cake might make her remember the days she was a little girl sitting at the dinner table...but a pussy full of warm, wet spunk brought to mind memories of her much more enjoyable teenage years.

As the cock pulled out of her and the cum dribbled from her hole to the Vault 111 jumpsuit laying at her feet, she shivered with delight as another thought entered her mind. A small smile spread over her lips, and she shook once more with an orgasmic delight as her mind spun to a whole new possibility.

This was her second chance. A second chance to return to the days of her slutty teenaged youth. A second chance to be fucked, filled, and enjoyed.

Who the fuck cared about finding Shaun anyway?

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Three months later, and the score was still a dead heat between them. Both Korra and Asami had proven to be equally potent in their latest contest, just like all of their previous competitions that had come before. The cocks those two remarkable women wielded were the things of legend, and across Republic City and beyond they had spread their seed in yet another thrilling contest. It had been months filled with passion and excitement, with thick cocks stuffed into tight pussies, and lots and lots of rich, warm cum.

And now...a lot of paperwork. Boring paperwork.

“C’moooooooon, Asami, did I win or not?!” Korra whined, her head resting on the table as she looked sideways at her lover. At the other edge of it Asami was still looking over papers with her glasses perched at the edge of her nose, keeping an analytical eye on everything. It was tricky work; orchestrating a contest the likes of which they had put together. It took a lot of recordkeeping, a lot of forethought, and a lot of communication with women that they had enjoyed. Asami seemed to take to the paperwork aspect quite well, but Korra on the other hand… “I’m so boooooooooooored. Who won?!”

“I’m trying to figure that out, if you’d just be quiet for a few seconds.” Asami murmured, eyes narrowing as she looked over a few more sheets of paper. “Let’s see...I got Ginger, the mayor’s wife, that cute girl that runs the coffee shop, Zhu Li…” She continued to check off names down the list, her brow furrowing as she did so. “You got Opal, Jinora on her eighteenth birthday, Kya--”

“Kya counts for two.” Korra chimed in, poking at her lover’s elbow. “Because she’s old. She counts for two because it’s super impressive that I knocked her up.”

“She counts as one, and you only fucked her because you were horny.” Asami murmured, casting her gaze towards her lover. “I remember you distinctly said ‘I know I can’t get her pregnant, but I can’t wait to fill my spiritual daughter up with cum.’”

“Hmph.” Korra scowled, rolling her eyes and keep her cheek slumped to the desk. “...but she still counts for one, at least.”

“She does still count for one, yes.” Asami mused, and continued tallying the list. “We’ve gone through most of the women we know, as well as plenty of civilians that caught our eye. And from what I can tell, we’re in a dead heat. Tied, at thirty seven women each. One of us needs one more to break the tie.”

The two both exchanged glances, already running thoughts on who they knew that was left. Who they knew that was fertile. Very...very...very fertile.

“Dibs on Pema!” Both women blurted out at the same time.

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“I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time.” Aria smirked, and slowly rolled her hips forward. The sight of Adagio’s discomfort was nothing short of delicious for her, and the cruel purple skinned girl let her hands lower to lock even harder against Adagio’s waist. She held her firmly in place, keeping her perfectly sandwiched in between herself and Sonata Dusk. The former leader of the Dazzlings could only whimper from her trapped position; a ball gag stuffed in her mouth and two equally imposing cocks sharing the tight embrace of her pussy. Every breath, every movement was a reminder of just what a tight fit it was, and Aria Blaze seemed intent on making sure that Adagio fully understood the depths of her current situation. “I always knew you were a whore, Adagio...I just never imagined you were a good one.”

“Aww, don’t be mean, Aria!” Sonata Dusk giggled from her own place, her naked breasts shoved against Adagio’s and her arms wrapped around her friend’s shoulders. She served as the very bottom of the pile, the woman that Adagio was straddling as she was forced to take two powerful lengths. Sonata’s own blue cock was throbbing right alongside Aria’s, and the more that Adagio rolled between their thrusts the more a joyful heat came across her. Sonata’s cheeks were already blushing, and despite her pleasure she still saw fit to chime in to defend the slut they were sharing. “It sure was nice of Adagio to offer to help us relieve some stress! And it feels way better than my hand!”

“She’s only bending over for us because she knows she fucked up.” Aria chimed in, and let her fingers drop into Adagio’s hair. She pulled at those curly orange locks, shaking the girl’s head from side to side and sending drops of spit across her ballgag to land on Sonata’s face. Sonata merely giggled at the contact, not looking up until she heard Aria’s cruel voice again. “Isn’t that right, Adagio?! You know we’ll be gone if you don’t give us something worth staying for!”

Adagio; gagged and pierced by two cocks in the same tender hole, simply nodded in absolute submission. Aria was right on the money...their plan to thrive off of the energy provided at the Battle of the Bands had failed, and Adagio had more or less lost her title as the leader of the Dazzlings. She could stand no longer being the one in charge...but she couldn’t bear the thought of losing them entirely. If it meant keeping Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze nearby, she’d gladly serve as their pet, their slut, and their horny cum catcher. She let her hands tighten against Sonata’s shoulders, and with drool still slipping around the corners of her ballgag she gazed back to Aria and gave a tiny, hungry whimper.

She’d give them something worth staying for each and every night. She had three holes, a young and tender body, and a zeal for being claimed. As her body started to rock in between the two other girls once more she could feel their cocks shifting within her, rubbing back and forth against each other while her own wet walls kept them tightly gripped and held into place. As she saw smiles form on Sonata and Aria’s faces it was enough to make Adagio rock back and forth even quicker, the hints of a grin starting to form at the edges of her ballgag. She might have failed at the Battle of the Bands, but she could still make those two women that meant so much to her happy.

All it took was a willingness to open herself up, in all ways possible.

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While staying overnight with her boyfriend’s family, Cadance couldn’t resist sneaking out of the guest room in the middle of the night to visit Shining Armor. She had padded quietly down the hall and made her way into Shining Armor’s bedroom; staying as quiet as could be so she didn’t alert her boyfriend’s parents. After all, they had been kind enough to let her stay there for the night, but the rule about the two young lovers having separate rooms was a strict one. Soon Cadance slinked inside and quietly shut the door to Shining Armor’s room, completely oblivious that one member of the family had spotted her.

Thankfully, Twilight had no intention of telling her parents. Instead she slinked forward in much the same fashion, heading in the direction that Cadance had come from. Much like the older woman that used to babysit her Twilight snuck through the darkened halls and vanished behind the guest room door, her throat tight and her body shivering with nervous goosebumps. When she closed the door and was left alone in the guest room her eyes immediately darted forward, gazing at the suitcase Cadance had brought with her.

With a giggle rising in her throat Twilight Sparkle padded forward, rushing to the suitcase and tossing it open to discover what treasures lied within. She nibbled on her bottom lip as she stared at a line of sexy bras and panties; all of them likely packed for her brother’s amusement. Cadance was a dirty girl underneath that sweet facade, packing lacy garments with the slit cut out of them and even a pair of panties with the words “Your Mistress” embroidered on the front. Twilight Sparkle giggled, scooping a big handful of the garments up and pressing her face deep into them. They were fresh and clean but it was still thrilling to draw in a big scent of the pile, to feel them against her face and to imagine just where they usually rested. From the lacy white pair that was practically see-through to the elegant black garment that looked like something out of a classy porno. Twilight Sparkle giggled into the panty pile, before an all new thrilling idea went through her.

Nervously she glanced around again, making sure she was still alone as she hooked her fingers against her pajama bottoms. She let them coast down to her ankles before eagerly stepping out of them, her bare purple ass exposed to the guest room as she dropped her hands into the pile of panties again. Which to pick?! There were so many wonderful options. Finally she decided on a lacy number that was pure white with a great deal of pink and purple frill; so beautiful and so stylish that Twilight Sparkle could instantly recognize the craftsmanship. Her friend Rarity had made these panties for Cadance to enjoy...and now Twilight was going to sample that fun.

Before long she was laid out on the guest bed, wearing her pajama top and a pair of Cadance’s finest panties. Her fingers were rolling through the fabric against her slit, and she eagerly spread her excitement and her nectar on the front of that smooth and sexy garment. Her hips rolled slowly into her touch and she filled the room with the sound of her delight, her head spinning at the sneaky bit of mischief she got up to. Maybe tomorrow Cadance would wear those panties...and maybe they’d still be damp. As Twilight’s breathing grew more excited at the prospect she started to feel a climax rise within her, back arching and her voice nearly calling out into the empty room. She forced herself to be quiet by swallowing her impending moan, shuddering in a full-body spasm as she rocked in tremendous release.

Soaked cloth. Sticky fingers. The scent of arousal and squirt on the guest bed. She giggled at the mess she had made, and slowly began to peel the elegant garment away from her purple pussy. When she left she made sure to take all the other panties; to bundle them up into her arms and run away with them. Not only would it give Cadance no other choice but to wear the panties she had squirted inside, but it gave her plenty of more toys to enjoy the rest of her evening.

And a few doors down, Cadance was fucking her brother, completely oblivious of her future sister in law’s lust.

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Every morning, Azula was put in the stocks. Stripped down to nothing and put on display within her cell; her wrists and her neck both held in place by the heavy wood that was kept there by locks of the strongest steel. Under normal circumstances it would’ve been nothing for a Firebender of her talents to escape from, but she had long since learned that far greater challenges awaited her outside the door of her cell. Nowadays, the woman that was once Firelord knew enough to behave. She knew enough to stand there with her legs spread, waiting for whoever would come to visit that day.

She had been naked when the guards first put her in the stocks that morning, just as she always was as the day began. Clothes weren’t a big part of her life anymore; at least not since her old friends had taken to punishing her in shifts. Some days it would be Mai who would taunt her and tease her with that cold monotone voice, all while roughly fucking against her with a thick and unforgiving strap on. Some days it would be Ty Lee who would stretch herself into all sorts of positions around Azula’s stocks, dangling from them in gravity-defying ways as she buried her shaven pussy against Azula’s mouth. Some days it was those that she only barely knew; like June and her damned, ass-reddening whip. And on the roughest of days it was her former enemies come to dominate her, to pay her back for all the crimes she committed. Katara and her water tentacles that wove all around her and shoved themselves into...into every slot she had. Toph, and how she brought along iron bands that she used to lock around nearly every inch of Azula until she felt like a metal-bound mummy with only her pussy exposed. Or most recently, Suki and an entire squad of the Kyoshi Warriors, each of whom demanded service from the bound bitch in the stocks.

Azula just whimpered a little, swallowing as she shifted within her confinement. The anticipation was usually the hardest part; her head spinning as she wondered which woman would arrive there next to take advantage of her. Over the past year she had tasted the pussies of her greatest enemies and her former allies, her holes had been fucked and claimed and abused for the pleasure and passion of any woman that claimed it. What Azula hadn’t expected that day; however, was that as the door to her cell started to open she saw a face that she hadn’t seen in a long, long time. Her feet spread a little as her naked body shifted in position; hands tightening into gentle fists as her eyes went wide. Her long locks of dishevelled hair hung around her face in a messy framework as she gazed up, but even through those messy locks she could clearly make out the face of the woman that had just slinked inside.

“M...Mother?” She asked, her throat tightening and her eyes widening. “I thought...I thought you...were…”

“So this is what became of my little Azula.” Ursa spoke up gently; her voice laced with equal parts sadness, motherly concern, and indeed even arousal. Her brow lifted as she regarded the former Firelord, and with all the elegance and grace that Azula remembered she began to step forward. Soon there were familiar sensations running through the naked prisoner; the scent of her mother’s hair, the sound of her voice, that look in her eyes. A look that had so often fallen on Azula, and she had desperately searched for acceptance within it. She offered that same search now, looking up from the stocks as her mother moved a hand out and gently caressed her cheek. “I’m pleased to see you again, dear. I missed you.”

“M...Mother, I…” Azula’s head spun, shame crossing her features as she tried to think of what to say. Thankfully, there was no need for words of apology. No call for regret. Instead, Azula was cut off by Ursa’s voice, filling the room between them with an arousing, hungry call.

“...let’s get started.” Ursa murmured, and her hands moved to begin removing her robe. It was time that the naked, bound Firelord enjoyed the relationship with her mother that she had always wanted.

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Celestia’s top flyers weren’t just good for the front lines, they were good for their princess’ bedchamber too. Any time that Dash, Spitfire, and Fleetfoot returned to Canterlot to receive new orders it was simply a given that they would similarly be called upon to ease their ruler’s sexual tensions just as much as they helped defend her in the field. It was a perk of being the best; the chance to enjoy the woman that so many of their armies looked up to as nothing short of a goddess.

“Mmm, you can definitely go harder than that, Rainbow Dash.” Celestia purred, licking her lips as she rolled her rear from side to side. “Do it for your kingdom.” In that moment the beautiful princess was braced on her hands and knees, her ass gripping tight around the thick blue length of her top flyer. Nearby both Fleetfoot and Spitfire were offering up their cocks to their princess’ mouth, which she licked, kissed, and even gently sucked as her own whims dictated. Though all three of the thick-cocked flyers were there to enjoy Celestia it was by the woman’s own terms, and she took great delight in taking her troops to task before letting them ravish her.

“P...Princess’re just so...tight…” Dash whimpered, thrusting back and forth within the other woman’s wonderful ass. Each push inside took her down to the core and made her tremble with excitement, and every time she knocked against Celestia from behind the princess’ own cock swung heavily back and forth. She was practically oozing precum down to the mattress, just as her own ass was leaking cum from Fleetfoot’s last explosion within her. By the end of those evenings she was typically packed with cream, though that particular night the princess was feeling more teasing than before. She looked up to give both Fleetfoot and Spitfire a few tender sucks and kisses for their service, and a teasing look crossed her features as she squeezed herself back against Dash’s own thrusts.

“Hurry up, General.” Princess Celestia cooed as she licked her lips, studying the blue skinned woman as her wings flapped to increase her force. “How do you expect me to take all three of you in my ass at once unless I’m properly packed with your cum?”

“All three at on--ohhhh…” Spitfire whimpered at that, her own cock throbbing and aching in Celestia’s grip. Did the princess really mean it?! Would she let all three of them stuff their cocks in her ass at the same time? “G...Great Celestia…”

“Mhmm.” The princess simply agreed with the other woman, and closed her mouth around the tip of her aching cock as if rewarding her for her praise.

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“That’s it, Korra...that’s a good girl.” Asami purred, and allowed her fingers to gently trail down the back of Korra’s head. The head of Future Industries was sitting right there in her office; leaning back in a chair sat behind a wide oak desk. She was mostly dressed to the nines that afternoon; silk stockings, a deep red pencil skirt that matched her blazer, and her hair finely styled into a low sitting ponytail near the top of her neck. The only thing that was less than professional was the thick cock sticking out from her lap, and the heavy pair of balls covered in spit.

At the edge of her seat Korra knelt down, stripped naked as she trailed her tongue in long, wide strikes against her lover’s sack. It wasn’t at all out of the ordinary for Korra to fall into the service of Asami’s cock during lunchtime; after all, that was how she got pregnant in the first place. Even now the Avatar held an arm underneath her pregnant belly, helping to keep herself balanced as she slurped up and down, layering her lover’s balls in a thick glistening coating of spit. It was slow and sloppy work by definition but the longer she licked the harder Asami became, and the sight of that throbbing shaft intersecting her view of her lover was absolutely thrilling.

Korra just murmured contently with the taste of Asami’s balls in her mouth, cradling each side of the pouch against her tongue individually while she worked. Threads of spit rolled down her chin and landed on her pregnant belly, which she was eager to slide her palm across and lewdly rub in against her toned, dark flesh. Almost every afternoon that she visited Asami during her lunch break led to Korra feeling wet and slimy and glistening with delight; whether it was sweat or spit or cum managing to cover every bit of her. And as she buried her nose against the spot where Asami’s cock met her sack it was clear that afternoon would be no different. It didn’t matter how far along she was in her pregnancy, or how little time they had before Asami’s next meeting, the woman’s cock had to be tended to before everything else. Her cock...and her big, tasty balls.

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“Sister, you said you wouldn’t do this to me again!” Vita-Tan whined, her cheeks flushed a bright red as she lowered herself down. Her tender little pussy spread around the edge of a thick strap-on that had been perfectly positioned on the floor, sticking straight up and well-lubed for the occasion. It was easily just a few sizes too big for Vita-Tan’s tiny pussy, and that only made it all the more intense when, as she began to squeeze herself on it, she began to shake. “Ahhhhhh, no, not my vibration function, PS4-Tan!”

A tiny, vibrating pussy pushing down on a big, oily toy. It was a fun bit of distraction for PS4-Tan as she stood there in the hallway watching, her eyes shining as she continued to control her sister’s actions. The Remote-Play function gave her full control and as much of it as she liked; usually she only opted to seize the reigns of her sister’s arms and legs. She wanted her to feel everything else that was done to her, and wanted to see the blush across her face. Vita-Tan always made the cutest expressions when she was made to fuck herself on increasingly bigger and bigger toys with the help of her sister’s remote control.

“It’s okay, Vita-Tan, just think of DS Lite-Tan!” The girl at the doorway giggled, licking her lips as she watched with delight. “I know you have a crush on her. I saw you playing with your analog pad while reading about her dual screens!”

“T...That’s...that isn’t tru...ahh…” The further Vita-Tan slid down on that strap on the more and more her pussy vibrated, shivering back and forth and gliding deeper on it. Soon she was crouching; her hands braced on her stocking-clad knees and her body almost fully lowered on the toy. With a heavy blush over her features she looked up at her sister with one last pleading glance, desperately hoping to be allowed to stand up and put the uncomfortable topic behind her. “I...I don’t like DS Lite-Tan...I…” She swallowed, before suddenly blurting out in a sudden, shameful admission. “I LIKE SEGA CD-TAN!”

Even PS4-Tan was surprised at that. Sega CD-Tan was an older woman; practically a MILF by their standards, and she was well known for being connected at the hip with Sega Genesis-Tan. She was a little heavier than the rest and her library wasn’t quite as diverse, but there were a few hot spots of massive interest. Despite her faults Sega CD-Tan had nice breasts.

And motherfucking Popful Mail, which was underrated as fuck.

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Why did Coco smell so good? That thought had flowed through Flash’s mind more than once that day. As the two worked close together in math class, sitting at the same desk, it was almost impossible not to notice. Whether it was the shampoo that Coco used on his beautiful sea green hair or just the young man’s own natural scent, it was sweeter than any perfume Flash had picked up on any girl he had ever known. Sunset Shimmer never made him feel like that, nor did the visiting Twilight Sparkle. And the way that pleasingly sweet aroma worked against him only made every other aspect all the more confusing.

That flawless skin; cream colored and without a single blemish. A gentle laugh that was delicious feminine. A kind smile that made Flash fidget in his seat, forced to deal with sensations and desires that were completely new to the young man. When he and Coco sat shoulder to shoulder he could already feel himself tensing up, and when they leaned in over their books and some of Coco’s soft hair flowed forward and bumped against his cheek Flash couldn’t quite breathe for a second. Worst of all was when Flash was struggling to use the compass for his assignment and Coco reached out, laid his hands on top of the other young man’s, and helped him trace that wide, perfect circle.

“Let me help.” Coco had offered with a tender smile, his soft digits pressing smoothly over Flash’s. “See? Easy. Wow, Flash, your hands are cold!” Coco Pommel was so utterly unashamed of his own unique identity that he thought nothing of moving his own palms up to breathe into them, heavy and hot before lowering them right back down on top of Flash’s to warm them. He even giggled a little as he did so, though it was unclear whether or not he caught how much Flash was trembling in that moment. “There! Any better? All warm now?”

Warm...was an understatement. Flash had quickly excused himself to the restroom just a moment later, and he had walked in such a fashion as to hide the throbbing erection pushing against his lap. Why did he choose to wear jogging shorts that day?! Before long the handsome young man was locked in a stall a few doors down from Coco, his pants around his knees as he desperately jerked in quick, passionate tugs across his cock. Sweat lined his bro and precum drooled from his tip, and all that filled his mind as he masturbated was that image of perfection he had been working with. Coco Pommel. A young man that was prettier than Sunset Shimmer, sweeter than Twilight Sparkle, and forcing Flash to reevaluate everything he knew about himself.

Reevaluation would come just a little later, of course. First? A bit more sweating, a few more jerks of his spit-covered hand on his cock, and a shudder of confused, throbbing release.

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The Inquisition might have questioned just where all that gold went, but Josephine had always been good at playing around with the numbers. She was fully able to cover the cost of hiring the very best stock; one of the strongest warriors from a noble house to visit for a special task. The pockets had been lined and the wine had been sipped, and now she was enjoying the fruits of her labor in the form of a big, thick cock stirring within her entrance.

“Ah! A...Adaar, it large!” Josephine whimpered, pressing in against her Qunari lover. While Adaar held her from below the young man they had hired fucked into Josephine from behind, holding her hips and rutting forward with heavy and hard thrusts. Sweat licked against Josephine’s forehead and her elegant voice flowed forward smooth and sweetly, crying out with delight as her pussy was claimed to the hilt. “I...I imagine it’s what yours would feel like, my love!”

In truth, the young man certainly did have a big cock...but nowhere near as big as Adaar’s would be if she had one. But still, if the married women were to have a child that meant Josephine would need to get pregnant, and that meant they needed a human cock to do so. So Adaar just smiled and held her lover close, moving to kiss her fondly on the mouth as she continued to be fucked from behind. If it gave Josephine a thrill to imagine that it was Adaar’s own gray-skinned member spearing her folds than all the better, it added to the intimacy of a moment that was unique between them. A third party in their bedroom wasn’t...entirely uncommon; after all, Sera had a tendency to sort of drop in whenever she wanted, but for that third party to be a male, and a stranger at that? It was as unusual as it was exciting.

When the young man started to cum he forced himself deep in Josephine’s folds, and he made the elegant woman sing as he filled her. The first creampie of Josephine’s life started to flood inside of her, squirting burst after burst of sticky white nectar deep into her entrance. She shuddered and groaned as she was squeezed in close against Adar, clutching the Qunari’s horns and holding onto her tightly. Their kiss continued all through Josephine’s countless moans and whimpers of delight, and when it was finally over their lips lifted and Josephine gazed longingly into the eyes of her lover.

“My sweetest love…” Josephine whispered, nearly misty-eyed in the moment. Cum still dripped from her pussy and the young man was still inside of her, though in the moment all she could see was the powerful warrior that had stolen her heart. “I hope...I desperately hope to give you the family you so desire…”

“I have no doubt you will, Josephine.” Adaar responded with a slow smile, and her hands moved to tighten against the toned, dark skinned rear of her lover. “And even if tonight doesn’t work, we can always hire him again.”

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“Hehe! And here I thought we were supposed to fear you more?” Azula was never going to live that one down. The words offered by Ty Lee’s mocking tone rung through the room, making the tied up woman whimper at the sound of it. How far she had fallen. Former (albiet brief) Firelord, now naked on her hands and knees in the bedchamber of one of her former servants. She had endured Ty Lee’s teasing for weeks now, but just like the discomfort of the plug within her rear, she knew she’d never get used to it. The plug itself led into a silken horse tail, a tail that Ty Lee was delighting in tugging at during taht very moment. Just enough to nearly breach leaving her ass...only to plunge back in again down to the hilt.

Azula whimpered around her ball gag, looking up at Ty Lee with a pathetic expression crossing her face. It wouldn’t of been so bad if Ty Lee wasn’t so easily able to tell how much her body enjoyed it; all of the abuse, the mistreatment, the suited her better than she ever would’ve admitted in the past. Her pussy was so wet that her glisten clung to her folds, dripping down from time to time as the toywork continued. With her hands tied behind her back she was left unable to fondle herself, and she knew that her new mistress would only offer her relief if she behaved. A good slut. A good, penetant slut.

Her eyes snapped open wide and she gave a sharp groan around her gag, just as Ty Lee twisted the toy within her ass to leave her tight pucker struggling to stretch around it. As she twisted it she started to pump it in and out with a casual pace, and Ty Lee’s giggle served as a perfect sound of harmony to go along with the treatment. The athletic young woman moved a hand up to Azula’s hair and pulled tight against her locks, leaning in to whisper against her old friend’s ear.

“I used to admire you so much.” She hissed through her teeth, just as she pushed the toy back down to the hilt and crossed Azula’s ass with a harsh spank. While the former Firelord drooled from both her lips around the gag and her exposed and tender slit, Ty Lee drove home for her once more just how much her life had changed. “And I still love you. I just enjoy it a lot more when you don’t have your hands free to smack me.”

Or her mouth free. Or her ass. Or...anything. She wasn’t free anymore, and she had come to accept it. As Ty Lee pushed Azula’s head to the floor to start pounding her even harder with the plug, the Firelord’s eyes rolled back in her head and she started to give a desperate series of gasps against her gag. She wasn’t free, but she was happier than she had ever been. As it turned out, a collar and a mistress suited her well.

Chapter Text

How could Tracer have possibly resisted? Seeing that thick Russian cock bulging against the weightlifter’s uniform had been too tempting to possibly say no to, or even keep her hands off it. An “accidental” brush along that member throbbing through Zarya’s outfit had been the spark to light a bigger fire, and by now the young lady was stretched tight around that rod in her most tender hole. Her eyes were open wide and her mouth was left hanging agape, caught somewhere in between the excitement of the moment and the worry that she might have started something she couldn’t finish.

“Oi, Zarya, I didn’t...ah! I didn’t expect ya to put it right up me bum!” Tracer wiggled and whined, her legs kicking up in the air as she squirmed about. There wasn’t much escape though; Zarya’s member was deep inside of her ass already, and the Russian had thrown one massive, sculpted arm around her front to sink three thick, heavy fingers into her pussy. Stretched tight from both holes, Tracer could only whine again as she squirmed back and forth. “Gonna leave me right knackered after this!”

“Perhaps next time you’ll be more careful where you ‘accidentally’ touch, yes?” Zarya beamed, and pushed into motion. Every time she rocked forward with her hips she drove that enormous cock into Tracer’s depths, pushing her against those three probing fingers and sending her into another fit of gasping. The young lady’s eyes snapped open even wider as she was pistoned from both holes; an enormous length forcing her pucker wide while three digits equally rivalled any cock she ever had. Held within the fierce grip of the enormous Russian bear of a woman, all she could do was take what she had earned. Each thrust made her head spin as she struggled to take it all in, and the heavier and hungrier that Zarya grunted the harder and harder it go. In the very heat of her motions, Zarya moved her head forward, nipping at the back of the other woman’s throat as she whispered to her in a ferocious, dominant tone. “You are my little slut now, I will properly train you.”

“B...But...But my girlfrie-” Tracer had to admit she hadn’t been thinking about her girlfriend when she had ‘accidentally’ touched that Russian length, but it seemed now that her little brush would have all sorts of ramifications. “Ahh...what about...her…”

“Ha!” Zarya laughed, and watched Tracer squirm while she forced a fourth thick finger into her tight British pussy. “Little Symmetra will become slut for me, too. As you can tell, plenty of pure Russian cock to go around to all the little whores!”

Tracer whimpered and nodded, knowing from intense and immediate experience that the Russian wasn’t lying.

Chapter Text

“It was one thing to presume I’d be on the same team as you, but to think you’re worthy of being my leader? Preposterous!” Weiss scowled hard, her hand tightening against the short riding crop she held. Right before her the girl she had only known for a few short days was bent to her hands and knees, her perfect little rear lifted in the air and fully exposed. Already it wore a few harsh red marks crossing her rump and it shivered in a sensitive state; so sensitive in fact that the mere touch of Weiss’ fingers across the edge was enough to make her jump and yelp. “What do you have to say for yourself?!”

“I-I’m sorry!” Ruby whimpered, biting down on her bottom lip as she looked over her shoulder. “It wasn’t my intention! I didn’t even have a say in the matt-ahhh!” Another lash came from the riding crop, smacking squarely across Ruby’s rear and leaving yet another wet mark. Weiss drew in close as she finally let the crop fall to the ground, and one hand moved out to take the girl’s dark hair while the other leaned to the other end. She squeezed two fingers against Ruby’s slit while her thumb swept to the tight pucker of her ass, teasing both while she drew a fiercely tight grip on Ruby’s hair, tight enough that the girl’s head was forced to pull back to accomodate her. Once she had her in such a prone position Weiss gave an arrogant laugh, arching a brow as she drew her tongue idly across her lips.

“How could anyone think that you’re leader material? I feel how wet you are, you little slut. You were born to serve, and you know it.” She accented her point by squeezing two fingers tight inside the young woman’s slit, hooking them just as she pressed her thumb forward in the same instant. With three fingers piercing her in two different holes Ruby’s eyes widened, her knees sliding apart a bit further to help accomodate the new attention. As nectar glistened across Weiss’ fingers and down the inner part of Ruby’s thighs the submissive young woman gave a tiny whimper, her eyes closing and her teeth biting down against her bottom lip. She didn’t much care for Weiss’ delivery, but she had a hard time denying the truth of it. With burning cheeks she finally found the bravery to speak up once more, a bravery that was quickly fading while Weiss’ thumb probed and twisted within the tight pucker of her ass.

“I...If I could give you leadership I would…” She whimpered, blushing vibrantly as she squirmed. “Please…”

“Please what, slut?” Weiss asked, a slender brow arched. She released Ruby’s hair long enough to let her nails travel down the naked girls back, leaving long scratch marks over her pretty flesh before accenting her rear with another slap. All the while her thumb and fingers continued to work, drawing out the truth from that wet, hot slit. “You don’t actively presume to ask me to stop, do you? I know better than that. You’ll beg for more, but you’ll never ask me to quit.”

“Y...You’re right…” Ruby whimpered, hanging her head before giving an aroused shudder. “But...But..”

“Out with it!” Weiss beamed, pushing her thumb in deep enough to make the girl’s entire body to clench. “What is it, whore?!”

“ we…” Ruby shivered and shuddered, her head raising once more and her eyes gazing across the room. “ we have to do this while my sister watches?!” From across the room Yank shoved another fistful of popcorn into her mouth, messily chewing and swallowing before she gave a thumbs up with a wide smile on her face.

“Hey, you’re doing fine, sis!” She grinned, a few blonde locks hanging before her eyes. As her hand dropped back into the bag of popcorn she tilted her head with a grin, an errant kernel resting against her lips which she eagerly licked away. “I’m just enjoying the show and watching our new leader work!”

Chapter Text

She had never cared to affiliate herself with Bruce, but there was definitely a thrill in taking what was his. Especially when the eighteen year old Barbara Gordon showed up at her door, lifting up the skirt of her uniform to reveal that she had cut a noticeable hole in her tights, just enough to expose a young pussy with a tiny tuft of orange hair above it. From her doorway Kate simply smirked, arms folded over her chest and she let her eyes pass up and down Batgirl’s slender figure.

“Babe? Who’s at the door?” From the living room Maggie’s voice filled the air, and Kate smirked even wider at the sound of it. She waited to answer, first stepping forward to lower her hand to pet along the folds of the teenager presenting herself to her.
“Our company for the night.” She finally called back, and gestured for Batgirl to follow. That was a half hour ago, and since then Batgirl’s outfit had been mostly stripped away. The cute little redhead was now shoulder-to-shoulder with Maggie Sawyer, the blonde older woman that had been stripped down to nothing. Together the two rested on their hands and knees on the bed, and behind them Kate had donned her full Batwoman attire to properly enjoy them.

“It’s so nice when little sluts come by to deliver their pussy!” Kate grinned wide, her hips thrusting forward as she steadily fucked Barbara with a thick strap-on secured to the front of her suit. The young woman hissed and groaned through her teeth as she was claimed, and when Maggie leaned over to give her a wet and hungry kiss she didn’t resist. It didn’t matter that she hardly knew the blonde, and it didn’t matter that she was ignoring her patrol in return for getting fucked that evening. All she cared about was Kate’s motions, and the steady heat that built within her as the married couple shared her. Kate grinned at the girl’s eagerness, and while one hand held Barbara’s hips the other had swung down to the other pussy resting beside her, teasing her gloved fingers into Maggie’s slit and driving deep within her depths.

