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Coffe Shop Woes

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Levi groaned and stared grumpily into his teacup, watching the leaves twirl and refused to look at Hange or the smug fucking grin on her obnoxious fucking face.

“Aww, come on you grump, quit pouting!” she laughed with that ridiculously irritating laugh of hers. “You’ve been crushing on the guy for weeks and you haven’t spoken a single word to him! Not one! How do you expect to woo him if you can’t even order a biscuit from him!”

Levi’s eyebrow twitched and he clicked his tongue. “Shut the fuck up, shithead, he’ll hear you if you keep screeching like that.”

“I don’t know Levi, he’s been glancing our way ever since we sat down, so he probably already knows.” She continued, completely ignoring his withering glare.

Oh, if looks could kill.

Levi’s gunmetal eyes snapped up and instantly met brilliant green. Or, was it blue? He still hadn’t quite figured that one out yet. Quickly bringing his eyes back to his tea, he tried to block out Hange’s snickering.

“You’re in deep, Levi.”

Levi ignored her and brought his tea up for a sip, wrinkling his nose at the cooling temperature and glanced at his Green-Eyed Beauty again, who seemed to be blushing as his little blonde friend -male, Levi assumed. He glanced at Levi again and froze when he caught him staring again, cheeks a flaming red and Levi suddenly had the urge to touch them to see if they were as hot as they looked. Then he wanted to touch his neck and maybe his chest. Was Eren a full body blusher? Levi had never wanted to know anything so badly.

“OH! EREN!” Hange screeched and if Levi loses his hearing before he’s 30 he’ll know who to blame. Plus, he’s only 23. How old was Eren? Is he even legal? His gut twisted. Has Levi been creepily crushing on a minor?

“Yes, Hange?” Eren’s melodic voice spoke and Levi thanked the lord he still had hearing because god damn his voice was the best thing he’s heard since Erwin told him Hanji’s office was on the other side of the company building.

“Come sit with us! Your shifts almost over anyway, right?” Hange grinned manically, and Levi wanted to smack her.

“Oh, um, really? You don’t mind?” He reached his hand up to push his glasses up. Levi never thought anybody could pull off circular frames until now.

“No, of course not! We're off work today anyway!”

“Oh, alright then.” Eren nodded and gave a nervous smile. “I’ll be right back!” he assured them as he walked back to the employee’s work section, untying his apron on the way. Levi couldn’t help but admire his ass.

“He looks pretty good in an apron, eh?” Hange smirked at him. “Would probably make a pretty good housewife for you, something lovely to come home to.” she batted her eyes and cleared her throat, “Welcome home, darling! Would you like a meal or a bath first?” Levi glowered at her, unamused.

“Hange shut the fuck up.”