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Haruhiro was gorgeous. Dark brown locks mussed, a few of them stuck to the owner's forehead. His eyes were in the same color, but right now they had a lewd shine to them. His face was slightly red, and his lips partially open as his chest heaved up and down irregularly, trying to inhale and exhale in the best way he could.

Manato wasn't that far behind, either. His hair was also messy, while his eyes had a curious glow to them (he wanted to know more about Haruhiro's reactions so badly). His face was just as red as Haruhiro's, but his lower lip was being bitten unconsciously. And his brows were furrowed in concentration and pleasure.

Manato moved slowly, in and out, expecting at least a small reaction from Haruhiro. It came, better than he had imagined, when he closed his mouth in a vain attempt to cover the small sound that left his throat, swallowing dryly afterwards. Manato exhaled sharply at the sight, biting his lower lip again.

He tried the same movement again, a little faster this time, which made Haruhiro melt a little. The latter furrowed his brows, closed his eyes and let out a small moan. Manato groaned at that, rolling his eyes.

His next thrust came with a hiss. Haruhiro looked at him through half-lidded eyes, moaning in a low voice while his body slightly arched off the bed. Manato kept thrusting, slowly increasing his rhythm. Every single one came with a different reaction for both of them, and Manato made sure to memorize every single one of them (even his own's).

Haruhiro let out a sound louder than the others, body trembling and moving up from the bed, and Manato knew he just had to repeat that same angle. He managed to get it again a few thrusts later, and Haruhiro mewled, eyes closed and head impatiently moving around his pillow. Manato momentarily closed his eyes, letting out a moan through his bitten lip, opening them again just to see the shorter staring at him with those eyes filled with lust.

Manato bent down, kissing Haruhiro's jaw before setting his lips on the other's. They kissed, tongues tangled on each other, small moans leaving their mouths whenever possible. The legs around Manato's waist pulled him closer, and the sweat of their bodies seemed to want to glue them together. Haruhiro wrapped his arms around the taller's neck, deepening the kiss and bringing their bodies even closer.

Haruhiro broke the kiss to let out a longer moan. Manato heavily breathed against his neck, placing small kisses and nips all the way down to his collarbone. He made his way back, letting out a breathy moan once he reached the other's ear, which made the latter shiver.

Manato leaned his forehead on Haruhiro's, and they stared deeply into each other's eyes, melting, enjoying that feeling.


"C-Close..." was the warning that came out of Haruhiro's mouth a few moments later, between ragged breaths and moans. Manato nodded at that, keeping his rhythm steady and gaze locked on Haruhiro.

Their orgasm came not too long after. Haruhiro rolled his eyes, closing them, back arching off the bed and a final moan escaping his lips. Manato let out a long, breathy moan, his body tensing and arching, eyes still glued to the male below him.

They stayed like that, staring at each other, the silence between them being broken by the sound of their irregular breathing.


"You were amazing." Manato finally said after a while, his lips curving in a small smirk.


"You too." Haruhiro said, too tired to properly come up with a reaction.

Manato chuckled, sliding out of the shorter and laying down beside him.


"I love you." he said, kissing Haruhiro's forehead.


"I love you, too." he replied, laying his head on Manato's chest and closing his eyes.