Two moaning bitches braced against her bed; one that she had married and one that she was damn near ready to adopt. For weeks she had been working on Batgirl, breaking down her defenses with suggestions and flirting, always recommending that she drop by any time for a quick fuck. It was nice of the girl to listen to her elder, and it seemed like she was thoroughly enjoying the decision. As Kate’s cape flapped behind her she fucked harder and harder into Barbara’s pussy, claiming her until she could hear the girl’s voice raise up to a moment of near-orgasmic joy. From there she suddenly pulled back, and lined her juice-covered cock up against Maggie’s slit. Another push, and Maggie’s scream of deight drowned out Barbara’s noises of whimpering discontent.

“P...Please keep fucking me…?” Barbara glanced over her shoulder, whimpering as she looked up at the fully-dressed Batwoman. “I was so close…”

“Here.” Batwoman smirked at that, and lifted one of Maggie’s legs up. She held the woman aloft for a second, long enough for Barbara to slither underneath and sixty-nine the older blonde. “Get under my wife, and hope she’s feeling generous.” Barbara did just that, eagerly licking her lips as she spun around and settled into position. As Kate grinned and pulled her strap-on free, only to plunge the Maggie-flavored toy down Barbara’s throat, she gave a satisfied grin and savored the moment. Batgirl might have learned to fight underneath Bruce’s training, but it’d be Batwoman that would really test her young limits.

Chapter Text

“Asami, this is cheating!” Korra scowled, looking down at the contraption locked around her lap. She could only barely see her cock underneath the wires and machinery, including a heavy pump with a few slowly rotating gears. “And...I’m not comfortable having something so...busy down there.”

“Yeah, well, you should’ve thought of that when you decided to cheat last time.” Asami answered back swiftly, moving to take position alongside her lover. Aside from the robotic chaos strapped around Korra’s lap both girls were completely naked, and Asami’s cock hung nicely from her lap already thick and heavy. “If you’re allowed to ‘cum bend’ to make sure you shoot the furthest, I’m allowed to use my talents to make you cum quicker. Simple as that.” Korra just pouted at the explanation, but she couldn’t really refute the other woman’s claims. With a soft grunt she spit in her palm and moved her hand down, across Asami’s shaft so her hand could wrap keenly around the length. Already her lover throbbed within her, and she looked up at Asami with a soft blush on her cheeks.

“Ready?” She inquired, and Asami simply nodded. Korra quickly went to work; stroking her hand back and forth as the two girls knelt side by side, her fingers tight around Asami’s length as she feverishly pumped her partner’s cock. As she worked; however, she soon noticed that her beloved Asami wasn’t doing...well...anything. She simply knelt there with her hands behind her back, her member getting stroked by Korra’s dark fingers, a smug expression on her face. Korra’s own cock was left trapped in that machine, gripped firmly on all sides by it while it stayed hitched around her waist. “Y...You’re not even going to try?!”

“Oh, I’ll try and win.” Asami responded confidently, and licked her lips before slipping forward to give Korra a tiny peck on the cheek. “Once I get a half decent handjob out of you first, love.”

Korra did just that, pumping her hand over her lover’s member faster and faster. She put the girl’s teasing gaze out of her mind as she stared down at Asami’s cock, throbbing and tensing, pulsing and getting oh so close. She knew Asami’s cock almost as well as her own, and especially with the black haired girl not even trying, she was definitely assured a victory! Another win for Korra was right around the corner, and she grinned wide as she saw Asami tense up in the early few seconds of an orgasm. “Here we go! Let’s see it, Asami!”

In response, Asami simply stretched a hand forward and pushed a button on the device strapped around Korra’s lap. A sudden whir of activity overtook the Avatar and Korra’s eyes snapped open wide as the device started to buzz, its full potential coming to life and sending the girl into a state of shock. Lifelike suction wrapped around her length and gave her steady pumping while a petal-soft device teased her heavy sack, moving back and forth across her balls to leave her shuddering in delight. And as if that weren’t enough from the spot where the device secured around her back a small lever popped out to reveal a pre-lubricated rod four inches long and one and a half inches thick, one that snapped down in a swift motion and pierced down into Korra’s ass.

Korra was left howling from the sudden flux of motion, from the pumping to the simulated licking, to the steady pistoning the device was giving her ass. It was so overwhelming and so sudden that the Avatar’s body drew in far too much pleasure to process, and soon enough the device started to hum and whir. On the side of the machine there was an empty glass tube that steadily started to fill with white; cum collected from the built-in resevoir that Korra almost instantly flooded with cream. Asami just beamed as she stretched a hand out, unscrewing the tube and holding it aloft, a perfect glass of Avatar cream.

The inventor lifted the tube to her lips and took a long drink, enjoying a few heavy swallows of her lover’s fresh-pumped cum.

“Korra, my love.” She mused, and licked her lips. “This is the taste of victory.”

Chapter Text

What to do with these troublesome mages? Not all of them could be made into such willing pets as Elsa, unfortunately. It would certainly be nice if they could, if she could trust them all to stay in line and to resist the urge to use magic. Sadly that was far from the case, and the stress of keeping Kirkwall from falling into anarchy weighed heavily on Meredith’s head. Thankfully, for as many problems as the mages caused, there was that paragon of their kind that would help her through such...hardships.

“Does it please you, Knight-Commander?” Elsa looked up from in between the older woman’s legs, a few ribbons of sweet nectar connecting her lips to the older woman’s lap. She didn’t wait for a response before pushing her face down once more, burying her nose against Meredith’s hood as her tongue slurped forward again. The “Tranquil” was stripped down just as well as her handler, and it was in those moments that the truth of their constant deception could be witnessed. Within their bedchambers the fact that Meredith was far from Tranquil was known only to them, and it was the woman’s one and only chance to truly showcase what emotions she could muster.

Generally, those emotions tended towards the visceral sort, and they always labored a great deal of affection upon Meredith. As her slit was serviced Meredith gave a sweet nod, gazing back down to the young woman at her lap before turning to a heavy set of parchment within her hands. She flipped idly through the reports, growling under her breath even as Elsa’s tongue shivered layers of pleasure across her.

“You serve me well as ever, Elsa.” Meredith murmured, and to help the young woman work she bent a knee, spreading her legs to increase the girl’s room. In response Elsa pressed forward even more hungrily, and slithered two fingers within the older woman’s slit. Despite all that attention and affection; however, Meredith’s gaze remained on the report, eyes flickering over it with a cold and steady gaze. “This Hawke has caused me no small amount of headaches. She’s almost as bad as that damned Orsino. I suspect before this is all handled I’ll be requiring far more of your...therapeutic treatment.”

“Anything for you, Knight-Commander Meredith.” Elsa’s words were slightly muffled around the slit pressed against her lips, but the intent was clear. She kept working with her eyes drifting close, drawing in the taste of her handler and shuddering at the flavor. Meredith was a demanding workaholic sort; always on edge, always at the very cusp of intense stress. The situation in Kirkwall had only made things worse, and since they had begun Elsa had been working double duty. Her assistant during the day; her way of letting mages know that they could always be made Tranquil, and her more intimate work behind closed doors. There wasn’t even a comparison; she enjoyed her evening tasks far more.

As Elsa worked and Meredith’s breathing grew heavier and hotter, the older woman finally moved to put her parchments aside. She could deal with work later, and right now the young woman that had dedicated herself to her deserved her full attention. With a slow smile she studied the pretty features at her lap; closed eyes and sweet features framed with light brown braids, and cheeks marked with her own glistening nectar. Her moment was near now; so very near, and yet Elsa continued with an unending zeal. Meredith’s fingers drew forward and she stroked the young woman’s cheek, one finger hooking behind one of her braids to lift and let it drop in an almost affectionate fashion.

“Keep going, dear.” She ushered her, almost critically close to her climax. “Prove your loyalty to the Templars.”

Elsa nodded and did just that; a traitor to her own kind, but one that had found a position of comfort and happiness.

Chapter Text

Zarya’s muscles tightened, and the massive weightlifter braced herself against the wall of the restroom. She held one elbow and arm to the wall while the other had dropped, her fingers tenting the front of her tight pants to delve within the depths of her sex. As she clenched her teeth and shut her eyes tight her fingers rapidly worked within her, and all the while her mind spun on the scene she had witnessed just a few short moments ago.

The Overwatch family picnic had been going just fine! Soldier 76 had mastered the art of grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, Widowmaker and Tracer had won the three legged race, and Zarya herself had impressed the crowd of her friends by lifting up the picnic bench with Symmetra, Torbjorn, and Reinhardt all sitting on it. Everything had been going fine and she was having a wonderful time, up until they announced that it was time for desserts. Mei alone always did it to her; that mousey look and those adorable glasses, those little curves that were so different from Zarya’s own...she admired a great deal about that chubby little cutie, from her brains to the comfort she had within her own skin. Sure, Mei was a little timid, but the charm level was high.

And as Mei sat there wearing a tight fitting blue tanktop stretched around those AMAZING breasts? It was already a danger situation for Zarya, and that danger became too intense to handle as the young woman started lapping away at that damned ice cream. Lick, lick, lick, and from the sidelines Zarya had watched with sweat forming on her brow and a tense heat building inside of her. The noise of her friends playing badminton drowned out while she watched, paying as close attention to Mei as the girl was paying attention to her ice cream cone. It was even strawberry, to make matters worse! Strawberry was pink! Zarya was pink! Why couldn’t she be licking something else that was pink?!

The weightlifter drew in a deep breath as she continud to jill herself in the restroom, her hand tenting her pants at a rapid pace while she worked. That same sweat clung to her brow and she dipped a third finger into her slit, pressing her folds apart wider as she imagined that chubby little cutie joining her in bed. Oh, the fun they could have! She could bench press a naked Mei, or Mei could tease her with ice cubes down every line of every muscle, or Zarya could simply strap on one of her finest pieces of gear and together they could see just how strong a Siberian blizzard could be. All of those thoughts filled her mind as she continued to rapidly move her hand, wet noises filling the room around her and a low groan escaping from the back of her throat. And when her moment came every muscle within her body strained and tightened, pleasure washing over her in a rapid wash of pure, unadulterated bliss. A heavenly smile spread across the strongwoman’s features as she continued to rest against the wall, content within her own mind as she envisioned sharing an ice cream cone with Mei herself, each woman taking a tiny lick in alternating, cute motions.

Her attention immediately snapped back to the rest of the room when she heard a voice speak up from behind her.

“Aww, tosh, this again, mate?!” Tracer’s voice chirped up with exasperation. “You gotta stop bein’ such a damp squib and ask her out already! This is the third time this month!”

Chapter Text

Neither one of them had expected Jodie to be quite so demanding. When Daria and Jane had invited the young lady to Jane’s room after school they had expected that her responsible personality would carry into the bedroom; that they’d have to spend some time coercing her, convincing her to be bad, approaching it from every angle before the pretty young thing decided to play along. What they received was...a fair bit different.

“Fuck me harder! Both of you, damnit! Pound those fucking holes!” Jodie’s voice filled the room around them, causing both Daria and Jane to look at each other with rather large, surprised eyes. Not that either of them particularly minded; the girl’s enthusiasm was a nice change of pace between two girls that were never described as particularly expressive. And as Jodie sat firmly on Daria’s cock, her rear stretched around it while her pussy clenched about Jane’s favorite strap-on, the young woman was a hotbed of activity. She rocked her hips of her own volition while sandwiched between the two, locked her ankles behind Jane’s back, and moved a hand up to each of the other two girls’ hair, pulling tightly as she begged for more.

“I don’t know, Daria, sounds like she’s begging for it too much.” Jane dared to give a sly little grin; slowing her pace and locking her knees. She stopped herself from pushing into Jodie as best as she was able, resisting the pull at her back from the dark skinned girl’s legs. Her hands moved to grip around Jodie’s rear, and with Daria’s help managed to freeze her in place, keeping her in a state of perfect stasis trapped between their two members. Already Jodie was whimpering and nibbling on her bottom lip, her hands moving to lock against Jane’s shoulders even as Daria chimed in from the bottom of the pile.

“You’re right, Jane.” The girl spoke up, offering a sly look from behind her glasses. “Last time we invited someone to join us they weren’t know...loud.”

“Nnnnnng!” Jodie practically roared, trembling in between those two cocks. She ached to settle her ass down against Daria’s thick length once more, and her legs strained in the hopes of pulling Jane into her again. “That’s because you two always fuck vapid, empty headed white bitches! Probably your first time sharing a real woman!”

“Well, she’s got us there, Daria.” Jane responded again, but still held back. She looked to her girlfriend for consideration of Jodie’s desires; working in perfect harmony as they almost always did. “She’s definitely more...wriggly than the fashion club sluts.”

“And I suppose she should get credit for using the word ‘vapid’ in the bedroom.” Daria mused, her hands swipping forward to rub lightly across Jodie’s dark stomach. She teased her fingers back and forth idly, before finally giving a slow nod. “...all right, Jodie, you win. Guess we’ll just have to give you the rough treatment, if you want it that bad.”

“Finally! Thank you!” Jodie purred, licking her lips and squeezing her rear around Daria’s throbbing length. “Now c’mon! Start pounding me aga-” She was cut off by Daria, in a tone that in the same breath was completely static and emotionless, yet still giving Jodie the idea that she was about to give her more than the girl bargained for.

“Jane? Make way.” Daria smirked, a hand moving to the base of her cock and pulling it slowly free. “If Jodie’s so tough, she shouldn’t have any problem handling us both at once.”

Chapter Text

“There. That shut you up nicely.” Zelda arched a brow as she gazed into her lap, watching as Midna’s eyes rolled back within her oversized head. As big as it was it was still only barely able to contain Zelda’s cock, and the thing had pressed in so deep and so completely that the little imp’s throat was bulging and thick from the attention. As lines of drool slithered down the excess of Zelda’s shaft the princess just gave a haughty laugh, and pulled a few strands of hair back to tuck behind one of her ears. “Perhaps this’ll teach you to mind your manners when it comes to talking to royalty.”

Midna had officially learned just why Princess Zelda wore that oversized dress. Why it swept out so much from her hips, and why it always travelled strain down to the floor. Underneath it she had been hiding something thick and massive, and now the flavor of it was filling not just Midna’s mouth but the entirety of her senses. Every breath she claimed was laced with the scent of Zelda’s spit-covered cock, and every time she tried to pull away she was reminded that she was completely claimed within that moment. The princess’ hands on her tiny waist held her as fitly as she would hold an unruly pet, and every time Midna fidgeted to try to get away Zelda pushed her down a little bit more.

“Mmm. So you’re good with your mouth so long as you’re not allowed to speak with it.” Zelda praised the tiny black imp, licking her lips as she gave her another little thrust. A soft gagging squeak escaped from the back of Midna’s throat, and one of Zelda’s hands swam forward to help herself to the tiny, tight grip of her rear. A firm squeeze sent the imp squirming even more, and the action only made her grind her throat even harder and hotter against that thick, throbbing cock. All to the princess’ delight, which was, after all, the natural order of things. “Perhaps I’ll keep you at my side when this is all over. I’m sure you can be fit with a muzzle for when I don’t need your mouth for more...productive things.”

The implication sounded more like a threat than vauge wondering; and Midna gazed up with surprise in her eyes as she speculated how serious Zelda was. She wasn’t given the chance to dwell on it for long, however, as soon the princess started to rock her hips forward faster and faster. Every push stretched the imp’s throat a little more, and the lines of drool that slid down Zelda’s shaft pulled against her lap. In the deepest moments Zelda would pull Midna down to the very hilt of her cock, forcing the tiny little thing’s nose to bury against that puddle of shameful, cock-flavored spit.

And when her moment came, Zelda roared in delight with a big smile across her features. Cum throbbed through her length and deposited itself squarely into the imp’s stomach, shooting from a tip that was already more than halfway down her throat. Cum came again and again in heavy waves until the princess could feel it pool around her shaft, like the rising waters coming to overtake her. Soon Midna’s cheeks bulged and her eyes went wide, before the little imp couldn’t help but spurt and spit cum all over the princess. By the very end Midna was left gasping on the floor, and Zelda just looked at her elegant robes now sullied with cream.

“Hmph. What a mess.” She mused, and then clapped her gloved hands together. “Servant girl? Time to clean me.”

Midna just looked from side to side, hoping to see somebody else in the room. When she realized she was the only one the truth sunk in; the title of servant girl and the task of cleaning up that big, cummy mess, were both hers.

She just hoped she could clean it all up appropriately, her little belly was already so full.

Chapter Text

“Oh my.” Morrigan blinked, watching with wide eyes at what laid out before her. “That was...unexpected.” Succubus magic usually had predictable results; throw a little bit of lust in the air and watch the fun while humans fought their urges. Usually they broke down into whimpering little masses of pleasure, but there had apparently been some sort of...miscommunication. Morrigan cupped a hand around her mouth and called out, her thick accent carrying with her tone. “Doin’ all right there, lad? She seems...enthusiastic.”

“G...Get her offa me!” Chris Redfield was left pretty much helpless, with a set of claws pinning his military jacket to the floor. The claws had moved in so precisely and with such focus that they had eased into his jacket while managing to miss his flesh, but now that he was pinned by them even the slightest bit of squirming let him know just how sharp they were. He was effectively trapped while a feral woman mounted him, her teeth clenched and her eyes wide as she lowered herself down against his member. The soldier didn’t dare move as X-23 eased her pussy against his lap, letting his member spread her folds with surprising ease. Once she had hilted herself and enveloped Chris’ cock in warmth her head jerked up once more, that wide smile spread over her features that made her look manic, crazed, and primal. The beads of sweat against her forehead and the black hair hanging in wild threads certainly didn’t help.

From the sidelines, Morrigan just tapped her chin in thought. She had certainly seen mortals enjoy a bit of succubus magic more than others, but this one? This one must’ve been part demon herself. Her slender, naked form started to fuck against Chris with a violent passion, one that sent his lap bouncing up and down against the floor while his cock drove deep into her entrance. Morrigan looked around from side to side at the building roof their group had been fighting on, and finally shrugged with a smile pressed against her features.

“Don’t worry! I’m sure no one else will see! I recommend you just enjoy the ride!” As X-23 started to fuck even harder and faster, and even lowered her head to bite at Chris’ exposed shoulder, Morrigan couldn’t help but giggle. “I...thoroughly recommend it. You don’t really know what she’ll do if you try pushing her off, do you?”

Chris just groaned as the feral X-23 fucked him hard into the roof of the building, using the blades from her fists and feet to secure her against the concrete. Her motions came from deep thrusts of her hips that forced his length within her, and as she fucked with a steady rythym a slow, primal smile spread over her lips. More biting at Chris’s shoulder. More grunting and desperate breathing. More unbridled, feral passion. She was fucking into the soldier with all the fury that her trigger scent would typically muster, but thanks to Morrigan’s magic it had been somewhat...repurposed. More pleasurable for her target for sure, but probably just as dangerous. As she rode him to a sudden and violent orgasm Chris’ muscles tightened and he could no longer resist, pumping into Laura’s tight, welcoming slit with threads of sticky white cum. As she was filled she howled in delight, and drove her mouth so hard against Chris’ shoulder that by the time she came back up she had the slightest bit of blood at the corner of her lips. Feral to the last, and it’d give something Chris to remember that evening with.

Once she was finished Laura stood up, cum drizzling from her slit as she cast her gaze towards Morrigan. The succubus was almost ready to flee until she saw the hint in the girl’s eyes, and she gave a sudden laugh as she turned to look at the small crowd behind her.

“Better run now, lads.” She beamed, looking to the collected group of Strider, Spider-Man, and Phoenix Wright. “I don’t think it’s ladies she’s after right now.”

While the three men made a panicked rush to get off of the building Morrigan just watched with a smile, gazing at the raven-haired lunatic that was chasing after them completely stark naked.

“Too bad, too.” Morrigan purred, licking her lips. “The girl’s got some talent, I suppose.”

Chapter Text

“It’s so great having a friend like you, Bon Bon!” Lyra beamed, her smile bright and joyful as she bucked her hips forward. “You’re the best person in the world!” To show her enthusiasm she clapped her hands into Bon Bon’s own, and together the two girls began using each other for leverage. It let them bring their tangled bodies a little closer together, the wet noise of their pussies smearing back and forth across one another filling the room between them. Every time Bon Bon visited it always left Lyra’s bedroom smelling like the dense scent of lesbian se---errr, really good female friends doing best friends things.

“Ever since we were little, we’ve always been so close!” Bon Bon responded with an equally happy smile, her nipples stiff and completely heterosexual. Why, the world had never seen nipples so amazingly heterosexual! Glistening as they were in the midst of a completely reasonable activity that two friends did. “And it means so much to me to have a friend like you around! Remember when I was so upset that Flash Sentry already had a date to the Fall Formal?”

“Oh, totally!” Lyra responded, her hips bucking against the other girl’s own and their cunts clapping together. Perhaps even applauding, for such a strong friendship. “You were so upset that the only way I could console you was to bend you over the hood of my car and pretend that I was him with one of my muscle massagers!”

“That was so sweet of you! It really helped me get over that rough time.” Bon Bon beamed, and as her peak drew near she felt herself shivering more and more. Soon she’d be hitting her climax right alongside Lyra, her best friend in the entire world. Bathing her in her own squirt and scent, marking her as if she were sole romantic properly, and the best part was that it was completely no homo! As the two girls cried out and hit a mutual orgasm their squirting sexes met each other full-force, making them shudder and moan and cry out into the air of Lyra’s tiny bedroom.

And then, with a look of profound satisfaction on her face, Bon Bon lunged forward and kissed Lyra with parted lips and a wiggling tongue, just to show her friend how much she meant to her. After all, why wouldn’t she? They were like sisters!

Sisters that fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked.

Chapter Text

“I will show you your place.” Symmetra’s voice was as calm and collected as ever, despite the circumstances she had brought her pet into. It was the most enticing thing about Symmetra as a Mistress; the fact that she was always flawless, always in control. Where some dominants would get angry or push their pets too forcefully, there was nobody that Pharah trusted more. It wasn’t like Mei would try to put increasingly large things in her ass, none of which fit. Fuck Mei.

In that moment Pharah was exposed; wearing nothing more than elbow-length leather gloves and thigh high leather boots. She was forced by Symmetra’s gentle but dominant hand to brace herself on her knees and lift herself up before her guests; a series of attractive young women from her offices at the Vishkar Corporation. As she knelt topless with her tender slit exposed in front of a line of women she had never met, a heavy blush came to Pharah’s cheeks but she had only to look towards Mistress Symmetra for strength.

“This is my pet. Her not important.” Symmetra mused, addressing the young women she had collected in her home. “For the next hour I will instruct her to service you in accordance to my special rewards program. You all performed your duties admirably, and have earned this service.” She gazed down at the blushing Pharah, and spoke to the young woman directly. “Isn’t that right, pet?”

“Y...Yes, Mistress.” Pharah nodded, and as the first attractive young woman stepped up Pharah braced herself. Her head tilted back and as the girl brought her skirt up around her waist, she found a shaved slit just waiting to be treated. Falling upon the script that Symmetra had made her memorize the mostly-naked Pharah spoke up in a sweet tone, just before lowering her mouth to the girl’s tender folds. “Thank you for your hard work and ingenuity in service of Vishkar Corporation. I hope you enjoy...this bonus slut.”

And from there Pharah’s mouth pressed against the pussy of a girl whose name she didn’t know, and who didn’t know hers. It was a lewd and depraved action she never would’ve done without Symmetra as her mistress, but now that she was there she was burning with excitement. She was embarassed, even felt as if she was being used, but...when it was done with perfection? There was no joy quite like it.

Chapter Text

It was hard to imagine an entire gorilla fist could go inside of Lena, but there it was. The young hero’s pussy was spread around the massive hand as Winston made a tight fist inside of her, rocking it from side to side as Tracer whimpered there on the floor. Underneath the gaze of the rest of their team Winston merely adjusted his glasses, and made a quiet and thoughtful observation.

“...fascinating.” The massive gorilla mused, already mentally taking notes. The tensile strength of Tracer’s slit, the nectar that was glazing the inside of his palm, even the noises that the young woman was making from the floor below...all of it relevant and important information that he’d remember for a later time. As Tracer tried to lift herself up to her hands and knees she gazed back over her shoulder at her old friend, biting down on her bottom lip before forcing out a defiant tone.

“C...C’mon, big guy, that isn’t all ya it?” She had never really known when to quit, and she was always stubborn to the last. Tracer suddenly gasped with her eyes going wide as she felt Winston drive his fist in deeper, striking the young woman down to her core and forcing her knees to spread. It was such a ferocious impact in her tiny, tight pussy that she very nearly fell right back down to the floor, only to be caught by the weight of Winston’s hand inside of her. Practically dangling from his fist she began to pant like a rabid beast, arousal running through her entire body as she pushed back against it slowly, hungrily. “M...More...more, big…”

“...I can’t believe we’re just standing here watching this.” D.Va spoke up from the sidelines, the entire face of her mech turning to look at Mercy. The doctor merely gave a simple shrug, and gestured to the rest of the prefight waiting room.

“What else are we going to do?” She asked in her thick, appealing accent. “Destroy everything for no reason? That wouldn’t make any sense, Hana. Now relax and watch a gorilla fist a tiny British woman.”

Chapter Text

“No fair! It’s my turn!” Scootloo whined, though her voice was slightly muffled by the steady licking of her tongue. She buried her face against Sweetie Belle’s thighs a little deeper, nose nestling to her friend’s hood as she peppered her tongue wildly back and forth. After drawing in another taste of Sweetie Belle’s sweetest part she looked back up, the same scowl playing on her lips. “You’ve been looking long enough!”

“You already had three turns, and this is still my first!” Sweetie Belle’s voice came back in a sudden response, and she put a hand at the back of Scootaloo’s head. Driving her hips back and forth she continued to ride against her friend’s face, her eyes still darting to the nearby window leading inside Twilight Sparkle’s house. “Just keep going and I’ll lose interest, I promise!”

The three young women were lurking in the bushes, making a mostly small scene as they enjoyed each other. In the heat of the moment Sweetie Belle was sitting squarely against Applejack’s face, letting her apple-loving friend lick her pucker while Scootaloo worked her folds. The entire time Sweetie Belle’s nose was pressed to the glass of Twilight’s house, and she watched with profound enthusiasm what was going on inside. Her sister and five of her friends, licking, fucking, and scissoring each other in one of the most depraved things they had ever seen. In that instant Rarity was receiving a treatment similar to her little sister as she stood up, with Rainbow Dash servicing her slit and Applejack working her rear. Across the other end of the room Pinkie Pie was pierced by two strap-ons wielded by Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle, but that was hardly the only positions they had seen. Even since the Cutie Mark Crusaders had come across the scene practically every one of the older women had sampled the others, proving once and for all that Twilight Sparkle’s Thursday book club nights were an elaborate sham for a persistent six woman orgy. Sweetie Belle didn’t look away from the window until she heard whining from below her; a whining that took Applejack’s tongue away from her rear.

“Oh, don’t you even start!” Sweetie Belle offered in response, and shoved herself down a little harder. “You hogged all the window time when we caught Princess Celestia and Princess Luna going down on Big Mac!”

Chapter Text

“So, how is it, whore?” Ahsoka Tano smiled slowly, and allowed her tongue to creep gently past her lips. She raised a cruel brow as she stood before the prone pet she had just acquired, one hand resting on her waist and the other at the hilt of her lightsaber. “Starting to realize the benefits of our side?”

From her place naked on the floor, filled with cum and exhausted from desperate fucking, Ventress simply twitched in response. Over the course of the past few hours, “Mistress” Ahsoka had been showing her the error of her ways, the things she was missing out on as a Sith Apprentice. At the behest of the Jedi a full platoon of Clone Troopers had enjoyed the slender, wicked woman in all of her holes, fucking her with intense teamwork and working in perfect unison. Never had she been drilled in such harmony at the edges of so many cocks, and as she looked up at the nearly-naked Ahsoka she could tell that between the young woman’s orange folds she, too, had received her share of creampies. Ventress hadn’t even noticed her being fucked...she had been so wrapped up in her own experience it had never even entered her range of sight.

“Y...Yes…” The word flowed from Ventress’ weak throat, sore from all the intense thrusting it had received. Before she could speak any further Ahsoka slapped a hand against the back of the woman’s head, laughing as she pulled her face forward and forced it to nestle against her own orange pussy. Immediately she could feel the other woman’s tongue working, curling against her, drawing out mouthful after mouthful of cum, and Ahsoka lowered her free hand to caress across Ventress’ smooth, bald head.

“Ha! They really made a mess of you.” The Jedi smiled as she felt cum sweep between her fingers, all of it layered as it was on Ventress’ scalp. As if filling the Sith in all of her holes wasn’t enough they had taken turns cumming on her head and face, layering that sticky white against her pale, smooth skin. If Ventress responded Ahsoka certainly couldn’t hear it; not with the other woman’s mouth so busy at her pussy. “Well, you’ll get used to that, too. The boys do love to cover a bitch when they’re done with her…”

As a woman whose leku and montrals had been covered in cum more than just a few occasions, Ahsoka gave a shiver of delight. It’d be interested to have another bitch around to help share the loads.

Chapter Text

It took three hours to get back from the city thanks to taking the wrong train and a lengthy subway delay, and by the time she slipped back into her own home she was ready to fall face first in the mattress. There was nothing the fashionista hated more than feeling worn down and frumpy, but at the end of a long day she didn’t particularly care if her hair was perfectly styled or if her skin had that smooth texture she loved. All she wanted was to lay down, feel sorry for herself, and eventually sob herself to sleep in her overdramatic fashion. At’s what she would’ve done before she had started dating Coco Pommel.

“Come here, come here…” Coco Pommel had read not just the expression on his lover’s face, but the various texts she had sent throughout the day. The fashion company hated her designs. The bistro served her soup with so much hair in it that it was practically wearing a wig. And the tedious drama of the dreadful! As the pretty young man darted forward and wrapped a warm blanket around Rarity’s shoulders, he instantly started guiding her towards a comfortable chair near the edge of their living room. “Dinner’s already in the oven, Rarity. And I’ll draw you a nice hot shower after. And then I’ll put your buckwheat eye pillow in the microwave, and, and…”

Fwump. Rarity’s forehead simply leaned down, falling against Coco’s shoulder as she gave a miserable whimper. The sudden drawn of Coco’s arms around the fashionista’s body came naturally to him, and he pulled the older woman close to keep her nice and warm and safe. He didn’t often get a chance to pamper rarity; typically it was the other way around with her dressing him up in frilly clothes and making him acknowledge his most feminine aspects...but this evening? This evening it seemed like he’d get a chance to return the favor. His arms tightened as he pressed his face against her purple locks, whispering fondly as the two stood there in the living room they shared together.

“It’s okay...I’m here.” Coco whispered, just as the whimpering, dramatic sobbing of Rarity began. At least nowadays she had someone to cry on, in the rare instance that she had a reason to.

Chapter Text

“So Sally’s cheerleading outfit is a perfect fit.” Jake smirked, licking his lips at the sight going on before him. “Good to really are a sissy slut, aren’t you?” The words that came to him in response were almost impossible to understand, spoken as they were around the weight of his cock. As Jake sat at the edge of the bed; his pants around his ankles and his member exposed, his girlfriend’s BFF was on his hands and knees working his mouth up and down Jake’s imposing length. Threads of spit rolled down his pretty little cheeks as he worked back and forth, and just as Jake had observed the frilly cheerleading outfit typically worn by his girlfriend was just as good a fit on her friend. Smooth legs leading out from the skirt, a pretty sweater that gripped a slender frame...hell, Sally’s friend almost made a better cheerleader than she did. The short black hair didn’t hurt the tomboyish look, and it was just enough for Jake to reach down and grab a tight fistful of his locks.

“That’s it, slutty girl…” Jake smiled, grinding his hips forward and feeding another few inches into the young man’s mouth. “Sally should be done making dinner in a half hour, so take your time. Don’t want to waste all that cum right at the start, do you?” The steady shake of the young man’s head was genuine and pure, and even though it was one of the first cocks he had ever sucked he was eager to keep going for more. He pushed himself down on Jake’s length, his head spinning about the whole situation. His best friend was just down the hall making them dinner, and yet it had been her suggestion that they give in to this madness. A simple request she had uttered to Jake, one that Jake had been all too eager to embrace.

