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Chapter C – One Weekend on the Land (based on Young Romance No. 130, DC, June-July 1964)




TAGS: M/F, F/F, M/F/F. oral, anal, facial

My name is Bonnie Taylor and I am an air stewardess. I know you might be expecting that I talk about lurid tales involving me, members of the crew, pilots, commanders and passengers. But the best story involving sex doesn’t involve any of those people. It involves one of my best friends ever and his girlfriend, the only two people capable to give me the thing I most desired during my whole life, at least on these last years.

To begin with, let’s talk about Glenn Edwards, one of my dearest childhood friends. He was since the begin one of the people who most supported my decision to work as a stewardess. He had an aunt who worked as that and always talked about how her job was fantastic and the much stuff she brought to him from her trips. When I revealed that I wanted to work on this business as well, he has one of the first to say ‘kudos’.
We were so close to each other, but then he moved to the other side of the country and I got too busy with my job that we rarely saw each other and phone communication. Always when we had a time, Glenn and I saw each other and used the time to remember the old times.

But the last time we managed to meet each other, he wasn’t alone. Glenn had told me a few months before that he met a girl and started a relationship with her. Jane was the name of his significant other. I went gleeful when I heard he had a girlfriend because, since I met him, it was very rare to see Glenn with girls and thought that he might be gay never left my mind even if I didn’t even care to address questions about his sexuality or personal life.

I met Jane at the break from my job, when they went to my apartment. The girl really impressed me the good way, the kind of girl I expected Glenn to have if he had one. Youthful, joyful, smart, with a nice chat… maybe all the qualities that can make a girlfriend anyone deserves.

“You know that is so great to find someone that can take care of Glenn, Jane”

“I am his girlfriend, not a caretaker, you know Bonnie”

“Sorry… it’s that… well, I care a lot for him and want him to be with someone”

“I am not offended. I know how you feel… don’t worry, I’ll be the best girlfriend Glenn will ever had. Mostly, the only”

Seeing them together was like of a breath of fresh air to Glenn and I was so happy for him, but meanwhile, watch he and Jane together reminded me all times that I was alone for a long time. My job kept me single the most of time and I could not find stable boyfriends, except one-shot relationships, and sometimes when I found everyone else with its significant others and myself without a boyfriend, that left me very frustrated.

I was able to hide that, getting myself deep at my stewardess job, the only thing that kept me ‘alive’ somehow. I love my job and make people happy and to serve them well. But my ‘human side’ needed comfort and I wasn’t able to find that and none of my attempts were fruitful.

When I met Glenn, I always talked with him about it, but as usual he always came with that talk of ‘oh, you’ll gonna meet someone’, ‘your someone else might be just around the corner’, ‘how someone like you can be still single’ and all that shit. I appreciated what he tried to do to me, but words like those weren’t the ones that would make me less melancholic and lonesome. I needed to find someone! Anyone! And quick.

But not even in my happiest dreams I would know that my life would change because of Glenn and Jane. And not because they found the person who would bring my relief. But because THEMSELVES were those people! And here’s when I tell you how it happened.

I got a two week break from my job and decided to have some vacation time to myself. Glenn called me and invited me to go with him and Jane to a trip to the beach. I really needed a rest so I could not say no to them. And off to Florida we went…

The trip was pleasant, I have to admit and it was what I needed but I felt uncomfortable every time that they tried to hook up with me with some guy. Not that they weren’t good, but I wasn’t much in the mood to try to date someone. I just wanted to relax and forget my boring life.

“What’s the point of you having vacation and not going out to see people, Bonnie?”

“Please, Glenn! I want to go out, but just don’t want to feel that I must find someone”

“We are not telling for you to meet someone. Just want you to feel happy”

“I am happy. It’s that I am a bit tired and need some rest…”

Me and Glenn never had big fights and this one was only a harsh discussion, and then we never brought that conversation again. Two days later, Jane, Glenn and I had a tea and then…

“Bonnie, we came here to relax and all you did was to feel tired and sad. And we won’t mention that you don’t seem much to hang out”

“I came to relax, but what can I do if everything seems to remind me that I am hopeless with love and that I might remain alone for the rest of my lousy life”

“Aren’t you the one who always told me that, to you, your job matters more now than your personal life?”

“Pardon, Glenn… but I think I was lying to myself and everyone else! I feel so pathetic!”

“You aren’t!”

“I am on my 30s, single, alone and I have only my job to help my mind. Of course I am pathetic! I only lied to myself all those years…”

“You aren’t pathetic!”

“Yes, I am! I am a spinster! I will die alone! I feel like I am a failure at finding someone else!”

