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Shaman Enigmas

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Yoh smiled widely as he strolled down a stone corridor towards a large granite gargoyle. The brunet eyed the statue for a couple of seconds, before stating the password that he had been given earlier that day.

Throwing the door at the top of the stairs open, he yelled a happy "Hiiii!" Startled, the stern old woman sitting behind a neatly organised desk looked up quickly at the young teen slouched in her doorway.

"… What can I do for you?"

He merely grinned back, his eyes closing as he happily answered "Welll, I heard you were in a war and thought that I could help."

"Where did you hear that? I haven't seen you around Hogwarts, do you attend another school?" McGonagall leaned forwards in her chair slightly staring intently at the young boy.

The boy blinked at her "I don't go to magic school cause I'm not a wizard, I'm a shaman and I heard it from one of my friends."

"A shaman? Care to elaborate?" She furrowed her brows, uncertain of what he meant by shaman.

He murmured a "Hmmmm?" before waking from his doze. "Oh yea, a shaman is basically someone who can see and talk to spirits, these spirits can then help them in a battle or can become close friends with them."

McGonagall sat silently as she contemplated what he had said; a shaman seemed useful to have as an ally, especially at a time like this. "If we were to accept your offer, what would be in it for you, what would you expect in return?"

"If this supposed 'Dark Lord' was out of the way, then things would be a lot easier, for us Shamans too."

McGonagall considered his response carefully for a few minutes. Yoh waited patiently, a serene smile across his face.

"Alright, we accept your help. I am Minerva McGonagall, the headmistress of Hogwarts, and you are?"

"Asakura Yoh… uhh Yoh Asakura?"

"Very well Mr Asakura, if you would follow me, we will find you somewhere to stay. What exactly will you be doing whilst living among us?"

"Hmm, well, it would be fun to sit in with some of your lessons. Ya know, so I can learn what you guys are gonna be fighting alongside me with."