“Please fuck my friend’s face.” Words that most high school seniors were desperate to hear from their girlfriend, but not always in reference to a feminine young man on the drama team. Still, Jake wasn’t one to turn down a warm, wet mouth, and as he slid in even deeper his own head rolled back and he gave a long, throaty groan. Sure...Sally had only said to fuck her friend’s mouth, but already he was wondering...would she really mind if he fucked the rest of him, too?

Seemed a shame to have a slutty cheerleader in the bedroom and not take advantage of it.

Chapter Text

Future Industries ass plugs had been a hot seller, ever since Korra and Asami had started their own line based around their morning activities. As the two thick-cocked lovers finished up their morning ritual, Asami opened up the nearby desk drawer to pull out two of their favorites. One of them was coiled and swirling and tinted a marble blue while the other had a more solid and square frame, colored a deep green. Couples plugs in the style of the four nations; you didn’t have to be from somewhere to enjoy pretending it was in your ass!

“Mmm...I really filled you up good, didn’t I?” Asami purred as she rolled Korra over, one hand moving to her lover’s ass as she started to spread her out. Against the pucker of Korra’s rear there was already a noticeable steady seep of cum, long white threads that were pushing out with every one of the Avatar’s breaths. Asami just chuckled as she reached for the Water Tribe plug, pressing the swirl against Korra’s rear and slowly working it inside. “How’s that? I had an extra large one made for you...maybe that was a mistake with the gallon of cum I pumped into you.”

Asami giggled, but her own rear hadn’t fared much better. No sooner was Korra plugged up did she return the favor for Asami, pushing her slender lover flat against the bed and straddling the back of her legs. There she held the Earth Kingdom plug and gazed down at Asami’s ass; a tight little bud that she had just filled with a tremendous amount of cream. Just like Korra Asami’s ass was nearly overflowing with the white release, so densely packed that every breath Asami took threatened squirting some of it. And Korra, with a smile on her face, simply tossed the Earth Kingdom plug against the bed.

“ know what?” She finally asked, her thick member slapping forward and the tip pushing against Asami’s already-filled rear. “I think I’m not quite done just yet, after all.” As she eased inside Asami’s toes curled, the industrialist gasping and shuddering in delight. Her eyes closed and she smiled wide as she was penetrated yet again, her own cock throbbing underneath her as her rear wrapped around Korra’s impressive length.

They had devised the morning ritual to help them wake up and go about their day, but so far? Asami had been late to work every day they tried it.

Chapter Text

“The least you could do is moan or something!” Sully grunted, a bead of sweat clinging to her forehead as she pushed a little deeper inside. Her cock was aching against the walls of the mage so she knew damn sure it was inside, but the intellectual priss was just laying back with a book open in front of her. Glasses at the edge of her nose, mage’s hat casting a shadow over her face, Miriel hardly looked...engaged in the moment. “You were the one that asked me to help!”

“You were chosen because you were an appropriate breeding partner at the height of my fertility.” Miriel observed thoughtfully, flipping another page of her book. “You receive physical pleasure by pressing your engorged member into my entrace; I receive a virile payload of your release with which I shall fertilize an egg. I fail to see why I need to...moan.”

“ just don’t get it.” Sully just rolled her eyes, and continued to fuck. Her member throbbed against the tight confines of the other woman’s pussy as she rammed herself forward again and again, moving to pull Miriel’s legs up and over her shoulders so the back of her knees neatly fit into place. The nearly stripped mage was fully exposed from the neck down; full breasts bouncing with each thrust, her sex making lewd, wet noises with every push of Sully’s cock, and yet she never offered a whimper, squeak, or even a heavy breath. Compared to Sully’s own groans of desire and delight, it was almost enough to ruin the mood for the redhead. ...almost.

“Fine! If that’s how you wanna have it, that’s how you’ll get it!” Fire burned in Sully’s eyes as she tightened up her muscles and began to ram even faster; her hands leaning forward to lock her grip on Miriel’s full breasts and give them each a fierce squeeze. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the room around them, wet and sticky and hungry as two bodies crashed together. Sully was pushing herself like never before; sweat glistening off her powerful shoulders and her throbbing length driving hard to the mage’s core, and then finally she heard it.

A tiny, tiny squeak from the back of Miriel’s throat.

It was probably all she’d get out of the mage, but she’d damn sure take it.

Chapter Text

“You’ve got a problem, Kolin.” Juri licked her lips, a cruel smile spreading over her features. “You see...I’m your boss now, and I’m not nearly satisfied yet.”

Not yet?! Not after nearly three hours?! How could a woman demand so much from her, how could a woman be so endlessly filled with lust and hunger? Kolin would’ve firmly said that enough was enough, that she was going home and that she didn’t want to deal with Juri Han any more that evening, but unfortunately...she was in no position to do so. The ball gag stuffed in her mouth prevented anything more than a few more pathetic murmurs to leave her lips, and the warm, soft rope around her arms and legs keeping her tied to the bed were much too tight. She was laid flat on her back with a buzzing vibrator stuffed inside of her pussy with a tiny one pressed against her clit; held in place with a piece of tape pressed tight against her flesh. And now Juri Han drew even closer, a visceral hunger in her eyes as she preyed upon the curvy blonde once more.

“I’ve been spending so much time giving you attention, I almost completely forgot about myself.” Juri smirked; her eyes flashing as she moved her fingers to the leather straps of Kolin’s ball gag. “Silly me. You know what they have to care of yourself. I’m just glad I have a brand new toy I get to enjoy.” And with that, Juri pulled the straps down to yank the ball gag from Kolin’s mouth, just as she moved to straddle her lips. Kolin had that one opportunity to shout out for Juri to stop, to demand that the woman untie her and let her go about her business. That one chance before her mouth was smothered by Juri’s pussy to make a case for her release.

Instead, she simply pressed her lips up into the other woman’s shaved slit, suckling against the folds and drawing in a long taste of her juices. She was weak underneath the weight of Juri’s passions, giving in to her with surprising ease. As the two vibrators continued to send shivers across her flesh she slurped and savored her abuser’s nectar, and dwelled on what Juri Han had said.

...this was her boss now, and Kolin had always served her bosses loyally.

Chapter Text

“This...this is really cold.” Twilight whimpered, biting down on her bottom lip. Sunset Shimmer merely gave a soft chuckle, laying yet another piece of delectable sushi down across her friend’s naked body. The most latest addition to the edible art was a series of disc-shaped treats, heading down a straight line in the center of Twilight’s navel. As the cold chill of the food struck her purple skin she shivered once more, and Sunset Shimmer pressed her fingers to the other girl’s belly to help calm her and hold her in place.

“You need to relax.” She cooed, and licked her lips. “When the girls show up, they don’t want their dinner to be sliding around! I already had to convince Rainbow Dash that it was okay to eat, if she sees it bouncing around on you she’ll start saying that it’s merely unconscious again.”

“I...I know, sorry…” Twilight took a deep breath, and gazed up at the ceiling through her wide, round lenses. The glasses were the only thing on the young woman’s body close to the clothes; otherwise she was only obscured to the outside eye by the pieces of sushi strategically placed atop her body. Flowering petals of shaped rice were positioned around each breast so the nipple looked like the buds of flowers, and a line of perfect circles of sauce were dancing down her thighs and framing her lap around her folds. So well-shaped and so perfectly pooled that the slightest motion could set them off. When Twilight took a deep breath to steel herself she thought about those pools of sauce, intent on keeping them nice and steady.

“Good girl.” Sunset Shimmer smiled, and continued to lay a few more pieces out across Twilight’s naked body. “Almost done...and after the girls are finished, we’ll head over to Pinkie Pie’s.”

“Pinkie’s?” Twilight blinked, curiousity lining her tone. “What’s going on there?”

“Dessert.” Sunset beamed. “Icing, chocolate, and whipped cream on top of App-”

“Apple pie?”


Chapter Text

“I’m...I’m sorry, Korra, I can’t-”

“She can’t help it.” Kuvira drew a wide, wicked smile across her features, gripping onto Asami’s hips a little tighter. She fucked her strap-on into the industrialist’s pussy a little more vigorously, forcing Asami to hilt a synthetic member that was simply a bit too big for her. The alchemists that the Great Uniter had hired to do her dirtiest work hadn’t failed her; the chemical had worked wonders on Asami and now the little raven-haired slut just couldn’t stop. Couldn’t stop gyrating her hips, couldn’t stop her arousal from taking over her body, and couldn’t stop looking at her tied up lover across the room.

Korra; with a gag in her mouth and metal bindings keeping her arms behind her back, merely seethed with rage as she looked at Kuvira fucking her girlfriend. Each thrust that Kuvira gave into Asami’s tight pussy was one that was stolen from her, and already the Avatar’s mind was spinning with possibilities of how to get her revenge. At the moment; however, it seemed like such a sweet taste would be far away...she too was stripped naked, and Kuvira had plenty more of her intoxicating brew on hand. That fact wasn’t lost to the Great Uniter, and she made it a point to gaze into Korra’s eyes as she began to rut Asami deeply, hungrily, and forcefully.

Their eyes locked, and while the screams of gradual delight from Asami filled the room, Kuvira made sure that the Avatar knew the depths of her conquest. The Avatar hadn’t just lost; she and her girlfriend would become her thralls. It’d be a job with endless amounts of naked hard work on her hands and knees, but it would be a rewarding task indeed. After all, wasn’t Asami already crying out in the throes of a mad pleasure?

“ you’ve never heard her so happy.” Kuvira gave a sadistic grin as Asami’s sounds continued to fill the air, and the heat flashing across Korra’s cheeks were a mix of rage and arousal. It was true; she hadn’t. And a dark, dark part of her was already wondering what noises Kuvira would fuck out of her, too.

Chapter Text

“Ohh...I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but I...I just can’t...ohhh…” Fluttershy’s cheeks flushed a vibrant color as she squeezed herself down on her favorite toy; one that wasn’t even meant for that purpose. It was a Disney Princess Belle Light-Up Wand, available for the low price of $12.95 and with a handle that perfectly fit inside of Fluttershy’s pussy. She shuddered as it squeezed inside of her inch by inch and her eyes flickered back to her tablet, gazing over the scene mere inches before her eyes. Pictures of sexy lingerie? Hardcore pornography? Erotic literature about herself and her closest friends? No, what got Fluttershy off was the pure unbridled innocence of Disney princesses. As she rocked back and forth against her toy her cheeks flushed all the hotter, and she swooned at the image of a singing Jasmine flickering across her screen.

There was something about those movies that were just so...wholesome. So wholesome that it resonated inside of that beautiful timid creature and made her burn with a distinctly lewd desire. She couldn’t go see them in the theaters; the last time the local cinema had done a showing of The Little Mermaid she had to sneak off into the restroom to get herself off. When she walked back to her seat she was wobbling worse than Ariel trying to figure out those damned legs. It was there, in the confines of her bedroom hiding underneath her covers, that she could relish her unique fetish against the handle of her favorite wand.

Belle? The classic. It always gave her a home run.

Cinderella? A little bland, but a reliable orgasm when she was tired.

Mulan? She killed those Huns like she killed Fluttershy’s deepest inhibitions.

Elsa and Anna? Pretty kinky, but it got the job done.

Fluttershy hid under the covers, masturbating like a depraved fiend to the wholesome beauty of Disney movies. Her only hope? One day she’d find someone that could share her secret fetish. Someone she could enjoy there under the covers, indulging in her darkest, deepest fantasy. She had even saved a movie for that special occassion.

On her wedding night, she planned to fuck like a beast while watching the Princess Diaries.

Chapter Text

At that point late in the negotiations, it was clear they weren’t trying to convince each other anymore. They were simply trying to tire the other out. It was in a neutral spot in a military tent that the two icons of their respective forces clashed, naked and sweaty and grinding desperately against each other in the throes of a violent bout of desire. Neither woman was particularly gentle with each other, dealing in slaps and strikes and throwing each other across the room as they were pinned to the ground and rutted like a pair of depraved sluts. In the far, far distant on the other side of the tent both Kuvira’s army and Korra’s friends were waiting on the sidelines, waiting to hear if peace could be reached between their parties. And despite the sounds that were coming from the tent, it seemed like such peace wouldn’t come.

If anything, the battle would be even more intense. As Korra slammed Kuvira down against the ground once more, her fingers locked on the other woman’s shoulders and she drove her knee against Kuvira’s slit. It was a slow; hard grind, the sort that left a long wet streak across Korra’s knee and the kind that sent a shockwave of forced pleasure from Kuvira’s body. Kuvira, bracing herself and shuddering in despised glee, simply pressed her hands to the side of Korra’s neck and drew their faces in close.

“You...You won’t win.” She hissed, and spared a few seconds to violently kiss the other woman, battering their tongues together and letting spit smear across their joined lips. When their mouths broke apart once more Kuvira glared at Korra with even more intense ferocity in her eyes, her voice sounding more resolved and determined than ever. “I’ll rebuild the world, Korra...and you’ll be lucky to be my slut in my new order.”

“We’ll see, Kuvira.” Korra hissed in return, sweat forcing her hair to cling to her brow and give her a polished shine. Her knee continued to rock forward against the other woman’s pussy, smearing nectar more and more on her flesh and driving Kuvira even hotter. “We’re not done here yet, bitch, and you’ve got a long way to go if you think you’re going to tire me out.”

At that rate, neither woman would call of their armies anytime soon...but if they kept going, there was a good chance their respective groups would simply get bored and go home. There was only so long one could stand outside a tent listening to a spiritual and cultural leader violently hatefuck a military revolutionary.

Chapter Text

“My, my, Link!” Zelda giggled, an elegantly gloved hand falling before her smile. “I’ve always known you to be the quiet type, but I never imagined it was because your mouth was always full!” That night, it certainly had been. No sooner had the pair arrived at the glory hole did Link firmly take the lead; dropping down to his knees and eagerly wrapping his lips around the first heavy piece of meat offered up to him. Zelda had barely even gotten a few licks in before the first visitor they enjoyed that evening came, flooding Link’s cheeks to the point that they puffed out and ribbons of cum drooled out the sides of his mouth. Thankfully his girlfriend was nearby to help him clean it all up, and after a few greedy gulps Link’s mouth was wrapped around yet another thick length. Sure, as soon as he was surrounded by all of those meaty members he more or less forgot about Zelda’s presence, but it was nice to see him so excited!

Cock after cock, Link slurped them all down with a hungry moan and wet, spit-covered fingers. At one point he was even managing two at once with Zelda pressing into him from behind, her hands lowered to the inside of his tights where she fondled his own raging length. While she worked her boyfriend up and down she nibbled at the back of his throat, licked the cum away from his exposed shoulder, and even gave a tiny nuzzle of her own to the member he was currently servicing. The two had always worked well together, and the glory hole was no different.

When Link hit his very first orgasm of the evening his own cock was still tucked into his tights, and Zelda firmly pumped him to a thundering climax. He flooded against her palm and coated her fingers in a dense and heavy cream; a cream that she swiftly pulled out and left exposed in her upturned palm. With a teasing smile Zelda offered it up to Link, a tidy puddle of cum resting squarely in the center of her hand, and she spoke with a playful and loving voice.

“Here you go, Mr. Hero…” She teased, letting that puddle of warm, tasty white rest in her hand. “I’d say you earned yet another treat.”

Link, despite already having swallowed well on a dozen mouthfuls of cum that evening, lowered his mouth to his girlfriend’s hand and began to drink.

Chapter Text

Even if Sally would’ve wanted to stop what was going on in the bedroom, she was already far too late. Things had already been set into motion and her friend’s tight little ass had been well-stretched by Jake’s thick cock. At that point the young man had been shoved down to his hands and knees on the bed, and while Sally’s cheerleading outfit still hung around his slender body Jake had been jamming hard and heavy into him. The sound of powerful thrusting had filled the room just as well as the young man’s moans, and they had been so loud and vibrant that Sally knew full well what was going on in the bedroom even before she entered. When she did; however, it was a moment of tremendous joy for her.

There they were; her boyfriend fucking her best friend as hard as he could in the ass. Her friend’s cock was dangling underneath and quite stiff and erect from the attention, and the blush on his pretty features was tremendous. Just because they had been walked in on the two boys saw no reason to stop, and the powerful Jake gave the last few thrusts he needed to bring himself to a hard conclusion. His cock throbbed and surged inside of the young man’s ass and he began to flood him with cum, spurting it out in steady waves that made the tender young thing underneath him melt.

“See, that’s what I always make Jake wear a condom. There’s always just so damn much of it.” Sally chuckled a little, leaning against the doorway while she watched it all unfold. She watched Jake fill her friend’s ass, just as she watched that hanging cock begin to spurt against the bed. Pretty soon the sheets would be a messy mixture of cum; one that she’d no doubt make her friend lick up from the fabric. For a few moments longer she let her eyes trace over the pair; her studly boyfriend and the young man dressed in her own cheerleading outfit, before finally she clicked her tongue to the roof of her mouth and gestured to the door. “C’mon, boys, when you finish up dinner’s ready. Oh, and Travis?”

At that point, the young man with a very filled ass looked up from the pillow with a deep blush on his cheeks. Sally just beamed, and licked her lips with pointed intent.

“You’ll be dining...under the table. I don’t care if you only like cock; somebody’s going to eat my pussy after seeing this, and you owe me one.”

Chapter Text

“Korra, I’ve had to read the same sentence three times already!” Asami hissed through clenched teeth, her hands tightly gripping the sides of her file. A bit of sweat lined the industrialist’s brow as she tried her best to focus, but as the seconds passed and Korra’s tongue continued to dance it became increasingly obvious that it was a losing battle. Every time she took a deep breath and told herself she’d pay attention she felt Korra swirl around against her hood, or even drive two fingers slowly inside of her slit. On the surface it looked like Asami was just having another day at the office; dressed in her finest business attire and ringing with all of her professional grace. Underneath the surface; however, her nylon-clad legs were wrapped around the powerful shoulders of her lover, and her skirt and panties had been pulled aside to make way for the Avatar’s affections.

“Mmm...then just put it down for a few minutes and let me finish!” Korra giggled from underneath the desk, hooking her digits inside of her lover’s slit and tugging tenderly within her. Every taste of Asami encouraged her to keep going, moaning at the flavor of her fiance and drinking in long, deep breaths of her. “I promise, it won’t take long! And you can get right back to work feeling more relaxed than ever before.”

Asami knew full well that was a lie. Not the relaxed part; of course, but the mere notion that it would be over in just a few minutes. The last time she gave in to Korra’s under the table negotiations she wasn’t able to work the entire rest of the day; almost too tired to walk and with her clothes completely ruined. Still, as she felt those digits wiggling in and out of her, and the faintest hint of Korra licking underneath her slit at the tight back hole of her rear...she gave a tiny grunt, and slapped her papers to the desk below.

“...fine!” She grumbled, and started to push back from her desk so she could properly join Korra underneath it. Just before she dipped underneath she stared across the table, sighing before descending. “I’ll just be a few minutes, Zhu Li!”

Zhu Li sat at the other side staring, wide-eyed and stunned. This wasn’t how a professional company did business, but since that was the way things were going…

“Can...Can I join, too?” She asked, calmly adjusting her glasses.

Chapter Text

“I always liked you, Gaige. You come up with the best toys…” Maya smiled slow and hungry as she settled into place, kneeling on the floor of Gaige’s workshop. Specifically she was kneeling so that she straddled Gaige’s open palm laying on the floor, the metal surface already shifting and dancing with technological breakthroughs in the art of sexual delight. As Maya brought herself into position she put her hands up on Gaige’s shoulders, licking her lips as she studied the girl that was barely half her age. “Remind me to show you how a Siren experiments later.”

“Later?! There’ll be no later after you experience the transcendant glory of my Ultra Fistfucker Fivethousand!” The eager young woman responded with a grin, her goggles slipping in front of her eyes as she activated the device. “Time and space become wedged into one and shoved straight into your hot fuckhole, Maya! Your juices will turn into an alcoholic wine made out of pure unbridled pleasure, and I’ll bottle that shit and sell it as Gaige’s Old Fashioned Siren Suckcunt Spray!”

Gaige was one to exagerrate, but when her mechanical arm went to work Maya soon realized that this time she might actually mean it. Two mechanical coils spread from the center of the girl’s palm and shot straight up; each one finding a hole on Maya’s lower half to occupy. Auto-lubricating coils, alternating speed vibration function, heat control for the warmest fuck imaginable...this time the girl had outdone herself! Maya instantly groaned as she rolled her head back, bucking her hips forward against the two metal tendrils sticking out of Gaige’s palm. When the girl drew her hand up and locked her palm against Maya’s pussy the coils danced even more, gyrating and pistoning and causing all sorts of beautiful anarchy within Maya’s entrance.

Maya moaned, Gaige laughed like the maniacal genius that she was, and once more her little workshop in Sanctuary was a place of profound curiousity and wonderment. People in the city more or less knew the score; when there were screams coming from behind the closed garage door Maya had once again submitted to Gaige’s bizarre sexual experiments. It was such a frequent ocurance that most people just preferred they did it during the day; that way the good people of Sanctuary could still get a little sleep.

“How...How long does it go, Gaige?!” Maya groaned, lines of drool escaping the corners of her mouth as her pussy and her ass were both claimed by delightful metal wiggling within her. “I’m not...I’m not sure how much I can take!”

“It goes on FOREVEEEEEERRR AND EVERRRRRRR--” More maniacal laughing from the young woman, before she coughed and offered in a much more professional tone. “--the power core only lasts about two hours, so make sure you get those squirtin’ splashes in while it does, babycakes!”

Maya just whimpered, her knees buckling and her body twitching from delight. Two hours might not have been forever, but it was enough to make sure there’d be nobody sleeping soundly in Sanctuary that night.

Chapter Text

Every time Shantae foiled Risky Boots’ plan of the week, it meant sore laps for the entire crew. The pirate queen was ravenous in her desire to press the half-genie into submission, and every time she failed it only fueled her deeper and deeper into a maddening desire. Nobody knew her frustrations better than the Tinkerbats, who likely would’ve been begging for mercy if they had the ability to talk.

One of them was wiggling underneath the pirate queen now, tense and writhing as she rode him. Risky’s naked form was bouncing up and down against his lap, shoving his surprisingly thick black member into her pussy, but every motion she took was purely for her own pleasure. The Tinkerbats were a tool to her; whether for conquest of the isles or sexual release. It didn’t really long as she got what she needed in the end.

“You! You’d better be ready because this one won’t be enough!” Risky roared; her breasts bouncing against her frame as she snapped an arm forward to point at another Tinkerbat at the side of the room. It flinched and went wide-eyed as the captain set her sights on it, a heavy swallow running through its throat that festered in an admittedly aroused fear. “In fact, go get the others! I’m so angry over that stupid girl I’ll be going through a whole dozen of you!”

When the Tinkerbat scampered off to get the crew, Risky turned her attention back to the one underneath her. Her fingers sunk in against his shoulders and she slammed herself up and down harder and faster now; riding so rough against him that the bed underneath them shook with her fury. When the Tinkerbat flinched and started to cum Risky simply snorted in anger, and even while her pussy began to flood with the familiar warmth of tinker cream she pulled herself off and flopped back against the bed.

“Damnit! You worthless deck rats can’t even go a full five minutes!” It had been twenty, but nobody questioned Risky Boots. The pirate shoved one of her heels against the Tinkerbat’s waist and kicked him out of the bed, a hand moving down to pet against her purple, cum-filled pussy. It was a decent enough load, but she had a lot of frustration to work out...and plenty of energy to last throughout the night. Idly she glanced off to the side of her room, where her nightstand rested with a strap on sitting on top. A soft snort, and Risky barked her voice through the rest of the ship. “The last one in here has to wear the Shantae outfit!”

The Tinkerbats all started to scurry, eager to appease their master and not be last in the room. After all, the one that had to dress like Shantae always got it the hardest by the end of the night.

Chapter Text

Mei was a deep sleeper, but Tracer had never minded. It gave her time to inspect her lover and watch her doze; appreciate how cute Mei could be when her glasses were off and she was blissfully unaware of the world around her. Long mornings Tracer had spent gently slipping her fingers down Mei’s hair or stealing little kisses against the bridge of her nose, and usually every morning ended with Tracer gently shaking her lover and asking her to get up. But on weekends...weekends were times they were allowed to sleep in, and on those late, lazy mornings Tracer made sure to wake Mei up in a different fashion.

Her lips pressed in close, sealing against the shaved slit of her wonderful Mei. The flavor of the other girl’s entrance filled Tracer’s mouth as a breakfast treat, and she suckled fondly while her tongue scooped against the soft pink flesh that had awaited her. She had already spent the past few moments easing her sleeping lover into it; teasing her fingers down the inside of Mei’s thighs and giving gently kisses near the edge of her slit, but the time for playing around had officially ended. Now, the coy hero was smiling wide around a mouthful of Mei’s slit, suckling sweetly and gazing up across the naked body of the other dozing hero.

“Mhhhmm….sssmnn…” Even with Tracer servicing her so lovingly, Mei was slow to wake up. She flattened herself out against the bed and even spread her legs just a little from pure instinct; perhaps even dreaming of something all too similar. Though Mei was very much asleep her nethers certainly weren’t; greeting Tracer with tight grips of her folds and a glistening dose of nectar that the other hero could savor and enjoy. There was heat and moisture hiding between her thighs at the center of her folds, and Tracer had discovered both with great enthusiasm.

Sometimes, Mei orgasmed before she even woke up. Sometimes Tracer slinked down there and worked at Mei’s folds with such precision that it was like she was picking a lock, easing her lover up and down again at the edge of her clever tongue. That morning; however, Tracer didn’t make it very far before she felt the familiar tug of Mei’s fingers in her hair. Gently gripping, Mei brought Tracer’s face up so their eyes could meet, and she offered her long time lover a beautiful smile.

“...Lena, you are always so nice waking me up.” She beamed, and bucked her glistening nethers against Tracer’s still-slurping mouth. “Maybe one day you can pretend to sleep so I get a chance to play, too?”

Tracer just beamed, and pressed that joyful smile even tighter against Mei’s shivering slit. She couldn’t make any promises, but she was suddenly starting to feel a little bit drowsy...

Chapter Text

“I can’t believe you snuck that into the limo!” Emily gasped, watching as Tracer stepped into the straps. While the limo rolled through the city the two were secluded in the back; protected by tinted windows on all sides and hidden from all sight. Tracer was flashing her new wife an enormous smile as she pulled the belt tight around her frame; locking her strap on into place over the pants of her tuxedo. It was their favorite strap on; solid and purple and just a liiiiiittle too big for Emily to take comfortably. At least on the first push.

“Don’t ya know, love? It’s the first rule of bein’ in Overwatch! Always gotta be prepared for anything!” With that, Tracer giggled as she lunged forward, practically tackling her new wife to the back of the limo’s seat. The ruffles of Emily’s fancy wedding dress shivered around them, but Tracer was quick and sharp in reaching her hands underneath the hem and lifting it up. Emily was already spreading her legs and letting her white nylon-clad thighs wrap around Tracer’s waist, just as eager to be claimed as Tracer was to use her toy. When Tracer slipped a hand underneath the skirt to pull a pair of expected panties aside she gave a sudden gasp; her eyes opening wide and a bright blush appearing on her cheeks. “Emily! You naughty girl you! You went through the whole bloomin’ ceremony without your panties?!”

“That’s not all.” Emily beamed, and leaned back a little firmer into the seat. She pulled her legs up even higher and brought the dress around her lap, making sure that nothing was in the way of Tracer’s line of fire. The white nylons she wore only went up just a little past her knees, and on the insides of her thighs a simple message had been written in a perfect red lipstick.

“Just married.” Tracer read the message; one word on each of Emily’s thighs. Her cheeks blushed bright red, both from passion and emotion, and she took a long, aroused breath as she watched it. Naturally, one of her hands slipped into a pocket and she pulled out her cell phone, moving to snap a quick picture. “ can’t possibly think I don’t want a shot to remember this by!”

Emily gasped and giggled, and even made more of a show as she let a hand lower to spread her already glistening folds. In just a few seconds Tracer would be deep within her; fucking her down to the core with that thick strap on and consumating their marriage before even getting to the hotel. But she was all too happy to show herself off now, exposing those wet, delicious pink folds and showing just how hot she was for her new bride.

“I suppose I should just be glad you didn’t make the photographer come with us.” Emily giggled, and once the picture was taken she pulled Tracer in to wrap her legs properly around the woman’s waist. The pinch of the strap on sliding into her pussy made her melt with delight, and she brought Tracer’s head forward to share a long, passionate kiss with the woman she’d be spending her life with.

The kiss they had shared on the altar was certainly sweet...but the one they shared in the back of the limo filled with the scent of sex and the lust of two horny young women was far, far more indicative of what their marriage would be like.

Chapter Text

It was the second time that day that Ahsoka was handling two at once, but this time it was a lot more fun. With a slow purr rolling from the depths of her throat the Togruta woman shoved herself down a little further until she felt her nose nestle against Ezra’s lap. The young Jedi’s cock filled her throat quite nicely and she handled it well; all the meditation of the Jedi happening to lead to some rather impressive deepthroat skills. As she breathed in deep and allowed her tongue to lightly smooth back and forth at the underside of Ezra’s cock she felt one of her legs get gripped and raised up, Kana’s hand scooping underneath her knee to spread her out just a little bit.

And from there, she was effectively spitroasted between the other two Jedi. With Kana sliding into her pussy and Ezra continuing to occupy her throat Ahsoka was effectively filled; stuffed from both sides with two other capable Jedi. Master and Apprentice were mostly silent as they worked together in tandem; likely speechless over the offer that Ahsoka had made. How did one respond when someone as skilled and prolific as Ahoska Tano offered to thank you in such an intimate way on the trip back home? Shut up and do exactly what she says.

Togruta pussy gripped tight around Kanan’s cock, and it didn’t take long for the steady thrusts between them to drive him into a heat. Ahsoka was wonderfully warm and wet and her grip around both of their members was intense, eager to milk the two young men for all they were worth. When Kana started to cum Ezra wasn’t long after, and soon Ahsoka felt a thrilling rush as her pussy and throat were slowly pumped full of their heavy, sticky cream. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she let herself go limk for a second, savoring the feeling of being filled and compelted and held up mostly by the affections of two thick, hungry cocks.

It reminded her of old times, back when the Jedi Council still existed and men and women took care of their ravenous desires in the simplest ways possible. In the Jedi Order there were no attachments, but there was definitely desire. Desire that needed to be controlled, restrained, and ultimately excised from one’s body. And back in the day, Ahsoka Tano’s tender young frame was usually the body of choice for most of the people she knew back then.

It was with a wide smile that Ahsoka pulled her mouth off of Ezra’s cock, swallowing down his cum and giving the young man a cheerful look. By the time Kanan pulled free of her pussy the Togruta woman flopped back against the bed, sighing contently as she laid out and ran her hands down her sweat-licked, glistening frame.

“That was two Inquisitors I saved you from, boys.” The older woman smirked, a brow slightly arched. “...I think you owe it to me to go at least one more time before we land.”

For Ezra and Kanan it was an odd evening sharing the beautiful orange skinned woman. For Ahsoka Tano, it felt just like old times.

Chapter Text

“Look, it’s nothing personal.” Shepard rolled her shoulders, just as she pushed her hips forward. The grip around her cock was immense and thrilling, and as she plunged even deeper she could feel the weighty sculpt of three other shafts pressing against her own. “It’s just know. You’re the biggest.”

“She means you have the widest ass.” Battlebitch chimed up, grinning as she wiggled her own hips back and forth. “Y’know, reminds me of the Gape Vape Beast of the Hipstonia Kingdo-”

“Nyet! I swear, if I have to listen to another one of your stories one more time I’ll lose my fucking shit!” Zarya’s thick accent carried into the crowd, just as her own cock squeezed even deeper into the hole they were all sharing. She was sandwiched in between Battlebitch and Shepard, and though the fit was nice and snug and warm, she had to admit the company could be a little annoying. Between Battlebitch’s stories of ludicrous fantasy-themed fuckmonsters and Shepard’s long angry mumbling about some sort of space baby, it was enough to make a woman want to skip the Final Futasy of the year. “Just get to fucking her already! My ultimate is charging!”

“Don’t do that. That’s so corny.” Principal Celestia rolled her eyes, at the far end of the chain and the fourth cock stuffed into a hole. “It would be like if I said I was going to show her the magic of friendship.”

