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C's Get Degrees

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Bonnie glanced over the cramped dorm room, biting back a sigh. Her few boxes and suitcase were stacked on her bed, begging to be unpacked. She tapped her foot, humming to herself. Her roommate hadn't arrived yet, which was odd given that she herself had moved in rather late. Bonnie considered beginning unpacking immediately, but the move had taken a lot out of her. For no other reason at all, she decided to visit some friends instead. She shoved her dorm key in her pocket and walked out of the room, opening her phone as she went.


Bonnie: Hey. I'm all settled now, so I'm coming over to your dorm for a bit.

Before Bonnie could shove the phone into her coat pocket, the phone buzzed in response.

Lady: That's a weird way of asking to come over. Most people say 'please'?

Bonnie: Can I come over PLEASE? I'm freezing out here. It's like, -2. I'm going to freeze to death, and when they go through my texts, they'll know that you're to blame

Lady: >:(

Lady: Okay fine <3


Bonnie grinned and shoved the phone into her pocket. She hadn't been lying- it was cold for early September, and she hadn't bothered to unpack any of her warmer clothes yet. Squirrels darted across the cracked pavement, clearly all-too used to being around people. When she arrived in front of the building, she bounced from one foot to the other as she waited for her friend. Lady's dorm building was older than Bonnie's, but the showed similar signs of age- the same holes drunkenly punched into walls and halfheartedly patched up, the same unidentifiable stains that somehow ended up on the ceiling, and so on.

Lady practically leaped down the stairs a few moments later. With a grin, she opened the door and waved at Bonnie, “Dang, it is cold, get in here.”. Bonnie nodded and followed her in. Lady was a tremendously tall Korean girl only two weeks older than Bonnie. They'd known each other since they were tiny- Lady always said that her skyrocketing in height was revenge for all the times Bonnie teased her about being a couple centimeters taller all through elementary school. Of course, this didn't explain all their other friends being taller than her. Not that Bonnie would ever be petty enough to be bothered by that.

Bonnie smiled, poking lightly at Lady's newly dyed deep pink hair, “Trying to copy the cool kids?” she asked, gesturing to her own hair.

Lady rolled her eyes, smiling, “It was meant to be more red, actually. Jake was gonna do it with me, but when he saw how it turned out he backed out. Uh, Prismo, on the other hand,” she smiled, “well, you'll see.”

When they entered the dorm room- almost exactly the same as her own- Prismo wasn't there. Jake was nestled on Lady's bed, staring at his 3DS screen intently. He shot a wide grin at them as they entered, but quickly shifted focus back to his game. Lady and Bonnie sat at the foot of her bed, chatting among themselves about generic things- going over what classes they had for probably the fourth time, complaining about how much they were going to have to spend on textbooks, the usual college student affair.

“Oh, hi fellas,” Prismo said as he ducked into the room, pointedly avoiding eye contact with everybody and throwing his hood up over his coarse, curly, deep pink hair. Bonnie smiled sympathetically- Prismo liked to blend in with crowds, even though he naturally stood out- being almost seven feet tall did that to a guy. He made it his goal to blend into shadowed corners at parties that he went to with Jake and Lady, and she imagined this would make that more difficult than ever.

“It looks good, Pris,” Bonnie said, reaching up to pat his shoulder. It wasn't untrue. Through it didn't match his usual style, she certainly thought it looked cute. Prismo blinked and offered a small smile before settling down next to Jake, nestling against his boyfriend. Lady plopped down on Jake's other side and cuddled up too, ignoring his drawn-out sarcastic whine as they distracted him from his game.

Bonnie smiled, leaving them to that, and scooted over to Lady's roommate, Bianca. Bianca was absolutely adorable- always wearing a wide grin, with short black hair that usually shot out in all directions. They'd shuffled into Bonnie's friend group in their last year of high school and thoroughly disrupted Bonnie's college plans, not that she minded. Much.

Lady had always been one for inviting new kids into their group, and so when excitable, eccentric Biana showed up and most people wanted to laugh at the weird kid, Lady practically scooped them up and adopted them.

Soon afterwards, at a party of Lady's, they slipped up and told everyone that they were nonbinary, and promptly panicked, though the group quickly silenced any fears they may have had. Everyone in their circle of friends knew a decent amount about transgender terms- Lady had made it pretty much a rite of passage to being admitted among them after a certain former friend had made some major mistakes. Besides, Lady would have promptly murdered anyone who tried to hurt Bianca. Honestly, Bonnie would be there to back her up most of the time.

Shortly after that, Lady had pulled Bonnie aside and told her that she wanted to move in with Bianca in University. She didn't want the optimistic person's happiness crushed by some shitty roommate. Bonnie had understood- she wanted to stay with her best friend, but she'd manage.


