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Screw Warnings

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He had warned you, Dave had fucking warned you, but like hell you were going to believe your baby brother. There was no way the kid who had walked around your apartment for eight summers continuously saying ‘I’m not a homo sexual’ was now known as the campus cock slut. Yeah you had doubted highly he was actually straight, since who the fuck was these days, but also because no one has to repeat a phrase so many times if they actually believe it.

Dave had told you that you needed to watch your ass, that John had a thing for big cocks, especially with metal in them. It had made you laugh, the idea that the kid who had turned bright red to see you in fucking swim trunks had made such a radical 180. You had laughed at Dave, patted his head to make him swat at you, and left the room. John had shown up two hours later and all you could do was smirk as he said hello before going back with Dave to his room.

Now you know that Dave hadn’t been exaggerating in the least. John’s mouth had swallowed more of your cock than most people’s asses could take, tongue rubbing against your frenums ladder and making you groan. You had left the bathroom door open, just a crack, while you had jerked yourself off. John, being the curious little shit he was, had come in to take a peek. You had not expected the sound of clothing falling, or the curtain to be pulled back, or him to just drop to his knees and take you into his mouth without hesitation. Now you were just wondering if he could swallow all of you. He comes off with a moan more pornographic than anything else you have ever heard.

“Oh fuck I want you in my ass.” He pants against the head, licking around the ridge as he looks up at you with lust filled blue eyes.

How do you say no to that?