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Life on Social Networking

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"Dude," said Amber's voice over the phone. "Give me your Twitter. Tell me your Twitter!"

"I'm going to follow you," said Henry, flicking over to the Twitter app on his iPhone. "What's your username again?"

"@llama_ajol," replied Amber.

Henry choked back a laugh. "What? Llama?" 

"You know I like llamas," said Amber.

"No, I don't," said Henry. "There, followed."

"Sweet. Now we can talk on Twitter whenever we want," said Amber.


He got a call from her a week later.

"What?" he said, because that was how they always answered their phones when they called each other. Either that, or "dude."

"You're never on Twitter," came Amber's voice. She sounded petulant.

"Well, what'd you expect?" said Henry. "It's not like I'm on Twitter twenty-four seven. You should've seen that, or something."

"How? By creeping on your Twitter profile?"

"Yeah, exactly," said Henry. "Can I go back to my game of Angry Birds?"

"No. Get on Twitter."

"I have nothing to tweet," said Henry.

"You could tweet about talking to me on the phone," said Amber. "Or how annoying I'm being to you." Henry could practically see her smile on the other end.

"I'm hanging up now," said Henry.

"Don't hang up without tweeting to me!"

Henry didn't.


Actually, he kind of liked that Amber had a Twitter, even though he'd never admit it. Sometimes, at around two am right before he went to sleep, he'd check her Twitter profile just to see her latest updates--he knew practically all of her one hundred tweets. It wasn't creepy because she only tweeted a few times a day. Henry tried to tweet when he remembered, but, well, it was just Twitter, a social networking site. It wasn't that big of a deal.

The funny thing was that when he read her tweets, he could hear them in her voice, in his head. Which also wasn't creepy at all; they just sounded soAmber that sometimes Henry would catch himself grinning when he was alone in the dark, the light of his phone glowing on his face. Whether her tweets were in English, Korean, or Chinese. It was sort of that feeling you got when you wanted to hug someone over the internet.

He put his phone on his bedside and fell asleep with a smile.