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On Top of This Ending Tune

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“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I won’t do it again!”

“You’re damn right you won’t do it again you worthless piece of shit!”

He braced himself for the millionth time, but it still didn’t soften the blow of his father’s boots.

“Can you do anything right?! God, you’re just like her! You look like her too!”

“I’m…” He couldn’t even catch his breath to apologize again. A groan escaped his lips as he tried to crawl away.

“And where do you think you’re going?”

A harsh tug on his hair lifted him up until he was face to face with the man he called 'Appa'.

“P- Please…”

“Open your eyes, son.”

Taehyung barely opened his eyes to see a large fist flying towards him.




Min Yoongi walked into science class late, like he did every day, and was surprised to see a new mop of brown hair sitting next to his seat. Slowly, he sat down and eyed the younger boy. The kid was really tan and sporting a plain white shirt with faded blue jeans, but that wasn’t the main thing that caught Yoongi’s attention. The boy had big brown eyes that were really 'deep'. They were the kind that pulled you in and didn’t let you go until he looked away.

And there was also the fact that he smelled like cinnamon applesauce.

“Thank you for finally gracing us with your presence Yoongi,” the teacher greeted sarcastically, walking up to his lab table.

Yoongi rolled his eyes. No matter how hard he tried he could never get along with this teacher. “Good morning to you too, Mrs. Oh.”

Mrs. Oh  pursed her lips before continuing. “Please treat Kim Taehyung kindly. He’s a sophomore who’s been placed in this class due to his exceptional grades in science. It seems you’ll finally have a lab partner now.”

Yoongi glared at the women and crossed his arms. He had managed to avoid getting a lab partner this year, seeing as how there were an odd number of students in his class. But now this new kid, Kim Tae- whatever was ruining everything.

Mrs. Oh walked away and Yoongi’s eyes immediately landed on the new kid again. Their table was next to a window and that’s exactly where the boy was looking. Yoongi didn’t think there was anything great about their school parking lot but it seemed that this Kim Kid found it interesting enough.

Yoongi was about to tap on the boy’s shoulder but jumped in surprise when the latter turned to acknowledge him, a huge grin on his face. “Hello, I’m Taehyung.”

“Your face…” Yoongi hadn’t meant for it to come out so bluntly, but when the new kid had turned to greet him he saw it; a black eye.

Taehyung frowned, his bright smile dropping immediately as he shrunk in on himself. “A bicycle accident,” he whispered, quickly raising a hand to cover the visible bruise.

Yoongi nodded in understanding. Bike accidents could be brutal sometimes. “Min Yoongi,” he greeted. “And just so you know we don’t have to be lab partners. You seem like the kind of guy who would want to work on his own and, to put things bluntly, I feel the same way.”

“But I—“

“Great. Thanks for cooperating.”

Glad that he got his point across, Yoongi faced forward and began arranging his backpack into a pillow. He never really paid attention to Mrs. Oh’s lectures, but he somehow managed to pass all of his tests. Science was his first period of the day and all the pale male could think about so early in the morning was sleeping.

So that’s exactly what he did.

And he didn’t hear another word out of the boy sitting next to him.




“I can’t believe this.”

Yoongi threw down the stack of stapled papers and stared at the thing in disdain. Dear Mrs. Oh decided to give them their mid-year assignments at the end of class. He could have sworn he saw her smirk as she handed him his.

“This packet is due in two weeks. You’ve probably noticed that there are many partner related questions. That’s because I want each and every one of you to work with your partners on this or you won’t get a full grade. You can work outside of school, during lunch, and I will also be allowing fifteen minutes at the beginning of class every day until it’s due. This packet is worth thirty percent of your grade so don’t take it lightly!”

Remembering his teacher’s nasally voice made Yoongi even more irritated. It wasn’t long before his friend, Namjoon, started to notice.

“What’s up with you?” the younger male asked, leaning forward to be heard over the cafeteria noise.

“It’s this stupid packet!” Yoongi grumbled. “I have two weeks to complete it but I can’t do it alone.”

Namjoon furrowed his brows. “I thought you didn’t need help in science.”

“I don’t. Mrs. Oh says we have to work with our partners or she’ll fail us.” Yoongi placed his head in his hands and sighed. He just knew that annoying teacher was going to find a way around his ‘no partner’ preference sooner or later.

“That’s rough. Who’s your partner?” Hoseok spoke up, jumping in on the conversation. It was better than watching his friend and crush, Jimin, flirt with their maknae, Jungkook.

Yoongi lifted his head and looked around the noisy cafeteria until his gaze landed on big eyes and blue jeans. “Him.”

Namjoon and Hoseok followed his line of sight and squinted in Taehyung’s direction. “That kid? He looks a little young to be in your class.”

“Is that Kim Taehyung?” Jimin asked from the other end of the table. Everyone turned to look at him. “He just transferred out of my science class this morning. I heard rumors that he got put in a harder class but I didn’t know they were true. He’s your partner, Yoongi Hyung?”

Yoongi nodded.

Jimin frowned. “Good luck with that.”

This peaked everyone’s curiosity, even Jungkook, who was trying to ignore Jimin’s pestering by doodling in his sketchpad.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Yoongi asked, a little worried.

Jimin simply shrugged. “Kim Taehyung’s always been known to be kind of weird. He always has this blank expression in class and when he does talk to one of us he says the most ridiculous things. Not only that but the bruises…”

Yoongi’s mind flashed back to the black eye he saw earlier.

“Bruises?” Namjoon asked.

“Yeah.” Jimin tried to casually sling an arm over Jungkook’s shoulder but the maknae pushed him away. “Taehyung always comes to school with a new bruise here or there. Rumor has it he’s in a gang.”

Everyone swiveled around to observe an oblivious Taehyung sitting all by himself. The younger boy caught their eyes and quickly looked away.

Him? In a gang?” Hoseok ask in disbelief.

Jimin nodded. “It’s always the innocent looking ones.”

“If that’s the case than our Jungkookie is in a gang.” All eyes looked up to see Seokjin with a tray of food.

Jungkook glared at his eldest hyung’s comment and Jimin laughed.

“What took you so long?” Namjoon blurted, surprising everyone. Just last week the two were yelling at each other, swearing up and down that they would never talk to each other again.

Seokjin barely glanced his way. “I was busy.”

The tension only grew at their small lunch table and Yoongi was kind of glad the focus was off of him. Everything Jimin said was making him uneasy about being partners with Kim Taehyung. The kid sounded like he was going to be a headache to handle.

Yoongi didn’t do headaches.