“You did. Three fucking times.” Shepard snapped, giving the humanized magical horse a harsh glare. “And then you sang about it two more times after that.”

“...people like our songs.”

“Grrr! Will you worthless lumps just finish already?! You think I can hold this forever?!” Jasper, as the towering mountain of the group had been forced on her hands and knees. She was the only one with an ass that could stretch over the cocks of the other four women, but she was definitely at her limit. Even worse, there was nowhere for her own amber colored cock to go, and it was forced to squeeze in between her body and the ground as she was used as the community fuckhole. She looked back over her shoulder, glaring at the other four with an angry gaze. “Get this over with before I shatter you all!”

“Don’t talk to me that way, hussy.” Battlebitch gave Jasper’s ample rear a little slap. “I take down big bitches like you all the time. It’s like when we were fighting the Pussmonster Deluxe in the Caverns of Cuntsap, and I was grabbed by this tentacle with a bunch of tiny cocks on i-”

“You know, it does seem silly that we’re all sharing Jasper.” Principal Celestia mused, ever the most thoughtful member of the group. “Why aren’t we know...actual women? More holes and all that.”

“...that’s not a bad idea.” Shepard clicked her tongue, and glanced down at the four-cock stuffing they were giving the gem. “I’ll go get Liara when we finish. Blue pussy is always fun to share.”

“I suppose I could request backup from Tracer and Mei.” Zarya mused, snorting a little in her stubborn fashion. “Though I will only tolerate Tracer if someone is around to stuff her mouth, as well.”

“Tess said she would kill me in my sleep if I brought her here.” Battlebitch shrugged. “Buuuuut I suppose I get bring us some fairies and stuff. It’s like having sexy ants crawling on your cock.”

The girls all devolved into a debate over which of their friends they would bring, all while stretching and fucking into Jasper’s shared hole. The villainous gem was forced to rest there on the ground, her chin resting in her hands and a flat expression on her face. Whether it was at the futa party or within her own canon, the only truth in the universe was that Jasper would get fucked in the ass forever.

Chapter Text

“Sooooo...Twilight.” Sunset’s lips curled into a coy smile, and she scooted a little closer on the edge of the bed. “Sleepover time. You know what that means. Turn the lights down...curl up underneath the covers...and…”

“Watch thirteen straight hours of Voyager!” Twilight Sparkle’s eyes were shining, and she practically bounced against Sunset Shimmer from excitement. Her hands were already feverishly working the controller of her Playstation, bringing up NetFlix and scanning through her most recently watched shows. Dr. Who, Clone Wars, SeaQuest...all of the deeply nerdy things that defined so much of the young woman’s fantasies. When she finally stopped on the tab for Voyager she looked over at her girlfriend, smiling even wider. “I’ll show you all my favorite episodes! Latent Image! Year of Hell! I’ll even show you Threshold, because it’s so funny!”

“Uh...right, right. We will definitely do that, too.” Sunset Shimmer bit her lips together, and drew a long, deep breath. You had to be patient in dealing with a girl like Twilight Sparkle. Sometimes...she was a little slow on the draw when it came to certain things. When Sunset’s fingers crept over Twilight’s knee and started to walk up the top of her pajama bottoms, she pressed the issue again with a purring, seductive voice. “But you know...surely we don’t want to watch Voyager all night long. I mean, I think there’s something we could do beforehand that might” The slow, steady lick of Sunset’s lips was obscenely suggestive. So obvious and so apparent regarding what she had in mind that almost anyone would piece it together. Unfortunately, she was dating the only girl at school that had the capacity to soar underneath such a veiled suggestion.

“Oh! You mean Deep Space Nine? Sure, we can do that!” Twilight instantly started to flicker through the tabs on NetFlix again, finding the right spot. “Hmm, early season or late? Early season was more serialized and easier to watch one or two episodes of, but the late season had the better story arcs with the Dominion War in full swing.” She tapped her chin, thoughtfully. “Though hopefully not an episode with a focus on Ezri. I didn’t like her as much as Jadzia. And having her end up with Julian? That was just painful. I mean-”

“Uh...I didn’t mean Deep Space Nine, either.” Sunset Shimmer pinched the bridge of her nose, and slowly breathed in with a long, steady sigh. She let her patience stretch forward a little more, before scooting off of the edge of the bed. Her knees pressed to the floor and she brought herself forward; settling in squarely in front of Twilight Sparkle and moving her hands up to the other girl’s knees. She spread them wide and gazed down at the other girl’s lap; studying the pretty cotton pajamas before looking right up to her again. “I was thinking maybe I could...make you smile.”

“Oh, you always make me smile, Sunset Shimmer!” Twilight giggled, adjusting her glasses and tilting her head. She received the suggestion in the most innocent of fashions, and even with Sunset’s face just a few inches and a bit of fabric away from her slit she remained oblivious. One of her hands reached down and fondly gave a pet to Sunset’s hair, stroking her fingers idly through the locks. “Just getting to spend time with you all night long really makes me happy! Sharing all the stuff I love with you makes me happy! You’re jIH dok!” The Klingon words flowed from her tongue, and Sunset Shimmer simply smiled.

Well...who could fight such cute innocence? Sunset Shimmer pulled herself back up to the bed, and performed her duties as an understanding, patient girlfriend by spooning Twilight Sparkle before the episodes began. She held her close and safe, resting with the knowledge that as much as she loved Twilight, the young woman was never going to be very sexually demanding. Or even aware. It wasn’t until Twilight spoke up that her opinion shifted.

“...Sunset Shimmer?” Twilight asked thoughtfully, a few seconds into the first intro song.

“Yes, babe?” The response was sweet and loving, and came complete with a kiss on the back of Twilight’s neck.

“...will you eat my pussy after this episode?” The ever-sweet Twilight blurted out, her eyes still transfixed on the TV. “I’ve wanted to fuck you all day, but you keep sending me mixed signals.”

The amount of giggling that came from the pair was immense, as Sunset Shimmer flipped her teasing, nerdy girlfriend over and pressed against her in a loving kiss.

Chapter Text

Sneaking into Elsa’s bedroom and squirming her way under the covers had seemed like a bit of a risk, but it had paid off in a big way. From the sounds of things Elsa would have to agree, but the two sisters weren’t in any position to talk. While Anna kept her head nestled between her sister’s thighs slurping against her smooth, wet pussy, the young lady couldn’t help but giggle before affectionately nuzzling her face to the inside of Elsa’s thighs. It was a moment of sweet affection mixed into the lewd surprise she had given her, a few soft kisses pressed against shivering, goosebump-riddled flesh.

“A...Anna...I can’t believe you…”

“Shh, no talking.” Anna was quick to chide her sister, even to the point of giving her the faintest bite against the flesh of her thigh. It was soft and correcting, so gentle that it didn’t even leave an imprint of her teeth. “When I’m done I’ll sneak right back out again. I just...Just wanted you to feel better for a while!” With that her eyes closed and she lowered her lips once more, claiming Elsa’s hood and suckling fondly on it. One of her fingers teased at the older girl’s entrance and before long she had squeezed it inside, twisting and turning and letting Elsa’s walls try to grip at that probing touch.

Elsa merely laid back and let it happen, staring at the ceiling with her chest desperately heaving. It was hard for her to comprehend just what was happening, that her own sister had woken her up in such a fashion, but in all fairness she had been moping quite a bit around the castle. The loneliness had started to get to her, but now she didn’t feel that same sting anymore. In fact, all she could feel was the soothing warmth of pleasure quivering from her folds down into her thighs, and she had Anna to thank for it. With a desperate swallow the blonde queen simply smoothed her hands down under the covers, finding them a place to sink into Anna’s red hair. She was about to break the no talking rule, but she suspected Anna wouldn’t mind.

“...when you’re done…” She whimpered, and let a slender, bare leg wrap about the back of Anna’s head. “...please don’t go, Anna.”

There was a lot for the two sisters to explore, but one thing was sure: Elsa wasn’t going to be lonely any longer.

Chapter Text

Principal Cinch looked cruel under the very best of circumstances, but when she gazed down on Cadance from above with a harsh sneer it seemed to resonate even deeper than usual. Cadance’s current position certainly didn’t help; naked with clips on her nipples, a horse tail plug in her ass, and the words “Slutty Girl” written across her forehead in black magic marker. She had no option but to suck against the bright red ball gag that Cinch had locked against her mouth, and look up at the harsh administrator as she was forced to confront her punishment.

“I think you’re starting to understand the weight of your actions.” Cinch mused, and though her words suggested mercy her tone promised anything but. She let her hands rest on her hips as she stared down at the young lady, pondering just what to do with her. Did she spank her raw? Lock her in a closet over night? Perhaps let some of the eager young men from the polo team have their way with her? So many options, and Principal Cinch was feeling impatient for a solution. She’d give it some thought while Cadance put herself to good use, and she stepped forward to lift her skirt, showing the young lady her own bare pussy hiding underneath. As she ushered it towards Cadance’s face the young woman did exactly as expected, leaning her head forward and starting to lick, kiss, and nibble at the folds presented to her. Principal Cinch, still only partially satisfied, simply rolled her eyes while she spoke. “I swear, Cadance, of all the students I think you’d be caught doing something so lewd on school property.”

She had only been making out with Shining Armor, and yet this was her punishment. For kissing her boyfriend she was forced to her knees, made to drink from an older woman’s wet, hungry cunt. Somehow she didn’t seem to mind so much, and there was no indignation as she let her tongue smooth back and forth over Cinch’s pussy, savoring her flavor with every strike. After all, she had only kissed Shining Armor on school grounds to catch her principal’s earn her condemnation and her punishment.

The truth was she enjoyed being on her knees before Cinch, from the pinch of the tail in her ass to the clamps against her nipples. The writing on her forehead said it all, she was a Slutty Girl indeed, and she savored being such.

Chapter Text

“Careful, careful!” Korra gasped, doing her best to keep balanced as Asami shoved at her from behind. Her head was already spinning as her wife yanked down her pants past her ankles, and forced the Avatar to lift one of her legs up to the edge of the couch. While Korra remained precariously positioned her large, pregnant belly was further exposed by Asami’s grip from behind, and she purred against Korra’s throat as she fondled that large, round stomach.

“Relax.” She whispered, the bulge at the front of her pants pressing hard and stiff against Korra’s back. “I’d never do anything to hurt either of you. But I just...mmm. Can’t help myself, babe, so here it comes…”

Korra blushed heavily as she heard Asami’s fly unzip, and then the meaty weight of her cock slapped against her own toned ass. There wasn’t any moment of hesitation before the Future Industries heiress thrust herself into her pregnant wife, and Korra’s already wet folds were all too eager to accommodate her. Together the two of them held Korra’s thoroughly pregnant stomach to keep it from shaking around too much, cradling it while Asami started to fuck her bride with short, swift strikes. The sound of wet flesh slapping together filled the room around them, and Korra strained her head backward to find Asami’s mouth for a long and lingering kiss.

It was that way nearly every morning these days, now that Korra was in her ninth month. The baby would be due any day now, and yet Asami couldn’t keep her cock out of her wife. The Avatar was almost worried that once she had her daughter her wife might no longer be interested, but then...she could always get pregnant again, after all! The thought spun through the Avatar’s mind and made her desperately whimper into Asami’s kiss, just as her tight, wet hole clenched about Asami’s cock. Nothing would make Korra happier than to be Asami’s breeding bitch for the foreseeable future, having as many babies as the industrialist wanted and always bending over for her cock.

Being married was a better experience than the Avatar had ever imagined.

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The power of a Kryptonian pussy was nothing to be trifled with. Not even the tentacles on Brainiac’s ship were able to match the young woman’s desires, and the sensory overload being fed through their circuits was enough to push the villain himself into a state of shock. There in the center of his ship, right before his technological throne, the would-be conqueror stood paralyzed and twitching as every bit of concentration and focus he had was used to keep his functions operating properly.

“That all you got, Brainiac?!” Supergirl laughed as she half-hovered in the air, her legs lifted by a pair of tentacles hanging from the ceiling. She was taking a particularly thick one inside of her pussy while another was positioned in her ass, the two spasms and convulsing as her muscles rode against those powerful penetrations. Though the Kryptonian wasn’t quite naked she had pulled her top up and over her breasts, and her skirt did little to cover up the fact she wore no panties underneath. As she rolled her hips back and forth between those two piercing tentacles the blonde merely laughed, using her natural flight to build momentum against the lengths inside of her. “You’re not the only one that thought he could get a piece of this, only to get more than her bargained for!”

Brainiac twitched further, and the very ship itself started to lose altitude over the city. Supergirl would fuck the entire thing to the surface, and at the last minute she’d make a beeline to sweep underneath it and stop it from crashing into the populous. But in the last few moments she had before that time came, she’d make sure to ride out the rest of her orgasms on those probing tentacles. Her body spasmed and convulsed, her back arched, and her mighty Kryptonian cunt clenched down hard on a metal appendage, shivering across it while she released a steady streak of squirt. Her powerful frame was every bit a rival to her cousin’s, but it was clear there on the ship that she could use it in ways that Clark couldn’t.

Soon the city would owe its freedom, and the people their lives, to the fact that nobody could fuck Kara Zor-El into submission.

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Any Shokan warrior deserved to be worshipped by those she had conquered, and Sheeva was no different. At the base of her mighty throne two of her defeated enemies were hard at work; their mouths open and their tongues licking across the heavy sack that hung between her legs. Pistoned on her enormous spotted shaft was a Lin Kuei slut that was new to the Shokan’s employ, a recently bested fighter that Sheeva had spared on the condition of her servitude. Now a new thrall for her own personal harem, Frost would join Cassie and Jacqui in tending to the warrior’s needs.

“Ha! Worthless Lin Kuei whore!” Two of Sheeva’s hands locked against Frost’s shoulders, forcing her down while the other two held the woman’s waist to keep her balanced. As her impressive length worked its way into Frost’s pussy the ninja woman shrieked and twitched from the strain, her tiny hole stretched further and further the longer she was forced upon it. By the time Sheeva had properly hilted her Frost was little more than a twitching mess, her head rolling back and her throat making tiny gagging noises. Sheeva; uncaring for her plight, merely chuckled as she started to steadily fuck her. “Your cunt will learn. Just as theirs did.”

From the base of the throne Jacqui and Cassie gave a tremble of remembrance, and their tongues continued to work against the hanging sack between Sheeva’s legs. While they worked their affections across their mistress’ undercarriage they found themselves kissing each other as well, sharing moments of excitement flavored with Sheeva’s sack. The memory of their own breakings were still sharp in their minds; for it wasn’t too long ago that Sheeva had put them through the same trial Frost now endured. It was difficult at first, sometimes even impossible to imagine that they had endured it, and yet here they were...naked, stripped of their independence, and broken down at the heels of their mighty conqueror.

And just like the two of them, Frost would learn to be happy with her new role in life. There were far, far worse things for an attractive woman in Outworld than to be one of the Shokan warrior’s personal sluts. They were fortunate that it wasn’t Sindel that had bested and claimed them.

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“But...But what if I hurt you?” Twilight Sparkle asked, biting down on her bottom lip. She couldn’t stop fidgeting there in Celestia’s bedroom, and once more she squared her glasses upon her face. As adorable as she was kneeling there with only socks, glasses, and a strap was clear she was more than just a little uncomfortable with what was about to come next. “I’m not...I’m not sure about this, Principal Celestia.”

“Twilight, dear, you don’t have to worry about a thing.” Celestia cooed, and as she laid back on the bed she allowed her hands to pass over her own full, lovely body. Hoping that the sight of the older woman teasing her own breasts and brushing over her belly might entice Twilight Sparkle to action the principal gave her a show, rocking her hips from side to side and pushing her naked breasts forward to let them heave towards Twilight. When she spotted the arousal flare within Twilight’s eyes she moved to the next step, reaching down and taking the strap on’s shaft and guiding it towards her own slit. “It’s all lubed up, and I’m...heavens, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how wet I am. Keep going, dear. It’s okay.”

“Mnnf...o...okay, Principal Celestia.” The student’s voice stammered out, and she crept forward while bracing her knees to the bed. She was terrified of ruining something in that moment, of messing up the latest stage of their relationship. For months now it had been filled with love and fun, though never had she been the one to wear the toy. Usually it was Celestia that donned it if the thing even made an appearance, but now? She didn’t know if she had it in her. With a deep breath Twilight Sparkle reminded herself that her older lover was counting on her, that the naked principal was waiting there expecting her partner to claim her. With a sudden look of tension crossing her face she shoved forward, taking the grip of the shaft away from Celestia and driving forward with her toy. There was a bit of resistance and a gasp from the older woman before - pop! In it went, and her eyes opened wide in joy.

“I...I did it!” She giggled, looking down at her lover’s naked, twitching body. “I did it, Principal Celestia!”

“ did.” Principal Celestia was forcing a wincing smile, desperately not wanting to dissuade the girl, but needing to point out a very noteworthy mistake. “Perhaps...ah...perhaps you could...put it in the right time.”

Twilight Sparkle’s eyes went wide, and her mortified voice filled the bedroom.

“Sorry! Sorry, I’m so so sorry!”

It wasn’t the first time Twilight Sparkle had made a mistake in the bedroom, but it was what Celestia got for falling in love with a student.

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“Woah woah woah, I didn’t know that’s what we were gonna do!” Beast Boy whimpered in an almost canine-like fashion, gazing at the strap on hanging from Terra’s waist. The two of them had already stripped down and crawled onto the bed, and he was already feeling just a little bit trapped. “I thought we were just gonna be super loud!”

“You don’t think you’ll be loud with this inside of ya?!” Terra beamed, and gave the tip of her toy a little flick. As the blonde crept closer and closer to Beast Boy she pulled a tube of lube from the nightstand, grinning as she liberally squirted it across the impressive shaft. Even as Beast Boy protested she was busy bringing him down to his hands and knees, making him lift his tiny green rump into the air. After she was done lubing her toy she squirted a bit of it right against Beast Boy’s ass, and immediately began working it against his tight rear entrance. “Heck, I was almost worried I’d have to gag you so you don’t make it too loud!”

It was impossible to be too loud, considering their goal that night. For weeks the two of them had been forced to listen to the violent sex between Raven and Starfire, so loud and disturbing that it shook the walls, filled the halls of Titan Tower with screams, and even once caused a city-wide eclipse thanks to Raven’s power. Truth be told it was a competition Terra and Beast Boy couldn’t win, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t thrilled to try.


“Exactly, Beast Boy!” Terra beamed, just as she eased her well-lubed toy against her boyfriend’s rear. As the inches started to slip inside and Beast Boy felt the steady pinch his tender body tensed up, at least until Terra leaned in fully against him from behind. Soon her small breasts were pressed to his shoulders, her lips were on his neck, and most importantly her hand had slinked forward to give him a loving reacharound. Once he had that going for him, Terra whispered against the back of his ear with a soft laugh filling her voice. “There, not so bad, is it?” She teased him, and bucked her hips forward so that his rear claimed the last inch of the toy. “Your cock sure likes it.”

“Hmmmph!” Beast Boy quietly protested, but he didn’t try to pull away. After a moment he was simply pouting, though he couldn’t resist the fact that his length did feel pretty good within his girlfriend’s grip. “...think this whole competition was just an excuse for you to do this.”

“Well of course it was, silly.” Terra offered another teasing voice, and kissed the back of her boyfriend’s head. “Now stop fussing, and it’ll start feeling really good so-”

“HERE IT COMES STAR, HERE IT COOOOO---AZARATH METRION ZINTHOOOOS!” The shouting from next door made the two instantly facepalm, and it was followed by an evil louder voice.


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The longer Korra danced, the harder Asami got. As the two women relaxed within their bedroom, the Avatar continued to spin on the newly-installed pole put their purely for their own delightful amusement. The revealing outfit that the Avatar had worn that evening was getting more and more revealing all the time, with her nipples already too stiff to stop from peeking out from behind the straps and the slip of her panties falling aside to show more than just a few glances of her folds.

Nearby, Asami sat in a comfortable chair almost entirely dressed, though her pants had been unzipped to unveil her own thick and throbbing cock. She had been idly toying with herself for the past few minutes, though it was hardly necessary to keep herself up in light of Korra’s dance. While the Avatar twisted and moved around the pole; using lessons she had learned from Suyin, Asami was quite content to keep her eyes transfixed and enjoy the show. As she wrapped her fingers about her shaft and smeared her precum around with her thumb, the young woman simply gave a low, hungry purr and spoke up in a thoughtful voice.

“You’re getting good at this.” She mused, watching as Korra once more bent backwards to give Asami a long, appreciative look at her flat bare belly and her bold, firm breasts. “Maybe you should start doing it for a living.”

“I...stop teasing, Asami!” Korra blushed at the thought, but continued to move just as she had been taught. As she hung from the pole with both hands she slowly brought her legs up and forward, closing her knees together before slowly spreading them so wide that Asami could see her slit peeking out once more. “I couldn’t do this for anyone but you, you know that!”

“Really now?” Asami smirked, and continued to fondle her stiff, eager member. She was already achingly hard, and couldn’t wait to reveal to Korra that she knew about a little secret the Avatar had neglected to mention. “So...tell me, love. If you couldn’t do it for anyone but did Suyin ever know that you were doing it right?”

Once more Korra’s cheeks blushed, and she nibbled on her bottom lip. That was...that was some time ago! She and Asami hadn’t even become exclusive yet! But still, that one night dancing for her teacher had been a thrilling experience with an older woman. As Asami leaned back and continued to stroke her cock, she chuckled softly and gazed at her lover.

“I’m not mad.” She assured her, pumping her hand back and forth. “But keep dancing...and tell me all about that night.”

Korra merely blushed vibrantly again, and gave a tiny nod as her body kept sweeping through the air.

“Well, we had just finished the lesson, and I was so sweaty…”

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Chrom and the same time...sliding into her holes. Poor Cordelia’s head was swimming and she could barely see straight, her hands sinking in against the sand of the beach and her teeth clenching as she prepared herself for more. It was Robin that was claiming her rear while Chrom was sliding inside of her nethers, and the two of them were taking an almost painfully long time to do so. Inch by inch, slowly but surely, and they even had the audacity to pull out before pushing back in, just to make it take longer!

“I..I don’t know if...if I can…”

“Shh. Sure you can, Cordelia.” Robin’s soothing voice slipped out, and gave the other woman a long, affectionate pet through the back of her hair. “Just relax. We’re almost halfway there.”

Almost halfway? Almost halfway?! From the feel of it, Cordelia would’ve guessed both of them had already hilted inside of her by now! With the realization that there was still twice as much to go she simply groaned and let her head buck forward, doing her best to follow Robin’s advice. She let herself relax as much as she was able, and it was just enough to allow those two thick members to glide inside of her...or at least continue to. Soon Robin’s breasts were against her back and her own chest was pressed to Chrom’s, with the king gazing up at her with a content look on his face. Just a little further...a little further...and finally they were inside. The tight, intimate embrace between the three of them was nothing short of staggering to Cordelia, and she took a long moment to catch her breath and come to terms with her current situation. It was a rough fit, but it felt just as good as she could’ve guessed, and the discomfort was nothing compared to the arousal.

“O...Okay. I...I think I’ve…got it…”

“You’re doing great.” A female voice slipped forward, and the beautiful and regal Sumia gently knelt down on the sand. Her hands moved to Cordelia’s shoulders where she squeezed the other woman lovingly, and leaned in close to give her a lingering, sweet kiss. She could tell by the unique gasp from Cordelia’s breath, the other woman was nervous...but just as excited. Sumia couldn’t help but giggle. “Are you ready for what’s next?”

Cordelia wasn’t sure if she was or not, but that didn’t stop her from nodding eagerly.

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It was a first for Coco, and to say he was nervous would be an understatement. Still, as he stood there in the dressing room mirror his cheeks were stricken with a vibrant blush, and he watched with increasing fascination as Rarity’s hands worked up along his leg. Pinched within the fashionista’s fingers were the edges of a pair of thigh high stockings, and she was working diligently to pull them up so they were perfectly aligned on his long, slender leg. He was still getting used to wearing the clothes of the fairer sex, and though they certainly suited him well it was a bit tricky slipping them on.

“So you see, dear, it’s important to do it all in one smooth stroke.” Rarity cooed as she continued, finally affixing the stocking to the center of Coco’s thigh. Shortly thereafter her hands locked in around the garment, making sure that it was nice and snug and the press of it against his leg was smooth. “If you take your time doing it, then you’ll end up with little ripples and that’ll look just dreadful.”

“I...I see. Thank you, Rarity.” Coco stammered, hoping desperately that Rarity wasn’t noticing any of the things that was going on with his body. Not just the bulge that was straining itself against his lap, but the goosebumps that had covered the entire remaining leg. Already she was working towards repeating the process with that very leg, scooping her fingers into the stockings and preparing to lift. Nervously Coco brought his foot up and guided it to the entrance, shivering as he felt that smooth, silky fabric caress along his flesh. “...they feel good. Comfortable. Pretty.”

“And you look simply adorable in them.” Rarity giggled a bit, and gestured towards the nearby mirror. There Coco could examine himself in those stockings, look at the unique brown tint they gave his legs. Despite what was resting at his lap his frame was overwhelmingly feminine, and those legs would’ve been enough to catch the eye of most passing men...and a few certain women. Rarity allowed her hands to guide down both of Coco’s legs for a moment, caressing him gently and allowing her fingers to linger...chastely for the most part, but definitely longer than they needed to. “Ohh, I have so much fun dressing you up, dear! You’re the best model a girl could hope for!”

“Gosh Rarity, I…” Coco chuckled, his blush intensifying underneath her praise. “You say that, but I...I could never model! All those people? And like thi-”

“Tut, dear.” Rarity responded simply, and gave the young man a hug from behind. Her arms locked around his waist and she pressed her chest against his tiny rump, giving him a fierce squeeze. With her cheek pressed to her hip she gazed at the mirror, catching the sight of them together. Elegant and beautiful the both of them, and even though Coco wasn’t entirely brimming with confidence Rarity had plenty to spare. As she made Coco gaze at their reflection in the mirror she spoke simply and kindly, and her arms remained locked in tight. “You are who you are, dear. And I, for one, think you’re simply marvellous.”

Coco, his blush so hot against his cheeks that he had to bring his hands to them, simply looked in the mirror at their shared images. Maybe he was marvellous...but Rarity was at least half to thank for that. Delicately Coco lowered his hands to rest on his dear friend’s, and his eyes danced once more down to the sight of his legs in those nylons. He felt comfortable. Happy. And mostly, with Rarity close behind him, he felt protected.

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So that was the power of a Siren. Athena never would’ve guessed it, but as she laid there on the hood of her Catch-A-Ride she couldn’t deny the weight of what had just happened. Her offer to help Lilith’s growing rebellion had turned passionate when Maya was assigned to keep an eye on her; a task that had almost immediately turned intimate when the blue-haired woman pulled someplace secluded and revealed to Athena her secret.

A large member marked with intricate tattoos; each one glowing the same bright blue as her powers. The often stern warrior wasn’t able to resist what had happened afterwards, from sloppily sucking Maya off in the front seat of the Catch-A-Ride, to bending herself over across the hood and begging to be fucked. When Maya’s tattooed cock slid inside of her the warrior’s body coiled in delight, and the two women gave a full workout to the Catch-A-Ride’s shocks as she was fucked harshly against the frame. Loud, wet delight had carried over the wastes of Pandora so loud that it had even attracted Skags, but to two experienced Vault Hunters they were little more than a nuisance.

A flex of Siren powers and a quick whip of Athena’s shield and the interlopers fell, without Maya even once needing to pull out. When she finished her work and left Athena’s tight slit filled with her warm and wonderful cream, she gave a confident smile and slapped Athena once on her toned rear.

“Janey won’t mind, will she?” She asked with a confident smirk, as she started to tuck her cock back into her pants. Athena couldn’t help but shiver, feeling the warm white leak down the insides of her thighs as she struggled to pull her armor back up.

“…she’ll understand.” She offered, her voice returning to the same stoic, stern tone. The type of voice that would never do anything quite so reckless as to fuck a fellow Vault Hunter on a mission. Certainly not. “At least, she’ll understand when you come home with me tonight.”

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“Oh, I bet you just hate this, don’t you?” Juri’s voice was like a venom, and it made Chun-Li’s head spin. The girl’s cocky tone was only half of the problem; the other half being that each word came in between slow, languid licks of her tongue. “You just can’t handle how good I’m making you feel.”

“S…Shut your…c…criminal mouth…” Chun-Li was clenching her teeth tight, but she couldn’t deny that Juri was right. The officer wasn’t in any position to resist; her hands locked tight together with a pair of handcuffs that Juri had stolen straight from her possession. A quick snap of them had left Chun-Li bent desperately over a table, and now that sultry Chinese dress she had worn for her undercover mission was now working against her. The wicked villain, seemingly coming from nowhere, now delighted in every goosebump that echoed across her thighs.

“It’s so nice of you to dress up for me.” Juri grinned, and darted her tongue forward once more, tracing a circle across Chun-Li’s rear. It was enough to make the police officer rise forward on her toes, giving a sudden, sharp gasp as another rush of delight went through her. Juri just laughed a bit, and her hand moved up to smooth her fingers down the flowing black silk of the lovely dress. “I can’t wait to tear it to shreds…and use the pieces to tie you up.”

“All.” Lick. “Night.” Lick. “Long.”

Chun-Li whimpered pathetically, and dropped her forehead to the table. Cammy and Guile were right, the undercover mission had been a very, very bad idea. Now, she’d be paying the price of her mistake in sweat and shame.

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“Y’know, Sugar Queen, I really oughtta visit you here more often!” Toph beamed, resting back in her chair. One of her hands dropped to the locks of dark brown hair in her lap, and she helped Katara’s mouth race across her throbbing length. “It’s tough work training all those new officers. And my kids? Whoo, you think you got it bad? I gotta keep an eye on them like they’re still kids! Not that me keepin’ an eye on anything actually helps. Eh? Eh? Get it?”

“Mmphh.” Katara’s voice was muffled and short, since her voice was otherwise occupied. They were older now; each with kids of their own getting into trouble of their own, but some things hadn’t changed. Toph still called her Sugar Queen. She still bullied her in that playfully fond fashion. And she still never passed up an opportunity to feed the water bender her cock.

Katara’s mouth pulled down all the way, nestling her nose against Toph’s lap. The blind girl gave a sweet and happy groan, before her hands moved down to close around the sides of Katara’s head. With a mischievous grin Toph rolled her hips from side to side, allowing her shaft to batter back and forth against Katara’s hungry, wet mouth.

“That’s my pal, always eager to help a friend out!” Toph laughed triumphantly, as she felt her climax starting to build. Her thighs tightened and she started to push forward, pressing her cock in deep as her peak started to roll through her. “Oh, did I mention? I can make it to Kya’s eighteenth birthday after all!”

As Katara swallowed the rushing warmth that came to her, load after load of the Blind Bandit’s cum, she simply gave a quiet whimper. Kya’s upcoming birthday was bound to be memorable, and as a loving mother Katara couldn’t possibly stand in the way of it.

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The Hero of Kirkwall was used to getting whatever she wanted, and that was never more true than when she slid inside of her beloved sister. Bethany was left speechless with her cheeks flushed a vibrant red, her fingers practically locked around the edge of the blanket she held across her chest. With a cocky smirk pressed against her features Hawke moved a hand down swiftly, grabbing the blanket and tossing it aside so she could fully expose Bethany underneath her.

“Don’t hide those tits!” She laughed with a grin, and her hands spread forward to wrap around each. “After all, they belong to me, now.” She gave a long, low squeeze that sent Bethany’s cheeks even darker, and a slow forceful thrust that allowed her sister to feel every last inch of her cock. Though Bethany had protested at first the past few minutes had done a lot to change her mind, and now the noises that fell from her lips were that of a timid yet desperate pleasure. As Hawke so possessively clutched her breasts she soon took to a steady thrusting, and before long the bed in her mansion ached underneath the weight of the two.

Bethany’s head was spinning as she was claimed, each thrust driving deeper and deeper into her and leaving her with hints of more wicked shame crossing her features. This was her sister! One of the most famous people in the city! And here she was laying underneath her like just another desperate slut eager to be claimed. And worst of all…

“H…Hawke, do they really have to watch?” She murmured, and pointed across the room. There a devillishly attractive pirate woman sat with a sweet little elf in her lap, a hand down the front of her laced panties. She looked indignant at the question, her brow raising as she drove her digits into Merrill’s slit a little deeper.