That probably had been nagging at her a bit.

Bianca glanced up from their game, “Hello, Bonnie! Are you not hanging out with-” they glanced towards the bed, where Lady was now in Jake's lap, “I see,” they said, closing their game and scooting closer to Bonnie. “Have you met your roommate yet?”

Bonnie sighed, “No. Maybe I don't have one. That happens sometimes, right? Mistakes and all that biz. I could totally live with that. No loud roommate to interrupt my studying.”

Bianca stuck their tongue out, “You would get lonely and do nothing but study, and then you'd spiral downwards and explode!” they tossed their arms into the air as the finished, making a series of explosion noises for emphasis.

When Bonnie only rolled her eyes and smiled, they added, “And maybe it would be a cute girl. I bet you would like that, huh?”

Bonnie rolled her eyes again, but couldn't force her smile back down, “Somehow, I think I'll survive without, y'know,” she gestured towards the cuddle pile forming on the bed, earning a soft 'hey' from Prismo, who was the only one even remotely paying attention to the two of them.

Bianaca smiled, “You love them,” they cooed, drawing out the 'o' sounds. Bonnie laughed lightly. Couldn't argue that.



Not long after, Prismo and Jake headed out. They attended a University on the other side of the city for its Culinary arts program, and hadn't finished unpacking yet. With a simultaneous, exaggerated sigh of relief from both Bianca and Bonnie, the two hauled themselves onto the bed next to Lady, who rolled her eyes at their mock exasperation.

“Dinner please,” Bianca said, weakly trying to pull them by their sleeves, not that they offered much resistance to that idea.

The three arrived to a mostly empty cafeteria, and Lady spared no time in openly expressing her distaste for the selection- dating two chefs would do that. She was kind enough to not do so in front of the underpaid servers, at least. To be fair, it didn't take a master chef to realize the food was stunningly mediocre. Her pasta was practically swimming in the bland marinara sauce. Did the chefs know what salt was? Whatever. Bianca ate it all with a wide grin on their face and even made a comment about it being good, but nothing seemed to displease Bianca.

Bonnie, meanwhile, had become lost in thought, gazing into a boring marinara sea, when Bianca spoke.

“Oh, Bonnie, what intro English class are you taking?” Bianca asked between mouthfuls.

“Uh, literature- the one that's at one thirty.”

Bianca's grin widened, if that were possible, “Amazing! Me too. I was so worried I would have no friends in it!” they bounced a bit in their seat, “we can study together! Won't that be fun?”

Bonnie agreed that it sounded fun, and majorly unproductive. Bianca was nice and tested well, but they were the last person she'd want to study with- they always found an excuse to go on fifty errands instead, and at the end of it all they got no studying done. “Uh, yeah, sure,” she said. Not quite convincing. She hadn't really wanted it to be. Still, she felt bad when she saw Bianca's crestfallen look.

“I mean, sure! Sorry, got distracted thinking about something else.”

Bianca immediately brightened and went back to eating their meal. Lady blinked across the table, “You should probably go back to your dorm after this. I know you're avoiding it because you don't want to meet your roommate.”

Bonnie clenched her teeth. She didn't like that Lady knew so much about her, but she hated when she she made that knowledge public, “Right,” she said curtly. Lady either didn't notice she was annoyed or didn't care. Bonnie knew she was right, but still, she didn't like being caught off guard. Bianca didn't seem to notice she was on edge either. That was probably for the better.

She forced down the rest of her pasta and stood up, waving goodbye to her friends. Lady sent her a reassuring smile that sent a pang of guilt through her chest. Bonnie let her brief anger dissipate a bit- her friend really was only looking out for her. She walked quickly out of the building, hands shoved deep in her pockets as the night air tugged at her ears and nose. She faced a brief moment of panic as she misplaced her keys, but quickly found them in her back pocket of all places- she had no idea why she'd put them there.

During her walk up the stairs she mentally prepared herself for her roommate. They would probably just be an average student, just wanting to do their thing, keep out of her way. Maybe have a boy over. Or a girl. Nope, nope. She wasn't going to get her hopes up for a non-straight roommate. She managed to mostly calm her nerves by the time she made her way up to her dorm door. The white board that hung there, she noticed, had a new addition. At the top, she had written 'Welcome to the Room of Bonnie,” and at the bottom “feel free to introduce yourself :)”, and her roommate, she assumed, had added “and Marceline” in a scratchy scrawl. She knew her name then. She was beyond ready.

However, as she opened the door, she was struck by the realization that she had not mentally prepared herself for the possibility of her new roommate having her tongue shoved down a guy's throat.

First of all, quite an introduction.

Second of all, gross.

And finally, it was going to be a long damn year.