“You won’t be a spinster, Bonnie! And I do think me and Glenn might have what you need…”

“Please, don’t try to arrange me with some other guy”

“Well, it’s not that! Come to our room, please…”

I went to their room; a bit worried with that they were to offer me. I didn’t know why they called me there if I just had a meltdown about being single. And, when we were there, they gave me the answer to all my love problems.

“Bonnie, me and Jane talked yesterday and you know that we are genuinely worried about you and how your ‘dry spell’ might affect your life and we don’t want you to feel bad. We are your friends and we are here to help you”

“And because of that we wish to let you have us the way you wish. Do both of us, Bonnie!”


That was the most outrageous thing I ever heard from them. They really wanted to have sex with me? It’s what they meant? Or they were trying to play a joke on me? Well, I got to think about it, but I was so frustrated with myself that their proposal was pretty much what I needed…

“Do you two want to offer yourselves to relief my sexual problems?”


“Gosh… I don’t know… I am so upset with my sexual life that… I don’t know…”

“You don’t need to say yes if you don’t want that. We won’t to pressure you to accept…”

“There is no pressure! It’s that nobody make such proposal for me! And… well… I think I am going to say yes”

“Are you saying you want it?”

“I think this what I want. And you are the ones I most care about and, if there was someone I would love to sleep with no strings attached, better be with you than somebody else in the corner”

I can’t lie about not having any deliberation about that. Actually took me nearly a full day to me to consider accepting what they requested me to do. When I went to their bedroom and said that I was willing to let them have me, they were even ready, not wearing any kind of underwear!

“Forget your troubled past and enjoy your fortunate future”

To my surprise, it was Jane who took the lead in the whole plan. It was on a weekend and it was one full of fun. There were so many things we did and I could spend pages and pages talking about them, but will try to write the best things the three of us did.

All these sexual things that I missed they keep coming back in my mind. I never imagined Glenn’s dick was so big for the beginning. Big, thick and juicy, me and Jane sucked it like it was the last ice cream on Earth. I took care of that cock, kissed, licked, sucked and even got it deep throat. Without modesty, it was the biggest cock I blown and also the most delicious one. I kept sucking it like there wasn’t tomorrow because in my mind I knew that I could not had other opportunity like that.

“Are you enjoying Glenn’s dick?”

“Now I know that you are fucking lucky to have him!”

Never wondered why I never felt anything sexually to Glenn, but that wasn’t the moment to think about it and enjoy him giving me something that I longed much, having my pussy licked. But it wasn’t only him that savored my cunt. I got shocked when I found out Jane wanted to do that.

The two ate my pussy together, like a couple should be. My body shivered and I moaned like I never had in years. I screamed their names, said I wanted more and praised their tongues skills. Never thought my first bi experience would be like that, mostly because I never thought about that. But it doesn’t matter now…

Jane then saw me suck again her boyfriend and he giving oral to me before he was on top of me putting his dick inside my pussy in need. The very moment Glenn started to fuck me, I went straight to heaven. It was a moment of bliss, of redemption or whatever else you can say. All the repressed feelings were over right from that moment.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yessssssss! God, how I missed cock!”

Jane kissed Glenn and gave him strength to go on his mission to have sex with me. I moaned like I never in my whole life. Seriously, not lying about it. I think they could hear me from the other side of the globe. He fucked me like never I saw a man doing it. He had so much care and vigor that he kept asking me if I liked it all the time. I admit that sometimes it was annoying, but guess he wanted to know if I enjoyed the thing.

The whole weekend Glenn took me many times in doggystyle, sideways, told me to mount him, to ride his dick and even try positions that I never thought I would. Feel that dick inside my pussy was something I loved to feel, screaming of pleasure each time he pounded me. Jane sometimes took part on it, as we did each other during that or even to make that push for her boyfriend to bang me.

Sometimes he just watched so I and she could have our lesbian moments. Maybe that weekend helped me to blossom my bisexuality because I loved to fuck that blonde. Her pussy was so gorgeous and juicy that I couldn’t stop eating even when she came (and she came A LOT). The same I think could be applied to her, as she devoured my slit in a way that no former boyfriend of mine would.

But the best parts were when they were together with me. The three of us fucked, licked, sucked and came many times. Glenn fucked me while I had my mouth full of Jane’s cunt and vice versa. We spent those days mostly not leaving the room, unless if it was for some kind of emergency. We just fucked, fucked and had tons of orgasms.

After that weekend, we decided to try more on the way home, but then I had to go back at work. But now I always find time to enjoy my furloughs with Glenn and Jane. And, why not, with other people? I only can thank my best friend and his gal for opening my mind and taking me from the cliff I was going into

“Anytime, Bonnie!”