“That’s a bold thing for you to ask, Beth!” Isabela gasped, feigning shock. “Whose idea do you think this night was, anyway?!”

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It was a good thing Midna had finally recovered her true form, otherwise it would’ve been hard to stand up. She had been showing her pregnancy for months now, and this far in the weight of it made nearly every motion difficult. Getting up in the morning had become a minor chore, and sets of stairs had become her new greatest enemy.

Zelda never afforded her any sympathy, though. Midna was still forced to be on top as the two shared a bedroom, made to straddle the other woman’s lap as she rode the same cock that made her pregnant to begin with. The blue-skinned Twili woman’s knees ached and her joints surged with every motion, and yet she continued to bounce up and down on that thick, piercing member that hit her down to her very core. As she rode she allowed her hands to curve underneath her pregnant belly, holding it up while Zelda’s hands groped lewdly at the full, swollen breasts that had made an appearance since the change began.

“You’re so much heavier than you used to be.” Zelda purred, looking graceful even as she was pinned under a pregnant woman on the bed. “Do you think it’s twins? Triplets, perhaps?”

“I don’t…hahhh…don’t know…” Midna hissed, biting down on her bottom lip as she bounced faster and faster upon that thick, heavy length. “Maybe…?”

“Well, if not, that’s all right.” Zelda grinned, and gave a dominant thrust deep into Midna, making her cry out with a piercing holler. The Twili woman’s body trembled and her pregnant belly shook from side to side, set to bouncing from the fierce thrust. “We’ll just keep at it until you give me all the ones I want!”

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“Shh, don’t want Dad to hear us, do we?” Korra whispered against the edge of her mother’s ear, a wicked smile on her face. In that very instant her hand was down the front of her mother’s panties; cupping along the older woman’s folds and slowly stroking along her wet, warm sex. Two of her fingers were pressed inside and wiggling gently back and forth, hooking against her walls and teasing her entrance with well-practiced motions. Senna, left more or less speechless by the attention, held onto the handles of her cooking pot a little tighter.

“K…Korra…s…stop it…” She whimpered, though her desire for Korra to stop wasn’t so great that she actively pulled away. Her head was lowered and her cheeks were dark, and as the seconds passed more and more pleasure rolled through her body. Just what had that Sato girl been teaching her daughter in Republic City?!

It didn’t take long from when Korra started for Senna to reach her climax. The taboo heat of the moment pushed her easily over the edge, and if it wasn’t for Korra’s free hand circling around from behind her mother and sealing over her mouth, she likely would’ve cried out in that moment. As it was, she stood there frozen and blushing, trembling as her pussy milked against her own daughter’s fingers.

Movement from down the hall alerted the two women, and by the time Tonraq stepped inside the kitchen Korra was seated once more at the table. She was licking her fingers, a surefire sign that his strong young daughter had already snuck a bite of dinner before they were all gathered to eat.

“They don’t teach you manners in Republic City?” He asked his daughter, slowly moving to sit across from her. “Couldn’t wait for the whole family?”

“Sorry, Dad.” Korra beamed, her mother’s juice against her tongue. “Saw something by the stew I couldn’t resist getting a hand on.”

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“Aunt Lin…you’re…you’re being too rough!” Opal winced as she felt the older woman crash into her, driving deep her cock until she could feel the younger woman tighten fiercely about her. It was the main reason that the Chief of police at Republic City kept a bottle of lubricant in her desk at work; visits from her niece. Every time Opal dropped by she’d end up bent over the older woman’s desk, and every time she’d end up feeling Lin pierce her down to the very core of her ass. Despite her protests, Lin just smirked…she knew that for Opal, there was no “too rough.”

The desk creaked underneath them, each slam from the chief drawing forth another cry from her niece. She leaned in close to squeeze her chests against the back of Opal’s shoulders, and as she did so her mouth drew forward, dipping at the edge of her ear as she whispered to her in a deep, aroused tone.

“Official regulations won’t let me use the handcuffs for anything but business when I’m on the clock.” She smirked, her member thick and stretching the wonderful rear pucker of the girl. “But if you swing by my apartment tonight, I think we can have a little more fun before you go back to Zaofu.”

“Y-Yes, Aunt Lin…” Opal whined a little, her toes curling and her rear clenching about that thick, penetrating member. She braced herself as the older woman picked up her pace, knowing that before too long she’d once again feel the hot, familiar rush of Lin’s cream flooding her rear. “…j-just don’t tell Mom…”

Chapter Text

“Hehehe, that’s great, Aria!” Sonata giggled excitedly, swaying her hips back and forth. She was seated in an empty chair in the school music room, long after hours with all the teachers long since home again. The blue-skinned beauty trembled a bit as her member plunged deep past Aria’s lips, and she could just barely feel the tip of her cock tickling at the back of her throat. Aria’s purple and turquoise hair was a disheveled mess in the other woman’s lap, and Sonata delighted in running her fingers through the locks to make an even bigger mess. “You’re so much nicer to me when you can’t say anything!”

Aria grunted a bit, and were she able to talk she likely would’ve. Instead she could do little more than drag her tongue in sloppy strikes back and forth against Sonata’s shaft, drawing in the taste and letting the silly girl throb and grow within her mouth. The purple-fleshed member of the Sirens resented what she had to do that afternoon, and the fact that Sonata was enjoying it so much certainly didn’t make things any better.

“J…Just get this over with, you brat!” She hissed as she pulled her mouth off of Sonata’s cock, leaving it wet, throbbing and aching for a place to fit. She turned around and pulled down her skirt, showcasing the slender curve of her purple rear and just underneath, the lightly-glazed slope of her slit. “I still can’t believe I have to be the one to do this…”

“Oh, don’t be silly, Aria!” Sonata beamed as she stepped forward, moving her hands out and locking them around her friend’s waist. While Aria tensed and tried to resist Sonata pushed forward with a blissful expression on her face; the sort of joy-overridden look that usually only came to her features when something wonderful was being served in the cafeteria. “Adagio said we need more Sirens, and you’re the only one with a…y’know…taco!”

She said that, though the feel of Aria’s tight, wet, and struggling slit across her cock was better than Taco Tuesday, Sloppy Joe Thursday, and Pizza Friday all combined into one.

Chapter Text

“Sister! Oh, Sister, there are so many cocks!” Starfire’s eyes were shining as she literally floated through the crowd, looking at everything that was there for her to enjoy. Granted, some of them were stuffed inside the holes of various girls at the party, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t plenty left for Star and her sister! In fact, Blackfire had already begun to enjoy herself and was bent over from the waist, effectively spitroasted between two young men as music blasted through the crowded room. Starfire simply giggled in delight, and almost rushed over to join her sister until she felt a pair of hands lock around her ankles.

Someone pulled the floating girl right out of the air, and in her stunned state Starfire was helpless to stop it as she felt a hand move into her long red hair, guiding her face towards a slender blonde pussy. She was licking and slurping with a smile on her face even before she looked up to see who it was, and when her eyes finally opened her smile grew tenfold.

“Terra! I am glad to see that you are back from being the stone statue!” She didn’t get to talk much more as Terra yanked her face in once more, feeding her that wet, blonde pussy anew. As Starfire slurped she soon realized that Terra had already been on the receiving end on any one of the dozens of cocks in the room; a warm treat flooding across her tongue which she drank with a content noise from the back of her throat.

As Starfire worked on her knees it didn’t take long for others to take notice; one man she didn’t know nor would she ever know sliding behind her and lifting her up by her hips. He eased his cock inside of the alien’s pussy with ease, and as Starfire continued to drink cum from Terra’s hole she shuddered in wicked delight. Across the room her sister was getting double penetrated now; and it looked like there was a line of boys ready to join in the fun. Though the party had already been filled with teenaged girls ready to fuck and suck their way through the crowd it was the two exotic sisters that would be stealing the scene, and Starfire thrilled at the attention.

She’d have to accept Blackfire’s invitations to play more often.

Chapter Text

Blue cheeks were blushing fiercely as Riyo struggled to focus, her pen scratching off of the paper and across the finish of the expensive desk. She looked back over her shoulder and clenched her teeth as she continued to be thrusted back and forth from behind, and when she spoke her voice trembled with worried hesitation that somehow managed to creep through the almost overwhelming arousal.

“Barriss, I need to finish this!” Riyo whined, though the harsh slap that came from a green hand onto the side of her firm blue rear was enough to draw her quiet once more. From behind her the Jedi woman was completely stripped down; standing naked as she continued to rush forward into Riyo with a series of hard, fast strikes. When Riyo complained Barriss let her hand draw forward, pushing it to the back of Riyo’s head and forcing her gaze forward again.

“Then you’d better get to work!” She ordered with a confident and dominant smirk, the thick, artificial length spreading those pretty blue folds. “Make sure you talk about how much the Jedi help you on a day to day basis!”

“Well…that’s just…” Riyo whimpered, standing on her toes as Barriss fucked her particularly hard and deep. One hand moved to clutch the edge of the desk as the other reclaimed her pen, drawing it back to the paper with a whimper. “…that’s just…blatantly false.”

Sure, Barriss and Ahsoka protected her, but her everyday duties had gotten much, much harder since she had become the plaything of the two.

Chapter Text

Ms. Harshwhinny’s office lights had been turned off, and the door had been locked and shut. To outward observers it might look like the school counselor had already gone home for the day, but in reality she was taking time from her busy schedule in order to spent some one-on-one time with a student.

Octavia was a wonderfully talented girl in so many ways, but there was great pressure on her shoulders. Between school and her music she had gone to Ms. Harshwhinny’s office one day seeking assistance with the stress, and her diligent teacher had been more than happy to oblige. There in the darkened room, on the same couch that the counselor helped so many of her young students, Octavia delighted in riding her cock.

Both girls were still mostly dressed; Octavia’s skirt pulled up around her lap and Harshwhinny’s cock pulled free from the front of her slacks. They had to stay dressed just in case anyone came knocking at the door. Unfortunately there was nothing they could do about the scent of sex that had permeated the air, filling every breath they took with the laced aroma of their passions. Octavia was riding harder and harder upon her teacher, each thrust pressing the woman’s thick, stiff length down to her very depths, and she moved her hands forward to brace them on Harshwhinny’s shoulders as her peak drew closer and closer.

“That’s it…almost…” Harshwhinny whispered, her voice soft and pressed against Octavia’s ear. Her hands took tight fistfuls of young, pale ass as she locked herself into place, thrusting up and down with a few more fierce pumps to drive herself the rest of the way there. When she felt Octavia tremble and felt the girl press down, biting against her counselor’s shoulder to prevent from screaming, Harshwhinny could no longer hold back her own peak. The two came together in the dark of her office, her cock pumping a few heavy, thick loads right into the young woman’s slit as her panties rested against the side of her shaft.

For a long moment afterwards Octavia clung to her counselor; the stern woman that so few other students ever sought out. She had an undeserved reputation for being unwilling to help her students, but as Octavia had learned Ms. Harshwhinny was never too busy to help a young woman in need.

Chapter Text

Korra winced, her eyes shutting tight as she felt the wicked, dark haired woman slide herself inside. As soon as her eyes closed she felt the sting of a leather-gloved hand crack hard on the side of her rear, enough to force her to give a sharp cry around her ball gag. As the thick member stirred inside of her, Korra was forced to listen to the other woman’s harsh words ringing with authority and anger.

“Open your eyes, whore.” Asami hissed out, waiting until Korra did just that. Before her sat the mirror she had been forced in front of, forced to watch herself on hands and knees, gagged and fucked from behind by her enemy. Asami simply smirked as she rolled her hips from side to side, thrilling at the warm, tight entrance she had forced herself inside. “You need to get used to the sight of yourself like that. Now that you don’t have your bending anymore, there aren’t many other useful things you can do…”

The words she offered added further insult, and Korra forced her gaze ahead as the slender woman continued to claim her. For such a dainty rich girl Asami was well endowed, and each press of her hips pushed that thick, violating member deep into Korra’s folds. Every squeeze forward forced the Avatar to grunt against her ball gag, and before long she watched as threads of spit dangled from the sides, landing against the cold concrete underneath her. Claimed and fucked by the Equalist woman, drained of her bending, Korra gave a pathetic sigh as she stared at her reflection. The reflection of a woman that was broken down to a base, singular purpose.

It wasn’ bad, and it seemed like she’d have plenty of time to get used to it.

Chapter Text

“Ha! It might not be much ta look at, but it sure does the job all right!” Harley giggled wildly, her body crashing up and down in the mercenary’s lap. The gaze on Deadpool’s mask reflected exactly what was going through his body, a firm o_O expression locked upon the otherwise static leather. As Harley’s skirt bounced around his lap her pussy gripped tight along the merc’s length, tugging and pulling and slathering it in her rich, delicious nectar.

“It’s easily in the top five best looking parts of me!” Deadpool persisted, grunting as he tugged at the handcuffs holding him back. With each and every one of Harley’s thrusts the chair squeaked underneath them, and he couldn’t help but watch as her exposed, full breasts bounced in a hypnotic pattern. With a grunt tried his best to resist, to resist the pleasure of Harley’s perfect little slit wrapped around his less-than-perfect length. Sure, the size was good, but it looked like a footlong hot dog that was mauled by a hungry cat.

But still. Footlong.

Harley just giggled wildly as she rode, her boots pressed hard to the floor below as she continued. Every time she fell into Wade’s lap a sweet sound filled the room, the noise of her wet, tight slit crashing around his length and drawing him closer and closer to his peak. As the seconds passed and Harley’s giggling grew more and more playful, Deadpool’s peak drew closer and closer. With a grunt he simply couldn’t take it anymore, the girl’s laughing finally forcing his gaze to snap forward.

“What’s so funny?!” He blurted out, voice surprisingly clear and articulate through an otherwise mouthless mask. “There’s a lot going on right now, but none of it’s making me laugh!”

“It’s ‘cause this is just a flash fiction!” Harley beamed, patting Wade’s head as she gave him a few hard, fast thrusts. Almost there, so very close...achingly close to letting him release inside of Harleen Quinzel. “It’ll be over before you cum!”

o_O once again.


Chapter Text

“That’s really it, then? I thought you were supposed to be some sort of demon. Lord of your own little verse!” Morrigan rolled her eyes, and gaze down at one of her arms. It was dripping with cum like most of her was, her costume having long since been torn asunder to leave her bare save for her kneehigh boots. Curled into a pile at her feet was the multi-tentacled green mass that was Shuma Gorath, looking a lot less like a divine entity of chaos and more like a deflated children’s punching bag.

“So...tired...witch…” Gurgling came from seemingly nowhere, considering the thing was all tentacles with a single glaring eye. “!” Morrigan simply rolled her eyes as she stretched one foot, pressing her boot against the thing’s mouth...or at least, where she suspected a mouth would be.

“We only barely got started!” Came the succubus’ irritated reply, rolling her wrist and watching as cream dripped from it. Her words were contrary to what almost anyone would’ve suspected considering the scene; her green hair almost painted entirely white and copious amounts of chaotic cum dripping from her slit and rear. It even painted her lips, and she absently licked some of it free before blinking away the sticky glaze across her lashes. “You promised me an endless torrent of cocks and tentacles! Don’t think I’ll be leaving you off the hook so easy!”

With that, the succubus leaned down, grabbed the nearest tentacle, and started dragging Shuma along in a fashion similar to a soggy green sled. As she marched towards the nearest alley the thing flailed with its remaining strength, whimpering and gasping as it left a trail of panicked cream.

“No! Noooo! We’ve been going for seventy-five yeaaaaaaaars!”

“I know, right?” Morrigan clucked her tongue, and shook her head dismissively. “That’s barely foreplay where I’m from!”

Chapter Text

Ivy grinned, watching as Harley’s full, round breasts pounced atop her recently enlarged belly. As she continued to thrust her hips forward she allowed her green hands to slink out, caressing along Harley’s pregnant tummy in an appreciative caress. The two shared a fond smile, though Harley was hardly in a position to offer much more than the series of steady gasps and whimpers her lover was fucking out of her. That thick green length that spread the jester’s folds was coated in her arousal, and each time Ivy shoved herself forward a slick, wet noise filled the air between them. Underneath Ivy’s patient and steady gaze Harley could do little more than whimper, her ankles locking behind the woman’s back to keep her legs firmly wrapped around her.

“G-Gee Red…” Harley struggled to find the strength to talk, a moan erupting from her throat halfway through her words. Ivy was relentless and steady in her thrusting, her enchanting gaze focused upon the blonde girl underneath her. “S-Sure am glad you don’t mind if a gal puts on a little weight!”

“How could I mind, dear?” Ivy cooed, drawing in close to tease her lips across her lover’s mouth. She let them dance across Harley’s with a feather-soft touch, almost allowing them to kiss before robbing her of it once more. “It’s not as if I haven’t played my part…” At the thrilling reminder that it was Ivy that put Harley in such a state, the jester gave a desperate grunt and threw her arms around her lover’s shoulders. She held Ivy tight, pulling her down to a wet, hungry kiss and allowing their tongues to wickedly dance. Holding Ivy’s flat tummy against her own stretched one, Harley tightened her legs and rode back against her lover with more intensity, the heat rising within her as she felt her moment coming.

It didn’t matter how far along she was, or how many times Ivy wanted to breed her. The sweet little jester was always hungry, eager, and desperate for her favorite plant’s nectar.

Chapter Text

“Ears! Careful with the ears!” Fox winced a bit, his teeth clenching as Samus drug her hands away from his furred ears with a smirk. The blonde bounty hunter allowed her fingers to drift down into the fur of the other pilot’s shoulders, gripping him hard as she gave a fierce buck of her hips. It brought her naked, bare slit to wrap around his throbbing red length, sending the Arwing to bounce on its shocks. Samus simply gave a huge, lewd grin before drawing one hand back up, wrapping her fingers around the fox’s muzzle as she let her voice fill the otherwise one-man cockpit with her heated, hungry voice.

“Don’t get soft on me now, flyboy.” The woman purred, slooooowly rolling her hips as she gripped his throbbing length. “You don’t look like the type that can’t handle a little rough riding.” Over the past twenty minutes he had proven that he could handle her, and she’d be damned if she’d let him falter now that things were finally getting interesting. From laser blasts to heated thrusts of their nethers against one another, the two had exchanged more than physical blows since they had met. Now Fox’s cockpit filled with the heated scent of a growing lust, and Samus’ pit was merely filled with his cock.

Fox gave a growl through his muffled muzzle, and with a twist of his head he managed to snap it free before lunging upward into Samus. While the bounty hunter laughed in delight he snatched his hands against her rear, squeezing tightly as he began to thrust up hard against her. His robotic feet magnetized to the floor of his Arwing to give him better leverage, and soon the blonde could feel that throbbing foxcock pounding against her walls, filling the cockpit with the sound of her delight. The moment spun forward hotter and hotter, until a sudden, shrieking voice echoed over the Arwing’s comm.



Chapter Text

As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough that her friends would be telling stories about her poorly sung karaoke, they’d definitely be exchanging stories about what they were watching now. The thin blonde was crouched down with an impatient pose; one hand resting against the side of the seat with the other wrapped around a stranger’s cock. Her cheeks were burning red as she gazed up at his face, her tongue lashing back and forth underneath the tip as she continued to tease him. She had barely said a word to the man before dropping down to her knees and offering her services, and from the sounds of it he seemed to like the favor of a beautiful young tomboy so ready to please.

From behind her she could still hear the snickers of Michiru and Setsuna, each of them whispering to each other while Michiru held her phone out. It wasn’t the first time she managed to dare her girlfriend into debasing herself in public, or to fuck or suck some random stranger, but it was always a thrill whenever she went through with it. As Haruka’s lips pursed along the length offered to her and pushed down until her nose struck against his lap, she could hear her girlfriend’s voice rising up with a soft, sweet tease to her tone.

“Better make sure you swallow it all, love.” She coyly offered, keeping her phone trained on the image before her. “I’m not going to kiss you if you’ve still got cum in your mouth.” It was enough to make Setsuna burst into laughter as Haruka’s cheeks burned in embarrassment, and she had the impulse to take the cum that would soon be hers and spit it straight into Michiru’s mouth. She resisted though, and kept focusing on her work, slurping and sucking on the stranger’s length. She knew from experience by now that if she dared doing something quite so defiant and bold, the next time she went out drinking with the other two girls she’d end up in a far more compromising position.

Chapter Text

It was just like when they were growing up together. Lin holding the hips of a pretty young woman, fucking her from behind with the thick length she had been born with. She was holding a tight fistful of the girl’s hair as she claimed her hard with a steady series of fierce thrusts, and from the tint on the pretty young thing’s cheeks it was clear she was relishing the attention. Twenty years ago it was Suyin in that position, but as she witnessed now it was her own daughter that had taken that place.

The tea service that Suyin had brought for her sister now laid on the ground, clattered and spilled after she had dropped it in shock. It had been too long since she had seen her sister’s naked body and smelled the thick scent of heated bliss that filled the air in the midst of her fury. Even though it was her own pretty, dark-haired daughter that now gripped the sheets and whimpered in a lewd passion, Suyin couldn’t help but force herself to swallow a bit of jealousy. Jealousy that Lin could easily read across her sister’s face.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten how tight you are.” She practically growled, and pressed a swift, hard slap against Opal’s rear, sending the girl into an aroused squeak. She started to roll her hips back and forth, eagerly fucking herself against that thick member spreading her pretty young folds. Lin just beamed, watching with utter confidence as Suyin’s own daughter fucked herself in front of her. “Want me to show your little girl what a slut her mother used to be?”

Suyin stepped over the dropped tea service, one hand moving back to close the door behind her. As she approached her older sister and her beautiful daughter right there in the center of the guest bedroom, she had a nervous but aroused lump in her throat. All those years apart, and it looked like they were going to take things up right where they left off.

Chapter Text

Spitroasting the captain was a common activity by now; almost every night Liara and Tali would slip into Shepard’s room to fuck her. It was one such night while the two women both knelt on the bed, Liara claiming the commander from behind while Tali kept Shepard’s mouth wrapped firmly around her cock. Slow rolling of each woman’s hips always made sure the commander was stuffed with at least one of them, at least until Tali pulled at Shepard’s red hair and gazed up to the blue skinned woman across from her.

“I’ve had enough of the slut’s mouth, Liara.” Her sweet, slight accent carrying across her voice. “Perhaps you could lay back and I’ll fuck her ass?” The blush that crossed Liara’s face matched that of Shepard’s, and the Asari gave a large grin at the thought. A moment later and Shepard was mounting the blue woman, steadying herself with a grunt as Liara grabbed her shaft and started to guide herself inside.

“I’m Liara T’soni and this is my favorite hole on Commander Shepard.” Liara beamed, easing herself into Shepard’s warm, wet slit. There was a moment that Shepard shuddered against her length, settling her weight atop that thick blue member before she gazed back over her shoulder. A slow nod to Tali told the girl she was ready for her, and the eager Quarian slipped forth to join.

Shepard braced herself, but when she finally felt Tali’s cock squeeze against her, she realized the girl got the wrong hole too late. Instead of the familiar pinch of Tali stuffing her ass she soon felt her sex spread around a pair of thick members, one from each woman working into her slit. She gave a sudden cry and a buck of her hips as she leaned forward, clutching the blanket and groaning as the other two women exchanged glances with a smile.

“Oh. Seems like we shop at the same place, Liara.” Tali offered sweetly, and the two shared wicked glances. “Well...since I’m already here.” The sound of Commander Shepard’s moans quickly filled her quarters, joined in harmony by the grunting noises of her two most loyal crew members

Chapter Text

It took a lot of motivation for the Avatar to wake up early, but with Asami having a big day ahead of her she had forced herself to rise so she could make her lover lunch. In a few hours Asami would be stuck in boring but important meetings, and Korra was determined to see her lover off for the day in a proper fashion. As the sound of the shower a few doors down the hall continued, Korra was grunting steadily as she stood at the kitchen counter, making Asami’s morning coffee.

Well…the coffee had already been made, but adding the cream was the time consuming part. The woman had the front of her shorts pulled down as she rapidly stroked her spit-covered length, pumping her cock in desperate fashion as she guided her tip to point at the top of Asami’s mug. The steam of the coffee teased the underside of her tip, and as she drew closer and closer Korra’s senses burned with delight. Nervously she glanced over her shoulder to make sure Asami hadn’t come out of the shower unexpected, and before long she gave a sudden gasp as her moment struck.

Spurts of thick, white cream danced from her tip and landed against the mug, some of it smearing to the edges but a healthy dollop of it landing squarely in the center. The otherwise black coffee splashed as Korra squirted burst after burst inside of it, swirling a bit of white throughout its otherwise dark waters. No sooner did Korra finally cum did she hear the shower turn off and the door finally open, tucking herself back inside at the last minute as she spun on a heel.

“Hey, sweetheart. Made you coffee!” Korra beamed, holding the mug up and swiping one finger across the lip of it, trying to hide the line of cum that clung to it. Asami, wearing a bath towel and giving Korra a seductive look, grabbed the mug and took a lingering sip as she greeted her.

“Always so thoughtful.” Asami beamed, licking her lips of the taste. The Sato girl wasn’t an idiot; the cum covering the rest of the countertop and the bulge in Korra’s shorts was all she needed to see to know that Korra had added her usual special ingredient. But she had never balked at drinking her lover’s special coffee in the past, and wasn’t about to start now. “Think you could prepare a thermos for me before I left?” With a smirk she turned on a heel, glancing over her shoulder and giving her lover a teasing wink. “This time, leave the coffee out.”

Chapter Text

“Squirm all you want, but I’m having a great time!” Midna cackled, wiggling around from side to side and grinding her pussy around Link’s knot. The wolf was laying flat on his back and squirming just as Midna had taunted, legs weaving through the air as he writhed underneath her. Midna’s tiny body was perfectly positioned on top of him and her pussy was spread tight around his member; so tight that her lap was bulging from the scope of his knot. It was almost hard to imagine just where the rest of him was going within her tiny frame, but thankfully the imp’s mysterious body always seemed to make room. “Bweeehehehe! I like you so much better this way! A better fuck, and none of the yelling!”

Every inch of Link’s wolfcock had sunk deep inside of her, and the swell of his knot ensured the little imp would stay in place even if he struck to his feet and started running. (Even though she’d have a bumpy ride at that point.) She didn’t bother herself with lifting herself up to claim all of his cock again and again; for now it was more than enough to rock back and forth, to grind on his member, and to swivel in place as he was forced to feel the tight, wet embrace of her nethers. The faster she spun the more her wolf lover whined, and her grin grew three sizes as she gazed down at Link’s pathetic little muzzle. It was almost adorable how sweetly helpless he was, how desperate to release his warm, thick dog spunk!

“Now listen up, if you don’t give me every last drop, I’m going to be pretty bad!” Midna beamed, waggling her finger right in front of Link’s muzzle. “We might even have to find a harness to put on you!” At that Link’s whimpering only continued, and Midna kept spinning around and around. The wet embrace of her pussy locked tight around his shaft as his knot continud to engorge, pushing against the walls of her slit and making both of them gasp in delight. Before long Link’s member would be thrusting forward and unloading drop after drop of his cream, but it wasn’t like Midna to let him off the hook quite so easy! She spun and she paused, she teased and she squeezed, and the entire time she kept looking back at Link’s canine features and giggling in her wild, impish delight.

The wolf’s pleasing torment wouldn’t be over anytime soon, that much was certain. Not when she was having so much fun riding his deep red knot!

Chapter Text

“You’re going down this year, Mom, I promise!”

“It’d be the first time.” Senna smirked at her daughter’s taunt, and licked her lips as she braced herself into a defensive position. Surrounded by all of the rest of the tribe the mother and daughter pairing squared off in a simple ring made for just such an event; an event where the biggest breasted of the tribe vied for the championship. Senna had been the grand champion since the days she was pregnant with Korra, but now that the Avatar had grown up she might finally be able to claim the championship herself.

Korra darted ahead; her own naked body racing towards her mothers. She executed a sudden spin as she neared the other woman’s spot and her breasts went arching in a wide circle, following her momentum and preparing to slam right down on the old woman’s head. A predictable charge to be sure and Senna had seen it coming a mile away. She hopped back as threads of water moved to grab her naked lower half and suddenly propel her forward, up and over her daughter’s attack. She moved to make a swift and decisive counterattack; taking advantage of Korra’s reckless nature by driving her body down against the back of her shoulders. Soon Korra was stuffed hard to the snow below them, her nipples stiff and hard and her entire body struck with a sudden chill. Her naked mother stood over her, pinning her beloved daughter down with her tits and using one hand to give her a sharp, harsh spank across her ass.

“That’s even faster than last year, Korra!” Senna grinned, rolling her eyes as the crowd already began to cheer. “You just get so worked up, you need to learn that titbending is about patience! Do you think Mommy made this big, heavy treats overnight?!” With that she wiggled her chest from side to side, driving Korra’s cheeks a little deeper into the snow.

“ fair, Mom!” Korra whined, trying but failing to push back up. Her mom’s tits were just way too big and heavy, and her own weren’t exactly doing her any favors in the lower back area. As she pressed her palms flat to the snow and even tried to use water bending to get out of it, her mother kept her fully in place. A smack of one tit, a spank to her ass, even a little whip of water across the naked spread of her folds. Korra was trapped under her naked mother...again, and every year it felt like she had to sit there longer and longer while Senna showed off.

“You know the deal, Korra.” Senna smiled, and lifted one breast just long enough to let it drop down on Korra’s back again and make her give a gasping whimper. “I don’t let you up until you say it~”

“Mmmmph. Fine.” Korra scowled, already plotting her revenge for next year. “...Mom you have the best tits in all the Four Nations. I can only hope one day my breasts are half as glorious as yours.”

“Good.” Senna reached down and gave her daughter a little pet on the head. “Try again next year, sweetie! Even though we both know it won’t do any good!”

Chapter Text

This would just had to! Poor little Fluttershy had been so frustrated over the past few weeks, and she was just too shy to speak up. Rainbow Dash and Applejack had been going at it nonstop, while Sunset Shimmer had been splitting her time between Rarity and Twilight Sparkle. And Pinkie...well...Pinkie just sort of slept with everyone. Just that morning she had caught her with Cheerilee in the library. But what of Fluttershy?! Poor neglected Fluttershy that couldn’t find the courage to say the words “Hey, I’d like my pussy licked every now and again, too!”

All that would change that day, though. The young lady was hosting a tea party for all of her friends, and nestled into each one of their teacups was a tiny note. She had been up all night writing them, pouring long hours trying to find the right words and pushing herself to be as dirty as possible. When her friends would arrive they’d surely see the notes in the teacups and instantly all swarm her with passion, and for once she’d be the one on the receiving end of a horny all-girl lovefest!

At least...that was what she thought would happen. As the ladies all arrived and sat down to enjoy tea with their friends, somehow each one of them managed to miss the note. Rainbow Dash didn’t even notice it and gulped it down with a full mug of tea, casually remarking that the drink was “papery.” The wind blew Twilight Sparkle’s right out of her cup and straight out the window, and Angel Bunny had grabbed Sunset Shimmer’s and Rarity’s because he was a huge brat. The only other notes on the field were Applejack and Pinkie Pie’s, and as they scooped the notes up and looked at them their faces blushed tenfold.

“Whoo...darlin’, that is some dirty talk!” Applejack boasted, grinning as she looked at the others. “Which one of you dolls wants me to, and I quote, eat her ass till she sings?”

“Well, that-” Fluttershy’s timid voice was immediately cut off.

“OHH OHH ME THAT SOUNDS SO FUN!” Pinkie Pie tossed her note aside without even reading it, grabbing Applejack by the wrist and pulling her away. “I love singing and I love having my butt eaten! It’s a win win for everyone!”

A win win for everyone...except Fluttershy. The little thing just sat, whimpered, and poured a lonely cup of tea as the other girls all chatted. Maybe one day someone would figure out that underneath that timid exterior there was a really, really depraved young lady looking to slut it up.

Chapter Text

She’d do anything to be a celebrity, and wasn’t very particular about what type. The more her hits went up the more excited Juniper got, and as she bent over on her hands and knees to showcase the plug stuffed in her ass the true thrill she got was by seeing the comments that started to pop up on her screen.

“That’s in there tight!”

“Wish it was my cock!”

“Spread your pussy, let’s see how wet you are!”

Juniper beamed at every one, and slowly trailed her tongue across her lips as she moved to oblige. Her knees spread and she lifted her ass just a little; one hand slipping underneath her body to move for the gentle folds underneath. Her glasses went slightly askew as she squeezed her cheek to the mattress, but it gave her just the right position to glide her fingers against her nethers and start to spread. Those shaved, smooth folds slipped aside to expose the pink nethers within, and sure enough some of the comments went alive with what she revealed.

“She already has a toy inside?!”

“This girl is a total slut!”

A giggle rose from Juniper’s throat as she started to squeeze; her eyes rolling back in her head as she worked the tiny, smooth ball from her pussy. Her hips rolled back and forth as she worked her nethers, straining those tender muscles to squeeze the egg-shaped item out. When it plopped to the mattress below she let her hand snake around it to bring it towards her lips, and with her eyes fixed on the camera she popped it into her mouth to begin cleaning the toy off. While she did it she made sure to moan like a brazen whore, delighting once more at the comments that spread across her screen.

“This girl is the best! I’m totally entering that contest now!”

“Me too! Twenty bucks for a chance to fuck her on camera?!”

“God, I wish that toy was me!”

All their words of pleasure and praise made Juniper coil with pleasure, and soon she rolled over onto her back to slowly spread her legs. The toy in her ass nestled even deeper, but now she could spread her pussy properly to show it off to the world. Soon two fingers squeezed inside, and she bucked her hips forward into her own soft touch.

“Pay close attention, boys.” She cooed, and licked her lips slowly once more. “The show’s only just beginning…”

On her nightstand laid her brand new toy: a horse dildo filled with a synthetic cum. Her viewers that night were going to get to watch her first ever horsecock creampie, and she was sure that when word got out she’d be more popular than ever! More popular, and more slutty.

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“...really, even if we’re caught, who would possibly have the authority to stop us?” Aversa’s voice was like a honeyed venom, the whisper of a woman that could talk a man into nearly anything. Especially with her tanned body fully exposed and her lovely figure revealed as she began to submerge into the water. She had been coy to not show herself to Robin until she had stepped in until the water was at the line of her breasts; only then spinning in place and facing him. The obscuring look at her breasts gave Robin just enough encouragement to begin unworking at his clothes, grumbling softly as he did so.

“I hope it’s not this easy for you to talk me into everything now that we’re married.” He murmured, and started to march towards the water. He was able to disrobe just as quickly as his new wife, and unlike Aversa he wasn’t particularly teasing about hiding his impressive physique. He moved right up on her in bold fashion, his body well-embraced by the grip of the surprisingly warm waters of the hot spring. One hand moved out to take Aversa’s waist while the other slid forward to caress her cheek, an affectionate gesture despite his wife’s meandering and plotting nature. “I trust you’re not running some long term plan...thankfully, you’re pretty honest between the sheets.”

Aversa merely smiled at that, slithering close to her lover and pressing those warm, wet breasts against his chest. As she did so her touch lingered down between their laps, and a few gentle touches started to creep back and forth across his shaft. While it stirred to its standard pleasing length the mysterious beauty gave a sultry purr, and pressed her head forward to begin lining a few heated kisses against her husband’s throat.

“What can I say?” She mused, her whisper dancing across the slope of his shoulder. “You’ve made an honest woman of me, Robin. I’m as pure as the driven snow, now.”

She was anything but...and Robin wouldn’t be half as enchanted by her if she was. As his member surged underneath her touch he leaned in to close the distance with his new bride, sweeping his arm about her waist and pulling her nice and close. Flesh pressed to flesh as the warm water surrounded them, and soon one of Aversa’s legs was lifting to hitch against Robin’s waist, eager to line him up against her. How quickly “just some innocent skinny dipping” turned into full blown passion and sex in the hot springs, but then...Aversa never did anything with half measures. And now that Robin was hers, neither did he.

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“Happy birthday, you little slut.” Asami smiled bright as she slapped her cock across the top of Jinora’s scalp. The Airbender had been celebrating that birthday with Korra and Asami for nearly two hours now, and she could definitely say it was much better than the balloons and cake waiting for her back home. At that point the young lady was naked and filled; glistening with a thin layer of sweat and left sticky from all the cum. She had sucked and fucked both Korra and Asami and managed to stretch every last one of her little holes around their cocks, and now she was preparing for the final birthday present.

“All right, Jinora, here it comes!” Korra grinned, and together she and Asami stroked themselves even faster. While both women stood before the kneeling girl their cocks were pointed squarely at the young lady’s head; facing the opposite direction of the traditional arrow printed across her scalp. Her shaved, smooth marking would be the icing on the birthday cake as it were - at least until they decided to run on her again.

“Mmm, thank you so much!” Jinora giggled as she felt the first streak of cum hit her scalp. “I’m so happy, this was the best birthday ever!” As the two women started to cum all over her smooth, shaved head Jinora let her mind travel back to the last few hours and all the ways she had been used. Even now cum dripped from her pussy and her ass, rolled down her thighs and pooled at her knees. The two women had been utterly relentless in their depraved fucking of the fresh eighteen year old, and though Jinora hadn’t said as much, she was sure she had been bred by now. Whether it was the Avatar or her lover it didn’t make any difference; she belonged to them both now as their tender collection of holes they could share.

Jinora gave an aroused ground and pressed her fingers against her slit, desperately fingering the milk-filled folds as cum poured over her scalp more and more. It dripped down the sides of her head, across the bridge of her nose, painted over her tattoo...and reminded her of her wonderful new role in life. As Korra and Asami painted their new pet’s head the two women smiled at each other, and finally let their cocks lower to rub around the mess they made over Jinora’s scalp.

“Mmm...since we can’t have babies of our own, I guess she’ll just have to make them for us.” Asami smiled, and leaned in to kiss her wife’s lips. “What do you think, Korra?”

“I think Jinora already knows that much.” Came the Avatar’s response, gazing down with a smile. Sure enough, the entire time Jinora had been plastered with cum one of her hands was rubbing her belly in the imagination that it was already stretched and heavy. When the young lady looked up she was treated to sudden cockslaps from both sides, and Korra grinned in a wide, hungry fashion. “So...guess that means we should be as rough as we can with her while we still can.”

“...yes...please…” Jinora whimpered; head absolutely covered in cum with the threads of white dancing down her pretty cheeks. She swallowed nervously and slipped her hands up to smooth over her belly, rubbing in a tender circle where she’d soon be carrying their babies. “Let’s...Let’s make sure it happens tonight…”

For her eighteenth birthday, Jinora got her greatest be the pregnant, submissive slut of the two women she idolized the most.

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“It’s a good thing you sucked it so well, because I’m planning on fucking you deep tonight.” Zelda’s voice was its usual intensely dominant tone, and she marked her words by dragging her nails down her lover’s back to make him writhe. Link was already bent over and prepared to get fucked; his ass cradling Zelda’s cock just above the cleft of his rear, and his mouth fully saled with a ball gag strapped around his face. The taste of his girlfriend’s cock was still on his tongue by the time that member eased against his entrance, and Zelda couldn’t help but let the moment linger, keeping him guessing as to just when she’d spear his meat into his ass.

“I trust the toy didn’t bother you much today. No, not a brave hero like you…” Zelda grinned, gazing over at the plug that Link had been forced to use all day. It was now laying dormant, but for hours he had been slaying evil and rescuing citizens with a thick, bulbous toy stretching his ass. Heavy straps had kept it in place and Zelda had even used a lock around the front, making sure that he couldn’t remove it. Now, as her cock eased into his rear and he gave a tense spasm of pleasure, her words echoed with another frightening concept. “’re so brave, I bet you can handle an even bigger one tomorrow.”

And from there, she shoved herself inside. Right down to the hilt Zelda’s cock crashed into Link’s ass, and he groaned as he was forced to wrap around his girlfriend’s member. She was filling him as well as she ever had and with every thrust his own cock bounced up and down, leaking threads of precum and spasming from side to side. Soon the sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the room as Zelda rutted deep and hungry into her boyfriend, and once more she clawed fingers down his back to make him groan around his gag. Before long he’d be dripping cum with every motion; leaking from his tip and failing to keep the overflow of cum within his ass.

He was Hyrule’s perfect hero for sure, but more importantly he was Zelda’s perfect slut. For every blade and arrow that he dodged out in the open world he took a piercing shot in his ass every night, and dozed peacefully at the foot of his mistress’ bed. And between being a hero or a slut, there was no contest in what Link preferred.

Being Zelda’s bitch made him feel stronger than fighting a thousand enemies elsewhere. Anyone could slay a moblin, but it took a true hero to exhaust Zelda’s ravenous, dominant lust.

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She wasn’t sure who howled louder; Beast Boy or the bitches he fucked every other night, but ultimately it didn’t matter. Raven knew that none of the empty headed bimbos her boyfriend brought home to have fun with could give him the same things she did. A few pretty bouncy things couldn’t compare to the power she wielded, nor the authority with which she helped to steer their relationship.

The pale young woman gave a tiny smirk as she watched from the shadows, studying the way another slut was on her hands and knees as she was claimed from behind. Beast Boy had assumed a wolf form as his favored position with all of those girls, and it wasn’t by random chance. Both he and Raven was the only way to fuck an endless supply of bitches.

“Yes…! Yes, it’s so...ohh, it’’s the best I’ve ever had!” The young woman in question was a pretty redhead, freckled and sweet and likely going to have to deal with some odd feelings in the morning. As she was fucked steadily by a powerful green wolf she’d likely be limping home in an hour or so, and when she woke she’d need to contend with the fact that she could never have sex quite like that again. At least not without looking to the animal kingdom, of course.

There was a certain beauty in that disappointment, and Raven savored it just like her boyfriend was savoring the girl’s tight, tender pussy with his throbbing wolfcock. From the shadows she continued to enjoy it, one hand slipping down between her thighs as she idly began to rub at a growing heat nestled within. She was aroused by the visual image for certain; she knew well the feeling of Beast Boy’s knot and just what wonders it could do to a woman. But even moreso she was aroused by the notion that the girl’s sexual desires would be at their apex that evening...and never again would she hit the sort of pleasures she found right then and there. Those pleasures were for Raven alone to enjoy on a regular basis, and the endless supply of empty headed sluts would continue. As Beast Boy howled and pumped his sticky white cream into yet another fangirl’s cunt Raven found her own climax quietly and with a slow and wicked smile spreading over her lips.

Soon the bitch would be gone, and she and her lover would be alone. Soon, she could make him speak of all the endless ways in which she pleased him better than an army of vapid whores.

She might taste the redhead’s cunt on his knot later, didn’t matter. She would only be a memory to them after she stepped out the door, never to share their bedroom again.

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The essence of life formed by the defining entity of balance, materialized in a single shot of a pale cream that was glowing a bright, bright blue. One second Asami had been rubbing her lover’s length while Avatar Korra sturggled to maintain her most pivotal and dangerous state, and the next moment she had unleashed something that even she had not expected. That wild rope of gooey, blue cream rushed from the tip of Korra’s cock and rioted into the air, careening wide and shattering the nearest window. As it took off like a bird in flight both Korra and Asami gazed in stunned silence as the nearby hole in the glass, neither one of them quite sure what exactly happened.

“Where...Where do you think it’s goin-”

“I have no idea, Asami.” Korra huffed as her pupils returned to nromal and she dropped from the Avatar State. “Told you this was a bad idea.”

It was an ifnused shot of energy, balance, and fertility as it sped through the air quicker than any flash of lightning. It only slowed when it sensed a target, making a beeline for it like a hawk swooping down on a tasty bit of prey. One minute Opal was practicing her stretches in the middle of the courtyard back home, and the next minute...woosh! That blue bolt of cream shot right up her pant leg, right into her valley, and swirled about in a sudden tempest. The young woman gave a sharp cry that started in shock and ended in orgasmic, and by the time the bolt left her body for a new destination she was braced on her hands and knees, trembling from the experience. It was the hardest she had ever cum before, and she wasn’t sure, but…

“...did I just get pregnant?” She whimpered, noting the undeniable feel of a warm, cum-filled pussy.

Like the greatest hero that the world had ever known that blue bolt of sticky Avatar cum rocked through the sky, visiting women that meant quite a bit to Avatar Korra. Impregnating Opal wasn’t enough, so how about make her a new sister by flying up into Suyin? And a new cousin by flying into Lin?! Wherever it went the women fell to their knees in sudden orgasmic bliss, and somehow filled with the knowledge that they were properly seeded.

Kuvira’s wooden cell couldn’t stop a shot of cum as it flowed right through the opening in her prison clothes, nor could the new mech suit that Zhu Li was field testing. Girl after girl was seeded and floored by that magical shot of flying cum, until finally it came right back to roost at the woman that had milked it free.

And since Asami had her own thick, plump cock rather than a pussy…splat!

“...Korra, gross, you got it in my hair!”

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“Oh...oh my…” Pearl whimpered, and did her best to struggle up to her hands and knees. Gazing down along her naked, slender body she could see the steady dripping of human cum from her slit; a result of having just been filled at the edge of a thick, throbbing cock. The stranger she had just let fuck her gave a sudden sharp slap to her ass, and Pearl barely had enough time to gasp before his hands moved to her thighs and swiftly flipped her over. “Hey, what are you-ooof!”

The elegant gem crashed on her back, her knees suddenly scooped up and lifted high above her head. She had picked a handsome young man for her first adventure in the pleasures of human flesh, and she was already learning that she had picked an insatiable one, too. With a cocky smile the young man slid forward and slapped his cock against her sensitive hood, making the entire gem shiver and shudder while more cum leaked out of her slit. With her hands looping around his shoulders and her legs still dangling within his grip, she could only barely find the bravery and strength to speak.

“We’re...we’re not done yet?” She asked, unsure if she was hopeful or worried that the answer would be yes. All she received in response was a steady smirk from a cocky young man, and the slow push of his tip against her pussy again. It was amazing how it felt; different from when she was on her hands and knees, the gentle curve of it touching all new parts of her body. Her toes curled and her head rocked back as he eased inside, and her hands managed to grasp at his shirt while she let loose another slow, joyful whimper. “Oh, I...I guess not…”

She was always the fussy and neat type, and so even when Pearl let loose it was usually a tidy affair. As the young man began slamming into her once more she continued to make sharp noises that were far closer to yelps than screams, and even when she had a climax of her own she did so mostly in an insular fashion. Her thighs tightened, her teeth nibbled against her bottom lip, and she found her pussy tightening on the young man’s rod to steadily milk him of more and more thick, wonderful cream. All too soon she had been fucked and filled for a second time, and when he eased down and gazed again into Pearl’s eyes she found herself wondering if that was finally the end.

“All right, I’m done.” The young man smiled, and then waved over an older gentleman that had been patiently waiting on the sideline. “You’re up! She’s a tight little slut, I can tell you that much.”

Pearl only blushed tremendously, and gazed down at the line of men waiting for her attention. All different shapes, colors, and sizes to make sure she had an accurate spread of human men. After all, if it was worth finding out it was worth researching correctly!

Still, that line of men looked awfully eager...and she was already tight, a little sore, and overflowing with cum.

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Capturing the two and parading them through town completely naked had been a failure. Even when he had forced them to have sex in the middle of town square, even when he had forced Zelda to peg Link at the edge of a thick strap on...nothing seemed to make these damned brats writhe!

It was getting frustrating, to say the least. Ganondorf’s study was once a place of profound research into the power of the ancients; walls plastered with maps and myths that would lead him to a place of glory and triumph. Now that he had it the walls were covered not with evil plans but with ideas...ideas that could help punish Link and Zelda just as they should be for ever defying them! The only problem…

“Ganon...I’m horny…” Zelda purred, pressing her naked body against the tense, irritable warlock. She ran her hands up and down his shoulders and ground her thighs together, spreading a glistening layer of arousal past her flesh. “Baby, please fuck me...please fuck me and Link...we’re both so hoooorn-”

“Shut up, just shut up!” Ganondorf snapped back at the girl, his brow twitching irritably as he did so. “For the hundredth time, I’m not your ‘baby!’ I’m your ruthless conqueror that has conscripted you both into sexual service without your consent!”

“Mmm, we love it when you talk so mean to us, Daddy…” Zelda changed her tone, and slid one hand between her thighs to begin fingering her warm, wet pussy. From the rear of the study Link was whimpering as well; thanks in part to the ball gag strapped within his mouth and the plug stretching his ass. “Come to bed and turn into a pig? You can...pork us…”

“I told you to stop making that joke, and also-” Ganon snorted, and looked over his shoulder with a sharp glare. “-no. That’s gross. And...and why in the name of the goddesses does Link have the words ‘cock slut’ written on his chest?! I didn’t write that!”

“We figured you were thinking it, Daaaaaaddy~” Zelda cooed, and pressed even closer to the visibly trembling Ganon. “If it was a mistake, you should punish us! Ohhhh no, I suuuuuuure hope you don’t send me to the stables to let the horses have another go at me! That was...ohh, that was awful!”

“...yeah, you’d be a lot more convincing if you weren’t three fingers deep, you fucking lunatic.” Ganondorf sighed, and turned back to his desk before flopping his head down on top of it. Fucking Zelda. Fucking Link. No matter how much he won, somehow Ganondorf still managed to lose.

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...this map had better be worth it. Worth the stinging in the back of her throat, worth the spit running across her cheeks and neck, worth the tiny bit of misting in the corners of her eyes. She didn’t think this young man would possibly be so rough when she had offered a blowjob for the prize, but she was already learning that there was more to him than what appeared at first glance. His length was impressive; thick and so long that it made her throat bulge when he pushed it all the way in, and from time to time he was even so bold as to pull it out and slap her hard across the face, making even more of a mess of her beautiful, refined features. In those fleeting few seconds she gasped for air as much as she could, because she knew that soon enough it would line right up with her lips once more.

“Okay, slut, open wide…” The blonde boy grinned as he prepared to shove down to the hilt once more, bringing his cock forward until the head rested right at Fran’s slowly parting lips. Soon she was looking up at him; her face a true mess covered in spit and precum and a heavy blush, her knees stinging against the stone of the alleyway. She might have even protested being called a slut so casually; or rather she would, if her pussy was aching in arousal at that moment. When the boy’s hands reached down to grab at the bases of her long ears; however, she gave a steady whimper that brought her mouth open even wider and gave him access to her throat.

He was fast, so very fast! His hips crashed against her face as he repeated buried her nose against his lap, making sure that his cock delved deep into the warm, wet embrace of Fran’s throat. Her gagging noises filled the alley mixed with a few muffled moans and whimpers, the sound of a facefucked warrior that was struggling to come to terms with her excitement. Her hands had never been needed for the process yet; he was happy enough to move her head around himself, and so she finally allowed them to sneak down between her thighs. There she began to fondle herself, caressing her own smooth, wet folds through the fabric of her garment, and all the while she relished in the pull on her ears, the taste of cock filling her senses, and the aching, steady bulging of her throat.

Even if the map wasn’t worth it, she could safely say that the experience itself was. Otherwise she might not have ever realized that her true calling was that of a dirty little cocksucker, on her knees in a back alley.

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This was...not what Link expected. Mipha was the love of his life. She was sweet, charming, brave, kind...all of the traits that Link had looked for in another person. He proudly wore the armor she crafted as a testament to their love together, and after a long and successful battle against Calamity Ganon the two were finally married! But this...his wedding night...was making him a little confused.

Link poked curiously at one of the knee-high orbs sitting in the back of their bedroom, watching as it rocked back and forth like a mound of gelatin. If he was out in the wild he might have even smashed them for rupees or monster parts, but he had sense enough to know that smashing these gooey mounds would only lead to his first fight as a married couple. Absently he noticed a note sitting nearby, and as he pulled it up his eyes scanned across it with an impending sense of marital dread.

“Dearest Link,” The note read in Mipha’s elegant sweeping handwriting. “I’m so happy that we’re finally married! It’s all I’ve ever wanted, and I can’t wait to start a wonderful, large family with you. When I was leaving my eggs I was so overcome with joy that I could barely stand it, and looking back at them now...knowing you’ll be around soon to complete them...oh, what a wonderful life together we’ll have!” The note ended there, aside from a tiny, scribbled PS. “Please try not to get any on the curtains, love, they’re difficult to clean.”

Link lowered the note and gazed ahead at the mound of eggs waiting for his attention, and he pursed his lips together in thought. This...he should’ve seen this coming. He could’ve went for Zelda and had regular sex, but nooooooooo he wasn’t into blondes that whined fucking nonstop. He could’ve went for Urbosa and spent the rest of his life dressed as a girl getting pegged in the Gerudo town, but nooooooo he was afraid of taking it up the rear. He could’ve went for Revali, but nooooooooo he didn’t want to have gay bird sex.

Link finally sighed, stood up, and started to unfasten his belt. No matter what he still loved Mipha, and this wasn’t going to stop him from having a family with her. He had made his bed, and now it was time to...jerk off all over that bedmate’s weird, wiggling egg sacks.

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“Good thing we got stuck with a couple of sluts, otherwise I’d be bored out of my mind!” It was the sentiment that most of the workers echoed as they enjoyed the curvy plugsuit whores they were offered. Both Asuka and Rei were only barely squeezed into their suits as it was, but as soon as the men started to rip them open around the crotch so they could access their pussies the snug fit felt all the more tight. Within the elevator two girls and ten men already made for a hell of a tight fit, and since it hadn’t moved in almost an hour by now it was filled with the heavy scent of depraved, sweat-licked sex.

Asuka and Rei had been matching each other man for man; both of their pussies dripping cum across the thighs of their suits, both of their bellies filled with the swallowed loads of several strangers. Rei looked up with her so often distant eyes at a crowd of three different men offering their cocks, and with an enthusiasm that only rarely crossed her face threw herself into the mix. She could taste Asuka’s pussy on each and every one and the flavor only made her suck all the harder, delightfully sloberring on each as ropes of spit soon connected those three cocks to her mouth. She was braced on her knees while she worked, though a steady pool of cum was forming underneath her as it drizzled from her well-used fuckhole.

Nearby, Asuka’s curvy frame was precariously sandwiched between two of the stronger men. Her legs were spread out wide and far as they squeezed her body in between their own, and together they worked to balance the curvy young woman as they fucked her from both ends. Her ass and cunt were already sore from all the attention they had received that afternoon, but she wasn’t about to quit! After all, fucking her new friends right alongside Rei had been the only entertainment to be had in the elevator!

Together the two curvy sluts continued, slurping the cum from each other’s pussies while willingly letting themselves be rutted at the end of several thick, hard cocks. It was so intense within the confines of the elevator that nobody seemed to realize it when the damned thing started to move again; at least until the doors started to slide open to reveal they had reached their destination on the top floor.

“Oh.” Asuka blinked, her lips literally covered in cum as she looked at the five men waiting to get on the elevator. She gazed down at Rei briefly, who still hadn’t seemed to notice considering her eyes and face were layered underneath a thick coating of jerked cum. Since Rei wasn’t able to offer much of a protest Asuka merely smiled, and waved the next group of men inside. “All right, c’mon! I’m sure we can fit a few more!”

A statement accurate for both the elevator, and for their curvy, curvy bodies.

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“You’re never get away with this, you blue bitch!” The gas from Widowmaker’s mine might have rendered Tracer unable to move, but that didn’t seem to stop her mouth. Thankfully the sound of her constant whining was enough to keep Widowmaker all the more excited, and as the assassin rolled her enemy onto her side she offered a tiny cooing voice as she slinked a little closer. Tracer was forced to cringe as she felt a throbbing blue tip press against her pussy; her tights pulled down just enough to let her entrance fall prey to Widowmaker’s cock.

“Ah, cherie, I’d say I already have.” She offered a smirk as her cock began to glide inside, spreading Tracer’s pussy inch by inch as she forced her way in. Her free hand slipped forward to pet against the back of the other woman’s hair, and she teased the locks gently back and forth knowing that Tracer was powerless to stop it. “Don’t worry, my sweet. I will be it should be.”

“Gentle? Gentle?!” Tracer squirmed; or at least attempted to. It didn’t matter how much she strained or how tight it felt like she was drawing her muscles, she could offer no form of movement as Widowmaker continued to spear her pussy. The sensation of her entrance being claimed was acute to her senses, and she could feel that despised heat rushing across her as the other woman finally pushed in to the hilt. “You’ve got the biscuits to say something like that, you miserable, dirty, scumbag who-”

“Shh, cherie, don’t say anything you might regret.” Widowmaker whispered in a voice that sounded pleasant and tender; the voice of a doting woman that was doing something much sweeter than the reality. “After all, what will you tell our child you called me on our first date?”

“Our...our child?!” It was clear that Tracer hadn’t really thought about the ramifications of her situation, that Widowmaker was gliding into her unprotected and free. It was too much to hope that the assassin would pull out of her, and now she had all but confirmed that the intent that evening wasn’t just fun, but procreation. More and more Tracer tried to squirm and wiggle in place and yet she was effectively helpless, whimpering and gasping as Widowmaker began to drill in and out of her pussy. Heavy thrusts slammed forward and clapped her hips to the shape of the young hero’s rump, and each time she pushed forward her impressive blue length drove down to the hilt. Her fingers teased down Tracer’s back, her body leaned in close to press a few kisses along the other woman’s throat, and her voice came through with a whisper that almost would’ve been comforting if she wasn’t taking Tracer against her will.

“Don’t worry, cherie…” She whispered, her tone sounding almost romantic despite the stolen thrusts into Tracer’s pussy. “I will take good, good care of you both.”

A wife and a child had been earned that evening, all because Tracer hadn’t watched where she was going.

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“Teehee, it tickles!”

“It’s’s not supposed to tickle!” Flash whined, his lips already smeared with the sweet flavor of his girlfriend’s slit. “Wait, is it? Is it supposed to tickle?”

“So long as it feels good, I think you’re doing it right!” Pinkie Pie beamed and pushed her hand down on Flash’s head, dipping it right back into place between her thighs. The two were enjoying some spare time in the backseat of Flash’s car; where no more than two months ago he was awkwardly going down on Sunset Shimmer with much worse results. Where Sunset was cold and demanding Pinkie was enthusiastic and chipper, constantly giggling and squirming and smearing her slit across her boyfriend’s face. They might’ve been one of the more unlikely pairs at Canterlot High, but nobody could say they weren’t having fun together.

“C’mon, Flash, get that tongue in there and lick that cookie!” Pinkie Pie giggled, her hands tightening within her boyfriend’s hair and hanging on tight. She bucked her hips forward to help encourage him to continue slurping across her folds, which were already wet and warm from all of his attention. Her ankles hooked behind Flash’s back as she brought him in a little deeper, sighing contently as her shoulders pressed to the inside of the car door. “If you doooooo, maybe I’ll lick your candy caaaaaaane~”

“Pinkie, please stop calling it that.” Flash murmured, but nonetheless went right back to work. His eyes closed and he threw himself into it; pursing his lips around her hood and drawing in long, sweet suckles that made the beautiful young woman squirm. When his girlfriend wasn’t a demanding demoness like Sunset was the entire process was fun, and he found himself getting more and more aroused the longer he worked. By the time Pinkie had an intense orgasm that left the smell of her juice filling the car, he was rock hard and desperate for any attention. Soon his head pulled up; cheeks and lips covered in Pinkie’s squirt, and he began to unzip his pants. “All right, Pinkie, you promised…”

“Oh, don’t be silly, Flash, we don’t have time for that just yet!” Pinkie Pie giggled and toussled her boyfriend’s hair. “We’ve still got to drop Fluttershy off!”

In the front passenger seat Fluttershy sat red-faced and tense, staring ahead at the side of the road where they were parked. It was just supposed to be a quick drive home from school! She hadn’t expected her friends to take such an intimate detour with her in the car!

“Pinkie, pleeeeease?”

“Well, okay! I’m sure Fluttershy doesn’t mind waiting!” And with that, the party girl pounced on her boyfriend in the backseat, leaving Fluttershy to whimper from where she sat. Too polite to complain, too shy to say anything. All she could do was sit in the front seat and listen to the sound of wet, sloppy sucking.

“Mmm! You’re right, this tastes way better than a candy cane!”

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“Come along, brother dear, just one more…” Camilla’s voice was a throaty purr, muffled only when she slithered her lips around the tip of Corrin’s cock. The young man tensed up in pleasure as he felt that tongue circling across his cockhead, and though the joy that ran through him was immense he couldn’t help but give a tiny whimper.

“’s times already…” He nervously bit down on his bottom lip, wondering just what in the hell his wife was doing to him. Now that she had been seeded and her belly was stretched and pregnant every night was like this! At first it was great. Camilla’s figure was curvier than ever; her breasts heavy and soft and her sexual appetite burning hot. He loved every inch of his pregnant wife and deeply enjoyed fucking her in all sorts of fashions throughout the evening, but the past few nights...well, things were getting out of hand. “I’m...I’m starting to get worn out…”

“Oh, nonsense! A hero like you?” Camilla smiled before pressing her mouth to his tip and throating him once more; holding her nose down to his lap as she teased back and forth with her tongue. When she pulled her head up once more ribbons of spit connected her lips to her husband’s cock, and she chuckled sweetly as she began creeping forward once more. “Tell you what, love, you just lay back...let your big sister take care of things for you!”

Corrin merely whimpered again, watching as the pregnant, curvy older woman crawled on board. Her hand lowered to his spit-covered cock and she eased it towards her pussy; a valley already dripping with several thick loads he had deposited inside of her. As his inches disappeared itno Camilla once more Corrin let his hands grip the sheets, pulling at them while he writhed underneath her enthusiastic affection. Already she was riding once more, grinding back and forth, milking the inches of his cock with her tight, wet fuckhole...her voice was calling out in pleasure, and her hands were bracing on her husband’s chest. She would never get tired of getting fucked, of being Corrin’s personal slut and broodmare.

“Hnn...o...okay...just one more…” Corrin finally sighed in resolution, and let his hands move up to massage those wonderful, round breasts. Before long he was thrusting his hips right up into her own, sending his cock into her very depths and shuddering from the aching delight. Camilla might have been insatiable this deep into her pregnancy, but he’d have to be mad not to enjoy it!

Chapter Text

All systems were already pushed to the limit, and yet Motoko needed to see just how far she could go. Every sensor in her head was telling her to pull back; that her synthetic breasts had been enlarged as far as they could manage, that her impressive length was at a maximum. Still she continued, dropping her mouth down against her enormous pole, letting the plates in her spine loosen so she could continue going down, down, down on that member. She could feel her cock push past her throat and even deeper still, and her eyes rolled back in her head as she gave a lewd, wet groan of utter delight.

Why did she sleep with women again? She could hardly remember; not when she could bring herself so much pleasure. No girl she had ever been with could please her like she could please herself with her wet and warm mouth, and this way she didn’t even need to listen to their whining! With rapid motions Motoko pushed herself even further and began to bob up and down in a furiously faster pace, her tongue flattening against her shaft and her head waving wildly back and forth.

It was great! Every sensor was alive with pleasure, every safety long since shut off. Her synapses were shivering in pleasure with every push of her mouth, her throat stretching out with the sculpt of her length. Alarms were ringing inside her head, practically demanding her to cease her self-fellatio, and yet she dismissed every warning. When her orgasm finally came her eyes went wide and her cock erupted in pleasure; shooting sticky, white synthetic cum squarely down her throat and into her belly. Her unique body was designed to generate as much cum as she needed for the pleasure she felt in that moment, and it didn’t take long for a loop to suddenly be formed. Cumming down her own throat made her all the more excited, which made her cum more, which--and so on, and so on. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her synapses flared with a shocking marathon of desire, and she remained frozen in place in an endless loop of sloppy, wet, self-sucking bliss.

Apparently, flesh and blood girls still served a purpose. They’d be the ones to clean up the mess after she was finished, and call a technician to come and fix her. Other than that, she couldn’t seem to find a reason to keep them around when facefucking herself into a loop was so much fun.

Chapter Text

Who was going to raise all these babies? Republic City already had two special schools built for the obscenely large family that was being formed; one for those that would be great benders and one for those that would learn how to innovate and change the world through the power of their mind. When Avatar Korra and her wife Asami had first announced their unique plan there was quite a bit of shock in the city, but after Kuvira’s war it seemed like the perfect way to help the next generation in the city.

And besides...for the men in town, it was a lot of fun to breed the two women again and again and again.

Every other day Korra and Asami were giving birth, and they’d celebrate the days in between by getting knocked up again. Through the spiritual connection Korra had with the primal elements of the world she had altered both of their bodies; letting the spirits host within them so that a baby fully grew and was ready to emerge in just twenty four short hours. No mussing with morning sickness, no waddling around in the last month like a bulky behemoth, just a simple rotation. One day: give birth. The next day: get gangbanged.

That particular day, they were getting gangbanged.

“Mmm! Asami, we might be tied, but this time I bet I’m gonna beat ya!” Korra giggled, easing herself down on two thick, heavy cocks at the same time. The men underneath her groaned as they were doubly stuffed into the same hole, and Korra immediately bobbed up and down to take them deep inside of her. “If this doesn’t get me twins, I don’t know what will!”

“That’s not how it works, Korra!” Asami laughed, rolling her eyes as she was fucked steadily from behind. A row of Republic City’s finest was waiting to fuck her; and she handled each of them in perfect and precise order. When one man shot his cream inside of her the next was ready to take his place, gliding up and easing his cock within. “But that looks like a neat does it feel?”

Korra merely moaned in response, and Asami nibbled briefly on her bottom lip before waving a hand towards the line of men waiting.

“All right, guys, you heard the Avatar!” She called out, cheerfully. “Let’s see how many we can get inside! Let’s try for triplets!”

She knew that wasn’t how it worked, but it hadn’t been about the competition for a long, long time.

Chapter Text

“There, isn’t this better? Gives us something to do while we wait.” Stephanie Brown grinned, licking her lips as she pushed her hips forward in a slow, sensual rub. As she did so heat filled the senses of both girls there on the rooftop; thighs quivering with excitement and their hands locking even tighter together. Even though she was going along with it Cassandra couldn’t help but fidget; glancing briefly down at the city street below and offering a slightly nervous whimper.

“ are we going to be ready if something happens?” She asked, her eyes dashing back to match that of the blonde’s. For all her agression on the battlefield, she had always been surprisingly soft in the bedroom. It wasn’t the first time Stephanie had talked her into something she would blush and stammer her way through, and it definitely wouldn’t be the last.

“That’s why we’re keeping the costumes on!” Stephanie beamed, and one hand slid down to squeeze in between where their pussies were meeting. Somehow, rubbing each other through the skintight, rubbery material of their outfits made it all the more exciting. As Steph’s fingers slithered down and rubbed over Cass’ folds she could feel the heat building inside of her friend, even feel just how moist she was below the surface. A giggle rose from Steph’s throat as she pushed in a little deeper, trapping her fingers in between their wet, hungry slits and wiggling them back and forth. As a fierce blush rushed across Cass’ cheeks the submissive young woman once more had to force back a cry of delight; a constant struggle considering how often Stephanie goaded her into moments like this. She fought back every desire raging within her that told her to cry out, and finally took a long, deep breath before speaking up again.

“’re nothing but trouble sometimes.” She finally whispered, though didn’t for a second stop the returning grinding into her friend’s slit. If anything she was going faster now; eager to finish their moment and get back to work. When she started to speed up Stephanie merely gave another bright and joyful giggle, and she pulled her fingers away after giving Cass’ pussy a little slap through the skintight outfit.

“And you’re way dirtier than you’ll ever admit.” Stephanie purred, her heels hitching against the concrete of the roof and her thighs flying forward faster and faster. She strained her muscles to grind quicker into her lover; rocking back and forth and clinging to one of Cass’ thighs. The sound of leather on leather filled the air around them, and hiding deeper in that noise was the strangled sounds of Cass’ restrained moans. It was clear the dark haired girl wanted to scream, wanted to make as much noise as she could muster, but her discipline ensured that she would do the mature thing and keep it all inside. After all, they couldn’t afford to blow this sting operation. To make sure Cass had proper motivation, as she continued to grind Stephanie let her voice carry forward once more with a sweet, teasing melody. “Behave yourself now...and when we get home, I’ll tie you up.”

That revelation alone made it all the harder to obey, and Cass’ pussy ached with desire and lust from within her tight, tight outfit. One of these days their secret on-duty trysts was going to get them into trouble, but thus far she had failed constantly at saying no.

Chapter Text

“Now now, quit fidgeting. You’re only going to make it worse.” Dr. Takemi smirked, gazing down at the strap on that was already half-inside of her patient. While Akira squirmed around half-dressed on the examination table she tightened her hands around his waist, and pressed the toy another inch inside. Just as a tiny whimper broke from the back of his throat Tae offered a delighted chuckle that rang with dominance, and she allowed her fingers to tease down the back of his tailbone in a cocky fashion. “You’ve been in here every week for the past two months, I’d think you’d get used to it by now.”

In truth, it wasn’t a surprise that he still struggled to take her toy. She’d been switching out for a larger one each time he came in for a checkup, and there on the examination table she was now stretching his ass with a strap-on that would’ve pushed her own boundaries. The glistening nectar of lubricant dripped from the shaft and ran across the underside of Akira’s sack, which swung back and forth as Dr. Takemi pressed herself in another inch. Soon she was hilting him; holding his waist tight as he squirmed and gasped, and her soothing yet dominant voice slipped out between them again.

“There we go. Meeting expectations yet again. How does it feel?”


“Hmm, interesting.” Tae purred, just as her hips started to roll back and forth. She braced her heels against the floor as she started to claim him; sliding that thick toy right back out, only to shove it inside once more. Once Akira was used to the girth it was easy enough to fuck into him with quicker strikes - he was a bit of a slut in that regard. As the examination table creaked underneath their weight and Akira continued to make desperate little noises Dr. Takemi took close notice of it all, a cocky smile spread over her features. “When you cum this time, do try to aim it onto the table, will you? I can’t use any sample if you squirt it on the floor.”

By use, she meant scoop up on a fingertip and make Akira lick from her flesh, but the point remained the same. With a renewed vigor Dr. Takemi started fucking Akira deeper and deeper, and soon one of her hands slid forward to thread her fingers into his hair. As she leaned in close and pressed her impressive breasts against his back, she yanked those dark locks tight and let her mouth nestle against the edge of his ear. It was there, dominating him in full force and plunging her thickest strap-on into his ass, that she allowed her patient to hear her hungry, sultry voice.

“Just think-” She purred, and nipped at his ear. “-keep this up for another two months, and I might even let you do this to me.”

It would be a long series of trials in which his ass would get stretched again and again, but at the end of it all he’d get the reward of Dr. Takemi’s pussy.


Chapter Text

As the only two dwellers with maxed out statistics, it was inevitable that Slurps and Cumdragon would wind up in the same room together as part of the Overseer’s harsh breeding program. Fresh out of the gym, Slurps was a beautiful blonde with plenty of curves and the sort of dead-eyed stare that all the best women in the shelter had, and her new partner Cumdragon was a overloaded pile of charming masculinity that had just finished a stint in the reactor room. As the two sat together on the single bed they were offered, it was a bit difficult to make small talk when one of them was so clearly focused on the task at hand.

“You heard the Overseer…” Slurps purred, crawling forward and pressing her hand into Cumdragon’s lap. Her fingers rolled slowly at the growing bulge there, and she pursued even as he squirmed back towards the corner of the bed. “We better get to work if we’re going to make plenty of babies for the Vault!”

“I love Vault 420 as much as anyone does, but…” Cumdragon bit down on his bottom lip, trying his best to avoid Slurps’ probing grasp. “I, uh, had a long day! First there was the radroach infestation, and then I had to run back and forth between three rooms while the Overseer moved people around, and then I...I…” He blinked, gazing down to where Slurps was already unzipping his pants and unleashing a sizeable cock just made for breeding. His name wasn’t Cumdragon for nothing! It was almost like the Overseer had designed him from scratch for this purpose.

“Long day, huh?” Slurps purred as she leaned down, kissing the tip of his throbbing cockhead and giving a tiny giggle. “Sounds like you could use some help unwinding. How about you and me...make a baby?”

“...that isn’t really as relaxing as it sou-okay, that’s better.” Cumdragon blinked as his cocktip was engulfed by her warm, wet mouth, and her wiggling tongue circled back and forth around him. Pleasure rocked through his body as he shoved his hips forward, letting inch by inch disappear into Slurps’ warm, inviting mouth. He still wasn’t entirely sure just why the Overseer had picked them both for this particular breeding program, but if she kept that up he was going to forget about Cockmaster in the reactor room pretty damn soon!

Chapter Text

“You know, I’ve never done anything quite like this before.” Helen Morgendorffer spoke aloud, shaking her hips from side to side. “Agreeing to let some stranger from the Internet fuck me, sight unseen? It’s so...mmm...dangerous, wouldn’t you say?”

What she received in response was a slap across her ass as a reminder to stay quiet, and the steady grip of hands around her waist. Daria smirked as she leaned in close to her own mother, kneeling behind her on the hotel bed and pressing the tip of her cock up to the older woman’s mature, wet pussy. Helen had no idea just how right she was about her discrete hookup - her online ad had made it all too easy for Daria to seduce her and goad her into this moment. Now Helen was on all fours with nothing but a blindfold as clothing, and she was about to unwittingly take her daughter’s cock. Daria’s grin continued as she let the inches slide inside; each one engulfed by her mother’s warm cunt and rewarding her for her act of defiant sin. Before long she had hilted herself deep inside, and another tiny slap to Helen’s ass allowed the older woman to speak up once more.

“Oh, my goodness, that’s...that’s so big.” Helen purred, rocking her hips back and grinding into that probing member. She desperately wanted to pull at the blindfold and see just what sort of handsome, strapping young man was fucking her, and she remained completely oblivious to the truth. “I do hope you don’t mind fucking a...slightly older woman like myself, do you?”

Again, Daria refused to fall into the trap of speaking, and she simply locked in tight as she started to fuck her mother. That thick and throbbing cock pressed deep and hot into Helen’s wet folds, plunging down to her core and sending wet noises of pure, primal delight through the room. Helen’s chatty mouth was silenced by a series of moans and gasps, her fingers drawing tight into the sheets as she let her knees slide further and further apart. This was everything she wanted in the midst of her midlife crisis! An anonymous hookup with a stranger in a seedy hotel room, the chance to get fucked and filled by someone whom she had never met before! Her body was coiled in intense pleasure as she bounced back into her partner’s lap, never realizing that it was her own daughter’s cock that she enjyoed a violent orgasm on top of. The squirting that the older woman offered against the sheets, the hungry slurps that she gave that wet cock after it filled her pussy, the slaps across her cheek...all of them were kept far deeper in the family than she ever realized.

By the time it was over Helen was left alone, peeling the blindfold off of her face and whimpering in the aftermath. Her pussy and ass had been filled with cum, she still had the taste of cock on her tongue, but the person she had just fucked was nowhere to be seen.

But sure enough, when she got home that night there was another message waiting for her...another invitation to get fucked by her anonymous online lover.

Chapter Text

“You look like you’re squirming, Korra. Something bothering you?” Asami kept her voice low so as to not disturb anybody else in the movie. The two pregnant women were seated at the very back of the theater, yet considering the scent of intense sex that coated the both of them they had wisely chosen to avoid being too close to others. After all, you didn’t get wildly fucked by twenty men and come out of it smelling flawless. They had raced straight from the gangbang to the movie, and now Asami couldn’t help but tease her lover with her voice low and soft. “All those creampies starting to slide out?”

“Qu...Quiet, Asami…” Korra chided her partner, though the heavy blush on her cheeks told it all. It was always like that between the two pregnant women; their Sunday dates always started with the pair being enjoyed by strangers, and no more than a half hour later all the cum that had been shot into them started to make them fidget. Swirling about their belly, squirming in their pussies and asses, or even just clinging to their hair...they wore the proof of their naughty secrets both on and in their bodies. Korra’s blush intensified as Asami let a hand slip down, moving past her bare thigh and starting to creep under her skirt. “Someone...someone will see us…”

“Shh, not if you keep quiet.” Asami chuckled, and gestured to the flashing movie screen before them. Sure enough the audience was captivated; watching yet another blockbuster summer flick to keep them occupied. It was all the distraction Asami Sato needed to guide two of her fingers against her lover’s slit and to feel just how warm, moist, and creamy things there were. She whispered once more, voice staggered by an excited giggle. “Ohh, it’s a mess down here! Open up, sweetheart…!”

With that, Korra partly her lips and panted as Asami pulled her fingers right back out. They were covered down to the palm in cum that had leaked from Korra’s cunt; each digit glistening with sticky white nectar that slithered around Asami’s fingers. As she pulled her hand across Korra’s belly a few drops landed on her pregnant frame, but before two long she had pushed those two digits into Korra’s mouth and against her warm, wet tongue. Korra obediently started to clean them off with a few suckling motions and a heavy blush, and Asami leaned in to kiss her forehead while she did so.

“’re such a slut, Korra.” She whispered, and licked a dot of cum from the side of Korra’s cheek. “I can’t wait until tomorrow’s date.”

Chapter Text

“Your adventure will no doubt be filled with hardship, so it’s important that you’re prepared.” Rose smirked as her hips rolled forward, and the thick, purple toy squeezed another inch into Menat’s ass. Her delicate hands moved across the shapely curve of her student’s rear, and she suddenly snapped one of them forward to give her a sharp, unexpected spank. “You need to learn how to handle...hardship.”

Menat would’ve responded, but the glowing ballgag stuffed in her mouth wouldn’t allow it. It was a spirit orb conjured by her mistress that tethered around her head and locked down against her tongue, serving a functional purpose with a hint of their spiritual grace. There in the confines of Rose’s massive, comfortable bed it was one of the few discomforts that Menat knew; the other being the strapon stuffed into her ass. It didn’t take long for Rose to start fucking her student more eagerly; thrusting in and out and watching as the tight seam of Menat’s rear struggled to accomodate the girth of her toy. It was one of Rose’s favored large ones - one that she had only seen Chun-Li handle in the past. But then...she had faith in her student and her capcity to overcome difficulty.

“That’s it...find pleasure within the discomfort. Peace within the pain.” Rose cooed, just as she slammed her hips forward and watched the image in a distant mirror of Menat’s eyes going crossed. The young woman’s toes curled and she tightly gripped the edge of the bed, lines of drool sliding down the sides of her cheeks and her entire body strained and struggling. She braced herself as best she could but her master was unflinching and obstinate; refusing to give her even a second to catch her breath. That toy drilled down deep into her tender little ass and each time it did Menat’s whimpering continued, up until the point that Rose threaded her elegant fingers into the young woman’s hair and pulled her head back. From there she leaned in tenderly close, and kissed at the edge of her student’s cheek.

“Relax, pet.” She whispered, and teased her tongue across that sweat-marked flesh with a tiny lick. “I have never asked anything of you that you were unable to give.”

True words had never been spoken, and Menat knew deep down that they were true still. With a steady nod the gagged girl let her body fall forward once more; her gaze growing stern as she rocked her hips back into Rose’s toy for the first time. It still stung as that fake member pressed deep into her ass, but she could handle it! She could fuck herself silly on that thick pole, and she could prove herself to the woman that had taught her everything! Rose, with a soft chuckle rising from her throat, gripped the girl’s waist once more.

“I’ve never been more proud.” She cooed, and began to thrust forward once more. It was a good day for a teacher when she learned that her student was ready to take a nice, hard assfucking.

Chapter Text

“There we go. Maybe that’ll shut the two of you up for a little bit so I can concenrate.” Adagio scowled as she pulled the lash of the ball gag, ensuring that it was firmly connected around not just one, but two heads. Sonata and Aria were stuck facing each other with their lips pressed tight; a ball gag shared in between each of them. As their tongues tried to wiggle against the gag and force more of it against the other’s mouth it only made the thing slippery and wet, and allowed threads of drool to dance down from between their mouths to crash against their breasts. Adagio merely smiled as she stood back up to full height and casually began to walk back to her nearby, comfortable recliner. “Prove to me that you can get along for a few minutes and maybe I’ll let you out.”

That much...was a lie. The two girls would be there all night long, but Adagio wasn’t about to tell them so. Sonata and Aria glared at each other, still angry over their last argument despite the fact their lips were pressed in close. If Sonata could talk she would yell at Aria for eating the last taco she was saving in the fridge, and if Aria could speak she would loudly refute such a preposterous claim. It was Adagio; of course, but neither girl really needed to know as much. Anything to keep the two fighting and get an excuse to tie them up, after all.

From her spot on the recliner Adagio watched the two struggle, their naked bodies trying their best to get comfortable on the floor despite their shared bindings. Their hands were both lashed behind their backs and each girl sported a pair of nipple clamps; each one connected to the opposite breast on the other girl. It ensured that they couldn’t pull too far apart unless they wanted to receive one hell of a pinch, and it made sure their hands were useless at escaping. Adagio beamed as she gazed at the pair, her chin resting on her open palm and a satisfied look over her features. The spit that drooled from the gag across their naked breasts made a tempting sight indeed, but she was far too focused on their punishment to let herself have too much fun.

“Now you two sluts behave. Maybe I’ll take one of you to bed tonight.” She cooed, letting the words drip in honeyed fashion from her tongue. “But...only the one that I decides behaved the most. The other gets chained up in the basement.”

Another lie from the deceitful, devious leader of the Dazzlings. Both of them would end up tied up in the basement that night, wearing the exact same lashings they were already sporting. What other option did Adagio have? Principals Celestia and Cinch were already upstairs in her bedroom tied up in a similar fashion.

“...I need to get a bigger bedroom.” Adagio mused to herself, pulled forward the television remote and clicked over to a music channel. There were too many sluts for her to punish, and simply not enough places to keep them all!

Chapter Text

A little lube and a little stealth, and Quinn was into Daria’s ass with no problem. She had even managed to pull her big sister’s legs up and hook her knees across her shoulders before Daria started to wake up, surprise running through her from the sudden pinch in her ass. Before Daria could push her little sister away; however, Quinn just gave a giggle and moved a hand down to grope at the stiff cock hanging in between her thighs.

“Jeez, Daria, let’s not pretend you don’t have morning wood. Gross.” She clucked her tongue in a dismissive fashion, just as she rolled her hips forward and drilled that strapon into her sister’s ass a little deeper. While she steadily fucked her hand continued to pump Daria’s length, and Quinn took no small amount of deight from the look on her big sister’s face. The wildly dishevelled hair, the blurry eyes that desperately needed glasses to see, the fact that Daria could barely speak without having to fight back a yawn. She was this drowsy every Saturday morning, but this time she was getting one hell of a wakeup call.

“You’’re gonna-” Daria paused to yawn, though certainly not out of boredom. Her cock alone was testament to that. “You’re going to get it, Quinn...I might sleep in, but you’re the slut that goes to bed early.”

“Oh, whatever, Daria.” Quinn giggled, hilting her toy inside Daria’s ass and rolling her hips from side to side to drag it gently back and forth. She squeezed her big sister’s cock and pumped her a few times for good measure, just as she reached for the lube and squirted a big, juicy coil of it right down at the tip. Soon Daria’s cock was nice and slippery in Quinn’s grip, and the excess lube rolled down her thighs to pool against the tight clench of her ass. “The fashion club is sleeping over tonight, so I’m sure you and your weird friend will just spend the whole night moping inside!”

Daria groaned; though not just for the pleasure that was rolling through her as she was fucked. Her cock throbbed and her ass tightened around that toy, and she was already close to cumming thanks in part to her morning stick, but it wasn’t the real reason she was moaning. In truth, it was because she already knew damn well the fashion club would be over that night.

And having Quinn’s bedroom filled with teenage sluts wasn’t about to keep her or Jane away that night. Daria’d be getting sweet revenge in no less than twelve hours, fucked out of the tight, wet, teenage fuckholes of Quinn’s closest friends.

It was a good thing Quinn was waking her up early, she had plenty of things to plan.

Chapter Text

“Look at that, you really are the biggest celebrity in Omega.” Shepard grinned, just as she sunk her cock down deep into Aria’s cunt. She was fucking the cocky Asari right there on top of her table at the bar, and as soon as she began every camera in the whole damn place had honed in on what they were doing. Every viewscreen on Omega and the surroundings vessels had that image up; the sight of a human with a thick, meaty cock drilling it into the purple bitch that they all secretly resented.

“F...Fuck you, Shepard!” Aria growled as she gazed over her shoulder, clenching her teeth just as her warm, moist pussy locked against that cock. It was almost difficult to talk as Shepard continued to relentless grind forward into her pussy, but her indignation helped her to keep a focus. “I’ll get you for this! Just wait to see how many people tune in when the tables are turned!”

Shepard would worry about that when the time came; for now she was enjoying keeping Aria on display. The grip of the Asari’s pussy around her cock was intense; far more exciting than Liara or Samara. The best piece of Asari cunt she had enjoyed so far, in fact. With her hands locking in against Aria’s waist she swung her hips from side to side so she could feel that cunt on either edge of her cock, feel just how much Aria’s walls were shivering around her. She even gazed up at one of the nearest cameras and gave a wave, grinning wide as she spoke up again.

“Normandy, if you can hear this?” She began, and gave Aria another short, stiff fuck. “I’m going to need a volunteer to clean my cock off from this slut’s cunt juice as soon as I get on board. No fighting, now. I’m sure I’ll make the bitch squirt plenty for everyone!” With that thought in mind Shepard sought out to do just that, banging ahead again and again as pleasure wrapped around her. The cameras didn’t bother her, nor did Aria’s cries for revenge. The only thing that could bother her would be having to stuff a sticky cock back into her panties, but she knew that by now any one of a dozen sluts on the Normandy were lining up to clean it off.

Chapter Text

“Risky, I only agreed to this because you said it was dangerous to bathe in seawater!” Shantae scowled, and pulled from underneath the suds a purple wrist connected to naughty fingers. “If you don’t stop trying to touch my magic lamp you’re going to get such a hair whipping your head’ll spin!”

“It was an accient, twerp!” Risky scowled right back, yanking her wrist back to her busty chest. She sunk down into the suds again and came back up covered in bubbles, letting them cling across her shapely figure as if they were a fluidly magnetic bra. Her eyes rolled once more at Shantae’s insinuation, and tucked her arms firmly underneath her breasts. “Like I’d even want to touch your disgusting genie hole!” A brief pause. “’re saying you want my help to wash i-”

“I don’t want your help washing my pussy, Risky!” Shantae snapped, her eyes closing in irritation and her fists turning tight as she shook them back and forth. The slender young lady splashed a bit in the water, and when she did it ran across Risky’s breasts and wiped some of the suds away. The sight of shapely purple tits was surely tempting, but they had a job to do, and Shantae wasn’t about to be taken in by Risky’s dirty pirate wiles! “You stay on your side of the tub, and I’ll stay on my side!”

“Right. Right. Which side is that? You mean both of us on the same side, right?”

“No! I mean two different sides, and I mean you stay--Risky get your hand off of my thigh!” Once more she reached down, grabbed the pirate’s wrist and pulled it out of the water. “I swear, Risky, one more time~”

“Ohh, one more time, eh?” Risky giggled as she slipped her other hand down, going right for Shantae’s pussy. She dropped all pretense now, just as her fingers dashed across Shantae’s slippery, soap-covered folds. “Just like a magic lamp, rub it three times and~”

The sound of hair snapping against bouncy purple tits filled the belly of the ship, all the way up to the deck above.

Chapter Text

Nothing worked the two agents up quite like a brawl. Every strike that they landed, every second that the two women were locked into combat was little more than just a prelude to the real competition that went on in the showers right after. With no one else around and the door to the locker room shut tight, the real sweating began underneath the heated spray of the water.

Warm, wet flesh rolled across the same and only occasionally shivered from the chill of cold tile as it moved back and forth against one another. With the two women locked in a tight embrace, their arms drawn around each other’s fit figures and their mouths wrestling close in an aroused kiss, despite the size of the showers they kept their current match localized. Never drifting more than an inch from one another, and almost never moving away from the spread of the single shower head above them.

“You had good moves today…” May whispered against the other woman’s mouth, though not before pulling at the bottom of Daisy’s lip with a tiny pinch of her teeth. She said it as she let one wet hand glide in between their naked bodies, moving until she found that warm, wet pussy hiding between her thighs. She didn’t even hesitate to slide two fingers inside, and the older woman smirked as she saw Daisy tense up with a shockwave of desire. She could already tell - Daisy’s knees were buckling and her breath was ragged just from that one touch, always a soft spot for a little intimate shower training. “...good moves, but you need to work on your endurance. I think we need to spend a lot more time training.”

“’re talking about yourself, right?” Daisy asked casually and defiantly, hoping that May would miss the intense blush rushing across her cheeks. To help in that distraction she slapped both hands against the wet slopes of May’s rear, fingers instantly tightening and squeezing into that firm rump. Along with that slap she rolled her hips forward to grind into the other woman’s touch, doing her best to show her that she wasn’t afraid. She could beat her this time, she could resist the mature woman’s mysterious, dangerous charm! ...maybe not her fingers, though. “I’m...I’m still good to go, old woman. There isn’t anything you can dish out that I can’t taaaaaa---” Her voice tapered off and her eyes went crossed as May merely slid one leg forward, replacing her fingers with the sculpt of one of her thighs. She used Daisy’s own position against her as she gave the girl’s young wet pussy something to grind down on; something to rub across her in a long, hot strike.

“ were saying?” May chuckled, and let her fingers dance down the other girl’s naked back, just before leaning in for yet another kiss. “Looks like we’ll be here all night, if I’m going to teach you everything…”

Chapter Text

All Pharah had to do was keep reminding herself that they were so far up that nobody could see them. That said, it was easier said than done. The occasional burst from her jetpack to keep her up in the air was a reminder that it was all she was wearing; every other inch of her was getting whipped by the warm air as her breasts bounced, her legs weaved back and forth, and her pussy was spread around her lover’s fingers.

“You really need to learn how to relax, Fareeha.” Mercy giggled, ready to slip a third one into those lovely, dark folds. As she spoke she leaned in close enough to roll their breasts together, and gave another little flap of her synthetic wings to keep her in the same elevated state. “What’s the fun in flying, if you’re not prepared to enjoy it?”

“I have plenty of fun flying without showing off like this!” Fareeha whimpered, and her bare hands tightened against Mercy’s shoulders. She had admittedly been using the doctor as a bit of cover while they soared; keeping her right in front of her to block line of fire to her own impressive bust. Sure, it meant showing off her girlfriend’s ass to anyone that would be looking, but it was a sacrifice she was willing to make. As Mercy’s three fingers slid even deeper inside of her a tremble of arousal rose from the soldier’s throat, and her hands gripped even tighter on the doctor’s shoulders. “C...Careful, Angela, or I might drop you!”

“We don’t have to worry about that anymore, dear!” Mercy merely chuckled in response, and gave a strong enough flap that it lifted her out of Pharah’s reach. She slithered up into the air far enough that she could reach her long, slender legs out, wrapping them around Pharah’s head. As she settled in and allowed her pussy to press to the other woman’s mouth, Angela brought her own recently used fingers to her lips, licking clean the heavy layer of nectar that was coating them. “I can taste how much fun you’re really having, love, now it’s time for you to do the same!”

It would be a hell of a show for the 11 AM flight to Cairo, which passed within visible range roughly at the same time as Angela’s thrashing midair orgasm.

Chapter Text

Waking up to a handjob or a blowjob wasn’t at all out of the ordinary for Shepard, but something was a little off this time. Her head was pounding more than usual and there was horrible noise all around her, like a thousand alarm clocks back home blaring at the same time. Despite that her cock felt warm and well-squeezed, and she could never argue about that early in the morning.

“Gnnnn…” Shepard groaned, her hands moving up to squeeze whoever it was that was being so kind to ride it. “Doesn’t feel like a mouth...or a I’m guessing Liara?” One of her eyes opened to confirm it, and sure enough she saw the Asari woman bouncing up and down, her ass taking Shepard’s cock down to the hilt and her own thick blue member swinging wildly as she did so. She was so distracted by the sight of Liara’s cock that she didn’t notice the state of the rest of the station until another explosion ripped through the wall, nearly roasting them were it not for Liara’s biotic barrier that flashed into existence a split second before.

“Let me catch you up.” Liara smirked, just as she pounded down once more to hold her lover’s cock deep into her ass. As she did so she slapped her own prick down, rubbing it back and forth over Shepard’s belly, drawing lines of precum as she did so. “You’ve been dead for two years. Eclipse mercenaries - don’t worry, they’re dead now. We hired some Salarians to bring you back and they just finished, but now the whole station’s under attack by a rogue sect of the Geth.”

“Huh. Well, damn.” Shepard blinked, and her hands moved out to grasp at Liara. One palm wrapped around that big blue cock and gave it a squeeze while the other helped itself to a breast, her thumb moving to tease around the nipple before letting all her fingers sink in against that soft, warm flesh. “And why are you riding my cock?”

“I figured after all that time, you’d want pleasant thing to wake up to.” Liara smirked, though her attention was drawn by the sound of rapid gunfire hitting the side of her barrier. Her eyes darkened as she gazed at a nearly mech drilling the shield with its minigun, and she would’ve likely handled it herself had Shepard not pulled Liara’s pistol from its holster, aimed, and blasted its head to pieces with a heavily recoiled shot.

“Keep fuckin’.” Shepard ordered, as the explosions continued all around them. “You know I don’t get out of bed until I fill some slut with my cum.” It didn’t matter whether it was her bed on the Normandy, or a cold medical slab in some exploding space station.

Chapter Text

“Hehehe, you’re not so tough! Just like a shielded mob, you gotta know how to hit your weak point!” D.Va’s voice was cheerful and happy as she slithered down onto a strap-on, letting her pussy slowly spread across a thick pink toy. She pushed herself down and down until she was riding it to the very base, and when she was settled there nicely she gazed straight down to see the lusty, weak eyes of Zarya. “How does it feel? Tight, I bet!”

She had no idea. The strap-on that was sticking out of Zarya’s mouth was a complex little toy; secured by a strap of vinyl that locked at the back of her head and threaded a similar strap-on in the other direction. While D.Va squeezed on top of that thing the other end of it was filling the bodybuilder’s throat, keeping her at a constant state of nearly gagging. Tears rolled from the corners of her eyes at the strain, but she couldn’t wipe them away...the heavy iron shackles around her wrists keeping them behind her back took care of that. All Zarya could do was sit there at the base of the bed and offer up her face as D.Va rode it, lines of drool rolling down her cheeks and across her impressive breasts and glorious muscular body.

The strongest woman in the world, dominated by Hana Song. If it ever got out, she’d never hear the end of it.

“Now, sit still so I can do this thing!” Hana giggled, her hands moving to grasp two tight fistfuls of Zarya’s bright pink hair. She began to rock herself back and forth slowly at first, but with an increasing pace the longer she did it. Each time she fucked herself on that toy she made sure to go down so deep that her hood teased Zarya’s nose, and more than a few times she swung her hips from side to side to tease her own sensitive little clit in such a fashion. For her size she was surprisingly strong - at least as far as throatfuckers went, and despite Zarya’s own impressive size and power she remained in that prone state with surprising contentedness. Sure, it was humiliating and it made her throat ache with the weight of that strap-on, but she couldn’t deny the sheer arousal rolling through her. She was soaked like she had never been, and her sensitive nipples - pinched by two clamps bearing D.Va’s bunny logo - were lit with pleasure and submissive glee.

D.Va was breaking her and forcing her to like it, but even then Zarya considered herself lucky. Mei had been in the stocks across the room stuffed with a ballgag, anal beads, and a constantly buzzing vibrator for almost an hour.

Chapter Text

“My, my, I am impressed…” Principal Celestia smiled, just as she bucked her hips forward one last time. “Yours is just as well trained as mine. And so very eager!” She had just finished dumping her load of thick, creamy cum into the pussy of a different Twilight Sparkle than she was used to. The little purple thing in between two Celestias merely moaned as she filled, and when the princess released her hips Twilight soon crumpled down to her knees on the floor between them. Dressed in her kneesocks and schoolgirl skirt, it was easy to see that her little purple pussy was overflowing with cum, and it even leaked onto the floor of Celestia’s office as the two dominant women moved to stand beside each other.

“I suppose no matter the dimension, she’s meant to be our little whore.” The principal spoke up as she stood beside her double, and both women gazed down at the nerdy little slut before them. They each stood with their pants open and their cocks exposed; perfectly matching pearl-pink members that were equally thick and long. The only difference was that the princess’ was still glistening with Twilight’s juice, while the principal merely dripped with the girl’s spit. Soon Twilight Sparkle had caught her breath and looked up at the two women, moving her hands to balance each of their cocks and leaning her head forward to silently, submissively, start licking. She gazed up at the two women with nothing but adoration shining through her glasses; it was clear that she worshipped these two women.

“So, I’m curious.” The principal turned to the princess, just as Twilight pressed their two cocktips together and waggled her tongue eagerly back and forth. “What do you do with your dimension’s Rarity?”

“Well, before I came for a visit I left her in the ‘royal confessional.’” The princess grinned, and cupped her hand over the side of her mouth. “It’s a glory hole that all of my guards get to use. She’s tied up in place, so all she gets to do is get fucked and filled the whole time.”

“Ohh, I like that idea!” The principal giggled, and moved a hand down to brush her fingers fondly through Twilight’s hair. The nerdy little thing shivered from that attention and renewed her eager sucking, taking down the princess while she stroked the principal’s shaft. She did all these while the two older women continued to talk, speaking in great pleasure about their conquests. “I loan mine out to Ms. Cheerliee. She usually comes back with runny mascara and a red ass, can tell she loved every second.”

“I suppose they’re both sluts on the same level.” Responded the princess with a grin, and she casually looped her arm across the principal’s shoulders. As she looked down to the bookworm worshipping their dual cocks, she couldn’t help but laugh just as another bit of her cum oozed out of the tip and onto Twilight’s warm, wet tongue. “Seems like our dimensions really aren’t so different. Oh! There is one thing I was hoping to ask you.”

“Hmm?” A curious brow rose, just as the principal broke away. She moved to kneel down on the floor just behind Twilight, and gave the girl’s rear a little slap to encourage her to put herself to her hands and knees. Already she was pushing her cock against that purple little pussy, happy to use the cum of her doppleganger to keep it wet and ready. “What can I do for you?” Princess Celestia merely grinned, just as she eased her cock into Twilight’s throat and made her gently gag on it.

“I want you to reintroduce me to my old student.” She responded, her voice carrying a certain, lusty weight. “I haven’t wrapped Sunset Shimmer around my cock in far, far too long…”

Twilight Sparkle merely whimpered as she was spitroasted once more by her beloved Celestias. It sounded like she wasn’t the only one that was going to be the sole focus of their attention in the near future.

Chapter Text

“Now then, pet, let’s begin.” The smooth voice of the umbra witch flowed past ruby red lips, a coy smile playing on her sophisticated features. As Bayonetta let herself lay back on the scratchy, uncomfortable sheets of a hotel room bed, it was easy to tell that she was vastly better than her surroundings. Gorgeous, elegant, beautiful on an unearthly level...and simply offering her full chest up to the affections of some eighteen year old she had just met on the street. As Bayonetta’s hands moved to grip the sides of her exposed breasts she let her tongue pass simply over her lips, inviting her new friend to slide his member in between them. “Don’t keep a lady waiting, now. Especially one that has such a low tolerance for being patient as I do.”

“Uh, y-yes, ma’am!” The young man stumbled forward, moving to straddle Bayonetta’s chest as his cock flopped forward. He was still reeling from the last half hour - a mysterious woman practically drops out of the sky on him and whisks him away to a secluded hotel, for no real reason other than some burning desire. He didn’t even know her name! Was she an angry housewife looking to live dangerously? He hadn’t ever seen a woman in town that looked even a fraction as hot as her. Knowing enough to not bother wasting time asking questions, the young man allowed his throbbing length to drop down in between her breasts, and he groaned as Bayonetta squeezed those soft, warm tits on either side of his shaft. “Oh...oh jeez, lady, that’s...they’re so…”

“Yes, dear, I know they are.” Bayonetta chuckled a little, gazing up at the young man through her glasses. She rolled her breasts back and forth on his shaft idly at first; pushing one up while the other went down, making his cock bob back and forth in between that fleshy prison. She didn’t start to properly titfuck him until she saw the first drop of precum at the tip of his member, at which point she squeezed them even tighter and gave his shaft a long, slow pump with her breasts. “Mmm, such a big boy you are. I certainly have a knack for picking out college boys, always so thick, hung, and...appreciative of a lady’s time.”

“Y...You bet, ma’am!” The young man stammered with a blush on his cheeks, his knees braced on either side of Bayonetta’s body on the bed. “Uh...thanks! This is already great!”

“Oh, it’ll get even better soon.” Bayonetta purred, and pushed down on his cock with her gloriously soft breasts until she saw the tip of his length peek out from the top. Her chest was so large that it was easy for even a well hung cock to disappear between them, but now that she saw that pink tip emerge she lowered her head to give it a slow, teasing lick. Just enough to collect the bead of moisture that clung to it, just enough to give her a taste of her newest playmate. With a slow groan of her own pleasure Bayonetta continued gazing up at the young man, fixing her smoldering gaze on his youthful features while her breasts rolled up and down once more. “Now, I don’t want you to be shy, now. It’s only polite to cum all over a lady’s face when she’s being this nice to you.”

Her new friend would’ve given a word of agreement, but by that point he was gasping more than he was breathing. His hands braced on his own legs as he did his best to kneel upright, completely letting this mysterious older woman call the shots. The feel of her breasts across his throbbing cock was immeasurably pleasurable; better than any of the girls he had dated in high school no matter what hole they used. The sight of her stiff, pink nipples as they hitched against her fingers, the way those lovely orbs squeezed together in a soft and malleable fashion...everything about this mystery woman’s tits were fantastic. It stood to reason he couldn’t hold on for long with such affection, with the warm embrace of those mounds rubbing rapidly up and down his shaft, and since he had the woman’s blessing it didn’t take long for him to cum. His back arched as his chest pushed forward, and the tip of his cock appeared from in between Bayonetta’s breasts once more. With a sudden cry he started to unleash his torrent; the hot spunk of an eighteen year old, careening squarely for the elegant features of the dark hair woman. Bayonetta merely smiled wide as she received it all; her lips closed with a poised expression as cum streaked across her face, smeared over her glasses, and even delved into her short, soft black hair.

By the time he was done the young man had unleashed a truly impressive load; enough to cover the woman’s face in streaks of white and still pool a considerable amount in between her breasts. Bayonetta chuckled softly as she slowly pulled her breasts apart, letting his member flop in between them before pulling away. For the moment the mystery woman teased her own breasts amidst his cum; sweeping it down from her cheeks to cover across her tits, ensuring that each of her nipples were practically hidden under a mask of white. With a soft laugh Bayonetta looked up at the boy, and though her vision was half-obscured by the cum on her glasses, she could see his winded expression clearly enough.

“Now now, don’t you go anywhere.” She cooed. “If you need some time before you go again, I’d say you could use that time to learn how to properly eat a lady out.”

“Oh, uh...sure!” He responded with a weary smile, and nodded. As he peeled his body off of Bayonetta’s and started to slink down towards the edge of the bed, finally his curiosity got the better of him. “Not that I’m complaining, but...why’d you grab me off the street for this? Ain’t ya got a husband?”

“No husband, dear.” Bayonetta chuckled, and licked her lips of the cum still resting across that ruby red smile. “But my girlfriend simply adores it when I tell her about the fun I have while I’m out shopping.”

Chapter Text

“Urbosa, do you call this clean?” Zelda’s voice was stern enough to make her new maid tremble in place; the disapproving tone of a displeased mistress. Granted, the princess had to stand on a chair and reached her hand behind the top rim of her tallest dresser to find a spot of dust with the tip of her finger, but it was still a sin for any dutiful maid. “You’re obviously not too short to dust up here.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress!” Urbosa stammered, standing just to the side with her powerful hands wringing the handle of a feather duster. The Gerudo woman stood there in the full maid attire of Hyrule Castle; a black and white frilled outfit with a short skirt and fishnet stockings that started mid-thigh, leading into a pair of short heeled black boots. She even wore a tiny white frilled hat atop her head, clearly marking her as part of the castle’s cleaning staff for the day. Granted, the fact that she had to squeeze into a Hylian-sized outfit meant the entire thing was far too tight on her and her breasts were practically pouring out of the top of the uniform, but that only seemed to make her all the more popular with the rest of the staff. “I’ll try to do better. I’m still getting used to my new job.”

“Hmph. Well, I suppose you can be forgiven this time, but you’ll still need to be punished.” Princess Zelda scoffed a little, and pointed across her bedroom to the edge of her bed. “You know the drill, Urbosa. Failure to complete your duties is how many spanks…?”

“Ten, Mistress.” Urbosa swallowed, and started to make the walk over to the bed. She towered over it so much that in order to receive her proper punishment she had to press her knees to the floor and lay the rest of her body across the bed; squeezing those copious breasts to the mattress and stretching her arms out to either side. The whole process made her rump push up and out for presentation to her mistress; and it was easy to see now that underneath the edge of that short black skirt she wore nothing underneath. Beautiful bronze skin was fully exposed; complete with a tender, shaved slit that was already glistening in excitement. Urbosa bit down on her bottom lip, and spread her knees a little as she (gleefully) prepared for her punishment. “I am sorry I failed you yet again, Mistress.”

“I’d say it had better not happen again, but...we both know it will.” Princess Zelda mused, stepping idly to a corner of the room to fetch her favored tool. Her preferred method of punishing her maid was in the form a yardstick; it was the only thing she had discovered that could get a speedy enough whip to give a satisfying crack as well as being long enough to cover Urbosa’s lovely round rear. The Gerudo had much, much more ass to spank than her last pet. Zelda stood at the edge of the bed and brought her yardstick up, her voice chiming out just before swinging it down. “Remember, this is for your own good!”

Swiftly the stick shot downward, whizzing through the air before a sharp, sudden slapping noise filled the room around them. Urbosa gave a noticeable gasp as her fingers went even tighter to the mattress, and sure enough even after just one strike her ass was sporting a noticeable red welt across it. The Gerudo woman groaned and her tongue rolled forward; pulling some of the sheets into her mouth so she could bite gleefully down on them. Who would’ve thought little Princess Zelda would have such a swinging arm on her?

Two, three, four~ Gerudo moaned even more as she bit down on the sheets, and her knees spread a little wider. By now a line of excited nectar was forming and hanging from her folds; a clear thread of desire that bounced back and forth with every spank. Zelda clearly noticed it as well, and lowered her hand just enough to press two of her fingers against her maid’s pussy from behind. As her digits rolled back and forth and Urbosa panted desperately, Zelda spoke in tender fashion with a voice whose kindness was a limited resource.

“Ah, my sweet new maid.” She cooed, and brought her fingers back up only to see them covered in Urbosa’s glistening nectar. She drew in a deep breath of Gerudo arousal, and looked down to her maid with a teasing smile. “ just can’t seem to stop making messes.”

Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! The next several spanks came so hard and fierce that Urbosa’s rump was left as a crisscross pattern of red marks, and her pussy was dripping even more than before. The powerful woman howled as she was spanked and now in the aftermath she looked back over her shoulder, a delirious smile on her face and a heavy blush sweeping her cheeks.

“I...I’m sorry, Mistress.” She whispered, and stretched a hand out to the nightstand to push a lamp to the floor. As it clattered to the ground and made another enormous mess, Urbosa spoke with a coy, apologetic smile. “...I’m a terrible maid.”

She really was, and deserved all the future spanks she received.

Chapter Text

“Is she really going to do it?!” Makoto didn’t really believe it, but as she, Ibuki, and Sakura sat at the far end of the train car the proof was plain to see. Their friend Elena was positioned all the way at the other end wearing a schoolgirl outfit to match their own; the uniform that fit the new transfer student so poorly. Elena was far too tall for that pleated skirt and a bit too busty for the shirt, already making her something of a spectacle when they went out into town. Add to her height and curves her dark skin tone and short white hair, well...she was easy to pick out in a crowd even before her friends had dared her into this.

“Oh wow, she’s really going for it!” Sakura chimed in, practically pushing Makoto back so she could get a better view. Through the sea of people headed to work they watched as Elena sat with her legs slowly spreading; her knees pulling apart as she looked shyly from side to side. Sakura giggled, and looked over to Ibuki with a wide grin on her lips. “She’s crazy! How did you know she’d go for it?”

“Please, you’ve seen how she dresses when she fights!” Ibuki responded, and gave a little scoff. “She doesn’t appreciate the importance of a good outfit to hide her identity! She’d make a terrible ninja.”

“Terrible ninja, but a pretty good subway pervert.” Makoto blinked, and pointed to where Elena’s legs had finally spread out. “Here we gooooo…” The three girls all watched with utter fascination at what was about to take place, huddling together in utter disbelief.

Across the subway car, Elena was blushing brightly as her hand moved to lift up the edge of her skirt. There was people all around her yet so far no one was paying particularly close attention - most of them so focused on their own lives that they hadn’t even noticed the white-haired titan of a girl sitting a few inches away from them. She was about to test just how aware the subway’s visitors were; however, as she lifted her skirt up just enough to finally show off what rested underneath. No panties; just a dark skinned slit which she showed to anyone that cared to look. She could catch a glimpse of her friends on the other end of the train watching and giggling together, and Elena gave an excited swallow as her other hand began to drift down to her folds.

Smooth, soft fingers pressed first against her hood, and Elena groaned as her hips rolled up from the seat to meet her touch. Her free hand continued to hold up her skirt to showcase not just her pussy but her lovely long legs; legs that were damn rare in Japan outside of the movies. As Elena continued to tease herself she could feel a hungry heat rolling through her, an arousal that pushed her further forward. Her fingers only teased her hood for a few seconds before slithering down and pushing against her entrance, the lips cresting around her digits and squeezing slowly inside. For now she stuck with just two fingers; afraid that if she tried for a third she might make too much noise and alert every around her.

“Ah...hhhh…” The beautiful, white-haired young woman drew in another long breath, and she gave a whimper as her nearby cellphone started to vibrate. While leaving one hand tending to her pussy she snatched the phone up with the other, flicking it open to read the text message that Ibuki had just sent her.

“Your ninja training is going well!” It read, though the latter part made Elena whimper all the harder. “Let’s see what else you can get away with!” Elena was blushing as she put her phone away and nodded, turning around and doing exactly as she was told. After all, it was to impress her new friends! If she could win them over with a stunt like this, then surely she’d be privy to all their future antics together! As Elena turned around and knelt on her seat, she pushed her rump out and spread her legs even further apart. Now with her pussy visible from underneath the hem of her skirt she let her fingers slide underneath her, working three fingers closer and closer to her moist, warm slit.

“Oh...oh my…” Elena swallowed, her eyes rolling back in her head and her teeth nibbling at her bottom lip. The rumbling of the train car, the sound and smell of so many people nearby, the flashing lights as they roared through the was all quite a bit for the young woman to bear. When she pushed her fingers forward she opted to go for three this time, and it became very clear very soon that it was a bit of a mistake. “Ahh! Ahh, it’s so tight! My pussy~”

It was loud enough that the other three girls at the edge of the train car heard her, and enough that it drew the eyes of every person there. Nearly thirty people all turned their head to see a dark skinned schoolgirl kneeling on her seat, stuffing fingers into her sopping wet pussy and offering her ass up for them to see. Ibuki, Makoto, and Sakura all sat frozen with wide eyes and mouths agape - the stunned shoulder devils that had talked their innocent and sweet friend into this. While the rest of the train car’s inhabitants stared at Elena’s fingered pussy it was only Sakura that stood up to defend her friend, bouncing up to her feet and thrusting a fist into the air triumphantly.

“Uh...y-yeah! It’s...It’s that kind of train car, don’t you know?!” She spoke up, impulsively moving her hands down to lift up her own skirt and show her plain white panties. “C’mon, everyone! Show it off!”

A mere one hour later Elena, Sakura, and Makoto were banned for life from the subway train. Instigating an orgy had a tendency to do that, whether it was intentional or not. The only one to escape punishment was Ibuki, whom had vanished into a cloud of smoke and left her friends hanging.

Because that’s exactly what ninjas do.

Chapter Text

“It’s good that you finally came you can enjoy being bad.” Madame Rouge’s voice was as arrogant as her smile, and as she pushed down on Raven’s hips the former Teen Titan’s pussy pressed against the tip of the criminal’s cock. It was Raven’s celebration party for finally coming over to the other side, and she was being treated to a private party. Stripped down completely bare, Raven gasped as her pale nethers wrapped around the tip of Madame Rouge’s shaft and slid down one of many, many inches. The older woman raised a hand to cup her new recruit’s cheek, clicking her tongue to the roof of her mouth before speaking in a slow, thoughtful voice. “And vhy do you look so sad? Still thinking of those you left behind?”

Raven, blushing tremendously as slit squeezed around the midpoint of Madame Rouge’s shaft, gave a tiny nod. Her voice was the same slow and steady tone she always spoke in; never giving away too much of her emotion even if she couldn’t hide the look on her face. For the moment she held on to Madame Rouge’s bare shoulders, speaking quietly and thoughtfully.

“I’m...too dangerous to be around them.” She admitted, and took a long, deep breath as she thought back to the memory of their faces. “And if I’m around people like you, I...I don’t have to worry about losing control.” She quickly looked back to Madame Rouge, smirking a little as she did so. “ doesn’t matter if you get hurt.”

“Aww, isn’t that sweet of her? She doesn’t want to hurt her friends.” A voice from behind the two spoke up, and Jinx stepped forward to take her own spot in the fun. Stripped down just as much as Raven and Rouge, the bad luck girl’s cock was left exposed and glistening from a healthy dose of lube. As she stepped forward and pressed her hands to Raven’s rump, her cocktip pressed to the former Titan’s ass, teasing her eventual entrance. “Madame Rouge, are you sure we can even trust her? She might be pretending to get in good with us - I think we should just fuck her and send her back to the Titans!”

“Perhaps ve shall.” Madame Rouge purred in response, and with a flicker of fast movement one of her arms didn’t so much as move as completely shift; the fingers melting together into a collar that fixed around Raven’s pale throat. The shapeshifter’s malleable form could be a prison of pleasure or pain at a whim, and she hadn’t yet decided which way she’d go with it. Leaning in close with a long stretch of her neck, Madame Rouge brought her lips so close to Raven’s that they brushed together as she whispered. “Unless you can convince us you deserve to be one of us.”

Raven had a simple response; her hips slowly pushed down and back to usher both of those cocks inside of her. Inch by inch her pussy claimed Madame Rouge’s member, and in the same motion she tried to squeeze back against Jinx’s cock with her rear. When she found it tricky to properly line up she merely concentrated for a second, and a warm sheathe of dark energy held Jinx’s length steady so she could push it inside. Both Rouge and Jinx groaned in pleasure as their cocks fit into their new friend’s holes, and they both pushed inside down to the hilt. Raven, as bold as ever, let one hand move up into Madame Rouge’s dark hair while the other stretched behind her, finding a place within Jinx’s pink locks.

“I can’t be with my friends, but...I can’t go home, either.” She spoke simply, looking back and forth between the two. “And if I’m going to be one of you, I’ll play by your rules. So...let’s do this.”

Jinx waited patiently for Madame Rouge to give her a nod; a sign that it was okay to start fucking their new friend. When she received it the pink-haired girl started to rock back and forth with excitement, watching as her cock squeezed deeply into Raven’s tight, tight rump. Meanwhile Madame Rouge’s cock seemed to grow thicker as Raven started to ride it; the expanding shapeshifter’s body shifting until she was stretching Raven as far as she could. With a critical eye Madame Rouge studied every one of their new friend’s movements, from her facial expressions to her sounds, to even the blush rolling over her cheeks. In her goal to build an elite team of female villains, she wasn’t going to take any chances...even if Raven was a wonderful prize to stick her cock inside.

Raven’s evening of double penetration went slow and steady for the time being, with Jinx eagerly fucking her ass while her pussy rocked slowly up and down on Madame Rouge’s member. Raven’s gasping continued and her fingers tightened against the older woman’s shoulders, clutching her close as she shook with a few tiny orgasms through it all. By the time Madame Rouge and Jinx hit their peaks Raven was covered in a thin, glistening layer of sweat, and before long her pussy and rear were filled by the waves of warm cum offered from two villainous cocks. Jinx pressed in against Raven from behind; squeezing her naked breasts to the former Titan’s back and kissing up and down across her throat. While Raven gasped and whimpered with cum leaking from her holes, Jinx was quick to speak up.

“Her ass was great, Madame Rouge!” She beamed, one arm reaching around Raven to tease the girl’s breasts. “Can we keep her? Can we?!”

The critical veteran villain looked up at Jinx and Raven, still pondering whether or not it was worth it. Raven had given her a tight ride to be certain, but it was one she could get from any of her other sluts. Was she worth the risk to include? It remained to be seen.

“ vill give her a job to complete.” She finally spoke up, her fingers releasing the collar around Raven’s throat, and her cock shrinking to allow Raven a chance to relax from that fierce tension stretching her. “She vill help us convert Cheshire to our cause. You do vish to help us, yes?”

“Y-Yes, Madame Rouge…” Raven looked up at the older woman, and gave a satisfied smile. She even leaned in to kiss against Madame Rouge’s throat in appreciation, pressing her bare breasts against the villain’s and sighing contentedly. “But...can we keep being bad tonight?”

In truth, she had come to Madame Rouge and Jinx in an undercover fashion, to infiltrate and dissolve the budding group of femme fatales. But if every night was like this…?

She didn’t need Trigon’s influence to turn wicked...just a few good cocks to fill her up.

Chapter Text

“It’s okay, Futaba, you don’t have to be scared.” Haru’s voice was as sweet as ever, and she combed her fingers down the back of Futaba’s long red locks. Her free hand even reached up to tenderly tweak her girlfriend’s nose, just as an enormous blush erupted on the younger girl’s cheeks. “We don’t have to do it if you don’t want to…”

“No! I want to! I mean…” The nerdy girl fidgeted a bit, forcefully keeping her eye contact away from Haru’s own. As the two of them sat alongside each other on Futaba’s bed, she couldn’t stop wringing her hands against the sheets and shuffling her socked feet. This was big! This was serious! And she was determined to see it through. “You’’re my reward. My reward for getting out in the world and doing things.”

“Your reward?” Haru asked gingerly, her own cheeks tinting pink at the statement. “You really think so?” It was all it took to force Futaba to look over, her brow bent inward as she regarded the Phantom Thieves’ most gentle member.

“You’re the best reward.” She spoke enthusiastically, leaning in and reaching a hand out to trace the other’s cheek. “You’re just about the kindest person I’ve ever met! And you’re cute. And you have...great floof.” Her palm twisted out and patted at Haru’s curly, thick hair. “Excellent floof. The best floof.”

Haru merely giggled, closing her eyes and letting her girlfriend pet said floof. She was quite content to take it slow and patient, and would’ve gladly sat on the bed with Futaba all night without doing what they had gone there for. But as she patiently let Futaba play with her hair, the younger girl managed to build her courage. There was a faint rustling noise from beside Haru, and when she finally opened her eyes she found Futaba sitting there without her shirt or any trace of a bra. A small chest to be sure - tiny, cute breasts with small nipples, and a red blush than ran from the top of her chest all the way to her cheeks. Futaba sat there shirtless, her knuckles gone white as she gripped the sheets underneath her. Her head was still downcast, unable to look Haru in the eyes, but her voice was as bold as she could muster.

“ this is me. Most of me. The top of me.” Futaba whispered, her expression one of tense nervousness that only a virginal shut-in could muster. “I know they’re not very big, annnnd I don’t foresee them growing any time soon, so if you really care about that then maybe you should g-mmmph!”

With a gasp, Futaba was pressed flat to the bed by Haru, the floof-haired girl rushing forward against her girlfriend. She laid her own warm body against Futaba’s own and held a kiss against her mouth; a tender kiss of sweet affection that only faintly hinted of Haru’s tongue. Soon those soft tan curls were dusting Futaba’s cheeks as Haru loomed over her, one arm drawn tight around Futaba’s back and the other moving over those tiny chests. Haru’s extreme compassion and tenderness served her well as she let her fingers worship Futaba’s tiny breasts; taking all the time she needed to trace her nipples with the tip of a finger and make the younger girl feel as sexy as possible. She’d fondle those tiny breasts all night if it meant making Futaba feel proud of them! When the kiss had a moment to pause, Haru lifted her head and gazed down at her girlfriend, whispering in a tone that practically ached with emotion.

“Just tell me if it goes too fast.” She murmured, and dropped her head to kiss sweetly and smoothly across Futaba’s trembling, goosebump-marked throat. As her lips worked up and down she continued with that soothing voice, just as her fingers started to drift. “’re my reward, too.”

Futaba was a whimpering little mess as she laid back, trying to comprehend how Haru could freeze her in place by the mere touch of fingertips working down her tummy. She let her mouth and nose get lost in Haru’s curly hair as she writhed under those affections, and every time she thought to speak she quickly silenced herself for fear of ruining the moment. Instead, she was happy to lay back as Haru’s fingers worked against the button of her baggy cargo pants, and then slooooowly pulled the zipper down. The entire time Haru kissed and worshipped her girlfriend’s throat, leaving hot tingling marks of desire over her quivering flesh.

“No going under the panties tonight.” Haru looked at Futaba, whispering to her a few words of sweet comfort. They came along with her hand creeping against the girl’s unzipped lap, her delicate fingers pressing against Futaba’s Ultraman underwear. As her middle two digits pressed to Ultraman’s helmet she was quite clear she discovered Futaba’s hood underneath, and she rolled her touch from side to side as she kept whispering. “I’ll just touch you like this...does it feel good, sweetheart?”

“Y-Yes, it’ feels…hahhhh...” Futaba whimpered, and held a little tighter to her girlfriend. Warmth washed over her in pleasurable waves, her thighs tingling like they never had before, and her nethers wet with tantalizing glee. This was intense! So intense that Futaba could barely speak, and simply muffled her face against Haru’s hair to silence herself. Still, the distinct hand that she raised was giving a thumbs-up, encouraging her girlfriend further.

Haru merely giggled in a melodic voice, and continued to kiss across Futaba’s sensitive, soft flesh. Before long she worked her mouth down to the tiny nipples of those small breasts, and Futaba found a whole new world of gasping, groaning, and silent squirming. The entire time Haru’s attention remained gentle and affectionate, her eyes always studying her shy shut-in lover’s face. She might have been known as Beauty Thief within the Phantom Thieves, but Haru wasn’t planning on taking anything that wasn’t given freely.

Futaba squirmed and shuddered through the night, her panties getting steadily more soaked as her first ever girlfriend gave her a first ever fondling. Her first time might not have ever made it past Ultraman, but that didn’t stop it from sending joyful pulses of pleasure straight through Futaba’s tender frame. Futaba would never forget her first time…

...or the second, which happened about an hour later.

Chapter Text

Just because the Dazzlings had failed in their attempt to seize control of Canterlot High’s magic, it didn’t mean that there’d never be a Taco Tuesday again. If anything things were going better for the trio than ever, and nearly six months after their loss at the Battle of the Bands none of them were happier than Adagio. The leader of the three smiled as she waved to Aria and Sonata as the two left the apartment, beaming as she lingered behind in the living room for her own purposes.

“I’ll see you when you come home.” Adagio purred to her friends; women that she could only truly describe as her girlfriends. She could still feel the sweetness of Sonata’s lips on her cheek, and the sensitive flesh where Aria had grabbed her ass. “Enjoy the movie, girls.”

“Oh, it’ll be great!” Sonata giggled, spinning on a heel and practically falling into Aria’s arms. “Aria even promised to let me put chocolate covered raisins in the popcorn! I don’t have to mix them in my mouth this time!”

“Yeah, yeah, let’s go.” Aria just rolled her eyes, and as she pushed Sonata to the door she paused briefly to give her old friend and rival one more glance. Though still guarded with her emotions, it was enough for her to give Adagio a small nod and a few words that weren’t completely devoid of affection. “...have fun, Adagio. We’ll bring you home something to eat.” And with that, Sonata and Aria left the apartment to leave their friend alone. At least...somewhat alone. No sooner did the pair leave did Adagio move to the back of their apartment, a spring in her step knowing what was waiting for her. Just a few minutes earlier her “other” friends had dropped by, and while Sonata and Aria enjoyed a movie Adagio would be enjoying something much, much more compelling.

Six months in, and she was visibly pregnant. A large belly swung with every step and she did her best to cradle it with an arm, her figure stretching out a revealing shirt that accented her recently enlarged breasts. She had the physique of any other woman at such a state in her pregnancy, and she carried it with her usual confidence. Before long she made her way to the doorway of the bedroom, and as she leaned against the frame she raised a hand, beckoning over the two young men waiting for her.

“I’m glad the girls were still here when you dropped by so you got a chance to say hi.” Adagio smiled, letting her gaze fall on Flash Sentry and Big Mac. “But I’m just as glad they left, so we can...get started.”

“Yup.” The single word response came alongside the noise of a zipper being swiftly pulled down.


Aria and Sonata knew exactly what their friend was doing that night, and they were happy for her happiness. Though the other two Dazzlings had chosen not to go down the route of being joyfully bred, either one would readily speak up to talk about how it took the edge off of Adagio. She wasn’t as temperamental, she wasn’t as bossy, and she wasn’t as power hungry as she once was. Simply put, it seemed like cock was the perfect thing to keep her content.

“Mmm, it’s been way too long since we stopped by!” Flash Sentry shuddered, watching as his shaft disappeared into Adagio’s warm, wet mouth. The siren was stripped naked by now and laying flat on the bed, gobbling down Flash’s cock with a smile as Big Mac speared his impressive length into her tight, wet hole. With every push from his hips Adagio’s belly swung back and forth, as did the breast that Flash didn’t have a firm grip on. “Looks like you’re really coming along!”

“Mmm, taking good care of him, too.” Adagio purred, her tongue shivering underneath Flash’s tip and giving it a warm, affectionate kiss. “I will say I missed you boys...what sort of man breeds a girl and then never drops by to fuck her again? The girls can only do so much…”

In all fairness, they had been there little more than a week ago, but it didn’t matter. Every time her stallions stopped by it felt like it had been ages since she had a cock inside her, such was the heat and desire of her pregnant lust. She had always been a ravenous thing that demanded the other Dazzlings lick her almost daily, but ever since she had been knocked up? Their little household was a place of constant begging, whimpering, and grinding. Aria and Sonata weren’t just enjoying a night out - they were giving their tongues a rest while a pair of young cocks did the heavy lifting.

Big Mac grunted as his hips flew forward, fucking faster and faster into Adagio. It didn’t take him long to claim the title of the first to cum of the evening, and when he did he unloaded heavily into Adagio’s entrance. By the time his throbbing cock had finished spasming within her the young woman’s folds were coated in cum and barely visible underneath the white; a fact that was made even more severe as Adagio lowered a hand to messily rub her fingers back and forth across the mess.

“Ohhh yes, Big Mac, I just love how hot it feels…!” She shuddered, and let her eyes dart up to Flash Sentry. “Your turn, Flash! Don’t leave me hanging!”

“You got it!” Flash chuckled, and bounced to the edge of the bed eagerly to claim his sloppy seconds. Without a moment’s hesitation he slapped his shaft against Adagio’s cream-coated pussy and shoved himself inside, and by the time she could moan from his size she had Big Mac’s cock to tend to. The entire time that lovely pregnant belly of hers kept swinging back and forth, and the entire time Adagio drank in the lewd delights of her new life. She had been bad for so very long that she had completely forgotten how much you could get away with while being good.


It was a solid three hours before Sonata and Aria returned, linked arm-in-arm and each one carrying a bag of food or treats for their friend. When they couldn’t immediately spot her it was clear just where she was - laying naked in the bed with her two boyfriends gone, her pregnant form coated in sticky cum and dripping from her holes. That large wave of fluffy orange hair was damp and frizzy, somehow taking up even more room on the bed than usual.

“Aww, she looks so cute!” Sonata giggled, and slipped a finger across Adagio’s pussy to collect some cum. She looked at that streak of white on her fingertip, shrugging a little before wiping it across Adagio’s motionless nose. “Never gonna know what she sees in this, though!”

It didn’t matter if they understood or not - they were with her, as they had always been. Only one of the Dazzlings was pregnant, but all three of them would soon be mothers.